Lingokids - Play and Learn

4.4 (213K)
164.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Monkimun Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Lingokids - Play and Learn

4.38 out of 5
213K Ratings
2 months ago, lost.and.dreaming
Love this app!
My three year old loves this app. It is the best one we found for her age range. The screen timer option is great. The amount of free daily games that are available are a nice variety and a good amount of time. The only thing that was a bit frustrating with the free version is that sometimes if I forgot to close the app it would lock her out the next day and many tears ensued. It would be nice if there was a way to dispute that. We upgraded to the membership for monthly. I love being able to set screen time timers on it and that she can choose from all of the games now. But please when the timer is up, can you bring back the option to put a friend to sleep at the end. The splash panel with Elliott is nice but she loves Lucy and is so sad she never gets to put her friend to bed anymore. Could it be an option we enable in the parents area?
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1 year ago, Due to out of me too
I know nothing
In the episode potatoes Baby bot thinks the potato is a rock! Is it a rock? No! He shouldn’t called it a rock. so at the end of the video He changed his mind. And he said “and know it’s time for rock… and roll.” In the episode Music Baby bot kept interrupting the music. He thought The chicken was crying but the chicken was singing. So He said after that “I know nothing… And the Porgecter man took him out after he Said But I can learn!” Then he was sad cause he was a machine! And Elliot Was saying You are not a machine you are a baby bot! And he went one more time. In the episode Moon, Baby bot and cowy thought someone is eating the moon. And billy said Nobody is eating the moon. It’s in the crescent section. The moon orbits every Month and when it orbits,It is changing shape so that means a Piece is missing. But not Full moon. When it’s completely dark it’s a new moon. In the episode Digestion Both Baby bot and Elliott were watching a movie. They got into the monsters body and they got to step 1 chewing. Step 2 was when baby bot was falling down the food pipe. Step 3 was in the stomach. Step 4 They both got into the small intestine step 5 is the twist and loops and step 6 is that they traveled through the colon. In the episode taste Elliott tried Metal. It was disgusting! The end is when he made baby bot flavor.
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1 month ago, jimmy chekers
You would expect this app for your kids to use would have some sort of proper organization of levels or tiers for your child to move forward with lessons, but no. This is just an app that has games and videos that are all over the place. You cannot find a specific game unless you click on it, the names of the games don’t even help. The games are also super short. If I want my son to play abc games, you cannot find them. You will find that ABC and any other games are broken apart into small sections for example, a game will like their AQUARIUM LETTERS only does C D E F. Once you find those letters, the game ends. It doesn’t continue onto other letters. When you press category, it doesn’t list things accordingly and you have to press, find, and play, and then keep looking. When you try searching because you’re looking for something specific like, ABC, it only gives videos. Do not bother getting this and their subscription. This app is only to keep your child busy and frustrated with what is a video or game. I will be cancelling mine.
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2 years ago, Shimmel number nine
Parents have no option to remove an activity
This program is great, but there are. Few activities I disagree with and I emailed them, but they just told me that the trigrams were created by experts. Well guess what. I’m a professional. I have a BA in Child studies and am an ECE educator as well. I only asked because there is an activity that has the teacher drawing all over their face with markers?! NOT exactly something we want to encourage? And for those of you wondering about my spelling... I gave them 2 stars and then went to type, but for some “weird” reason... I cannot see what I am typing.. just the moving cursor.. so you so you tell ,me.. is this on purpose? ! Hmmm... I’ll include a picture if I can. Other than the fact you cannot “hide” or “delete” specific civilities, this is ok. They are definitely part of the agenda. So be ready for that too. Just be a vigilant parent and watch what your kids are doing. When they do the activities that actually TEACH letters, numbers, words.. your good to go.
