Lifetime: TV Shows & Movies

3.7 (13.8K)
58.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
A&E Television Networks Mobile
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lifetime: TV Shows & Movies

3.7 out of 5
13.8K Ratings
3 years ago, EineKart0ffel
Great app, HOWEVER
The top review on my phone is about ads and I would have to agree. The ads are SO long and repetitive… another thing, is if you’re going to play ads, at least make sure you adjust the audio. I watch tv while working. Specifically, I use this app a lot to do so. However, I have to wear headphones as nobody wants to hear me watching dance moms. A few ads (for example: party city ads and beach body) are extremely loud compared to the rest of the ads and show. My hands are wet so I cant always rip an earbud out or put my wet hands all over my phone to turn it down. When I say loud, they could literally rupture my ear drum. They’re ridiculous. Maybe you should look into adjusting ad volume before throwing them in. I could imagine it does the same on a tv or without headphones. Who wants to constantly be turning up and down their volume anyways? Please fix and I will give a 5 star.
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3 years ago, Stay Happy you are loved
Great App but Adds
Ok so first off I’d like to mention that this app is actually really good and it’s all free and I really appreciate that and I’m pretty sure you can watch like anything that comes out on Lifetime on this app well except for movies but I’m pretty sure they have another app that’s for specifically lifetime movies but anyway that’s not the point this app is really great and but I just like to mention that there’s a lot of ads like so many like it’s just gets repetitive you know and it’s kind of annoying how many ads there are and also the ads just go on for like so long and you know sometimes I feel like there’s more ads and there is video but other than that it really is a great app and if you don’t mind ads then I would really recommend it and this is no hate to the app it’s just constructive criticism I’m just mentioning things that could be improved and obviously yes I do know that companies can’t stop the ads because this is what keeps them able to make everything free but it’s just I feel like there could be a just a tad bit less ads I’m not saying completely no ads at all I’m just saying less ads I’d also be really nice if they could add like different ads in there instead of just all the same ads over and over again it would just make it so much better but yeah that’s all thanks for ltakimv your time to listen to my review.
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4 years ago, DanceMomHolly
Great app!!! But...
I love this app, all of the shows are free with is amazing! One thing that I’d like to point out is the ads. I know apps can’t stop ads cause that what keeps the ads free cause there advertising the app or company but there’s a lot of flaws about how the ads run etc. For example, I’m watching my show and there’s ads. I usually don’t have problems with ads but with these there repeating themself in a row and not just after the last add the show had but right after that ad. To be more specific the same car ad or stop and shop ad keep popping up repeatedly and it gets boring after seeing an ad replete it’s self frequently. Another thing about this ad problem is that there going on for a long time and there multiple ads in one sequence so it gets the person aggravated cause they just want to watch the rest of there show. One more thing I’d like to point out about the ads is that they keep pausing with a reload sign after almost every ad and it shows the first scene and then switches to a totally different ad and it gets annoying cause people that have perfect internet get annoyed cause the ads keep having to pause then switch. If people are fine with ads popping up constantly then get the app cause otherwise it’s great! But if u hate ads like me, don’t get this app.
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6 years ago, Blah blah what 421
Advertisements, Casting, and Resuming
I appreciate that this app allows you to watch lifetime’s shows for free, however, there are way too many issues with this app to make it worth anyone’s time. For one, there are way too many advertisements for any episode length. The advertisements make up about 1/3 of the show length. If I watch a show that is 45 minutes long, there is at least 15 minutes of advertisements, maybe longer. The same 4 or 5 ads play over and over on repeat. You can not start the show without seeing at least 4 ads. An ad will play every 5 minutes. Next, if you decide to cast your show to a tv from any device, you have to do it before picking your episode. Once you begin a show, you can no longer cast. This is a simple, frustrating issue that should be fixed. Lastly, after exiting the app you can no longer begin where you left off. You’ll have to keep track of where you left off in order to resume from your spot in the episode. If you open the app, you’ll notice the app believes you are in the middle of an episode you watched previously. Overall, the app possess features that are not user friendly, and has advertisements that are outrageously long and unnecessary. It is nice that users can watch episodes for free of their favorite show, however, it is not worth the download if you have a short temper or the time to deal with all the faults.
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7 years ago, Nosirrahm
2 stars only because I’m able to watch show
This app needs some help. Stop asking me if 👁 want the 3 min ads or interactive. The button response is slow so it takes almost the whole countdown before it acts. Once commercials start, you can’t pause or exit to the show list which is a pain. One McDs commercial played 7 times in a row. The only way to stop it was to close the app since you can’t exit the commercial. Some commercials are totally stupid - the Basis commercial? The voice and video are out of sync (I’ve seen it 9000 times). There are a few commercials that have no text or product. Literally 👁 sit there confused as to what 👁 saw (commercial with a kid trying to open a marker(?), someone off screen reaches for it and the kid hands back the thing and it ends. There are no words, no product you can see and it’s about 15 seconds.) Going from one device to the next doesn’t work. The continue watching option is always 3-4 episodes behind. When you search your show, you see your show progress, selecting it always starts from the beginning. So note how much progress you made so you can slide over to where you were. It also started this problem of starting the next episode about 45 min In. Why? 👁 have no idea. You have to slide the dot back to the beginning of the show.
