Lie Detector Truth Test

4.6 (42.8K)
155.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Class Media B.V.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lie Detector Truth Test

4.55 out of 5
42.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Yanna.G
So this is really cool and nice at the same time every time I asked a question I got so hype over the littlest things ever possible but one thing you could fix is the ads I like the game but the ads there is so much ads like every time you get done the same ads over and over and over it could go one but I really like the game and I really enjoy playing the game but please one thing you could do is fix the ads it’s ok to have ads on a game but not so many ads like a new ad will do the trick but not an ad on every time you play other than that five stars !!
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3 years ago, YOURLILGURLUWU🥴💫
I Like it, but there’s one problem …
This game is amazing 😍You can prank your friends and family with it 🤪but there’s one problem. When the game starts and you press “no thanks” for an upgrade in the app, it immediately gives an add 😡. This is unacceptable and needs to be changed 😕. This app is fun and can trick others if thinking it’s real 😂. But the adds can sometimes make people upset. Other than that, this is a fun game that everyone will surely like 👍. But to make this game have more popularity, I would advise you to take away the adds. Thank you for understanding how I feel ☺️. Don’t take this offending or anything else your feeling about this message.
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4 years ago, Vmeahza
This App is Genious
First of all this app does not work how you may think. This app is explicitly a perfect prank app. It sadly doesn’t actually tell you if your lying or not but it does something that’s just as good if used correctly. How you use this app is when it gives the option to “start scanning process” if you press on the right side of the screen it will always say false, and vice versa for left, it will say true. This app is perfect for pranking some friends and just messing around
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5 years ago, Akiro-Demonica
It’s pretty good
Before I rated it every time I said something it was correct, after I rated it one of them was false, which I said I didn’t do this, and it said true. But I actually did do this thing, I did it 4 times, 1 was correct. After that I asked a different question, and another. Both of those were correct. I have no idea if it really works, but it’s sort of creepy that only one question that I asked was false. I asked it more than once, but it was only that question..
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2 years ago, lie detector truth app featre
Lie detector truth app
It actually says if like it’s a lie or actually truth like I said my brother is my brother and I asked if I have a brotherAnd when I asked her if I have a brother is that I am telling the truth so I I actually said I said Aaliyah to it and it went like I was telling a lie and that’s when you know I am lying so when I said I blew up the house it said I was lying I said I’m a dark lord it said I was telling the truth I don’t know if this record is True or not but I really think it is
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3 years ago, Julia the 8 year old
Me and my cousin really enjoy playing this game it is very funny when is wrong
Me and my cousin love this game but sometimes itis wrong but it is funny we love playing this game because it is very fun to do all you have to do is put your fingers on the scanner and wait until your friend says a question then you can answer the question and then you have to wait while your fingers are still on the screen and it will say lie or true that’s it 😊😋😛🤣🙂
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4 years ago, Anonymous Sci-Fi Fanatic Boy
It’s for pranks, people.
90% of these reviews are kids writing really long, unpunctuated paragraphs. This review isn’t that. This app does not actually detect lies. Anyone who thinks for more than 3 seconds will know that. Maybe it’s random, however some reviews say it depends on which finger you put down first, and some say there’s a pattern, so do some tests yourself. If true, then you can manipulate this to say whatever you want it to and do some awesome pranks. Have fun!
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3 years ago, too much payments
This app is literally so rigged I literally said all the truth and my brother did too plus why would you say it’s a lie I don’t want to purchase using my voice because technically this game is rigged I don’t feel like wasting money on this game I would never play this game if I were you I would definitely buy another lie detector than this if it’s not a scam like this one and it actually tells us the truth I would be amazed but so far it’s pretty good I still like the app but I’m still gonna have to give it a three stars
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5 years ago, Cutie8894356
I love it! :3
I love this game because every word that comes out of my mouth goes to the lie detector. Whatever I say something that’s true, it says I’m telling the truth. When I say a lie, it’s says I’m lying. It works because my brother said his full name is (private info) and it says he’s telling the truth. That was right. All I’m saying is this app works. So if you feel like someone’s lying or telling the truth, put them to the test! It’ll definitely work
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4 years ago, me12345667890987
The secret to this app
The people writing these reviews don’t understand how to use this app. The results are completely random if you touch the middle of your screen to start the scanning but if you too touch the bottom right it does lie and if you tap the bottom left it does truth so that you can prank your friends. When it’s used that way it’s really fun to do pranks on people who think it’s real.🤫😁
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1 year ago, tanner, thelove of my lief
My Life
One day I was with my friends… they convinced me to download this lie to tactor app and boy, but I never know this would change my life for the better. my friends convinced me to ask The why detector who I should marry, Tanner? Or tavin? I cannot decide, alas, so I did with any sensible person would do, and asked this lie detector app, and lo and behold I am now married to Tanner my one and only true love!
