Mad Libs

4.2 (2.8K)
105.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Penguin Group USA
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mad Libs

4.15 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, harts❤️❤️❤️
Needs more
I love the app! But it needs a lot more books than you give us!🤨 You give us two free books and thats it more people would get this ha if it had more books when I tell my friends about this game they are excited 😆 about it! And they think about getting it. But when I say how many books there are that are free they say never mind😶😢. So I think you need to add like 10 to 12 free books!! A lot more people would get this game and I know because they have said so and so have my friends so consider it not just for them I would love it too! And I’ve read some of the other reviews and a lot of people would agree too! Because the reason we got this game is because we don’t want to haft to buy actual books we can play anytime anywhere and with anybody! And it’s no different if we are buying books on this too!😢 we mine as well but real books😢 I love the idea that this app is kid friendly and fun and goofy it’s a wonderful idea but it would be a thousand times better if you would make like 10 to 12 more books free! You are one of the only mad libs of your kind on an App Store so please! I love your app but I am almost done and then once it’s over there is not much to do Thank you so much for making this app but please please please please make more free Love Harts ❤️❤️❤️! Ps I know I spelled hearts wrong but I did it purposely.
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9 months ago, 🐺🐟 The Lupine Fish 🐟🐺
𝖣𝖾𝗍𝖾𝗋𝗂𝗈𝗋𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖺𝗉𝗉 (ಡ‸ಡ)
This game has not been updated in four years. You would think this would not be a problem, but somehow the app is falling apart. The font that they show the stories in, in the preview; the format that is supposed to remind you of the book version? It won't even load; it's just boring old Times or something. The other reviews say this, but each word you put in now gets placed on a new line. It isn't by any means a fatal flaw, but it makes me a feel a bit uninspired. Also, every time you open the app (even when you just reopen the window), it opens the Game Center screen thingy, and you have to click out of it. It's very annoying. Not to mention that the app crashes frequently, sometimes as soon as you're about to read your story! This has nothing to do with this game being in dire need of an update, but some of the free stories are just...𝒷𝓁𝒶𝒽. While most of them are indeed fun to read, many of them are only funny if you meticulously choose the silliest words and also make up a few elmo-y new ones. And some of them just aren't funny, no matter what heavyset earthworms you use. (Essentially, the free stories just advertise the paid books. If you're not planning to spend money on the app, either make the most of the free stories or don't get the app at all.)
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7 years ago, Addicted73590
Amazing, but needs some adjustments
I love this app so much I would give it 4 stars. What I liked about this app is Mad Libs is so entertaining, fun and educational. I though this app was entertaining and fun because it is a creative way to make your one stories. in the app it tells you to give a noun, adverbs, adjectives, ect. This app is very educational because it teaches you many examples of grammar rules. For example if it asks you a noun you have to give a noun like Pen. From there the app takes the different word you typed in for the rules and it combines them into a story. What I disliked about this story is after your finished with the free story's you have to pay for the other ones. I dis liked this because you should not have to pay for more stories That is what I liked and disliked about this app.
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4 years ago, I❤️WW
Brings people together
Hey, so I had this game on my iPad for a while, so when I got my phone, I just had to download it. The mad libs app is so funny. I love to make crazy mad libs on the airplane! It’s just like the books, except without wasting paper. Your game is very well programmed. I love it when the mad libs character says, “good job!” That is just so cute. This game is perfect for those who like to write stories. You can let your creativity shine and laugh with friends. Mad libs is a great way to bring people together. It’s also very educational. I had no idea what a verb meant when I was 6, and then I got this game. The game taught me about verbs, nouns, etc. Now I can recite each one! I have tried to program before, and I know that it’s not easy. Developers, you should be very proud. You have made an amazing game! The stay home and mad libs pack was super fun. Thank you for making it free! Also, I have an idea. Instead of making us pay for stories, maybe every week there could be a new free story. Then more people would play this game. I love this game and I totally recommend it. Great job! Ps. PEOPLE STOP BEING MEAN! They are trying their hardest so you reviewers back off and yell at someone else.
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4 years ago, TxTygrr
The Finished Stories Are Hard to See
We've been using this app for years and we love it, but a format change in the last year makes reading stories very difficult. The old form was SO much better. Now, we often experience the very small don't and similar background color to the font color makes it nearly impossible to read in some books. This change was not for the better.
