LiveSchool for Educators

3.9 (74)
44.7 MB
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Current version
LiveSchool, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for LiveSchool for Educators

3.92 out of 5
74 Ratings
3 years ago, jessedaniel
Meets My Needs
The availability of the app makes it easier for me to distribute points on the go. The app works quickly and smoothly, and provides the same features as the regular site. We’ve used the data reports for PBIS, IEPs, and more. At times, the data on the app can feel cluttered. Since it’s on a smaller screen, much of the data is squeezed down into a smaller area, making it a hassle to access. But, for a quick and easy points-giving tool, this app meets my needs.
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3 years ago, CJHipsher
Good but not Great
I love the customization, the immediate feedback, the reports and ability to link the points with my store. It doesn’t always stay logged in, which creates a hassle. It doesn’t consistently make the sounds. But the big pain is that it doesn’t sink consistently with other teachers. In other words, Jimmy shows up as having 5 points for me, but has 20 points on my para’s app. I log out, log in, and sometimes it’s fixed and sometimes not. Update: Thank you for your response. If I am able to use the app again in the future, I’ll look forward to these updates! (I’m not able to purchase the app for next school year).
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11 months ago, abstone33
Finding Motivation Where There is None
Liveschool has provided my alternative school with a method to provide students with extrinsic motivators. This program has encouraged our students to behave as well as engage with their work! It's user friendly so my teachers don't have a hard time navigating. The thing I love most about LiveSchool is how customizable it is. I can provide my students with the perfect external motivators until they can find their own intrinsic motivation!
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1 year ago, Christine 23
Helpful Resource!
This app is a definite time saver when working on logging house points across a school. It is efficient and the team is quite responsive to helping me solve problems. Very useful resource!
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1 year ago, hklooney
Easy to display
I display the LiveSchool App on my TV in my classroom the majority of the day. Students get to watch themselves earn points. I can quickly change between different class rosters and can show house points to my classes. My students love the newer addition of color coding every student with their house color, and it’s easier for me as the teacher to quickly identify a house to award points to.
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1 year ago, Irock487
House System Enhanced!
We have been using LS for about 4 years now to calculate and maintain our House point data. We have not encourted any issues as we utlize the app and web version regularly. Overall, we are pleased with the LS platform due to excitement our students exhibit when House points are revealed through our House competitions, pep rallies and academic competitions.
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3 years ago, teacher to 4th graders
Great app when it was free
I've used this resource in my classroom for years and loved it! That was until they made the change from free to $495 😳! I was disappointed at this change. $495 for a year is just not sustainable. I really hope they make a change and reduce the cost for a one person membership rather than charging a group price. There aren't any other teachers at my school who are willing to fork over $$$ for this app. I'm so disappointed and saddened by this change. I will need to find something else to use I guess.
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3 years ago, bgarey_17
Why do I have to log in constantly?
The updated app forces me to log in every time I open it. It’s horribly inconvenient and I basically can’t use it during the school day anymore. It’s faster during recess to go inside and get on my computer than it is to log on from my phone to input student data. It appears there’s not any way for my app to “remember me” and the Clever SSO making it faster is a joke. I have to search for my school every time I try to go through Clever. This app is very inconvenient, which is unfortunate because this is the school wide behavior system we have to use.
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5 months ago, Deejay2470
An Absolute Must for Secondary!
LiveSchool is such an amazing tool for educators, especially in the secondary level. It makes tracking both positive and negative behaviors a breeze for both teachers and parents, and makes the reward system for PBIS run so smoothly. It is easily customizable to fit your school’s needs and is incredibly user friendly.
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2 years ago, jranmy25
Really works at my school
I’m an operational para which means I’m everywhere in the building and with it being on my phone it’s so convenient with on the spot points! If a students asks how many reward points they have a can quickly show and tell them! I love this app! I use it every single day all day! Thank you so much!
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2 months ago, B4EverNoBody
Great student motivator!
My school has been using LiveSchool for a few years now. The students really like seeing how they’re doing throughout the day, and each Friday they’re excited to spend their points in the school store. For teachers, LiveSchool is very simple to learn, and the customer service is top notch! Great program!
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9 months ago, MDoLafayette
On to Go Rewards
I thoroughly enjoy the availability of being able to award points no matter where I am on campus. Just the other day a student stopped to help another student whose backpack opened and dumbed all the contents on the ground. I was able to award points to this student during transition. Love that feature! M. Douet
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2 years ago, KCCallahan
All good
We love live school because it allows us to reward students for the amazing things they do. Often times we focus of the negative and that’s unproductive. We want to be forward thinking and build culture and live schools helps us do just that.
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2 years ago, punkytiki
Horrible to log in with Clever
Everytime I open the app I have to log in, and I have to log in with Clever due to district requirements. It’s absolutely horrible! Clever constantly says it’s loading. If I let it sit and do its thing, it never logs me in. I have to back out and try to log on multiple times before the app finally lets me in. It’s awful and makes me not want to use it. Please fix this!!
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9 months ago, MrsOwensPrincipal
Middle School points on the move
The app lets me give out points with ease on the move such as in the hallways, during cafeteria duty and school assemblies. When students see me tap and hear the “DING” you can see them crack a smile (yup even in middle school)
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7 months ago, PrincipalGreen
Game Changer!
LiveSchool has transformed the way we track student behavior and inform parents. Teachers have access to student data and points/rewards at the touch of their hands. We love LiveSchool and I can’t imagine not having it.
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2 years ago, Gamernbama
Love This App
I love the app on my phone. It helps me to give points wherever I am in the building. Giving points on the go, in real time is an excellent idea to build student morale and strengthen positive school culture.
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2 years ago, tmorganDetroit
Almost There
This is a great app. The entire system is easy to understand and learn. But, it’s missing a few important essentials. 1st: For the life of me and my co- workers why isn’t there an app for androids? 2nd: Every school across America does not have an extra room to dedicate to a walk in store. Our rewards are stored in a secured closet. The problem is there is no thumbnails showing an image or picture of the reward being bought. Just words which are not entirely seen. For EXAMPLE: To counter act this problem of students constantly wondering what a Whirly Ball looks like, we had to make a google document with pictures. Which means students have to navigate two sites, “Talk about confusion.” I mean would we purchase items from Amazon or anywhere else on the net just by reliability of a name ? We need to place pictures!! 3rd: we need to have an indication of how many items are in stock in the reward store. 4th: on the parent and student app, they should be able to see the house points. 5th: What about some kinda news section where we can display short video and pictures of students accomplishments. Lastly: it is really annoying to have to completely delete an item in the rewards store just to change a point price. A lot of these caveats forces users to go outside the program and use auxiliary programs or use paper Which defeats the purpose of being on a computer and app. But, besides that everything that suppose to work does work great.
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9 months ago, TLMorrow1
Easy to use
The app makes it easy to award points when I’m away from my computer.
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1 year ago, Onar325
Love live school!
I love the live school app! It works so well and the customer service or tech support is A+!!
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3 years ago, Mrs. Naran
Random student selector
I love the random student selector! It keeps my apps in one place.
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3 years ago, willow niller
I’m trying to just open the app but it won’t work. My coworkers say it works for them but I doesn’t work for me.
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3 years ago, alexis. jjj
It’s been loading forever it won’t work
Uh yea
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4 years ago, Alex jskavsjdbavhajd
2 thumbs down
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