LetterSchool - Learn to Write!

4.5 (16.2K)
248.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Letterschool Enabling Learning B.V.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for LetterSchool - Learn to Write!

4.49 out of 5
16.2K Ratings
6 years ago, mamachick16
Pretty good
This is a pretty good app. My son is developmentally delayed. He likes playing this app but it’s a little hard for him because he has to be very precise to get the letters to complete. The music and graphics are good but not $9.99 good. For $9.99 I would expect a lot more interaction, maybe some stickers or animations when the last letter is completed. And some other apps to go with it as a bundle. I’d recommend this app for letter practice but it’s a $1.99 app as is.
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6 years ago, iloveyoutom
Holds My Daughter’s Interest, Mine too!
My daughter is five and full of energy so sometimes it really takes a lot to hold her interest when it comes to learning games. The games really need to be stimulating in order for her to want to keep going. This app does it ALL! She is learning to draw her shapes and loves watching every little animation as she draws with such anticipation. There are moments when she gets frustrated but with a little pep talk she is well on her way to fun. She loves to see her own accomplishments in the end. The game has so much to offer as the animations go that I was even interested in watching each one. The app isn’t too repetitive that it quickly loses a child’s interested. So this was a big five stars for me. The sounds the colors perfect stimulation for a five year old. Thank you!
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5 years ago, mishnmash
Be careful of in app purchases and hidden fees
My son enjoyed this so although had times getting different parts to recognize interaction (finger drags not necessarily connecting when tracing letters). He is honestly a bit old for and I found d he was going through the free options rather quickly. This is wear my dissatisfaction with the app begins. There are very few free options and kids are constantly prompted to purchase more advanced levels. Please know that if you inadvertently choose one of those levels the trial period is very short (we only received 1 week) and then you will be automatically subscribed for a full year subscription for $50. This is non-refundable (couldn’t even just pay for the 1 week we used or switch to a monthly subscription). I was literally told by Apple that they could do nothing and there was no one I could speak to. Be very careful trying this app or look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, MamaT2006
Step by step & font styles 🤩
I love this app. I have been searching and trying more than 10 different apps. This is he best one! It has 3 levels for each letter. There different font styles to choose from so I can choose the “Kindergarten way” letters. The fun animation keeps my loves to run daughter entertained and I get updated reports. I usually don’t like to buy apps but this one was worth it. I bought the bundle so my older daughter can even practice her cursive. My Preschool daughter can even practice writing her numbers in sequential order. Lastly, there is even a song that emphasizes the sound which is more important when learning how to read.
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5 years ago, fedolfix
Buyer be aware. It is a scam
I wish I could give zero star. I purchased this app in Nov. 2018 for my son. Few weeks ago, we noticed that it cannot be opened anymore. So today I deleted the app and downloaded it again. It seems like this company updated the app, but they don’t acknowledge your previous purchase, in other word, you have to pay it AGAIN. It is reasonable to ask for an upgrade fee or something. But why in the world we have to pay it twice? It is very unfair to customers like me. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who are experiencing the same situation, so I decided to write this down. I contacted Apple store for a refund, they could not issue refund to me because it has been a year. I definitely recommend you NOT to buy this app. Just in case if they upgrade it again, you are going to lose your money. DO NOT BUY!!!
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5 years ago, Chip317
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4 years ago, Kyle2310
Seems pretty cool. Some of the ways you have to draw are literally impossible.
Tried this out before unleashing the 4 year old at it. The B is making me drag train tracks on the lower small curve. Even as an adult, I tried for a solid five minutes and it gets about half way around and automatically snaps back to starting point. Can’t imagine how frustrating that would be for a 4 year old. Shan’t be buying the subscription now unless that’s fixed. Update: Already notified the support email provided to request fix on Apr 9. Didn’t get a response for a week. And just now (may 3)commented on review here, telling me to once again email support. Obviously no real plans to address issues a potential customer brought to them.
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6 years ago, PetiteDon
Fun way to work on fine motor skills
I think this App is very good for kids who are learning to write. The three levels are interesting because they help the kid to understand in witch order they have to write a letter, and help working on the fine motor skills they need when writing with a pen. As parents, it is also a good way to say “yes” to my daughter when she ask for my phone but knowing she will actually do an activity that is good for her rather than some random video. So thank you LetterSchool!!