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3 years ago, yoyadf
Fix this app already!
It’s insane how they have yet to fix this app after years of it messing up and with all the ads. If you don’t finish an episode and exit the app, next time you open it, it will have an episode you already watched on the main screen ready to watch. I was in the middle of episode 6 of Married At First Sight but didn’t realize exactly which episode I was on. I had to exit out the app. Went back on and the middle of the 4th episode was waiting for me. I was confused when watching it. I tried to fast forward to see if I watched it. Ad after ad each time I fast forwarded it a little bit. Super annoying! I just exited and looked at the episode list. I think I’ve watched about 30 ads within the last ten mins trying to find out where I left off on. Oh and the 6th episode took me back to an earlier point in the episode than I was. Lifetime get it together already! Edit: If you press pause, you have so much trouble getting it to actually pause. After ten tries, I thought I actually paused it. Then it started playing on it’s own. Support team wants me to contact them but what good would that do. FIX THE APP!! Super frustrating! I rather long in with my cable service than for this app to be free with all the glitches.
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7 years ago, Destig
I totally understand you want to put adds but it’s unacceptable how many adds there are there is at least 6 to 7 adds every five minutes an episode is usually 40 to 45 minuets long and every five minutes you get an add and it’s not like there are different interesting adds every time it’s the same adds over and over again it makes no sense I don’t want to hear the same information every second I’m trying to watch something this app is completely unorganized and needs to improved quickly I do not recommend this terrible app due to the adds that are useless , apps like these deserve plenty of bad reviews until they fix it I don’t understand one bad review should be good for this company to think “oh maybe there to many adds let’s try at least try to fix this problem” but no this inconsiderate company needs about 2 to 5 bad reviews to able to think about changing and maybe not even, maybe they just ignore these reviews and continue to have the worst app that has ever been created this app is good in no ones eyes and should be fixed without a doubt I am incredibly disappointed and unsatisfied with this terrible app. I don’t mean to have been so harsh and rude but if that’s the only way you will understand then that’s what all of us people need to do to help better your app.
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4 years ago, Mzthng
Starting where you left off, yeah right
I made an account like it says so that I can start from where I left off when watching from any device. It worked maybe twice. Now it constantly picks up on the same episode no matter how many times I try to run through an episode to show it that I’ve watched the next ones, which doing that is a pain because then you have to watch what feels like hours of ads. If I start it from my Apple TV app it takes me to the next episode before I can finish the one I’m on. I’ve never experienced an App that can’t even pick up where you have left off. I can’t even start from where I left off when watching from the same app on the same device the next day! There also needs to be a way to chose to not have any ads. If you have it synced with your cable provider why make us watch ad after ad after ad, which aren’t ever relevant to where I live or my interest and play sometimes the same ad 4-5 times in a row. I would almost prefer a subscription model to possibly even pay a small amount to get it with no ads, which would actually let me watch a 45 minute show in 45 minutes instead of an hour and a half. This app needs work big time.
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4 years ago, lynda conde
So I would rate this a three because the ads that keep coming on the same ones over and over and it’s really hard for me to watch my shows and especially they get really annoying the ads that go over and over I would at least like to have ads that are different but I’m also giving it a three because I love watching dance moms I can watch it clearly hear everything nicely so there was no other problem other than those ads I really would like this app to change the way the ads are because it’s very annoying that I just keep coming and coming and they’re the same ones over and over I really don’t like the fact about the ads that come on and I see every like kind of review they say that they don’t like that the ads are just going and going and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s annoyed here I really hate the fact that I just keep going and going same ones over and over and I just wanted to say if you’re going to download this app you have to make sure you like adds a lot like come on always and always and always I tried doing something to stop the ads but it’s not capable so
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4 years ago, XxGrace221Xx
So amazing!!
In my opinion, I think that the app lifetime is such a great app. I decided to download this app after an anonymous user replied to someone saying that Lifetime is an app where you can watch many different shows that would usually cost money, for free. One thing many people have been complaining about was the amount of ads that this app gave when you clicked on an episode to watch. In my personal experience, I only had to watch one ad in the beginning that was about 15 seconds long. The ad’s from then on were divided fairly. I feel like there are ad’s in almost everything digital, so it was not that big of a problem for me personally. I think most of the reviews were pretty outdated, and Lifetime saw the reviews, and decreased the amount of ad’s they showed. I think that the amount of ad’s shown were fair especially because of the fact that you didn’t have to pay to watch these exclusive shows. I overall really like this app, and love that I could watch dance moms here!
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6 years ago, Fanie18
Makes viewing frustrating! Ads on Ads on Ads.