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12 months ago, MamaFran7
It’s ok 🙄
Some people think that the game is good but I don’t think that I like it before because it was so fun shower and other stuff but that changed I mean trash does not go in the food trashcan so I guess that’s ok for other people but just not me 😡 I mean it’s a good game but I don’t think it’s worth that much to learn some activity that aren’t learning how are kids supposed to learn if are some activities that are not learning 😒 or something else but I definitely know it is a good game but just make more learning things instead of activities that would be better but please add the old things back those are fun things that are activities that I like so please add the old ones back why do you even have to pay for everything trust me it is not worth it I finish one but then I have to wait till the next day just to play the next 😡 which is annoying so please fix that in the other stuff it will be much better😌
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3 years ago, sousoubelle
It is such a positive refreshing app. I have not seen an app with all these nice songs and fun educational games. I have two kids and I bought the membership for my little daughter. My older is seven years old and I tried every single app in the book you can ever imagine when she was little(I wish Lingokids app was around). But this lingo app is different and fun. You can leave your kid on this app with a piece of mind that they are learning while they are playing! My kids are way too advance in their school ( I have my older in a private school) for their ages so they skip two grades. I spend a lot of time in their education at home and it pays off. So from an experienced mom in the field of early education, try this app and believe me you will sing the songs, play the games with your kid, and your kid is learning with ease! It is a lot of fun
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8 months ago, Qssswxe rcrfd@yahoorf
Telling by Lingokids time love Hannah
Hannah’s names of all those people and Irena we love you i love how lucky you ever have that Hannah’s classmates are cool together play games math and more Lingokids all fun have fun Hannah’s love all those games and I have never played Facebook Lingokids so many people would have to take pictures about everything and that’s what they want and It’s not gonna fault kids and baby Hannah’s and Irena loves to dance party and she sleeps with us guys and we are going out park today and she wants to be friends because she’s been a good friend of mine so I know why her parents don’t think she’s going back to school anymore Hannah likes to play with Irena
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1 month ago, Yairlev
Poor customer support
I subscribed to the Lingokids app, drawn by its variety of educational games aimed at young learners, hoping it would be a valuable resource for my child's learning journey. Unfortunately, our experience has been less than satisfactory due to persistent technical issues and disappointing customer support. Several of the games on our iPad do not open, which significantly diminishes the value of the subscription. I first contacted Lingokids' customer support over a month and a half ago, expecting a quick and efficient resolution. Despite being initially promised prompt attention, the issues have not been resolved, and follow-up has been minimal. Communication from customer support has been sporadic at best, leaving us without clear updates or an estimated timeline for when the problems might be fixed. For a paid service, I expect much more responsive and proactive support to ensure the smooth functioning of their offerings.
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4 years ago, Enthusiastic Parents-2B
Love for Both Kids
We got Lingo Kids Unlimited for our 2 1/2 year old daughter after trying a free subscription and seeing how much both she and our 5 1/2 year old son loved it. It’s 100% toddler friendly. It is completely intuitive for a small child to understand and navigate through the menu of games and shows and very easy for a child who is new to using an ipad and still developing fine motor skills to use without much assistance from a parent or older sibling. Speaking of older siblings, although our 5 1/2 year old’s level of knowledge is far above the content of the app, he still really enjoys it as well and naturally wants to sit with his little sister and “teach” her and quiz her. This is an added bonus for our children as it gives them an opportunity to work cooperatively as a team.
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2 months ago, NotCoolMom
Used to love it but screen timer ruined it for us
If this screen time setting keeps happening, I’m cancelling. My kids don’t play this much but when they do, it’s usually a couple hours of taking turns. By all means, pop up a notification suggesting to the kids to go outside, wiggle, stretch, that they’ve been on too long or whatever. But to lock the app after 20 minutes when I AM PAYING FOR THIS SERVICE is crazy! Lately it says she’s at her limit and she hasn’t even played it in days. She opens the iPad and it’s already locked and she can’t use it at all. So idk if it counts time when the iPad is closed but not shut all the way down or what but I keep extending the timer and it keeps snapping back to 20minutes. I remove the timer and it reappears. So annoying and disappointing to have a service I paid for locked bc it has a timer that’s not even accurate!
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4 years ago, annasmomma2018
My little one is about to turn 3yo and was behind on some of her language and skills milestones. This app helped completely!!!! She went from only saying small words like mom, dad, gigi, cup, etc. to saying 3-4 word sentences within 3 months. She is counting to 5 now and can point to just about anything and tell me what it is!!! I give this app most of the credit. My LO has always been into games and apps. I tried flash cards and learning boards, couldn’t get her to stay still and pay attention. Hand her the phone and she is playing for over an hour without moving. And what I love the most is that she thinks that she is just playing but she is learning so much while she is playing. Love the app, highly recommended!!!!
