Lumosity: Brain Training

4.7 (110.7K)
323 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lumos Labs, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lumosity: Brain Training

4.66 out of 5
110.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Laurenboyer25
The Train Game Haunts Me
When I first opened the app, I was prompted to play the train game. It was slightly challenging the first several levels, but I rather enjoyed the test of my attention span. After the first two days, I got stuck on a levels 10-11 and out of frustration I deleted the app knowing I wouldn’t pay for the subscription. I settled for leaving the game at that level. However, the next day I found myself bored and wondered if perhaps I could surpass to the next level. My trial was not over so I redownloaded the app and was able to get to level 12. Then suddenly I was back where I started, but just one level higher. I convinced myself to just be rid of the taunting app as I began to believe I would need to be engineered like a computer to beat level 12. When I was bored once more the next day, I did it all over again: redownloaded, moved up a level, could not beat the newest level, the. deleted the app. Today was the third time I did this obsessive dance within the last week. I have been stuck on level 13 out of 14 for the last two days and my trial is up. I refuse to pay for the subscription as I wholly believe I am addicted to this dreadful train game. I must walk away, or else it will consume my every waking moment. Good bye train game. Oh, how I wish I made it to the very end but alas I am only a human and cannot operate like a computer. *weeps loudly
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9 months ago, SeleneRose7
Exactly what I was looking for!
I work in a warehouse where attention to detail and undistractability (real word?) are crucial. This is the first app I’ve ever seen where they test more than vocabulary. There is a little of that, as well as math skills but my focus was the focus, the quick thinking, and the memory games. I play other Apps like Elevate for their language and math skills. This App was so perfect for me they it made me cry. I’ve been so frustrated with searching ways to improve my attention to detail (without just doing matching pieces or item search games) and accuracy under pressure and at speed. Nothing I’ve searched for even comes close to this, whether it was an app or a website. Everything I found was all “for the group in the work place” like a team building exercise or boss-to-employee motivational speech. Sorry I really have to shout here: THIS GAME FINALLY ANSWERED THE QUESTION OF HOW TO FIX MY BRAIN! I don’t know if the free version will really do it for some people but for me the paid version is well worth the price. I’m not sure I’ll do more than a year but you never know.
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5 years ago, anonynous sender
I don’t write reviews, ever, but I NEED this off my chest. I saw this app on some commercial on a game I play and thought it would be fun. It would help me rewind, make my brain work faster I guess, and, overall, rework my brain with its speed, attention and math, just like it was advertised. I downloaded, set up an account, went through the tests only to discover that Lumosity only worked well if you spent MONEY. You only get 3 games with the free version, can’t do the math portion and it won’t track you as a person. It’s horrible! Do not recommend! I’m only giving this two stars because if you’re not like me, and have money to spend on useless things like this, it might be worth your time. But it’s not worth mine and anyone who is just looking for a nice app to relax playing and learn a bit at the same time. My recommendations? Add a few more aspects to the FREE mode. Here’s one way: have half the games unlocked, the other locked for premium. Example: if you have 50 games, 25 of could be for free, and the 25 have to unlocked by paying. And don’t leave one option out, like you did with the math games. Have at least one. Also, add a tracking mechanism to the free one that is set up individually, and add a more highly functional one to the premium aspect. I don’t care honestly, just make it more than 3 games so I don’t get burnt out in 2 minutes and maybe this game would be worth it, because right now, it’s really not.
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5 years ago, Scienristry
Terrible customer support
I’ve been automatically billed for a monthly Lumosity subscription for close to 9 months, but each time I’ve tried to use the app, I’m locked out of the premium content *that I have been paying for*, and shown a screen giving me the option of signing up for a premium membership. Absolutely frustrating. After several attempts, I was able to get in touch with a Lumosity customer service rep whom I sent screenshots of my billing statements. The rep said I hadn’t been a subscriber according to their system since May 2018, and that Apple, rather than Lumosity, was in charge of handling refunds. Alright, that doesn’t solve the problem of the app not working as it should, but if I can get a refund for the months I haven’t had access to the app (since May 2018), I could be ok with that. I contact apple, and the maximum refund they offer is for a single month’s charge. Oh also, according to Apple, I still had an active subscription, so then the rep James at Lumosity not only failed to fix my issue of the app not unlocking content I had paid for, he gave incorrect information about my subscription status, and furthermore, didn’t seem interested in actually helping me resolve my issue. So ~$12 x 8 down the drain, and neither Lumosity nor Apple will take responsibility, it seems.
