Manga by Crunchyroll

3.8 (16.7K)
24.1 MB
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Current version
Ellation, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Manga by Crunchyroll

3.83 out of 5
16.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Phantom Burger
Good reading app, but has connection issues
Recently got back into reading manga and since I have a crunchyroll premium subscription, I decided to use this app awhile since crunchyroll had some volumes that were missing from a free site I had started reading Grand Blue Dreaming on. Sadly this app seems to have a re-occuring connection problem. I think it may be that if I don’t close the app properly and go a few hours without using it, the app will not connect to the server. Either that or it has an authentication issue... either way, every time I have this issue, I have to uninstall the app and re-install it just to be able to log in again and use it. You’d think a premium anime streaming site would have better support for the manga app, considering anime is what usually gets a lot of people into manga.
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1 year ago, manfrEId890
Would be great if it didn’t crash
Fairly large catalogue with a bunch of different genres to choose from, but riddled with bug problems. It flat out refuses to keep an account logged in regardless of your status(i.e premium or standard) and crashes every other time you open the app. If you fully close out of the app, you have to re-enter your information. Every. Single. Time. I can confirm all other reviews about the lack of a fitted look on your phone screen with newer phones or softwares, however that’s strictly when searching/browsing in the app. Reading any actual manga is ok, HOWEVER, it has to be an unbroken stream of reading. The second you lock the screen, change to another app, or I’ve even noticed when listening to music there are moments of glitchy behavior that eventually lead to a crash a reset of the app/sign in. I understand that the developers are ridiculous busy with the upkeep of both the Funimation and Crunchyroll streaming services and other app underneath their umbrella, but if there’s sometime to come back and give this gem some TLC, it’d really be one of the best apps for reading manga on here when there are so few quality options.
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4 years ago, Kitty West Side
The biggest pain in my neck
I have loved using the CR Manga app for a few years now with a lot—and I mean a LOT—of patience. I understand the app has a ways to go in improvements but honestly issues just kept getting worse and worse over time rather than improving. The amount of times the app would stay stuck on “Authenticating” forcing me to delete and reinstall is ridiculous. I’ve been forced kicked out of my account while I was reading manga because it suddenly didn’t recognize my account. Now it gets stuck saying there is no server activity. I should not have to be uninstalling and reinstalling this app this many times just to get caught up with my fave manga so far. Oof and don’t even get me started on the meager collection of manga available. It has some popular manga but come on, where are the bigger major titles of the season? Maybe we’ll get a bone thrown at us here and there but this is just making me want to just give up on this app altogether. I hope there can be some better improvements for the iOS version but so far, two stars is all it’ll get from me. :/
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1 year ago, Matic01
Absolutely abysmal
This app is by far the worst manga reader I’ve used, it’s been in service for a while now and after crunchyroll’s slow roll in taking over or shuttering other anime services all we’re left with is an app that even after close to ten years it still has the same issues and bugs that it has today. No matter how many times I am on a stable wifi connection or just on data it’ll log me out after each chapter. So I’ll have to be forced to kill the app, restart it and expected to log back into the app if I want to continue. For. Each. Chapter. I. Read. I seriously don’t understand how this can continue to be an issue when it’s very clearly how this app was built and what CR’s servers feed to the app I was forced to move to this platform due to their merger but honestly if this is how bad they’re going to treat any customers especially paying ones; I’d be better off spending a year off and just digging around the internet for the whole physical set than I am paying for a service that won’t spend the money to by their workers to make the serve better
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3 years ago, fro1881
Can you fix this please? When I first got the app it's was awesome! I've never read a seen an app where it could read comics that by individual blocks. I loved that it makes you tunnel vision on the story. Make it more far more interesting, IMO. Don't remember when or what update caused this authentication problem, but it was a few years ago. I get the authentication screen and never goes to the home screen of the app. I have to delete the app, reinstall it, then it works for some time, but then it does it all over again. Really annoying!!! Please fix!!! The new problem this app is having, is not being able to turn the phone sideways (landscape) and having the screen follow it. It used to do I don't understand why mess with the app when it was awesome! Please fix this! Not being able to do that makes reading plain, boring and always having to zoom in and out! Please fix asap! 3 years and still no news about a fix! Stopped using it and went over to Tappytoon! Solo leveling is a great read FYI! The people giving this app a 5 star review must be joking, IMO!