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2 years ago, silysanna
This is rigged-
Ok this game is so rigged. Why? brother asked me did I love my dog and I said ‘Yes with all my heart, but when the scan was over and the result came up and said lie😡 I’m so mad Idk why that happenedBut I think it was rigged or my hand was moving too much so it came out as a lie. Anyways apart from that it’s a great game I recommend it if ur hand it not ‘shaking all the time- -Luv roseyGlow
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4 years ago, Emperors Penguin (YT)
Downloaded at your own risk
I downloaded this because I was bored so I didn’t say anything when I said because I didn’t know what to do and it said it’s a lie, I was think this app was not going to work. Then I told a lie and got it right than I tell a truth and it said the truth then I said and truth and it was “I almost died to a hola hop” and it said truth so know I’m a little worried because it works really well .
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4 years ago, dufht
It is amazing
You can also pretend that your a spy. Because I like this app simply because it can be used to play also and it’s super cool like you actually tell if you’re lying or not I’ll save because I watched a show on Netflix called Carmen Sandiego and and I think that it’s really amazing just like this app. So get it now if you’re interested goodbye
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3 years ago, shivbk
I guess I like my crush
I don’t know why but the app told me I like my friend named Avery and that’s really odd but it said that we like each other but we don’t know why we like each other and we’re thinking that’s deep down like we’re a PR and we’re probably gonna get the results in like six months
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4 years ago, DrmSpanky74
In accessible with voiceover
First of all, when I opened the app it went to the loading screen and then crashed(Just as an observation, not really the problem). The main problem is that the feature“voiceover”, A screen reader used to help the visually impaired and blind, doesn’t work with this app. To use voiceover, you swipe left and right to navigate throughout the screen, but while in the app, it didn’t do that and just said text field. I don’t know if any other people who are visually impaired or blind have use this app, so I don’t know if they’ve had the same experience as me.
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3 years ago, efby)mni
This app is amazing I tell her all these things to see if it actually to text and it does and it tells the future I don’t recommend this app to do it to do if someone’s lying or they’re not like it’s a really fun game to play with family members yeah I read four stars because of all I just said that also just because it’s really fun game and you get a detective someone’s lying or telling the truth
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3 years ago, noeled Aliyah
Fake please don’t download
So I saw this game and wanted to check it out so I downloaded it and I did a first round but it said lie that I hated French fries then next round I was gonna see if it is actually real so I put my index and middle finger on it and the question was if I hated my sister AND IT SAID TRUTH THAT I HATED MU SISTER BUT I DONT HATE HER so I deleted the app right away but there is 1 thing that I think is real so on the first question I was sweating a lot so I think that’s why it said lie and on the next round I tried not to sweat so I think that’s way it said truth but if you wanna download it it’s your chose Thank you
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6 years ago, Unicorntay2009
It’s an okay game
So I got the app thinking “this is going to be cool I can see if my parents or friends lie!” So I got the app then I tried it and I said I ate to cookies this morning which I did not and it said lie so I’m like “ this thing works! Then I tried again but I said I hate unicorns and it said truth so I’m like” okay uhh what’s going on?” Then just I’m guessing it just guesses and does not work so I mean it’s kinda a prank so you go to your friends and then it prob will say lie so don’t get this game only if you want a prank
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1 year ago, presscat
Great app
Ok I have a funny story on why I got the app. One of my siblings ate my older sisters gum (it wasn’t me I swear) and they wouldn’t admit to it when we were “questioned.” So I downloaded this app and found the culprit - the youngest brother. Well it may not be totally accurate but it was funny to see his reaction. (He actually did eat the gum though) Anyways, it’s a good app, but it has a lot of ads. 😂😂😂
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2 years ago, hsigehdjnd
Ads 🤪
This game so nice, so many ads, not cool, but love the game, but seriously, the ads gotta go. I don’t like ads when they interrupt my game. Maybe some funny ads. Just not dumb ones. This game is real. It said my boyfriends gay. Idk what to do about that. I’m not a shrink. Maybe he was pranking me. I don’t know. But still, very real and so good lie game. Expect ads🤪
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3 years ago, socialworkerdenise
Oh my gosh the best lie detector app out there
This app got it right every single time I really don’t know how it does it but it got it right every single time. Like I’m so likeSo happy I found a no money app with this great things. I’ve always love these type of games and this type of app oh my God I just love it. Definitely download this game like every day like download it download it.
