Lexia Core5 Reading

3.4 (11.5K)
1211.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lexia Learning Systems, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Lexia Core5 Reading

3.45 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
4 years ago, animal crossing new horzions
Bugs and glitches pls respond to this ㋛
This thing is so slow like it’s so slow for my son but it’s just game breaking like we only have this app cause my sons school said it’s great but no it’s been having trouble so we moved 2 schools and again this app like i tried making accounts for my son he just likes that it’s not working, and i am disapointed TᕼIᔕ ᒍᑌᔕT 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚜𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚋𝚕𝚎𝚖𝚜 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚏𝚒𝚡 𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎 please i am sorry for the one star sense then we have only lived in san diego so we moved and maybe was the internet but no i told another friend or myson and said it worked fine like what? We have so internet connection like i am not saying to help me but that we called and they never came back with anything ☹︎😡like devolopers can you please respond, so what we did is we called again then they helped us we worked for whike but it didn’t work so we called many morw times and they fixed it later so like please fixs updates and bugs there just ruining every thing please respond.☺︎︎
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2 years ago, plays roblox and among us
What horrible
Wouldn’t say that it’s that good. To me lexia is my least favorite school apps it’s easy it’s frustrating what I hate is there 2 section for each level there waaaaayyyyyy to long I would say it’s one strar it deserves on star fixing theses things like shorter levels no bugs no glitches and for one part is whenever you get a question wrong you go to answer me easy questions that takes like five minutes because there’s so many so I would play this more if that would be fixed and you can choose if you need help or you do not need help you’d get better reviews if these things are fixed and make it harder because I’ve seen a lot of reviews about that in me too I do this for school and it’s my least favorite app so I’m gonna say that it’s that good I like other apps and this and some people seem right through it but I’m still stuck on level 11 because there’s so much work to do and I barely do because it’s not fun you need more of the motivation into it and make it harder thank you if you fix it
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3 years ago, player263636772
I think Lexia is a good app but it’s just way to slow I am currently on 17 second half almost 18 and it just is so easy and slow. I always get everything right and it takes so long for it to tell you the directions and even do anything so I think you should be able to make it read faster and say directions faster and stuff and that when you are doing those problems were it’s 4 boxes and one is ing one is er one is est for endings of a word you put a word in the right box and it says the word then like what it means and everything and I find that very annoying and slow so I feel like you should be able to turn that off and some other things so it’s a little more quicker pace but beside that it’s pretty good I also feel like it should be harder because I feel like even though I’m in 5th grade I do like 3 or 2 grade stuff on almost the last level.
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5 years ago, AFourthGraderCuzWhyTheHeckNot
It’s amazing, but sooooo EASY...
I am now in fourth grade, and we are currently using the Lexia Core5 app to help us along with similes, metaphors, poems, learning about planets, and other amazing things. The only two things that I disapprove of this app are: it takes an immense amount of time time to load. All my classmates are not completely typing fast and accurately, or spelling correctly. I am one of the only in my class and I think the reading parts of the levels are very easy and quick. I would like something trickier, like if the reading level got higher and higher, harder and harder as you went up levels. This sprang up when I started on level 15 and a few days later found myself on level 20. I didn’t understand and felt like I wasn’t working hard enough. If you could edit the levels a bit harder, I think class 4B would love that. Thank you, AFourthGraderCuzWhyTheHeckNot.
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5 years ago, Memer anne
It tries, but app is broken
We use this app because it is required by my child’s school. However the letters are cut off at the bottoms in multiple areas. I’ve submitted tickets, the developers have not yet responded, it’s been over 3 weeks. It’s not encouraging for beginning learners when they continue to get the wrong answer to something they actually understand. Overall the app is kinda slow. I do believe in time it’ll be more engaging and fun, but honestly overall it’s just boring. My daughter will sometimes just hit random buttons because she’s getting bored. Hopefully the letter issues will get fixed. If this is something you are considering to add to your homeschool routine I would consider another app. It would be nice to see as a parent what and how the app tracks progress. All in all I’d give this a limp thumbs up.