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2 years ago, Zdegrey
Expensive books for a poor designed app
The content of the books are great and well worth the cost. However, the app itself is not. They always use dark font on dark background. I’m not a graphic designer at all but even I know to never use blue font on dark blue background. Their string concatenations are done with a new line instead of inline. The app crashes all the time. And my favorite is that every time you open the app, it opens up the Game Center page. Even Apple removed it as a forward facing feature and instead moved it to a background feature. Game Center should not be the splash screen every time you open the app. Literally no other app does this and for a good reason. It’s annoying and pointless. It is apparent this app has been abandoned by the developers/company as the last update was 3 years ago.
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4 years ago, , juxjfjxn. nvnnjur. h
Its Amazing!
This is a great way to let your kid learn it teaches them so many things when your stuck at home! Like they ask you give me a noun and if your kid says something that isn’t a noun it will say ‘good job but you got it wrong try a little harder!’ Or if they got it right they might say “good job keep it up!” And stop being mean comments they try there best to give people internment when u can’t go to school people so go away and shout at another game you “don’t like” so either right something nice and give them at least 4+ stars if your gonna write a comment and say something nice people.
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1 year ago, ChaosEater202
Only two books😢
There’s only two books!!!! The rest you have to pay for and I’m a kid and can’t buy them can you make in game currency that you earn and you could buy certain books you choose to be in game currency and books with real money and maybe even something like a mad libs festival where you can earn books around holidays for free and earn even more if you buy something like maybe a mad libs medal or something and you get that when you pay real money and then in festivals you get better stuff then the other people who don’t have it please please do this because I really want more books.🥺
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6 years ago, StarsetDisco
Mad libs aren’t fun
These mad libs aren’t fun. Mad libs are supposed to be fun. The free ones are taken from informational passages. That’s not promoting your product well (in my opinion, at least). If those had made me interested or laugh, I’d be inclined to buy one of the other books. They are, instead, pretty much the opposite of what I want, and the disappointing quality makes me think that all of them will be like this. That’s not something I’m interested in by any means, and so I won’t be wasting my money on these. Question for the developers: why is this like this? Back when I was a kid (which wasn’t very long ago), doing Mad Libs was a fun way to pass time. You’d compete with your friends to see who could come up with the craziest story. This has none of that. You can’t have a crazy story without fun scenarios.
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7 years ago, WLMS2017
Amazing, super educational
Mad Libs is a really fun app that I would give 5 stars. It is a super fun app that I would recommend this to people young and old. If I were to change one thing about this app I would change one thing about this app I would change it so you you could also get the definition of Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives. I would compare this app to Language arts frenzy with a better review because it is way more fun and you get the full version for free. Therefore I think that Mad Libs is a 5 star app
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2 weeks ago, Sage Brushfire
Unreadable And Unusable
I have screenshots from 2013 showing readable Madlibs with black text in a white background and red text for the user-provided words. This version is completely unreadable, the text is almost the same color as the background and there’s no contrast. Why downgrade the app like this? Why discriminate against people with vision disabilities? Madlibs is one of my favorite games but the last update they did around 2019 completely trashed the app and made it worthless. How can you enjoy a Madlib you can’t even read? Why add like 2 extra steps to export the Madlib as a picture? What a shame that they destroyed a perfectly good app and don’t even seem to be around anymore to fix it.
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3 years ago, cocobebe
Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: Amazing game, I really love this game. It’s so funny and if you want a good laugh, I recommend this game for you. This game is awesome👏! It starts off as you just typing some words in but later, it becomes a story that you can laugh at with your friends! The story’s save, which I really like because later you can share it with a friend of you found it funny! Conclusion ✨🌟💫⚡️☀️: Great game to play with your friends!😄Awesome game, definitely recommend!