Let me start with saying this app DOES get the job done. However, the app itself has made the viewing experience so frustrated that I’ve given up watching some of my favorite shows. The main bug are the ads. They’ll literally start in the middle of a scene. Not like regular tv where you can tell it’s about to go into commercial. No these ads are very unpredictable, they’ll come up whenever. But the worse part is that they’re sooooo repetitive. It’ll literally be the same Ad on reply 4 or 5 times sometimes and it’s extremely annoying. Especially when I have guests over. I cast the episodes on my tv and it’s almost impossible to rewind and forward, I would tell my google home to rewind a minute and it will either rewind way too much or go all the way to the beginning. I try using the app and it’s the same thing plus you have to deal with ads every time. If you get off the app it won’t save where you left off or it’ll save on the wrong spot. If you try to forward you have to watch Ads to even start the episode and even more Ads to forward to the time you left off at. I have since stopped watching lifetime shows in general. Hoping this app can get fixed soon.
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3 years ago, Z⃨o⃨z⃨o⃨g⃨i⃨r⃨l⃨s⃨o⃨c⃨u⃨t⃨e⃨
Lifetime is the best!
Now to start off, I see many reviews complaining about the ads but there are going to be ads in your life and clearly no one understands that. Maybe buy lifetime movie club and you can get out of the mid-show ads! Personally I’m perfectly fine with ads, out of the 37 years of my life I’ve completely gotten used to it and I ignore them and use that time to think about the show! Next, why lifetime is the perfect! Lifetime is one of the best free apps out of my phone. I can watch Lifetime on the go, in bed, and at work! I can watch MANY shows and can enjoy them. It’s amazing. Finally, the small thing that’s wrong with Lifetime. Lifetime may be awesome but a tiny thing that annoys me is when the shows don’t load. I was trying to watch S2 E9 of “Married at first sight” But it wouldn’t load. After a few minutes I then powered off my device and turned it back on and still nothing, I eventually gave up and the next day it was working. ⬇️⬇️DEV RESPONSE!!😄
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6 months ago, SithChick
So. Much. Lag.
So I got this app solely to watch the Gypsy Rose documentary. The first episode went fine, I was able to connect to my cable provider easily, was able to cast to my tv without any issues. The ads aren’t bad, probably the same amount as if you were watching the show on the actual tv channel. Then for some reason the second episode started to lag and just got worse as it went along and was driving me crazy! There was also a point where I accidentally exited watching from my tv remote and it took quite some effort to get it back on the tv. The app started the show where I left off, but the tv started the episode over- so it was playing on my phone and my tv and I couldn’t get it to stop. I had to exit out of everything and start over. So of course, I had to then start the episode over and it wouldn’t let me fast forward so I said forget it and just started the next episode instead. Overall, it’s just super frustrating and it’s only been two hours into using it! I appreciate that this app is free, but it’s not worth the hassle and I’ll be deleting it after I’m done watching this show (if I can get there!)
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3 years ago, Tayloyo22
Great app, BUT...
I love the lifetime app, although so far I’ve only used it to watch one show. I don’t have too many complaints about the ads, they are actually pretty normal and I know that’s what makes lifetime free. The only issue I have is with other devices. When I watch on my phone no matter if I’m at home on WiFi, or in my car using my data, I get absolutely 0 lagging or buffering. Somehow when I try to watch on my Samsung smart tv or my laptop, it will be fine for the first HALF of the episode, and then will start lagging and buffering. I’ll pause the show to let it catch up, one time for an entire HOUR, and yet it will still play for a few seconds and then continue to load and buffer. My tv and laptop are on the same WiFi as my phone and I have no connectivity problems with any other app or anything. This is really annoying because I would love to watch my show on an actual tv instead of just my phone but I can’t deal with watching it for a few seconds at a time with a large pause in between. I would love to change my rating if this can get fixed!
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1 year ago, SamanthO_O
Is Lifetime a good app?
So a few months ago, probably in the summer of 2022 I loved Dance Moms. And I still do! Once I reached the end of season 3 of Dance Moms, I was on a app called Tubi [ Great app also! You should go check it out ] but sadly on Tubi there was only 3 seasons of Dance Moms. So I looked for another app and I found Lifetime I found out they had the shows I have been wanting to watch for awhile. I have realized Lifetime is a very good app that lets you watch awesome stuff! But one big problem, the adds. Now I know of course A LOT ! Of apps have adds and I understand why but I feel like Lifetime gives you a lot which at the point I don't wanna watch my show anymore. I get 5-8 adds each like 5-7 minutes which I think is totally unfair! I am not patient so every time I get literally 7 adds I decide I don't feel like watching if I have to wait 5 minutes just to get another 7 adds 5 minutes later. Otherwise I totally recommend watching Lifetime 😘😘😘
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1 year ago, kk_tiktoker11
Written by a DEAW student
I really like this this app. It is a great app to watch all your shows on. There are some bugs that I would like to talk about as well. Almost every 15/60 minutes there is an add, sometimes movies and series restart it is very frustrating. You will have to find the part in the show or movie you were watching. Instead of talking about those bugs let’s move on, there are many great things about this app. I will show you two examples before this small review is over. For example when you join the app, all of your previous shows and movies are saved so wherever you left of you can go back! My last example is If you sign up for the app (you don’t have to) you can get to watch many more movies. Thank you for reading this review | TikTok | : kk_tiktoker11 bye!
