Ling: Learn Thai Language

4.7 (2.1K)
66.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ling: Learn Thai Language

4.72 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
4 years ago, kahawai
Great app to learn Thai!
First things first. I love this app and I find it very useful for learning Thai. I do have some suggestions though. My first suggestion would be for the romanized Thai to have the written Thai as well instead of just the romanized words. This may help people who want to familiarize themselves with the pronunciation and writing of the Thai script while having both the romanized and Thai script available. Similar to how the chat boxes are set up with both the Thai script and romanized Thai. My second suggestion would be to fix the chat boxes. I’ve noticed that the chat boxes are kind of all over the place sometimes with a mix of both formal and informal Thai and to me doesn’t make sense. If you’re having a formal conversation, then should be all formal Thai. Whereas, if you’re having an informal conversation, then should be all informal Thai. Other than those two things, this is a great app to study Thai from. I look forward to future updates to this app in hopes that it continues to have more lessons and levels for Thai in the future.
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4 years ago, Wannabe dork
Not a beginner not an expert
Its good so far. REALLY nice feature is the ability to rapidly toggle on and off the roman alphabet (english letters) pronunciation. That shows a deep understanding of the process. It forces one who is already familiar but not yet literate to practice reading the Thai words in context while allowing us to toggle it on really quick to either help when stuck or even just verify what we think we just read. I’m giving it 5 stars now for that alone and for the ease of use. I’ll rate it again later after using for a month to see how useful and in depth it actually is. I’m really hoping this could be the push i need to get reading more than just signs and short simple statements already. I’m hoping the in app content is large enough to be stimulating for the whole course of the year subscription.
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5 years ago, Dsk6789
No resources accessible while learning
Asian languages are hard, difficult to teach proper sounds and structuring of a sentences. The app really pushes full sentences right away. Which is fine, but if you are unable to pull words from your memory you don't understand the question. There is no way to click the word to see its definition nor a access point to search for a words meaning. So if you miss the question it won't even tell you what it was suppose to say, you just fail without understanding the sentence at all. Meaning you'll need to exit the app and find the meaning or go back to another lesson to find it and figure it out in that sentence. I'm completing lessons without fully understanding it because there's no access to understand it fully or show why it was wrong / English translation. If I miss the sentence it should at least show up in English what it was suppose to say so I put the words together to understand what each one was suppose to be. Although a word bank / clicking the word would be much more efficient for the price I'm paying monthly.
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2 years ago, Ling Life Time Member
Best learning app
I love it. I have too many learning app’s but this one is the best hands down. So easy to navigate. The mini learning games are so fun and easy to use. The tests are random and have great material from all the categorys. In its current state I 100% would and do recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn thai or other languages. I have been using this app for 1 year and 8 months and just want to say thank you for such a great app. Would love to see more Thai learning units added to learn more words with Ling. It’s so much fun.
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4 years ago, pippy1289
Great to practice thai
This is surprisingly a really great thai language app... I appreciate how it has options to turn on or off the Roman phonetics to sound out words and also turn off the English Thai translations.. so you can your learn the language quickly with the crutches they provide .. or you can turn off the help and master the basics with just the thai reading.. I ended up buying the yearly membership from the trial. If there was one thing that could be done to improve it would be a section with the letters and how to practice writing them. Thanks
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4 years ago, @jzizzle
Where else can I learn Thai?
Very few other places. Many of these lesser studied southeast Asian languages are difficult to learn because of a lack of resources. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I found this app :,) of course not everything is perfect and it’s true that some of the words in dialogues appear before you learn them. But hey I’m up for a challenge and i appreciate the effort put in to make these languages more accessible. I wish it were free (lol) but I understand someone should probably make a living off of this. Thanks and please keep it up, I hope this app continues to grow and improve so I can as well.
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2 years ago, Mike Goodtime
Very good app for learning the Thai language
I have studied the Thai language off and on since 2000. I tried this app out seven days ago and really like it. The speaking portion of the app is very accurate. If you are not saying the Thai word(s) correctly, you definitely are not saying the word(s) correctly. I tested this with a native Thai speaker. This is really important due to the vowel and tonal structure of the language usually being the most difficult for English speakers when they are learning the Thai language.