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2 years ago, Pluto8400
The game was fun and very educational
Needs more free stories. Waaayyyy more stories. Like 10-12 more. I told my friends about this game and they were so excited. But then I told them they only had 2 stories and nobody wanted to play with me. I cried all night playing mad libs alone on my 17th birthday party. It was a educational birthday. I know I spelled an wrong but that was on purpose. That year for my birthday wish I wish there were at least 10-12 more books in the mad lib game. ❤️❤️❤️ ps please please please please please please please please please please pleeeeaase please please add more books
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3 years ago, Project DT88
Terrible format
I love writing mad libs. This used to be one of my favorite apps. Now though it looks terrible when you finish a story. Not sure if it is because I upgraded to an iPhone 10 or what, but the story format is gone. Now it abruptly line breaks to put your input on a line of its own with no white box behind it and a colored font similar to the background. Even small inputs like “cat” require a full line and if the colors are too similar it becomes unreadable. The final straw is there is no app support I can find online so if this is a bug I can’t report it. Very disappointed and will not spend any more money on this broken app.
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4 years ago, JoolsBoolsMa
Problems on iPad and no support
On an iPad, you can’t restore purchases because it asks you to solve a math problem (to prove you’re an adult, I guess?) but the math problem is stuck off the edge of the screen and can’t be moved into view. This needs to be fixed. Unfortunately the link from the App Store to the developer site and app support just lead to the Mad Libs website which has no support info and no way to contact or file a report. This would be an easy fix if anyone was paying attention.
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5 years ago, kianakianakianakianakianakiana
I gave it a 3 star because you only get a little book of stories and then you have to bye the rest and I want to have lots of stories without buying them and I finished them all so the app is no use and I do not have an I tunes card so I can’t bye any more and the app just takes up space so I why am I keeping this app is because I can read my stories but if you want us to bye any at least give us 101 stories so the app does not get deleted so give us more than just 21 stories to have before having to bye any
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3 years ago, libbyonline
format is messed up
My family and i love this app and even spent money on buying the digital books. We thought it would be good for the environment to not recycle so much paper. But the format on the books is almost unreadable now. It displays each word that you enter as pale grey type on a separate line from the rest of the story. Reading it is difficult and the choppy flow makes it less funny in the end. There hasn’t been an update in almost a year. We are so sad! And a little annoyed that we spent money on the app.
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6 years ago, maries266
great app... but...
i love mad libs. when i got the app, i was more than exited to do the mad libs. to my disappointment, there was only 1 free pack, and the rest needed payment. my final thoughts: love this app SO much... but it could use some more free packs. if you wanted a mad lib, you could just go to the bookstore, and get one. it takes a little less effort. in case you think this is hate, read the first 2 words in the title.
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3 years ago, Windy576
Best Mad libs ever!!!
Mad libs are supposed to be fun and these are more than fun they’re AWESOME!!! And my fav part is when u fill in the blanks before they show u the mad libs and all the people out there that think this app is not fun then LAY DOWN PEOPLE!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 anywho I just think that this is one of BEST apps in the world!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😁😁😁😁😁😁. Sincerely your #1 fan,Hayden
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6 years ago, CassieRoseMinecraftStoryMode
Yes and no.
This game isn’t the best, in all honesty. I mean, it was fun at first. I wouldn’t play this in my free time. I might only play it if I’m stuck in a line at Comic Con and need something to kill time. I completed all my first stories with no problem, so I bought another book. That was a scam. It didn’t even show up in my library, and lured and beckoned me into buying it again, even though I’d already made the purchase. You should be well grateful I even gave you a star, let alone TWO. Scammers, indeed. Response to response: Oh, fine. I’ll let it slide for now. Good day to you.
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3 years ago, SandblastedJoe
Fonts are broken on the story.
I used to play this with my kids. I opened it for the first time since getting an iPhone 12 and decided to purchase a pack of stories. Unfortunately I didn’t think to try the old stories out before doing so. The story itself is lacking all styles and instead you get the default times new Roman font in black. It is hard to read and ruins the experience. I see no way to request my money back for the new stories.
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3 years ago, [~pineapple queen~]
Good game! But one question
The question is are you trying to find my location and kill me? Sorry it’s just that the more story’s I play the more it asks personal questions like you last name or your name or where you live so I am a bit nervous also these story’s are not that funny but sometimes they are so that’s why I only put 4 stars
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7 years ago, Kimmykaylo
Help we love this app but...