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2 years ago, nickname Dc
3 stars
Yes it is free that is a huge reason why I decided to give 3 stars. I am still able to watch my show that a few seasons is only available on lifetime. I’d rather pay a few dollars to remove the obnoxious ads. It’s the same ads over and over again. The ads are repetitive in the most annoying way possible. They pop up even before the little bubble that tells you when they are coming. It freezes for a moment before and after the ads as well. Also I get a notice every 3-4 episodes saying the app was having difficulties and I have close and re open then bam another set of ads. Then it didn’t show the spot I left off on so I need to fast forward and yes of course you guessed it multiple ads. I wish my show was available elsewhere. You also cannot let the ads play in the back round the app must be opened to play unlike most streaming apps out there. I think the app needs major updating.
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2 years ago, Jenn.0902
To be fair, everything is free but the amount of ads!!!! theres an ad every 10min or less. I wouldn't mind paying for a premium subscription (still remaining free with ads for those who don't want to pay) to get rid of ads because a they have a lot of good shows but the ads just make the app unbearable! Another thing is it doesn't save or sync your watch history -_- if i start watching something on my laptop and decide to switch midway to my phone i have to look for the episode and skip to where i left off AND watch an ad again even tho i just watched that sections ad on my laptop. Its also SUPER annoying that i was watching a show on this app about a year ago but i stopped (because the ads were annoying) so i didn’t remember where i left off and i trusted what lifetime said the last episode i watched was. BIG MISTAKE!!!! the last episode lifetime says i watched is MORE THAN AN EN ENTIRE SEASON BEHIND WHAT I ACTUALLY WATCHED LAST!!!!!
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4 years ago, Jaleesakj
Love app, but soooooo many ads
I’m in love with the app. I’ve enjoyed rewatching my favorite shows like dance moms and bring it. I am disappointed that not all of the episodes are available for the show bring it. Seasons 1-3 is missing 5-6 episodes a piece. Besides that why are there so many ads so frequently? There’s a commercial and there will be 6-8 ads adding up to 3 minutes or more. I might as well watch it live on tv and watch the same 3 minute commercials. When I come to stream I really don’t want to deal with a whole lot of commercials. I understand the ads is what is keeping the app free but honestly I’d rather pay for a premium version just so I can get away from it. It’s starting to get extremely frustrated. If I rewind because I missed a part there’s ads. I fast forward to skip the intro there’s ads then 2 min later commercials break there’s 7 ads after I just sat through 5 ads previously. I’m over it. So annoyed with this app.
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6 years ago, Glowing filly
WHAT HAPPENED??????????!!!!!
Ok so I have loved this app and I have been using it for almost a year and have had 0 problems with it. So last night I was watching the only show that I watch on there (Dance Moms) and was enjoying it and all of the episodes were on there. You're probably confused about what I mean so I will say it what happened this morning! I got on there and I tapped on Dance Moms but I noticed on all the other shows and mine didn't have the episode numbers on there. So when Dance Moms popped up it had nothing on it other than the white I mark and the sign that said Dance Moms and Abby looking on the ground that had rose petals. There was a little note it said " Sorry there are no videos on this show come back soon!" Then I got mad so I got off the app and swiped it then I got back on still looked the same so then I reseted my device still looked the same then I deleted the app and got downloaded it again STILL LOOKED THE SAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!!!! I am very frustrated with this app! Please Please Please Please Please fix this app I will give it 5 stars if this gets fixed! THX! FOR! READING!
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3 years ago, xx.ultraviolet
To many bugs
The app is great the issue is the ads! Like the Kia ad either has no sound or it’ll be only be a black screen when it’s time for commercials and the ad doesn’t start just shows a black screen when I click the black screen it opens their Kia website it doesn’t play the ad and I have no potion to exit out of my show and go back to the lifetime home page so I have no choice but to force close the app and go back into it and then some of the ads will play over and over so for example the same Nisan commercial played back to back 5 times but I guess the algorithm counted it as if the video only played once so I still had to watch 4 other ads on top of it. I wouldn’t commented if this was a once in a blue moon situation and I haven’t because this has been going on for 2 months now but it’s now becoming an issue every time my show goes into commercial break 🙄
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1 year ago, cforchlo
I love it but there is some errors…..