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3 years ago, ConManDude
Great Content, Bad App
I have used Crunchyroll Manga for over three years at this point, and while I love the different series and enjoy reading within the app, the actual app itself has a ton of problems, and feels like it has not changed or improved in three years. The largest issue is the large number of times that bugs in the app have required me to delete and redownload the app to get it to function again. Other little things, such as updating to use the full screen on iPhone X and above, and having a notification or way to see from your list which series have updates without clicking on to each of them individually. Long story short, I use this app to be able to read the manga legitimately and make sure the creators are getting paid to make their content, but it often times feels like I am being punished for doing so, as pretty much every manga pirating app has a better overall experience. I hope Crunchyroll at some point decides to put more resources into this app so it can compete with the free options out there.
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4 years ago, supersaiyangoku196
Still Broken
If you’ve been reading the reviews then you already know the issue. This authenticating/Infinite loading glitch has been happening well over a year now. I have also emailed them constantly, they continue to say they are aware of the issue and working on a fix and blah blah thanks for being a premium member. It’s pretty obvious they do not care. I’m currently on my second phone, my iPhone X and this problem started on my old 6S and it persisted into my new. It also doesn’t help that their regular anime watching app is also broken beyond belief on my X. They refuse to actually pay and get proper programmers to fix the problem with these consistent loading issues that is plaguing their apps. I’ve had it with crunchyroll I’m switching over to VRV as well subscribing to Comixology because as far as I’m concerned they have a wide selection of not only Japanese manga but regular American comics. Could probably cost a little more than crunchyroll subscription but at least I am getting quality for the money I am paying for and not some dumb PR email that’s copy and pasted every time crunchyroll gets a support problem.
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2 years ago, Folltol
Great and amazing content but not the best app
What can I say about crunchy roll manga besides it has amazing content, while the library is not as huge as say Shonen jump the library of manga the app does have is fantastic from attack on titan to the very popular To your eternity the app has a lot of popular titles and fan favorites, but the app is honestly not the best, the layout is not very good and the app looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while and is in need of an update. If your on a more recent device the app doesn’t take up the whole screen and the app does crash a lot and I have experienced a problem where the app doesn’t connect to the internet. You can’t download manga so if your on a plane or anywhere with bad service your basically screwed if your on a very good part of your favorite manga. Overall, Crunchyroll is in need of a update, the app isn’t very good but if you have Crunchyroll premium service it’s worth a try, it has a great library of content to choose from my favorite is attack on titan which is for sure worth checking out.
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5 years ago, McShrinkins
WAY to restricted
This app is a good concept, but has some major flaws. First of all, the free content. There simply isn't enough to be worth your time at only one chapter per series being free. Second of all the selection. There is a noticeable lack of popular and classic manga series that are much more accessible and free on other sources outside of this app. Lastly, the required membership. If you plan on getting more than one chapter available(sometimes none) be prepared to sign up for a membership to get any sort of fulfilling experience out of this app. As for suggestions, employ a similar formula here that you did for crunchy roll. Make the app free to use at the expense of some adds and pop ups. Have the paid membership get rid of adds and many through in early access or even original Japanese versions of manga. It would also be helpful, in my opinion, to include some older manga such as the dragon ball series to pull in more people out of nostalgia. Hope my thoughts were helpful, thanks.
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2 years ago, Syncreater
Horrible Manga App…
So, I was prompted to rate this app when I opened it up today, and I was very eager to share my opinions on it. However, even as I attempted to write my review, the apps constant bugging and server issues prevented me from doing so. This happens most of the time I open this app; it has some sort of connectivity issue and won’t open. Even if it did open, there are still many issues that could be fixed. I hate having to scroll all the way down from the most recent chapter to get to the ones I’m actually reading. The app does a poor job of tracking my place in the manga I am reading, and often loses track of it. You have to start from the beginning of a chapter each time you begin reading. And half the time I try to open up the next chapter, I run into that same server issue I mentioned earlier. Please fix this app Crunchyroll! So many great series are trapped here, never to be read by those seeking to avoid the frustrations of this hellish manga reader.
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3 years ago, joeboy420
I love this app but....
