Loop - Caribbean Local News

3.7 (27)
69.7 MB
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Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Loop - Caribbean Local News

3.74 out of 5
27 Ratings
4 years ago, Brianistgod
Notifications need to persistent
When I get multiple breaking news notifications and select one, the others disappear making me lose the other breaking news story. It would be superb to the user experience if notification was persistent until you clicked on it, rather than all disappearing after you click one notification
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3 years ago, Daphneec
Best way to get Caribbean news!
One of the best features is the push notifications.
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3 years ago, Zeuss_rs
Please allow for muting of adds
Please allow for muting of adds. This is annoying hearing it playing in the background.
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10 years ago, Talzibub
I'm confused.
When I click latest news and I want to read an article. It takes me to a safari page. It doesn't open on the app itself. I'm a bit peeved about that. Sometimes I get confused using the app. But it goes without saying that this app deserves 4 stars for just coming into the biz.
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3 years ago, Canam Carlo
Excellent News Service
I am not on all the time, so I like to be able to get my news when I need to hear it. Loop serves exactly that service. I can just read what is reported, or better yet, see video. I couldn’t ask for better. Keep up the good work.
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8 years ago, Steve & Dans
Too many bugs
I love what this app is intended to do, it's usually my go to on a morning to get the latest news updates incase I don't get time to read the local newspaper. But there are too many glitches, it's unreliable, for over two days now, anytime I try to open an article on my iPhone or iPad, the app closes, how useless, I see headlines but can't read stories, get your act together already...good idea but needs a lot of fixes
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4 years ago, Koyobs
Crashes on iOS devices
I really enjoy this app but it crashes so frequently that it becomes annoying. Using it on iPhone X and iPad Air (3rd gen), both utilizing iOS 13.3. I’d also like to see news with some detail. Sometimes the headline is better than the story. Otherwise, it keeps me in touch and that’s not bad.
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6 years ago, Jamaicanchiney
Useful. Nothing more.
App does what it is meant to do, but it could be updated to be much more modern. Inspiration can be taken from other news apps to make this one more user friendly. Something simple as swiping to change news articles for example.
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3 years ago, MandisaZuri
Excellent News Coverage
I look forward to reading Loop’s news from the various countries in the Caribbean. Never had a problem accessing or navigating the app. Thanks Loop for bring these local Caribbean new stories to the diaspora (and the world in general)!
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3 years ago, oda200
App need upgrade
This app crashes too much after scrolling to read older news , it’s been happen too often ,
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9 years ago, The Oncoming Storm
Poor Quality Content
If Loop hopes to be taken seriously, the quality of the journalism will need to be significantly improved. Articles are rife with grammatical errors. Stories are not properly developed. In some cases, you are left wondering if the headline got mangled somehow, as the point isn't properly developed in the body of the article. I would rather pay for a newspaper than read free news that is of such poor quality.
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9 years ago, Will1am124
Needs work
Although the news has is OK I wish I could copy the news so I could let my phone read it to me and also I wish the links actually worked,makes no sense to put a link when you can't copy it to paste it into a search engine or you can't even click on it.
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3 years ago, Joymaster29
App crashing on iOS 14.6
Trying to load the app and it’s keeps crashing
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4 years ago, yonnike3003
Waste of my precious time
This is the worst news app I’ve used It constantly crashes Gives no updates and some of the news articles I read here were already on several other news media. LOOP is such a waste of time Have a lot of room for improvements
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9 years ago, Bob Taylor
Not bad for the Caribbean
This is an ok app for Caribbean info but clearly not a world class app. Would this compete with any of the major news organizations? No. Yet Digicel is as big or bigger financially. I expected more from Digicel.
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10 years ago, beauar
Great app for everything in one place. I can get a my local news, sports etc. easily
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5 years ago, Trish Antoni
Useless. Keeps crashing on IOS
Installed and uninstalled in less than5 minutes because I couldn’t even get the app open. Why send out mass texts with news then force people to use your app to view them and the app isn’t functional?
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9 years ago, Janaé Shopper
An Okay App
The app has a good interface and colour scheme. However, more Caribbean news posts will be greatly appreciated. :)
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5 years ago, Papouche USA
Need to be fix
There is a problem with the app like if I am listening to my music or to tunein soon I click on the app can’t listen to my music anymore very annoying
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7 years ago, tarplex
Issues with Loop
Issues I encountered with the app are as follows: • When you change the country the app crashes. • When you hit replay on a video, the video stops and buffers without continuous play. • Some characters are not displayed correctly. Also, white-spaces are sometimes omitted. • You have to open a story to see the date. • Sometimes the menu items disappear leaving only Settings. • The view take a long time to refresh.
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6 years ago, nmanrique
A better attempt could’ve been made
App feels cheap, bugs galore, a lot of stories were bad info, For an app that could generate a lot of revenue this app could be much better
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3 years ago, elijahparks
New update is horrible
Newest update continuously crashes haven’t been able to read one news update
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10 years ago, kermit gordon
Nice app I use it everyday but you guys need to update for iOS 8 and add widget and handoff
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3 years ago, nieceyrh
App crashing
This app keeps crashing since I did the update! This is the worse
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4 years ago, prince188
Randomly shuts down
I have 11promax max and spontaneously randomly closes sometimes while open a news article while reading it. That need to get fixed.
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3 years ago, oxserd
Updated app
How do I upgrade this app?
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10 years ago, Elmoelbo
Great !!!
If u like to keep updated with the latest this is the app for u!!!!
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7 years ago, Wensyl
Fix it
Since last update nothing works it loads but when you try opening any thing to read it cuts of...
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3 years ago, mike777lr
App crashing on ios 14.6
This latest update is crashing. Doesn’t even finish loading
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4 years ago, Kid55
Accessing clipboard
Love the app but the app should not be reading the clipboard
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7 years ago, Funcky Chicken
Loop app
Love the new Loop app! It is really fast and photos and video look great.
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8 years ago, dsc123$
Stops updating news
After a few days the app does not update
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7 years ago, keeranbaal
On links are loading since last update
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3 years ago, RTB!@
After update it just crashes every time try to open
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9 years ago, mactropolis
Constantly crashes
Good potential but waste of time app because it's so unreliable. Look for another solution...👎👎👎👎
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3 years ago, gqdread
Can’t open!
Update won’t open!! Keeps crashing!!
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7 years ago, Cbbean_guy
Crashing issues
Ever since the redesign of the app, it consistently force quits every time I select an article. iPhone 5s/iOS 10.3.2
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8 years ago, Kianakameka
Great app
Really informative
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9 years ago, Mdresi
Keeps on covering the article that I'm reading with a blank page.
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10 years ago, realRichod
Horrible app
How did this get past Apple's review team?
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10 years ago, Tami Bee
This app doesn't work
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3 years ago, SDKoontz
Please Update This App !!!
As a general Jamaica news source, this is terrific. The app however, is the poorest quality of any news app ! ... freezing, crashing, disorganized stories, one aspect ratio for all photos ? ... COME ON ! You can do MUCH better. Borrow some code for cryin’ out loud. Lazy, Lazy programming. Take some pride in what you do.
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