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User Reviews for Lexia PowerUp

2 out of 5
644 Ratings
5 years ago, ItsQueenCrafts
:/ Not the best
It’s good for learning but the voice glitches ALL the time and it sounds like a voice from a horror movie. And it sounds staticky and I cannot understand what it was trying to say and if I repeated it, I would hear static again. I use this app for school but sometimes it just freezes and crashes then I cannot complete my homework. I’ll give it 2 stars because I do not wish to be completely rude, But this is not my favorite app. I wish units were like not units so 20 minutes a week like lexia. but this time I have to do ALL the minutes on all 3 AND a total of 25 units. I know they are sometimes shorter then other times but they usually take FOREVER. And it’s either to hard or to easy. Thanks for reading my review even though it’s not the best I’m not trying to be completely rude although It might sound a little harsh but it’s true. -QueenAlpacaGames
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1 year ago, affinpinchers
I don’t mean to be rude but I cant stand this app. I fell like it doesn’t help me at all whut so ever. I’ve been forced to use this app against my will for my English class. The instructions take very long and all of the assignments are time based. I also fell that this app expects you to know everything it shows you even though you may not. All of the lessons fell the same to me. My teacher can only see my progress once in a while. And its not her fault but sense she then thinks I’m not doing it when i am I have to do more time. And it already takes A AWFUL amount of my time becuse how slow the instructions are. I would much rather have to take a test in my English class every day then have to do this everyday in my English class. I also fell that ther isn’t really any help if you don’t understand something in the lesson your doing. I also have had the problem of forgetting the really long obnoxious instructions and then having to repeat them. The app is not fun or rewarding like some other apps I have to use at my school. I hope no other kid\person has to experience this awfull app. LEXIA TAKE THIS APP OF THE DARN APP STORE AND SAVE US ALL.
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4 years ago, Meow😀
Not good
This app has so many glitches and most of the time when student press the repeat button it either doesn’t work just sounds like a voice form a horror movie or quits the page entirely sometimes saving their progress sometimes not. And I do not think this is good for student who are in physical school. Online websites used for learning should be for online students. Students went to physical school because they like it more not because they want to go there just to be told to go online after school. I do not recommend this at all because even for online kids and a lot of physical kids they can’t acces the program. That’s why people who went to physical school went to physical school because they did not have the resources to acces it. For a kid to go to physical school just to be directed to a crummy website that they can’t acces. And when kids tell them that they can’t acces it they expect them to come an hour BEFORE school when most kids go to school around 6:45 just to do it. I do not recommend this app.
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5 months ago, DaMadDucki
Honest Review!
I understand what you are trying to do for this app. Many students are forced to use this in school including me, this is and would be a good app if maybe you fix a lot of stuff. Quite a lot of things dont make any sense. For example, “what word makes your voice louder and makes your mouth open wider” everyone has different ways of saying things.. espeically for me, so it makes it rigged. Please change some of this stuff to make sense, but overall amazing app besides the confusing things. Also, PLEASE ADD A SKIP TALKING BUTTON. Sometimes, me, and almost every student ever, accidentally make one wrong move. Then, the voice speaks as if it was reading a whole essay. Then it wastes my time listening to something for no reason because I understand the topic i just pressed the wrong thing. Overall, really good app, with good ideas, just quite a few major things must be fixed. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Not a Bad Stranger
(almost) everything wrong
This app looked good at first to actually TEACH, but as I kept using it I started hating it, the voices are VERY slow, you have to use way too much time on this, but this is my only alternative because my school makes us do this. Also, on the 1c rule lesson, there are a lot of times I divide it RIGHT but they say it’s WRONG, example: Li ber ty - WRONG Lib er ty - CORRECT And that doesn’t make any sense! but the reason this got 2 stars are the stories, a bit of actual education and entertainment, but this app is so slow and boring you really can’t be teached anything on this, it’s just practice that’s worse than school.
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4 years ago, IlyaWaln
Horrible for Learning
This app annoys me in many ways. First of all, the recording of time for your goals seems to not work the way it should. I end up spending an hour on the section and it only gives me the information that I have only done around 20 minutes. Second, the instructions slow you down. I suspect that the instructions are not counted in your goal time, so in the margin of an hour, it takes about 40 minutes in all for the instructions to inform you on what you are supposed to do. Third, is the amount of glitches on the server. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the app shuts down in the event of a notification, timer, or pause in the learning phase. When I’m trying to place a word in a sentence, it usually takes me a full 2 and a half minutes because of how erratic the movement of the word is. I can go on and on about the annoyances of this app, but you probably get the idea.