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6 years ago, ange16
Recovery from Brain Injury
My doctor recommended brain games after I was diagnosed with a brain stem injury after getting hit by an 18 wheeler. I have lost 11 points off my IQ (I explained it felt like 10), and then when he should me my current IQ, I was like wow, it wasn’t 10 it was 11! Can’t make that up. He suggested Sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc., and the battery of exercises in his office. However I also see sustained injuries which required two surgeries and make writing very difficult. I feel so blessed to have found this app for reinforcement, redevelopment and further development. I am new here but, I have realized positive results in two weeks. The diagnostic tool that measures improvement, or lack there of, is a great motivator as well. Thank you guys, this is exactly what I needed, and more cost-effective than seeing the neuropsychologist twice a week... the savings in gas, aggravation in traffic, etc. So it paid for itself in a week! So, keep those games coming! My favorites are the Road Race and the math problems!
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5 years ago, The_Freckled_Fox
Great brain exercise!
I’ve noticed over the years my brain isn’t as quick as it used to be and in looking for games to work my brain I came across Lumosity. I only played the free version a few times before deciding to buy an annual subscription. I play through most of the sets they have and then play some more just for fun. I’ve recently started listening to the mindfulness sessions as well and find them to be calming and helpful as well. I try not to spend a lot of time playing silly games on my phone but I don’t find this one silly at all! Thank you to everyone that makes Lumosity and I look forward to playing new games as they come out! Yes some of the games aren’t as challenging as others and some seem like they could use a tweak or two but I’m sure someone is working on that and I will continue to leave my reviews and suggestions when prompted to do my part! I hope come renewal time I will find another deal because I’m not the type to spend money on a game like this but this was really a Christmas present from my husband who kept telling me to get the full game! Thanks again Lumosity creators!
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5 years ago, Mary23456789
I can feel my brain working
I gave Lumosity a try because I was having some memory issues. I play games like solitaire frequently, but don’t really feel like I’m exercising my brain. I could almost feel the cogs turning when I started up Lumosity. I’m in the middle of the premium upgrade trial right now, and although I love having the unlimited workouts, I probably won’t subscribe due to the fact that my only device is my iPhone 6. It’s difficult sometimes to hit the correct answers/letters on time on such a small device, and I feel like I would score higher if I had a bigger screen. If you have an iPad, go for the premium! The only complaint I have is that, when it gives you your scores at the end of each game, it doesn’t take the higher levels achieved into consideration. In other words, it appears I did a lot better when just starting out because of course it was easier to fill more coffee cups, solve more math problems, etc, at the lower level. It’s kind of discouraging in that way. But that being said, I love Lumosity. I feel it really helps. Just don’t let the scores get you down!
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6 years ago, E@t-h3r
I really enjoy the brain-training games. They are challenging and fun. I especially like the mindfulness series. I am at a time in my life where it has been brought to my attention that for my whole adult life, I have been negligent of others and their feelings. Not quite aware of my own other than hurt that someone may cause me, whether the hurt was truly intended or not. These exercises are helping my become more aware with what I’m feeling, both positive and negative and how those feelings can effect how I react towards others. I’m hoping that this will especially benefit my marriage. I am married to a beautiful and kind woman who I have all but completely shut out. I know that It’s because of a perceived “attack” by her on my character (which is largely flawed). She did not attack me, she was merely pointing out how what I was feeling towards her allowed me to mistreat her. I denied it and continued to do so. Six years later I have not changed and she has continued to suffer. My hopes is these exercises will assist me in finding that balanced place between caring for me and also her and our marriage. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Kurien Varghese
An exercise for improving your cognitive skills
I have been using this app for the last 400+ days continuously and I have seen marked improvement in my cognitive index. I am running 71 and started forgetting things, probably an early sign of dementia, which is evident when I play working / short term memory games. Since I started plying the games, I have improved on my memory but it has not reached above 95 percentile so far of my age group. Deficiencies in various cognitive abilities can be noticed earlier through this game and they can be improved through continuous workout. Although I might have played for more than 3 years but Lumosity keeps track of continuous play only meaning if you did not play fir a day, it starts counting from 1 again. There could be situations when one is not able to do the full exercise one day due to illness or traveling which should not make the count to restart. Overall this is the only exercise I do as soon as I get up and before starting my day.
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6 years ago, Dawnsglows
Top game to improve your mind @ any age
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose in using their excellent games over any other brand of brain trainers. Try it, you will be glad you did when you see for yourself the difference it makes in remembering and doing everyday tasks. Like remembering names... yes it helps. Give it three weeks and you will see a change whatever your age. I usually play the FREE games rather than purchasing it. The following is my only reason. The serious problem I have with the game is how you have to buy it through a second party, not directly from Lumosity. If your email is stolen that is linked to the your game, then your game is gone too. It’s happened to me. This is what happens when you use iTunes and I’ve NEVER gotten my money back from iTunes, never. If you could you could get the refund you’d be able to apply it to a new email that is yours. That is something they could change in iTunes by linking your game to two emails and a phone number that are each able to be changed. This happens when you must change your Apple ID as I’ve had to more than once. Presently iTunes can link your library of iBooks to two emails and I believe you may edit your linked emails by adding in a new second email, if one is stolen. Why not do that same safety with your games you buy with iTunes? I’d buy more games, if they did this so I had more security for my purchase.