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8 months ago, chicem
I LOVE This app so much🇹🇭
Ok so I love this app because first it’s better then doulingo I think because Dou dose not teach Thai and it also dose not have you like practice writing letters or words like this app and dou dose not teach you the grammar for the language and sometimes when I try to learn a diff language off dou it dose not have you practice have to pronounce to words and stuff and I think they need to improve that but this is not about dou this is about y’all’s app I think it’s sooo good and the fact you don’t just have to learn RHAI on it is amazing 5 ⭐️’s from me 🇹🇭❤️🤍💙🤍❤️
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4 years ago, kortoom
Awesome — Get the full version right away
This app works great and even checks your pronunciation. It teaches you what you need to know to talk to people in daily life. I’ve never learned a second language, much less a tonal language, and I’m learning with this. The free version is the same, but a lot of what you really want to know you need to pay for (they’re running a business, right?) Get the full version right off — you’ll progress faster, I think.
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1 year ago, Surfing Spleen
Good Lessons, Bad Execution, Rip-off
2 stars because I liked the learning experience for the time I used the app. The glaring exception is everything taught from perspective of a female speaker with no way to change to male speaker, which is an important distinction in the Thai language. After paying for a year subscription I was learning a lot until one day I opened the app and was required to log in. When I tried to log in the app no longer recognized my email address. I emailed the company and they told me they don't recognize me in the system by name or email so if I wanted to continue using the app I'd have to pay again.
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4 years ago, MATENRO1969
Recommended for self learners that want to go at your own pace. But the app needs improvement.
Pros: The learning format is great. You get to work on growing your vocabulary, learn sentence structures, practice your hearing and speaking. Also, it allows you to learn at your pace while keeping you accountable by sending you a reminder each day (if you set it up). Cons: When using the “speaking lessons”, your voice recording often cuts off at the end, so it’s difficult to pass the test. When utilizing the “review”, the app often crashes. Most times I only get up to the 4th question before it shuts down on me.
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5 years ago, @PickleRick
OK but nothing is perfect.
I am trying the app out in the free mode, most of the features are locked. I don’t think there is enough of a sample to decide if it’s worth it or not. To what level will this take you? I just see a bunch of phrases and a few grammar/tense rules. Is it designed for one-time tourists or people who want to achieve fluency? The voice recognition feature, like most language programs, is not very accurate. I know this because it gives errors when the words are being spoken even by native Thai speakers. My wife is fluent in Thai (she’s Thai), and when she spoke “The boy eats soup” she got a 0 score. LOL! Other phrases too.
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2 years ago, Var#1All
Paid for pro but can’t access pro
Paid upfront for the year Pro service. However app does not allow me to access pro features. Unable to get refund or pro feature access and no one to help with support ticket. They send me a reset password link every time I send a ticket. Very disappointed I paid for app but do not get features I paid for.
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6 years ago, Irish.Mike
Stopped working
The premise is brilliant and is a useful tool HOWEVER the app simply won’t load. Apple store refunded my purchase as the app wouldn’t open. If the developer manages to ever check on the app he’ll see the cries and make the correction but until then he will miss out on people willing to purchase. If it worked I would rate it a 5*but until then 1* Update: app now works but has been reformatted. Unless you pay you only get the 1st two blocks. So previously I would rate it 5 stars but due to recent issues for the last 3 months and now this I’m downgrading it to a 2 star app. Should have left a good thing alone.
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7 months ago, Jaykub116
Complete Rip Off
$15 for 30 days of access is already a steep asking price, but there’s not a lot of Thai resources out there. To make things worse, I got through 1 (O-N-E) ‘premium’ lesson before the app froze and kicked me out, and now has no record of my purchase. I’m locked out of the lessons I bought and yet the money is still gone from my account. Even if I can get a refund, I will not be using this app again, nor will I ever recommend it to fellow language learners. In the time I have spent trying to get this app to work, I could have found 5x as many free resources that actually function as advertised. Disappointing.
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2 years ago, FearlessFeminist
Great for obscure languages!!
I’m using this app to learn Malayalam because my fiancé is from Kerala and my in laws do not speak much English. He helps me study and says that this app is super in depth and better than all my other attempts before. 2 days in and I’ve already learned how to have at least 3 full conversations with my in laws. Can’t wait to dig deeper until I’m fluent.
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3 years ago, wanpenray
I have been married for 18 years and I have tried several things of language lessons. Now we are retiring and I will have to improve my language since I will be living there. I am loving this app and it is helping me out with so much. I truly recommend it for anyone who wants to be able to speak and understand fluent Thai
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1 year ago, shlooha
Update erased data
What happened? I woke up this morning and all my data and my learning streak was lost. I love this app! It’s the best app to learn Thai that I know of. I’ve tried many. I’m glad I can still access lessons where I was, but sad my streak was lost :/. If you’re learning Thai I highly recommend this app. 5/5 the best that exists so far.
