Live Voice Changer - Prankcall

4.5 (4.5K)
8.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
晓溪 张
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Live Voice Changer - Prankcall

4.46 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
1 year ago, NC!!
Can you add a manual pitch adjuster?
This app is good and functions well. I even purchased the advanced features. Could you add the ability to manually change the pitch up or down from our normal voices without having to select a preset setting like “lady” or “strong man”? Ideally we could choose those settings if we want but also we could slowly change the pitch of our voices both up and down to precisely the pitch we prefer (using either the “circle wheel” or some other “slider” you could build in to the app). Maybe there could be 3 user-defined pitches we could save and we could see the “number” that indicates just what that pitch frequency is. If you update the app to allow all THAT, then I’ll give you 5 stars! Thank you.
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3 months ago, 💗💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓the app
“Live mode” Is a scam, so is the full version
This app is a scam. Yes it can change your voice, but only in the app. If you buy the live mode version, it does not do what it is supposed to and it seems like several other people have had this same issue. I paid 7 dollars to be able to use the live version just for it not to work (even though I was doing everything right) and people in phone calls, discord calls, etc telling me my voice sounded completely normal. A few other people who have bought this feature have said they emailed the devs about it, just for their email to be blocked with no response from the devs. Do not spend money on this app. It will not allow you to change your voice over calls or anywhere outside of the app and I’m starting to think that IOS isn’t capable of doing this anyways. If you still download the app, stick with the free version and only the free version. No clue how this app has 4.5 stars unless they’re botting their reviews especially considering the fact it doesn’t do the one thing it’s mainly advertised to do.
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6 years ago, omega_man007
Keep it up
This app is pretty good once you start to figure it out, so I ended up buying all the rest of the features and I enjoy it so far. All I ask is to make the robot not have so much high pitch and reverb so it’s like a normal robot I can use to meme on kids, or maybe a feature so you can control the reverb directly instead of you selecting the “effect” it has. Good app so far just need more direct control of my voice keep it updating it. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Damaster345
Not worth it
It honestly is an ok voice changer but there are 2 problems with it that none of the reviews I’ve seen mention. 1) First off you can’t do Live mode voice changes without pay $2 otherwise you just do live mode with normal voice sound 2) second I tried to use this app to change my voice to have fun with some guys in discord but upon leaving the app (not closing it) to go into discord or even just my basic phone dial it turns off your mic so you can’t do anything outside the app which was what I was hoping for as this would have made this app so much more different than all the other voice changing apps out there on mobile. Sadly this isn’t the case, you can’t do live mode outside the app and you can’t do live mode voice changing without paying. If possible I would like a refund back please
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4 years ago, wyattmc
Great App
Works great as a recorder to player, Needed something that will change my voice in PS4, This records whatever you want to say and plays it back very clearly. Only way it could be better is if this app worked live through a PS4 without interfering with current headset and not adding extra wires which NOONE has an app that does that. I blame Sony for not including voice change on PS4. But this app is by far the best option available, I love how clear it is and how easy it is to use. Plenty of options as well as custom EQ options. Great Choice! Hard app to find though, I wish it was at the top of the list of voice apps as it’s the best!
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12 months ago, Try&Run
Not one minute!
Just started using this app to test it out and was only able to record 30 seconds. When I took a look at what it would cost for more time I then noticed where it says to remove the one minute limitation it would cost $6.99. It was not the cost that bothered me but the false information that you should at least have one minute of time before upgrade. I am sure that at one point they allowed one minute but to force people to purchase upgrade they then reduced your time to 30 seconds. I could not complete a Bible verse before I was cut off.
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1 year ago, Jackson Bergerson
This app would blow up with a ghostface voice changer
I bought the premium version for the live feature which is super nice as I’m going to use it for Halloween for a ghost face costume. But if you could somehow incorporate maybe like the tiktok ghostface voice or something similar as a voice changer people would be getting this app so fast
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4 years ago, Hunbuner
Best voice changer I have seen so far!