I love it but it’s too many ads but I have a solution for it so that’s why I give you guys a five, I really love Lifetime because it has dance moms on it and you don’t have to pay but like still the ads, I really love lifetime just don’t want you guys to put ads. I hate it when you guys do that like when it gets more dramatic, that cuts to add I hate when it does that. Like when you’re enjoying the show, it just cuts. But still, I think Lifetime is great, even though I hate ads I have a solution I can tell you guys that are looking at my comment what my solution (it is you see where it says skip there are little dots on the line that’s when the adds come so when they are about to come you can just skip the adds)
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8 months ago, Ladylubbers
Just ugh
I have been using this app for years now and there has been little way of improvements. With the recent updates I can finally log back in to my account where previously it would always error out when I tried to log in. The ads overload this app and completely ruin the viewing experience. I don’t mind ads and don’t mind watching them in order to watch content but every time ads start to play they either stop loading entirely, keep repeating and I have to close the app and restart it, or just crashes the entire app. It’s quite frustrating. But alas I am a dedicated Married at First Sight watcher so I keep putting up with this nonsense, but please for the love of your fans fix this ad situation. Years… it’s been years of dealing with this issue on every single device I own. The programs always run just fine but once an ad starts I know I’m going to be troubleshooting in the next 30 seconds. Just ugh
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4 years ago, shddjs
Ok so I actually only got this app to watch one show that I couldn’t watch for free anywhere else and honestly I’m happy with the show that’s great but the ads are unbelievable. Also the quality. 1. The ads. I have already seen a lot of reviews about this and the ads are just crazy, every 5 minutes there’s an ad, and it’s not just short 10 second ads they are the lost 30-45 second ones or longer!!! Why would you put so many ads in a video, it’s really getting annoying at this point. And the fact that it’s the same 5 ads played over and over again just makes it more annoying! 2. The quality. Now I know that if the WiFi is really bad and all it will get bad but come on. My WiFi and data are perfectly fine, some of my friends that have come over have said that my WiFi is great. But really sometimes I will have to watch it off data (with unlimited data) and the quality will be so bad that I can’t tell who is talking on the screen!!!!!!! Recommendations - ok so when I first go into the app it shows 3 boxes of 2 shows I will never watch and then my show. My recommendation is that you put the show they last left on at the very top of the screen so they can just click on it and instead of scrolling actually keep up with where they’re at so they can just click on their show then press continue where left off. Other than the things listed I love being able to watch my favorite show - thanks
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5 years ago, MGMdawg
Good, But trouble logging in and TO MANY ADS!
The app itself is amazing but it won’t let me log in. I was logged in, but for some reason it logged me out. I’ve been trying to log in but it won’t let me so I tried to make a new account. It said I had to be 13 or older to receive emails even though I put 2003 as my birth year. I tried it again with out clicking “Receive Emails” but it still said the same thing. I tried to log in with Charter Spectrum (by making a new account) but it said my Street was wrong even though it was a choice for the places that I could choose from. Overall, Lifetime is a good app but logging in has given me troubles to unlock the last episodes of my Fav. shows. I also think there are too many ads. You can’t exit out of them without having to exit out of the app! They repeat over and over again until I just stop using the app. Like 20% of the episode is ads and the rest is the episode. Please fix these things. PLEASE!
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6 years ago, RacheEm83
Thank you for listening!
I've been using my lifetime app for a few years. I changed my rating from 4 stars to 1 star when the app changed awhile back because the commercials were ridiculously long (once I timed one at 11 minutes and 24 seconds). Now, I’m changing my rating again because I feel like you listened to all the complaints by giving the interactive commercial option. I love that option and use it every time it’s given. I only rated 3 stars, though, because I wish I could choose the 30 second option every time. Some shows give me the option frequently, while others never do. I still do not like that I have to start playing the video to see the episode information. Plus, I’m always logged in, yet it doesn’t always show which episodes I’ve watched already and which ones I haven’t. I’m hoping you’ll continue making this an easier watching experience!
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2 years ago, hdmansv
Why is this only 4 stars????
This is an amazing app to use on your phone! But there is a few things I will like to share about this the may make you change your mind. The first thing is that sometimes there is some glitches and bugs that makes me exit the whole app and do not save where I was in the show. The second thing is that there is a lot of ads in between the show. Another thing is when I press rewind 10 or forward 10 I have to click it multiple times and when it finally works and I press it a lot of times it goes back to the start of my show. One last thing is that when I press on a episode it said that it had expired but when I try on let’s say my iPad it works fine. Also it still Dosent work when I exit the app.
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2 years ago, cginamarie
I am a lifetime fan, Literally
I like this app ,however if I did not have a subscription with Comcast I would not be able to see my favorite show married at first sight. It would be nice if and when I don’t have Comcast anymore I would be able to purchase a subscription for The lifetime app so I could see my favorite shows. Although this app is free even to people who don’t have a subscription with Comcast or another TV provider you can’t see all of the shows that you would like to see because they’re locked. I’m hoping just like they have a subscription for their lifetime movie network , this lifetime app Will offer a subscription so I And other lifetime fans will be able to enjoy it without a TV provider subscription.
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5 years ago, tcbgc
No way!!!