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5 years ago, phd in educational psych
Good across kids ages
Really holds my children’s interest. I like that there are different options for the letter style in the settings. We’ve had this app a long time and it’s really had good staying power. There are even more categories now, like shapes and cursive, which are great additions for us since my kids are 2 different ages. They both get a lot out of playing this app. It says for age 4+ but you can definitely use with younger kids.
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6 years ago, Thriftyshe
3 year old granddaughter loves it! I finally bought the full version when I saw how much she liked LetterSchool and preferred it over the other alphabet games. It’s a little pricey, which is why I hesitated to buy, but I finally gave in. The letter traces with fun images instead of just a line like other tracing apps. There are also cute reward animations when she gets it right, or helpful animations when she gets off track. Thanks for making a great learning app!
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4 years ago, A Human that wants privacy
Don’t waste your money
I subscribed to this app, because I like how it taught handwriting in a 3 part process and it was fun. However, I’m canceling, because it teaches improper handwriting. It teaches kids to write x backwards. The font is purely for style and not the correct way of writing letters that is taught in schools. It also allows kids to go to levels that they are not ready to start, and have not progressed toward. Kids click on the advanced levels because they look neat. They then get confused and frustrated, because it is far beyond what they are ready for. Unhappy with this app and wish there were better alternatives.
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5 years ago, KSchwenk21
This app has been wonderful just in the first day we used it! Looking into the premium version but even the LITE got my son excited to learn to write! Worked so well on my iPad since I have an Apple Pencil that he was actually getting the hang of actually writing with a pencil like utensil. He didn’t want to stop and the trains on a few of the practices made it so much better as he is all trains all the time! Love and highly recommend!
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7 years ago, MrsZena
Disappointed in Formation of Print Letters
I'm glad I decided to try the Lite version first. The animation seems fun and there were multiple ways to master the letter. BUT the formation of the letter is just plain wrong. As an occupational therapist I cringe when kids master poorly formed letters. The formation of letters is inconsistent with what we'd see in English writing. The letter A is shown to be formed by using /-| and that is inaccurate. Traditionally an A is formed with two diagonals and one horizontal line. There is no vertical line in the letter A (as clearly demonstrated in typing this text A). And it didn't stop there. The letters B, D, & E all teach diagonal lines which are not present in English. I hope you will correct.
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4 months ago, Kzolo
I’m over it!
Every time I try to access this app with my daughter, EVERY TIME it says I don’t have a subscription and I have to restore my purchase. It’s almost not worth it anymore. It daughter is on the app, gets out for a moment and gets back in, same thing. We have to enter the 3,6,9 and restore purchase again. Fix it please! In the numbers section the 6 looks like a b and when writing the number 5 it should be across down and around. Not down around then go all the way back up and across.
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4 years ago, PimpShit17
Great App. Wish I could use it.
This app is fantastic for my 4 - almost 5 year old. The problem is I’ve purchased it many time and I have to cancel and resubscribe EVERY DAY. Very frustrating as he knows how to open the App himself but then I spend the next 10 minutes trying to unlock the features I’ve already paid for.
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7 years ago, Duncanot
Occupational therapist
Good morning, I have been using the Letter School App very successfully with children with learning challenges for many years now. Children who struggle with the paper pencil aspect of writing for learning the early foundation skills are extremely motivated by this App. The grading of the skill from guided support to independence is inherent in my goal as an Occupational Therapist. I highly recommend this App to colleagues and parents.
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7 years ago, ColeyHay
I have three-year-old twins who are in the process of learning to write their letters. I am a huge fan of Montessori sandpaper letters, but this app is even better! As an educator, I have to say this is one of the most impressive apps I've ever seen. It's engaging and interactive and both of my twins' favorite app to date! What makes it even more awesome is how they have the option of doing print, cursive and d'nealian! I highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, alphanumbergame
Sounds don’t always work
Sound doesn’t work for Cvc part of the game. I opened the settings for sound and music, they are both turned on. The letter and number section has sounds and music.
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7 years ago, BamBearMama
Thrilled Three Yr Old/Mother
For some time now I have been teaching my 3 year old how to proper identify and write his letters and numbers. This app is a heaven sent. He immediately took to it and gets very excited for writing Time now. It makes it easier for this mama to teach a busy toddler (boy). He has always had a great enthusiasm for learning, this just adds to it. Thank you!