Unlike other voice changers, this app literately changes the technical stuff about your voice. Normal voice changers just change your voice to a celebrity or something but this one can do stuff like change pitch and length and stuff to offer more possibilities than a lot of other voice changers. Good job on the app dude! 🖐😄👍
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1 year ago, KelleyR79
Does not work for live streams
I paid for the full version of this because the reviews I saw said you had to pay for this to work. I live stream and would like to be able to use a voice changer from my IOS device to stream LIVE on my platforms. I could not get it to work. The only thing you can do with this is make recordings then play then for people. I emailed the Dev team trying to figure out how to get this to work LIVE and after just 2 messages they blocked my email! They have my $9.99 and will not help me.
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3 years ago, 3746287254
not worth it, at all
this app has an exellent layout and is easy to understand, hence the 2 stars- but when it comes down to doing its job, it flunks. This is the type of app someone would download momentarily, one that would be discarded in a day or 2- but you have to use real money to actually use the app. It could either actually show its price before its downloaded- or at least a free trial could be added to ahow what youre getting into. for now, its not a good choice.
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3 years ago, yoru april
Very good
This’s the app where you can make L voice in death note and you can use it in business matters. But it would be more great if you can change voice in Live. It’s also great for audio books. I rate this app full stars. But I suggest to change live voice without payment.
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3 years ago, 1947FD26
This is a good app if you can add a button that explains better what the purchases do then please do that and I don’t know if it’s the app or my voice but I sound a bit like staticky. Over all this is a great app and if you see this and think about downloading it I would strongly suggest downloading it
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6 years ago, RealThejigGler
Crazy rare free gem, took me years to find
if you want a voice changer that may have a bit of practical use , can share easily, and that is free / not riddled with ads then by this point it’s too late for me to help because you’ve been looking for a good voice changer app. Search no more regardless. Let them hear who u really r
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11 months ago, Sleepysweetpea
Can't use during phone calls
I bought the whole package and still can't use it for live phone calls. The mic shuts off the second you leave the app. Apparently Apple doesn't allow it, but they don't say that up front. They suggest a convoluted workaround in their "Help" using Bluetooth speakers and going into another room to avoid feedback howl etc, but I mean really?? So if making phone calls is what you're looking for, go elsewhere. This thing isn't worth it and I'd like a refund.
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4 years ago, paulwash
Nice app
I love this app, yet I have one complaint, there are no preset voices. I got one would have preset voices only because I am not fully the best editor for this stuff, and I believe I need some sort of help with this. If there were presets I could get about what I want in just a few minutes. Other than that I love this app!
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3 years ago, jfkcjdm
Help me fix please
I bought the apple store version and got the live part as well when I called a friend and asked them what my voice sounded like he said normal, I really need help with this please. All the other features are working great and overall this is a very fun app.
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4 years ago, MikeyABell
Answer Please!
I was wondering how you work the live voice changer because I bought the 3 dollar version and I am on apple. I am really disappointed because it is not working because i was calling my friend and ask what I sounded like and they said normal. Please respond and help. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Diamond review/awesome
Need extended time
I just installed it and immediately fell in love with turning my voice into a child voice and robotic voice. Just wish this app would give MORE than 30 seconds of limited time. Other than that I like the voices just not the time to record
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4 years ago, WowReally?!
Scam! Do Not Purchase!!!
Something is seriously wrong with this app. Even though it truly doesn’t provide real-time over-the-phone voice change(s), it also keeps giving me an error message when I attempt to record- “audio file is damaged, can not play back recording.” When I write an email to their “support” team, it sends me a failed email message. So I recommend reading the real reviews, most-likely towards the end.
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4 years ago, Evitch64
Don’t buy! TRASH not as advertised
Wanted to use this for some pranks on my fam n friends, trash it clearly says use to prank on calls in the description but this is not the case. I paid for all the functions so now I’m out the $, does not work as advertised. Email support gets kicked back non deliverable within the app, don’t throw your money away. If you simply want something to make recording out of I’m sure there are free apps out there, this again, garbage.
