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10 months ago
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User Reviews for lohud

4.45 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
4 years ago, LuigiPeace
Local news at your fingertips
This is a good app to receive local news at your fingertips. It’s easy to navigate and you can customize the notifications you receive to certain topics that interest you. The app does send quite a bit of notifications daily even at the minimal settings, but as far as news apps go this is definitely a good choice.
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4 years ago, jeffrey2
Keeping Up?
App works seems to work well though I wonder how much management reviews and updates it. One of the major sub headings is “Tappan Zee Bridge”. This bridge was replaced more than two years ago with the Cuomo Bridge.
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3 years ago, Marjorie P
Search is terrible
I still get a paper (a dinosaur, I know), but once in a while I want to look for an article that I remember reading or forward an article to a friend. The search function simply does not work. Just today I tried searching for an article that I had in front of me and could not locate it in the app. Nor could I find it by looking at the sections of the paper online. Maybe the only thing that shows up in this app is the local news, not what appears in the national section. If so, they at least should make that clear.
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2 months ago, Always been a reader
Good, but….
I often have a hard time bringing up the app when I’m not in my home area. I end up uninstalling and installing the app again. That seems to work. Upon doing that this last time , I now have ads pop up while I’m reading the paper. A subscription I PAY for! I should Not be seeing ads ! Shameful
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10 months ago, Rye reader
Pitiful digital app performance
IPad user and reader of lohud - very unstable app of late - USA Today working ok but as an example: lohud page just hangs and will not open pages - not sure how you can continue to charge users for these ongoing issues - frankly the news content has become minimal over past year or so but frozen digital pages provide zero news - probably will cancel subscription unless performance upticks soon.
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7 months ago, DrSkip
The worst version by far.
As if having at least 65% of the Journal News be advertisements isn’t enough, this latest lohud app adds pop up ads?? The previous version didn’t, and also allowed adjustable zooming when viewed on an iPad. This new one has one zoom setting and frequently jumps into text reading mode at the slightest touch. Aggravating is the most polite comment.
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3 years ago, hi-hud
Long Time Digital Subscriber
Brutal website and app - lock outs subscription paid users on subscriber only articles - then unable to login as pages freeze during login process - only wants to users to approve access to collecting personal information - nobody wants to fight with their paid for subscription app first thing in the morning in order to read the newspaper- change the name to The Hooterville Daily Express - totally bogus.
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2 years ago, MsGail18
It’s annoying
I only subscribed because I want local news, but this app is just annoying. I have to physically sign in every time I want to read a subscribers only article and the my topics feature only sends me notifications for high school girls soccer which is not one of the topics I requested. I do not have any of these issues with my other news subscription.
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5 years ago, Chris NY 1979
Selective liberal reporting
Very left wing newspaper...reports on “anti-trump” protests daily but I have never seen one mention of the violent “antifa” attacks on law-abiding Americans. Reports on plight of “hard-working” illegal aliens getting deported but I have never seen one mention of gangs of illegals or frequent drunk driving illegal alien. Report on the alleged illegalities of conservatives, but have never seen a mention of the vote tampering and voter fraud concocted by democrats in every election. More fake news....cancelling my subscription
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4 years ago, Beauford B
All that’s fit to read
I find Lohud is definitely my favorite when it comes to the news, weather and obituaries
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4 years ago, Iqrich
Best in News!!!!
Best in news, precise and always on top of latest issues affecting our Community and Country.
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4 years ago, Jay:Gee
Good info on lower Hudson valley
Overall decent info specific to local areas not covered by major outlets
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6 years ago, you do not care
Terrible app
First, there is no search feature. The comment link is annoyingly at the beginning of an article, so you have to scroll up to comment. You cannot share articles with Facebook groups. The so-called news is completely right wing-biased. The top news is not the important issues of the day, but more like human interest pablum.
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2 years ago, Stu261
Great hyper local news
My family really appreciates the local news and this app is great.
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4 years ago, TwirlingThumbs
Great source for local news
My go to resource online and in print for news impacting Westchester and Rockland
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5 years ago, white pkains reader
Sheila Friedland
I think it’s a MUST to read the local paper. I look forward to my Journal News every morning!
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3 weeks ago, JFPSTP
Hard to read the e edition. Jumps pages, freezes, sometimes fails to open. Can’t enlarge pages- must tap on article to read.
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4 years ago, StonyPointBill
LoHud rocks!
Even as the industry shrinks, LoHud continues to be the dominant source of local news in Westchester and Rockland counties. If you live or work here, LoHud is a must read every day.
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1 year ago, Suecq13
Get up to Speed!
