Local Now: News, TV & Movies

4.3 (1.3K)
27.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Weather Group, LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Local Now: News, TV & Movies

4.35 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, DStroyerRadio
My Stream customization would be nice
Cool app that I use on my phone, but mostly on my TV. It would be nice if we could customize the My Stream feature. Like, maybe I just want a continuous loop of weather-related things (similar to the Weather Channel’s (old?) WeatherScan channel) on my TV while I’m doing stuff around the house…and not so much about what kinds of wine moms like best, or where to buy the best kombucha.
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3 weeks ago, Joedejong.mister horror?
Recommend it
The app is working so far, so good, and I also launched it on my Roku, but the one thing that I would love to see a here on the app, and that is AirPlay, I can airplay it to either my TV or my Roku, and, but one bug though that I’m having, and that is trying to watch a movie or a show on the app on my iPad, I go to the movies tab whenever I go to watch a movie, and when I click on the title of the movie, for some reason, it keeps saying, something went wrong, hopefully you guys can get that bug resolved, and also another problem, is that when I go to, add channels to my favorites, for some reason it won’t do it on my iPad, but it does it on my iPod touch, and also one thing that’s missing, is notifications, I would love to be notified, about breaking news in my area, or international news, and weather alerts, and would also love to be notified about new channels coming on the app, I love all the channels here on the app, keep it going, and keep updating the app, love, LocalNow,
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5 years ago, Wewex007
Quick AM news bites
I love this app! I always put it on my fire stick while getting ready for work in the morning. I really enjoy that it provides local news based on my location, and that it gives you a mixed variety of news clips to help you get the day started. I would like to suggest a feature where we could choose which categories we would like the app to focus on. For example: I would love to see more national news and tech news, and less cooking clips. Hopefully there could be a feature that includes this. Maybe add a voting feature for each of the clips and have the app remember what type of news you like and learn from those clips to then show more of the same after some time. Overall the app is great and I highly recommend. I would definitely pay $1-3 per month to remove ads.
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1 year ago, Mr Giles 38
Always freezing and buffering
I love this app cause I drive for lyft, and I have a tv in my car. this news tells everything that’s going on in my city, plus weather. so when I pick up passengers that are visiting from other states. it shows them restaurants etc in the area ,and what they are rated as well . But my only problem is I have to keep restarting it over, because it would freeze on me, and buffer as well. It would pop up with a white screen, and stay on that screen while the audio sound of it, moves on to the next segment. If this problem could be fixed,it would definitely be a 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️s for me …
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5 years ago, Whypick1
Great app....but...
Love the app, but it sometimes reboots constantly on my tv..so much so that at times its just not worth it and I turn it off. I know you have to get your ads in there, but when you put an ad in for a movie...which should really be in the show biz/entertainment section...and the ad is several minutes long plus the additional time for the rebooting, and the fact that you show this ad at the beginning of every section you have ...it is super annoying and makes me want to turn it off. I really wish it worked better, as I love watching this app on the rare occasions that it works right.
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5 years ago, Fallszf
Awesome app!! Support local!
We are lucky to live in a time of flourishing arts and event scenes that coincide with a new found emphasis to support our local communities. This app is the perfect way to effectively navigate our thriving city and all of the beautiful things it has to offer! Then of course having the local weather and news at your finger tips is a huge plus. This app is all you need to plan your day, weekend, life!!
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3 years ago, Gummyman52
I like it but...
Local now is absolutely wonderful! I do have one suggestion, it would be really awesome if we could pick what slides is are favorites so next time we open the app we can get those slides instead of watching slides that we don’t care for! I do appreciate the time and effort you guys have been putting in this app! Keep it up!
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3 years ago, Ja287
Old version
Jack Avery In my own opinion I think should go back to the way it was before because this new Version it’s not the same as the last version can someone please change it back
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3 years ago, APPLEFans2010
Can’t AirPlay Anymore.