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4 years ago, Wrens Mommy
Wonderful App
I honestly didn’t want to introduce any kind of app to my toddler because screen time can become obsessive for them. However when Covid hit and we had to become hermits I searched for something that would give her and I both a break and some valued learning. I came across this app after hours of searching and test trials with my daughter. This app was the ONLY app that would keep her engaged for longer than 3 minutes, and the only app she asked to play. It has taught her quite a bit, she has learned a lot of cursive, and new quite difficult vocabulary for her age. I am very pleased with the app. It is more expensive than most but definitely worth every penny with the knowledge your child is gaining.
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3 years ago, LaChingonaLlorona
No other words
I’m not usually one to write reviews. I just put how many stars I think an app deserves and move on with my day. But I must stop and say....this app has been NOTHING SHORT of amazing. I don’t usually do subscriptions either but I just had to with this app. My two year old has always been super smart and always achieved her milestones early. This app has helped me so much with trying to get her to form sentences easier. She’s obsessed with this app. I don’t like a lot of screen time but since I’ve had her baby brother 9 months ago, it’s helped out a lot when I need a 5 minute break or I have to deal with a teething baby. Definitely recommend this app to every friend I have that has kids.
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5 years ago, همام زغدودي
One of the best out there, but...
I have just cancelled my unlimited access to lingokids 5 days before renewal because I spent two hours looking for how much the app is going to charge me, it is pretty confusing and I can’t just know why it is not clearly stated somewhere. From where I can see in the Appstore in the In App purchase section there are a lot of figures, whatever the annual subscription is going to cost it is a bit expensive for countries like where I live where 1 USD is 3 times the local currency and this what makes it expensive for me. I wish that developers consider special prices for special countries, I’m already a subscriber in several apps that offer such a price plan, also a one time purchase option is good, it makes education and knowledge accessible to kids around the word. Anyways, thank you for the good app even if I can’t afford it.
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4 years ago, Biancaluvscakes
Life changer
My son has a speech delay. Or shall I say had. We tried Lingokids on a two month free trial and my son went from jibber jabber vocabulary to counting, and seeing over 3 to 4 sentences a day and capable of holding a small conversation and now has a vocabulary of over 50 words. Not only has he developed his speech in vocabulary through the side. But he is encouraged to do the life skills that he doesn’t want to do with our suggestion. For example hand washing, brushing teeth, and creating a positive relationship with vegetables. Lingo kids makes these activities into a song and dance. This app has not only shown me that my son was not delayed at all, but brilliant. He is so good with the iPad, he’s only two.
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3 months ago, Lynnice marie
Lingo kids is teaching my 8 year old daughter and my 6 year old
Lingo kids is a great Educational app for my daughters but they had a old Educational app called Boop kids but they deleted it because the free trial didn’t Last Forever my daughters told me about Lingo kids how it teaches them modern life skills and social emotional skills counting cheering and Engeering skills plus 1200 activities to learn about and my older daughter had a Lisa pofile my youngest daughter had a cowy profile my kids really enjoyed reading math puzzles science books and videos of course games too I think it can keep your kids busy while you’re house keeping my kids are older and they know a lot of things about lingo kids
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3 years ago, Alizha watford
Horrible app needs fixing now🤬😡
First of all I tried to freaking get my email in and it won’t let and when I refreshed it it wouldn’t let type in my actual password and is telling to change number no I’m not changing my password for a stupid app number two every time I get it’s giving another reason to rest my entire gmail which again I’m not going to do I’m very Unsatisfied by this app and I don’t trust it for kids if the start of it is extremely horrible please fix this if you want me to still have a little bit of hope for this app I am extremely mad and disappointed on how this turned out this app made me spend so much time on it and it was so joy worth it im only hoping they fix this is because of my child’s she wants to play this app very badly and so I’m not going to fall for a Gmail scam either you guys fix this or I’m going to forget about this app have nice rest of your day.
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4 years ago, Brittany Castaneda
Nicely Done
There are so many options available in the general of learning games for kids, and many require reoccurring fees to utilize them. It’s hard to know which ones will actually be worth the investment. I’ve tried an abundance of them, and this one is by far my 4year old pre-k daughter’s favorite! I love that it gives you options to try it out without cost before having to make any financial commitment to it. Which really says a lot about the quality of their content. Just try it out for yourself! You have nothing to lose, and it’s honestly worth every penny. Thanks for this app!! My daughter is advanced and hard to maintain her attention. This app does the job swimmingly.