I never write reviews but my frustration has boiled over! It’s nice to have an app to watch the shows, however there are WAY to MANY ads! It actually is obnoxious and makes it not worth it. There are also a ton of ads for Lifetime, uh I’m on the Lifetime app, I don’t need to see an ad for it. Yeah I’m sure it’s commercial slots they haven’t sold but it’d be nice to just not play anything and get back to the show! The absolute worst part is god forbid you touch anything in anyway, like the button to rewind it the 30 seconds, they use that as an opportunity to have another commercial break! Had I not pushed the 30 second button, there would not have been a break. It just makes it unenjoyable to use and not worth dealing with! I use lots of apps with commercials with no problems, I also have ones that I pay to use with no commercials. Just be decent, if we weren’t using the app to watch shows then companies would not pay you to advertise, so we should matter and so should the quality of your app!
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5 years ago, Bethie 💗
Glitchy, but Good
This is great for those that want to watch their favorite Lifetime shows on demand without having to pay for both cable AND a subscription service. Once you create an account and sign into your cable account, you don’t need to connect your cable account every time you log into your account. However, there are some glitches in the app. It seems to have some connectivity issues when loading & doesn’t always save your spot in the episode (especially if you are watching it for a second time). You also have quite a few ads to watch throughout the episode, but they’re not quite as frequent as TV. They even give the option of 30-sec. interactive ads sometimes. Overall a great app if you don’t mind the ads and connectivity glitches.
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4 years ago, Brian T Beswick
Great App Support Team
I previously had written a review about issues I had been having. Afterwards though, the Lifetime Team reaches out to me with genuine interest in resolving my issues and after working with them all my issues have been resolved across all my devices. I’m now enjoying my experience using the Lifetime app and appreciate the Lifetime team’s hard working and genuine caring towards their users. Thank you Lifetime Team! Constantly crashes every time there’s an ad which is all the time. 4 to 5 Ads per break and 5 to 6 breaks in even just a 30 minute show. Restarting the app doesn’t fix the crashes either. Often you can’t watch the show because when it crashes on an ad it won’t start that show again. Just sits there black screened. Even on the fastest internet speeds with no latency it crashes claiming no internet connection. Half the time even if it doesn’t crash and you exit a show it doesn’t save where you were. On the random chance that it does make it through an ad break without crashing, it’s the same 3 ads over and over and over again. Pampers, All State, and an ad about creating a Lifetime profile even if you have one.
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6 years ago, cocosavs
These Ads!!
Please please please fix these ads. Sometimes it’s minutes of ads- which isn’t even the worst part. Oftentimes time I watched the same ad FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. It just keeps playing over and over during the commercial break. I get needing to have ads, but if you’re just playing the same one over and over again (during the same commercial break!) what’s the point? Play it once and let’s move on- hearing the same annoying ad on repeat is enough to make me go crazy, or at least give me a headache. Secondly, please fix the problem where the app doesn’t keep track of where you are in the season or episode you were watching. If you close the app in the middle of an episode and come back later to watch, it’ll be in the wrong spot (making you watch another 8 mins of the same commercial repeatedly when you try to move it to the correct spot) or it’ll be on the wrong episode completely.
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7 months ago, Opinions...
The ads😭
I love the app but the ads are crazy. There are so much ads and they come like every 20 mins through a episode of a show your watching. Not only that but when the ads come there’s like 6 different ads. It shows at the bottom left of your screen it’ll say 1 of 6 ads but if you get lucky it’ll give you 1 ad that is 30 sec or 2 or 3 ads. The most ads you can get are up to 6 ads. Also I wish you were able to skip the ads like if you were on the lifetime app on tv. So if you could fix the issues I pointed out then I would give this app a 5 out of 5. I’m not saying you should get rid of the ads cause that’s a normal thing that happens when your watching a show. Just fix the issues and it’ll be all good.
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6 years ago, kristinafh
Nice Interface - No ads for me
I am a faithful Project Runway viewer and until two months ago, I always watched episodes via my Direct Tv app. I was having issues with that app so I downloaded this one. What a pleasant surprise! The interface is clutter free. It was easy to find the exact show I wanted to watch. Because I am a direct tv subscriber, when I validate my credentials, it remembers what episodes I’ve watched via this app. For me, there are zero commercials. I don’t know if this is an app thing or what. When I used to watch via my direct tv app - there was always commercials. I’ve taken the time to watch some other shows/episodes that I have never seen. I don’t watch much television but the television I do watch has mostly been via this app.
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1 year ago, Butterfarts
So annoying
Honestly ads I can deal with. It’s free so you get what you pay for. Sure it’s annoying that the same ads play and that it’s 7 ads at a time. I can’t deny I don’t like it. But what makes those ads terrible and the thing I hate the most is that it doesn’t update where you left off in what you’re watching. It is terrible because finding where you were is a nightmare because you have to watch those ads AGAIN. And as I said ads are expected but in order to find my episode I have to sit through 5 minutes of ads just to realize it’s not the same episode. And once you find your episode and you realize you’re halfway done you have to sit through all the ads leading up to your spot. It is so so frustrating. Very very rarely does it save my spot all the other times it loses my place and it makes me so angry. This has to be fixed it’s brutal.
