LockDown Browser

1.2 (2.8K)
16.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Respondus Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for LockDown Browser

1.2 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
4 years ago, entripic nic
Might as well not take the exam
This is the first app review I’ve ever made and I’ll just start off by saying that using lockdown browser was the absolute worst test taking experience I have ever had. I started logging into canvas to take a 30 minute quiz just so the app would freeze and crash over a dozen times, effectively taking more time than the quiz allowed for, granting me a 0 on it. Considering most professors in this online day and age don’t trust students when test taking at home, they didn’t buy that this garbage app was the culprit and not my iPad or WiFi which has never had any problems to date. I might as well have just gone to a public bathroom and flipped through pages of an STD textbook for 2 hours instead of going through the immeasurable suffering that was trying to make this app work. The former would even be preferred at this point. And here I am, a straight A student getting the first B in my college career all because of an embarrassing excuse of a mobile test proctoring application. The quiz was an easy 10 questions long and would have taken me no more than 10 minutes to complete. Screw this app and its Neanderthal developers.
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4 years ago, Kalysa D.
It ruins AP exams
Because of distance learning, college Board requires AP students to download this app for the exams. While I was taking a practice exam(I was on question 43 out of 60), I was randomly kicked out of it and brought back to the sign in screen. It at first didn’t bother me since I usually get kicked out of practice test on the college board site, however, because I had the LockDown browser open, I was not able to login again. I also couldn’t use the home button or the power button either, so I was stuck on the sign in screen. I spent 20 minutes stressing out because I had other assignments I had to work on. I had to fully shut down the IPad to exit out of the frozen screen. While I was able to access my other applications now, it still didn’t allow me to finish my practice exam. I had to ultimately email my teacher so I don’t get points take away for not completing this assignment. I partially blame this on college board as well since I get kicked off of practice test all the time. I really hope this situation does not happen during the actual test and ruin my chances of passing.
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3 years ago, TheForce24
After reading the one-star reviews of this app, I was very nervous to use it. I needed it for an astronomy final I had to take while on vacation, and I was only given a 6 hour timeframe to complete it. Thankfully, no crashes or freeze-ups occurred during the half-hour it took me to complete the test, but there was a bit of a fiasco that occurred beforehand. When I first tried to take the test. I got a notification saying that my teacher hadn’t allowed the use of the iPad app to take the test. This freaked me out, because it was 10:00 already and I only had 2 hours left to take the final. I emailed my teacher explaining the situation, and he was able to remove the restriction in time for me to take the test. To prevent this from happening to you, I would recommend emailing your teacher a week or so beforehand to let them know you will be using the iPad app to take the test.
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4 years ago, not mucb
Please update it
I just finished checking your website and noticed that you are consistently updating lockdown on Mac and windows users. So please do the same for the iOS app version. Speaking from my personal experience, i tried using lockdown respondus and everything seemed fine, then literally 5 minutes into my exam it kicked me out. I could easily just reboot the app and log back into my exam right? Nope. It wouldn’t work and only continued to kick me out. The reason this is a problem for me and others is because these exams are timed. I had an hour to do a 30 question exam and i literally spent 20 of those minutes trying to get back in the exam. And the worst part is i was going through all the comments and you have not responded to anyone. So i can see where your priorities are. The only reason I’m going to 5 star this is so I hope i get some acknowledgement and you all decide to update the app. If not might as well delete this app from the App Store and save every student a headache.
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1 year ago, tgyfggurts
WORST Testing Experience
🙏PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP FOR iPADS.🙏I’ll send you virtual pizzas in perpetuity.🙏Is this app is supposed to work on iPads? I’m sorry to say it very much does not. In short, it took me two days to attempt to complete a 60 minute exam. After being frozen out twice and kicked out of the browser completely three times, I only had about 20 minutes total to complete 30 questions. You do the math on that. Every time I was kicked out of the browser I had to go through the entire pre-test check, and all this time the clock was ticking on my time limit. Trying to complete a speed biochem exam is highly stressful and ultimately a poor performance by a well-prepared student. I talked to Respondus tech support and they say it’s my LMS (Canvas) where the problems exist. I talked to Canvas and they say it’s a Respondus issue. WHAT THE HECK?!? I’m just at the beginning of my course and very stressed out about the remaining 8 tests. For the love of testing students everywhere, PLEASE FIX THIS!
