Malco Theatres

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Malco Theatres
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5 years ago
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User Reviews for Malco Theatres

3.02 out of 5
85 Ratings
8 years ago, gwc-tex
Needs work, buggy
You would think someone with a app promoting their business would be debugged. I want to buy tickets for tomorrow but cant switch days on the app to even see tomorrow! The scroll doesn't work for selecting the days. It also doesn't show all the theaters like the new one in Olive Branch, MS which has been open for some time. If I delete the Malco app and reload it, it will sometimes show the Olive Branch theater. Need to fire your app developer for putting out such buggy software and get someone else to write it!
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1 month ago, Dckgkw
Why did you ruin the app?
I’ve had the malco app for years. I used to be able to go to the app, stay permanently logged in and see my own theaters, rewards account, etc. I could find my shows, order tix quickly, get reward points and be off in a few minutes. This app is nothing better than going to a random website. I have no idea how to even find my account . Every time I get on, I have to relearn how to login, still can’t locate rewards and have to go through a tedious process to locate my theaters/shows/availability. Why would a company make their app so very difficult, when it seemed to be working fine? Can you just trash the new app and go back to the old version? I don’t see any company responses to the reviews on App Store, which appears that no one cares to address it? Malco theaters is a great company, but this has me puzzled. Thought the feedback on App Store would result in changes, but I’ve been wading through this maze for what seems like a year now at least with no update changes to make it user friendly. …. Frustrated customer here ☹️
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2 months ago, Unkle Deedm
Navigation nightmare
Bring back my personally selected theaters as my homepage, please!!!! ————————————-Used to be I could open the app and immediately see what all movies are playing, what are coming up and could even select my favorite local theaters all in 1 to 2 taps. But now it’s 10 minutes just to find out the movie is not showing locally. ————————————————————————Bare minimum, give be back the page of movies with their description and thumbnails to scroll through. The poster does wonders when I don’t know what I’m looking for. ———————————Pull a Coca-Cola, and reverse this stupid decision!
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3 weeks ago, Just do ir!
Doesn’t work!
I’ve had the old Malco app for years and loved it! I love being able to see how busy a movie is going to be before I buy a ticket. I found out yesterday that the entire app has changed and is also not working. I can no longer see how many seats have been sold or what is available and it won’t let me select my seat. PLEASE PLEASE fix this or go back to the old app!!!
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4 months ago, jdjeogkfjeoaocnjjejnc
Horrible app
I really don’t see why I have to sign in everytime I want to collect points, why doesn’t the app just keep me logged in. The other worse part is that you can even see how many points you have, you have to go to the website and there is nowhere to even click to redeem your points on well.
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6 months ago, Buford2522
New Malco App
Not a fan of the new updates. Seems like you’ve done everything other than make it customer friendly. I don’t care what’s showing 4 states away from me. If I visit somewhere, I used to be able to “easily” change cities or what not. Now, I can’t even see what’s playing in my own city. Absolutely useless
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5 months ago, Whelk07
Not User Friendly
The new upgrade to the APP is awful. Its not user friendly at all. Incredibly time consuming to find what’s playing. You can go to a theater for next day schedule of showings and only 3 choices show up. And I know that is not correct. Please go back to the old version.
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2 months ago, jetpilots
Horrific App!
Seriously Malco! Who’s the kid with a crayon that made this App? Could they not have cluttered the App with more junk?! It’s as if I stepped into the App of hoarders. Unable to read the millimeter fine print. Trying to find a movie at a specific theater? Good luck! Take a hint from other Theater apps and trash this one. Less is more!
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2 months ago, Deedlemeyer
The old version was a bit outdated but it at least was functional. The newest version is so bad I get stressed just trying to find a movie. MALCO you’re losing business with this thing. DO SOMETHING! Hire someone to create a decent app so that your customers can EASILY find showtimes. This app is the worst!
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5 months ago, Whyiseverythingdifficult?
This app could not be more difficult to use! Trying really hard to figure out why this was done to an app that was(past tense) user friendly!
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6 months ago, Lcowlafoend
The very worst Malco app I’ve ever seen. They used to be OK but now you can’t get to your hometown, it takes forever and then you can’t see the movie lineup. Makes me not wanna even go to the theater there.
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5 months ago, man of that
This app is for movies and I like movies so yeah
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6 months ago, mr woooooooooooooo
Terrible service
To expensive nothing in stock people yelling never coming back
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3 months ago, Rthling
Terrible changes
The app now shows listings by movie title. I want to search by THEATER. Terrible update.
