Love Test Compatibility Rating

4.2 (491)
20.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Daniel Storm
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Love Test Compatibility Rating

4.16 out of 5
491 Ratings
3 years ago, Ashley 🍓
I think that this app is awesome and a super fun thing to do with friends.
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3 years ago, #love11
#greatest game
This is the greatest game I have ever played you can go on messages and do a heart to your boyfriend or husband and you can play the game and know How much you love each other so this is my reason why you should download this game and why it is so great so my advice to you is to download this game and so you can know how much your husband or boyfriend loves you and how much you love them
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7 years ago, Panda123AKAlou!
I'm dating someone and it says we should start dating and we have already had our first date but with someone I don't even like it says we should get married asap and if I try again then it says something completely different. And when you type in random letters like"hsjshfdidh" and "ueosksnchsidg" it says 99%, 96%, somewhere in the 90% This was a total waste of storage and time. Don't download it.
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5 years ago, bro im meghan
Not true but fun
It is definitely not a real love test which you should expect with these kinds of apps but if you wanna feel good about yourself then ya download it but don’t get your hopes up when you get your results I wouldn’t download this app but if your bored then ya give it a try
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6 years ago, ??f??
It says the same two things over and over again either that they have potential or that they should get married. Boring. Adds come up whenever you click on something. I wouldn’t get this unless you like getting the same answers every time.
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3 days ago, Dogs RTR
Read this trust me
I’ll do same people and the answer is never the same. It does cheer me up when I’m sad because it’s still really fun so yeah. Hope this helped and THANKS FOR READING!!!😁
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7 years ago, puppy lover 08 ❤️ 💩💩
It got the number of my age every time
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1 year ago, Maephestos
Really good
I’ll let this game have 5
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7 years ago, mariana sofia linarez gomez
Lies but makes you feel good
(The same thing as title...)
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7 years ago, arestivo21
I love this app! So fun to play with your SO or just random strangers and friends. Perfect app for Valentine's Day ;D
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8 years ago, steveikin
OMG love this app
Only things I hate about this app is the amount of adds but besides the adds and that apparently me and one of my best friends have a love rating of 90%?😂 this app is great
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6 years ago, nonamesleft1111
I love it
It's awesome me and my girlfriend got the same we got 99%
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3 years ago, Lylah2011!
Love it
Now i have a bf from having it this app is awesome
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4 years ago, KMonayyy
Super fun, entertaining, cute app. ☺️ Made my smile when my lifelong crush & I ranked at 97%. Oooooh yaaaaa, baby!
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7 years ago, Bob lee Roy
It gives different ratings even if you put the same two people in
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5 years ago, mommasmurf1234
I put the same people two times same order and one say marry the second said to friends
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6 years ago, AKA1414
Good job
Hi I am Michael these is the best thing ever I got two lovers
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6 years ago, Not eligible
Percent Changed
I tried it out and I did two people twice in a row and the percent changed from like 69 to 79. It’s clear it just does a random number.
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6 years ago, raneykp
No no no
There’s an ad every time you do the test and it’s about Taylor every time! Also this has to be fake for me it never even goes under 70 percent
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6 years ago, siden mooers
That made my girlfriend happy
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4 years ago, Tdauria
Love this app
Get tested today
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9 months ago, Leah Cristiana
My review
The app only gives you random percentages so don’t use it
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3 years ago, jsjs2012!
Love test
I live this game
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7 years ago, eegriggs62
There are way to many adds!
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4 years ago, Devon 10
Amazing game
So much fun
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6 years ago, babygothips
It's okay but it always says that you should get married ASAP😤
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5 years ago, jayden savley
My buitiful
Alexis Dowell is my girl
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2 years ago, chfngngb
This app is the best app
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7 years ago, Calebhgf
Type in random letters for each slot example: jehcjsbdb or jekcksbbc. And it gives a 96%
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6 years ago, mtmkhowlter
This app is whack
0/10 I would rather watch bland vines
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5 years ago, Awakem82
I ❤️the love test
It is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Tornabro
Issa scam
Typed 2 names twice, back to back and I got 2 different answers... AND THAT WASNT EVEN MY NAME!
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7 years ago, rose33212
Don't like it
Not what I excepted. Pointless
Show more
6 years ago, Its_ur_boi🎮
Fake app
This app doesn’t work!!!😂😂😂😂
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7 years ago, Super good keyboard
It's a good game
Show more
5 years ago, bkckckdjsijsjxjc
A bad game
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12 months ago, Stupidpoopie Zander is mine
Show more
11 years ago, Boyd978
This app is the bomb! All of the ratings were correct and on one of them it said the we had a lot of potential and we got together after that, it's just awesome!😝
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11 years ago, Dreamigma
Neat app
I see people complaining because they say they've been with someone a few months and all a few months is nothing plus the app doesn't tell the real future it's a gag app so chill
Show more
11 years ago, Jimirection
crazy accurate , i married my girlfriend because of the results THIS APP gave me , cant thank the developer enough ! i love this app
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8 years ago, Susan Warren
Really like this
Really like this system really like it
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8 years ago, 😍😘😍😘😍😘😎
True Love
This app is awesome I love it so much that you should get it
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11 years ago, Like meh
Just because u got a low # with ur bf it doesn't mean it's bad app
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9 years ago, Tfios11ansel
Not glitchy at all! I really enjoy this app!
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9 years ago, M19987654
Not really a test at all
This app takes 2 names and returns a compatibility score in the high 90s. And then says the two people need to get married ASAP. It seems like a trick just to get some advertising revenue.
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11 years ago, Green Zebra224
Best love app eva I tested me and this dude now he's my boyfriend
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11 years ago, Ymmylicous
This is a really kool app!! U need 2 get it
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8 years ago, Vanessa nice -😘💄
Hate it 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡!!!!
I tried to see the love of me and my crush he was dating me but now the percent is 78% like what in the world hate it hate it hate it -it needs work and a lot of work
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10 years ago, Stupid head 2342
Like all of the Love Test apps the results are not accurate but it's a good time waster
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10 years ago, Flameslingerlover
This app is sh**
Seriously this app is a bunch of bologna I typed in the same combinations of two of the same name and I got different ratings each time
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