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3 years ago, AmberMet
Good while it lasted, kinda
Well, I was kinda getting mad because I did not know what I was doing, the game looked different from when I remember, I wish there was an option to change letter school to look like it used to, So, sorry about the mad review just it would be nice to see the old letter school 🏫
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7 years ago, Brofman
Fun for 5 year old
My 5 year old just played for the first time and was laughing a lot. He said it was fun. I found this app because it was suggested by an Occupational Therapist. I'm interested to see if it will help with handwriting since he used his finger with the app (not a writing utensil). So far we like it!
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5 years ago, candlelightchaos
Excellent app for learning fine motor + letters
I work with children who have autism and this is one of the very few apps that helps target children learning their letters and fine motor skills. The animation is captivating. In fact, some will even ask for the app to play with on their breaks!
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6 years ago, Melissa68zz
Very engaging!
My granddaughter loves this app! It really keeps and holds her attention well. She hasn't been interested in other apps similar to this and i believe because it is so engaging and you employ the ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ratings. The lawn mower is her favorite. I can see this leading to her tracing her letters and improving her handwriting. She is 4. Thanks for a great app!!!!
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2 years ago, sesorobariri
Need More Languages in Letterschool!
I want The Russian, Serbian, Thai, Korean, Hebrew, Hindi, Oriya, Gujarati, Greek, Cherokee, and Georgian. (P.S, Add Wi (ゐ/ヰ) And We (ゑ/ヱ) And Vu (ゔ/ヴ) To Japanese) (Edit: One of Dari’s letters (پ) kept glitching when I tap on it. Can you please fix it?) (Edit 2: can you add the International Phonetic Alphabet letters? I really like the International Phonetic Alphabet. Maybe in another update?)
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6 years ago, Lissa101981
Enjoyable and different!
My daughter is 6 and hates writing, but since seeing this app she loves it. She keeps picking up pens and pencils and writing like the app. She makes the noises that she hears in the app and calls it the “C” game because that is her favorite letter and the beginning of her name. As a teacher, it is nice to have anything that improves handwriting!
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7 years ago, Tarheels71
Child loves it
Our child, having used this app in school, asked to download it at home on our iPad. Once we did he spent the next hour working on writing and recognizing his letters, both print and cursive. This app does a great job of making writing and recognizing of letter fun for Kids.
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4 years ago, Mnm1208
Keep having to restore purchase
My son has autism and loves this app. However, he gets very frustrated because the free trial message keeps popping up even though we’ve already subscribed to the Quarterly Access Pass. I thought my son was doing something wrong, but I clicked to reset purchase and closed the up and now I see that every time I close the app I have to reset purchase when I reopen it. How can this be fixed?
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2 years ago, huguderd
Love it
Really enjoy using this app in my classrooms! A lot of the kids are learning to write their name so it would be awesome to be able make your own words or names to work on as well as the ones provided!
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7 years ago, Tmom7842
Perfect app for writing practice
My 6-yr old son loves using Letter School on his mini to practice his handwriting. He has even switched over to the cursive Letter practice because he said he wanted to learn those letters so he can read my handwriting. We love this app for letter-learning and writing practice.
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7 years ago, mRs. CaLdeR
Very helpful
My daughter loves this app. She is having a hard time writing numbers and letters and it is showing her the correct way of doing so. It is also helping her identify the sound of the letter. We just have the free app. So it's very limited... but she loves it anyway.
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7 years ago, Lil-lolo123
So far, so good!!
We've been using the app for a full day now. It's the only learning app my son will play for more than 10 seconds before losing interest! He has written 3 letters, which is 3 more than he has ever done with me! Thank you!
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2 years ago, libertarian 5
Not working now. Wants me to purchase it again
I purchased the total package of litter school to use with my special needs students. I have loved and use this map on a daily basis over the last few years. Now all of a sudden today it wants me to re-purchase again it will not open. Such a bummer I have very little motivation to purchase it again and then be blocked out again.
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5 years ago, Jcho11
No longer free
My 4yr old son loves this app. It’s engaging and helped him learn his alphabet. All the sudden, the developers decided to switch the free version to a $10 version - which my 4yr old, not knowing any better, began to purchase. He always played the app before, after all so why wasn’t this one working? Grandfather those users who helped you get to enough volume - don’t suddenly take away what was once given.