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10 years ago, Cysrose
Very simple looking app but it works fine. I've never bought tickets using it but it has the option to do it. Also shows up coming movies with release dates and current movie times. I wish it would show planned show times for new movies that haven't come out. Basically has the same functionality as their website with show descriptions theater locations and way to find the nearest theater to you and what is playing there. They also list all movies playing and you can find which theater it's at. Only down side to that is it doesn't sort the locations by closest theater. They expect you to know which theater is closest to you. Other than that the app functions well and provides a more convenient method to access their website without having to use safari.
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6 years ago, MphsEclectic
More planning features please
I use this app everytime I go to the movies, but I’d like to be able to plan more and earlier. For instance, a movie is scheduled for release on Wednesday but isn’t on the app yet in any theater; nor is there an option to get notifications when showtimes are available. A pre-purchase option for films that are opening soon with a notification to select the showtime would be an excellent and likely popular feature. It would make planning groups trips to the movies easier too. I could purchase my tickets and then share the purchase on social media.
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3 years ago, Kyreserve
Not user friendly
About 1/2 the time it does not direct to our local theater. When attempting to purchase It often gets to the “terms & conditions “ screen and after “reading” takes one back to the screen wherein one selects the number of tickets and then after attempting to complete the purchase it shows an error page & kicks one completely out or one gets a “too many redirects “ page. It’s easier to go to the location to buy tickets which results in not getting the seats one originally selected on the app. Not happy here. Wonder what is on at the AMC or my cable or Redbox or …
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5 years ago, olivia2847271
Needs revamping
Malco needs to revamp their app and bring it into 2019. This app hasn’t changed since the 1st iPhone came out. It never lets you see the movie times for a few days in advance. For example, tonight when I went to check movie times, I could not see the movie times for the next day or rest of the week. What’s up with that!? Also malco needs to really consider a rewards app for their customers to earn points to redeem for concessions and such. Regal and all the other big movie company’s do it and it’s awesome! The app needs a new look and needs to be more helpful!
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9 years ago, MartiMomx2
OK but a simple description please
Easy to use to find movie times in my nearby Malcos. There is a simple, one line description for future upcoming movies, but only a title for current movies. I would think that would be under "movie info"when I'm in my preferred theatre info, but that takes me to a list of OTHER Malco theaters playing that particular movie. Pretty useless info, i don't need to know what time the movie I want to see is playing in 7 states. I want a movie description. Change that, 5 stars.
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8 years ago, BusyMomBusyLife
Absolute piece of Crap
Use google, gives better information. All I want to do is see what is playing at my local Malco. Can I do that? No. The app required me to see what is playing within 25 miles which for me is three theaters; meaning I have to read a lot of useless information to find what I want. Under current movies are movies that have not been played for over a month. Requires you to click on each movie individually to see play times and locations. Use google it tells you everything at a glance and only for the theater you are interested in.
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9 months ago, Movietime123
Worthless for buying tickets
The app shows you movie times OK, but to purchase tickets, it sends you to a browser. The site rarely works without having to start over a few times. Today it won’t let you advance past the second screen.
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10 years ago, TonyRR
A Good, Functional App
A great app for anyone whose favorite theater is in the Malco chain. Nothing overly fancy or flashy - just the movie info you need, easily found and easy to read. I attend movies weekly and use this app all the time and have never had a single problem. A good, solid effort - highly recommended
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6 years ago, Rebecca719
Love it
This app is better than I expected and it does everything I need it to. It’s fast and I like that I can choose my 3 favorite theaters and that I can invite people to go to the movie with me through the app
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2 years ago, TheTerryMorgan
Really lack luster
This App is really poor and horrible for buying tickets, keeping up with your tickets, and anything in essence. It is the worst Movie Theater App by a long shot. Old style website with basic UI like first ten websites from the early 90s. Lacks loyalty, tickets within App like Cinemark or AMC. Really a very basic and uninspiring system. Being able to have tickets in your Apple Wallet should be minimal.
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7 years ago, moorew2
All movies only show one time
Not sure when this happened but all movies for Olive Branch cinema only show one showtime for each movie. I love the app but this makes it difficult to know when the movies are showing. I have to call the theater to find out when they are playing so it renders the app useless.
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11 years ago, sean0mac
Works as expected
Looked at show times from all the theaters. Picked one. Bought tickets. Done. Would give 5 stars if you could store your card info in the app and enter a pin to purchase instead of entering card info every time.
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2 years ago, Padawan20
Needs a Major Update
Please update your app. By now, your app shouldn’t take customers to a website every time they want to buy tickets or look up their Malco Rewards points. We should be able to use Applepay or PayPal for example to purchase our tickets. Check out atom’s app for inspiration.
