Live Wallpapers for Me

4.5 (119.4K)
224.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Live Wallpapers for Me

4.51 out of 5
119.4K Ratings
3 years ago, fjbiuugursdybo
Highly impressed
I was bored of boring old wallpaper up I want to spice it up so I looked up for some apps which were like live wallpapers and I think I found the jackpot you don’t even need a premium access for this which I love because well I’m kind of broke LOL but all you have to do is watch a quick add and I do love the secret wallpapers I think that they’re kind of fun and like you’re serious because you’re like a surprise but I am very impressed with this app if you are looking for something to spice up your wallpapers and get this app because it’s super simple to download there are so many great wallpapers here amazing selection this app is very organized and I like spicing up my wallpaper is like all the time and it’s super easy to just find one and then boom there we go my friends love this app toI highly recommend it
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1 year ago, Wite Rabbit
Weekly Subscription
I haven’t used your app yet but I can see it has a weekly subscription offer. This is a pathetic trend that should have died years ago and I’ve made it a rule to immediately 1 star any app that does this. Hopefully I can make that the new trend. Not that I would even dream of signing on to that offer but the nerve of the developers just infuriates me. Just to be clear, a subscription model isn’t a bad thing, it’s just highway robbery to charge what should be a month’s fee every week. For anyone who’s been sucked into any overpriced weekly offers like this, please spend the money on furthering your education instead. Update: I’ve used the app. I’m not sure if this is your doing or not but there’s actually ads on here that force you to download apps in order to end the ad!!! I don’t even know what to say, it’s almost amusing how outrageous that is. Also, real slick move making it so you have to watch ads to see certain wallpapers without knowing if you will even like the wallpaper or not. Why not even just make it so you have to watch the ad to download it instead? But of course, it makes more sense to do something at the users expense if it means more ad revenue right? Even though an ad pops up every 10 seconds anyway.
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3 years ago, heidi_steinpfad
Pretty good, but lots of ads and limited access
I think this is a good app, but I don’t like the all the ads and don’t want to pay for a subscription to something I don’t use a lot, because to me it’s not worth the money. I use a iPhone 6S, and is the lowest version on iPhone you have to have to use this app, so heads up, don’t waste your time getting this app if you don’t have a “older version” of iPhone. Also on that, I think it should be available to more people that might not have the latest or greatest phone. I think this is a good app because I like most of the wallpapers they have to offer. That is the point anyway. Back to the ads, I think so many are really annoying and can discourage me from using the app at times. If the developers are by chance reading this, please consider downsizing on the ads so your app might be more enjoyable and popular among more people🙂. This is just my honest and simple opinion, and I hope this might help anyone who is thinking about downloading this app. I still like it and will use it. ✌🏻
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4 years ago, Danic2004
Not Worth It
Not worth getting what seems to be a “free app”.DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE PAY FOR THEIR OWN WALLPAPERS. I’m sure you might have heard it before but it is not helpful to create an app where you are always constricted to certain things and bombarded by apps, just because you want a change in wallpaper, it’s ridiculous. “Live Wallpapers for Me” should be completely free with all of its features, excluding apps completely. It’s annoying that I cannot look for nice wallpapers for myself while being spammed with other ads I don’t want. In addition, what good is it to pay you guys just to have a simple wallpaper on my phone? So what you created these wallpapers? This is supposed to be an app that helps us find wallpapers according to our preferences, not an app that you pay for just to give credit to those who made it. NO ONE CARES. What kind of scam do you think you are pulling off? You seriously need to reprimand yourselves and think about the fact that wallpapers are not products. And no, I am not going to give you a good rating on this app. I downloaded this app today and I will delete it on this same day. Thank you for your kind attention and I hope you realize what blasphemy of an app this is.
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5 years ago, picachu pokemon
So it didn’t work for me, but I’m on I-pad so probably why it doesn’t. Though there is lots of adds I really like this app, maybe you could get rid of the adds and maybe just maybe make it work on any device. That would be great though I only tried one ( and it didn’t work ) all of them are cool. I was hoping to find a lightning one. But I didn’t. But I am still going to watch them because they are so cool! Though they may not work on your device there still really really fun to watch, you download this app! Also just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean you can’t watch them! This deserves a lot ( and by a lot a mean like a lot a lot ) of likes. Thanks for reading this and bye!