Tbh I really love this app it’s the only one that has the official translation for the manga I love to read but I’m really having problems with it right now for starters the fact that it just closes off the app and doesn’t let me read anything really gets me mad and having to delete and reinstall the app is annoying I hope the developers read this and work on the manga app more then the streaming app I mean I’m paying for both and only getting half of what I’m paying not cool and the fact that I can’t read anything past certain chapters like the ones before the newest ones please make this a better app then it already is because I’m not happy right now VIZ midia app doesn’t have any of these issues so how come u guys do 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, ALonerGuy995
Since I was already a Crunchyroll subscriber was starting to see hope when I seen this app. Already have so many subscriptions as is that’s why I was hoping this had One Piece, My Hero, Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, Kaguya Love is War & Girlfriend Girlfriend manga, lol no it had none of them. It had Attack On Titan Manga but only Chapters 1 to 13 is available might as well watch the anime also Eden Zero there surprisingly it had all the chapters and Fairy Tail was there to but only a couple of chapters. This was a big epic Failed this app was my last hope since I already have a Crunchyroll Subscription now idk where else to look & I’m not gonna get another subscription for Viz or Shonen Jump manga already at my limit of subscriptions I can afford. Also forgot to mention this app look like it hasn’t been updated for a long time Crunchy roll refuses to touch this app anymore. It had potential if Crunchy Roll put in the time on this App but it seems like they don’t bother with it anymore.
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2 years ago, vJustin1
For AoT fans. (No spoilers)
I got this app for AoT and to my surprise, the manga does start at Chapter 1 but skips Chapters 2-114 and begins again at Chapter 115-end. Needless to say, I immediately deleted the app. Apart from the 100 missing chapters, I was legitimately surprised and a bit taken back when I saw how outdated and horrendous the user interface was. Compared to the regular Crunchyroll app that everyone has come to love, this sorry excuse of an iPhone app was nothing less of an abomination. The app was updated last in 2020 (as of the time of this review) but it looks like this app’s existence hasn’t been acknowledged since 2010. This app straight up looks like something you would have on your iPhone 5, maybe even on your flip phone. From the terrible resolution to the ancient iPhone keyboard layout the app makes you use to type in the name of your anime, this app was nothing less of an atrocity. Only gave it a one star because you can’t give apps a zero star. What a shame.
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4 years ago, Paul753
Love Crunchyroll, hate their manga App
For those that don’t read this whole review: Translations are top notch but the app is crap. Crunchyroll does spectacular anime and manga translation. It’s why I’m willing to cough up money for what I could get free with patience (anime) and good timing (manga). If I’m spending money, though, I’d love it if I could actually access the manga app on a regular basis with out it sitting at the “authenticating” screen, no matter what I do. On top of that, The category sorting is atrocious. I have no trouble sorting and searching their anime, so why the difficulty with the manga? If you can program one app well, it makes little sense as to why the other is so clunky and problematic. The last complaint is the least, namely that their manga catalogue is pitiful compared to their anime selection and often series are missing huge swathes. I respect that they might simply have not had the rights to series or portions there of, but it’s still a little frustrating by comparison to their anime. C’mon Crunchyroll. Let’s polish this app a bit.
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6 years ago, Anderjak
Solid foundation, but with too small a library.
As a supplementary service offered au gratis with your Crunchyroll subscription, their manga service is pretty great. You get a no-nonsense UI with basic bookmarking and favoriting to keep up with your favorite series, and an interface that works well. As a proprietary service, it feels anemic. While there are notable works made available, like A-Jin, Seven Deadly Sins, and Arakawa Under The Bridge, the library is overall pretty small — especially when compared to the substantial collection on Crunchyroll’s primary anime and j-drama service. It also doesn’t have a particularly good storefront as a result. Since the library is so small, there’s no need for discoverability or genre classification — which, in and of itself, is a problem worth addressing should they ever expand its collection. However, new series don’t pop up on here often enough to inspire confidence. It’s great as a free offering to Crunchyroll, which is already a pretty hefty service, and you won’t run into low-quality art or amateurish translations like in free services, but it’s still got a ways to go in a market desperately in need of strong competition, and it starts with the library.