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5 years ago, namsupak
It brought me closer to my family
I’m Thai but I’m not very good at speaking it but everyone else in my family is so I thought that I should catch up from the last 9 years so I tried it and now I’m like a Thai master and it has brought me closer to my family now that I can speak their language and it’s easier for them to understand me much better🥰🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😗😗😙😙🙂🙂🤩🥳😚😚😌🙃
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4 years ago, Erik Youngdahl
Good resource for basic Thai
App works well, introducing vocabulary in stages with a variety of activities. The pacing is well-planned for acquisition and introduces first exposure to new grammar and vocabulary at a reasonable pace. There is enough material here to get a student to the level at which he can handle daily affairs and simple conversation, which is what most people are after. Would be even better with a fully monolingual mode and additional lessons.
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6 years ago, Car3434car
To the developer
The app hasn’t been able to open on any of my devices since the last update. I am not sure if it is a problem with the app or just my devices. I thought I would just let you know since it doesn’t look like anybody else has. Otherwise, it is a very good app. I believe it is the best app to learn Thai.
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1 year ago, LovetheMoviews
Affordable AI Language Learning
Very professional well-designed user friendly Thai language learning app. I particularly appreciate the transliteration/romanization that includes the tone marks in Paiboon style. The bite-size lessons are convenient and consist of several different activities to keep user attention sharp and focused.
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4 months ago, P Laguerre
Very useful
I have been using this app to learn Thai and absolutely love it! I especially love how it allows you to review the vocabulary. And I really like how I’m able to write and record my voice in Thai and listen to it in order to improve. Would highly recommend!
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1 year ago, HLpls
One thing before I buy pro
I love listening to music. I want to be able to learn Thai while my music plays in the background (decrease volume of music slightly while the Thai word is said aloud) Please update with this and I will buy pro
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2 years ago, ZetaJeta
Good app to learn like game, relax and fun, but ..
I like this app, game like, fun, repetitive make it easy to memorize. One downside is no forum place to discuss, nowhere to ask if you are in doubt. You know, forum really make people to learn real language, just memorize isn’t. Anyway, I purchase this one to learn Thai, out of many app I tested (coz Duolingo doesn’t have Thai)
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2 years ago, CDK1r
I want to learn Thai and this is helping me so much. I might even buy pro! This is definitely the best it can get I have looked for some many others like modly, duolingo and none of them were even compared to how good this is.
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4 years ago, iDr6plus
Helpful and Friendly
This apps give me some motivation to learn thai language. It is well organized and friendly to catch up thai words in a quick way. So I would like to recommend for the learners of thai language should a try.
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7 months ago, Waist of $5
Very good but advances very quickly
I really like the structure of this app. My only complaint is how fast it advances. You go from learning a couple words to trying to wrap your head around entire sentences. A little more gradual approach would be very helpful. Overall, it is a good platform.
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4 years ago, Tampa Dude
The app is excellent, but...
I love this app, I think it‘s amazing and great to practice Thai. However, the voice-recognition is abysmal. Thai tones are not new to me, but of course I still make mistakes, however, it seems like no matter how I change my tone, aspiration, whatever, it just doesn’t hear me. I want to 5-star this, but considering how important tone is in Thai, that part really needs to work.
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6 years ago, ดี good app
Won’t work on my IPhone 8
I love this app and I paid for a yearly subscription however since I got a new iPhone 8, the app will not work. It constantly crashes and says it’s downloading a lesson but it never progresses to finish. Is there anything I can do?
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3 years ago, hoalacanhvang
Couldn’t log in after purchasing under app store
After lesson 1 and 2, i decided to purchasing the app since i decided yo to learn Thai from this app, when i log in again after a couple day after the subscription, all my lesson in the app was gone, i have start my lesson again and resubscribe to continue lesson 3. Now i dont know how to log in again to continue to study where i left off, or how i get my refund back and try a different app 😫😫😫😫😫 stress~~~
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7 years ago, 1010110111101
Good and easy
I tried other Thai apps and they all grind to a halt after a while. I can read many letters and this helps, and this app makes it easier by breaking up text into individual words. Regular Thai does not have spaces. This app does and its useful. Also, it does not stop your progress with stupid spelling or number of errors. I tried Mondly languages and it being super pedantic about grammar is infuriating. A native Thai speaker cannot get half those Thai sentences right. I have high hopes for this app in terms of learning vocabulary
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3 years ago, AnnNafNaf
Great for learning to read Thai but costly
Well, after 2 lessons it asks for a subscription. I xan’t afford because I learn Thai just for fun in my free time. I would very much prefer an Ad-based model like in Duolingo. Too bad. I’ll switch back to other languages then.