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6 years ago, rvdmvc
Click download and just try it once... If it doesn’t strike a chord with you, then remove it and go on about your business. I promise you that Lumosity will leave your mind feeling sharper than it was before. I don’t play games on my phone, honestly I really don’t play games at all, and I never leave reviews for apps... I am a college student and psychology fascinates me. This app is concise, visually appealing, and easy to use! I literally JUST finished my own personal “Fit Test” and felt the urge to give feedback with hopes of helping others. I don't get straight A’s, I have ADHD, and I struggle with self-doubt and a hunger for mental stimulation. This is such a refreshing app that actually made me feel good and proud of myself! Give it a shot if you are even the slightest bit curious. If you think about it, what do you really have to lose from trying?
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10 months ago, Superstar action
I love This game
I tried to give feedback through the button on the app, but the link is bad and it’s difficult to do so I came to the actual App Store- that’s how much I love this game! My cognitive functioning has been so low since I got Covid. A friend Who has been through multiple concussions recommended this game and, though it seemed like a really stupid kids game, it has challenged me in ways that both remind me how low I have fell and how much progress I’m making climbing out of the hole. I have a long way to go, and I’m only using the free version, but the days I use this app I definitely push myself to keep going. Thanks to the inventors for making it and for allowing a simple free version so people like me can still have a fighting chance. I have confidence in my ability to grow/learn/remember and get my brain back enough so that one day I’ll be able to work a FT job and purchase the full app to move on past that goal and crush the world!
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4 years ago, 4EVERINCREDIBLE :D
I have lost my job due to COVID-19 and Lumosity was a great escape for me and helped me expand my brain level and helped me be calm despite losing my job. It will also probably help me get a new job as my IQ has increased by A LOT and I got to say thank you to Lumosity for that. But here’s the thing, this app and the Premium is a CHEAT. I wanted to try Premium for two weeks so I bought the free trial and realized that I didn’t like it that much. It literally said cancel at any time as long as you cancel it 24 hours before and I literally cancelled it a day after I bought it. Even when I cancelled it, the subscription isn’t going away and I’m going to continue getting payed. Literally a day later, I got terminated from my job. I already have a lot to stress about right now and this is adding on to my stress. How am I supposed to pay for a mind training game when I can’t even pay for my bills on time? Now, I know this was super long, so let me summarize. The lesson learned is DON’T FALL FOR THE FREE TRIAL. These people have probably teamed up with Apple to earn money and make everyone who purchased the free trial broke.
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1 month ago, boo2uu
Barely functional, but fun
Considering purchasing this program and thought I’d try the 3 free games on the app to see if it was any better than BrainHQ, for which my health insurance pays the subscription fee as a free health benefit. Using the Lumosity app is a challenge because the orientation only works in one vertical direction and it’s difficult to hold up an ipad while trying to move quickly through the games. Even though the description says it’s for ipad, it seems designed for an iPhone. I then decided to just try using it on the website and discovered that the website won’t function right…don’t know why…glitchy and freezes. I’m giving it 3 stars only because the games are nicely designed visually and motivating to play. However, I’m not interested in purchasing an app that has limited orientation and a dysfunctional website. I also find the subscription price to be a bit high for what it is.
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5 years ago, Brendasplenda
Fun and A Trap
Lumosity games are certainly fun to play. You will spend endless minutes, or hours a day if you are like me, obsessing over a challenging game or beating your last score. But that’s the thing. It may help the brain some but it also can be a time waster. I can’t say whether it improved my cognitive functioning. Lumosity was sued for making unfounded claims. So there’s that. Cancelling is hard. Good luck finding the “Unsubscribe” link. I managed to cancel auto renew but have not yet received an email confirmation. It should be instant- so I’m worried that I’ll be charged again. Now Lumosity certainly has no problem emailing me about games and renewing. It shouldn’t be so hard to cancel. It’s like the goal is to frustrate you so you give up or forget. But little do they know I’ve been playing their memory games and I won’t forget 😉.
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5 years ago, Shima Azimi
Best accidental purchase of my life!