I love this app and use it as my morning information feed. It used to allow me to AirPlay the video on my Apple TV but now it seems like the AirPlay feature is gone. Can you add it back? Thank you!
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1 year ago, Matthew Keys
Good concept, buggy app
Local Now has a great assortment of local and national news networks along with some general entertainment and specialty content. But good luck watching any of the live streams: it takes multiple taps of a channel icon or program name to actually launch the stream you want, and the guide is a buggy mess that has a mind of its own. Things that should be relatively easy to fix, and let’s hope they do.
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2 years ago, Rivercameron090
Too many commercials, but still somewhat good.
Every time it goes to like “Houston! It’s time for Lunch” or look at the local radar it just keeps saying the same thing over and over again. But I still would somewhat recommend this app in case you need it. Say for example Power outages or Severe storms. It’s kinda still of great app. 🙂
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2 years ago, Victim #49
Daily go to for us
It’s so different than other apps. We get our local updates like weather and traffic from local now and we love it. Highly recommend the app.
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4 years ago, Sunthebun1
No voiceover.
The app is fair but there is a major problem. I am visually impaired and I have the voiceover to read and it doesn’t read anything below the video screen. How am I supposed to read the news articles and all the movies if I can’t see it. The voiceover on my device would read the details below the video screen but all it’s doing is responding like the voiceover is off. That’s very disrespectful and I don’t appreciate it. #respect people with disabilities.
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2 years ago, sean808080
Basic and hard to use
I downloaded the app and tried pasting my email address in. The email field on the login screen doesn’t respond to copy and paste commands. What a no-brainer. Why are you making me type out my email address? Why aren’t you supporting sign in with Apple or other services? Try using it as a user and you’ll see it’s not user friendly.
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3 years ago, YoshisAreCool
Good but add some features!
I’m happy with this app but I wonder if you can change the order of well you know. And also can you make your stream public? Would sound cool. But anyway, Great and Amazing app! 😊
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4 years ago, ilikethisapp😃❤️
Satisfied, but...
I’m really happy with this app, but the only thing is that it doesn’t support chrome cast! And most of the movies aren’t really kid friendly ether, which is really disappointing. But overall, it is a good app to catch up on current events.
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1 year ago, tms9055
Sooo much potential but too many problems
This app has tons of live channels, so many that I would love to watch…if only I could click on something without it jumping to a totally different category!! 😡 The app on my smart TV isn’t much better, works for awhile until it crashes. Needs A LOT of work on multiple platforms.
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4 years ago, SkyPrincesa
Area Events
I can’t seem to find any listing for area events! That is the main reason I downloaded this app. I can get the weather and news on TV but for some reason, they only mention events after they have already happened. Am I not looking in the right place?
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4 years ago, fortnitepro97#
Fast news
I like how this app shows the news I need but in a time limit I have on a daily basis.
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2 years ago, tonyrog3
Casting option
App is good but I would love the ability to cast it to chromecast to watch instead of my small phone screen. If the capability is already there I haven’t been able to find it on iphone 13 pro.
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4 years ago, Waukemom
News now
I watch this every day I find some interesting local news in it. I have cnn on my tv all the time too keep up with national happenings
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3 years ago, Matty-Matt7
I love the app
It gives me my local news from Central Mississippi. Sometimes I will watch Local Now in the morning so I can watch local news.
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5 years ago, Beautifulbrand
Great idea!
I heard Byron Allen mention this app in an I interview. It's just as he said, local TV like you grew up with but in a streaming format that no one else is doing, a brilliant idea! Also, it's free! I plan to have it on my living room tv.
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3 years ago, kc9cda
This app is wonderful to have but it needs some work due to voiceover and people that are blind and visually impaired cannot navigate it very well. In your next app version would you make it accessible for the blind and visually impaired
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4 years ago, jahgsgeh
It’s so cool! You can see everything that is happening in the world l just live it!
I love it you can see everything that is happening in the world right now!
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3 years ago, Steven0062
App Update
I would like to know when you going to update the app so we can watch the new programming.