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2 years ago, Legacy Student
Really good game ( please read)
So I was playing with my sister and her best friend and mine and I said a lie and it said lie so we did some more and it was true. So I think it is true but I don’t know what everyone else thinks. We did this just to find some things out. Hope you guys like the game as much as I do
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1 year ago, lasalserita
I like the lie detector test
I like this lie to tactor test cause I told you the truth like I asked my sister Sophia questions like who is the one that spilled soda on my tablet and I was like wow And he told me who did it so I asked her who would spill it she said ally so it actually told me and I really like this game like it’s so interesting to me so yeah I really love this game .
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2 years ago, cnejsndne
So here’s the reason why I gave it a 3 star and not 5. Well when you click on the app, it creeps me out by the voice so I recommend it make it more friendly and kid friendly. Also it’s takes forever to load in, it takes about 5 minutes and that’s a WASTE OF TIME so please fix that bug. But overall it’s a pretty good app. So that’s why I only gave it a 3. Just please fix the bug
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3 years ago, 123yuiu
It’s fun but need a change
This app is fun but every time my older brother asks questions and I answer them correctly which is truth it says it’s a lie so I hope that the app can maybe like change that lying every time but mostly it’s a really fun app and a really funny one to trick people
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3 years ago, posterbff
kylees review
I think this game is wonderful it is funny I can prank my friends and everyone but I don’t get why you half to lean you fingers spit will lie or tell the truth but it is a very fun and funny game night for you family so I recommend that you get it right now but if you want to lie lean your finger to the right if you. Want to tell the truth lean your finger to the left.
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3 years ago, m I am fun girl
Best game ever
So the Lie Detector actually tells you anything if you say it it just tells the truth or a lie and I actually thought I like school and I don’t even know that I was just thanking that I like that actually I don’t I tested it and the kids in class well part of them and one of them yeah it’s weird
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3 years ago, Created to Praise
Fun 🌼🦋🌸🌺😁
It’s fun cause you can prank your friends for EXAMPLE: Me: I am friends with Donald trump Friend: no you aren’t- Me: I have this lie detector app that can prove it Friend: fine Me: *goes on* Lie detector: now don’t move your fingers stay still..... Me: *moves finger* Lie detector: *TRUTH* Friend: Omgg ___________________________________________________________________but I have some suggestions: Sense SOMETIMES it doesn’t work can you make it to where it’s possible if you take a picture of yourself and do the lie detector? And also kinda like have a friends list where you can call and you both could do it together 🦋✨ other then that, great app ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
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3 years ago, FNF man
OK is this even a prank?
OK I did some test questions that I knew were true and false and whenever I asked the question that was true it came up true but whenever I asked a question that was false it was false. So is this even a prank anymore I know it’s intended to be a prank but seriously. Good app.!.!
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4 years ago, MRPROTECTOR96
Fake false lie detector. Inaccurate 💯
I tried things I knew were true, then tried things that I knew were false. And even when I switched it up and was not sure of my true feeling, it still gave me the same answer (false). Overall I can tell you this lie detector test is fake. I either love or hate the person, simple, yet both times it stated false. It’s just a scam app used to get your money. Makes me want to make one to trick fools like myself so I can become rich. Completely fake 💯 I promise you it’s not even worth the 99 cents I paid.
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4 years ago, Benhurfan
Pretty actuate
I’m still trying it out and so far this one works great but once I said I love Unicorns it said I was lying but I actually love Unicorns that is the only time it messed up besides that it works better than the other Lie detector I have tried I downloaded some other Lie detectors but they didn’t work like this one.
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3 weeks ago, Yanessax
It’s good but…
I feel like this actually says the truth like it actually works but it has too many adds because you only get to try the detector once and then you get an add every time. I would recommend the app to put less adds but I also like it being accurate.
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2 years ago, CaroBunyGirl
I tried this one my brother and he actually believes this app 😂 its so funny when your family actually thinks this app is real and ask you questions. I think you should get this app because it’s a great way to prank your friends!
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8 months ago, Splice34
Ehh can’t believe this is true…..
I have to write this a 2 star review because I can’t believe this works because I asked questions like this I liked school back then said lie which is true then I said I don’t like school which it said is true which I believe what threw me off was when I said I like pizza it said lie when I said I don’t like pizza it said lie. This is probably just a glitch but it is just hard for me to believe it is not.