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6 years ago, Redhawk211
Much better than I thought it would be
At first I thought this might just be yet another stupid Live Wallpapers app where you literally get 1 or 2 free live wallpapers (the worst ones of course) and anytime you select anything but the default free wallpaper the stupid premium access pops up and have to pay for premium on anything but the 1 or 2 default wallpapers, but after navigating through it I was pleasantly surprised to see far more actual decent live wallpapers. While there is still a premium option and the premium wallpapers are better, at least this app enables you to have a broader selection of free live wallpapers, and that some are actually pretty good you just have to browse a bit. I’d advise them adding even more and better free live wallpapers as the more sampling they give out the more people might be willing to upgrade to the premium wallpapers. But good job much better than I was expecting.
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6 years ago, brokencastiels
Good app, some improvements.
Now, let me start this off by saying that this IS a good app. However, if you don’t have an IPhone6S or above, you might not get what you’re looking for. I did this on an IPhone6S, which allows live wallpapers. But I didn’t get what I was looking for. 3/4s of the wallpapers require a membership and not everybody has the money to afford a background. I understand you’re trying to make money off of this, completely okay. Maybe making half free, half needing a membership would be helpful for your younger audience looking for backgrounds etc. Next and last issue, advertisements. This is the issue I’m marking 2 off of. There’s advertisements wherever I scroll, this is annoying and there should be less. Adding 5 ads every minute is inhumane. It’s more of a personal issue for me, but overall great app. I love the layout and the organization, I just feel like I got lost because of how many ads there were. Thanks for the great app.
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4 months ago, Wonderful bombasticas
This app seems great but no tutorial on how to change wallpaper
I was in the app and I saved a wallpaper to see how it would work, but when it saved the wallpaper to my photos and selected “use as wallpaper” button, it brought me to the wallpaper editing place and when I was trying to set it as the wallpaper and make it move, it says “motion not available” and this has been a problem ever since I started looking for these apps every single wallpaper I download says that “live motion not available” so I can’t even make it move as my wallpaper and I’m on an iPhone (the phone used in the pictures of the app in action so I know it should work, just please tell me how to make them move (which everyone else seems to know somehow) or add a tutorial or something please, good app otherwise
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6 years ago, Hannah Bugs
Works great for newer models!
I see that a lot of the reviews contain negative remarks about this app. In my opinion, if you have an IPhone 7 model or up, this app will work great. If you have the IPhone 6 models and down, it will obviously not be compatible (with said device). The 3D gesture works with the newer IPhone models and that’s probably why most reviews are negative. I have an IPhone 8 and it works completely fine. Before I got the IPhone 8, I had the IPhone 5s. I downloaded this same app and the performance was not that great. One thing I will also mention, is the amount of ads that pop up before and/or after you save a live photo. Unfortunately, the ads will eventually get annoying and the Live Photo’s themselves tend to get a bit laggy (which means “slow performance”). On the other hand, I really like this app. Nice work!
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4 years ago, TJ_Reviewer
Finally!!!! MUST READ
I have been looking for a free wallpaper app for awhile now. I was sick and tired of having me have to agree to pay $10 a week for a wallpaper. Now keep in mind this app offers a premium deal, but you don’t HAVE to do it. Instead it uses adds to make money if you don’t get premium, which personally I am fine with. I would take three 30 sec adds over a weekly payment any day. Also the categories they give you is super nice and easy to use. I highly recommend this app for anyone who just wants to find a super cool wallpaper without paying high amount weekly. I give 4 stars because I think any app can improve, I recommend less adds because I have noticed some people complaint about that issues. But overall great app, keep working !! Thanks for reading 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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4 years ago, Weaselx1503
I’m not able to even know
If this was really a good app or not. Since I have the free version I was only able to make one live wallpaper from a video in my library and save it for free after watching ad which was cool (thus the 3 stars and not 1) however that was all I got to do. Afterwards I tried browsing free WPs but the same ad kept popping up after the same 3 wallpapers and it had no way of exiting the ad even after waiting for some length of time, an X never appeared anywhere and every time I was forced to click on ad which took me out of the app entirely and I would have to restart the app. So it did let me make my own live WP and let me browse 3 other free WPs (which we’re boring and basic). I downloaded a few other similar apps which let me browse and save dozens of live WP for free w ad view. So Overall it could be better but could be worse.
