Lowell Sun e-Edition

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Lowell Sun e-Edition

4.46 out of 5
96 Ratings
12 years ago, GapandMap
Lowell sun for iPad
Nice app. I like the UI, but it crashes frequently. When that gets fixed and becomes more stable it will be a Great app.
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2 years ago, Salmonpoint
Mary Payne
I have been reading the Lowell Sun for many years. I didn’t think I’d like reading a newspaper on my tablet, but I’ve grown accustomed to the ease it has to offers. Access is easy and you can enlarge the print if need be. Best part is no more running out to the mailbox on cold mornings and no more papers piled up for the recycle bin.
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3 years ago, Lola123gfh
Lowell Sun App
Works every time. Works completely all the time meaning it loads all text and pictures, every time. Navigation between pages is perfect as is the reviewing the menu of past editions. For a small co like the Lowell Sun, you guys have done an outstanding job. Congratulations
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3 years ago, rg35)
Wasn’t sure about a news app
I’m a paper in the hand kid of guy always buying the Sun. I was hesitant to move to the app simply because I usually purchase a lottery ticket with it. I am very happy with the easy of reading the paper at my convenience and found it worth the cultural change!
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3 years ago, chipmunk brai
Great to read the paper on my iPhone
Very convenient when on the road or traveling to be able to see what is happening back home. App is very basic and easy to navigate.
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5 months ago, 63RJR
No users controls in app
Why can’t I go back and look at yesterday’s newspaper? There are no visible or hidden app controls that allow me to access the content I’ve paid for. The app also frequently get stuck on an issue and doesn’t refresh. This developer also did the Boston Globe app and that works fine. Not sure why Lowell Sun is allowing such a bad user experience?
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2 years ago, LornaE1959
Good Ap to see what is news in the local area. It gives you options on how the article can be viewed. I like to use the typical newspaper option
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2 years ago, Smittify
Lowell Area’s most reliable news source
Easy enough GUI, locally sourced, obvious biases are at least consistent with its historical editorial positions. A better investment than Astroturf. Long live local media providers….
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3 years ago, Maybeenuf4u
Great new version of Lowell Sun app for iphone
I love this app! Easy to read, turn pages. Read healdine, if you want to read more just touch the story & it brings up the whole story for you. Awesome!!
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2 years ago, Eaupa
More news
There’s a lot going on in the world besides sports. I don’t understand why the paper is alway able to print more sports news than other features. Take a look at the Bradenton (Florida) Herald.
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4 years ago, donnadutoo
Lowell Sun wherever I go !
I enjoy the convenience of having the paper available to read on my phone. The set up is great, very easy to read.
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2 years ago, MyInput
Love the local news
Local news at your fingertips!
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3 years ago, bad35479
E-Sun convenient
This is the same as the paper edition but at a fraction of the price. It’s so covenient to have the paper on my phone so I can look at it anytime, anywhere
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3 years ago, Rooster1946
Great way to get the newspaper
Very responsive and nice format. Easy access, nice to be able to read the newspaper wherever I am and have the time.
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3 years ago, sunnyleo8570
Lowell Sun
Electronic Version is perfectly priced and a great way to catch up on Local News! This for sure is a 5Star rating
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2 years ago, rkf72
The greatest
The greatest way to get local news and happenings, I can’t survive with out the SUN 🌞
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3 years ago, Farmer Daves
This app makes reading the paper very easy and enjoyable.
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4 years ago, TIHCMom
My all-time favorite app
It’s just like reading “the paper,” but way better!
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3 years ago, P and J 23
Excellent coverage of Lowell area news.
Great way to keep up with happenings in the lowell area.
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4 years ago, kkkevins1
Easy to use
Easy to retrieve older editions, easy to read\use.
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2 years ago, Hooter Guy
Lowell Sun e edition
Awesome keeps me in touch with my Hometown. Easy to view and very dependable.
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3 years ago, ironman-12
Sun app
Very easy to use, easy reading
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4 years ago, Chas1234Donna
Really enjoy this app keeps me up to date
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2 years ago, Seashell Maryann
Very easy to use, the Lowell Sun app.
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2 years ago, John from NH
Love it
I like a newspaper that looks like a newspaper
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3 years ago, qrequinn
Love the Sun!
Love the Sun!
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12 years ago, Sawdust5
I like this App, but frequent (4-6 times during the reading of a single issue) make it frustrating to use. Worse, while trying to read yesterday's issue, each crash returns me to today's issue, losing my page location in the process.
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10 years ago, PatTheo
Looks good but doesn't work for me
I love the way this is set up, except i can't get it to work. Opens to login screen but never have seen how to register so can't log in. Guess that's why I can only access the demo edition August 8. I'd love to be able to read the Sun with this because it seems like a great app with good features if it would work . App is updated.
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9 years ago, k.c.coleman
How do you expect anyone to use the app if there is no way to create a username/password? The username/pw that I have only allows me access to my subscription info...but the app denies it and says it doesn't exist?! I don't get it...
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8 years ago, aressjay
No stars!
There is no way to register a name and password! After weeks of fruitless attempts I gave up. I've noticed that I am not the only one with this issue. HELLO!!! Is anyone awake at the switch?
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1 year ago, Loudly quiet
My subscription is paid, why is it shut off!
My subscription for 26 weeks was paid for February 2022, well, here it is the beginning of May 2022, the app will not let me in for last 2 days, and tells me I don’t have a subscription. So the Lowell Sun is taking my money for a six month subscription and only giving me . #RipOff Update: Finally up and running again update 11/18/22,,,I HATE the new app. Nowhere does it tell you how to access previous issues! There’s a flash of a page with them, and then it goes immediately into the current days’s addition. I missed downloading one day, and now I can’t get that paper..why on earth do they “fix” something that wasn’t broken until they tampered with it? I HATE THE NEW APP
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