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4 years ago, 1983RIZ
Thumbs up 👍🏼
Better local news than even the major local media channels plus lots more. Installed on all my TVs and my phone.
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1 year ago, pbsports
Issues with channel scrolling
Having same issues with other reviewer about scrolling to channels not staying and returning back to locals channels section. Hope for next update to fix this issue
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2 years ago, more focused
This is a good app
I made a statement that I couldn't find the volume well long be hold I found it lol so this is a cool app to get and keep
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3 years ago, Beatlesndogs
Thumbs down
In a short time I heard the same stories repeated over and over. They said “here are the lottery numbers” but didn’t say them. If you didn’t look you didn’t get them. Several things were not for radio listeners, only for watchers. I wanted a radio app, not a TV app. Whoa, here comes a story for the third time I will delete the app now.
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4 years ago, yea me is snjsjs
Must have
I am always curious to see the things going around In the world and this app is perfect for that.
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1 year ago, Ozzzy4444
Very annoying!
Every other streaming app allows you to turn off the auto play feature. Very frustrating having the weather Blair to at you nonstop while you are trying to read the description of a movie.
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12 months ago, nancyj0
Thank you
Thank you for not being greedy. This app is exactly what I wanted.
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1 year ago, Big - DG
Could be better
Has some good shows and channels, but it randomly jumps around and takes you away from what you’re looking at. I usually give up and close the app
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2 years ago, ryanrain2
Totally inaccessible with voiceover on iOS
I heard great things about this app and it’s content. I also think the concept is a wonderful idea. However, I am totally blind and use voiceover on my iPhone. After launching the app, it does not work with voiceover so, I’m unable to try it.
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4 years ago, yesirgree
I love itttt
It’s nice relax and I can watch news and not buy a tv like that it’s ez install and open the there free to get!!!
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4 years ago, SoutheastKansas
I didn’t see ANY local news at all. When I clicked on local news, I got a few headlines, none that were actually in our area, but no story to go with it. What the heck? The ads come through just fine.
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4 years ago, shdbbfbfbfbf
This app always has interesting stories & useful tips!
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3 years ago, Bridget Lapka
Local now
Why i can't get this to work
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4 years ago, zoe666099
Why I like this app
I like this app cause I can know what’s going on around the world it is very help full
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5 years ago, Droobie-Doo
Can’t see the video because of controls
It would be nice to be able to see the video at the top of the screen but you float the controls over it and fade the video so you can’t see anything.
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3 years ago, Mr. Dan C.
Numerous Interruptions of the program selected!
To whom this may concern: The program titled, “Silence Patton”, stop less than 1/2 way through, when I was then bombed with commercial after commercial, never returning back to the interrupted program. I tried several times to restart the movie, and only retuned the same commercials again! This was my first experience with Local Now, and it wasn't all that great! Respectfully, Dan C.
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4 years ago, my face jedd
Trying it
People seem to like it so I give it a try
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4 years ago, BeatMiser
Can we just keep it real?
There’s nothing “local” about this app. The whole app is just public domain movies and Entertainment Studios straight-to-streaming projects. Even the streaming stuff is generic and non-location-specific programming. Just an overall not-good experience with this app.
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1 year ago, conorodoherty
Don’t use this app. You have to restart the app every single time you want to use it because it will just crash and freeze upon opening. Find one that’s not broken.
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4 years ago, lerman12085
Best news app
This is one to the best news apps that is got local and state news.
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8 months ago, farleyfarleybdcharlue
Auto-plays when opened. How about an option to auto-mute.
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4 years ago, Jaz e Luv
Very informative, just enough info to get you through the day. Love,love,love it,
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4 years ago, billyharveyjr
Well it’s great!
I love this app so much it’s the best keep updating if you want!
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3 years ago, Bobbobbitybowrtsonthethirdd
Not a news app
I thought this would be a news aggregator, but I couldn’t find anything but weather and movies for sale. There is no news on this app.
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