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4 years ago, Inuqi
Excited about learning!!
My toddler that is one that turns two in June 2020 is so excited to play with this app that this is the best way I can get her to calm down when I need her to the most. Her little brother who just turned 7months old now wants to see what she’s doing so they are often fighting over the tablet because he wants to touch it too. So I also made him a profile on there. So while she’s occupied with other things he gets his turn. They both really enjoy this app. It’s simple and easy for us to monitor their progression and fun at the same time. The new and improved ABC song gets the up and jumping every time. I love this song. Thanks lingo kids! 😊😊😊😊
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8 months ago, Jordan6614
So irritating!!
I paid for the monthly subscription signed in through my email. I then get logged out and every time I log back in through the same email I no longer have plus. I’ve reached out to customer service and have yet to hear back. I expect better or a refund. This is ridiculous!!!!! Updates: I reached out to them as soon as I received their response to my review. They still haven’t responded back. Starting to think this app is a scam. Would really appreciate a refund and better customer service! Update: still no response from this company. Very deceiving how they respond to comments to ratings to appear they are trying to help their customers, but will not answer when the customer actually reaches out. So disappointing, companies like this are only out to scam people. Do not waste your money on this terrible app!!!!!!
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2 years ago, b_shawneeb
We Enjoy The App!
• My only suggestion would to have the app categorized better. (All puzzles should be in one section… no matter if they are memory based or logic based) A puzzle is a puzzle and it should be in a puzzle section. Mimicking more of a structured kindergarten setting within the app. • Another thing, as the parent I should be able to set guidelines for the types of activities my lil can tackle. (Maybe give me age ranges on the activity itself, like milestone references.) Other than my left brain needing better organization within the app. We enjoy exploring the different activities together.
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3 years ago, Maria Parks
This app is highly recommended especially during this pandemic my 5 yr old son whom I’ve had the hardest time getting into school or remote schooling even has been very difficult as he was suppose to start kindergarten last fall and due to the Covid-19 want able to go into a school meanwhile No remote learning either so just Mommy so dealing with his 18 month old sister with neurological problems taking her to 9 specialist alone this App has helped my son out so much and me as well as Mommy is super busy and this app keeps track of what is done correctly and what isn’t so if I’m not right under him his teachers on the app help Him!!!
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8 months ago, I just want you in the loop
The best game ever
I am a seven year old and I love this game I think for seven year old Lillian but it’s for babies well Ummmmmmmmmm well I love this game but you have to do your parents email I don’t want my parents to know and I don’t even know my parents email so that’s the thing I don’t like about it well I deleted it when I first got it actually but do you also have to do the password your parents and I’m using microphone because I don’t know how to spell and it keeps doing stuff wrong but I love this game and I also hate it
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3 years ago, ishsisgs
Lingokids Review
I love lingokids so sorry for whom do not have it an for the ones whom r having trouble with it. I have 2 two n half ye olds boy n girl gran kids they have been with Lingokids from a year old all the way until today 2021. It has many different levels for just your child’s learning level that they’re on then build from there no teach tremendously. If chosen u will not regret. It takes your child out of the things that r going on since pandemic , gives them something to focus on n learn at the same time. Thumbs up Lingokids as my two grands would say…..
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3 years ago, Crumbysmom
My Son With a Speech Delay Loves This
My 2 year old has a speech delay and we think this app is a great tool to help him grow with language and words. It is the easiest app for kids his age to navigate and we have tried a lot of different ones. There are a lot of different activities, songs and options for him that keep him engaged. You can tell the creators really understand young kids by the little details. Like in the memory game they keep the wrong cards up when he chooses again so it helps him out. Tried a free trial before I purchased. Now I am recommending this to other parents. A+
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4 years ago, ShloppyJo
Best educational app.
This app is amazing! I’m always skeptical of learning and educational apps I download for my children. This app engages children on such a wide spectrum. This program is well thought out. I’m always suggesting and recommending this app to others. All my children love using this app. It does not give them zombie face. We take the skills and ideas that are introduced to them on this app and use it in our daily routine. My children respond very well to the learning songs and the teachers. Thank you for putting so much thought, care and hard work into building up this app.