I came across this application on the App store. I originally was looking for an app that offered memory games, so I could improve my memory. I am going through a rough patch in life and it has made me realize how much I’ve neglected self-development. How much I used to love playing games that challenged my brain. I purchased this app by accident, (thought it said $3/month, not a one-time payment of $44!) so I was going to test it out and probably stop using it after a while, as I do with many other things in life : Never complete a task. But this has been by far the best accidental purchase of my life! It offers much more than any other application I’ve ever used, and since I’ve just begun meditation and mindfulness, I was amazed to find they have tutorials for that as well!
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4 years ago, Ipaddalina
A lot of hype
I purchased this. And I had some fun with it, some of the games are more fun than others. I imagine it’s largely a matter of personal preference. Though I did find some of the games enjoyable and I think that it is nice that you have many to pick from - I really doubt you are going to see big change in your performance after a certain point. And so you can get the same benefits of play any game that will allow you some challenges and fun. I think the luminosity PR for bettering yourself is just that, marketing. So if you like any of the games and want to purchase to play go for it. But IMHO that is the extent of the value. Also I was a bit bugged at how easy the purchase was, but the links and info to update subscription are all dead or decoys. Meaning their is the extra step of going into the Apple App Store to make the changes. In my case canceling the auto renewal that the app defaults to.
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6 years ago, lumosity is the best❤️
Very fun and definitely helps your brain
This app is very helpful, because not only does it remind me to come on the app, it also reminds me as soon as I open the app that I should exercise as well. This is very helpful because when I get on my phone I cannot just binge watch shows, because it notifies me and I see the app and think, “ There are more games to play I should do that instead!” Although I love this app, I think that there is one flaw. I just wish that you didn’t have to buy premium and it just come with the app initially. I think that the whole point is to see how you are doing and not just play the brain games, which you can only do with premium. Overall, I would definitely get this app on every device I have, in fact I may do that right now!!!😀
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6 years ago, HSH Nurse
iPad use
There are so many things I love about training with Lumosity. However, I have been a member for at least four years and we could really use a break with our iPads. There are many many many games available but just a fraction of those can be used on an iPad. Think about it. The computer is not very functional when it comes to playing Lumosity games. Most Of us will grab our iPads and play a few games during our lunch hour… You would get many more members by making more of these games accessible via iPad or iPhone. I pay a significant amount of money annually for Lumosity and I use it on my iPad only. I give you four stars because of the limited amount of games I can play. I would definitely give you five stars and recommend you to all of my friends if there were more games accessible via iPads and iPhones.
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1 year ago, Sarboleda
Great to keep your elderly parent sharp
I have installed this app in my mother’s iPhone. A 76 year old woman with anxiety and cognitive loss. I wanted something to keep her brain sharp and exercise areas she does not exercise everyday. I also paid the subscription because I wanted a plan according to her needs. I have seen improvements in her cognitive skills after almost a month of work. The app anyway should have some improvements, should be more intuitive or detailed taking into consideration the use I am giving to it, menus and explanation of exercises should be visible for more time, sometimes she does not have enough time to read the explanations and does not have the opportunity to understand the instructions. It also should consider mental issues as anxiety to avoid exercises that increase this.
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5 years ago, quail1234567
Charged the full year without knowing it.
I have liked Lumosity and their 3 free games. I paid for a year one time so I could have unlimited usage. I used to work in the brain training field and would refer clients to this site all the time. I still do when people find out what I did and ask me for suggestions on how to help get over their learning disability. Recently they had a free two week trial that was fun but I realized that I’m in a different stage of life with 3 young kids and I never used it to its advantage. Then they automatically signed me up for another year. I understand that I needed to cancel, but it’s one thing to charge me month by month and another to charge me for the year! I’m really mad as I don’t have $60 to spend on this and I can’t get a refund! I need to pay bills, not play Lumosity for a year. 😡 I feel taken advantage of and do not trust the company anymore. There are other sites for brain training that I will now use and refer people too.
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6 years ago, Shawnee Anne
Cognitive Ability
Upon realizing that my cognitive learning has always been a culprit for my short-term memory, lack of focus, and low comprehension/retaining of information, I looked up ways to help slowly build my cognitive ability and this was one of the first few things I came across. These (what seem so simple) games are challenging different areas of my mind- thoughts, actions, time management, etc. Even after the first day of trying out Lumosity, I felt an instant energy boost after I was done. Slight, but noticeably more awake and alert than before I started. It takes 10minutes at most to do your daily challenge and is great way to get a jump start on your day. I highly recommend if any of my personal details stated above you feel a relation with. 5 stars!!
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4 years ago, Jonnieray
This would be a five star review if...
