Lotto Results - Lottery in US

4.7 (11.3K)
12.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
My Lottos LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lotto Results - Lottery in US

4.7 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
5 years ago, ellsworth bumpy johnson
Great app
Great app. Love checking the winning numbers in all states that have lottery. Needs a little updating on searching for old numbers in the past years but can over look. This app is very convenient an helpful an updates fast after live lottery drawings. I always recommend this app to all my fellow lottery players. Great app great fast service Been on this app for years an years an looking forward to enjoying it for more years to come
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5 years ago, Yourappislame
(Almost) everything I could want
This app seems pretty straightforward, it does what it says and I figured out how to use it in under a minute. The powerball website has been acting weird on my mobile so this app seems to be a great alternative. I wouldn’t mind being able to plug in my numbers to see if my ticket is a winner (but I know that may be asking too much). The main thing I wish this app had is the powerball match 5 winner states listed under the jackpot winner states - like it does on the powerball website. It would be so much quicker to just glance and see if I won a million or more and get on with my day. That would make this app 5 star for sure!
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2 years ago, VDO-Cutter
I just opened this app after owning it for a few months and was presented with an ad that appeared to be an iPhone-based alert saying that I had dangerously low drive space left with a countdown clock of less than a minute that gave the impression that if I didn’t hit the download button right away to download whatever crap they were trying to force on my phone, the phone would basically be bricked. I am not a rube and can fully recognize a scam, but this made my heart skip a beat. Any app that would allow this type of underhanded, deceiving ad should be taken off the app store. For this reason I am warning people not to get involved with this app, and will be removing it from my phone.
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11 months ago, Grumpy old iPhone guy
Bare bones app with no modern capabilities
The screen is well layed out and easy to look up lottery numbers but it ends there. In this day and age I expect an app to utilize modern features and this one does not. Chief thing I would look for here is the ability to use the camera to read the ticket and check if it was a winner displaying the results with which number matched and ultimately what the ticket was worth. This was a good effort for an app 15 years ago but has obviously been ignored since. Time for someone to step up
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11 months ago, Burst of Lemon
Love the lotto hate all the advertisement and when you’re trying to delete it, it’s like playing tic-tac-toe with it advertising here advertisement there come on already. I even deleted it once hoping that I wouldn’t have all that advertisement coming back and showing up again. I’m giving it a one star because of all the advertisement that comes with it.
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3 years ago, Bricotrak
The best lottery app
I’ve used this app to track the Missouri lotteries for years and it doesn’t let me down. Minutes after the drawings the results are in. I can only recall one time the app would not open, so I contacted support and they answered immediately and the issue was fixed. Simple to add whatever games you play in your state. I use it everyday
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7 years ago, Sam Maverick
Find all lottery results in one place
This app is a great place to find all lottery results in one place. They use a drop down menu to let you select the states and their individual lotteries. They use to let you put all states and their lotteries on one page which I prefer WAY MORE than the current method. Hopefully, they will return to their previous style.
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5 years ago, Rental searcher
Best lottery app I’ve found.
I used to stress out about the lottery but this answers the question quickly about how stupid I am for playing the lottery. It shows me quickly the idiocy of trying to get money without effort. Unfortunately I’ll use it again over and over again. Seriously if you’re gonna play this is the best app to use.
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7 years ago, Jimmy C. From Uptownski
Winning Big!
I always use the app to check my numbers to see what played, and if I won. Even when I play out of town there's a feature that you can check the numbers from that state! It's convenient and up to date. So far it's showed me several of my winnings. Waiting on the big one...💰💰💰
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7 months ago, BIG JOEY!!!!
The lottery
It’s a must have app you can always check to see one check the numbers instead of running to the store to check them. Every ticket I buy is like a piece of toilet paper but I still buy it maybe someday I’ll hit it but I doubt it I guess I keep trying.
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6 years ago, Gran "D"
Check My Numbers
I have played the Power Ball game since it became available in my State. I login to “check my numbers” every once in awhile because it’s quick and easy. It’s the only place to “see” the numbers immediately after each drawing instead of waiting in television or newspapers to tell me! Great App
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6 years ago, Dr. K. Kool
Do You Know What The Number Was Today ?
This most beautiful and understandable way of checking your numbers daily is paramount. You never miss a beat and to the numbers affectionados you know you have a treasured resource at your fingertips and a confident ending to to any question you might have as to what numbers came out.
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9 months ago, je$sica
It’s ok
It’s nice to be able to check numbers. It would be nicer to be able to scan your tickets no matter what state you’re in. For me having access to other states don’t matter because I only play mega and power and it’s the same numbers everywhere. Searching past draws could be better.