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5 years ago, Green Venom
I was looking for dynamic wallpaper and this was rated top app. But after downloading and paying for the premium version, I was disappointed to find that all the pictures are live pictures. Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful with wonderful graphics. I just wish I didn’t have to touch the screen in order to enjoy it. Is there anyway the developers can have an option for the pictures to move on their own. I would like to be able to just have ability to just lay my phone down and enjoy the art as it moves across my screen. It gets very redundant to touch the screen to see the screen move. If this can be achieved I would give this app five stars and tell all my friends about it. But for now. I’ll just look at the pretty pictures since I already payed for a year prescription.
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3 years ago, J_Gomez
Slow the advertisements down.
I’ll give it a three out of five because the wallpapers are actually pretty amazing even on the free version. My only issue is I have to have a lot of patience and downtime to sit here and browse them considering an advertisement pops up after every view it seems. The application is flooded with advertisements and videos to watch on the free version. I’m not a big fan of having to pay for wallpapers never have and I don’t believe I ever will I understand the app Hass to make money also but I’d rather watch a short video if I was choosing to save that wallpaper. I can’t even browse wallpapers because there’s a video advertisement popping up after every scroll I just deleted the app and I’m not bashing it but if you tone down the advertisements on the free version it would make it a lot better.
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6 years ago, Meatballllady
Update 😡
Okay, so I got this about three months ago and it was fine. A couple ads but that was it. I was happy. But then, the new update came along and it made it so that you either have to pay to get every wallpaper or watch a video for any of the good ones. Literally all that they left free are some that are either not that great or they barely move at all. Also too, there are ads that randomly pop up right after you save a wallpaper/watch a video, so you need to sit through that video just to watch another video because you found a cool wallpaper but it's not free. Also, being a member to get all of the wallpapers is $5.99 a week!!! Please take me back to the old days when I didn't have to watch a video for every single wallpaper I wanted!
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3 years ago, PartyPig!
I kept trying out different live wallpaper games all of them or money except this one it was completely free unless you want to buy VIP but you really don’t need that in this game every single live wallpaper highly detailed like when I mean highly detailed I mean highly detailed they are all so cool and I would recommend this game to each and everyone of you that are reading this review there’s different categories so you can look at so many different wallpapers and you just click save and it saves into your photos The only thing that I would recommend is a little less ads. But overall I love this game and you should buy it too!
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3 years ago, DRAGONGIRL!
I don’t understand why this app has so many negative reviews. It’s like they don’t understand that you have to make money somehow. Money doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Unfortunately, live wallpapers don’t work on my device. (☹️) But the wallpapers are really pretty! I feel like $5 a week is a lot, $5 just once or once a year is agreeable but every week is a little bit much, I personally think, but I’m not going to complain in my whole review about it. I understand why it is that much. A lot of the reviews say there are a ton of ads. Personally, I kinda like having “secret wallpapers” that you have to watch a video for. The videos are only what, 5-30 seconds long anyway? I don’t think there are too many, either. There are many apps that have many, many more ads. Overall, I think this is a really good app and it does what it advertises. The wallpapers are nice, and only about a little over half of them are locked, which is really really good compared to other wallpaper apps. Thanks for reading my review! -A human being
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4 years ago, SkullysGaming
Costumer support
So I was gonna give this app a 2 star considering I would open the app and ads would pop up within 10 second. (which was very annoying) I could barely look at any Live Photo’s without being interrupted by one. Although I don’t like the ads. I will admit for getting a high quality moving photos like that without paying money is pretty sweet.(only for certain photos) j went the the reviews to see what other people thought about the app. I looked over 200 reviews and on every single one a developer of this app commented thanking them for there feedback and if their were problems trying to help them they would give them they’re email and everything. Although I don’t like the ads I do love how they are there to help you if you have a problem unlike most developers are.