High IQ individual here. You don’t know me; so there’s really nothing in it for me to lie to you about it. Suffice to say: I have a health condition that involves attention from a neurologist and a neuropsychiatrist. I’ve taken actual iq tests (you can’t take them online, and no; the masses are not iq tested in their youth.) This game would’ve gotten five stars if its “rating” of you the user was more accurate...I live in an area of Texas that is saturated with morons...and the game rates me as below average for this region. Again...I have ZERO to gain from exercising bragging rights in this medium. The games are great, but don’t believe the ratings it assigns to you—the user—for a single solitary second; it seems fairly obvious that they keep you thinking that you’re a little dumber than you actually are so that you’ll treat the game as a must-have so as to keep your brain from withering down to the size of a cashew.
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6 years ago, FlashZ91
Very good, with a few glitches.
I'd definitely recommend this app for stronger cognitive ability! I've been using it for a few years now, and I do the brain training exercises daily. They're still working to this day! I'm always finding new ways to get higher scores on the puzzles and unlocking new levels, and I find myself able to use these skills to solve problems outside my training as well. The only reason I'm currently giving the app 4 stars and not 5 is because lately it's been having glitches in the speed related levels, where the visuals can't seem to keep up with the sped of the level. This slows down the reaction of the user, which leads to to a crash in the Highway Hazards game, for example. I still recommend the game to new and existing users when this bug gets fixed! Keep training!
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3 years ago, the epic stuidos
Pretty cool but way too expensive for premium
I like it a lot but 60 dollars a year?!? Not gonna happen, to put that into perspective I can buy 12 little Cesar pizzas a year, and since there’s 8 slices per pizza that would be 96 slices per year and if I eat one slice of little Cesars pizza per meal (breakfast lunch and dinner) I could be fed for 32 days which is an entire month of pizza! So I could either buy a month worth of food or a year of premium for a brain training app. But wait I’m not done. If you work at little cesars pizza and buy the pizzas then you can be fed for 40 days instead of 32 and some bread on the side because I get free bread for every 4 hour shift I work. Still v cool tho I feel like I’m getting smarter every time I play and good job on no ads I like that part the most.
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7 years ago, Sonia Batra
Absolutely recommend
I have to either strongly love or strongly dislike something to leave a review. Lumosity is one to strongly LOVE. I bought the lifetime version and every time I play I am so glad that I did. Lumosity is a very high quality game app- they invest in the right ways towards technology, performance, usability, aesthetics, and more on the app. I am a technology analyst and I cannot say this for many apps. In addition, I truly believe the more that you practice, the better you get and the sharper your mind stays. It's common sense, you don't need a clinical study and paper to come out to know that. I would have my nephews and kids play this over any other game as they grow. It is fun, engaging, as well as formulated very well. Hands down you have done an amazing job.
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6 years ago, jakkigomez
Too expensive for a game
I've loved Lumosity for a long time but as I study for the GRE, I wanted to test the premium version so I can use the specialized math + language training. I tried switching my subscription from annual to monthly before my trial finished, but they make it difficult to do through the app because you have to go through the iTunes Store app which I deleted long ago, so I figured I'd delete some space then download the app again just to cancel a subscription. But then when I was charged I went back and that's when I realized the trial was only 2 weeks, unlike a month like most subscription trials. That same day I tried emailing them, but it's been days and no response (they said I should hear back within 48 hours). I didn't even request a full refund because I still want to use it for the next month until I take the GRE, but they couldn't even do that much. So now I'm stuck with a $60+ subscription for a game that's been free to me for years.
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4 years ago, don-donna
Love it.
This game is not so bad, and it’s free! You get three free games everyday. Well even though you can’t unlock all games for me it’s fine. The reason why is because the game is like choosing for me, what I should focus for today. You can buy premium if you want, but I don’t want to get it. Also I found this thing if you wanna play a previous game that you can’t play anymore, then go to your game progress. Next, go to the progress of there game you want to play, and there will be an option saying if you want to play it. Last, you can play the game. I also love it because it actually does help my brain, and it tells what the game does to help your brain. Overall this is the best game and is so fun to exercise your brain, while having fun.
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6 years ago, T.B.I. TY
Excellently! Superb!!!
At first I had thought 2 things. 1. There's no way playing games will help my mind. And 2. I figured this would be something really difficult! But it really isn't at all the games are very quick and easy to catch on to. Not difficult at all. And it doesn't make you super smart/ but I personally feel like it helps your mind with how fast you react to problems and challenges! So luminosity I'm very pleased and I have to admit even though this is meant to be working your mind- and brain this is actually a lot of fun; and I really do enjoy playing it, as well as I enjoy seeing my scores keep getting higher! It makes you feel good about yourself❗️😃 So once more; I am 100% ++ Satisfied with,this app!!! 😃 😊 👍🏻
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6 years ago, Beara3333
Awesome app!
