LetterSchool - Block Letters

4.3 (1.8K)
96.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Letterschool Enabling Learning B.V.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for LetterSchool - Block Letters

4.29 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Lamp913
Great app - letter H glitch
This app is really great for teaching to write letters independently and I would give it 5 stars but there is a glitch with the letter H where sometimes it freezes and you have to do each part twice and my son gets really frustrated. I saw a comment from two years ago that reported it and it’s a little disappointing it still hasn’t been fixed. I would still recommend!!
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4 months ago, 45fshzgs
Great app
This has been an amazing app where my son enjoys writing all letters and numbers. He is autistic and this has helped him a lot. The levels and guidance seem very appropriate. There are few requests. 1. It would be good to add more number support like 2 digits, to understand the concept of 2 digits. 2. For giving sensory input adding vibrations as they trace the letters or numbers would really help. 3. Would be good to have some words added to tracing or Would be nice to have customizable words or numbers 4. It would be nice to adjust the size of letters and numbers. It is good to have them large in the beginning, but once that is practiced, would be nice to work on smaller font size. 5. Tracing in shapes would be good as well.
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5 years ago, elisa ot
Great app small glitch
Love this app for my preschooler. I love that I can pick the font to learn so it matches up with what she’s learning in school. All the different animations keep my daughter engaged and motivated. My only complaint is that the letter H gets frozen after the first animation. My daughter is so sad she can’t get all the stars.
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5 years ago, Number 1 OT
Great app to teach letter formation
I use this app every day with my special education students who need help learning letter formation using the Handwriting Without Tears formation guidelines. This app reinforces a developmentally appropriate approach to learn letter formation. It provides engaging visual cues to enhance independent formation. The kids I work with along with my grandchildren really enjoy this app. Thank you Letter School!
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4 years ago, EBdodgr
Letters misformed
The letters are slanted very strangely. It’s odd because we also had the other version of this same app, and it didn’t have that problem. Waste of $10 because I don’t want my son to learn the wrong way. Ugh!!!
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2 weeks ago, I don't like dad
Very good but
I got this for my son and he loves it alot :) But there’s some things i wanna talk about: can you add different languages please? My son loves other languages. Also can you add shapes and cursive letters to it please? Thats all overall the game is very good thats why i gave it 4 stars. :D
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7 months ago, Nathanielgreen07
Not bad
This is good but slight glitches to fix The HWT H and the fact that the golden level glitch out on me as I was recording
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2 years ago, l2icha
Why are the lines diagonal!?
I was using an older version of this app on my friends iPad, which is why I decided to purchase one for myself. I am surprised that all the block letters start with diagonal lines. That is so confusing and for it being the same app, I feel like I wasted my money. Not happy.
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5 years ago, bearmud
Best printing app!
As a K teacher, this is my go-to app for supported latter formation practice. Kids love it. I like the way the support is slowly withdrawn as the kids practice.
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3 years ago, xian yuan giaanna
I love this game because it has new styles like the uk style and Australian style!!
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12 years ago, Kmerryl
Teaches proper letter formation in an engaging format
4 and 3/4 stars. Great app teaching proper letter formation. This is right on with respect to engaging and holding the child's attention, teaching the correct way to form letters, and provide reinforcement and feedback. Love that Handwriting Without Tears Letters are an option. My only complaint is that when you click a letter to start and it gives you that letter in the initial position of a word, the word choices could have been better; more familiar and simple for children. For example, for c, t, f, s, I would prefer words that don't use the consonant in blends as they chose clown, tractor, flute, spider. Also don't really like the choice for m (monster), q (Quentin), and x (xylophone, I would prefer x-ray or something that better represents the x-sound). But it's not an app for phonics really, that's just my nit picking.
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1 year ago, Sessa31
It kicked me out
Right as I almost finished 1 in the golden level it kicked me out and made me start all over again UGH!