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3 years ago, WoopWoopHidroFlask!
WOW 🤩🥳👏👏👏👏👏
Wow this app has completely surpassed my expectations! I fully expected the quality of the pictures to be awful, and that you would have to purchase the VIP or whatever to get anything cool. However, the amount of free wallpapers that are worth downloading is incredible! I have used so many already I can’t choose which one I like best! There are a lot of adds but I’ll take it for the quality of the photos. The “Full Access” removes ads and gives you more options in the way of wallpapers. (For a price of course). Thank you developers for creating this amazing app I hope you continue to make more!
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3 years ago, eli#69
The amount of adds on this app is insane there is no grid view so your stuck swiping from wallpaper to wallpaper and between each one there’s an add and then when u land on the wallpaper there’s another add Big adds, small adds, banner adds, this is insane and I know there is a subscription that gets rid of adds and what not BUT ITS A WALLPAPER WHY DO I NEED A SUBSCRIPTION FOR SOMETHING IM GONNA USE ONCE???? I just bought wallpaper engine on pc and it was cheaper and a much better product imagine a mobile app charging more than steam for a worse product the subscription is monthly for 5 dollars why not just make it a one time buy the app and get all the features then maybe I could justify it but I’ll tell u why it’s not pay once and be done with it cause your money Hungary like all games on the App Store seem to be you offer a subpar product for almost twice the price
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4 years ago, Nyan Bunny
Amazing choices, way better than other apps!
At first, I was skeptical about this as I have tried sooo many apps that claim to make live wallpapers but they never worked! But this app is very special, it actually gives you beautiful and high quality live wallpapers that come in so many styles! I was so surprised by the results and every person I met and showed them the wallpapers this app has, they were so jealous and they wanted to know about this app! I would definitely recommend this app, it is amazing and it deserves 5 stars for a rating, 10/10 would recommend for anybody who wants a beautiful moving wallpaper!
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4 years ago, Stephanie Rebecca
Miss NotADamnRobot
Geek tech thot here and if I’m writing a review then I’m prob way to high and someone needs to take away my phone BUT with that being typed (lol) this is seriously a rarity where I get actual happiness from a wallpaper app. A LIVE wallpaper app, too?!! If you can deal with the few “watch this video to get wallpaper” stuff and just hit X on anything else aside from the “save” button- otherwise it’s been overall refreshing. I’m still discovering at entry level with this mind you so I’ll try to come back to update. Thanks COVID for my newly found pleasure of review and comments... so sexy you’ll definitely be married in no time
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4 years ago, Tee805
It’s not the best
At first I though this would be another one of those dumb live wallpapers that you have to get access and are mostly just photos but when I saw this app I was wrong it is amazing!! I love that you can like stuff and save it to your drive and when you hold it it does a live background. I rated it four stars because you have to pay for some and if you buy it you get unlimited access which is cool but I think it should be free because why would some apps make you pay for unlimited access which is having not to pay for the best backgrounds overall I think unlimited access should be free. Then I would change my review and write 5 stars.
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5 years ago, MatthewWerner
I don’t get how this app has this many stars
Was looking forward to trying this feature out on my phone. Downloaded the app, when I opened it I was greeted by a pop up saying I need to download the full version to get full access to everything. Understandable. I proceeded to exit out and across through some of the wallpapers. Ad after ad after ad interrupted me, almost deleting the app right then and there. Instead I decided to back out of that menu and go into another genre of wallpapers where I found one I liked. Tried to save it and was told I needed to subscribe for 15$ for a year??? Why would anyone every pay 15$ for wall papers???? Yeah I mean they are pretty cool but like really? Idk maybe I’m just over thinking this whole thing but when I come across apps that strike me as money hungry with all of their ads and stuff, usually the rating is not as good as this one. Hence my confusion.
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6 years ago, bmiller1976
It’s okay...