I was looking for a game to improve my memory, but this app is so much better than I had expected! Not only does it improve memory, but it also improves everything else. It allows you to check your scores so you can see what needs improvement. Even without premium, this app certainly helps with everything! Whether it’s your processing speed, memory, vocabulary ability, flexibility, problem solving, or math (pretty sure I named all of the categories), this app can help you. It even helps with focus and calming down with Mindfulness, which, to my dismay, only gives the first eight lessons for free. That is my one critique. Everything else is wonderful! If you need help with anything brain-wise, be sure to get this app!
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4 years ago, Menuga
Liars, horrible people and thieves.
Stay away. There are far better, more reliable, better games AND free. IF...(in 3 yrs, once I contacted them it was fixed that afternoon). Luminosity is usually a weekly if jit daily problem. Management are liars, company is thieves, no morals BUT very creative with their lies. Occasionally they do slip up and reoeT the sane ones, but usually different ones. 1-2 times a week to contact them. 3-8 days to get a reply, when they do, you’re the first person EVER to have that problem. It’ll take a soevuakust, if they can find ive ajd then some time to look for a repair. 2-3 months. If you stay in them, they’ll finally respond. It WILL HIWE ER he an additional lie, they’ll cancel your account . Then say you requested a refund. BUT if you just ask fir a refund they tell you Apple is the only one that can do tgat. If you write them back and tell them Apple said they didn’t do it, it was the app developer, they’ll agree, but then say they already refunded you. SUCH LIARS
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6 years ago, Kimberly-O
Good brain training
I bought a one year subscription with the hopes this would help my brain after getting a concussion Aug. 2017. After finally getting in to see a neurologist, it turns out my brain fog was from Serotonin Syndrome (taking 3 similar functioning meds for 3 different reasons). I'm off all 3 and have my brain back. I'm still using Lumosity because I enjoy most of the challenges. Oddly, while I love math, those games stress me out the most. One thing that REALLY stresses me is the final message indicating how many days in a row I've trained. I'd like to be able to turn it off. It's crazy how devastated I was when I broke the first streak of 40+ days. Technically I had started the training before midnight. (I know, there are bigger problems in the world...)
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6 years ago, MaryamGrvy
Completely considered every aspects
I really like this app, because it has many interesting games to develop all the aspects of the brain ability, its evaluation is also pretty good and gives you insight about how you are progressing so it acts like a kind of incentive to go forward! Another aspect that I really like was the mindfulness training which is a great guid toward mindfulness! In addition, it gives you suggestions to improve your technique by presenting stronger players’ techniques! Finally, this app is improving very fast and every time it gets more and more compatible to boost the brain and offering cooler and more diverse games! There are lots of other cool things about this app that I love, But I believe that it is an expensive app!
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6 years ago, FuzzyDogLover
Ok, so overall this is a really good game way better than elevate because the games here are ACTUALLY FUN. The only thing is that the only three first games are free, then everything else is premium. Which is a bummer because it’s a really nice app. I would defyrecomendd getting this app if you are willing to pay for the premium or if you just wanna play the same three games over and over again. If not elevate is a woderful app is mostly FREE. To the developers, please make more games free because i personally think it’s not worth paying for so me games that another app has that are free. Just some feedback. Hope you take it in a good way and try to fix this other than that the app is AMAZING!! Love it❤️❤️ Ps. I am giving this app four stars because it’s excellent except for the in app purchases.
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7 years ago, SAHrecovery
Stroke survivor Retraining brain
Overall I love Lumosity games. It has helped with my focus, processing speed, math calculations, memory, mental agility and flexibility. I gave it four stars instead of five because the vocabulary range of the word games is rather limited. Sometimes it won’t accept valid words and the words in the language activities get repetitive so it stops being as challenging. Also, I hate the bowling game as I either don’t understand it or I stink at it. You do not have to pay $60 a year. Wait until a holiday and the price will drop. I paid $38 a by purchasing it on Black Friday. The desktop version has more games that are not included in the mobile version. I like to play in both mediums. The desktop version also gives you more information about your progress.
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3 years ago, Quithart1963
Good kick-start to brain in morning
I like Lumosity. I usually play it in the mornings to get my brain working. I’m 58 years old and trying to keep brain young.😊However, there are two games that I think could use tweaking. Word snatchers game uses words that I think are not used much today so it’s very hard to try to come up with them just by the description. And I would appreciate if there were another way to play the math game where it drops 💧 the equations and you have to solve them before they hit the bottom. Math is hard for me and I have a hard time trying to think up the answer fast enough. I do like it as I know it has improved my skills but would be nice to be able to slow it down and think it through.