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4 years ago, Gopaqgo
It works as of aug 28
I read all of the reviews but I had no choice but this app. I used it on two separate occasions both were 15 minute quizzes. Overall It never crashed for me or anything like that, but every now and then the app would flash a screen with a long line of codes for maybe 2 seconds then return to the normal page. This would happen randomly every two minutes or when I click a link or change the page. I’m assuming this is a possible fix to the app crashing or something like that I really dont know. I did need to ask my professor during class to unlock it for the ipad and in about 5 minutes I had full access. The app worked how it was supposed to but it was very sketchy and nerve racking using it the whole time, definitely not something I want to have to deal with during a quiz.
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6 years ago, NCnewyorker
Annoying app
NOT a joke review like almost everyone. Not only did it say something was disabled and "test can't be delivered." What does that even mean? Is this a pizza? But it also didn't even let me close the app afterwards. I gave up trying to get the test to start so I tried closing the app. A screen popped up and said I needed a password to exit even though there wasn't one and I couldn't even shut down the iPad so I could close the app. I found a way to hard restart but it took a while to find out how to do that and this app makes a huge deal out of me just wanting to exit the app. Atleast add the functionality of being able to power off the iPad. It works on pc though but my review is based on this app in particular. On pc it makes a huge deal out of me wanting to exit and says your teacher will know don't exit like I should worry about that? I bet my teacher wouldn't even care because I like exiting tests and coming back later and that shouldn't be a big deal.
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4 years ago, Puffdaddy-O
What a Horrible, Horrible App
Plead with your professors, teachers, or educators of any sort to NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I spent an hour and a half on an AP practice test only for it to randomly give me an error message. This meant that the app was still locking my iPad and I couldn’t leave. I was forced to hard reset my iPad. Luckily, the AP website saved my progress and I was able to continue, but at the expense of all the functions on my iPad locking up again until I finished. When it “locks down” your iPad, it LOCKS IT DOWN. You cannot exit the screen you are on nor turn your device screen off. You cannot adjust the brightness of your screen which is essential to helping with eye strain after an entire day of using this horrendous app. The only, and I mean ONLY thing this app lets you do, is adjust volume and touch the screen in the browser. Everything else is locked out. Every. Single. Thing. What a terrific way to make your students hate your class. DO. NOT. DOWNLOAD.
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8 months ago, Matthew L1
I downloaded this app for an AP classroom assignment and opened a readiness check that was 3 questions long. Because of that, when I reached the end of the check I realized there was no submission button, no button to leave, AND MY POWER BUTTON DID NOT WORK! I’m telling you I tried every power off combination there was but nothing works. Only the volume buttons changed the volume and the screen auto dim and light increase worked but besides those functions nothing, AND I MEAN NOTHING WORKED! How did I solve this problem without waiting 10+ hours for the battery to die you may ask? I PUT MY IPAD IN A ZIPLOC BAG AND PUT THE BAG IN A POT OF BOILING WATER TO OVERHEAT MY IPAD TO THE POINT OF TURNING OFF AND POTENTIALLY DAMAGING MY IPAD BATTERY! I’m telling you this app will make you feel thoughts so negative, that’d probably be inappropriate to put on this review, towards the app developers it’s crazy. Thank you and again, DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!!!
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2 months ago, maheff1971
Must have good internet connection
My last two exams that I have taken for my adult studies classes which are strictly online from my University, have been a total disaster. If you lose wi-fi for any reason, you might as well be ready to accept a failing grade. There is no way to exit the app to attempt to make an reconnection to the internet other than using an Ethernet cable and by then it is too late. The app flags you and keeps saying it cannot find you in the camera. I have reported all the issues to my university IT department and they said there is nothing they can do about it unless the school decides to use another method or program. Several of my professors have removed it from their links and tests on Brightspace. If I hadn’t taken pictures of my answers with my cell phone, I would not have gotten any credit for my exams.
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4 years ago, Hastohave
Someone, reform this app
We have to use this browser for tests and exams in AP, and it's by far the worst app for the job possible. It's very glitchy and slow. It doesn't even allow me to log into my AP Classroom account. Just last 9 weeks for my first AP Lang exam, I wasn't able to take it at the selected time and spent over 40 minutes stressing over how to make it work. I ended up powering off my device multiple times, creating new tabs, and changed my password altogether to no avail. It doesn't try to process the user or password; it's just stuck on the log-in page. My teacher had to create a file on Schoology containing a pdf of the exam as an alternative because so many students were experiencing issues with this app. I can't even begin to imagine how things will go once finals arrive in the spring. There's no way I can take AP exams under these conditions.