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5 years ago, Mommy2Tru
This app is dumb
Why are u asking me questions like what numbers is visible by 3 and when I select the answer it doesn’t work ? I want my money back
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6 years ago, Mel.93
Can’t get app to work
The app won’t face the correct way when the iPad is laying in landscape. So frustrating!
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6 months ago, NarimanNabilBukhari
Felicia Nate
Farley Noah
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6 months ago, Dbhdhddj
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12 months ago, BabaRoyen
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12 years ago, OneAppyMama
more than pleased!
We started out with the "lite" version of Letter School. I forgot to tell the kids I had even put it on there when my son found it. I kept hearing this noise and him laughing and squawking/screaming delight (he's on the autism spectrum however he IS verbal). He told me he wanted more of the app! NOW! I said show me and he went to it and started the letter P and and then his sister had to have a go of it. I took the iPad and purchased it right away. He could not put it down and when I made him turn if off and go to bed he was 'bummed out' and the first thing he wanted the next morning was "Letter School". He completed it in a matter of days as did his sister. I loved it as much as they did - I mean they were actually learning to trace the letters "correctly" in STEPS and with practice and they were not upset when they did not get it right (which is hard for my son). They would laugh at their own letters and numbers when they were accepted and shown on a 'chalkboard' saying look how silly it is mommy! The various cars and insects that zoom or buzz through and more made them want to go on and on and on in order to see what would happen next! This is one of the BEST alphabet and number writing apps out there in the market (and we have a LOT)! Thank you for making such an ingenious app!
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7 years ago, Strictlyspeaking
Reading Specialist Questions the Sounds
As a game for writing practice, the app seems good, clever, and visually appealing. However, as a reading specialist, I question how the app gets such high reviews when it is presenting phonetically confusing information for young children. Any good introductory phonetic information for young children needs to be consistent and as clear as possible. The designers have presented inconsistent phonetic information, and have chosen questionable examples for words beginning with alphabet sounds. Three of the 5 vowels are fine- "a" (axe or ant) and "e" (egg or elephant) and "o" (octopus and ostrich.) All six of these are short sounds of the vowels. For i, they use ice cream or igloo; both the long and short sounds, respectively. And for "u" they include two examples of the long sound of "u" with ukulele aned unicorn. Garage is used for "g" in one example, but the soft "g" is also included with giraffe. X is just plain wrong, as x does not say zzzz and in xylophone. Reading specialists present consistent information to beginning readers: the short, more predictable sound comes first. The long sounds are treated as exceptions in alphabet charts. The soft "g" should be left out until later as it is less confusing. X has never said ZZZZZ. It may seem harmless to present this information carelessly, but I believe kids deserve the best start possible. This app needs to clean up the sounds section.
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10 years ago, JenDodgeOT
Love this app
I'm a school-based OT. It both cracks me up and horrifies me to see the complaint that this app is restrictive in how it makes children write the letters. THAT IS THE POINT!! I guess it has been so long since children were actually taught that there is a way you are supposed to form letters and not just draw them however you can figure out yourself, that people have forgotten there is any such thing. Anyway, this app is so inherently motivating to many children, that it can get them to really work hard at learning to control their movements and learn to form letters when games, promised rewards, modeling by peers, cheering by adults etc failed. It has some magical draw that makes children keep wanting to work on it. And I love that you can set it to Handwriting Without Tears style letters. I agree about the Left-handers, though. There should be a way you can switch it so that you can form the horizontal lines right-to-left. And I wish it didn't keep it from working properly if you stabilize the side of your hand down on the screen while writing, but that is a complaint I have with every tablet-based visual-motor app.
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11 years ago, Gi.D.up
4 year old and 7 year old alike love this app!
