Local 10 - WPLG Miami

4.8 (26.7K)
28.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Graham Media Group, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Local 10 - WPLG Miami

4.79 out of 5
26.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Brenda Suarez
Channel 10 Morning Team
Love this Ten Morning Team with Eric and Jacey. Their engagement in reporting the news is inviting and genuine. The old saying, “no news; is good news just doesn’t apply here since they report things that happen with a sense of “its going to be ok.” Their unique, natural, simple fun tends to settle commonly and their engagement with the community measures above and beyond. As a recent resident of the Palm Beach area now, I streamline because I am committed to a team who who for years really makes me feel like I am part of the family. I love my Channel 10 Morning Team at the start of my everyday!
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4 years ago, Sebas.jara
Worst app playing videos
This is by far the worse and stupidest app when it comes to playing a video. They are good giving out news and keeping us informed but whenever a want to see the actual video. It usually crashes, stops playing and kind of like resets the video. Or it actually refreshes the whole page therefore taking me out of the video. I believe it might be because of the advertisement because every time it stops the video i see a different ad at the bottom. What do you need the advertisement for?? Are you kidding me ? Your job it’s to keep us informantes and give us the news. That’s it. Not load us with commercials, ads and propaganda BS! I’m definitely erasing this app and downloading something else! It’s unbelievable that I can’t watch the news when that’s bass icky the whole point of this app!!!!
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7 years ago, Fllpsp
Love channel 10
We watched channel 10 all day long, in sure that we are kept informed of everything that is going on. During the Hurricane your app was greatly appreciated by our executive in Chicago and our families that live in Honolulu Hawaii, knowing how we were doing here in Florida. Thank you so much for your out standing at work and your support to our families that are not living in our state. Thank you Jewell Langford-Frei
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5 years ago, jbuidlp
Walmart ads
Every time I open the app at some point an att add pops up for Walmart saying I’ve won a free gift card I deleted this app onc already in the past I’m about to do it again I just thought I would try again but horrible service to read the news and then back out of app because you can’t get out of free gift from some third party and it’s only on this app
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7 years ago, Actionbx
Love it but....
Love the new version of the app. Provides everything and all the information I need. My only complaint is for some reason, the closed caption appeared out of nowhere and I don’t see a way to remove it. All of a sudden, one morning it was on my iPad and I can’t get it off. Also, I wish there was a way to make the screen larger or expand. As soon as you tap on the screen it pauses and then you have to tap on it again.
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2 years ago, elsiekenneth
Channel 10
Very knowledgeable and professional reporters. Channel 10 news keeps me informed so far with accurate information. If I have to say anything negative, it is the early morning, Jaycee Burch. To me, she is like shouting the news fast to get it over with. She needs to tone down the tone and slow down the speed.
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4 years ago, soflachick
Great local app!
This app has been my go-to for local news and videos since it was added to the App Store. The app has gotten more stable with time and videos now play smoothly even with the ads. I’m able to follow state and federal press conferences easily in the app. I also use their hurricane tracker app.
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7 years ago, MDOS007
Top news
I never used to watch the news or know about major events in my community until Hurricane Irma. That day I needed to know what was going on and be informed in a one liner type of sentence. Even since I have kept the app and now I know what going on at home. Thank you and keep up your noble work of letting us know what’s going around. Thank you
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5 years ago, miami-florida
But the Push Notifications Disappear
I really like the Local 10 app *except* the push notifications appear on my iPhone for just seconds — often not long enough to read them. Is there anyway to make the notifications stay on my screen like other news headlines?
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6 years ago, Burning Bright
Channel 10 News
This application works very well. I am able to check up on the news quickly and at my convenience. The alerts let me know of breaking news; traffic, weather, sports, and politics. Not just a “board” but has much video as well.
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3 years ago, HDCVO
I follow Ch 10 99% for news,specials, ABC 20/20 Nightline etc. However, Ch 10’s website doesn’t always keep up to date with the TV News. Plus often, I feel the reporting is not as detailed as one would like. This is my personal opinion.