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4 years ago, Maranda Olson-Palmer
Why do colleges and universities even use this app? I am sure there are much better ones out there. This app has been the same the whole three years I have had to use it. Today I took my physical geology exam (well, tried to) on lockdown browser. I was halfway through my exam when the app crashed, kicked me out, and froze my iPad. I couldn’t even turn it off or tap anything. I finally had to reset my iPad. I lost all of my test time and had to beg my professor to reset the test for me. She did, but it kept crashing and I kept loosing test time. I was finally about out of time and I just had to submit it. I ended up being kicked out about 6 times. I’m sure I failed it just because I ran out of time due to the stupid app malfunctioning. This has happened with so many of my tests. HIRE SOME APP DEVELOPERS AND FIX THE PROBLEM. Students are failing because of you!!!
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1 year ago, The reliable trash can
Don’t EVER download this app. A strong warning
This app is the worst app I have ever installed in my entire life. Do not install this app unless you want an IPad that continuously glitches out. Do not install this app unless you want it to kick you out of your exam and beg and plead to your professor to let you retake it. Do not install this app unless you want to fail your exam and consequently, your class. This app is not worth the headache. I’d rather take an exam on a stone plate in front of a million people than take my chances with this dumb app ever again. This app literally had me crying worried about my iPad ever being normal again. Even after I uninstalled this virus of an app, it was still glitching my IPad. I couldn’t even reset it. Do not download this app if you know what’s good for you. Unless you’re a masochist, again, do not download this app
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1 year ago, Dinopawnzx
Worst App I’ve EVER Used
This app started having profile validation issues after over a year of smooth use with no issues. Tried to uninstall and reinstall the app, but now every time I try to reinstall, it asks for my billing information and tries to charge me to use this FREE app! Almost all of the tests at my school require this lockdown browser, continuously making me miss quizzes and important tests because it won’t install! I have to borrow school laptops or even borrow other students, which severely limits the amount of time I get to spend on a test compared to the other students. As far as I know, the developers do not care about the insane amount of negative reviews, and do not care to update or improve their app’s model or personal experience. The day this app actually works is the day I’ll pass away.
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4 years ago, O01
App Routinely Crashes, Doesn’t Allow Some Tests
I very rarely take the time to write a review on an application, but this app is broken beyond all belief. I sat down to take an exam in my anatomy class, which is stressful enough as it is, only for this application tell me it can’t administer the test. After some troubleshooting with my instructor, it seemed fine. That was not the case. I proceeded through the ridiculous amount of checking and verifying, only to answer one question before the application crashed. I quickly emailed my instructor and they worked with me through this issue too. However, the app crashed again. And again. And again. The application crashed a total of NINE times throughout the duration of the exam. This needs to be fixed. There is no reason an app that is designed for the relative ease of online learning should be this difficult to use.
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2 years ago, Tylerwaltenbaugh
The absolute worst app ever. Glitchy, ruined my college class
To make test taking worse, try taking an online proctored exam with an app that glitches and shuts you out a dozen or so times you have to take it. Meanwhile, it starts the timer on your exam and all the time you spend messing with it you’re out of time. Maybe, just maybe your professor will beleive you and allow a retake…. Or you are screwed. The developers of this need sued… this is unreal. It increases your test anxiety every single time and 100% contributes to a lower grade. You can study and feel ready… and then you have to wait 5 hours to have your professor fix this bug of an app so you can retake it. The worst is when you work full time and are a student and can’t take it the day you need to….. 0 starts…. TRASH
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4 years ago, djffidkdks
Would never use this app again!!!!!
To prevent from cheating, my class was told to download this app. I was completely fine with it until I tried to set up application with my iPad. Before I could even start the webcam set up, the app froze and I had no way out of exiting it. It only gave me the option to use a password (that was not provided ahead of time) in order for me to exit the browser. I literally had to wait for my iPad to die (which took a whole day) and then turn it back on for my device to function again. Thank God I didn’t have a test due or else I would have gotten a zero on it. This is the worse application I have ever used and it baffles me that the developers would release such a dis functioning service to people and act like there’s nothing is wrong with it.