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4 years ago, 🍕🍟🥓🍩🥨🍭🍦🍪🍬⚽️🏐🏀
Worst app ever
Incorrect meanings, syllables, AND it talks slower than a dead snail can walk!? What the heck? Everyone rate one star to get this off the App Store. There MIGHT be a reason why this app is 2.2!! Make it FUN and maybe this will go up 3.8 stars (yes I can do math so DONT make a math app like this!)!!!!! Notice you only have 5 reviews that are better than 2 stars? 2 five stars, 0 four stars, and 3 three stars, and those aren’t even that good!!!!! EDIT: I hope this gets covid 19 and DIES EDIT 2: I’m in FIFTH grade and this dumb app says, “Let’s..shake..things..up..a..little..bit..” by saying “oh penny +less = penniless you change that y to an i” like I don’t know that!!! EDIT: How is one or touch by the pool better than saying others by the pool? INSANE. I didn’t think there could be a worse app then Lexia Core5, but this proved me wrong!!! EDIT 4: I did the correct verb, but it says INCORRECT?! What the heck?! It made me lose my correct streak of 185!!!! EDIT 5: Make this better and there won’t be so many edits. I clicked on the RIGHT answer that my TEACHER taught me, and it is INCORRECT!? I have NEVER been THIS angry!!! It was SUPPOSED to only say “The octopus swims in water.” and I could have taken a nap, ordered pizza, EATEN that pizza, AND flown to Italy and back in the amount of time it took to say that. (I’m in North America)
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2 years ago, Xtol71
This app crashes and is very slow…
I am writing this review because I just wanted to say how slow this app is and why does it always crash? So I was just doing my work for school and I was doing Lexia PowerUp, and the voices were unemotional and the videos were not really helping. Also when this app sometimes crashes or glitches as many people say the voice sounds like a horror movie, yes I understand if they are having some issues but seriously. Also why are they making us kids to go online and go look at our screen for 30 mins or even a hour was it already enough we all had to go on zoom? Anyways I hope the app creator reads this because seriously fix your app!!! Thats all and I love reading everyone else’s reviews it makes me crack up 🤣
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4 years ago, bea234323
It talks really slow, the instructions take really long, the voice sounds really slow, and it “teaches” me things that I already know. I am in sixth grade, does it really expect me to not know about a “consonant-l-e syllable”? When you click on the correct answer, it says that it is wrong, then you click on the other answer and it says that that is wrong too. Also, my class continues to have technical issues very, very frequently with it. I suppose I sort of learned things from it, but not much at all. Seriously, if I could use a different app, I would.
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10 months ago, eeeeeeooeoeoeoeoeoe
so ive been assigned to complete lexia minutes EVERY WEEK. And so, i thought to get the app. my app keeps on freezing up so i just delete it and download it again. and even when im in class doing it it wants me to say the word OUT LOUD. Like im in a quiet class room with 16 ptjer people doing there thing and u want me to say “OBJECT” out loud? and then i miss the question and have to do another activity and try it over again? i wasted 30 minutes on one stupid section.
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9 months ago, drigd
The worst
I tried using this app myself and it was set up pretty weirdly. Every time I did each assigned section for the assigned times it would be less than half of what it shows in Student Information. I thought it was fine, but when I initially introduced it to my kids they absolutely hated it. They said that “The extra stuff is way easier than the actual work” they stayed on the same unit for weeks even though I made them do at least 15 minutes a day. I took them off the program recently and you probably should too.
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4 years ago, silkiechicken33
Hey everyone, back again, so sorry that I keep giving this thing bad reviews, but it sorta kinda deserves it. My main complaint is that this app tries too hard. I mean, the PowerUp thing really doesn’t matter because the whole assignments are time based, so just to let you know, we aren’t that gullible. I try to look on the bright side, but even I couldn’t find the silver lining to this terrible app. Again I’m so sorry that I’m being rude but we really aren’t that gullible or that smart to answer your glitchy questions. Again, sorry but this thing deserves it.