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5 years ago, pnmxo
Problems With SmartCast
I don’t know who to contact so I figured leaving a review was my next best bet. The SmartCast feature is wonderful, but it has many of its own issues. There is no autoplay, and each episode must be played manually from the original streaming device, which is really inconvenient. Also, when an episode is selected, it automatically begins to play 10 minutes into whatever episode is selected. This means that every time one episode finishes, I have to manually select the next episode. Then, I have to wait for the commercials to play. Once those three minutes are over, I have to rewind the episode to the beginning. Every. Single. Time. It genuinely makes it not worth it to watch via SmartCast, and it’s inconvenient for binge watching any show. The app itself functions well, but when the casting gets involved, I absolutely hate it.
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6 years ago, our voice matters
It’s an amazing app but so many ads
I love the Lifetime app. I only watch a few things on there and I think that it is fantastic if you like their shows. You can watch them as many times as you want. The only issue I have is that it has so many ads that go on for so long. I love the interactive ad feature but I have gotten that one time and I have used this app for approximately 6 months. I think that if you can handle 20 ads for every 5 minutes of the show your watching then it is great, but otherwise I think that maybe a little bit less ads would be beneficial. I do understand that the ads make them money but I think that you could get higher ratings and more downloads if you improved on that. I hope this improves in the future.
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11 months ago, evonyisstraighttrash
So much potential.
Great shows, decent movies and all for free without sign up :) too bad you’ll have to watch the same ad about finding a doctor 100x over. not to mention if you finish and episode, auto play doesn’t work and you’ll need to manually find the next episode. these things i can deal with - but i’m so sad there’s no mini player. if you close out the app your show will stop playing. i get that not all streaming platforms offer a mini screen when you close their app, but this is 2023 lol, we should be up to date. however all this causes is for me to stop using the app entirely for the time being since i need to use my phone for other things. (Like right now, i had to stop watching to write this review). That HAS to have a negative impact on the devs. it is good app that could be GREAT given the right attention and tweaking.
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4 years ago, therealaubreyh
I gave it four stars because there are shows you can watch full episodes of which I don’t think you can get full episodes anywhere else, just clips. But I didn’t give it five stars because the ads are really annoying they pop up every few minutes and they are the same ads every time. The ads repeat so much that I can memorize them, “Beaumont doctors and care givers continue to lead the way through the COVID 19 crisis, and we are dedicated, to keeping you safe, in our care.” There is also no way to skip the ad or get some kind of pass to make your app ad free, I know this because I have tried to get ride of them but it’s not possible. I would really like if the creators found a way to remove ads, and I think others would too.
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3 years ago, KienzyJ
This app is frustrating. I gave it 3 stars merely because it’s free. As a lot of the reviews say, it has a lot of ads, but the number of ads don’t bother me, it’s the fact that the ad will play for 5 seconds then pause for 3. This happens with every. Single. Ad. Every. Single. Time. That means that I am waiting double the time for the ads to be over, and it happens on both me phone and my tv. Also, it says if I log into an account, I can keep watching where I left off, which works if I watch the very next day only, and even then sometimes it will take me all the way back to the beginning of the episode so then I have to watch the first ad, fast forward, then wait for 5 more ads, which start and stop constantly.
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2 years ago, YourDirtySweet
Fix the app PLEASE!
First I’d like to clarify that I am a paying client. I do have cable and still record most of the shows I watch. However recently I’ve been unable to record a certain show so I’ve had to turn to the app. It takes all of 15-20 minutes for the app to sort itself out. Meaning it takes that long for it to figure out that I’m not a free user and shouldn’t have to deal with commercials. It kicks me off 9000 times, it stops playing what I’m watching then kicks me off. Then I’ll restart the show and now I’m sitting through 6 commercials and that’s just plain annoying. But it eventually kicks me off the app again and finally plays the show without the commercials and doesn’t kick me off. THIS IS A PROBLEM. NO OTHER APP IS A STRUGGLE LIKE THIS. Just spend the money and fix the app. Please. Then yes. I’d love the Lifetime app.
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3 years ago, IwasaHuffleandaPuffin
So many ads!!!
I have been enjoying lifetime for almost a year now (I love Dance Moms) but there are so many ads!!! Every episode of Dance Moms is about 40 minutes but what should take me 40 minutes, takes me over an hour to watch till the end because about every 7 minutes I’m hit with an ad. The least you could do is add little spice and mix up the ads a bit but no. You either get the same advertisement for their own shows 20 times in a row, or you get the stupid interactive ads. I know this is not going to improve because apps usually don’t care how annoying and often their ads are, just as long as they are getting the check at the end of the day. But I’m just reviewing it so that others who also can’t stand constant ads change their mind about wasting their time on the app.