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10 months ago, MS-Violet
Good but too childish
I think Lingokids is nice, but the problem is that it is made for little kids. I mean, I think Lingokids wasn’t even made when I was the right age for it. Just imagine if there was a 13 year old child who goes to middle school. Then she won’t be interested because she already knows about the things Lingokids has and teaches. Now, I don’t really have a comment, but my favourite characters are Billy, Cowy, Lisa and Elliot. Also, when I hear this the ad saying, “Kids and parents love it!” I’m sure big kids and their parents hate it! I’m currently 11 years old, and I’m probably not going to delete this game, but I’ll just leave it off for today.
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2 months ago, yeetmeepyahsike
Not very happy
Apologies on the name, wrote it when I was 8. I gave the app to a younger friend I have, and it was very glitchy. When it asked for me to agree to the trial, I think it there was an x, and I assumed the was a way out. It was so glitchy, there was some way to get out of it. When I noticed after my friend used it that I accidentally agreed to the trial, I thought I found a way to end the trial, but I guess I didn’t. From June 2021 to March 2022 I was cost. And cost. I don’t also love the fact that it emails you AFTER you pay! It is my fault that I didn’t look at the emails, but a lot of this is crazy glitchy and frustrating. I apologize that I couldn’t necessarily say the specifics, because it was a year and a half ago, but I hope you understand why I am not happy.
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4 years ago, Awe😍
Waste of time
I have T-Mobile Tuesday which gives free things once a week. So this Tuesday Lingo-kids was one of the freebies. I was supposed to get 2 free months unlimited for free. However when I subscribed for it I was only granted 7 days for free. That’s not enough time for me to do anything! I have kids doing virtual school all day, and plus I work. I am writing this review because I tried looking for a customer’s service number to call them, so that I may honor my 2 months rewards unlimited access to everything, but to my surprise there’s no number to call. You can only email. What a waste of time. I logged in to see the features and it was only basic games. I didn’t even see where you can help your child learn a different language and that’s the only reason I was even remotely interested.
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4 years ago, IsaBRloka
Great app!
My child loves this app so much, but the problem is, she is only a baby, and because she switches from videos to activities quick, the daily activities for limited access come out really quick. And then she has nothing to do on this app anymore, because I don’t want to buy the premium version. I think the limited version shouldn’t have the limited daily access, because as you go on it starts to get a bit annoying, and then someday you will stop using the app, and that is what’s happening to me. This is the only problem I have, so if you guys want to fix it, I would be really happy about it.
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4 years ago, yrapsks
Once the child masters a subject / goal/ skill you would think Lingokids would give them new skills to master , instead the same exact things they have master’d is the only thing offered for them to do over and over and over -> like running a never ending circular track. Children run the other direction if you offer them to ‘play’ Lingokids - and I cannot blame them. The definition to insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same results. Apps should be encouraging , inspiring , teaching ..... not boring children or leading them to shut down when anything resembles lessons similar in form to the ones that started out good but ended up a disappointment.
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4 years ago, amazingfind
New user
For took me awhile to find a place where I can just check out letters. Then it is very unclear how to find hidden letters and in the instance I choose, I was never able to find the “l” so I had to quit before finding it...if it were a 5 year old looking for the “l” I would have quit long before I (the adult) would have. It is very unclear where to get started.. It is not user friendly to have only reading level 1. Why can’t I find all the levels and decide where I can start my child before having to go through all level 1 to get to level 2...? I went to printable don’t tell us to what real tune do the words in your songs go how am I supposed to know the melody for each of your songs? I needed a clue for the melody that corresponds to the lyrics. I am frustrated and I am an adult that should be able to navigate this App quickly and be able to understand how it is organized I mean...that I probably won’t keep this App...thank goodness it is only a couple of dollars to try it.
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5 months ago, vicky.o3454554
So when I open the app, I didn’t find any of the fun activities listed in the advertisements, and when I finally found one, I found out that you had to get the membership which really annoyed me I tried to get my parents to get it, but they said that I wouldn’t use it and they were right because there was nothing fun. There was nothing for my age group at all and I’m turning 10 by time. This review gets read I’ll probably be age 10 and it really disappointed me so if you could get some more free games that were like the ones in the advertisement that would be great because I open the app and it really just took up storage so I deleted it. Thanks.