This is a great app, but there are so many adds, that I have to go thorough one almost every time I look at a new wallpaper! It could be one of those ones that you can just ex out, but a lot of them are mini games which just waste my time because if I was looking to get a new app I would be on the App Store. Also I think about 97% of all the super cool wallpapers are premium, which makes sense for the creators of the app that are trying to make money. But at the same time I think it’s almost like tricking the people who get the app. You say it’s free and then every wallpaper you want is premium so then your pretty much screwed. That to me is just saying for the people who get the app just to go find a new one unless they want to pay for a WALLPAPER that goes on the screen of your phone for goodness sake! Why would I pay money for a WALLPAPER.
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5 months ago, Jordancjb
Horrible app
I don’t write AppStore reviews, but this one’s especially bad. I’m all for developers getting paid via ads for their work, and I get it to an extent because you have to pay the Apple AppStore fee yearly, but this app is a great example of just being greedy. I honestly think it’s ridiculous that anyone would suggest paying a monthly price for wallpapers, and it’s a really stupid trend, and while this app doesn’t for that(it still has it) on paper, it pretty much does as it forces you to watch a full screen ad for every wallpaper you look at, not even including having to watch it to download and all the extra banner ads(and don’t even get me started on the stupid “hidden wallpaper” garbage that wants you to watch yet another ad just to see if you want it). This app is a joke, and I would suggest downloading it just to rate it badly
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3 years ago, wjfbfjsjsbf
Not bad s
So I downloaded this app a few days ago I thought it would be all free and it is but one problem you guessed it the ads the ads are not that annoying there are just ads about more apps like this it is really cool app I use it all time I even look at it when I am in school this is the best app to use it has cool features I love it I definitely recommend it if you like me I love wallpapers so I decided to try an app and I love it because there’s so many cool features and it’s not a scam which is so cool because the other apps I tried they were not good and I had so many bad reviews which I am so happy to use this and I definitely definitely recommend it especially if you love wallpapers like me Sincerely Rachel
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3 years ago, G4laxyW0lf2010
I am impressed 😊
Hi, I would like to say that I am impressed with my decision of downloading this app, I do have one suggestion that can help all users that use this app. I suggest a search bar for the app because, what if we couldn’t find the wallpaper that we want? We could just look for a specific color we want in our wallpaper or what items we want in the wallpaper. I really enjoy that the wallpapers are very beautiful, stunning really. Keep up with the hard work! - Customer p.s: I like the fact that y’all come out with new wallpapers every week or every few days! 😊
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3 years ago, lil__ma
Doesn’t Work
Not sure why but every time i save a Live and set it to my wallpaper, it’s not Live anymore. It’s just a picture.. 2 stars for wasting my time but they do have some really good options.. I fell in love with the Lightening Storm but was not able to get it to work… I have an iPhone SE 2 so i’m not really sure what’s going on but i was disappointed and will be deleting the app unfortunately , i really wanted this to work. Update: Realized the SE does not support Live Wallpapers, which confused me at first because when i first got this phone as a replacement for my 6s, my Live worked on my lock screen, but learned it was because of the restore it was carried over, but as soon as i went to switch to a new Live it wouldn’t work. Doesn’t make any sense why Apple hasn’t changed this.
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5 years ago, Unicorn748383574518
Worst 👎👎👎👎👎
So when I got this app I had high hopes. When I first got on the app I was impressed. Then I try actually USING the wallpapers, and it was an epic fail. You can look use SOME wallpapers for free. Only like, the extremely boring ones. And the free ones I tried? Don’t even work that good Once you use them they aren’t even live! I don’t know if I did it wrong (if there IS a way to do it wrong) but all I got was a boring, still, wallpaper. I’m perfectly fine with still wallpapers too! I have a normal wallpaper app and I LOVE it! But your advertising live wallpapers and I didn’t get one. And if there IS way to somehow mess it up only making still, they should warn you! I don’t know what happened but I tried again and same result. The wallpapers aren’t live. And I have an iPhone 7! So it’s new enough to work. But I have not had a good time with this app. Don’t wast your time with this app.