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1 year ago, gbgnjmi
It’s amazing but sometimes I get frustrated
So Lexia core 5 is ok but I’m currently in fourth grade and I’m now really getting annoyed whenever I place my thing on the wrong answer and don’t even touch it it just clicks it and says it wrong but I’m not currently on level 15 and it’s helped me to read a lot through these six years but sometimes I can get a little annoyed because the instructions and everything I mean I get it you need to explain it because some people don’t get it but you don’t need to take like five minutes and whenever I answer a question right it takes like two minutes for me to be able to answer another question so yeah that’s what I think of Lexia core five I would recommend playing it but some people would probably think not to because it is boring but yeah…..
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3 years ago, Pretty good but…
Hello. I am a student using Lexia Core 5 so I will not give the over the top mad parent review ;). I think this app is great. I honestly believe it’s what got me into honors. I hope one day you could maybe make another half of the app into math? The first time i’d experienced this app was in K (Kindergarten). It was not really a pleasure working with this app, not going to lie. I think the purpose of this app was to get the student smarter. And it works, but not in a fun way; for example let’s talk about IXL. It has a prize area, or better yet, Achieve 3000. They have top scorers? That’s what keeps the students going. Basically, I’m trying to point out that this only has a weekly goal, and it surely wasn’t fun worrying about that.... Anyways, back to my experience. I was 4 years old and i had finally finished level one! It was the greatest accomplishment of my life, until.... my teacher set me back. I know what you’re probably thinking, “BuT yOuR tEaChEr WaS tHe FaUlt”, blah, blah, blah, blah. But you see, it was that I was doing terribly, BUT. It was not fun to me, and I felt the need to keep pressing RANDOM buttons because I was so bored. Listen, this app is great, but you need to make it fun, please? Well thank you for reading this person and yeah. bye!
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5 months ago, HiItzmd
My honest opinion
So I am a 4th grade teacher that teaches reading and math. I honestly love this app for my kids! It’s a great way to start off the beginning of reading class with. My rule is if you get all your minutes in you can read a free read book. (Of course they want too). This encourages my students to do Lexia at home! (I honestly love when parents email me and say that there kid is on Lexia none stop). But sometimes my students come up and me and on the screen it shows “someone has logged in using your password” that happens almost everyday. I double check that everyone is on what there supposed to be on. I honestly just think it’s a little glitch. But I still am very satisfied with this app!
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4 years ago, POOPISEE
It is glitchy.
Ok so the reason why I named this titled glitchy it’s because it is not fair that when like once when I typed in an answer and it was wrong and then it showed the correct answer, my answer that I answered was the same answer as the correct answer’s! And a few more reasons why it is glitchy it is because like when I just click on to backspace, it like does this like most of the time, it just some reason clicks, “Go!” and it was not my fault. And one more thing that why now I rated it two stars it’s because the speaking is like too long that it is like forever. I wish that there was a skip button that would do the thing and skip the long speaking and another reason why I rated it two stars because it is just like the lessons take like up to 25 minutes or more that is so long and it takes like about 3 hours to complete a level. And that’s all.
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2 years ago, student who uses Lexia A lot
A student who uses Lexia frequently:
Hello,I’m a fellow student who uses alexia it is incredibly easy and frustrating I know the objective is for it to be fun but it is not fun it is straight up boring and if you make two mistakes you have to go to practice law which I think you should get more than two chances, But it’s still a good learning app for teachers to torture your kids in their class I’ve been doing Lexia for about four years is very annoying and you have to get 80 minutes and some people do not have the time to do it at home I rather spend my time reading a regular book then to do Lexia Core5
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4 years ago, OtherPlayer7587
An Idea and a Great Review 👍
Dear makers of lexia (and ICANTTAKEITANYMORE read this review and redo your rating to a 5 star rating after you read it ICANTTAKEITANYMORE!!!) I wish that you had your own person and you can run around and interact with the animals and still be able to learn with MORE FUN!😁 Lexia is great!😄 But I just wish there was a mute button or a skip button when you start a unit you always hear her talking even though you already know what to do 😡😡😡. Please respond to this. Also bugs and glitches are happening a lot I wanted to exit but it didn’t work! I tried to log in but it didn’t work! 😡😡😡Please fix all of those bugs and glitches and please respond. Please respond. I will give you a 5 star rating because all of these other people give bad reviews. 😭😭They do not appreciate this app! This is the greatest learning app in the whole entire universe! I think those people that give you bad rating should give you good ratings this is a great app to use for your children or your students! Please respond. Please Respond 🙂 Thank you!