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4 months ago, lil.miss.l
Advertises multiple languages on the app information but not in reality
My kids do enjoy this app, which is why we bought the year subscription originally. However we do not plan to renew it once we found out it does not offer the app in the languages as advertised on the app information. However, if there’s one thing that is disappointing, is that while it offers in multiple languages we can only find the app in English, Spanish and Portuguese categories. When I inquired about this to the customer service, the agent that responded back politely but with a nuance that insinuated English is the superior and primary language ought to be taught which frankly rubbed me and my husband the wrong way as we are multilingual and English being a second language for both of us. It is fine if the app is specific to be in English but I do wish it does not advertised other languages available as it gives parents like me who are looking for multilingual subscriptions.
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3 years ago, ygdhut
My son
It’s hard to get my son to concentrate on anything new but because of the ads he’s seen on his cartoon previous to us downloading this app he was familiar with one of the songs but he immediately became interested other content within the app especially tracing the numbers and letters which I’ve had on another app that he completely ignored I think the level of excitement in the app coupled with the amount of content gave him plenty options to choose from and got him interested in trying them out so far so good!
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4 years ago, strawbrycurls
Wonderful learning app
Has so much versatility in learning; letters, numbers, songs, matching, repetition, fun games, tracing letters, prepositions, great balance of virtual teachers & cartoon characters which helps kids relate to humans and not just “cartoon” characters. Truly feels like the closest to a perfect educational app. I’d love to see this in other languages or even better, an option to add a language to integrate into the English; ie: Spanish, French, ASL. They may have this as they progress into later units; we haven’t gotten that far yet. Love this app.
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4 years ago, Enzo0922!
Entertaining, Educational, Well-thought Out Activities for Toddlers
My daughter has been using this app for about a month now and we both enjoy learning the songs together. She loved the tracing games at first so I appreciate how it’s not stagnant - the activity changes and gives gradual challenges so she is learning and not mindlessly pushing buttons. I rave about with all my mom friends and love it for my daughter to play when we’re in the car or there’s some time before bed. She’s 2.5 and she’ll ask for this app by name - and of course teacher Emma! Thanks LingoKids!
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1 year ago, nickT 13
App not working and Horrible customer service
As soon as i subscribed i wasant able to access my premium plan. I emailed them sending screenshots and they told me to delete app and reinstall it. When I did that and still wasant working I emailed them again, when they asked me for screenshots that i already emailed them. At this point it already has been a week. I send them screenshots of non working app my app store as well as my bank account as proof that I payed for non existing app. They told me to go trough apple and ask for refund since they cannot do that from their end. Which I did. 6 business days after nothing happened. At this point I dont even care anymore. Overall really bad experience.
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9 months ago, Chickengirl4ever
It’s good
OMG my little sister loves this game I mean seriously like loves it. It helps her learn a whole different things like for her self-care and hygiene that sort of stuff and also the other fun activities that help you learn like math and colors and shapes and games it’s very an amazing app and my little sister cannot stop playing it that’s probably not a good thing to be on the screen now much especially since it’s my iPad since she didn’t have one but it’s way better than not liking the app
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4 years ago, Udna_y
My toddler LOVES it
My 27 month old loves this app and has learnt so much since he started using it. He has remembered every name in the Lingokids, his favorite is Billy and Eliot. Despite having a pretty awesome run so far, I noticed some of the games specially the Sticker games and some songs (mysterious Kitchen) are not playing or not showing the full picture. I myself have tried several times to solve them specially the sticker game (for example the farm) I don’t find the rest of the pieces. Would love to hear a reply in this! All in all awesome for kids brain development❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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4 years ago, Johann's Mother
Overall experience
I recently started to use this app as I was looking activities for my little one to help his development. I found Lingokids very fun and easy for my son to follow and It makes me feel better as I see his progress and put in practice things that I’ve never thought he would do with only 15 months. I do highly recommend the App as is very atractive for little kids and the price is the same as other TV programs that we often allow our children to watch.
