MA Lottery 2nd Chance

2.1 (159)
18.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scientific Games International
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for MA Lottery 2nd Chance

2.05 out of 5
159 Ratings
11 months ago, engine7
Tickets won’t scan with iPhone 14
I’ve never had an issue with the app til I bought an iPhone 14 the tickets wont scan I’ve contacted the lottery, been given a number for second chance and even contacted the app developer for over a year still won’t work with this model phone . I’ve been entering the tickets manually . It’s funny cause the tickets scan on the other mass lotto app
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5 months ago, Incompetent government
The app won’t work
I’ve scanned hundreds of $30 and $50 second chance tickets on this app and suddenly it doesn’t work at all anymore ! It shows a 1990s dial up loading symbol ! I have t been able to check the status or upload tickets for months on end! Someone needs to be held accountable what happens to all the tickets I already enters that can no longer be accessed? I guess I can say I’m not surprised a government run app is the only one I ever seen just stop working !!! This is why we the people lost all faith in government and you useless bureaucrats!!!
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4 years ago, KedRed
Love this app
Previous review by someone states that the number that scans doesn’t match the number on the ticket. If you look online it will tell you they won’t be the same. You can also go online and see all of your scanned in tickets and how many chances you have in each drawing. It’s super simple. Love love love it.
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7 months ago, Loshymoney
Why is the app not working?
I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and I have been using this app for a long time. Now all the sudden it won’t work at all. I e deleted it. Redownloaded it. I’ve waited thinking it’s being worked on… but nothing. It stopped working for me. Anyone else having issues with this app?
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3 years ago, DicksFix
The main lottery app has the keyboard where the . And @ are on it That makes it easier to put in your email address You should do the same with 2nd chance It would even be better if we can save our email and password
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1 year ago, Polish hanmer
Not bad
My experience hasn’t been too bad. My scanner works (iphone12) , but I’ve been trying to find out how people get notified if they win? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find the answer.
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3 years ago, gmediamondhands
Qr works fine
For the simple minds that say the qr displays a different number well, it does but it still submits the ticket you scanned and your ticket is entered.
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1 year ago, Joeshmoe from ideho
Needs Update
App hasn’t been updated since the cameras have gotten more sophisticated. Cannot take a picture of second chance barcodes with newer phones auto focus does not work in app.
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1 year ago, Sam0915
Can’t scan from new iPhone please update
Can no longer scan 2nd chance since I upgraded to iPhone 14pro. Please update this app to be compatible with newer phones with better cameras. Usless app at this point. Why don’t you respond to this app showing us a fix if you won’t update? Turning Macros on doesn’t fix issue.
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6 years ago, Snwshoe
Scanned number didn’t even match the ticket!
I looked at the example given of where to find it and then scanned it and the number displayed wasn’t the same 24 digit number I saw printed on the ticket. I repeated this twice and ended up entering it by hand for submission. This didn’t leave me with a feeling of my 2nd chance as being a legitimate 2nd chance entry at all.
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7 years ago, Gambler312
Keeps getting worse and worse
The app has gone far downhill in the past couple months. They really need to check it out and update the app to fix all the bugs. Over the past couple months the games that come along with the entry's has not been working and now the entry's are not working in general.
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6 years ago, Shewolf53
Won’t let me scan tickets!
I had over 20 tickets to enter so thought I’d download this app so I didn’t have to enter each one separately . Good idea but not so good app as it wouldn’t let me scan them. So back to entering them one at a time. Needs to be fixed . I can tell by reading other reviews ( and they go back a year ) I’m not alone. Sad!
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1 year ago, Ronraymo
iPhone 14 still not working
This app was ok until I got the iphone 14 pro max. Now it will not scan because it selects the wrong camera or it has no control to select it. Just guessing the lens it selects focuses to far away.
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1 year ago, leslur1216
Problems with App
Since update the app will not open on my iPhone I had tons of tickets to enter for the holiday ones and entering manually is taking forever please fix
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4 years ago, woody8080
Massachusetts, Trying to screw you AGAIN
Like the other reviewer said , scan it and doesn’t enter the same number that’s on the ticket. After a couple times “scanning” I entered it manually. BIG surprise it won’t accept it and keeps saying completely fill out information ..... HAHA it’s a joke just like this state!!!
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7 months ago, PhotoHobbiest
App won’t work anymore.
Been using the app for years but now when I tried opening the app, the wheel spins and won’t load. Uninstalled and reinstalled it and now it opens to a title page but there are no options to do anything.
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3 years ago, John5711
Tried becoming a member and it said I already had an account with the name and address. Did a password reset with the email I would have put and it said no account available. Makes no sense. Such a stupid app that nobody can help me out with. No wonder it has crappy reviews.
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1 year ago, kokernutz
Can’t scan?
Doesn’t seem like you can scan your cards in with an iPhone 14 pro max. App hasn’t been updated in 2 years?