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5 years ago, Jharden210
The Live Voice Charger Doesn’t work on calls
I tried regular phone calls, Skype, and FaceTime but when I asked the person on the other line they always said my voice sounded normal. Can you please explain to me why this does not work and maybe fix it. If I am able to use the live voice changer on phone calls then I will give it a 5-star rating. P.S. I bought the “no limitations” for $4.99 so the fact that it didn’t work on phone calls was very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Williamvalle
Need help
This app is fantastic!! But im having trouble using it on a phone call on my iPhone..i use my phone and a pair of headphones,..i dont think it works..i call someone and then i turn on the app or the other way around and it still doesn’t work.? What do i do.??????
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4 years ago, Ohdjeksndb
Confusion... Please Respond!
If it plays it out of the speakers, how is it supposed to out put to a call also? Is there something I’m doing wrong? Also does it work on a Bluetooth headset that’s out putting to an Xbox one party? I’m prepared to but the no limitations option but am skeptical...
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3 years ago, FakeNameForApple
Works for Xbox pretty well
I take out the mic from my gaming headphones, run an ox cable from my headphones to my phone, and it’s instant effects. Not really useful and can be annoying, just if used to heighten a joke or something, it’s fun!
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5 years ago, Samy Dies in a hole
Works great but disappointed
I’ve been looking desperately for a live voice changer .But, of course my luck is bad. I was very excited when I saw this app . I was strongly disappointed when I found out live mode Was not free. It’s still a good voice changer but I would love if the live mode was free.
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4 years ago, Davvvviiiiifd
I bought the voice changer package and the only modules that work is the original one (which you don’t have to pay $2.99) for and the robot voice which is worthless af. Tried to send an email to support and not to my surprise the email can’t be sent to support because the email they have provided is fake and rejects any messages sent to it because it is not real and therefore does not have an inbox for my email to send to. Screw these guys
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1 year ago, Golem Maker
Free to have, pay to use.
The voices themselves are great and it’s honestly really fun to have them, but you have to pay to do LITERALLY ANYTHING WITH THEM!!! Wanna disguise yourself live? PAY US! Wanna make a recording longer than 30 seconds? PAY US! Literally the only reasons you would want to disguise your voice for, fun or otherwise, you have to pay for. If you’re gonna go that route, make people pay to download it in the first place.
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4 years ago, random374926384
Can’t use external mic
I like the app but was disappointed to find that it only works with the internal iPhone microphone, and does not work with the headset microphone or any external microphone. My main intention is to use it with an external wired microphone. If this capability is added I would give it a 5 rating.
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4 months ago, Paisee Daisee 🌼
Pretty good, but there’s not enough voices and you can’t pick somebody to talk about
Is pretty good, but there’s not enough voices and you can’t pick a person and then talk in the voice. I thought it was gonna be like that, so this is why I give this app three stars. it’s pretty good but not that good that’s my thing.
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2 years ago, nana🦄🦋🤪👩🏻‍🦰🐱🦊🐰
I love it 😍
When I first started playing this I’ve been Pranking my family and friends I love this app even my sister loves it it is so amazing play Voice changer today
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3 years ago, Landshark4578
Misleading title
You cannot actually use this to make calls. Other apps allow you to place calls from within the app to get around the Apple restrictions. App quality is decent and does a decent job at voice changing, but don’t make false claims because this will not work for prank calls.
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3 years ago, DCurrie88
Live voice costs extra and app crashes
The live voice change features cost extra. I would be OK with this, but when I went to try to record audio to test out how it sounded first, the app would crash whenever I stopped recording. The recorded audio seemed to be playable, but the app alerts that the file was damaged and cannot be played.
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2 years ago, Peeples 19
Good, but you have to pay for a live voice changer
Good, but you have to pay for a live voice changer. You also can not even use this during a call. Besides this, it’s a very good app
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10 months ago, Yusdukz123
It’s so cool
I think I like like to connected to my speaker, but I need to like if you bring a Microphone on your phone to your mouth and it’s gonna make that noise but it’s OK. It’s all right I guess
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5 years ago, War machine 678
Trying to make this work so I can properly rate it.