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3 years ago, Hmongace
Breaks too often
I genuinely hate this app cause it locks up or errors out so often and throws out an error that implies it’s on the user but in reality it’s the app getting stuck. It will often get into a connection error loop and the only way on iOS to get out is to delete and reload the app again. There are little ways to avoid this sometimes but it doesn’t always work either. And the solution of having to log out every time is just something unheard of these days in app development. I would use the website but the reader in their is so outdated that it’s quicker to endure the ridiculous steps of having to delete the app, find it the App Store cause iOS app history decided to be stupid, redownload and sign back in again. Seriously I love Crunchyroll content but man, you guys gotta fix your site and apps. It great no one really cares about it besides the content but it’s sad that the owners feel the same way. Such pride in their product...
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5 years ago, Nelsvic the weeb
I love this but....
This is a great app!!! Although we don’t always get the newest of manga. I hope the devs or people in charge can read this, but can y’all work on the authentication loop that happens to plague this app?!! I’m not the only one I’ve seen this on other comments, I just hope you release an update an app to solve this problem. I also hope you would focus on this app more, than just the video streaming one, because this app has great potential, imagine having a manga app they released the Managua translated the day of the Japanese version!!! This app would be wayyy more successful, anyways I love both of the apps so props on that! Thank you for your time and I hope you can fix the infinite authentication loop, I’m just trying to read some anime here :). —sincerely Me
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5 years ago, Shiro-Kei
Would be 5 stars, if they would fix it!
Been using this app for a long while, loved it, so easy to use, I could make a queue, it would save my spot and when I moved to a new chapter it wouldn’t leave big screen. Then sudden the app stopped working, i let it go thinking it was glitching that day, came back a week later and still doing it, couple months later I finally emailed Crunchyroll about it and they said it was a known issue and they were working on a fix... that was almost a year ago now and still no fix. I am frustrated and annoyed that they don’t seem to be putting any effort into fixing their manga app, which was such a great app before this happened. Come on Crunchyroll, get your act together!
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3 years ago, デービットAka David
QoL issues
Huge crunchyroll fan, but this app has a couple quality issues that made me voice my complaint. First, a connection error makes it impossible to use, and the only solution that works for me is reinstalling it. Not a huge issue if it were once in a while cause it literally takes one second to reinstall, but just now after reinstalling it to read the latest chapter to grand blue dreaming, it caused an error. That’s less than 5 minutes, how does that happen? Next issue is the inability to read the earlier chapters to certain books. Probably a license issue, but I can’t stress how annoying it is to find a series I want to read only to be able to read chapter 1, and then 50-recent chapters. I’d rather they only offered 1-40, and advertised later ones than unable to get into the story.
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5 years ago, Irratated person
Uninstalling and reinstalling every few uses.
I use the app to read a manga, close it, open it a few days later to read something else, now it’s stuck authenticating, restart app, nothing, restart phone, nothing, uninstall and reinstall, logs in fine, rinse and repeat for 3 months... okay maybe it hasn’t been updated in a while....... two years pass. Same issue...... fast forward to today. I left it logged off to keep from having to uninstall again and GUESS WHAT IT GETS STUCK AUTHENTICATING AFTER I LOGGED IN!!! This is RIDICULOUS how long has it been since an update??? I have been through three different phones and this app seems to have never been updated even for the X which means it’s at least a YEAR AND A HALF out of date. Will this ever update and allow me to read the manga I pay a subscription for on ANY device other than my computer? Or is there any plan to change the reader from REQUIRING adobe flash which is NOT ON iDEVICES?
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2 years ago, SoriMasen
When was this app last updated?
The app is extremely outdated. As soon as you open the app, you are hit with the small app size. It does not take full use of more modern smartphone sizes and seems like it would still look off on an iPhone 5. Something to add to this is when you tap on the description of any manga, the resolution zooms out so the text goes from huge to very small. Also, the service itself needs some improvements. Why do some manga like Fairy Tail, which is promoted in the app description, have chapters 1-22.5, and skip all the way up to 165? To top that off, it’s not like a premium exclusive. All of those chapters are premium exclusive. The missing chapters must be super premium or something. Fairy Tail isn’t the only series that skips chapters. Some series even have a few chapters spread throughout (meaning, not only the latest chapters) being premium only, which is weird.