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1 year ago, mofymofu
Not accurate and too many ads
So this is going to be short but I just wanted to say that this is not accurate. Like I was saying random stuff like “my dog is a year old” then I put my fingers and it said it was a lie like what the heck!?My dog IS a year old. Also every time I did one , an ad popped up and it was SOOOO Annoying. Plz fix this and if you want something legit, then find another app. This one isn’t accurate and you would get really annoyed by the ads. So don’t get this app.
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4 years ago, KimyKat809
It worked for real!
Omg. I seriously thought that it wouldn’t work. But it did! This was so cool! I asked if I love cake to test it out and it said truth! (Which is true) and I’m just so excited that it worked! I also played it with my friends knowing it worked, and got some tea on them. This was overall great and it works! Love love love it!
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3 years ago, Sunset cheetah
Lie detector truth test
This game is amazing my dad tries to use it on us or my mom because they always think that we’re lying but we’re nuts and it says if we tell the truth or it’s a lie so you better upgrade this upgrade this game or else you’re going to be missing out☺️😘
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1 year ago, Sofia Blakely
The review of the game
This game is so good I love how you can have fun with your friends and family although they can be a little tricky but you always catch them with the lie detector test. I also love how it is a free game that you can instal, this definitely saves money for you. I LOVE IT!!🩷
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4 years ago, Rainbowkittysparkles
So I was playing it and I said I have brown eyes it said truth which is true I do have brown eyes and I covered the camera and frowned and said I’m smiling it said truth so I came to the conclusion that it sees you through your camera and I lied about my roof color and it said lie at that moment I knew it was tracking me and could see me through my camera I said you are tracking me IT SAID TRUTH i am deleting this app please don’t download it
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2 years ago, your mom ._.
There’s a big mistake
I can’t even download this it’s taking to much space in my phone😡. I had to delete a lot of apps to get this one😡 But at least I got the app not gonna lie but it’s fake it doesn’t tell if your lying or telling the truth
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2 years ago, the email doesnt work
I mean it’s fake but a good troll for your family
It doesn’t give you any virus or anything, It’s just fake if you click on the right side it will say Lie but if you click on the left side it will say truth. So I mean it’s fake a a good funny trick for you friends and family
Show more
1 year ago, TheMeanReveiwer
Doesn’t work
I put five stars so it could be on the top, this app doesn’t work. When I first opened the app an ad popped up so yeah- and I said, tigers are my favorite animal. It said truth, but my favorite animals are llamas. Tsk tsk, very disappointing 0/10 do not recommend
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1 year ago, Geoff_479
This game is a lie 😢🙁
I was so excited when I got the app to do this with my family but before I did a couple by myself and than with my dad and grandpa an we asked them if it was December 30th and it said it was a lie but before we made sure that that was the right date. We also said that there was water in the ocean, witch we are at and it said it was a lie and we have done so many more but all said we where lying. Also Im mad because I spent my money on it😢😢
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3 years ago, Jusfrustrated
App froze
Opened the app and it asked if I wanted to remove ads for $1.99. I clicked on no thanks cause I wanted to see how this app works first. Then it completely froze. Then I restarted the app and I put my fingers on it. It just said scanning. Didn’t even say ask question or anything. Then after the scanning it said true. Even though no questions or answers were given! Then it says “Tap screen when done”. Nothing happens, screen again freezes.
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2 years ago, megan slayton
This app is amazing
I lovI love how this app has been so much fun and me and my sister can play and have fun together is really brought my family were together and now me and my sister have more trust in each other than we ever have
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2 years ago, Gamestolotabt
This game is great, although I wish It did say whether you were lying or not. BUT, I love how you can prank people with this. I sadly don’t recommend this game to anyone. If you are trying to prank someone, then I would absolutely recommend this game.
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5 years ago, Iz the quiz
Works so far
I think it’s good but not to good my friends and I did it and it said we were sisters what the heck I wish we were sisters but we are not we don’t even look alike but I’m not mad it’s fine one little mistake isn’t so bad anyway you should download it I am gonna text my friends later to come over and let’s do this
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3 years ago, Jack $2000
It is for pranking and only pranking. It can’t actually detect if you are telling the truth or not, but If you click the right side of the screen, then it says lie. If you click the left side of the screen, it says truth. See? Short and sweet Also I tested it A LOT so I am not a liar
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6 years ago, Shopkinlover2000
This app is okay, but there are some things that need to be improved. 1. I hate how when you finish getting your results, you have to watch an ad that you cannot get rid of! You have to go through a whole process if you want to ask it another question! On another note, it seems like it works, but maybe it's just a coincidence.
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