I really bought the app for my 4 year old who is just starting to recognize letters and show interest in letter formation. He is also a lefty, I think, so I figured this app might help since holding a crayon or pencil is sort of awkward for a beginner anyway. Well he loves the app and as soon as my 7 yar old dtr tried it she loved it too. She is a great reader and very bright but her handwriting is pretty bad and her teacher complains that her letter formation is incorrect. They literally both played with it for an entire 45 min car ride yesterday ( on seperate devices). Hopefully the letter formation on the app is cosnistent with how they want them to do it at school-which I actually have not verified. But regardless I like feeling like they are enjoying an electronic activity that doesnt shoot anything or make silly body noises. My only suggestion for improvements is that it would be fun i the item that retraces the letter could start with that letter. For instance, have the train come to trave over the letter "t" as reinforcement of the sound. Just a thought.
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12 years ago, rebeccas76
Great multi-sensory handwriting app!
As a kindergarten teacher, it is important that I choose apps for my students that are of high-quality. And so is the case with the LetterSchool app. A multi-sensory, interactive, and engaging app that is educational and entertaining - all at the same time. The only thing is doesn't have is a mess :) There are three fonts the teacher can choose from: Zaner Bloser, D'Nealian, and HWT (Handwriting Without Tears). Proper letter formation is critical at this age. This app gives the child enough room to trace and/or write the letter but not too much. Rather than just stopping the user if/when the user makes a mistake, the app also re-directs the user, informing he/she where the proper place is to start. My students were so excited to use this app - there is nothing else like it in the App Store. Definitely worth the money! If you are not sure, try the LetterSchool Lite version - that's what it's for!
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12 years ago, Tillyk33
Great App. just wish it repeated....
This is the first alphabet game we've found that keeps my son's attention. As a teacher, I find value in the fact that there is great repetition of the child seeing and practicing the letters. The flaw that I see though is that they do not hear the letter name enough. If the letter name was repeated more often, perhaps after each time it is drawn, it would be more effective. Children need to do, and see, and hear in order to learn the most. I think this would be an easy enough fix for this app designer to work on and include in a future update. PLEASE repeat the letter names! My son can trace and then draw the letters, but he cannot tell me what the letter is. He needs to hear it more.
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11 years ago, 07/23/12
I think that this app is wonderful. I love the dnealian, zan bloser, etc. It would be nice though to have between the part where the student is drag tracing and the part where they trace while not seeing the letter to have a part where the letter is there faintly and they can trace. So have 4 ways and not 3. That way they have that before the letter goes completely unseen for tracing. Also if there could be more different animations like horses, people, etc. rather than just the grass, lights, etc. on the letters and different congratulations when a student gets the letters correct. Put numbers up to 30 or have an option as to how many numbers we want to use for our students. Other than that this is a very awesome and fun sight!!!
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12 years ago, everbeke
My 3-year-old's favorite app
This app is great! I wasn't convinced it would be one of my son'a favorite apps and I thought I'd have to really insist he play with it but I didn't! He has gone through all the upper an lower case letters as well as the numbers and he still goes back to re-write the letters over and over. Interestingly, he's left handed but plays the app with his right. I'm not sure if he found he had better results with his right compared to his left. No matter what, he LOVES this app and I'd love the developers to make more. Maybe spelling some begging sight words with the same 3 rehearsal process. On another note - I'm a school psychologist and I've recommended this app to many parents and fellow educators because the rehearsal process is excellent.
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12 years ago, Whammerd
Incredible app for learning letter formation!!!!
I recently purchased the "Letter School" app for my girls for our iPads, iPhones, and the girls iTouchs...........it is a FABULOUS app for little ones. I didn't purchase it to teach my girls their letters/sounds (although it will teach them that too if they don't know them), I purchased it to teach them correct letter formation when they write! Unfortunately handwriting is not taught very often anymore and kids are left to learn forming their letters on their own. Most kids naturally start their letters at the bottom when they should be starting them at the top. This app provides lots of practice and has awesome animation/graphics. My girls LOVE it!!! It was well worth the price in my opinion.