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5 years ago, Stephan Fury
Good language learning app
I like this app as a language learning tool. The app locked up on me once but the problem has since been fixed and I got a quick response from the app creator. I’ll keep learning with this.
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6 years ago, LearningInBeijing
Fun way to learn
It’s good and a fun way to learn. But $9 each month is a bit steep. Which is why I rated 4 stars. I’d pay $10 or so for a one time fee. But I’m not a fan of recurring fees because often times people forget or don’t use it so much. If there was a one time fee, I’d buy it. But as of now, I’ll keep looking.
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5 months ago, Square dance mama
Clear but not enough repetition
I like this app more than other, far more expensive, options. The only problem thus far is that material from one lesson to the next is not repeated to build on vocabulary
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7 years ago, Bisbohemian
Good flow of information
Really liked the first few lessons that I've completed! The flow of information is clear, the pronunciation is easy to follow and materials are appropriate to what I need to know! Good stuff! Now I just need to buckle down and do my part!
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8 months ago, I think it’s good
Great way to learn my own language
I am thai but I am not good with Thai..until I found this app! It can help you learn Thai! It’s very easy and I am already learning half of the language already!
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9 months ago, jajanshusisjswjjaiaiajwj
Great app!
My mom is Thai and I wished to learn some before we went on a trip to Thailand to visit her family. Only knowing how to say hi I can now say much more and read a little! This was also just the free one no premium. Over all amazing app!
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4 years ago, alharrison
Great Pace and Perfect for On-the-go
This app is great to have on mobile as it will give you great practice with speaking listening reading and writing. I live the ui and the ability to turn of romanizations is great. Im glad I found Ling! I love the banana points
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4 years ago, Unhappy with purchase
Great app to help learn Thai
I practice every day and find I can understand a little more when I hear Thai spoken- it is hard but this app allows you to learn in an organized and self based pace.
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4 months ago, Teeny puffs
Too much for Pro
So I downloaded this app to learn so I downloaded this learning my basic sentence and all that but then I figured out that every single thing else is for pro. I’m mad because I love I suggest that you fix that or else more people are going to delete the app like I did, so please if you can respond as quick as you can or fix the issue bye-bye
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1 year ago, Jimbo Mageek
Terrible for reading
You want to learn to READ Thai? Haha too bad, this is just the most basic conversation. Protip: get Pimsleur or some similar system based on the principles of spaced repetition, you’ll learn speaking and listening much faster than wasting time playing around with this app. Also you have to sign in to actually use try the app at all. Do not recommend.
Show more
6 years ago, MomoSath
Fun and easy to use!
It’s way more unique and interactive than other Thai language apps I’ve tried. I haven’t used it for a very long time yet, but so far I’m loving it!
Show more
6 years ago, Misanthropeman
I have seen this app in action, and it looks like a fun and effective way to learn. I was excited about it and hoped to download the full version. Fortunately, I started with the free version, because it will not play sounds (I can hear game sounds, bells and buzzers), no words in Thai, no sentences; and the images on the cards, etc., will not display. They are just blank outlines.
Show more
7 years ago, Afrokittenea
Love this app
I never thought i would be able to learn thai, but this app makes it alot easier than anticipated. Give it a shot, you wont regret it!
Show more
2 years ago,
Amazingly fast learning
This app is fantastic for learning languages. I’m a 34 year old American and am picking up Thai very quickly. Thank you!
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3 months ago, sarah warnez
This app is great but SOOOO expensive
I started using this app today, I already know the basic’s and everything but for 1 month it cost’s so much.
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3 weeks ago, MasonHite
Not great for beginners
I really want to love Ling. The UI team deserves an award. Really intuitive and easy to use. I even dig how they present the lessons. Buuuuut this is a language learning app geared towards someone that already had some familiarity with Thai. Not a complete beginner.
Show more
7 months ago, MoonKing97443
Once you sign in you find out it is a subscription. Not free. And I can’t find out how to opt out. AND there doesn’t seem to be any instruction in what phrases mean. Just introduced to a new word, and Then it is included in a sentence. There needs to be more structure in how to pronounce these words, and start from a more basic set of words. Like YES and NO.
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