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6 months ago, Chrisvisan
I like this so much
In this school app I had it in 1st grade and it was so so so much easy and after that I went to level 10 and it was a bit hard but I still got it right the first half on like an hour but I think this is a good school app but there is other school apps i like other then this but its like my 2nd 3rd favorite school app and then i am now on level 15 second half almost done but the one you need to read and have to remember you need to awnser but im in 3rd grade now and it was on 2024 I posted this but I don’t use this anymore that much but one day I’m on summer break and I’m gonna use this More likely
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1 year ago, Farah Jusotice
Love this app!! Great learning !!
I was in school learning this and my 10 children really learned a lot from this. I think this is a great app. Yes, it is sometimes slow. But actually is very helpful for your children or if your a teacher, I think you would highly like this as an app. One day when I went to my daughters/sons school I saw that they had those Dell computers and they had Lexia on it. My daughter, Savannah, She started on level 14 and now on level 16 in about 3 months. If I had the computers when I was a kid, I would definitely ask my teacher to use this app. If I became a teacher, I of course, definitely would use this app.
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2 years ago, Benjamin Einstein
Please read!!
If you are a teacher I highly advise you not to get your students this app. It is glitchy, slow, kicks me out sometimes, and freezes. Second of all, it is super unhelpful. And also, you have to HEAR the instructions instead of see, so that might be a problem for some kids. Also, the app can get very frustrating very easily. If you are a teacher assigning your students the minutes Lexia tells them to do, the minutes are based off of how much Lexia the student has done. For example, if they haven’t done it for a week, they might get like an hour. I have so much more to say about this app because me and my other fellow students and other parents really hate this app, but for now, I understand if you are a teacher and got this app for your kids. Once again, I have so much more to say, but I’m in a rush.
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2 years ago, ARoseReview
Ehh it’s OK
I am a user of Lexia and I am not a fan. I see my kids doing easy things for there age, my 4th grader is doing prefixes and suffixes and my 2nd grader is doing stuff like read this word “ cat” and they barely learn anything. Also sorry to say but… I wouldn't give any stars. It is AMAZINGLY glitchy and all you do it learn kindergarten stuff. Also you ALWAYS need volume and it is so annoying. Can’t you put like a choice for captions or something? Last thing, the levels take so long because the lexia voice thing has to say it so slow and my kids are so frustrated that the levels are so long and if you get ONE thing wrong then you basically have to start over again. Please fix lexia for users in the future and lexia, you just lost one of your users
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5 years ago, i cant find a nickname ahhhh!
very glitchy
The reason for this rating is because when I logged in and played the game. It would give me a long word so long it takes up the screen and I were to divide that word into sillables. But the word was so long that it covered the sticks i use to divide the word. Also, it took so long to upload the app and the website did not work at all. I have home work for this and I can’t do it because I can’t use the site or the app. I request you update the app and make sure that the levels are possible for people. The app is so bad that I cried in frustration and threw my iPad across my bed room in disappointment that I can’t do any of my homework because of the stupid app. Some may disagree but I should be herd as an 11 year old not being able to do her home work and wasting time on letting the app load. So please please PLEASE FIX IT! I NEED TO DO MY HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Ameeriic
Good and fun app
Lexia is a good way to learn how to read and when you do one of the activities there and you get it wrong they give you another chance so you can fix your mistake and I love when you read a book there because when you do the questions they let you go back to the book so you don’t forget any details my teacher has recommended this app for me because of my problem of reading slow and now I am starting to read a little bit faster every day because I do Lexia this is the best app ever for learning how to read.
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9 months ago, Elon Musk Official☑️
It’s a 2 star
It’s a total 5 star there’s nothing wrong with it it’s just the fps but other then that it’s a 2 star because it goes slow and doesn’t even read it to you I mean I don’t understand how my kids are gonna know what to do if they can’t even read they have to listen what the app is saying but it’s not I’m trying to teach them but it’s no use now a teacher now has to read it for him in order for him to understand other than that it’s pretty good just only download it if your kid knows how to read or if you know how to read.
