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LNP Media Group, Inc.
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User Reviews for LNP | LancasterOnline

4.31 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
6 years ago, SamSales
My Hometown News Source
Having been born and raised in Lancaster, I check the Lancaster Newspaper most every day to see what is happening in Amish Land The newspaper is easy to read because it’s laid out in a manner that suit’s my individual reading style. Keep up the good work. Sam Stacks Asheville, NC
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6 years ago, SEDKI79
Good Way to Stay in Touch
I am from the Lancaster area and enjoy reading the news each day. I especially enjoy the high school sports where the old rivalries still remain and new rivalries have begun. I hope the newspaper continues with this application and does not disrupt service to apply modifications that are of minimal value. This my second review. I continue to enjoy the newspaper no matter where I am in the world. This my third review. I continue to enjoy much of the newspaper. However, there has been an increase in the reference to the use of links to read further into an article. Unfortunately who ever is responsible for ensuring that the links are enabled is failing in that responsibility. I hope this issue can be addressed. This is my fourth review. The recent update to format a few months ago was a distinct decline in read-ability. Pages will go days/weeks without update. Even the once reliable HS sports page only appears to be updated as a second thought. If covering a wide range of news is difficult then take a look at the online Harrisburg Patriot News. This newspaper updates itself every few minutes, not when someone decides to try an update. The paper should have dedicated staff who work the online version solely. Then, maybe, readers will appreciate the paper.
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4 years ago, a cult
LPN news
I am enjoy the local sports, local news and obituaries. The news that is taken off the AP is too opinionated. The AP writers , in my opinion, can not just put facts and let me draw my own conclusion. From my perspective the AP writers are too insecure or believe that we mortal can not logically process facts; this is both nationally and international news. Yes, they seem, again from my point, dislike Trump and can not write without letting their opinion known. Just give me the news, I have 3 degrees and can process information quite well. I do not need opinionated writers to give me their slanted views; I read so much other stuff, I feel well informed.....just facts...please.
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2 years ago, glm911
Scrolling issues
I have been using this app for approximately six years and I noticed while scrolling through information… I very rarely get to the end because it automatically goes to the start….. continue to scroll and once again it goes back to the store very frustrating, and it seems I can never get to the end. I hope you developers are reading this and will be able to get things tuned up. I especially noticed it while scrolling through the obituaries
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6 years ago, lanco resident
App content no longer free
Must pay for a subscription to view content on this app now. No longer a free content app. Used to be a great daily local read. With many other free local options for news, I will not pay for the same news stories I can get from WGAL or Fox 43 for free. Hopefully you will make content free again in future. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Psuwick
Lancaster Newspaper is AWESOME.
Wow, I’m originally from Lancaster City, Sixth Ward area and have always read the newspaper. Then I moved away, military service. Came back into the area, Mechanicsburg area and still searched for my home town newspaper. I just love this newspaper. It is what a newspaper should provide to it’s readers!! Comparison between The Lancaster Newspaper vs The Patriot Newspaper, LNP everyday, Patriot Newspaper ONLY three days a week. Patriot NP ...... TERRIBLE reporters and editors.
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4 years ago, Belue2
This News should be available for all
This logging in as a Newspaper subscriber to get News! What happened to ads paying for news? The News should be free. You can make other parts to go with subscription but not NEWs.
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2 years ago, mikey0767
Poor reporting
Have used app for years. All of a sudden you say I can’t read anymore articles. That’s fine. It’s always the same articles for days. Nothing changes in the local and PA articles. I used to live in Lancaster and now live elsewhere. I used the app to keep in touch with the Lancaster community, I have friends in Lancaster and like to see what news is going on there. I also read obituary pages, can’t do that anymore. So be it. Keep your articles.
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2 years ago, loudlaffer
Unable to log in
When I try to log in, it tells me I do not have a subscription (I’ve been a subscriber for years) and when I click the button to subscribe, it tells me I already have a subscription but it will not allow me to log in and make use of said subscription. Frustrating! I’m ready to cancel my subscription as I have not been able to get anyone to fix the problem.
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5 years ago, skathleen
Wonderful way to stay up-to-date
I love being able to read the newspaper online. It makes it easy to read and catch up whenever I have a few minutes.