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9 months ago, cloveraloe
Messed up the software of my iPads normal functions
After using the lockdown browser, getting stuck in it for 30 minutes, and finally typing “escape” into the proctor password to exit it, it made my iPad Air 5 no longer able to power shut down. This was a problem because it also broke the control center so when I slid my finger from the top right the control center did not pop up. This was an issue because it is the only way to change rotation lock and I could not take great notes the next day because of it. Finally, I surmised that if I let my iPad die of charge it would fix itself, which it did. I was sitting there trying to run the battery down, all because of this horribly made app.
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3 years ago, boopbeep427
Fr the worst app I have ever used
I never leave reviews on apps, never, in fact be my this might be my First one. but after my experience today I feel the need to. After starting a test today only 3 questions in I get a network error. No biggie right? Wrong. it completely locked me out of my iPad even with reconnection of the wi-fi. And even better, my iPad got looked for 8 hours. I couldn't even shut it off. Who ever made this app is an idiot, a brainless person. WHO THOUGHT OF THAT. “oh yea we’ll just make it so if the connection goes out you can’t reconnect to your test. oooo and better yet the ipad will completely lock for 8 HOURS” yea makes sense greg thanks a lot. needless to say, horrible app, use lockdown on a computer if you can. needs serious reworking.
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3 years ago, Mottiak
Invasive and bricked my device
I was taking a practice exam using this app and suddenly it just crashed for some unknown reason. But the app bricks your device...so no power button, no home button, no hard reset, no anything...I thankfully had jumped using a link so in the to left of my device there was a button that said “safari” because I downloaded it from there. So I went back to safari and found the most battery intensive html games and pretty much just played them till the battery died. Thank goodness when I turned it on it reset the ram so I was quickly able to completely close the app and uninstalled. Horrible app. Would only recommend if your ex cheated on you and even that may be over the line
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4 years ago, Gengar_King
Crashed 3 Times in 3 Days
I’ve had a simple progress check to do over the weekend for AP chemistry and the original due date was Friday, October 9th at midnight. The app crashed midway through the check and I had to let it die before charging it and trying again. Once I emailed my teacher, who was nice enough to extend the date once she saw my issue, I tried it again. Crashed again midway through. Let my iPad die and charged it again. Just tried it this morning on my computer so I can wrote this review and guess what? It crashed again. Please DO NOT USE THIS APP. It’s a complete waste of time and if this goes on, I feel terrible for the people who have to use this for their online AP exams. You might as well not even study because you won’t have to do the exam.
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1 year ago, AudioPile
DO NOT USE THIS APP !!! Any University requiring it should KNOW BETTER!
It’s 2023. If Respondus has proven anything, its that weak developers can build a terrible app & convince institutions of higher learning that they should use it! Respondus is the WORST app of all time (easily, by far, no comparison). The only thing its “great” at, is locking down your iPad so you can’t use it for anything (even Respondus). It DOES NOT WORK. It literally shuts down everything (including ALL the links to the University that requires it!). No ability to turn it off, shut it down, it even manages to prevent iOS soft reset! I had to go on my iPhone to find their meager Support page. Their recommendation on turning off their lame app: Contact Apple Support to reset your iPad!
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1 year ago, sp00nhunter
Absolute nightmare
Tried to install on an IPad Pro to retake a test because it was not working on my computer. Once I entered a tutorial none of the settings buttons worked, and there was no exit button, meaning I could not leave and move on to the actual test. The hour it took trying to get out led to me almost missing my deadline, and I had to desperately search for a third device to just barely make it (and by then I was so frazzled and out of time I could barely focus.) And on top of all that, while my IPad was frozen it would not turn off, leading to the battery being completely drained. Will never use again on this device; will hopefully never use again, period.
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2 years ago, Hrdjdhsjdjdhsh
Don’t Worry Works Until it Doesn’t
I usually don’t write reviews but this app is just that bad. I went to take my accounting exam being able to log in thinking there would be no problems. But when I actually clicked on the test it said it wasn’t authorized on iPad and I would have to use a MacBook or a laptop. How does it work for MacBook but not an iPad that makes zero sense. Luckily I emailed my teacher and we figured out another time I can take it but when students rely on this to take tests it should be something that is guaranteed to work. It’s just really unprofessional if you are a college and force your teachers to use this maybe you should consider going back to pen and paper.
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1 year ago, Jfjskajdcjh
Made me fail my test by changing my answers!