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3 years ago, wuts 9+10 uhhh 21
Good but way to easy
This app isn’t the worst but it could be better. First it could be faster to load because it does take a while to load. Second I can see how this app can be good for younger kids but for kids that are in maybe 3rd grade but are on a higher level than others, they would need harder questions. Like maybe make the levels harder and harder the higher you are. I’m in 5th grade and I have to do this but I’m one of the kids on a higher level so honestly this app does not help me at all with things I already know and mastered. Like I said before this app can be good for younger kids starting to learn these type of things but you guys need to think about other kids that are on higher levels and take up a notch. Thank you for reading AND PLEASE WORK ON THIS!
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4 years ago, audrey7921cg
When you get a question wrong let’s say the thing asks you how do you spell commute and then you type the hole word wrong like you spell it like cumune and then the voice says “ remember the spelling rule ( and then it says the spelling rule) try again” like I SPELLED-THE HOLE WORD WRONG! Like I know the spelling rule but I don’t know how to spell the word so can it say “ you spelled the word wrong the word is commute, try again” because it frustrates me. And you know how there is a 1st half and a 2nd half well why is that? Just a recommendation... can you make it only one half. Overall great program. :)
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2 years ago, Rich boi in da house
Hear me out
Developers, please respond to this: I have an iPad and I can’t do the work because it keeps lagging and it lags so much that I put in the right answer and it says I put nothing. So I have to hastily touch the answer. BUT this is not the same for a PC. PC’s have absolutely no problem or threat with MyLexia Core 5. I am asking you kindly to give the same internet speed to iPads. I am a fourth grader in KMES. and I have a request. When you spell your sight words, I put it so fast that it says I got it wrong p. For example: Ocean. I am going to write it fast: ocean. Are they exactly the same? Yes, they are. The other thing is that My Lexia Core 5 is a really good education app. I’m surprised I am not seeing some effortless education scam app. I’m saying this because scam apps are REALLY often now. So, I could have gave this app 3-2 stars, but because this has TONS OF EFFORT, I’m giving this four stars. BYEEEEE Sincerely, your fourth grader My Lexia core 5 user, Gio
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1 year ago, Xfloraliiq
Love this!
I use Lexia as a program for learning. I think it’s a great resource and will have a great effect on kids. Although it does have some bugs and glitches here and there I still think it’s great and puts kids on the level they need to be on, and it will help them work hard to make there way up to higher levels. While the levels get harder and harder while you work your way up it helps you learn great grammar and reading. I love this website and will use this school/ homework activity throughout my learning experience.
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2 years ago, PZ725
Lexia is really annoying and not even fun like other school websites its really boring and you have to waist your fun day for lexia and the goal i think every school has lexia but like imagine learning is a better school teaching game and way more funner my teacher told me to write an paragraph so i wrote it about lexia but for real lexia is really boring and annoying my computer broke so i have to download it on my tablet and i had to delete two games and it takes up so much storage if you are using it on mobile especially ipad because ipad has less storage than a phone
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3 years ago, Venus2.9!
Words that don’t make sense/ seem like other words
The app has words that don't make sense or seem like they mean different things. For example, I was working on the thing were it makes you pick a word that fits in both sentences. I can’t remember the first sentence but the last one said “ I ______ out coupons from magazines” So, I chose “snipped” and it said that I was wrong. The correct word was clipped. -___- Really?! Another time was were you were learning how certain words in front of other words tell you what number of them there is. For example: Tricycle. The “Tri” means 3, meaning 3 wheels. But for 6, it said that the word to that was “sex”. Now, I get it, but really?!
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3 years ago, kittyomgabc
I dont really like this app
I like this app but im only on leavel 11 it takes a long long long time to get to a different leavel and I did not get this app it was my school that got it but I have to go on it everyday so mabye dont get this app because when im playing roblox or whatever game my mom cames in the room and says do Lexia and im like in one sec uhhh I just hate it but its not that bad and too my teacher says that I have to do it unilt im in the next LEAVEL and im like no thx girl so yeah you can get it if you want but for me I wont and if you are reading this have a GREAT day!