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2 years ago, rexgirl32
Fix the Automatic Scrolling!!!!
Please. Fix the scrolling issue. Every bad review here is about the way the app CONSTANTLY pops back up to the top of a section. It’s impossible to actually see all the content easily because I’m forever scrolling past items I’ve already seen. The only things I can figure are: 1) incompetent developers 2) LNP gets revenue based on how many times an ad is viewed so the forces scrolling also forces users to see ads many more times than they normally would Either way, I pay LNP to subscribe and get this content. The least you could do is make a 21st century app instead of a 1999 one. Thank you.
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4 years ago, ishidakaron
I cannot access my account unless I log out of email and go to the app. Even if I’m scrolling through google or Apple news I cannot access those unless I log out and go to the app and sometimes those stories are not yet available. Even using the login which doesn’t appear very often it won’t allow me to access. This is the only news source that does this to me. And what’s up with the nickname?
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2 years ago, kangaroojumper
Needs some work
When scrolling down through the obituaries, I barely see the name of the person and it moves back up to the top of the page again. It is so annoying. It never used to do that. Not quite sure what the problem is, but it meeds to be looked at please.
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5 years ago, Rich 369
No links
Lists or links ( that follow an article) never show up on the app. I have a paid subscription which gives me access to the articles, but in order to access the links, I need to log in to the website. Not very user friendly & frustrating.
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2 years ago, Princess zephyr
Not free like it says
It literally says FREE access to local news, sports, etc. in the app’s description. It is not FREE as the description says. It requires a subscription to Lancaster newspapers which I can’t find any way to subscribe to in app which is annoying. Also I don’t really pay for a subscription where I have to see ads selling “Let’s go Brandon” merchandise. If it was free I’d tolerate the ads but it’s not so bye Felicia.
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2 years ago, mikey 49
Flipping stories
As your reading a story or a obituary on the app, the page keeps flipping back to the first paragraph or obituary. You can’t read even a paragraph without this happening. It’s VERY ANNOYING. I called LNP to ask if it can be fixed and the person I spoke to said it doesn’t happen when she reads a story, so she really didn’t know how to elevate the issue, or didn’t seem to care.
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7 years ago, Abbyt57
Great local news
Great local news. I like the traffic info. Information stays up to date. Local traffic link is usually accurate.
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4 months ago, Sepondude
Wrong Direction
Every “upgrade” to this app makes it worse. It’s clunky, poorly organized, and about 10 years behind modern apps. Really bad. It’s a shame because the content is generally good. Once you filter through their left leaning bias, the articles are thorough and well written. Some of the articles are actually too long, with unnecessary tangents.
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2 years ago, *JESUS#1
I would like to order so I can receive the obituaries but you won’t except my new e mail or password. *JESUS#1
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6 years ago, hill0101
Not paying to read stories
It seems LNP is nickel and diming us as they never used to charge to read articles (also trying to do this on twitter now). Now the articles are blacked out with a notification that I've reached my max of free stories. What a joke, I'll just start reading from other sources. 👋🏼
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7 years ago, Pennsylvania user
I'm mainly writing this review because I got tired of the "write a review" pop-up. It's a typical news app that just gives you the headline, and part of the story. Nothing stands out. And if they won any awards it's because they're the only newspaper in town.
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2 years ago, maddening 😡😡😡
Bad scrolling
Please fix the scrolling. When scrolling through the Obituaries it keeps going back to the first one every two or three scrolls. It is maddening. Also you can’t go to a previous day, when you select a prior day it goes to today. No search!
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2 years ago, Broilerboy
Bad scrolling
If LancasterOnline doesn’t fix their app so you can actually scroll without it constantly going back to the beginning I will be canceling my subscription. This has been a problem for a number of years and if they can’t fix it then I don’t need it.
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4 years ago, RojoSwat
Can’t access stories
It is ridiculous to put the headline out and not give access to the story without have a subscription to LNP. I previously had the paper but did not read it consistently so it was not cost efficient. You are bullying the public into buying the paper which I have heard from numerous people.
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6 years ago, msferre
Does the job decently.
Does the job decently. I’ve seen better news apps, so there’s room for improvements. It’s still a good app.