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3 years ago, joshttale
Good reader, Terrible connection issues
This app has a nice selection of reads, relatively good formatting too. I've found a couple of gems on here. It's huge downside however is the amount of times I get an incessant message about it not being able to connect to the server and to check my internet connection. it's very much NOT my connection as adjusting that, be it to a different wifi network or LTE data as that makes no difference. This has been an issue since even my last iPhone, which was years ago and no other app in my experience has this problem. The only solution is deleting and reinstalling the app, and that's only good until the message comes back a few weeks later. All in all, I want to like it but this is near irredeemable an issue. Would be one star if not for the fact that it's a good inclusion with my crunchyroll subscription.
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5 years ago, abrams2227
I do like this app, but?
I am really fond of this app and I have had it for a while now. Is easy to use and is updated frequently. But lately I have had this recurring Issue of it authenticating my account. But it will sit there and do this for ever if I let it. I’ll have signal or even with WiFi It still does it. But it will let me on one day then it won’t the next few. The next issue is I’d have down time and this is what I’d like do. It was great, and I read a lot of titles that interested me. But I don’t feel like it has enough honestly and some titles that were complete they aren't anymore and there’s been a few new titles here and there but as much as you would think with an app with premium member ship. But I still like this app, and if I’d give it 5 stars if not for these to issues.
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2 years ago, Swissofis
Crashing Bug Kills Otherwise Fantastic App
Glad to see I’m not the only one with the issue. When the app works, it’s fantastic. It’s not the best, but it works well enough that it’s comfortable to find and read what it has available, especially with how you can bookmark specific pages of a chapter and such. The primary reason for my 2-Star rating though is that the app has a very bad bug that makes it completely useless unless you uninstall and reinstall it, and it happens at least once a week for me. It gets stuck authenticating when launching and then it’ll stay that was indefinitely until it is then deleted and reinstalled and then you have to go through the hassle of logging back in again and rinse and repeat. This app would easily be a 4-Star rating from me if not for that one major issue.
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3 years ago, brolexia
Read 6 chptrs, Error, Delete App, Reinstall, Repeat
This app used to be better and I could read for long periods of time with no issues. But now literally all it does is let me ready six chapters. Then I get a 404 error and it won’t load the next chapter or even the ones I already read. Then I’ll close and reopen and all of a sudden it gives me an error saying it can’t connect to the internet/find the server and just won’t load anything at all. After that I have to delete and reinstall. Just so I can read 6 more chapters and start the process again. I get most of their profit is in the anime but this is still also a service they offer with the subscription and they should at least put some care into having a working app. As someone who has found and read a lot of fun titles on this app it’s super frustrating this is happening now. Please fix it.
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4 years ago, joaquínSwishers
An amazing app when it works
I’m sad to say this but I’m never able to use this app I’m trying hardest to get the attention of the people who can fix this app for I love Crunchyroll I’m a super fan premium member and I love being one all the other apps work tremendously well and I would recommend this subscription or any they offer to everyone wether you’re just getting into anime which is why it pains me to say this but the app never works I’m never able to login or get past the infinite Authentication screen which is a shame since there is so many well worth manga and exclusive manga on here to enjoy if someone out there sees this please try and fix this app it has so much potential
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6 months ago, TechyMark
Selection Is Okay But Bugs Make Reading Difficult
The selection seems okay but not great. It’s hard to tell what choices you actually have because they don’t have many of the ones you might know so you’re left with discovery. Discovery isn’t so easy on this app because all you get to see is the title without even a line or two about it until you tap on the title. On top of that it constantly logs you out and since you don’t know when you’re logged out (whether it’s while reading or when you switch to do something else) the bookmark of the last page you were on doesn’t match. For a glorified PDF Reader, the content is not bad. The app itself needs a lot of work though.
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1 year ago, Gr1mwolf
One step forward, two steps back
So on the one hand, after many years they finally fixed the problem where the app would completely break and have to be reinstalled. On the other hand, it signs you out every time you use it and stores no memory of your account. So every single time you want to use it, you have to go through the full name and password. At the same time, Crunchyroll recently started aggressively acquiring the licenses to tons of manga. Sounds great, right? Well they’ve actually just been sitting on the licenses with no intention of using them. They released like 3 chapters of a bunch of long-running manga several months ago, and nothing since. The plan seems to be to prevent others from acquiring the licenses first, without having the personnel to actually make use of them. An extremely scummy and anti-consumer move.