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4 years ago, IMBLREDHEYO
I’ve calmed down
Well, I kinda did now here’s what wrong with the game * the kids used for it are trying way to hard to look like there thinking and it makes me want to stop learning and jump off a bridge * the voice is to slow, I’m waiting 30 seconds for it to finish talking * you can’t skip the loading screens even if you’ve seen them * your trying to hard to be fun, just get straight to the point, if you want to make it fun don’t make it boring for the kids that are over 7 * there needs to be modes for reading fast, if I can read faster then it talks I should be able to adjust the speech so it just goes faster *its mocking me * I want to through it across the room, this is a rage game to me and I’m 13 *you should be able to adjust your age, it’s patronizing me and I hate it with every fiber of my being * it makes me want to commit Arson on the main server room so it goes offline
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3 years ago, hnxfbszdjytctrx
Stupid app
I put one star if it is even that good. I am a user and I is the most terrible app I have ever used. The voice is so slow and glitchy and sound really bad. You can barely learn anything from it because it is so stupid. If you like this app then PowerUp has already brain washed you but not me I will not let it. I really really really really don’t recommend unless you want to lose brain cells it’s learning song are terrible and has bad music. Instead of getting smarter you get dummer have I said it yet is the worst app ever created I can tell Albert Einstein didn’t learn from this.
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11 months ago, SET271220
I have to do this but it glitches all the time and does stupid stuff like gibberish words on the diagnostic which isn’t even necessary. The grammar diagnostic is good tho. It is also time reliable which annoying since we DO HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO. I also don’t feel like this program helps much. I don’t learn ANYTHING new with. However it does help me brush up my skills so I don’t forget over like the summer or something.
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4 years ago, e-petey
This app is great
Hi I’m Carter and I love power up a few months ago I was doing Lexia which I love but then this was entirely new it was more adultish and fun with streaks to encourage you to do better I mean my school is Stella skulla in Redmond and the entire middle school curicelim is based off reading and all of are math is Romen numerals so That might make me love it but honestly its great
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4 months ago, belugaksss
hello guys! I'm someone of a younger audience and me and my bestie just finished lexia core5. It took super long to move us on to powerup! We were soo happy when they moved us. I like the funny introduction to word study though it's funny. I'm just starting and it's pretty good! My biggest pet peeve is that you are trying to get me to comprehend fastly, which is hard for me as a fourth grader. Thank you! byeee
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2 months ago, Good 12322
Ok, so we have to use this in our class. I hate it for 3 reasons. 1: the time. It gives you an amount of time to work, but it not only does not give you the right time, it takes away time if you are answering to fast and tells you to stop using a other site, BUT YOU ARE NOT. It takes you an hour and a half to to “half an hour” of work. 2: it talked to long. OMG it talks so freaking long. It is crazy. 3: if you get one wrong you have to do a MINI LESSON FOR NO REASON. Signed, a student
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4 years ago, piglover32
I use this app for school and whenever I get a question wrong in grammar it takes me to a lesson, but the lesson is not for the right thing. So at the end I just keep getting the questions wrong and it doesn’t help me. Also for the short videos I recommend to get people who actually make it sound interesting, their voices sound like a person from a bad acting movie. I would not recommend this app.
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3 years ago, amerous vang
Not the best app but not a good app
This app is way to snooping and irritating to use. The reading is really slow and if you do something “incorrect” you get a lesson for it? This app made me so frustrated and I thought I was gonna like it considering I like writing but this app is awful. It teaches what we already know and the explanation barely makes any sense what’s so ever. The voice also is annoying as though the reading is really slow and with some things, we don’t even need it to be read to us but it reads it anyways!!
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2 years ago, kocokatt
Horrible just horrible
First, it is laggy one time i tried to get to the next unit it didn’t give me the point and logged me out. then when i was reading the article it told me to read it took me to the log in section i was so mad because i lost all my progress. then I was also very mad because when ever you get logged it sometimes does not save your time progress and you start at 1 minute again it was really frustrating.
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5 months ago, Diana😜🤪
It a good app
I have to do Lexia at school and at first I did not like I didn’t even try to get correct answers. But then I started to try to get the answer correct and I started doing better in my English class and I got a way higher score on my English test . I think lexia is a good app.