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5 years ago, abearden
This app is has a lot of problems. I’ve always use it on my phone and then I got a Mac and started using it on there and even made a profile hoping that would help with all the problems. I watch a few shows on here but MAFS is the main one I watch and it’s a 45 min show and it takes me 2 1/2 hours to watch it due to the advertisement and also due to it buffering really bad in the adds. It’s gotten really bad the last couple of weeks where I couldn’t even watch the show because it wouldn’t play threw the commercials. And there are like 10-12 commercials each time it goes to a commercial and it take like 30 mins to get threw them all. It’s really frustrating. It also lags really bad during the show and buffers. It’s not my phone or internet because nothing else does it on it only the lifetime app. It’s crazy and these problems really need to be fixed.........
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2 years ago, meredith ☆
Used to Be Great
I’ve had this app for about 3 years now, and I used to love it. But now, whenever I get ads I will get the same one repeated 6 times in a row every single commercial break. I understand stand ads keep this app working since it is free, but it’s very frustrating constantly getting the same one. Also, up until a few months ago wherever I left off in an episode would be automatically saved, now I have to go and manually find where I left off and rewatch all of the ads leading up until that spot even though I already watched them at another time. I am still signed in so there should be no reason my spot isn’t being saved. I do appreciate all of the shows being free, but the app itself needs lots of functionality improvements.
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7 years ago, MichaelSchultzA
Way too many ads
I absolutely understand the concept of ads dispersed throughout the shows I’m watching on the app. However, the ads are often ~ 3 minutes or more! So 3 minutes of ads which happen 5 times in an hour long show is quite ridiculous. In addition, the app crashes very consistently thereby requiring you to watch 3 more minutes of advertisements just to resume playback even though it was the app that crashed! I’ll also say that the app on tvOS is super glitchy when it comes to fast forwarding through segments of the shows. Often times I can’t seek using the remote and have to manually skip forward 10 seconds at a time to reach the point I want. All around, it needs a ton of work and that starts with reconsidering you advertising strategy within the application.
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6 years ago, taaheetea2k
Detailed Show Facts and Information
Love having FULL episodes!💙💜. The App takes several tries before understanding the layout, but once you do it’s great to have the seasons and episodes clearly detailed along with the little narrative describing the specific episode. I like the facts listed as well, for example the date it was aired and the highlighted guests. My only real issue is the commercials. There are times where the same one plays 3 times in a row. Sometimes I’ll be able to watch two consecutive episodes without commercials, but then after the episode there will be six in a row! Just like watching cable TV 📺. Ugh 😑!
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1 year ago, Ghhdjioojfhb
The ads lag and replay
So one problem I have is that sometimes lifetime glitches or shuts down and I have to open it again on either my browser or on my iPad. When this happens and I have already watched the ad to go to the next sections it will replay a 3 minute ad just for me to have to watch the 3 minute ad again to go to the next section, so I’m watching 6 minutes of ad for a small section I’m about to watch. It’s not really fair since I already watched the ads but have to rewatch them again, not to mention I’m only waiting for 5 minutes of the video after the 3 minute ad, it should be 1 minute for a smaller section and max two minutes for the rest.
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3 years ago, teenyvikingchild
Fine! I’ll buy the Nissan! Just stop!
If you are obsessed with your show to the point you are willing to die a slow torturous death by repetitive commercials, then the lifetime app is for you! They do a great job at repeating the same commercial over and over 3-5 times in a row, killing your soul slowing. Last week, it was type 1 diabetic medicine. Over and over and over again. The advertising on this thing is just weird and annoying. However I gave it 3 stars cause ummm MARRIED AT FIRST SITE while making dinner. Duh. And can’t get it anywhere else without paying for it. So I will endure the commercials but just warning those who can’t stand the movie Groundhogs day- I hear ya. This is like watching that movie, cept you get a little something in return.
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9 months ago, Big Hoss 7
The App Works Great!!
I was having trouble getting my shows to save my last spot and really it was a log in issue. I think a lot of the people here in these reviews were making the same mistake I made. I logged into my provider (Philo) on the app first and then I couldn’t log in to my A&E profile. But once I disconnected from the provider and logged into my profile FIRST and then the provider… everything worked as it should!! Now it’s saving my last watched location and allowing me to resume from there instead of starting all over! Update: This review was a 5 star review because it was based off of my experience on the AppleTv version of the app, not the iPad or iPhone. I can’t sign in to my A&E profile on neither iPad or iPhone version, thus my rating has dropped all the way down to 1 star.
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2 years ago, william Rit
I normally don’t leave reviews but this is one of the worst ! I loved in with my cable provider and every time a interactive app shows up the whole glitches multiple times it’s taken 4 hours to watch a hour and 30 min movie. This interactive ads are horrible and make the streaming experience not a good one ! Now I can’t watch past a certain point due to the ads messing up and not working right I’ve tried this on my tv app as well. Please reconsider using them as they make for a poor experience! Even when I click on the other option I still have issues and have to rewatch the same part over and over and over and then have to reset my tv to try and get it to let me just watch the ads and continue but it keep crashing. A very horrible experience….
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