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4 years ago, Jmon-e00
GA Lottery
Ever since i downloaded this app, things have been pretty cool. This app has not given me any issues and also, it’s easy to navigate and understand. Another feature that I like on this app is, how it explains to you when the numbers come out, how to play the game, and how it lets you know the prices!
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2 years ago, Auncy
Checking out numbers from the beginning
I really love this appt I just wish you can go back and check to see when other numbers have came out but it doesn’t go beyond 2019….Pls try and work this out other than that the appt is GREAT!!!
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7 years ago, Phatboy357
New version
Please bring back the old features of this app. It's takes to much time to switch back and forth between states when you have all the states that you play a scroll away. Hurry and fix. Great update that you'll have done to the app. Thanks for listening..
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6 years ago, Mr allnite
Kevda critic
I love this app I use this app more than anything else and I don’t even gamble daily. I love to check the number to see if I would of won on the days I don’t play. Love that it tells we’re the state where the jackpot winning tickets was bought. And if anyone ask what the numbers were I knew.
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3 months ago, AAK8511
Very nice app
I like this app because I can look at any date for any game and compare my numbers against winning numbers. It would be great if the developers were to add a scanning functionality so we can scan our tickets and the app would tell us, for the particular game, if any of the numbers match.
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7 years ago, Danjarus75
Well informed app!
This is a great app for people that are in to playing the lottery. With every number that hit in every state that has the lottery! You need no longer go to the store just to find out what number hit that day. Great app from Powerball to the pick 3, it has every number available.
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7 years ago, NotxJPQ
Missing other States
I loved it when I was able to scroll down and see the daily 3 & 4 digit lottery numbers from other States but, now you can only load 5 or 6 more at a time and if you try to load more the other ones start erasing. Please make it so we can scroll ALL the states without deleting some like it use to be.
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8 months ago, Cjfiat
Needs Barcode scanner
Great app except that there is no barcode scanner to check tickets. I recently used the Florida lottery app and it makes life so much easier when checking multiple tickets. I also would use scanning to double check tickets rather than do it at the retailer.
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7 years ago, dlTunes
A must have for any lotto player
I really like the updates. This app has always been my go to for lotto information. It's quick and I can customize what games I want to see. Can easily switch between states now too. A must have for any lottery player
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7 years ago, Ljcreeper02
Enhancement Idea
The one downfall of this app is that you can't load your numbers in and have the app show you if you're a winner or not. I play the same numbers weekly, so I have a seperate Powerball / Mega Millions app that has this feature. Because of the lack of this feature, I only use this app for games other than those, such as Lucky for Life. I'd love to use this app as a one stop shop, but can't, unless the enhancement occurs. The ability to scan your ticket and see if its a winner or not would be beneficial.
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5 years ago, #brddog
Spot On
I have to agree with ONPOINT this app is spot on when it comes to lottery results. Others that I pool with always ask me the numbers minutes after they been published because they know I always have the up to date results with this app. SPOT ON !
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5 years ago, Ad issues
About a month ago the added ads that pop up more frequently. Sometimes each set of numbers I check. The ad freezes my iPad and they place a (X) at the top of many that give the user the false impression it can be closed by pressing it. As this is the case with the industry standard. We all know this. At the same time, with this particular app it is misleading and diabolical in that it both freezes the app and takes the user to the advertisers website.
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5 years ago, Ron J. Sr.
This is a quick and easy way to check your tickets... I have a tendency to check my tickets every couple of months, so when I do it nice to keep moving down the screen and be able to many in a short period of time.
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4 months ago, Rumchata newbie
Need scanning ability
This is a good app however having the ability to scan your lottery ticket instead of manually checking would make this app complete and more user friendly.
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3 years ago, Beezwax Ink
App stopped working
Have used this app for years. Recently the ads have become so long and intrusive. Now suddenly the app doesn’t work. It says it can’t load data. Instructed me to clear the cache. That didn’t work. Instructed me to re-install. Still doesn’t work. Upon closer examination, I discovered that the developer hasn’t met the app store’s requirement that they include a privacy policy to reveal how our data is handled. Beginning to think this app isn’t worth the wasted ad time or the risk.
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5 years ago, Ricochet 57
Great, but I’d like even more!
Great app, if I could make a wish, it would be to have an app that would also check the numbers played. I play the same numbers for each drawing, it would be nice if the app told me if my numbers won. Lazy, you bet!
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5 years ago, Kirby303
Full Results but a little slow!
This app gives you the full New York Lottery results twice daily. However you have to wait at least 30 minutes to obtain these results after the official drawing. It should be 15 minutes or less after the official drawings.