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3 years ago, kreekcraftfanonemillion
Just right
I use Lexia on my computer so now that I’m in bed, I tried it on my iPad. It worked just fine I swear. Nothing about demonic stuff or how they try to hard. They might try a little bit to hard but hey, it works. Soooo yea. Enjoy!
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3 years ago, jgjygjyvjygjygjyg
I know that I made a reveiw saying how the app was, but the more and more I use it on my ipad the more annoying it gets, so I agree this is annoying and not the best app. I hooe that they make it easeir to use and less annoying because if they tweak with the app a little I think that they might actually be able too make it more fun. So Lexia please make you app more fun and easeir to use.
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2 years ago, Ann anomynous
It’s Okay
I like this app but it needs help. Honestly the voice talks really slow and you can’t get anything done. It makes me want to throw a temper tantrum. Once you submit your answer it takes like 20 seconds to explain what you submitted. I mean like, I already know the work I just did! I would not recommend for students, especially teachers. All you will get is complaints from parents. TRUST ME! Thank you for hearing me out
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9 months ago, anon2628292614
Honestly, I haven’t had any glitches so to speak. The only problem is probably verb stuff. Like wth is an adverbial clause?? I had to google it once because lexia didn’t teach me. I honestly think people are overexaggerating how bad lexia is. It’s bad, yeah, but is it REALLY that bad? Do yall’s schools provide crap chromebooks?
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4 years ago, MjThe5thGrader
It isn’t the best but not the worst
Ok scratch all I said I keep on losing my long streaks because of how slow this app is my other learning games can run my bad WiFi better than lexia and they are bigger apps I don’t get this I liked the Lexia Core but this is just like a ripoff of the first on its slow and I can’t get right answers and correct learning I’m probably getting dumber by using this app. And It’s Obvious Rosetta Isn’t giving this as much attention as it should . I’m D I S S A P O I N T E D
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3 years ago, PleaseFixThankYou
Please fix.
This app is great for learning, but it needs some work. Firstly, it is very slow and takes forever to load. It often logs me out when I’m using it. Second, it doesn’t always save my time on it. Overall it is a great resource and could be even better if you fix these things.
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3 years ago, sniiiiiitch
Annoying and not helpful
This app opens app and there’s this long video take about 10 minutes of your day idc about a video telling me thing I already know this is so annoying with their long intros when you open I wouldn’t use this app if it wasn’t for my teacher. I hate this app and I would rate it a ZERO ughh this app doesn’t let you just get into the app quickly stop putting long videos in the app!!!
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4 years ago, Gabriel - 6th Grade
Good app, but could use some work.
I really like this app. It’s nicely paced, but there some problem. It’s very hard for me to scroll down when reading the passages so I have to drag my finger across the screen so many times to move the passage a little bit.
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3 years ago, 🧁🍩🧁
Don't listen to those hate comments this app is great, I finished lexia in school so I'm on power up. At first I didn't like it but I'm obsessed with it now.I just had to get it on my iPad at home!!
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10 months ago, Johnslove83
just no
for many years I was forced into doing this program and it didn’t help me whatsoever. It glitches,and takes forever to get to the point, this is not a good alternative to teaching, or a good way for them to have us do it for hours, 100 minutes is a lot, but them teachers complain about electiroisc but make us do this. Do better
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5 years ago, Harrytheboy
Why does this exist?
I know you spent a lot of time working on this, and I know that this is for educational purposes. But I have one question: Must you make it so boring? Your purpose is to teach kids not BORE them to death. You have to make less boring. You can add things like making a thing on the settings to make the voice faster or just, basically make it more fun in general. This is just some suggestions.
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4 months ago, yotilot
This does not improve ANYONE at all and people hate this “app” in my school. I mean does this help anyone in the future? Did this help anyone be a successful person? NO. It doesn’t. Besides it’s boring and the Grammar part of it makes NO sense. Also, since when do we have to classify sentences and find the main idea as adults with jobs? Oh, we don’t. Please remove this app it lies to us.
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3 years ago, Saddened Sandwich
Absolutely terrible.
