MA Lottery

4.8 (39.7K)
77.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Massachusetts State Lottery
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MA Lottery

4.8 out of 5
39.7K Ratings
4 months ago, Ayla0125
Best App
Ever since the lottery made the lottery app available to its VIP members, as well as others. I am able to check my lottery tickets for winners that I may have missed, and when a ticket turns out to be a winner, the app will allow me to see exactly how much you won on that ticket. If you go to a store to play your numbers, any store that sells lottery tickets have a scanner machine that allows people to scan there lottery tickets as well as all scratch tickets, But doesn’t let you know exactly how much that ticket won. Also should you have a winning ticket over $600 or up to $5,000, you can claim your ticket on the application and your winnings minus state tax is then deposited into your bank account, usually within couple weeks. A lot better than dragging myself to the Lottery in Dorchester, down street from South Boston’s Castle Island and their beach.
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2 years ago, Susiebesmart
2015 tickets
Bought a poker ticket and the year on the back is 2015, that’s not right. Theirs hardly any winners in any of your tickets and the saddest thing about the lottery is the $10 ticket 10x $2.00 come on, it’s all the time to, I think your making enough money u can make it $5.00 or $10. I know your just gonna say then don’t play, maybe I won’t, machine has been down all day, what’s the problem! Oh and you also say if you participate in 2nd drawings you can only win once in one drawing, I don’t think so I see the same names, same city, so that’s a lie.
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1 year ago, KSS_Bentley
It is absurd to require a Password and SSN JUST to check numbers
Thanks for responding to me. You wrote the following: "We require a social security number to be provided so that we may verify the age and identity of all players. This information is essential to our validation process and to protect the security of player accounts." I would like the App to have the capabilities of scanning tickets at home to determent winning tickets JUST like at the store. I shouldn’t need to log-in to check my numbers. I understand that if I have a winner you need my SSN, but just to check my numbers!!!! Haven’t you seen all the stories of systems getting hacked! Your app can have two tiers, one for players who trust you and give you all the info, and another for those who want to just check their numbers. If I have a big winner you’re welcome to get all the info you need at your offices.
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2 years ago, U&(^*&*(^kidding me!
After downloading the app it refused to allow me to enter a password. I deleted the app and then downloaded it again. This time I was allowed to register for an account, of course it refused to accept my Social Security number. There it was in print in front of me on the screen, same number as on my dog tags, but no, the app said I needed to enter my Social Security number. Not really sure what happened, I kept hitting the enter number repeatably and then it accepted my Social Security number. AHH! Success….NOPE. Followed the instructions on scanning in my winning mega millions ticket (They have completely sucked the joy of a 2K$ ticket from me!) (well not 100% LOL) So now I STILL need to go to the lottery office in Woburn if I want to cash in my ticket. Why can’t the state get a competent, working software program? Gotta go through the same crap to renew my electricians license.
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1 year ago, Tom02301
Lots of features on app!
The app does everything you need it to do. You can easily check winning numbers, as well as sort through how many prizes are left on each scratch ticket. The best function is being able to scan tickets, especially Keno, to see if you have won anything. Haven’t had a win over $600 so haven’t used the cashing part, but look forward to hitting big so I can try it out!
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11 months ago, Chipbri
U need to give up your Social Security #
Why would I ever give out my Social Security number just to scan a ticket!! If I win and want to collect through the phone, sure I could give you my SSN at that time, but to just scan a ticket is ridiculous. When I travel I like to by lottery tickets in other states. I always check to see if there is a state app that I can scan the tickets. First time ever that I was asked to give out my social security number. When you download the app it should be the first thing that comes up, that you will need to put in the SS#. I would not have purchased my tickets. You should make it possible to scan without needing the number that is critical to keep private to avoid identity theft and possible loss of your savings.
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2 years ago, db839
Security risk in this application
I would advise people from downloading and filling out the forms on this application. They want your full name, address, phone number, and YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! There is no reason for them to have that information until you have a winning ticket. You do not give this information out when you go to buy a ticket nor do you need it to check the ticket information at the store you bought it from or on the Massachusetts Lottery website. In addition, at the bottom, they say they will use your Social Security number to check your Experian credit rating. WHY??? Avoid this implication like the plague. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a security risk this is.