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4 years ago, spdjak
What’s next and make more lessons
I am in second grade now and I am on Level 21 first half but can you tell me what happens when you finish Level 21? Perhaps you put more Levels to 42 because then the levels would be to crowded? Oh, I just remembered, if human’s had to do with the giant kangaroo then they would have killed them instead of destroyed their habitat because humans did not start farming until 10,000 years ago and that did not even start in Australia. Also, could you say in the Venus lesson that it’s 437 to 462 degrees Celsius there and it rains sulfuric acid and metals to make Venus more scary sounding. Well, maybe not because Venus could support life because of phosphine and how it was named after the god of beauty. Also, can you make lessons of space like exoplanets, star types, stars, dwarf planets, and minor planets, and planets. For idioms you should teach Amelia Bedelia some idioms. Also, for the last 5 sentences I was in 3rd grade when I wrote it.
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3 years ago, C1zco
I like and hate Lexia
The reasons I like it is because the music is country is a joke but you can never listen to them and he’s in the speaker OK the one who tells you what to do tells you it 1 million times so that’s kind of annoying and stupid so I would actually recommend this appAt this current time I am on summer vacation and I have to do Lexia 20 minutes a day and I don’t really care but the one thing that does bug me about it is well this person that tells you what to do tells you to do it 1 million times and that is super annoying.
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9 months ago, TwinLynnRyan
Omg I love Lexia I do it in school and it’s fun and good for kids, but you should give it a change, like upgrading it. It would make it a lot more funner for kids, and add more levels than 21 and levels up to 32 that would be great anyway my friend in first grade Addalyn, she beat Lexia! I was shocked! So I think you should make levels higher and upgrade Lexia, I’m just saying you don’t have to if you think it’s perfect the way Lexia is. Please upgrade if have to. Thank you. - Callie Salenbien
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3 years ago, to that game company
Great game but really
So I hopped into the game and I was at level 14 and I went into the reading part and it was about these two friends One gave another the blue ribbon because she felt bad and I go onto the questions and I’m on the one where it says how does a friend show that they appreciate each other and I clicked a few wrong answers and then I was sent to the last part before I lose my stuff end it said they send notes or something else I forgot but it wasn’t correct and I scroll down and I found the yellow highlighted parts and it said that she sending her friend the ribbon in the yellow part and that was all of it and it said it was incorrect?!Really please fix this bug
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3 years ago, Basfnb
I hate this
I’m tying to update it right now but it is so so so taking forever I kinda like but not right now because my dad saw some of my classmates that had Lexia upgrades and I freaking in 3 grade and I competed 3 levels and it well we just started school so yhea my dad saw these people and I was not in them so my dad just got mad at me because I was not in it and….well I have to do all this freaking work because I was not up there. I just hat freaking Lexia sometimes!😡😡
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5 years ago, PizzaSlicez
Hello. I am a Fifth Grade student currently, and this will be my last year using Lexia. And I would like to request that the sound for wrong answers is changed, I personally don't like the sound and it seems kind of obnoxious. I don’t know. It’s also a problem with my classmates, not to mention. And the people talking when you get something wrong are SO SLOW! I personally think we can all understand what it means when they talk all slow like; "You.. Needed.. To.. Choose.. The.. Better.. Answer.." I get it. I get it. Just, I would love it if you guys could change the the sound for wrong answers, and make the people not talk like as slow as they possibly can.
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1 year ago, qoqij
Its great!
Even tho everyone has a problem with it i love it! I love any type of higher education and if im learning i want it to be fun aswell and lexia has brought those opportunities , and the amazing thing is that its on the app store. I’ve already been playing lexia only at school and i want to be able to do fun learing at school without just drawing on a chalk board and it’s amazing bc i would love learning at home too! Lexia core 5 have gave amazing opportunities and im glad abt that 💕
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2 years ago, Alphawolf2119
Great learning app
This is a great app if you want to learn about Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary, ( ELA ) and etc. It is very fun, meaning it gives me a break of all the other school stuff that us students have to, such as Dreambox. Although this is a awesome app, I still wish it was a little bit more fun. Maybe “ the people that made lexia” should add, like people in the background that go and explore the different levels with you. But mainly it is a really good learning game.