I got kicked out of my test twice. The app just completely closed out. Luckily that meant I could reopen the test each time, but when I submitted my test at the end a bunch of my answers changed to ones I never picked! I talk to myself out loud during tests and in the recording, you can hear me saying which answers I selected and yet when you look at my final submission it’s something completely different. What kind of test-taking app changes your answers!!! I got a way lower grade than I should have. I spent weeks studying just to be brought down by an app. I can’t even use the computer version because it won't work on my chrome book.
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4 years ago, Shoe101010101
The worst application
I used this browser on my laptop and a MacBook. It would not run on my desktop because it required my graphics card drivers to be closed. Now, I don’t even know how to close it and I don’t want to close it cuz it might mess stuff up. And the browser itself wasn’t able to close it. So I couldn’t use it. I tried a MacBook and even then it had to close random background files and when it finally worked it was very poorly optimized and slow. Terrible application. I have not tried this on my iPad yet but I will update this review when I have. I would give zero stars if possible, please eradicate this from existence so teachers don’t think they’re being cool when they enforce it. I’m being serious.
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3 years ago, 🏒💪🏻🔥
I’m trapped
I’m currently typing this review because I’m not at home. I was at school taking a class when all of a sudden the door burst open and there’s a man with a gun he told everyone to get on the ground and he picked me up. I immediately knew that something was wrong he took me to his van and drove away. we drove for about a day. Every time I turned on the news it was about him and the kidnapping. I wish I was back home but right now I am sitting in the back of his van. There are two other kids one male with black hair around 5’7 and a girl blonde around 5’2.They’re both just as confused and worried as I am he said he was taking us to a foreign country that no one knew about but I’m scared now. Please help me. This was all because of this crazy app.
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3 years ago, SymphoniaTale
i never write reviews
I never leave reviews for anything, but i just had to for this. I took a 10 minute quiz on my ipad pro, and it was fine. After i finished, respondus browser wouldn’t let me close the app, wouldn’t let me turn off my screen, wouldn’t let me force quit my ipad (where you hold the power and volume button). It locked me out of my own device entirely and i couldn’t do anything about it. I had to leave my ipad running for 5 hours just to let it die then recharge it. Ruined my plans and work i had to do for the day. Such a horrible program. Apple gives this app too much control over the users device. If i could give it 0 stars i would.
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10 months ago, salika is da best
this app needs to be shut down. there was an evil hacker on all of my students ipads during their exams. This wasn’t only a one day thing, at first I assumed one of my students hacked the app. However, weeks later I used it again with another class period and the same thing happened, a man with a creepy mask appeared on their screens. I went to facebook to discuss this problem with my teacher friends from different schools, same problem with them. Additionally, their ipads and my laptop become extremely hot causing my classrooms temperature rising to a whopping 90 degrees fahrenheit. I’m begging LockDown Browser to fix this disgraceful problemed creepy evil hacker.
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4 years ago, DJ twinkle toes
DO NOT USE. Wish I could give less than 1 star
After my school’s page timed out, this app locked my iPad so severely that the only option I though I had was to wait until it automatically unlocked in 8 hours. On iPad Pro, your home slider at the bottom of the screen is gone. Your power button doesn’t do ANYTHING. You can’t even turn your device off. For students that only have one device, you will be 100% out of luck since you can’t find any alternative solutions online. iPad Pro, how to force quit: CLICK (Not hold) volume up, then volume down, the HOLD the power button. This will restart the iPad and quit the program. Thank god I found this solution.
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3 years ago, brandon 2295
Works OK.
Worked fine with my class that required this app. Having an issue with the IPadOS 15 update. I could not log off or exit this app when it prevented me from taking a lab quiz. I had to let my iPad run its course and use it power to die. This app literally hijacked my iPad to where I could not restart or power off my device. I only use this app for when taking quizzes and exams. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m going to have to go back to iPadOS 14 for the meantime until whatever is resolved. This app can definitely be improved concerning the set up when accessing a quiz.
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3 years ago, kimjin2001_19
Hmm…want your students to fail???
If all else fails after retrying multiple times, I might fail or drop the class. This is my last class for this semester. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried everything. Professors or teachers don’t care much either. They said they’ll look into it and still nothing. It’s not my iPad Pro because it’s a great Apple device and it’s never had any problems. Whenever I try to take a quiz for my jazz class the app doesn’t allow it and kicks me out. I don’t understand. As I said before, my iPad works just fine. And based on the reviews here it seems to be this app itself that’s the real culprit.