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3 years ago, MetGnome
Disappointed that the outcomes are modulated
The underlying algorithms keep changing the outcomes based on your actions, without disclosure. That is disappointing and keeps you addicted to wanting to score better. So however well you perform you will get screwed at the highest levels, leaving you unfulfilled. Your actions will always leave you unsatisfied and wanting to try more. The magic of keeping one hooked. To this reviewer, modulating outcomes midway based on your actions is undesirable. Try out some of the games, let them run without inputs, and the scores are different every time, even though ones actions were a naught. Alternatively, take random fast actions, and you will score high. Knowingly playing hidden games with on my brain makes me squirm, unless I knowingly submit to it. My recommendation is a 60% value.
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5 years ago, Caraboo11
I don’t write many reviews but I was so annoyed that I thought I would. I downloaded the app recently after I saw a commercial. I didn’t mind using the free app as I was learning more about the program because I wasn’t ready to spend money on the Premium app if I didn’t think I would use the app. So tonight I was excited to see that Lumosity was offering a 25% discount because they were being featured in the App Store. It peaked my interest and I considered going ahead and paying the annual fee. Then I realized that they raised their prices by about 25% and then offered the discount. That’s just rude. I just downloaded this app last week and looked at the Premium price so I know how much it was before the “discount”. Now I’m just so annoyed at the Lumosity’s business practice that I’m not sure I even want to continue using the free service. It’s a shame that people are greedy, it seems like a fun and helpful app.
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5 years ago, Auntie Mariam
Memory and speed
I have started using Lumosity 3 years. Sometimes I train regularly and sometimes I leave it for a while. I found that lumosity charges me up to score and beat the next level. But more importantly it has taught me how to organize my thoughts and plan better. So it has not been about scoring but about understanding the logical way about scoring. I find some games more interesting than others. There are games that I enjoy playing (math, language, train track, leave direction and remembering the items on the beach) but some games I simply don’t understand (eg coffee machine). My grand children (aged 7&11) play as well and they enjoy it immensely. They too started playing 3 years ago. Best regards Mariam
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2 years ago, Fushigimigi
Verified my low IQ
I was hoping that this would improve my brain powers so that my life would get easier. I’ve recently learned about IQ. You can get better at certain games, but it will not get you on the same level as someone that has a higher IQ than you. In other words, someone with a higher IQ will master all new games faster than you. That is what employers are looking for in this age. They need people that are quick because times are changing so quickly right now. You need to be able to master new concepts quickly and you need to remember everything that you’ve already Learned even when you’re not using it on a regular basis. That being said, I think the app is great for a lot of people. Just not for me.
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2 years ago, Cecelia1972
It’s not really science - it’s just another scam
Luminosity is the typical door opened to bring you into their scam to collect your personal information in an effort to get that money out of your pocket. There isn’t a product to help you recover from a brain injury like they advertise - if anything it’s a criminal scam. You can’t delete an account not fully created without logging in and giving more personal information. You can’t login to delete said account until you take multiple tests which allows them to collect personal data from you. There’s no phone number listed to contact them directly - another layer of scam. No physical address listed to send them a letter requesting they delete your information - all scam levels under the guise of “good natured care”. All that to sell your information to the mental health field and yes they will sell your personal, vulnerable information. It’s a scam.
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2 years ago, mohioh
Good games
I like this app a lot. I t hink it’s very good for the brain. However, due to a variety of life circumstances, I might go 4 or 5 months at a time without having the opportunity to play this game. Therefore, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee or an annual fee that’s going to automatically renew, when I barely had time to play. So here is my suggestion: if you have a total of 50 games, have a set price that people could buy maybe 10 or 15 games for a one time fee. if they want additional games they can sign up for the yearly or monthly subscription. I wish there was some kind of option between three free games a day or the full subscription. ❤️
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6 years ago, DOGLOVER83106
Struggles and lots of help
I like the app but the was a few problems with it!! With someone who has ADD (like me), I started struggling with my breath only because I have asthma! I had to constantly pause just to cough and get water! But on the other hand it is really fun. I can’t get all of the stuff I want to work on the most but I’m fine with it. I like that you can set up what days you want to practice the most on and what time you want to do it. I think my 6 year old brother would love this app because he has ADHD and he has the 3 kind witch he can’t help what he is doing. Now back to the app, I don’t get the whole test at the beginning I mean I know it is seeing what your plans are but it makes no sense!! 🤨 This app is very useful for me and everyone who is using the app.
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1 year ago, Hamdouchi Interactive
A fun and effective way to boost your brain power!