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6 years ago, zennacko
Crashes like crazy on iOS 11.3
Never had issues with it before... until I had the genius idea of updating my phone. Now it crashes 9/10 times I open it and every 3 or 4 ticket scans if I get lucky enough to make that far before crashing
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2 years ago, sponte89
Unable to Scan with New iPhone
Unable to scan tickets after upgrading to newest iPhone. Camera doesn’t focus on barcode and doesn’t recognize it. Seems like the app needs an update.
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7 months ago, PGK76
Won’t load on new phone
Had a MotoZ (1,3,4) over the years and this app worked well. Download app on new IPhone 15pro and I can’t even try to log in. App closes about ten seconds after trying to open
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2 years ago, T.J.C.13
Doesn’t work with iPhone 14Pro
The camera will not allow the barcodes to scan. Please find a fix!
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5 years ago, mick molly maggie
Hasn’t been updated in 7 months that should tell you something. Lots of bugs always opens on a blank page, can’t put more than one ticket in at a time without relogging in your account. Ma lottery this app should be an embarrassment to you.
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6 years ago, Riggs3283
Needs update
App will not keep me logged in. Requires me to re-enter all login info each time. Needs fingerprint recognition. When entering tickets it won’t scan the ticket, I have to enter ticket numbers manually. After each entry the app crashes.
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1 year ago, Deb 1217
Can’t scan barcodes
App not staying up to date with newer phones and tickets. Can’t scan anymore, need to manually enter all codes. Maybe this is how to reduce the amount of 2nd chance entries.
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1 year ago, FungusAm0ngus
What’s the Point !?
The whole purpose for the app is so you can quickly scan in 2nd chance entries but the scanner does nothing, it doesn’t even auto focus wth. Par for the course for Mass Lottery, billion dollar operation run like a dime store.
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8 months ago, sam tuuuuuuuuuucker
Problems with iPhone 15 pro
Scanner is blurry and can’t scan tickets on brand new iPhone 15 Pro.
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2 years ago, MichaelBarros
Scan is no longer compatible with IPhone 14. Camera feature also no longer allows you to zoom in without going out of focus
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3 years ago, Suitejudyblue
It’s ok
I wish I could save my email address so I didn’t have to key it every time I log in. Other than that the app works ok.
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1 year ago, StrongoFYB
May 23,2023 update
Just updated this and now it no longer works, can’t even log in it just shows the “title screen” and crashes.
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1 year ago, Pw0nz3rD
Doesn’t work on iPhone 14 pro max
As of this review, Mar 1, 2023 this app does not scan tickets for those who use the iPhone pro max 14… it may affect other iPhones as well. App developer really needs to update the app.
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1 year ago, StephenB_
Doesn’t work on latest iPhone
It won’t scan anymore, doesn’t focus on the barcode. Looks like nobody reads these reviews either.
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2 years ago, ma17lockflNk
No longer opens
Please fix
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1 year ago, Jfaye01
Have to keep redownloading to use
App will work once I delete and redownload it. Just a pain for doing second chance entries, never used to be like this :(
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5 months ago, chuckac
Crashes on every Apple Device
App launches and then closes every single time. Not worth even trying to download.
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5 years ago, bosguy35
Scanner doesn’t work. Manually entering the number doesn’t work. Clearly they don’t want you in the 2nd chance drawing. Entering the number on the website doesn’t work either.
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2 years ago, Joe Zekus
App will Not open
It will not open all the the sudden
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3 years ago, Riskyfbabyyy
Zero stars. Trashhhhh app
Terrible app. Doesn’t even open. Closes right out soon as you try to open it. 95% of the time this app doesn’t work.
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9 months ago, adean825
Crappy app
Doesn’t even let you leave the first screen. Do better.
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1 year ago, jaggu8887
Needs another update
App crashed after new update wont open
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1 year ago, Gdog77889
Doesn’t work after upgrading to iPhone 14
Doesn’t work after upgrading to iPhone 14 . Please update .
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3 years ago, jeffmanbu
Is this a real app? The scan does not do anything. Apple should flag this as it collects a ton of personal info and does not work. Shocked this is allowed in the app store.
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2 years ago, pimpjuice82
Can’t load app
Every since the update my iPhone 12 won’t load the app help pleas!!!!!
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6 years ago, dddd0501
Not working
With the new download from Apple on the X phone you keep getting bounced out it will not open
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2 years ago, Sladicp
Awful - Doesn’t work.
Won’t Scan. Can’t find the game that’s on the tickets. NOT a 2nd chance lol
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6 years ago, MEl69
App keeps crashing
Needs to be updated keeps crashing
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1 year ago, Gamewhorerus
iPhone 14
Camera does not work on the iPhone 14, can not scan in tickets
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7 months ago, Lonely Creature
Not working! Boo
App is just a picture and has no scanner (I have an iPhone 14)
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1 year ago, DcK413
Can’t get passed first page
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3 years ago, LBLaidBack
No automatic log in ???
Why cant we automatically log in with our info. This isnt a bank app.. thanks
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