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11 years ago, quietlilactress
Kinder Teacher Raves
I’m a kindergarten teacher, and was sold the first time I watched the trailer for this app. It is such a wonderful tool for those needing a little extra help with their letters. I love that it works on where to start (at the top!) when writing each letter. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is because I don’t like that the sound for the letter Ii is the long sound instead of short, the Xx sound is more of a Zz sound in xylophone, a couple letters have the “uh” sound attached like Dd (Duh) and Bb (Buh), the Oo doesn’t start at the top but rather off-center. It would be cool if it showed the letters and how they fit on lines spaces as well. Overall, it’s excellent, and I recommend it for parents to use at home, and small group, classroom work.
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11 years ago, Bmc11
Great in OT sessions
IMO, this is the best letter writing app that I have worked with so far. I've tried many many many trial apps. I love that you can choose which handwriting style to use. The only thing I think could be improved is to give the adult the choice to bypass some of the animations and noises. As a therapist, practicing the letter more than once during the same session gets to be time consuming and sometimes irritating to the child to have to see animations and hear the sounds again. It would also be nice to be able to save more than 3 profiles, especially for school based therapist who work on beginning handwriting skills with a large percentage of their caseload.
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12 years ago, blackfam
Ok can I just say I'm loving this app. It is far superior to any my son has used. It keeps his attention and gets him to trace his letters and numbers. It also unknowingly helps influence a desire to work toward goals. I am way impressed! TY to whomever in A4cwsn mentioned it and I looked it up on a whim. Best ABC app out there, only thing I'd change is some of the sounds that are used to help describe the letters. Just so that early letter sound recognition can be heard while playing, not just objects that the letter begins the word of. Hope that makes sense and helps! Love it though it's fun and my son is always excited to play it when I suggest it.
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12 years ago, Teach@home
Helpful for dyslexic and Fine Motor
Looking for handwriting app for my dyslexic 9yo with weak fine motor skills, I read the reviews for Letterschool. Since the reviews were so good, I tried it. I'm pretty impressed. This teaches correct way to form letters and won't allow bad habits to form or confusion of left or right/ top or bottom starting points. Son has to push pretty hard for some to hold the "train on the track" which strengthens the muscles in his hand for writing. Each letter has unique animation which does hold their attention. It was so fun that my older kids wanted to try it. I also loved the Handwriting Without Tears option.
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12 years ago, RachaelCarri
Love this
I love this app for my 3 year old son. Because the last step has them write without tracing, although they will give help after a few unsuccessful tries, he and I are able to see that he really knows how to write the letter. I don't use this app as much for my 5 year old daughter because she knows how to write her letters, her issue is that she writes so fast, she doesn't take up the proper space for each letter. There is another app that I use for her that uses the 3 lines, so she can see where the letters need to stop and start. That would be my only improvement, to add lines, so the letters aren't just floating on the screen.
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12 years ago, Newrunninggirl
Fantastic app..if I could change one thing...
This app is wonderful! My 3 year old boy loves learning and playing with this app! The visual reinforcement and prompting that it provides is well thought out and engaging. If I had one modification to make, it would be to have the 'curved letters' (such as c, d, g, etc...) be just a little more forgiving on accuracy. Even I sometimes have to trace them multiple times in order to accomplish the task. I agree that accuracy is important, however there could be just a little more wiggle room there! We don't want the kids getting so frustrated that they stop playing. Otherwise, love the app!
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11 years ago, RyanInCA
Great letter learning app
I'm really impressed with this app. Each letter is presented with three phases. Phase 1 the app does most of the writing of the letter. Phase 2 has your child "pulling" various lines/curves of the letter to complete it. Phase 3 briefly shows an outline of the letter & your child tries to write the letter initially with no help, though outlines & arrows appear if they get stuck. The letters are made of several different textures including bubbles, grass, train tracks & much more (around a dozen total). Their animations are very slick. The textures smoothly roll out but quickly fly back & bounce before fully retracting. The sound is also well done. Each letter has a voice intro with the letter, the sound it makes & a word that starts with the letter. After completing a letter you'll see a wild fireworks celebration. The sound was so well done my daughter always says "Daddy let's dance!" during the big finale. Overall an outstanding app, especially since it's only a few dollars. Highly recommended.
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12 years ago, abbey'smom
A handwriting app my daughter with autism loves…finally!