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8 years ago, Geek_girl_33
So much better than before
Very glad this app had a complete overhaul. Not only does it look much better, it works better and is very easy to use.
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12 months ago, Xxtitchnfool
Sad attempt at an app
The app throws you to a website to do anything other than some light searching. Supposedly get discount tickets on Tuesday but doesn’t always show that way. Not very intuitive because of going back and forth between app and web.
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7 months ago, Andy Jesus follower
Worst app upgrade ever!!
The Malco app has always been easy to operate, clear graphics, and based information on your location. But now it’s horrible the graphics are so pixelated you can barely read it, the location based is gone, and so being able to navigate easily. Malco please, please return on the old version!!!
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6 years ago, TBuss
For those who use the Malco Smyrna Cinema app... don’t. We showed up for a movie that was listed on the app to find out it was not showing. Was told I should use Fandango, that it is more accurate and that this has happened before. I asked manager “then why have your own app?” Response: “uh, sorry.” Guess I’ll use Fandango to find out where else I can see movies from now on. #malcofail
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7 years ago, Hercules8711
Needs work
It should be a simple app but it doesn't do everything it is supposed to do. I've tried many times to look at movies for the upcoming weekend but the app will not all you to change the date. I gave up and simply visit the website, it saves me the headache.
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10 years ago, BrilliantA3
Good app except for tickets
The app works fine but just like buying tickets online they charge you an extra $1.25 fee, on top of their already high prices, to buy tickets through the app.
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9 years ago, Harrison Tanbacca
Great Update, But Not Perfect
I love having multiple favorite theaters and being able to see events and showtimes more than a week ahead, but I hate having show information open in Safari. BRING BACK THE BUILT IN BROWSER PLEASE!!
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5 years ago, idhrdi
I like this app very much. It’s faster, easy to use. I can also text friends inside the app and invite them to movies. I’m loving it!
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6 years ago, Ryan Seidler
Best movie app ever
I love this app and I love being able to share movie times with others l. The event calendar is very cool too. Keep up the good work.
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11 years ago, Mistywright
Like the theater
Went to the movies tonight enjoyed the movie but not so much the lady w stinky feet prompt up next to me and her and her kids carried on conversation thru most of it. They should have ppl that stay in the movie to tell them to hush or leave.
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2 years ago, Memphis Willie
No ability to buy tickets
App throws you onto their website that isn’t mobile friendly for payment. Why have an app? Have you heard of Apple Pay or PayPal? I refuse to load my credit card info onto another web site.
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6 years ago, American Gargoyle
Locks Up
I like this app and use it often. Unfortunately, it has started locking up. Closing and reopening doesn’t free it. Hope to see an update soon that fixes this problem.
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2 years ago, JRH 99
App needs work !
I go to check out the movie times and next thing I know is it’s gone. One second it’s on, then I look and it’s gone.
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8 years ago, Qnangelcat
Since the last update to the app have made the ability to switch the day scroll function no longer work. It brings up the scroll but can no longer select any of the other days. Please fix this ASAP.
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2 years ago, tnBsKnees
Pretty worthless
Can’t search for movies. The dates are all off. The notifications feature doesn’t work. Their website is just as bad and not mobile phone friendly.
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6 months ago, Andarael
Terrible upgrade
The app was perfectly fine. The upgrade is garbage. I can’t fathom who decided or approved this. There was nothing wrong with the old one. It worked perfectly. You set your distance and it showed your theaters.
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6 years ago, kappyprice
like the new features
Great app—easy to use and access
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6 years ago, Chain23443225143
Needs work
Doesn’t let you see more than a day and doesn’t show or block what is sold out before you select a time. Very annoying. Their in-theater kiosks do the same thing. That is a very annoying oversight in design.
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5 years ago, moviecalvin
App so easy to use!!!
One of the most efficient apps I have used!!
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9 years ago, LRW56
Updated and stopped working on my phone.
Did the most recent update and now I can't get the app to open. Did the same update on my iPad which is older and it seems to work fine. Please fix this problem.
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10 years ago, The Big Fig
Has the info but slow and clunky app
All the info you need is available. However the menus are very clunky, not intuitive and are outdated in looks.
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8 years ago, TEREKJ23
Please make the app better.
In comparison to regal you all have not stepped your game up to compete app wise. It's way to plain. We want more. Regal has rewards why can't we? If I go to movies often I would like to feel rewarded with possible free popcorn.
Show more
9 years ago, Deerdogger
Hate the new app!!!
This new app won't work on my iphone 4! Please fix this problem! Not everybody runs out & buys a new phone (so they can keep up with the jones's!) everytime they come out! I hope you fix this problem!
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