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1 year ago, djbdushdu
Good at learning but I hate it
Good at teaching! I think it is good at helping me learn but it’s very annoying when you accidentally click the wrong answer in the practice level it takes you to another practice level and takes a hour to explain what to do and with the chrome books that the schools give online students it’s more likely to accidentally click something but I hate school in general if I were I teacher I would say I love it but I’m a student and I hate it my least favorite school app but great at helping me learn.
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3 years ago, UnicornCutie7045 (roblox name)
Good and educational! Just one complaint...
This app is good! It is really educational and good for school and learning, but my one little complaint is the glitches. One day I logged onto Lexia for school. (By the way I was at level 15) I went on it and it said I was at level 12. I was shocked, obviously, but I was also confused. I was confident and really good at it. I got everything right. It changes levels for level of good yiur at it, yes, but I should’ve stayed on direct level or got higher. 5he glitches and bugs are WAY too buggy, and you need to fix it NOW.
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4 years ago, Potter_fan03
Do not get this app it is a waste of your time!
I have been use it this app for a while now but I come to find the same thing every time I use it.☹️ 1. It is slow and whenI mess up ONES it will make me start all over again and I end take it 20 min just to finish one set, I hate how time consuming this app is.😡 2. I am a great reader and I do not need Lexia but my teachers have me and my class use it, and some kids need it. I have come to conclude that either you like this app and it really helps you to learn and boost your grades, or you don’t need this app and It is a waste of your time and you don’t like it.😫 3. I am in fifth grade and if I can write something this good clearly I don’t need it, but yet I still use it because my teacher tells me to. I hate sitting down and working on Lexia because it is so glitchy and slow and I can’t do my work when I know I am wasting my time.😕 I hope you will read this and think about how I know what I am talking about, and thank you for taking the time to read this.🙂
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2 years ago, cloudsxsunset
Make it possible for deaf people!
So I’m in 4th grade, and one of my classmates is deaf. Because of that, she can’t do Lexia. I feel really bad for her, and wish she could. But the main point is, can you add subtitles? Yes, I know it would just give the answer for some questions, but maybe before you login to Lexia, you could add a question for if you’re deaf or not? And also, add an option to ask every time or not. I just want it to be possible for people with disabilities to use this app. Thank you <3
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2 years ago, else531crossinggamer
A app I will not support
First, I would say this is only my opinion but, I could not agree that someone would like this app. One reason I hate Lexia core 5 is the talking before the game is absolutely useless when you say it 2 times or more. Next, the things it teaches you are a complete waste of time and way too easy. Also each level takes forever to beat and I don’t why the heck there is even a part two to a level it’s literally just a even more annoying repeat than the first level. Lastly the loading is terrible the touch screen is terrible and the things they teach you probably will forget about. Please delete this app.
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3 years ago, Bellyber
Download loop
Hello I am a student using Lexia, I’ve been using it for about 2 years in total on computer and mobile. I’m trying to download it on my iPad but as soon as it’s done downloading it doesn’t open. I can press the icon again but it starts another download. And these downloads take at least more than 3-6 minutes long. I don’t know if my Lexia is glitched or it’s at software issue on my end. It works perfectly on my computer but I am trying to download it on my iPad so I can use it on the go. To sum it up, every time I try to download Lexia and I click on the icon, it downloads it again.
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5 years ago, Vantai
Hi, This is a great program, but it takes very long to load. I spam the download button and even when I be really patient it goes really sssssssllllllloooooooowwwwwww. If there is anything you can do about this, I would greatly appreciate this. I would also like to let the 21 or 22 levels go up to at least 30. It makes more sense. The main reason I wrote this review was that the app uploads ssssssllllllooooowwwwly. Greatly appreciated if you could do something about it. Thanks! Your fourth grade fan, [rather not say]
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3 years ago, 0987q3hf0q
This app is horrible whenever my child puts in an answer it says it’s incorrect. But when start guessing other ones the one we picked in first place was correct. That tics me off. Also when my child was taking the test to see what level to be on it kept glitching and she was on level 8. I tried to make more accounts but it didn’t work. I’m outraged and disappointed. But the last thing is that there is so much to a level. I mean their is probably over 200 long story’s you have to read to get on the next level. If you are a school teacher don’t get this for students unless you hate them. Sincerely A very mad customer, Meghan
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3 years ago, why u lookin at my name?