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5 years ago, BlueFireJack
So basically, I have a compatible iPhone and I thought this would be a cool app to download. I downloaded it and saw it had a subscription so I went through that but I realized how freaking expensive it was. Obviously I wasn’t really happy about the price and I’m a younger person so I can’t usually afford these things. I thought it would be better in terms of quality and amazingness but I wasn’t happy with what I got. Why pay so much for photos you probably just got from videos or pictures online? Also what bothers me about it is the fact that you don’t give clear instructions on how to end a subscription. Don’t just link an apple site, tell it to us yourself. Obviously you don’t want people ending their money to you. I mean, there are some live ones that I enjoy, but I don’t think I want this app.
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6 years ago, Ducky_Artist
Don’t listen to the people who are complaining who don’t have phones under the iPhone 7 version, because Live Photo’s are not compatible with those. That’s where a lot of the bad reviews are from. I’ve downloaded quite a few Live Photo wallpaper apps, and they have all been super annoying and this one has been superb. This one does not limit how many you can look at or download in a day, and it does not ask for your money or require money for stuff, which is actually making me want to donate/spend my money on it as a sort of appreciation thing. Lots of cool, unique, HD live wallpapers. I love it.
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3 years ago, Kikikiki1234567
Helped me get my 1st live wallpaper!
I’m the type to look at other peoples phones if they have a live wallpaper. I was always so jealous. Then I found this app! I could create my own live wallpaper, (3 second one but I love it either way, saying it’s my royale high character-) there were good quality free ones, and some of the best ones to me were ads, which normally I don’t mind, ads help me find a lot of stuff I love now. I first picked that clock one with I think either zodiacs or something else, it said genesis so maybe it was a Christ thing, i dont know. So in the end, flipping 5 stars.
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2 years ago, PCatzz
App feedback- to many pop up ads ruins the user app experience
I haven’t actually used the app completely yet. I just started searching through the diff choices. The choices so far are great but I HATE how I keep getting forced & stuck on the poplins up app ads. They really ruin the app experience. I get advertisement is important & it must get done but this is way out of hand & ruins the fun in app experience. Make us watch one longer ad video for amount of time so that NOT every 2-3 seconds the screen freezes w/ads & ad pop ups w/ videos ur forced to watch. This way I can focus more on using the app.
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1 year ago, cmariomej
Customer beware
I’m giving five stars to have the chance to be a feature review. This company made the Pimp Your Screen app for which I paid a long time ago. One day the app stopped having updates so I went to their AppStore page to see what was going on and the page just vanished from the store which means they deleted the product. No warning was provided, no apologies, no nothing, they just stopped supporting an app for which I paid. I will never buy any of their apps since they don’t respect their clients.
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5 years ago, Glitterglue5
Doesn’t work for iPhone XR
So a friend told me to get this app because it was a actual Live Photo App that you didn’t have to pay for (mostly). You need to have 3D Touch, and IPhone XR doesn’t have it. It does however, have Haptic Touch. This app does not support Haptic Touch unfortunately. I think it’s kind of silly that Apple decided to make Haptic Touch for IPhone XR when they could just use 3D Touch. Its basically the same thing. What really got me annoyed though it that every time you click on to the app, it says that it supports iPhone 6 a above when really it doesn’t. The only other problem with this app is that there is a lot of adds. Other than that this is a very good app. Update- Thanks so much for understanding and I hope you can add Haptic Touch soon.
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3 years ago, Charlottedabest23
Live and Quality
I am kind of disappointed in this app, because whenever you try and get the background, you have to pay or watch an add for like 30 seconds. Then when you do get the live background, you have to hold your finger on it and then it is live for like 10 seconds. Please fix this so that it is live even when you don’t have to press your finger and it only last for a short time. Thirdly, the quality is not as good as i expected and it’s blurry. Please fix this, but if you do, i probably won’t get the app still. I am not trying to be rude or anything on this comment, just giving my personal opinion.