My go to in the morning!
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2 years ago, dubliam
Not enough local stories
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8 months ago, uncdhotes
New LOHUD app is an improvement?
Sorry, not sorry, but it is difficult to manage, has inadequate help, not at all user-friendly…why?? It is difficult to manage and even harder to navigate. Inadequate help, not user-friendly are gross understatements. Why???
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2 years ago, Fdykwh
Most parts of the app won’t load
Every time I click on something, it says “loading problem”. If it’s not fixed soon I will cancel my subscription, as I can’t read the news.
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5 months ago, Leslie333
Pop ups all over
So sorry I updated the app. Pop ups constantly. I can’t get the zoom correct to see the whole page without pop ups and constant page jumps on iPad. Terrible. Please fix.
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4 years ago, Tylivbela
When will you update the app?
This use to be a decent app for local Lower Hudson Valley news. However it has been unusable for MONTHS. Crashes immediately upon loading. When are you going to update? Do I have to threaten to cancel my subscription?
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3 years ago, fujjffj
I just wanted to read my local paper online instead of hard copy. Before I would suspend delivery for a month at a time. I wanted to suspend delivery permanently. Now I have to wade through ads and repeating stories to find certain articles. It’s terrible.
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4 years ago, vckschl
App Constantly Crashes
I want to support & read local news. However it is extremely difficult when the app constantly crashes/freezes and needs to be rebooted. Very frustrating!
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4 years ago, hudsonwolf
The app says you can share with your family. That does not work. So you and your partner need two subscriptions? May it never be! Search does not work either. Even $1.99 is too much for stuff that does not do what it says it does.
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5 years ago, crazydals
Journal News
Have been checking a Lohud since I moved from Westchester in 2001.
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4 years ago, Ogie Ogglethorp
Useless app now
A once good app for local news is completely useless now. Only thing that loads is a blank screen. Will be deleting app ASAP! One sided liberal agenda garbage! If you are a naive one party voter, this hack news outlet is for you. Otherwise don’t waste your time or money!
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4 years ago, hpylf
Works well
I am grateful to get the updates.
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4 years ago, Woodlawn55
Spotty performance
Slow loading. Doesn’t always remember password. Have called customer service 3x in just a few weeks for their assistance. It then works, but only briefly. Too many bugs in the app.
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3 years ago, cb10065150
Hudson Valley Happenings
The local sports coverage is simply the best
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2 years ago, Aasfggshfd
Lohud App
Wish the e-edition was available on the app. The catch up stories are specific to only one topic and repetitive
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2 years ago, lal316
i like getting local news but feel a better job could be done updating content to more real time as well as adding more content. posts are often old and repetitive. i haven’t canceled my subscription yet but for the cost am thinking about it.
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3 years ago, JAGWFFL
Horrible service
Never will pay for this app when I can get everything needed through my local cable news
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5 years ago, robbrock73
All the Westchester news in one app.
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4 years ago, Apple 5143
Terrific coverage during a stressful time
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3 months ago, JoshJoEyes
Doesn’t open
It’s not a WiFi or connection issue, it’s a poorly built and unoptimized app that is a waste of time. #fail
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2 years ago, Suburban shopper
How do you change credit cards!!
Awful app! How do you change your credit card!!!!
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1 year ago, Poor customer service!
Poor navigation
Very difficult to navigate to the help desk.
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3 years ago, grrumpf
Ok if you live here. Rather provincial coverage, ignoring the rest of the IS and world.
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3 years ago, journaliat
Stories. Stale have to search for new stories
Frustrating finding new stories
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1 year ago, dimplesobee
Michael T. O’Brien
The Lohud Platform is very easy to navigate 😊😊😊
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3 years ago, version 2.23.0
Missing page A1
Missing page A1 from Sunday September 5, 2020 edition from e-edition.
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4 years ago, MOD forever
Zero stars not one.....
The app keeps closing and I have emailed the provider countless number of times to fix the problem with no response. Horrendous!!!
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4 years ago, Nanlist
Suddenly, Obituaries do not come in. This has been since Thursday. A notice saying the ap is being updated appears. For 5 days???
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7 years ago, dbleagle
Leave it to Lohud to take a poor website and make it even worse...
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2 years ago, muddlr
Where’s my newspaper
I just want a copy of the print editions, without any headline and ad shouting or streaming or notifying. Copy the print editions!
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4 years ago, Jgoolersr
Can’t login to account. Can’t update payment method. Customer service is horrible.
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4 years ago, whosyourbuddy?
Cancelling is very difficult
They make is so you can’t cancel so the monthly bills just keep coming. Don’t subscribe
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