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11 months ago, RufusStripe
Almost no parental controls
It’s pretty good as far as kids apps go. But for the price there should be some way for parents to control what exercises the kid sees. There’s a “TV mode” that can’t be turned off for instance. And so much of the content is videos it’s easy for a kid to only ever watch videos instead of doing any of the exercises and there’s no way for parents to control it besides telling the kid to stop watching that video and play that other game over there, which of course doesn’t go well by the fifth time. The videos are well made at least.
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3 years ago, Naynay77
Ok but needs to open all units
My 4 yr old son likes this app but sees the ads with games and activities he does not have access to and is frustrated by the restrictions to them. The fact that he has to play so much of each unit before he can go to the next is limiting. Also, the layout is confusing since kids do know or can’t see what they need to complete in order to get to the next unit. I also don’t like that majority of the activities are songs, tracing, and matching. He does enjoy it but the frustration of not being able to access the games he wants or find them on the app is enough to cancel.
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3 months ago, embee_sly
Just need one more color when you’re coloring.
So when I wanna draw I join this art activity and like BOOM I’m in there. But I always draw people so I need TAN!!! So I always use orange and I’m fine but one time drawing Luncion whatever his name is I NEEDED ORANGE FOR HIS SHIRT!!! Like I had to use yellow and it looked like my swimming lessons thing. Like it was very hard so remove dark green because WE NEED TAN so can you get one or not?!?! Does your game thingy not have tan or what? Just add tan! And you guys the other things are fine. And maybe this is a good suggestion. So just add TAN
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1 year ago, figuring free if I'm fke 29481
So I love Lingokids even tho I got it today but I have limited version that has a time limit and my mum told me to not get the membership because it’s to much money, Soo I finished a game and I was going to play other and then it said you reached your time limit if you wanna keep going get membership and this is why I’m writing this review but after all it’s GREAT Please read this Thank you!◡̈⃝︎◡̈⃝︎ And if your the Developer please read this thanks
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2 years ago, Miszcher6
When I signed up it gives you two options. Use email or continue with Apple email (mind you it’s the same email that I would have used). Anyway, I chose the Apple route and it gave me an email from the app itself which you can’t check if you requested for a password and now my child can not use it on her iPad. So, I re signed up using the email method that way I can get a password for multiple electronic usage and since the other account (again same email) is already in use, I can no longer have access to unlimited usage, and now it says to upgrade but you can’t upgrade because the email is already in use. SMH.
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4 years ago, dhdlkusbcibd11846289:
Canceling is a headache
They make canceling your subscription a headache. When I already canceled the free trial, it still charged me a subscription for a month. I go to cancel the subscription but the help links don’t work nor does it offer an option to even cancel. Just to choose another subscription service. Pretty much scamming you to buying a service that you can’t cancel. Even tried to remove my payment card but I couldn’t even do that bc I have a subscription that needs a payment. This is an inconvenient process and I am completely disappointed and dissatisfied on how they do business. Do not buy unless your committed to a lifetime bc they don’t give you options to cancel.
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2 months ago, kabarocabael
Hi I am much older now and I use to have this app when I was 5 and it was SOO fun and it reminded me my toddlerhood and it learned me all sorts of things it helped me brushing my teeth and learning math more! And the letters too! And there were games mixed up with leaning too I would love to be a toddler again! It was so fun 🤩 having this app before! It would be a good app for toddlers and kids that need help learning more! This was a great opportunity to get this app thank you!😊 !!
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4 years ago, Variste957
Great For Learning
this is a great app for kids. they can learn while playing some super fun and funny games. the lessons have a good progression, going from easy to hard, and i like the way the mix all math, reading, and social skills all together. my son loves it. especially the new hand washing game, which is very important during right now with the coronavirus. hopefully, in the near future, there will have a game where the kids can interact with each other while learning
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9 months ago, Jazzmannnnn
My four year old wanted this App and all the games are locked until you pay for the subscription. It has a “sale” to unlock them of regular price $77 a year! And it has a 60% off deal making it $5.99 a month. Very unclear. So what happend was i was charged $71, they just took off the $5.99. it charged me the whole year. I cancelled immediately and it had already charged me. I didnt sign up for that. cancelled subscription immidiately. Still was charged Update: i requested a refund through Apple and they did. Thanks Apple
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