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4 years ago, gacha life is better ;-;
Okay so, I love Gacha life a lot and had an app that has Gacha life wallpapers on it and I thought I wanted to get different wallpapers. So, I was scrolling through the App Store until I saw this app. It had many stars but some of the reviews were bad. But I tried it out anyway. The wallpapers were beautiful and so cool! That was until, I just looked at like, 3 or 4 wallpapers and then suddenly, ADD! This add was really long too. Then it finally passed and suddenly, ADD. I didn’t get it. But this add was thankfully much shorter. But right after that add, yep, you guessed it right! Add. I didn’t like this so I deleted the game. I might get it again later in the year or in my future but for now, I’ll just be my 11 year old girl self that likes Gacha life and making videos about it.
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7 years ago, nicoleislame
Nice app
So most of the bad reviews here are saying the wallpapers don’t work for the 6, 5s or under. Those phones don’t have the live wallpaper feature. I believe it’s for at least the 7 and up, maybe 6s. I’m on the 7, and the app works great. All the wallpapers work, and it has a really nice selection to choose from. My only problem is the ads. Yes, it’s free, but there’s an overload of them. Some I have to wait almost a minute to be able to click out. Some even take me to random websites. Like I said it’s free, but there’s wayyy to much ads. If the amount of ads were reduced, even just by a few, I would probably give it 5 stars
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6 years ago, Jerrin Jacob
Really good, recommended
If you want a app that gives you live wallpapers, here it is. This app is amazing. It’s so amazing you don’t have to pay for it and could get the wallpapers you want. It’s really cool and split up into sections. If you are a type of person that really likes cool stuff with nature, sports and etc.... I think you should get this app. This app is amazing and I thought you had to buy the wallpaper, but no you don’t. A thing for the creator, can you add funny stuff like Spider-Man and other stuff like Deadpool and stuff and just a funny category in general. Thank you
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6 years ago, Evier192
Great app
I got this game in hopes of having a better wallpaper for my phone and I got just that. This app gives multiple options for a moveable wallpaper and it takes no hassle at all. You chose a wallpaper and press save at the bottom of the screen then it will save to your photos where you can press use as wallpaper. You do have to pay for some wallpapers but most of them are free. It also has a huge amount of ads that you have to get used to when you are scrolling through your options. Overall this is a great app that of course has its flaws like every other app. I thoroughly enjoy this app.
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6 years ago, gbihm_07
I am confusion lol
I saw this as an add on instagram, I was thinking about trying it out but yet debating it because the last time I tried an app similar to this one it did not work. But I decided to give this app a try. I downloaded the app and yes I have a phone that was listed to supposedly work on my phone(iPhone 6s) I opened the app to find several free wallpapers that were decent. I picked one out, allowed access to photos. Then in photos it said “ Live Photo” which it worked in photos, I added as a wallpaper but whenever I went check my lock screen it acted just like a photo no moving or anything. Well I give up on “ live wallpapers” just for those who want to download this.
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6 years ago, Foxfeather13
My Worst-Rated App Yet......😞
I love pics and lock screen pics and the iOS update enabled Live Photo’s, so I was quite happy. When my mum showed me the book pages one, I asked her to get it for me too. So I was really happy. Mum and I were gonna have matching lock screens. But however, the photos wouldn’t work on my lock screen, and I couldn’t use them. So I looked up why it wouldn’t work for me , and apparently it only works for the newest iPhones, but not the SE, which is what I have. I was upset, and now the photos only work as a normal one would. If you have anything under a 7 or whatever, I wouldn’t get this. It just wastes storage. But I keep it because the photos are kinda cool, and yeah.
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3 years ago, kit kittredge
Pretty Good
So I downloaded a few different wallpaper apps. And for all of them, they MADE you pay. And it drove me insane! Then I finally downloaded this one expecting it to be exactly the same. It showed me premium, but I ignored it and went to look at the wallpapers. And they were all pretty good! Only like 2 suggestions; so... the secret wallpaper thing, just like...SERIOUSLY? I mean, it’s just kind of a stupid thing. Also, since you have good things without ones going to do premium. So I just don’t see the point in it. Also, I tried a few of these on my home screen...but it didn’t come alive when I tapped and held, it did with my lock screen just not my home screen. I don’t why. But all in all, this was a pretty good app.
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3 years ago, ellaellabest
Download now!!