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7 years ago, RichS2820
Great App
Enjoy reading the LNP app first thing every morning to learn what is going on in the community. Easy to find topics of interest in a very timely manner.
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5 years ago, me and tou
Me and you
Best in the business with up to date information and top of line staff!
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4 years ago, Stop asking me for a nickname!
Paid subscription + in-app advertisements
Currently have a $5 per month fee to read any of their content. Even with the subscription, this app will repeatedly display cringe-worthy ads over the bottom of the screen. Uninstall this and use the web browser.
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2 years ago, shammiki
I know longer enjoy the app due to not being able to read obits without having a subscription. That’s all I read since I no longer live in PA . I don’t have subscription to my local paper but can still read obits.
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6 years ago, walck1
Hard to navigate
It is difficult to find articles and sections of paper and when I do find them, i accidentally touched a tiny advertisement jump spot and poof - I lost my article
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2 years ago, Polishprince34
Great source for local information
Timely and insightful.
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5 years ago, Spoonspa
Nice features but missing many articles
I like the structure of the app but wish it included all of the paper. It only has part of the paper.
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2 years ago, Snipes2014
Obituary glitch
Fix the glitch in the obituaries please. Every time you try to scroll through, it repeatedly jumps back to the top. This has been going on for years. It’s very annoying and I know it happens to others.
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6 years ago, DRSell
Don Sell
Log in to read an app story because my ”free time” has expired...very annoying when visiting an App.(!)
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7 years ago, Girlie girlie girlie girl
Only show in town
Biased reporting. They favor whatever politician that is in their pocket. They are definitely not fair and balanced.
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6 years ago, king kufu
No way
I’ve had this app for the last couple of years and opened it this evening to find a message “You have read all of your free articles.” Seriously? This crappy little local app wants me to pay to read their articles? See ya LOL...go find another sucker.
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11 months ago, mgkey17
Desperately Needs Updating
This is truly one of the most antiquated apps I’ve ever seen. For a platform that makes you pay to read most of their content, it’s time that this app gets a major overhaul.
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3 years ago, Ephrata resident
Isn’t free!
I downloaded this app as the website isn’t free anymore and the description for the app claims it is totally free. It isn’t! You have to be subscribed to the newspaper to read the news on this app. (Also very biased)
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2 years ago, Elizaluc
Soooo difficult
For online readers getting to the newspaper is so difficult, soooo many steps. I subscribe to 3 online newspapers, this is by far the worst. Once downloaded it’s also difficult to read.
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4 years ago, Cuecu
Lancaster online
Can not access any articles with out a subscription. You should make it more accessible by selling ads on the site and let non subscribers at least a number of free articles each day.
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4 years ago, ab72345
A little clunky to navigate on a tablet
Graphics are great but constantly boots me out and have to sign in again. Can’t I stay signed in?
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5 years ago, Abevilac
No obvious search function
I actually subscribe to this newspaper and it’s quite frustrating to try to find an article that you know exists. I have to go outside the app to do a google search to find anything. Useless.
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6 years ago, MikeEmRy
Great newspaper!
Everything you need to know and more is in here!
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6 years ago, Seed Bearer
Lnp app
Slow as crap to load. They can't pick a single appearance they like. Lots of stories don't even load because they are not ready for the app. Glad I don't pay for this.
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6 years ago, jonacs2
I used to read this daily, but as of this week the articles are behind a paywall. Now the app is only good for viewing the headlines of the articles you can’t read unless you pay $10/month.
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5 years ago, fisjeter
Disappointed... having to pay to read local articles.
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6 years ago, dmbfan4036
Forced subscription to read articles now
Deleting app. This updates seems to enforce the subscription on each article. Happy to find my news elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Baitteriffic
Scrolling articles
Cannot scroll articles or obituaries as the app keeps relocating the current position to earlier in the list. Almost unusable.
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4 years ago, Mbhershb
Hard to work with
Good newspaper but the app is hard to work with. Even though it is getting better though but I much rather prefer the paper copy at this point.
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6 years ago, cheaplnp
No more Lancaster online
Free for years now they want us to pay to look at there website. I deleted it from my computer. Just like LNP anything to try and make a dollar.
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