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4 years ago, jeenphoo
Hi Jakie just saying thnx you
Hi my name is Jakie Goicolea I really thnx you for all work you do .❤️😍😊 and all of you take turns on working Like start 4:30 am until the rest of the day I apreste All you . And from posting my mask pictures on u face book ❤️❤️ Thnx you so much From jakie goicolea
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4 years ago, Bom65
Needs a lot of work
App always strugles to open and connect. Lots of problems with crashing and/or freezing. When the app is working it will play 1 or 2 short news stories than about 10 commercials. Usually, it is the exact same commercial played back to back, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over... Obviously the administrators are more interested in raking in the advertising bucks than actually getting the news to the subscribers.
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6 years ago, video ads play automatically
Video ads play automatically now
No more being discreet checking local news on this app as now after most recent update video ads begin playing randomly and automatically over and over. Can’t get through the first 3 sentences in an article without having the university of Miami health video pop up to play 6 times. Deleting this app. NBC6 and local 7 both allow you to at least read an article in its entirety without bombarding you with the same video ad over and over.
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5 years ago, World sense
Serious about the news.
I absolutely love Chanel 10! Every one seems very serious about bringing the most accurate reports, while being so professional at the same time. Thank you WPLG for keeping us informed on the subjects that matter the most.
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6 years ago, MoniHof
The Best! Local 10!
I have been watching Local 10 WPLG since I grew up in Miami. Now, as a daily commuter, it is the most informative of traffic in the tri-County area and provides the best up to the minute on current news and top stories! A great and easy to use Ap anywhere you go.
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4 years ago, P.R Red Neck
My rating of my hometown local 10 news
I move to Arizona 13 months ago and I still watch all the news from South Florida . To stay I touch with my roots and my favorite TV station and the best new crews .... A “ BIG THUMBS UP “ 👍to local 10 News .
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2 years ago, Jba007
Too many notifications
Too many notifications for regular news
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6 years ago, MiamiKicksA$$
Love 10 but
I live in Michigan now but I still go into your app. But every time I try to watch a video, It doesn’t play. I have to delete the app and download it again so it could play. Not sure why but it’s been doing this for months and now is when I finally write this review so that your staff can try to fix it. Other then that I love miami and channel 10
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2 years ago, FrondFarmer
Auto play of ads is extremely annoying
This latest version they tossed over the transom loves to autoplay an ad either upon initial invocation of the app or when tapping on a specific story. This is NOT the desired behavior - it wastes bandwidth and starts making unwanted noise when I’m in a quiet environment. I generally want to read a story’s header and only very occasionally will I actually want to watch a video and *I* will decide what will be viewed, period.
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4 years ago, ajrenteria
10 news
Excellent & reliable with up to date news quickly as it happens
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5 years ago, katscrch
Widget Not Updating
Your widget has been showing the same 3 stories since around Thanksgiving. I removed the widget and added it back but it still shows the same stories. Not sure if I need to try uninstalling and reinstalling your app or if it’s an issue on your end but it is getting annoying. All of my other widgets have been updating to current stories except yours.
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6 years ago, AnyoliF
Auto Play Ads!?
This used to be my go-to news app. But the latest release has auto play video ads after scrolling down every few stories. It’s entirely too often. I regret that I have to delete this app until this is addressed. Please Channel 10, listen to your viewers! We understand having to make revenue from ads, but they should be passive. Having a pop-up every 30-60 seconds is irritating and will drive people away!
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5 years ago, SKY$64$
Greatest News App
This news station really keeps you updated and that is why I got the app. If I’m out on the road I can still see the news if I want to because they show it live.
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6 years ago, Shawnw007
Commercials are way too repetitive
App works fine, and I often have it running while I’m putting on makeup in the morning. However, the same commercials loop over and over in the background to the point of nausea. I’m serious...they will literally play the same commercial back-to-back in-between air-time. But it’s horrendous. If I hear that same jingle for “Vera” Cadillac just one more #%&@$¥% time....😡
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6 years ago, AmnesticDoc
Just deleted after years
Local 10 app has become cumbersome. I used it for years and thought it was good. However, they have changed their service and are now exploiting users. I just deleted the app. It now Forces 30s advertisements to watch a 15s news clip. Really? Not for me. My time is more valuable than that, and there are many better apps. Recommend you avoid unless they change their tune on their practices and exploitation.
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5 years ago, jjjjjboo
Always there
Can always count on the news provide the news I’m looking for there always stay very current and up-to-date .