Great app! But…
In 5th grade my teacher got me this app because I was struggling with my spelling and grammar. It really helped! But it was EXTREMELY frustrating when you got an answer wrong and you needed to do a whole other assignment. I know it’s meant to help you but it just makes people mad. My little sister is in 3rd grade and she got lexia with the rest of her class and she was in TEARS yesterday because she only got 2 answers wrong and she had to do another 3 assignments. Xoxo - lexia user
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5 years ago, i am builder man
Very bad
It is trash, it shuts me down and makes me not want to do anything. Most of the time it is glitchy and my teachers make me do this. Even at home. This app is just a bad substitute for a teacher. I rather just learn by the teacher, not this. And a lot of times the things are not on topic. Then, when you get the questions wrong it takes another about 1-5 minutes before it lets you answer another one. This would be fine with me if the questions made sense and were on topic. There should be a skip feature because the lady talks forever. I mean a LOT she talks so much. So bottom line, would not recommend unless you are using this app as torture in that case I would recommend.
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2 years ago, Andyand&
Let’s see if you have the opportunity or a place that would make a difference on a new plan and if it will work out with a few of your clients then I can call and let them know you will need them and they can make you happy or you want me to take you back in order and I have them on my list of things I want you to have done by the house.I hate it I think it’s the worst.
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4 years ago, Mightymic#1
It’s fun and will make you learn like a boss
Lexia is a very good but to me its a world of learning but what makes me very sad is.......just that a lot of boys and girls on high grades say its way to easy and so boring and well.....all of us have to learn and it just makes me sad and its not like i disagree i am sorry i respect your ways but.......you just cant say it like that if you know what i mean...i am not trying to make any won sad but to me its just a very good app so every won should love lexia as a very not good but great app. (:
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8 months ago, SkinnyEagle9777
Fun Reading app!
This app is going well and is a fun reading app i am just wondering if you can get it on an iPhone i can't find it in the app store on my iPhone but it is fun for reading but is having some issues first i try to Read what it tells me but it just shows me "This app requires LexiaCore1 Version number" and it just tells me to download the app instead of the Version of the other app.
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4 years ago, frusturated mom
Too easy and horrible
I have 2 daughters-one in third grade and one in kindergarten and for online school they use Lexia, though it’s a horrible app. 1st, it is very simple and unsophisticated. My third grader is not challenged at all and is constantly telling me it is “way too easy.” I have reviewed the app and find the material basic. My daughter dreads using it and I completely understand why. I also don't like that when you get a question wrong, you have to go through 2 extra questions to get back to the original level. And on some levels, there is a lot of repetition on the same question. If you want your kids to actually learn, then don’t choose this app.
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2 years ago, secretgirl23*
If I could rate this one star, I definitely would. This app is really frustrating, with bugs, glitches and really laggy. Sometimes this gets really frustrating for everyone. This can get as frustrating to tears, not even if they get it wrong but because they can’t drag the word, then starts them over. They also say it’s very frustrating, because of the voice, they hate the voice and think it’s slow. This makes them really mad. 😡 HATE THIS APP, my friend’s kids literally have it in the computer as ‘torture’! PLEASE IMPROVE. Here is a different review from a different person. Developers please answer
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6 years ago, Elbbie
A problem
Hi. This app has this screen that says”Whoopsie Daisy”and I don’t like that it doesn’t let you do anything but needing help from a teacher and I don’t have a teacher at home to fix this issue so I can’t really use this app to help me get better at reading and spelling. Also, the part where it says”username and password, it gets me frustrated because I don’t have one so I can’t even open the app to try the reading and spelling. Please change this app as fast and perfect as you can. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, Reviews are funsies
Long Levels
Hello. My teacher is making me play this and I really do enjoy it, but the levels are SOOOOO long. There’s even a part two on some... Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great learning program, and I get why it’s long, so that younger kids understand it. But can you make it a LITTLE shorter? Or maybe they will ask your age and set the levels up accordingly? I don’t know. It’s just that when I play it I don’t feel like I’m even doing something. I’m just tapping and listening to the annoying lady’s lectures. Speaking of which, I would like if you could also be able to change the ladies’ voice. Thanks!
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