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2 years ago, willandreason
Nice App…Well Done
Makes checking draw game tickets easy and convenient. Also nice to be able to scan scratch tickets to double check them. Another great feature is being able to claim prizes of 601$-5000$ using the mobile app. Not only does it save time and hassle of having to go to a physical location or mail the ticket in, the mobile cashing process is simple and takes less than one minute.
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3 months ago, Gaynormec
Great app
I am so pleased with this app. Specifically checking the crossword instant tickets. They can be confusing on the winning tickets. Great job mass lottery. I also love checking all the tickets to double check. I enjoy on the second chance tickets specially the $50 dollar ones automatically enters in the drawing so I don’t have to do it On the VIP site.
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3 years ago, Maggy20138790
This app doesn’t work
For some reason this app don’t open or work. As I see so many negative reviews now I understand why. Secondly accordingly to many reviews you don’t need to ask the customers for their SSN that is very privated to give out. It is better to use ID in which protect people’s deeper personal sensitive data. Sorry guys but your ruined the right intention with this app. Fix it and see if it can works as you mentioned... Plus if you decide to fix it then can you add few more bottom as well. Like to pick your numbers for all the games so you don’t have to go to the store to buy them. Either way the money goes to your account. Last a live view to see the videos of the winning numbers. Thanks Maggy
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4 years ago, The Insidiator
Good, but needs a ‘find my favorite game’
Overall, not bad. The best way to make it better would be to include a ‘find my favorite ticket’ function. Something combining the ‘retailers’ function and the most recent inventory data so players can find their favorite scratch ticket games wherever they are. That would also help finish games before they get too stale. A disclaimer about changing inventory would address any concerns about ticket availability.
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7 months ago, aletendre
App Makes It Easy
Mass Lottery (M.L.) I find that the new mass lottery app offers a robust experience for the user to easily check on the status of their tickets which will advise the player if they are holding a winning or loosing ticket. This app changes the entire playing experience for the better. Thank you for bringing it to the market.
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4 months ago, marybf61
My games
like the scratches, but I don’t win very much. Mostly I play Mass Cash and Megabucks. Same number for at LEAST 30 years. I keep thinking I’ll get a good (even a small hit, couple thousand,) but I’ll just wait til it’s my time to shine (times are ticken’, I’m no spring chicken 🐣🐥🐤 Anyhow, it’s a nice recreational thing as long as you keep your head on straight 👏 🤔🤝
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3 years ago, Aimistrue72
I am aghast that a SSN number and agreement with EXPERIAN (credit reporting agency) would be required to scan a lottery ticket. If I went to a store to scan my ticket I wouldn’t need to give my SSN. In my opinion this is a huge CYBER SECURITY risk. I believe this app preys on people who mindlessly enter such personal information without regard to risk. EXPERIAN experienced a data security breach which exposed the personal information of millions of people. If cyber criminals were able to find the weakness in Experian’s security, you think this app has that level of protection. PLEASE THINK BEFORE ENTERING PERSONAL INFORMATION. CAN I GIVE A ZERO FOR A RATING?
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2 years ago, Wicky58
Scan feature is the best
Thank you for adding the scan feature. This is an accurate and safe way to see if your ticket is a winner. I must admit that this has made me lazy with scratch tickets. I simply scratch the part that vendors scan and check them that way. Please keep the great ideas coming.
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10 months ago, jrodius69
More free time with family
I usually spend all day scratching away on tickets I bought with my welfare check. No more! I use the Mass Lotto app to scan the barcode and tell me if it’s a winner. 6 more hours a day back with my kids. 5 stars, would download again!
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3 years ago, samanthaann916
SSN? Experian? SCAM
I can’t even tell you how the app works because I won’t be using it. The fact I NEED to give my SSN and agree to a credit card report review is just a scam. Why don’t you people chill out? You really need this information to scan a $2 losing ticket? You people are violating the privacy to the max. I wouldn’t use it and I suggest none of you freely agree to it and give your SSN or in a years time you’ll be getting a letter in the mail, “Did mass lottery’s security breach give out your personal information? You may be entitled to a compensation”
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1 year ago, msbav8r53
Requires FULL SS#,D.O.B. Really?! Uninstalled.