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3 years ago, my10 news
News reports Local 10
I really enjoy being to see the news. I don’t have cable just internet services. Thanks
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3 years ago, PatSeidel
Love Channel 10 Updates
I can always count on getting the latest updates from Channel 10 on my iPhone.
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7 years ago, johnsitra
Quality News Personel
I enjoy starting every morning with all of my friends on 10 news they are the perfect 10 in news thank you all
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5 years ago, Pascale A.
App Used to Work Great
This app used to work great. But now the app remains stuck on one news cycle and hasn’t been updated for the last week. I even tried to delete and reinstall the app and it worked fine for an hour. Then it inexplicably only displayed the same old news stories from a few days ago. I hope this issue gets fixed soon or else I will have to delete the app for good.
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2 years ago, maro marlo
Local 10
My name is Marlon Dennis I’ve been watching local 10 for years everyday it’s my number one station in the world big local 10
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4 years ago, a&d lands
Best news team
Local 10 has always being the most reliable news station, the entire cast is wonderful
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4 years ago, White Spyder
An interested reader
Articles are incomplete many times. Just as you get into a story, it stops in mid-sentence. There usually is an ad that appears and then the story doesn’t continue at the end of the ad. This is a very frustrating component of the WMUR app. Please see if this problem can be addressed. Thank you.
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6 years ago, hckhpk
Live News in the Morning
Morning live news is terrible. Commercial spots and promos play on with no news coverage. “We’re not supposed to be here.....” So I switch to another app.
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5 years ago, Yeah that's me..
Channel 10 Shows Conservative Bias
Your headlines and reporting are often written from a biased conservative stance. For example, the headline about Commissioner Gelin calling out the racist cop who falsely arrested him. I really don’t care that it caused “disturbance” of a ceremony. The commissioner and other citizens have the right to speak on false arrests and improper police conduct-NO MATTER TIME NOR PLACE. Journalists used to be highly respected because they wrote for the people. Now it seems journalists write for politicians.
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5 years ago, B RO CK
Brandon is the best.
His reports are always entertaining and accurate. The entire household enjoys his sense of humor as he provides detailed reports and fun antidotes throughout the morning hours. We dial away on his days off..
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6 years ago, Kevie1970
Very well designed app!
This app runs smoothly and quickly every time. The app loads instantly and consistently offers a wealth of information.
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7 years ago, Mist D'Boat
Keeping updated
I downloaded this app because of IRMA. I got up to date information & stayed connected to my city. I'm getting notifications for post storm reopening & canceled events. I'm happy .😁
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3 years ago, Cashdad
New viewer
I want to thank the team at this station, I live in Texas and have been able to watch the coverage of the building collapse….
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2 years ago, Marilyn2016
I come to the app for news stories, not 30 second ads every time I want to see the what’s happening in my city. I don’t want to hear about furniture when I clicked a video to see a 96 year old lady was killed in some crazy altercation. Ridiculously long, make then 5 or 10 seconds if you want to make an Easy dollar.
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2 years ago, beenripedog
Too many notifications.
Good app but they send too many notifications. It seems like at least 1 or 2 an hour
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6 years ago, EmrisMAX
Annoying ads every where
Start playing all the time Can’t read news at all Junk app All about ads, crap crap
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3 years ago, Barbara G,
Channel 10
Best news cast. There all terrific. Moved here 1 year ago and they explain and also answer your questions. Luke, Betty always help me.
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6 years ago, Trantula
Fast and accurate !
Watch it every morning for weather and traffic reports.
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4 years ago, localrobert
My experience
Wow just moved back to states after 8 years living in Dominican Republic this app is fantastic especially with weather updates .
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7 years ago, Elliesugarbeau
Can’t believe I received a “breaking news” alert today about a bomb threat in Doral, only to find this happened last week Friday. I’m outrageously disappointed Channel 10 played with my emotions. Why is the media all about the hype? Just carry the news as is and stop toying with peoples’ emotions. Driving fear is what the media about today. So sad... This for me is a no go and will be deleted.
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3 years ago, CrombieMom
Unpredictable Results
Unpredictable results because sometimes I’ll be reading the stories on this app & the article just stops in the middle. Pop up ads are aplenty! Maybe that’s part of the problem.
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5 years ago, Rodriguez344
I wish...
Every other app for local news had the capabilities of this one! Every other half
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2 years ago, Roy Bern
Current news
Timely events
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