Lumosity is a fantastic app for anyone looking to improve their cognitive skills and brain health. It offers a wide range of fun and engaging brain games that focus on areas such as memory, attention, and problem-solving. One of the things I really like about Lumosity is the personalized daily workout feature. The app creates a customized plan based on your performance and goals, ensuring that you are always challenging yourself and making progress. The user interface is easy to navigate and the graphics are colorful and engaging. It's a great app for all ages and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to boost their brain power.
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3 years ago, GardenGirlofTX
Fun, minor issues
I’ve only used the free version as the Premium version is too expensive. The games are still fun, you just get three a day you can access. Which, as a busy person, is completely fine. My only complaint other than the price for premium is that on the specific game “Word Snatchers” the word definitions offered as hints are not always accurate, or could be greatly improved. I have a very large vocabulary and the study of word meanings and the correct usage of words has always fascinated me, so that’s frustrating whenever I play that game. Otherwise the app is excellent, and I really appreciate that there aren’t ads on the free version. I presume the Premium version is excellent as well.
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3 years ago, Blessed1958$
Great Game, but something wrong.
My mom said that my memory was really bad and whenever I went on my iPad, I had to play a brain game. This was the second one I found that I really loved. I signed in but saw that I put the wrong year in for my birthday, when I tried to change that it didn’t work. So I ended up deleting the account to restart and fix the year, but that didn’t work. The app said that I was already a member. Then when I tried to sign in as a member to press “forgot password” the app said it sent me an email. The email didn’t send at all. What I’m asking for is that could you make the members able to sign back after they delete the account and that you can change you birthdate as a member. That would help me a lot, thanks.
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2 years ago, taila
Paid for premium, still no access
I just paid for a 1-year subscription but am still locked out of all the premium content. They obviously have a data synchronization problem between the Apple App Store and their subscription management system. They should really remove the app from the Apple Store until they get this fixed. Stealing customers money without providing them access to your app is a reputation risk. Based on other reviews it’s an issue you haven’t cared enough to fix for over 3 years. I’ve learned my lesson to always read the reviews first. Thought this was a reputable app, but I guess not… you need to make it easier for people to either get access to the subscription they’ve already paid for, or get a refund directly through you. Forget customer service, you have a whole end-to-end customer experience problem.
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2 years ago, FuzzyFlannelPJs
Love the games but no technical support
Have tried to subscribe to this App twice. Each time it doesn’t let me log on. Checked help forums and info on Google, but nothing worked. This should be an easy fix, but there is no way to chat with support. One has to submit an email and wait AT LEAST two business days. So if you subscribe on a Saturday, the very earliest you will hear back from the help desk, assuming you do hear back, will be 4 days later. The second time I subscribed, I submitted a help email, received an automated confirmation of my email, and 10 days later I have still not received a response. First time I’ve had this happen with an App. I submitted a follow up, asking about the status 4 days ago but haven’t heard back from my follow-up request. I give up!! I will play the free games but had to cancel my subscription cause I can’t pay for an App I can’t access.
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2 months ago, Smart rain
Raindrop feed back
First, I like this app. I honestly feel overall improvement: mental processing, attention, critical thinking. I average 15-20 games per day. My constructive criticism is for rain drop. This is a weak area of mine, so I play it more to improve. However, once you get to the 2nd or 3rd round of rain drops the problems drop faster and have a greater level of difficulty. Instead of presenting only easy and simple problems on the first round, include some challenging problems as well so that the user can build a familiarity with those types of equations. For example instead of primarily having problems like 9x1 or 2x2 in the first round throw in a 45-7 problem. Although its simple, if only presented in the latter rounds the user has a longer delay in answering because its not as common of a problem compared to 9x1 and because the rain drops faster in later rounds there is less time to answer. If those types of equations are presented earlier the user gains a familiarity with those equations and is able to answer faster increase their score in subsequent rounds. Just my two cents.
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6 years ago, Buffer99
Buyers remorse, buyer beware
Bought this app, paid for a full year subscription. I had been running for a while on the free version and thought I should support it. The buyers remorse came very quickly. When I got the paid version I came to the realization almost immediately that it is far better off sticking with the unpaid version. Games can become ridiculously hard at higher levels. Some of the games are very nearly nonsensical. There is one called fuse clues which involves inserting numbers into a numerical sequence. When you get to a higher level you get, for example, two clues out of nine spaces and there is absolutely no possible way to determine the sequence. It becomes frustrating very quickly. There is very little sense of accomplishment and the frustration detracts from what should be a positive, learning experience. When you first get the app, it can be fun. But if you stick with it, and rise in levels on the various games, getting to the higher levels Will likely result in hitting a wall and not being able to progress any further. That is where I'm at. Hence the buyers remorse comment. Also, just an observation. This is at least the third time I've written a review. They keep getting taken down. At least that's what seems to be happening.
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