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1 week ago, boybreath
Zero Stars: Locked in, unable to take exam, unable to use iPad
EDUCATORS: DO NOT JSE THIS APP FOR YOUR COURSES Potentially the worst app of all time, read title. Once I tried to take my exam, it said “you must access form the browser” which I did originally. But hey you absolute genius developers, guess what? You cannot access another app (browser) IF THE MACHINE IS LOCKED DOWN. No ability to change brightness. No bluetooth. No Home Screen. You cannot even turn your iPad off. Your developers should rethink their jobs. What are you doing with your lives…? I had to hard reset my iPad to regain functionality. You have wasted 4 hours of my life.
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4 years ago, Miffed Student
A bit laggy, but overall helpful
As a student, I feel that this app could be worse. It has never failed me personally, and I generally don’t have any problems with it. With all the fake reviews, it’s hard to find a legit review, so I’m giving it to you. The largest problem that my classmates have dealt with is their tests not loading, and that was because they had their VPN on. Others complained about the program lagging, and I’ve experienced that to, it’s not as bad as they make it seem. This app has reduced cheating in my school, to the dismay of my classmates, but it is beneficial.
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1 year ago, Anji Mito
It shows nothing and locked my Ipad
It keep spinning its loading icon and did not show any test. It lockdown completely other function that I had no option to do a hard reset to get out of it. Save you some trouble and don’t ever EVER download this app! When I downloaded it I saw so many bad reviews but they was years away so I thought the developer must have done something about it by now. But obviously they did nothing. Such lazy and poorly operating! I’m writing this with pure disgust. If I ever work for company like this I would be so ashamed that I would not put it down to my CV or letting anyone know.
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9 months ago, superninja67j
Stop it with the one star reviews, you guys just don’t like the app because you can’t cheat because of it. Well guess what if you cheat you won’t be learning anything, and eventually get caught and drop out of school!!! The app works perfectly fine with me, it sounds like you just want to cheat on test and are mad that you can’t because of this app. Hyperbeast360
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4 years ago, Jacob-0
Not thought out
This app is not thought out well enough to be able for anyone with an IPad to function on. Launching this app made the IPad freeze, not allowing me out, which is the point, however I was prepared for there to be a confirmation of entering the app as a first time user in case of a miss-click one could be able to get out without being stuck. This browser did not let a reset happen, or offer any option out. I am fortunate enough to have another means of communication, if I didn’t however I would’ve been stuck with no proof for missing essential testing. This app and browser are not it.
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3 years ago, SDW525
Keeps opening tabs on canvas questions
I don’t mind using this app when my college requires me to use respondus but unfortunately recently when I take tests on this application and I answer a question and hit submit to go to the next question it keeps opening a blank tab for each question that I complete. This becomes extremely aggravating when I’m trying to take a test of 50 multiple-choice questions and I have to complete one question before I can move onto the next one. Please fix this bug in canvas tests.
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2 years ago, BrattyGallaxy19
Could be better
Me personally, I wouldn’t take the level of disrespect given to me by those aweful reviews, but that’s just me though. Also the app worked really except for a few flaws which were that aliens abducted my sister and gave me lice, and after that john wick shot my dog. My teacher Mr. Petersohn got kidnapped by the locals on the other side of the moon so I might never see him again. Other than that the app works really well.
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3 years ago, Kendyll P
iPad killer
Horrible app that has constant issues and can submit your test without you pressing the button or will lock up your system and prevent you from doing anything with it. Their customer/tech service did not respond to request for help regaining function of my iPad and I had to go to apple to get them to reset the system and let me use my iPad again. I was told not to use the app anymore as it was doing things it shouldn’t and it has not been given a real update in forever. Just use a laptop and save yourself the headache and the 0 on a test.
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4 years ago, Angry Depressed Student
Doesn’t Properly Fit iPad Pro’s Screen Aspect Ratio
The app, so far, though I haven’t used it very long at all, hasn’t caused me too many issues. My main complaint, however, deals with its inability to adapt to the iPad Pro’s screen aspect ratio. Considering that it has been approximately 8 months since COVID-19 first took the world by storm and THOUSANDS of students began their schooling online, you’d assume that the developers of this app would have, by now, created an update to correct this simple issue... yet they haven’t. So, I strongly urge the development team to take into consideration this issue, along with those of the many people in this review section.