This app is straight up garbage. Like, I get it, if you are a learning app, kids will hate on you. It’s school. People don’t like it. BUT THIS? This is too much. You are trying SO HARD to make this app fun. My suggestion? STOP TREATING US LIKE WE HAVE THE MENTAL CAPACITY OF ANTS. Children CAN learn, no matter how much you think they can’t. That’s how they grow up. It is NOT right to treat them like babies. I really hope you see this. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Stitch Experiment 626
So annoying!!!
This app is literally SO annoying! I have to do this everyday for school but it’s just so annoying! Whenever I am doing an activity it tells the instructions but the instructions are so freaking slow! Like it takes forever for the robot thing to just say a sentence like please fix this it is seriously so freakin annoying
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4 years ago, C.C.C GAMES
Worst app ever
Do not save my time of work... not much time ago I did 10 minutes and it counted 0, and for learning is horrible because the answers are too obvious and if I even do the answer randomly they were correctly answered. The voice and the times it repeats the same are annoying and bothering me, and also in apple it takes me out a lot of space. In not much words... HORRIBLE
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8 months ago, scorpionrd2021
Horrible 🤮
Horrible the app uses baby materials like text features. I’m a 7th grader and while I was working I had to relearn what text features are as if I didn’t learn that in 1st grade. The app is very slow and takes to much time lessons are too long. Never will use again horrible app I should give it 0 stars but I can’t.
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3 years ago, jalene maraza
I thought this was supposed to teach something. They literally just throw questions at you without teaching them. Also this app glitches 24/7 and it is so slow!!! They speak like robots, and it is so hard to understand what they are saying. This is one of the most frustrating apps I have ever used.
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1 year ago, The dyson liker
Lots of glitches
For learning i would say it’s ok, but there are a bunch of weird glitches and annoyances. 1. It asks me if I want to log out every minute. 2. I have to manually log in each time I use it. 3. It says I got it wrong even though I clicked what it said was the right one. I definitely do NOT recommend. It’s very bad. >:(
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4 years ago, brother hate
I hate these app save future generation
I hate these app it is stupid and is for baby’s and three year olds I just started and it is freezing not letting me in and just being stupid lets see if we can save the next generation take these app down it is dumb everybody give it one star my school should had neither got it
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4 years ago, -Dum 6 yeah old
Glitch and Fix [plz]
It’s okay but there are some glitches need to be fixed. Sometimes whenever I’m doing something I go to the next thing and the screen freezes but I still hear the audio.
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4 years ago, Jay Mar Mar binks
Why this
The voice is glitchy slow and annoying. It’s terrible that if you mess up you’ve got to go back and listen to the voice again. Why are there streaks what do they do, nothing it’s useless. The game isn’t even good at educating it just annoys people. This THING is kind of stupid. It’s just the boomer who tries to be cool, no one likes that. Take this game down.
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5 years ago, CriticPJ
Power up
This app stinks! If you have working on it for more than 30 min or so it starts glitching like crazy. It does not explain anything well just keeps testing and testing. Plus these are the most boring lessons I have ever done. If you you consider getting this app just to get extra practice in don’t. This app gets a big thumbs down 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽.
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3 years ago, The Great1345678
I just found something that is very wrong with this app. So I was doing the comprehension part (reading the part of “eleven” and suddenly it asks me a question and two of these answers are wrong. The answers are “Adults are always right” and “It is not ok to cry in front of anybody, even on your birthday”. Please fix this, this can be very offensive.
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7 months ago, The Crystal Emperor
Whose idea was this?!?!?!?
This app is dog crap it is slow it is laggy it’s mental torture for kids with and without concentration issues and the units take forever especially the grammar and word study and to be honest it suks and if I could I would give it a 0 star rating-the crystal emperor P.S. how are you guys still in business?
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3 years ago, STOP1295
I hate this app, it’s the worst and is consistently buggy, will make me watch such long videos because I missed 2 problems, and is overall TRASH! My parents agree because I showed them it and they think it should be rightfully taken down.
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4 years ago, 🐶🦄😍🌈
Ok I guess
I use this for school work and it can be annoying how it reads everything to you. Also it drained my battery 45% but some of the lessons are fun and I always feel happy when I finish a lesson.
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9 months ago, abcdegfghijklmopqrstuvwxyz
Best reading app
This reading app helped me read and get better with comprehension skills . It
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9 months ago, yosindzhon
This is so good
It helps your learn so much when you are in middle school
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