Line Art

4.8 (5)
11.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
PDJ Apps
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.2 or later
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User Reviews for Line Art

4.8 out of 5
5 Ratings
4 years ago, Allan Hoeltje
The best 99¢ I’ve ever spent! I wonder, does it explode when touched with more than ten fingers?
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14 years ago, Goo Punch
Fun app
Glad I decided to try this app. It's really fun and intuitive with great particle graphics. Beautiful and vibrant colors make this a pleasure to watch. I like this better than Midnight HD because it packs some more features and crisper graphics plus the app is universal, not enough apps are, in my opinion. However, I would love to see something like what MHD has where you can freeze frame and rotate the entire particle system freely. Would also like to see the addition of music where the particles could pulsate to the beat. Bottom line: Great app that is a lot of fun to use. Best in it's category. Ps: one of the best parts is using 5 fingers to slow the speed as much as possible and getting to see the million twinkling "stars"
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6 years ago, JoeKWasHere
Fun times
Hypnotic and very neat to use physica of the phones cabability.
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14 years ago, JosephEJacobs
Its been a long time ...
since I've got an app that made me want to give it a good review right away. No adds. Free. You won't be disappointed. Very impressive, beautifully visual. Hold one finger then 2 then 3 then four and even five - all do different stuff. Should come preinstalled on the iPhone 4 to show off both the retina display and the multitouch feature. Amazing. Get it. It's free! Oh, and the best part - no adds!
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12 years ago, Line art fan
Massive replayiblity
I Love this game. You can play for hours on end and still be amazed. Also, if you take ur hands and fingers on the corners and bring them together, it squishes everything into a dot that u can explode (try it a couple of times doesn't always work). Also, u can take pics and there's a sticky finger mode. Totally awesome game. Would rate 6 start but cant. :D
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14 years ago, FreZing
Screen shot
You can screen shot your line designs all you have to do is keep one finger moving on the screen, then hold the lock button on top of your phone and the circle menu button and click them at the same time
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14 years ago, Muggrn
Interactive Fun Fun Fun!
I have tried plenty similar apps and this one is my #1 favorite of all. Simple to use, has no controls to fiddle with, all controlled by number of fingers touching the screen and how you move them on the screen and the spatial relation of each. This app is addicting! Try it, you'll like it!
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10 years ago, Tesiapoop!!
Yes yes yes
I don't usually find myself reviewing apps, but I was absolutely shocked at how little feedback these guys have. Line art is seriously wonderful to mess around with, I find it to be mentally stimulating and relaxing at the same time. It's almost like its color therapy. Seriously, I can't state enough how amazing this app is. Good work, guys.
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14 years ago, Basha83
Not bad, but there are better.
This app has definitely nicer screenshot than UZU or Midnight HD. Unfortunately everything else is worse. Line art presents quite nice thin lines with motion blur effect, but particles interaction is poor. I don't feel anything when I touch the screen. OK maybe two touches are cool, but quite slow. Many of interactions are almost fixed and you can change maximally one parameter.
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14 years ago, IrishJimmy
Fantastic app...
Wow...this is simply amazing and so relaxing...brings pure pleasure to my visual senses...if this had only been around in the 60's when we experimented with sensory alterations!!!... Oh and let's add some Grateful Dead sounds to the mix and... Well enough said... Good job with this...probably one of the best apps I've seen...
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14 years ago, JustBean07
Fun! Makes beautiful background pics
Fun to play with and take pictures of. Only change would be able to pick the colors instead of them being random. Other than that, it's an awesomely fun app!!
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12 years ago, Lulumumu713
Great game
This is an awesome game. The only thing that would make this better would be if u could pause the game and take a pic so u get the pic u wanted and if u could control the color change.
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12 years ago, Eileen K.
Very Disappointing!
I was so disappointed using this app after having hours and hours of fun on UZU. It costs a $1.99 and is worth much more than that. You can the colors, the speed, the particle size, the mode and much more. You can freeze the screen and take a picture of it. Compared to this Line Art is a dud. Considering that they both cost the same amount, I thought that they would be comparable. They definitely are not. Brooklyn Girl
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14 years ago, Nik Patel2002
The ceo
I think this is a clever idea, especially for children. But the effect would be amplified, and result in better word of mouth, if you allow users to grab personal pics from their iPad and removed the grainy screen background. Line art with pics of my sons favorite toys would be much cooler.
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14 years ago, ScShark317
Ooh soo fun ^_^
I looove this app! Its one of my favorite apps.. Love all the the different sequences. Only complaint... Wish you could pick colors and the number of pixels... And maybe different types of pixels instead of just the little wormy personally i wouldnt even mind paying for that!
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14 years ago, It'sme!
Awesome app
This is the first review I've written since I got my iPhone 1 yr ago, but I love this app. The only couple of things I would change or add are being able to pause and save ur creation and possibly adding some nice relaxing sounds/music in the background 
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14 years ago, RonDycks
Better than gravilux or gravitarium
This is much more interesting than other similar apps. Try touching any number of fingers from 1-10. Each combination will give a different result.
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8 years ago, Addidas334cs
I LOVE THIS APP!!!! BEST Line Art app EVER! It's absolutely stunning! It's beautiful and addicting to play with. It's mesmerizing to look at. If you're looking for a Line Art app I highly suggest one of this company's apps! They're all incredible, thanks for making such a beautiful thing.
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12 years ago, Avireader
Best app ever!