We absolutely adore this app we have several books. We have played as a family for YEAR and have so much fun especially when we are on long trips or are trying to get the kids to last through a meal out. However, for the past several months we can’t even open it. It simply crashes even before it loads. PLEASE update it to fix the bugs. I would give it five stars but for the crashes and will change my review when it’s fixed.
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4 years ago, Ej8002
Cool game, but had a sexist story
I was doing the “Comeback Kid” story and the story focuses on a football player. The football player’s pronouns were automatically set to he/him/his. It didn’t even ask in the fill in the blanks section to choose the pronouns of the football player. Which is odd, because it asked for the name. The name I chose was a girl name, so shouldn’t it ask for the pronouns too? Football and other sports aren’t gendered. They’re for everyone. I’m disappointed.
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2 years ago, progisherman
The good, the bad, and the itchy; a childhood game brought back to life
Bored on a Sunday, a friend and I indulged in one of our greatest childhood cravings. Our findings were amusing, although at times tedious due to the lack of development. The stories are classical and hilarious however, I found the clunky nature of the app to be inhibiting my overall enjoyment. I’d love to see better formatting, and perhaps read aloud options. The app is enjoyable but it needs work.
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2 years ago, JustinL81
Good game, but major bug
This game is very fun to play, but there’s one huge bug: the math problem screen you are supposed to see when you hit “Restore Purchases” can barely be seen, making it impossible to know what the math problem is. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Super Pinky Pie
Crashed or froze every time I played
I just purchased this two days ago to play with my daughter. We played 3 times and it froze/crashed twice during that time. Today we started doing a new madlib and it crashed part way through and we had to start over. We got through filling in the blanks the second time, but it crashed again before we could read it! It shows that we finished, but won’t let us read the story without closing the app. I want my $4.99 back. Not worth the trouble 😞
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2 years ago, HelotNet
Please update
As it hasn’t been updated in years, the formatting of the stories is a bit messed up, lately. It’d be nice if it were fixed for the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS. It’s still legible, but not easily. I use this sometimes in my English classes for my students, and they really enjoy it.
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6 years ago, edwarbre
Good app
I love this app! It is made so you can play by yourself without reading the story till afterwards. It also gives suggestions (ex: adj could be pretty) It is really fun. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because it only has a few “books” available for free, the rest you have to buy. But I would recommend this app!
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4 years ago, Naw1483
Formatting needs to be updated
Formatting needs to be updated... I used to love using this app with my kids and students but now the formatting seems to be out of date. The formatting seems to create issues whenever you are done enter things into the options and try to read it after your choices. With a little formatting update, I jump my rating up to five stars again. These are super fun even with the format problem.
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3 years ago, Valerie 🙈
Outdated and I don’t have the books I’ve paid for!!
I recently downloaded this app again and it signed me in as if I was new to this app. I bought books for like $.50-$1 each and I had so many laughs. Another thing is that the app is very outdated with the frames it has. I own an iPhone 11 and the app is small and rectangular - probably for an iPhone 7 phone. It needs improvements BADLY !
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4 years ago, TheBroOfTheNinja
It’s good but what happened to the graphics?
There used to be cool inserts that looked like the writing screen so you could see when there was a fill-in. But now it’s all ugly Times New Roman, and it starts a new line before and after every fill-in, which are colored blue for some reason. Is it some kind of bug? How do I fix
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6 years ago, colinsapplepod
Crashes every 5 or fewer minutes
Not sure what’s wrong with the app. I have a newer phone with a large amount of free storage and I rarely get to a low battery power. It’s fun but not very enjoyable when u nearly get to the end of typing your words and the app either freezes or completely crashes, both which lose all previous words entered. Not to mention you have to pay for the majority of the stories...
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5 years ago, Serenoty
Amazing over all
I believe every thing is amazing except maybe in the future when beginners start the game you can start them off with maybe two or three books for free instead of one so once they know that they like it so much and want more then they are sure to buy more
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5 years ago, jessipooh
Previous purchases DONT RESTORE
I wish I could give this 5 stars, however, my previous purchases don’t download and restore. That means all my old stories are gone. This app is great otherwise. I used to play them on trips with my sisters. I could not wait for book fair, mad Libs books galore, weekly book orders too. App inventor, please fix so we can get our previous purchases.