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6 years ago, For girls&boys
I plan on using this app for my preschool class. It really gives not only practice but the proper way to form the letters. Most of the children who come to me have learned to write letters incorrectly. It is hard to break the habits already formed. Thank you for this fun to do app.
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4 years ago, TpennyOTR
Do No Use Too Expensive
Ok I paid for all the shapes the letters and the numbers. Now I do not have access to any of it. I am very angry and I am putting it out on my social media accounts. Just because you want to rake in a subscription fee. An EXCESSIVE subscription fee! You should have at least warned long time users and given us at least a year free considering all the money we have forked over in the past. Well not any more. I will find something else to use. Tamara Penny, OTR
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6 years ago, pottle2
This is a step by step learning game!
This game is amazing! Me and my child love it. It works and helps your child learn his/her letters! This is a awesome game!😊👍 and I will never delete it! And I won't have a reason to because I'm pregnant!!! I'm so excited for this journey! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💗❄️😊
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5 months ago, Healthy Communications
This App improves motivation!
I’ve been using this app for at least 2 years now. All kids of all ages love it! It improves motivation for these important skills or to use as an incentive. Cristina Mennella Speech-Language Pathologist
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6 years ago, KimmyMcKeas
We love this app! It's my sons favorite to work on he's used it two years in a row in class and now he's home and hospital and uses it at home! We love it and it definitely helps kids learn to write letters the way they are suppose to!
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7 years ago, Asumpter81
This app is amazing!!!
My son has some learning delays and enjoys this app. I have finally found something that catches his interest and he loves to do... I am excited for him to learn his letters and numbers. So far nothing but good reviews from me.
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4 years ago, CCubed2
Bad App
just like most piece of crap apps one finds in the app store. "log in, tell us your social media info ETC" thats to be expected of course. also its not accessible I use voice over and this app does not work with it couldn't get past the first screen after you guessed it. the info gathering portion ...
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6 years ago, ALMorrow25
Great for PreK!
My daughter loves the fun way this app helps her write and learn her letters better! She’s in PreK now and uses the app all the time on her iPad! She has used this app more than any other learning app! Thank you for making such a fun way to learn!
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7 years ago, ctamom
Don't purchase anything in app
My son really liked the app so I decided to unlock more letters well after 1 day of using them they are gone and the app wants me to purchase them again! I contacted them via their website 3 days ago and still no reply back. Just a buyer beware warning here. It's a great app otherwise. I would really like the letters I purchased unlocked or my money back and I'll change my star rating
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2 years ago, jeremiahmcmillen80
Good app but…
This app would be great if the developer got rid of the bugs. Every time we open it it says begin free trial even though I’ve already approved the purchase. I have to go to settings, enter 3,6,9 and then click restore purchase. Other than this annoying bug the app is great and my 5 year old ASD son loves it. I also feel like $50 a year is a little excessive.
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4 years ago, niki the kis
Me after using this app
I am 11 and this is how i learned my letters and how to write sometimes I still use the app because of how fun it is me and all my siblings learned are letters this way it works amazing 🙂
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5 years ago, Jfalkingham
Why do we have to buy the free trial WHY!!!!!!??????😡😡😡🙁🙁🙁😢😭
I have played this game for five years and it was so much fun 🤗but why do we need to buy it I just don’t get it 😡like before no money purchases but now YES! 😤please please please no money purchases PLEASE!!!!!!! or you are the worst!😡 and have a good day everyone😄 but not you stupid dumb developer!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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7 years ago, Grumpyrican76
The sad kids
Once upon a time the were four kids that were sad all day and a friend came to cheer them up and made them feel happy The End
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6 years ago, Michele119
Engaging for kids
I loved this app when my son was learning to write. Even when he was a couple years older and he wrote a letter sloppy I would make him go in and practice that letter.
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7 years ago, TDelOlmo
We love it
I was told about this app from my sister who teaches special education and I can't say enough - my daughter who is only 22 mo just loves playing it with me. We highly recommend it to anyone. 👍🏼
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6 years ago, KCRed1
Expensive but worth it
I was hesitant to spend this much on an app for my granddaughters, but this app is well worth the money. The girls are almost four and they love Letter School. This app keeps them engaged and learning.
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6 years ago, Sbshark
Great App so Far
I have been looking for something to get my daughter interested in letters and she played with this for almost 15 minutes! I’m hoping she continues to enjoy it and learn her letters!
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