LiveSchool Parent

1.9 (46)
5.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
LiveSchool, Inc.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for LiveSchool Parent

1.93 out of 5
46 Ratings
11 months ago, Ngdckrn7
Needs Notifications
This app is really basic and needs improvement. Please add notifications for when teachers make comments and add points. Also, there should be no need to log in every time.
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7 years ago, Graysonsmom13
Rarely works
Rarely works, lately it’s a blank screen. When it does randomly work, when I switch between kids it keeps the others timeline and points so I have to keep clicking to try to get it to display the right info for that child. Hate that our school switched to this. All the parents I know say the same things, everyone is annoyed with it not working or being reliable to see how our kids are doing.
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7 years ago, Mulitpage manager
Like the idea of this
I like the idea of this app. I would like to be able to receive notifications as they are marked by the teacher or at the end of the day. Also, I would like to be able to see the weekly paycheck, because my kid is not good at bringing it home in paper form.
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7 years ago, judy76539
Not user friendly
I always have to login, there should be a way to make it remember so that I don't have to login in each time I want to look at my child's daily progress. Also, I have multiple children and when viewing one child it will switch to another child all on its own. I am definitely not a satisfied user of this program.
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6 years ago, Tohni
Needs improvements
I like being able to see my kids points when it works but a lot of times it won't let me switch between kids. I hate that it doesn't have the option to messages the teachers like class dojo did.
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2 years ago, NRossi210
Can’t see titles
Can see my sons points but cannot read the titles of the rewards even when I click on them. Text needs to wrap or font needs to be decreased.
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5 years ago, Flmommyof2
Not useful
This app is probably pretty great if you have only one child but trying to switch from one child to another makes the app not work properly. when I switch to my other child it still shows the previous child’s points so it’s pretty useless. Please Fix!
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6 years ago, rxshl
Log in every time???
With the newest update the app now requires me to log in every time. This is so annoying!!!!!
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4 years ago, kbrickner2
Terrible App
This app constantly glitches. Kicks you out or doesn’t even let you log in. Even when I do get it to work sometimes the points don’t show up or they reload and it shuts down. Please fix this!!
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7 years ago, shonsmom
Doesn't work
Keeps sending to the login page over and over again and from reading the reviews, it's an ongoing issue that hasn't been fixed.
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6 years ago, Hymmah
I hate logging in.
Why do I have to log in every single time? Super inconvenient.
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7 years ago, krevbot
Does not work
I try to log in and before I can plug in the password it sends me to the dashboard as if I am logged in. If I click the timeline it gives me the spinny and a white screen. Reinstalling does no good.
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4 months ago, Kgalante
Terrible app
The app does not update, getting email notifications but lacks follow thru. No dashboard . 😡 very frustrating
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6 years ago, Dblracer
feedback wanted : parent to parent.
I was told of this app at my sons 6th grade middle school. What has been your experience as parents .. not seeing updates and reviews are not too good.
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6 years ago, BigUgly74
Won’t launch
When I enter my info, it takes me to the home screen then closes back to the login.
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7 years ago, caseym5
Log In?
Doesn't remember log in EVER. Even after navigating within the app! Too inefficient to even try and use
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8 months ago, Nopuyt
Doesn’t work
That’s it
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8 years ago, Katiebugg0523
Doesn't remember username or password. No way to respond to teacher within app. Sounds like a good idea that really makes for a lazy teacher.
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8 years ago, Jillkfs
Not working since update yesterday
Normally this app is great (except that I have to re-login every time I go to the app)...This morning it said the app was updating.. Ever since I haven't been able to login... no error message, just goes back to the login screen. I was able to login on my pc, so it's definitely a problem with the app. Please fix this, I look at it every day. Thank you!
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6 years ago, 4thGradersMommy
Not as bad as I originally said BUT not the best
So I reviewed the app the day I installed it on my phone. It took a few days to finally load correctly and stop bouncing out of the login phase. So to make it work correctly, I went to the parents website and created a login and put in my parent code. Then came back to the app and after a few days and it was completely loaded. It works now. Phew! But it’s a very basic app. It’s a cute concept as I mentioned before but it’s not interactive at all. But a plus is that I can glance at it during the day to gauge how my child’s day is going. All of the teachers use it and they write notes. At the end of this last week, I used it for an open discussion time with my child so she could see what teachers said about her during the week and we discussed what she did or how it made her feel to see the notes. It really made her smile! Downsides: 1) Not interactive. 2) Slow loading when first installed after in the app with sign in screen. 3) You have to log in EVERY time. It doesn’t use Face ID or any feature to keep it logged in. It does not even allow password to be saved in the Keychain.
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