How many State and local agencies and private companies have been hacked/compromised and user's information stolen? A LOT. But, to use the state lottery app, they REQUIRE your full Social Security number, your D.O.B. your bank account information, AND you must consent to an Experian Credit report. This app is just a perfect opportunity for identity thieves to steal even more unsecured personal details. Details that are COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY to check your tickets at a store. But this app requires all of it. Got to that part, stopped, and deleted the app.
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1 year ago, CCloud22
It’s frustrating
Every time I try to login in when I know I’m entering in the right credentials it’s says it’s always wrong and I have to keep submitting my ID to the Massachusetts lottery which they say I have multiple accounts open which if you have two different apps which Massachusetts does you’re gonna have two accounts because one of them is for the players club and this one is four to cash lottery tickets it makes no sense.
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5 years ago, carma141
Bring back the other one!
Hate it. Loved the old one. Don’t want to watch each game. Liked old one as you could enter ticket info and was able to see game results for all games played and you could tell exactly how much you won. This one is ridiculous
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3 years ago, ASH750
Privacy and personal information
I’m concerned with sharing my personal information such as social security and date of birth in order to use scan ticket feature of the app. It’s totally unnecessary and waste of time. It make the user vulnerable to data breaches and defeats the purpose of the app. The purpose should be making the app readily available to everyone with limited effort and simplicity in mind, so that they be protected against coercion, deception and giving away their ticket for less that what is worth.
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3 years ago, Camsmeem
Update won’t open
The old version worked fine, by since I updated it crashes and won’t even open! but still has a pop-up that asked me if I allow notifications. I can’t tell if I like the updated version or not because I haven’t been able to see it yet
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3 years ago, GerryG1234
I just wanted to scan my tickets don’t see the need to give ssn and risk a data breech. In the end they said I had to appear in person to some place that would take me an hour to get to. My taxes are paying for this?
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1 year ago, HRH Kodiak
Love it!
I live being able to sit at a bar , have some drinks, play Keno, and not have to get up to self scan my ticket or bother the bartender to check. I can just scan on my Phone. Great job Mass Lottery on the app!
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1 year ago, B to the ill
Keno on app needs an update.
The Keno section needs a bug fix. Constantly getting ‘draw error’ when trying to skip through games to see winning numbers drawn for Keno. Also would be great to see a #1 of 30, #2 of 30 option when playing lots of Keno draws so we know how many games we have left to be played.
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2 years ago, aquanee
Not Consumer Friendly
This app would be great if they didn’t take all your personal information, like your Social Security number, your date of birth and if fail the immediate check (because their system doesn’t have information on you already) they want you to send documents (DL and SS card) over the APP.. or you have to go into one of the claim centers?? All I wanna do is scan tickets to see if I won or not that’s it ..I didn’t wanna cash it on my phone?
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2 years ago, Honea Egypt
Scanner STILL not working on iPhone 14 Pro Max
I’ve used the app scanner for a long time with no trouble on my iPhone XS Max. My new iPhone 14 Pro Max will not focus the camera to enable scanning. Camera works just fine everywhere else. After I posted above message, I noticed an update purportedly in response to my, and others, dilemma, fixing the issue for iPhone 14 Pro Plus. So I updated the app and tried again. Perhaps my one ⭐️ gave away the ending. It didn’t work. 😢
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3 years ago, Bigmoosebrooks
Old app
Old app was much better! Bring back the old one! Site is very difficult to maneuver and information is to hard to find or not there at all.
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3 years ago, mr777931
Can not register
I can not register to this app. I just downloaded version 2.4.1 and cannot enter my email address. The email line will not take underscores, and my address has underscores. Please resolve this
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2 years ago, baj 530
It is so easy to put in a ticket claim up to $5000 with the new app. It works well and my money goes into my bank cash within two days usually
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3 years ago, Km123
Privacy Concerns
I downloaded this app planning to use the scan feature for checking tickets. The app asks you to registration before you can use this feature, and requires quite a bit of personal information including Social Security Number. I see no reason why this should be needed just to check if you have matched any numbers. If I were to have any winnings I would collect them in person and not via an app.