My 10 yr old daughter with severe autism who is non verbal loves word and puzzle apps but until now, we couldn't find a handwriting app that interested her, one that she wanted to do, would pull up on her own without us prompting her. Her therapists and I are very excited that she loves this app so much! She opens it up on her own and is so engaged with it. I love how it progressively gets harder. We are trying to get her to slow down when trying to write and this makes her do so. Thanks for an engaging, fun way to learn to write letters and numbers!!!
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12 years ago, rat.codes
Leftie learning left to right
When my four year old took interest in writing she had difficulty replicating letters, I believe, due to her being left hand dominant. She consistently wrote the letters of her name backwards and sometimes flipped around. This app has changed all of that. She feels quite proud of herself when she completes a letter or number. It keeps her attention for a long time, motivates her to write/read more, and it's just fun all around. My two year old has taken to it as well and is not only recognizing words but increasing his writing skills. Amazing, I say!
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12 years ago, KarenOTR
Finally, someone got it right! I have tried dozens of handwriting apps, with multiple students, and this is by far the best. The letters are correctly formed, with the proper sequence of movement (for the most part). At some point, I hope the developers put in a way to make the letters smaller, as kids get more proficient. Also, my students have requested a greater variety of animations and rewards, as they find some of them annoying and too slow. But, hey, this is a Ferrari, compared to some of the Yugo's out there!
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10 years ago, kyopogirl79
This is a good app if they change few things
After reading other reviews I purchased this app as it seems to be a fun app for children who are exploring writing. My child is 4 years old and knows how to write his name and simple words. But this app is very restrictive in how to write each letter. Not very child friendly who are learning how to write. This app would be more appropriate for older children 5 and up. But then what’s the point of this app as these children know how to write. If this app is targeted towards younger children 5 and under they need make it easier and not restrict to a certain way how to write a letter! There are more ways in writing letter than just ONE!
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10 years ago, DoubleS22
Terrific with one improvement suggestion
My daughter loves this app and it has helped her tremendously. The reason why I do not give it five stars; The one major area of frustration is that she is left-handed (as am I). For instance, the letter 'O' forces the user to make the circle in a counter-clockwise motion. As a left-handed adult, my inclination to make the letter 'O' (or 'Q,' etc) is to draw the circle in a clockwise motion. Having the choice to make alterations from left to right-handed such as this would be far less frustrating for parent and child. If the developer can make this change in the settings, it will get five BIG stars from me.
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12 years ago, Alpinehills
The BEST app for 3-5 Year Olds!
My daughter LOVES this app. She began at 3 years old and had fun with it. Parts are a bit frustrating, like the third phase of each letter that requires tracing an invisible letter- BUT, the app compensates- after a few attempts it gives hints to facilitate the process. Now that she's 4, she knows each letter by heart, caps and small, and can sound out words. If someone asks how she learned to write or how she knows the sounds of each letter, she'll tell you; "Letter School!" Thanks Boreaal! I hope you come up with other great apps--we'll be your first customers!
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11 years ago, CanalesPac
Great game - but have suggestions...
My 3 year old daughter enjoys this game, but I find that she accidentally restarts the stages by accident with her arm when she holds the iPad independently. I suggest moving the level/stage buttons to the top. Additionally, I'd like some delay on the settings gear button so that she doesn't detour in there as often. I doubt these are unique concerns. The game, aside from those two requests, is amazing. I also have the HWT app and honestly prefer this one for her current level of development. I hope you can make these small edits soon to make this game even more fun for her as she progresses!
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12 years ago, OT4Life
Best learning tool!
I am an occupational therapist in a school district. I utilize the Handwriting Without Tears program to teach handwriting to my students. I have downloaded many apps and this is the first one that provides the HWT letter formation. It's a great supplement to the program. The kids love the sounds and instant feedback it provides. I also love the fact that it grades itself when a child is struggling to trace or form the letter independently. I hope a cursive app is in the works because I will definitely buy that too!