This app is so much fun, not to mention beautiful!!! I can't believe it's a free app..has the quality of a paid app. I just spent all my battery life playing just this game haha great and super entertaining app:)
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14 years ago, Niknik7
best app ever
This app is awesome . I am so glad I downloaded it. The only thing that would make it better was if you could make it into your apps wallpaper.
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13 years ago, orotoro
Great visuals
Unlike what another reviewer said, this is not the same as tesla toy. This app is unique in that the particles are minuscule and very dynamic. They react differently depending on how many fingers you place on the screen. If you could control the color changes, this app could be professional grade.
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12 years ago, Megsy 444 pep ben
I really like this app it reminds me of a game called dot magic, but dot magic is 2.99 i had it for free but then I accidentally deleted it but I think that this definitely replaces it!!!!! :D
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12 years ago, ele.viray
Yup, that wa2 ju2t fanta2tiic.
Ehehe, I diidnt even know how many thiing2 ii could do untiil ii read the reviiew2 8D But in all seriousness, it's just a great app, and it keeps my younger cousins so entertained, not to mention how much fun I myself have.
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14 years ago, Monk Edsel
I love this app...
I love Gravilux and this is nearly just as awesome. I hope this is updated for the Retina Display soon. High-res graphics (and perhaps the ability to tweak colors and physics) would put this over the top.
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14 years ago, ajk1230
This app is pretty cool but i wish there was a menu where you could choose maybe colors or what the lines look like
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13 years ago, Nvrfjknvrfkubfevjkevbf
Artful yet beautiful
Great app it's weird to come back to this when I got it for free and see it for 2 dollars but you need to buy it it is amazing love it
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14 years ago, Deelbas
Nicely made, needs one thing though: Some kind of Trippy music track on the background.
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13 years ago, IkeySee
love all their apps. sticky fingers on this app is incredible. where did the time go? thanks for the free lasers. works nicely. Needs some tweaks. great apps
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14 years ago, iMalicious
Amazingly fun!
This is one of the best free Apps I have ever downloaded. It's fun, hypnotic and addictive. I can't wait for a new update. We need more Apps just like this.
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14 years ago, Jazzy7591
Beautiful display :) it would be awesome if you could record your own short movie
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12 years ago, CaseyRobin
This app is beautiful and fascinating. It makes me feel like a god, or like Prometheus! I can see hours of joy ahead.
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14 years ago, Hamsterchick
It's fun to play with. However, it needs a control panel to slow it down and to choose your color. Maybe control length and thickness too. Maybe dreamy effects added? That would rock.
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10 years ago, Rachelkiz
This is just beautiful. The lines make it look like you can move energy.
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13 years ago, netdance
Better than Uzu, except for the constant crashes
I don't find this app very interesting on the iPhone, it's far too finicky, and difficult to get pretty designs. On the iPad, though, this app is brilliant - except that it crashes every minute or two. Too bad - if it didn't, I'd give it 4 or 5 stars.
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12 years ago, Kirbyoboy
This is a very genius little app that I can see many hours of discovery, easy. 😃
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14 years ago, KappaRaiders
Something to mess with when I am bored. Would love a record feature.
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14 years ago, Ninobrown1022
This app is different from the rest because of the supernovas that you can create!
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10 years ago, SoulHunter25x
I was very impressed by this app. The graphics are amazing. I could trip out to these particles all day
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14 years ago, 5Welkers
Screen shots please!
Please add a way to pause and take a screen shot, or at least a way to save the pictures, thanks
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14 years ago, Skeptici
So Good!
This is amazing and beautiful fun! And for free? GREAT GET! Pick it up! You'll have fun making the particles spread to make pretty lines! But I rate 4 stars for two reasons We need a way to pick colors. It'd be really nice. And also a way to pause the screen. I have to take screenshots with the power button and the home button, so I'm using my index finger and my mouth! Then they still don't turn out nice! Please make a way to take screenshots.
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14 years ago, MMS dj pain awesome
Cool to pass time. Wish it could have a screen shot or something.
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14 years ago, C_Schenck
Neat little particle graphics toy. It's mesmerizing just to watch the particles swarm around, even without touching the screen.
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14 years ago, Parker63
You can take a picture of it, you just have to be quick or have 3 hands. They need to add a pause, though. Over all, cool app.
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13 years ago, KevinRubin
Time Sink
This app doesn't really do anything, but it's fun to just sit and play with it for far longer than necessary... It's entertaining!
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14 years ago, Dumptruck101
Love it
I love it but you should be able choose the color.
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14 years ago, Dr.Octopuse
Love it
It's soo amuseing. I mean I'm easily amysed but it is very relaxing. But I would like to be able to pick my colors
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12 years ago, Kudejudas
VGA. Output problem
I bought the app, and playing on the iPad I was exited about the potential, but somehow does not work with VGA output for a video projector or monitor ( I though it was some weird problem in my iPad, but I ask a friend to install it and it did not work, also). It crashes as soon you click the app with the cable on. Any support is welcome Best Joao Btw this is 5 Starr's app But the VGA output needs to work
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8 years ago, Ciossonno*
A piece of art.
Try it listening good music and let Line Art do the show. Not 5. 5 thousand of stars.
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14 years ago, RenaR22
You should get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved it! It really was a great item to add! I found myself entranced by it for almost an hour. It make's you feel good!!!
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14 years ago, TATARA94
it's great but
it could use some stuff like a way to lock it in place with out holding ur finger there and a way to take a pic without holding the sleep button then pushing the home button while holding the sleep button
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