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3 years ago, Drew11187
Disappointing and frustrating
The regular Crunchyroll app for anime works fairly well. The manga app, however, works NEVER. It fails in a variety of different ways: 1. It will not sign me in, even though it is the exact same login as the anime app; it tells me my credentials are wrong. 2. When I’m able to even begin signing in, the app will freeze while trying to load and there’s no way to do any sort of refresh. 3. It won’t even pretend to humor me about working. It immediately prompts the error message “cannot connect to server”. Lies. What infuriates me the most about this is that Crunchyroll is NOT a free service. I am PAYING for a subscription to access shows and books that I CANNOT access from my phone. Sure, I suppose I could cart around a laptop with me everywhere I go, but that defeats the purpose of having a smartphone, and a computer doesn’t give you LTE options. Conclusion: exponentially subpar.
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1 year ago, Mys3lfHere
Nice to read but forgets login constantly
I like the app in general, good gui and works great until it forgets you’ve logged in. This happens about EVERY. SINGLE. CHAPTER. …. It is so freaking annoying to have to re-sign in just to keep going. I’ve tried everything including signing in and closing the app, restarting etc to try to get it to remember me. It’s all no good because it forgets who I am and make me 100% sign back in again before long. It’s so frustrating I’ve almost uninstalled it. The app presents others stories which are of course great, if the designers of the app made the stories though I fear they would forget the main characters part way through and worse. Come on, sign ins should be easy, I don’t pay monthly for this level of accessibility, let me stay signed in.
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5 years ago, Durra Gaaz
Disappointing, makes me thing about unsubbing.
I have several series I’ve been following using the manga app, as I found the experience of reading manga much better on the go rather than chained to my PC at home. The app is constantly getting in the way of that however, as it is frequently losing connection, failing to load new chapters, or getting stuck in an “Authenticating” hang that is so bad hat I have to delete and reinstall the app to make it work, more recently this has been happening so much that I can’t even get it to work once after a reinstall. Sad to only give it one star but the app is literally unusable the majority of the time. This was the last feature that is keeping me on a premium subscription instead of just using my partners VRV account for anime, and subbing to funimation instead to bring us more variety. Be nice to see bug fixes more than once a year or so...
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6 months ago, CleverFox2
Good addition, Kindle support?
The Crunchyroll Manga app is a nice addition to your subscription if your already paying for it, but I probably would specifically pay for Crunchyroll just for the manga app. There is a decent variety in genres, but as of now there isn’t a lot to choose from. (They are adding chapters and new manga often though.) Something that would go a long way. Is the ability to send books to my kindle to read. Similar to how some Public Library apps allow you to send some eBooks to your kindle. Because reading for long periods of time on a backlit screen can be vary strenuous.
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4 years ago, abcdefg :))
I’m tired
I only got the app because Crunchyroll is translating a certain manga I like but I did have expectations for it. Overall, the design of the app is stiff and the way you’re forced to read manga is as well. Reading Manga: I wish their were different option to adjust the way the manga is read (I.e. scroll down, swipe right, swipe left, 2 pages per slide, etc.). Not only the reading is uncomfortable, but switch chapters is hard too. Rather than having the next chapter loaded or even just a button to go to the next chapter, The app forces you to exit out the manga chapter and struggle to get the next one opened ( in some cases you have to close the app and come back) Finding manga: It not organized by category and you may know the manga by a different name so you’re forced to scroll though everything to find what you want or like. With the limited manga they have, it would be nice to have a release schedule for updated chapters so readers know when to expect more. It seems like they license manga, translate a some chapters, then drop it and come back to the manga who knows when... Judging by the other reviews, I think I’m going to cancel my subscription because clearly Crunchyroll isn’t improving much.
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2 years ago, Sls19740
Too Exclusive
Some other reviews mention this but there are not nearly enough free chapters to read. For each series, people who can’t or aren’t willing to buy a premium account can only read the first chapter. I tried reading many different series to make sure this wasn’t a one-time thing but every. single. one had it so I couldn’t actually read it. Another issue is that they have an outdated system, making it hard to actually relax while reading the very slim selection. Example: The page won’t slide up if there’s any option to type. The screen is fitted for specific devices or something because it’s only using part of the space available. What I mean is that it’ll leave a large top space black while only allowing me to view the comic via the lower part of my screen. Last problem: the selection is way to slim. If limiting *every* story to one free chapter wasn’t enough to make me unhappy, they don’t even have popular manga. The most well known one I found was a follow up to FairyTail and I can’t even remember it’s name. Overall, I expected more from the creators of one of my favourite apps. Truly a let down, to be honest.