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2 years ago, 6'4
Modification Request
Great app overall, can you add a feature where you can generate lottery numbers for easy quick picks and also dark mode. Sometimes these brightness is harsh on the user’s eyes. 💙🙏💐
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5 years ago, DMW9283
Great app for checking numbers
I like this app for checking my lotto ticket numbers. I'm giving it four stars because I feel like I can't give it five stars only because I never find out that I'm a winner. I'm tired of being a loser, once I almost came close I was only one number off on all five numbers.
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6 years ago, TroyBoi40
Almost perfect
This app is excellent for checking results. I love the way you can break down the hits from midday to evening. This app is also useful in helping me read trends. My only wish is that Mississippi was included on the state list, as I have found that we(FL) tend to play close to Mississippi. Thank you for this excellent lottery tool!!
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6 years ago, Skyterr12
Great App
Love to keep my dream just at the touch of my fingers. It’s so easy search the results. It’s only missing the option to buy online. It would help me a lot instead of running at the last minute to have my numbers. Great job !!
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4 years ago, WillyC
Good. Missing one feature
App does what it says it does. Always use it to remind myself of drawing schedules. Feature Request: It would be great if you could set alert thresholds for each game and be notified if the game goes above your alert threshold. For example if the upcoming jackpot value is above X -> send alert. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Vampaliciousss
I love this app. Gone are the days of having to search for recent lottery winning numbers. Let alone from a month ago that you just found. This is my favorite app in the world. It says what it does and does what it says. Period.
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7 years ago, Blsdhnds
Lotto Texas
It's accurate and quick to look up numbers. Only thing is that it doesn't instantly show the updated numbers for the most recent draw. Meaning it doesn't update on the all for at least 20-30 min after number has been drawn sometimes.
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7 months ago, togaBill
Do not get!
While the app was great when I first started to use it, it has now become a spam magnet. You can’t use the app without invasive ads that lack the close button and are generated no matter where you click. If all you want is to see the winning numbers the app is okay, but if you want to check the payout you are in for spam frustration. Don’t reward grubby spam developers, use a better app.
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2 years ago, gamer134532@
Satisfactory but could improve on :
It could allow us to add our list of numbers, so when we check the results , it would automatically tell us if we won something or not.
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6 years ago, Grr41759
Great App
If you want to know the results of the lottery this app works great. I like looking over history to see if those old tickets in the back of the night table are winners. If only it gave the results before 10:00 pm the night of the drawing😋
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5 years ago, Lityle Bill
I am a big lotto person and I want to know the results before I go to bed so I can sto and pick up my winnings if any before starting my day. Your app give me all the information I am looking for where the other app’s did not
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2 years ago, kingnole01
Best Lotto results app
Very few ads. Been using this app to check my results daily for the past decade. Always updated and easy to use. Deserves a 5-star review. Especially for a private app.
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5 years ago, Dgardner972
Easy to use
I enjoy looking at all the different games! I like the convenience too. I miss them doing it on tv! I just wish I’d win! Playing the same 6 numbers since it started in ‘94 and I’ve kept all the tickets!!
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5 years ago, Al Jeffo
Oh, No!
Put it back like the way it was, I like it back the other way, it's better. Or how you change it back the other way. I'm talking about the dark screen way instead of the white. Please bring it back!!! Ok. ... now how you get the classic view on iPads or tablets. I like the classic view better ... got it on my iPhone but can’t get on my iPad ... why..?
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6 years ago, VA. resident
Well deserving 5*****
Updated with new numbers in seconds from drawing time. When you invest money on state lottery, one has to wonder and wait if they hit the number or not. This app kills the wondering and waiting time A+ from me
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1 year ago, MT&angry
Displays Quickly
I’ve had this app for quite some time & have never been disappointed. I love how quickly the winning numbers are displayed.
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7 years ago, Aamboca
This is the BEST!'
I have used this app for years. It has NEVER been wrong. The numbers are posted within minutes of the draw. You have the option to show only the games you play. If you want a lottery app, THIS IS THE ONE!!!!
Show more
7 years ago, Redi49
Good app...
Behind on updates. NM has retired Hot Lotto which you seem to know, and thank you. But, they have added Just the Jackpot which is not showing up in the app yet. So here's a heads up in case you didn't know about that. Hoping to see it show up soon. Thanks Great CS, almost immediate reaction to my concerns, w/ explanation. Thanks so much!
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2 years ago, willdog40
Easy to use and navigate
This app is easy to use and great for keeping track of the numbers in the state of Illinois, which has a lot of draws every week
Show more
4 years ago, valen0007
Great App
Simple!!! It shows me all the numbers with in minutes after the numbers have been drawn. Love that I can go back and find dates I missed and the amount I could have won. Maybe one day I’ll win BIG 🙃😁
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