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4 years ago, Defeated Student
So unreliable & frustrating
EVERY single time I encounter an issue with Respondus. I’ve had it for years, used it for different colleges, tried on multiple devices, uninstalled and reinstalled again, and it never fails, even with a strong and reliable connection. I always have to email my professors to apologize for something that is out of my control. It takes me hours to begin an exam because I always have to troubleshoot. If this app was not required for my classes, I would have deleted it long ago. This app has never failed to disappoint, and apparently the only thing I can count on is experiencing issues.
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2 years ago, iOS_User97
What didn’t work for me, may work for you!
I get very frustrated using this app. First, I thought if your face was present, it wouldn’t give you any problems. WRONG! When you first sign in to take a quiz, exam etc, it is a MUST that you sit back first and then your test will show up. If you’re too close to the screen it will exit out of your test. Second, every time I open the app I have to log in. This is insane! Lastly, I’m only using it because it’s required for my AP class otherwise I’d be completely done with it. Good luck to everyone else but this wasn’t it for me.
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4 years ago, John Lingen
Mobile doesn’t work
I tried to do an APUS assignment with this app, and the test wouldn’t load, nor did the iPad turn off. I was essentially trapped on the AP website with a white screen. I waited about 10 minutes for my test to load, but I ended up having to use a computer to actually force delete the application, freeing my device. I ended up doing my assignment on the computer instead (the Mac app works much better)- don’t waste your time with the mobile version. Not only is there no way to leave the app when you’re locked in, but the device cannot be shut down normally either.
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5 years ago, angry_quiz_taker
Please fix app problems
I had to download this app for college. It would be great if every time I went to take an exam it didn’t tell me that the quiz couldn’t be loaded. I have to go on and off of the quiz page, log on and off countless times JUST to take my quiz, all while my timer on my quiz is going. 😒 I waste at least 20 minutes trying to get into my quiz. It was working better with one of the updates and then they put another update on it a few days ago that says “minor bug fixes” and now it’s worse. I just want to be able to take my quiz without having to go through so much trouble!
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1 year ago, blakebrownie35
Quite possibly the worst app of 2023
You would think that after nearly 2,500 reviews of mostly one stars the developers of this app would think, “hm, maybe we’re doing something wrong?” Let me answer that question by saying YES! You are doing something completely wrong, congratulations!!! Now, all you have to do is spend that money that we all know you have in those off-shore accounts, and completely overhaul this app and modernize it. There are more bugs in this app than in a Florida bayou, it is absolutely embarrassing. Do your job, you all are adults.
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1 year ago, g,u,h,u
This is the first time I have done an app review, so pardon me if I'm not the best, but on thing is for sure that you can trust me on, this app is blatantly horrible. I had to download this app for my finals as I was away and had to take the test from another country. The amount of lag, times I was kicked out, and overall expierence was horrible. It would honestly be better to not have this app at all, and have a camera behing you recording your every move so the professor can see you. Do NOT buy this app, if there was a 0 star review option, I would do it. That's all.
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4 years ago, catherine monarch
The worst app I’ve ever used
This is the worst most infuriating app I’ve ever used in my entire life. Every single time i take a test on this app it crashes in the middle of the test and locks me out. I have been in the class I’m taking currently for 6 weeks and this app has consistently crashed and caused me to get horrible scores on tests. If i could give this 0 stars i would. If any professor reads this. Please. Please. Never ever use this app for your class it will screw over al your students. Guaranteed. Many other students in my class experienced the exact same issues.
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4 years ago, DEVIN7318
A&P Student
This is the worst test taking app on the market. I literally have to delete the app after every quiz otherwise when I try and get the next one ready the processing steps fail on me during the 8 second recording. I have been kicked out of multiple quizzes more times than I can count. My classmates have had these same issues and then some. Thank God I am not paying for this out of my pocket (GI Bill student) otherwise I would be up in arms about the way my school does their testing online. This is an absolutely horrendous app. Stay away from Lockdown Browser. Best of luck to ya!
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4 years ago, .AIexa.D
This app is terrible.
I have had to use this app for multiple classes. I took an AP Calc test using this app and after 30 minutes I was kicked out of the test, but still locked down until the 8 hours ran out. Even after finishing a test, when I should be able to close the app, I still have to wait the 8 hours. I was unable to use my iPad during that time and because of that couldn’t do the rest of my homework. Please update to fix this or even shorten the cool down time to 2 hours or something. It would make everything so much easier for everyone involved.
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