I downloaded the app and it looks really promising. The issue I’m having is when I record anything and play it back it’s fluctuating between voices/ pitches and not staying on the effect I chose. Is this because I haven’t paid or is it a bug? Kinda weird limitation to have if you want me to eventually buy it.
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5 years ago, LegendaryBanana37
Great Job!
Super great interface, no adds, free for the most part but every app needs some way of making money. Keep the great work up! I hope you continue doing what you do.
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4 years ago, Mikeca9
Doesn’t work with mini microphones; not worth it
Got the paid version so I could use my earbuds to talk through an external speaker. That doesn’t work. I resorted to the plug-in earphones for my iPhone 11, and that doesn’t work as well. This app needs a refresh because it simply can’t be used with mikes other than the phone’s built-in one. Tech support doesn’t respond to email questions. Not worth the purchase.
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4 years ago, henryisyo18
Extremely Disappointed at this Scam
When I saw this app, I was ecstatic. When I opened it up, I was told that I would have to pay to get to change your voice live. After I payed, I attempted to use it for a livestream, and it wouldn’t work outside of the app! This is a scam! When I tried to restore my purchase, it said that it had already been activated. I want a refund! They should say that it only works in the app.
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4 years ago, Mom-o-matic
The voices aren’t better or worse really than others out there. But I bought the full version of this because of the claim that it could be used in calls. This is not the case AT ALL. Emails to support bounce back and there are unanswered reviews about this. BUT ONE RESPONSE THAT I SAW FROM THE DEVELOPER SAID THAT YOU CAN PLAY IT THROUGH A SPEAKER THAT YOU PUT NEXT TO A SECOND PHONE. So to prank my kid, all I need to do is get another phone line? Umm, yeah. That’s some false advertising.
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5 years ago, dont use it'
Great for musicians
Look this is my opinion not yours but it’s not an app I would play often though when I make music it helps a lot so if you’re a musician and you need vocals done get this
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3 years ago, DiamondDamory
Hey, I’m loving this app so much I got it to use a pico from Friday night funkin voice and it works so well! You just have to use the robot and then change some things. This app gets 5 stars!!
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5 years ago, readyUUUUPPPbro!
Very good
This is a very good app! I am thinking of paying 5 dollars to unlock everything, but before I do, I have a request. When there audio plays back, the volume is very low. I would love to get this fixed right away because I want to pay for all the effects. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Unist The Bast
I love it! It sounds cool! From: “Me and Mom”
Me: “The voice changer is awesome!” Mom: “She said it’s cool and awesome with the voice changing and all the controls for the voices! Like the records, Volume, Effect, VOICE SOUND!!” Both of us: “Me and my mom always use the app to be funnier!”
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4 years ago, fireballroberts
Misleading description
I have been looking for a voice changer app where you can just turn it on and make calls. This said it could do that. However I didn’t read the full description until after I bought the $4.99 version. Buried in the description it says you can make live calls, but you need a second phone and additional speakers.
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2 months ago, enHenrique
This app is a BANGER
This app is so awesome with so much voices to sound like and so much reverbs to choose and the unsolveable Hz from 150 to 2500, this is definitely the best voice acting app I’ve ever used!
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5 months ago, R.357
I thought I can turn this on and leave it in the background so that when I play CODM I can use it to change my voice live/in real time but that is not the case. I paid for the full version and couldn’t even get a refund lol disappointing
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2 years ago, Insane ads
Doesn’t work as expected
Bought all the features hoping I could use this on calls but later found out this app does not work on live calls unless you speak through another device with a speaker that the call will pick up on. Requested a refund but no one has reached out to me to help.
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4 years ago, KaiGamingYT
Soulmate found and She’s my GF
So I Used This app To Try And Prank My People on Discord But Then The day after using this app (Today for me) I used the lady voice thinking it was going to be bad but then I did it and it sounds EXACTLY like My GF Meadow
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12 months ago, john the pork
This is totally amazing
Hello you’re game is amazing I mean like you can change you’re voice into the old man so keep it up.
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2 years ago, r0bash
Going great!
Going great! I’ve faked working at least 10 hours playing around with this app this week!
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