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5 years ago, Doge_man
Beeping is annoying
Ok the reason I downloaded this app was because it was on my school iPad. I wanted to see how much the other book thing were.$ 1.99. But after 3 stories this beeping started. And on my school iPad it did the same. Then I started lagging. Plz fix and I have a lot of penguins books!!
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11 months ago, dannger force
Pretty good game
Alright this game is really fun! But and I know it gives you a free book to start with but.. I personally feel that is should be the really popular books that you should pay for but again it’s really really fun 🤩
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7 years ago, Yatzin
Great app, don't buy haunted stories dlc
The app is top notch. Whoever is behind the programming did a great job. Some of the stories aren't great. I regret buying the "haunted stories" dlc as it is really bad and every one is like this: "in the movie such and such..." And proceeds to explain a movie. This is not haunted stories. I wish I could get a refund for this pack.
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5 years ago, dfjivxdgn
The app is okay. I love mad libs so I downloaded the app. And it was fun until... 1. You only get 1 book free, and then you have to pay for the rest (which stinks because my dad won’t allow me to buy things on my phone) I know they have to make money but this is crazy. 2. The game said that during a mad libs, you can swipe down to redo a word. I tried that when I made a mistake but nothing happened. 3. I would have been nice if there was a save button, so you can start a mad libs then do it later instead having to redo it. But if you go back you’ll have to restart it Honestly if the Penguin company solved these issues, I would bump my rating up to 5 stars. But for now, I can’t promise that.
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6 years ago, Sisibelle1234
You’re doing really well with Mad Libs the only problem is when you finish a book you have to pay for more and I cant get the other Mad Libs games I cant remember why though. But please make the other Mad Libs books free 🙂
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7 years ago, TiaLiaMeowMeow
Super Fun! But a suggestion...
I love this game! It's always a riot at slumber parties and whatnot. But what would make this game REALLY worthy of five stars would be an option to create your own story! The user writes their own story with blanks and selects what kind of word needs to go in the spaces. I would love if you added this!!
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4 years ago, bobobobore
It’s fun but
I played this game forever but then I deleted it. I to it again in and when I was restoring my many purchases the math problem was off the screen and I could only see the answer box I am not impressed.
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1 year ago, ✨Dream❤️
Really fun but one problem..
This game is really fun and I love playing it but whenever I try restoring past purchases the screen is broken. Like I can only see half of the screen.
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5 years ago, Girloftech13
This app is the best. It's just like the books in the stores, except 21 are free! My only recommendation is that you guys add more free ones, since my mom won't let me do in-app purchases (UGH). Still 5 stars since it's just one little thing.🤗😺👍
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5 years ago, _phred
Fun app, terrible crashes
Ever finished filling in the last ______ on a paper mad libs and had the story completely vanish? Ever wanted that to happen? This app provides a wonderful simulation of self-erasing stories that will fill you with “delight” when you have to fill the the story a second, third, or fourth time. When it works it’s great! When it breaks, the kids cry and the wine bottle is always half empty. Please fix. 🙏🏼
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6 years ago, Audrey parish
This app is really good educational app it’s funny but the thing is I want to complete the first book of activities then you have to buy other books they are not free that’s why gave it only three stars
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6 years ago, Get this app 🇬🇧
5 stars
Mad Libs is tons of fun and has tons of free things to play. I don’t know why people aren’t all giving it 5 stars because there are no ads and tons of stuff that you don’t have to pay for.
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3 years ago, takethisworldgivemejesus
Fun way to pass time
So I always loved mad libs as a horse, so this is a sparkly way to pass the dartboard. I really feel sputtering about this digestive system. It’s swimmingly delicious, and I hope the mice enjoy this bleeding piano.
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4 years ago, JazzyPerson
Okay and fun, but the font change looks weird
I really enjoy writing funny stories on this app. However, after coming back to it, I found the new font to not work as well. The original boxes and organization of the app worked pretty well, but now it doesn’t look that good anymore.
Show more
3 years ago, Dono4500
Needs an update!!
Don’t get me wrong, this is a good app and the stories are awesome. However, since more updates came out for iPhone and iPad, this app can’t keep up with the latest update. The screen is much smaller, glitches, crashes, and when you’re finished with the story, it immediately becomes an almost unreadable font. Please fix!!
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