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9 years ago, Jshssjsk
Suggestions for Future Updates
I love this app! It makes learning to write fun. My kindergarten students enjoy it and I feel it reinforces correct letter formation. I have some suggestions for future updates. First of all, I would like to see lines for the lowercase letters. The kids need to learn letter placement and the app is not teaching this. In addition, I would prefer the letter g to have a beginning sound word like game instead of giraffe. I would also like to be able to make each child their own account in the game to track their performance.
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11 years ago, Jake&Melissa
Fun for the little ones!
My 4 year old loves this app and is pretty good at it. My 2 year old can even play it! I really like that there are three stages to learning each letter. One to show you how, one to let you practice, and one to do it on your own. Even in the last step the line shows up if you need it. There are also different graphics once you've gone through the alphabet the first time. The ONLY thing I think could be improved on would be for them to hear the letter again after the last step.
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9 years ago, Trace letters
Wonderful and engaging
Love how the app provides support as needed, especially the fading of arrows as the child writes. It has been very helpful for my special needs preschoolers in helping them focus, slow down, and creating muscle memory. I also like the progression from demo with starting points to independent with disappearing line. The last one can be challenging, but the app provides support prompts. I agree with the reviewer who suggested changing the g sound to a hard g sound, but the app deserves 5 stars and more.
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10 years ago, kronkiue
Very good, one little problem
This is a great app. Very well designed and fun. My preschooler likes playing and learning with it. My only complaint is that the tolerance for tracing the letters is a bit too tight for my little guy. He traces a letter most of the way but then his finger inevitably wanders off the line just a tiny bit (but he's still basically on target) and the app makes him start over. This frustrates him and he ends up asking me to do it for him. Is there a way to set how "strict" the tracing is? Otherwise, excellent app, highly recommend.
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12 years ago, ToughReviewerMom
Superb educational app!
This is the only app I have paid for to date; I am in the education field and focus on free apps & lite versions, particularly educational ones. My 4 y/o kept coming back to this one even though I limit iPad use; this is an attention keeper in so many good ways! I have seen tremendous fine motor aptitude increase with practice. The star points, very cute graphics/sounds and variations in capital and lowercase letters, numbers and difficulties make this very adaptable to skill levels. Receives an A+!
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12 years ago, TheJesusFreak!!!
Do my kids love this app!
My 4 and 8 year-old played this game for 45 minutes today and there were peals of laughter every 30 seconds from them. They thought all the animations were hysterical. I love the choice of fonts and the fact that it allows kids to write the letters themselves after they've traced. I also love how it keeps track of the letters they have done. All in all, a fantastic app for this Homeschool family!
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10 years ago, MrBHarris
My 2 Year Old’s Opinion - Obsessive Love
So I have a 2 year old who knows his letters (upper and lower case) and most of the phonics associated with it. Here’s the rub: I don’t think letter ID and sounds at 2 is important at all (I teach kindergarten so I have a skewed word-view). We worry WAY too much about literacy in this culture and start kids way too early. So whereas most parents would be pleased at how “smart” their kid is, I see it more as a scatter skill that brings him great joy. But hey… who am I to argue with a 2 year old?
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12 years ago, international family
Skillfully made: Engages WIDE audience!
As a retired educator, I see the LetterSchool app to be of tremendous value both to teachers in a blended elementary classroom and to parents as they support their child's learning at home or while travelling. LetterSchool is of great value daily to me with autistic children in my nonprofit afterschool program. The creators of this app had an excellent vision for introducing small bits of instruction with plenty of practice. Every child I've worked with with autism LOVE this app ! This is truly a Must-Have app !
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11 years ago, Autismteach
Teacher give LetterSchool an A+
My students with ASD are highly engaged with this app! It is interactive and I really love the three levels of progression that begins with modeling and encourages independence for each letter/ number. The formation of a few letters within the Zaner-Bloser are not inline with the way we introduce them at the primary center where I teach. This has been frustrating for my students as well as confusing. Only tip is to fix these few letters
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