This is a great app, I thought it would be like all of those other ones where you had to pay like $17 a week to get “cool” wallpapers. But surprisingly you in this app you can access tons of amazing wallpapers. They are satisfying to watch and sometimes it has to load a little bit and every few wallpapers it has a secret one where you either have to tag an add or pay money, but other than that I totally think you should download this app.
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7 years ago, Bre-Animal
Doesn't work for the iPhone 5C
Your application doesn't work for the iPhone 5c. I installed this app thinking if it worked for the iPhone SE then it would for the 5c but I was wrong. There are too many advertisements and pretty much nobody looks at them anyway. In my opinion, it's outrageous that we would have to buy the "full version" just so it would be ad free. Is there any way this application could be updated to work on the iPhone 5c? That would be great. I'm guessing not since the iPhone 5c doesn't have "live". Every 3 seconds there's an ad. I literally got a migraine from all of them. You should mention what kinds of iPhones this application works on. It was a waste of space on my device and I'm frustrated with all the ads. On top of it all, it doesn't work on my device.
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4 years ago, Billy buckskin
First of all, this app is amazing!!!!😍😍 I love it because it’s not like other live wallpaper apps that I have tried.👏👏 I can look through tons of AMAZING wallpapers and I can even find free wallpapers that I actually like! Most live wallpaper apps I tried only have 2-3 free wallpapers and the rest you have to pay for😢😢 LUCKILY,,, I found this (wonderful) app!! I love that I can easily look through the live wallpapers!! VERY VERY FLEXIBLE!!!👏😀😀 So if you’re looking through all of these reviews, and you see this one... TAKE MY ADVICE AND GET THE APP!! -Sincerely, a VERY happy customer 🤩
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3 years ago, Dissapointed customer/client
Honest Review PLEASE READ
I saw an ad for this app, and wanting a live wallpaper, i downloaded it. When I first opened it, there was hundreds of live wallpapers, only a few of them requiring watching a short ad. You can divide the wallpapers into free and payed, and add it to your photo album. When I found one i wanted, I saves it to my camera roll and made it my wallpaper. Nothing happened. Apparently the app only works on iPhones, i have an iPod and nothing happened. I thought it would work because i have the newest model, but i downloaded the app and went through every single wallpaper and watched every single ad for nothing.
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6 years ago, ChalaMae
Not many wallpapers, will charge you after 7 days
I never leave reviews but before this amateur app is technically a subscription & charges you PER WEEK until you cancel. Usually apple will alert you if you’re subscribing to a service like pandora, etc, but this one skipped through obvious detection. The wallpapers are cool, but there could definitely be more for what this app found as an excuse to charge that much money for. To developer's response: it was unclear to me through reading product description that downloading the app was a "subscription" nor did Apple prompt downloading would begin a subscription. I'm really not sure why a wallpaper app would be a subscription in the first place.
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3 years ago, Fred Bubba
Why all the ads?
I just got this Live wallpaper app, it’s great but you can literally only swipe to see at least three wallpapers and then there’s more ads and then you can only click another three more wallpapers and then MORE ads there’s like 3 ads every 10 SECONDS!!!!! And that stupid sign for premium keeps popping up even when I press the X!!! It’s actually ridiculous!!!!! VERY frustrating and disappointing!!!!!😡😡👎🏼please improve and stop having ads every time you click a wallpaper!!! Other than that the wallpapers are pretty nice but there’s a lot of premiums and it takes a long time to load which is very annoying!!! PLEASE improve the ads!!! Very disappointed!!!👎🏼😢😡😡
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7 years ago, I love it! :P
I did exactly as the instructions said, I went to settings, wallpaper, photos, then changed it to my lock screen and I touched the screen and held down. Absolutely nothing. I honestly don't know why this app has 4 3/4 star rating it does nothing close to what it says it does. The whole point of this app is to have wallpaper that can move when you press on it, it comes to life, no, no it doesn't. I am extremely upset that this doesn't work. I can see that everybody's having a great time with this, I apologize if it is just my iPhone or what, but I don't believe it is. I want them either taking this app off the App Store and make them build an actual live effect background, or just shut it down in all. Thank you for your time.
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