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2 years ago, Bezel777
Wants Social Security #
Just use the app it wants your Social Security number I can understand if you win then you can just close it to them but just to use the application your Social Security number seriously that’s not fair and that’s not right. Totally not digging that it says it’s for identification reasons well if I win then that’s a different story but just to check the ticket come on. No way
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3 months ago, jbaggsz
Second chance
I absolutely love how fast and simple to enter your tickets for the second change drawings!
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1 year ago, SMURF ADDICT1234666688
MA Lottery App
I love the app! I wish when playing Keno - if you win $2 - and have more games remaining - that the app says - “you won $2 and have games remaining”. Right now it just says - you won $2.
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1 year ago, John E. Wow
Unnecessary Data Collection
There is absolutely no need to need to provide your social security number and bank account information along with dozens of other data points in order to simply scan an old ticket to see if it is a winner. Who at the state even approved this. Disgraceful. I’ll just spend 30 seconds and check the numbers. Scoundrels.
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3 years ago, Thoughfulness
The lottery
It is difficult to find out how you win on the big games. In the past it was easier.
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3 years ago, mcw4567
It’s so obvious that the Lottery is putting out more LOSING tickets than ever! Before, if you bought 5 of the same scratch tickets, most times you’d get a few winners. Now you’re lucky if you even get ONE winner out of five. I feel like ever since the Pandemic hit, the Lottery is taking more than it’s giving. That’s not fair… people spend a lot of money on the Lottery. We deserve a win now and then….
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3 years ago, Jamie701
App needs further work
I’m ready to delete this app. I HATE having to log in when I need to scan a ticket. Who’s idea was that? There is no facial recognition option so you need to log in with an email and password if you want to scan a ticket. What’s the purpose of that? Pure annoyance??? Very cumbersome to use.
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2 months ago, Na'J
Lottery App
Excellent app, I’m able to get up to date information regarding the winning numbers and upcoming games as well as pertinent information as needed.
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1 year ago, Fouteen
Nice to have the numbers at your fingertips!!
I t very handy to have the numbers available when I can’t get out. A grateful 77 year old woman!!!
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5 years ago, DennisB12
Last game
I don’t like that I have to go through a days worth of games to see the last few played
Show more
1 year ago, Joeshmoe from ideho
Was 5 ⭐️
I’ve got a new iPhone 14 Pro & the in app camera won’t auto focus on the tickets barcode. So now I cannot scan any tickets anymore!
Show more
2 years ago, s stack
Keno claims
So I just started using this app an started playing keno I hit 9 out of 12 numbers an won $1,000 times 5 multiplayer I have no clue how to claim the ticket or how to go about it at all. If anyone can help please let me know I’m new an have no clue how to play or claim thanks in advance
Show more
2 years ago, neverbuyanother
Make thing easier
The lottery should take a page for California app. I visited this Jan and their app is so much easier and advanced with no sign in to check any and all of their lottery games to see if the tickets you bought were winners
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3 years ago, Nick Name 2021
Too much personal information required
This app is awful. Just in order to use the scan feature, it requires you to create an account and enter in all your personal information. INCLUDING YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY #!!! They don’t need all that information just to scan tickets. Do not create an account for this app. In fact, delete it from your phone like I did
Show more
2 weeks ago, jesus everything is taken
Used to be great, latest update is meh
I have been using this app with great success for several years, but with this latest update the ticket scanner no longer works. Docked two stars for inoperable scanner. Otherwise it’s pretty good.
Show more
3 years ago, 828658
Can’t log in
I love the fact that I can check all my past daily lottery tickets on one app. Tried setting up account and it said that I already have an account. Logged in with my existing lottery account and I still can’t login. FIX IT!!!!
Show more
2 months ago, jomust66
Really hard to capture barcode
All things in the app are great but only if you try to use scan ticket barcode it just really really hard to capture the image every time, not sure why
Show more
2 years ago, Chai4321
What a great way to cash the prizes !!!
Tried cashing the prizes first time on the mobile application so far so good this saves me a lot of time to drive to the lottery office. Thank you !
Show more
3 years ago, jingle567
Great move
I applaud the lottery for jumping into the 21st-century with an easy way to check your ticket and claim your ticket. Kudos to whoever thought of this! And it is super easy to use
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