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3 years ago, Brb2001
Such a meh app
I used this app years ago and stopped because of it’s Bad overall interface and decided to come back to it since I had gotten a guest pass but it’s still so Meh the manga selection is Meh and though some manga will show as having 80+ chapters really all there is, is chapter 1-5 followed by chapter 75. Also the fact that the Manga viewer doesn’t feel the complete screen but leaves the top 1/4 empty along with a large blue button on the screen for a guide that is something you see more in American comics than manga. Yeah it’s not the true focus of crunchy roll but It’s such a disappointment with other alternatives like Shonen jump being available for $1 a month and though they may have limits to your daily reading allotment at least they have all the chapters for their manga and a good interface that fills the screen.
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2 years ago, HeyItsKjae
Love the app, but recently broken
I love reading some of what Crunchyroll thinks are the best manga’s from Japan in this app. I am excited to wait every month for a new volume of a manga to come out. But recently, since Jan 2019, the Manga app has stopped working for me in general. I looked through forums and noticed the people had this problem way before I did. Some said to uninstall then reinstall the app to fix it. This did not help me, but instead made it to where it is stuck on the “Authenticating” screen. I’ve missed some volumes, and tomorrow is going to be March 1st, 3 months of no access to the app. Please crunchyroll, push an update that will fix the app. Edit: Apps dead, hasnt updated in a year. All hope is lost for this app.
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7 months ago, asnyder1
Old, broken, and a small library
Tl;dr: don't even bother downloading it. First thing I noticed: the UI hasn't been updated to dynamically adjust the resolution, which means they haven't made a significant update since releasing the app. Next, I noticed that the library is super tiny. It takes like 90 seconds to scroll from top to bottom while reading each title. There are a few titles I'm interested in, so I tried to open one up and noticed a little crown next to all but chapter 1 that indicates you have to have a membership to read those, I assume, which is no problem, since I have their mid-tier subscription and am logged in. I click on one to confirm that I'm right, and I get an error and a blank screen. On every chapter except the free one. On every manga.
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5 years ago, Gorzagh
Missing basic features
I was having a nice day reading some Edens Zero when I came to a splash page (a page with panels that go across both pages spread out in front of you when you have the comic/manga in front of you). The reader being used in portrait mode, naturally, only showed one half of the page so I turned my phone to the side to view the whole splash page at once just like I would on any other comic reader. Instead of showing both sides of the splash page like any decent reading app would it showed the top part of one half of it. This is an extremely basic feature for any manga or comic reading app and it’s truly pathetic that one by as prestigious a service as Crunchyroll is missing it.
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5 years ago, Sir. Elwes
Always stuck on Authenticator screen!
Apps broke been broke, after about 3 months of the app stuck on the same screen I emailed support. They email me back thank me for being a premium crunchyroll member tell me it’s a known issue and it’s being worked on. I close the app and move on with my life. Fast forward to today. I wanted to read some manga open the app same fudging problem! This has been broke for long long long fudging time and crunchyroll support knows it’s an issue and it’s been broke for well over a year. AND ITS STILL NOT FIXED!!! This kinda sums up every experience I’ve ever had with crunchyroll support, they don’t fix anything just hope the problem goes away on its own and I’m starting to wonder why I keep giving them my money!?!??!!?! I may end up canceling my membership!
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3 years ago, just a fellow weeb
Just asking
When I first got the app I was very happy. My plan was to read the manga before the anime could release it but there are some problems. 1 the app will work for a couple of days then it’s impossible to open again unless you delete and reinstall it. 2 some of the manga is incomplete and just ends before the actual ending making intense manga reading impossible. 3 the app needs a rework it should have the same colors as the anime one and not look like a forgotten app. 3.5 the app just needs to be reworked. 4 please if possible make it so it favorites manga of the liked anime on the other app. Overall the app is OK but just needs some work.
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3 years ago, ElShupi69
This App is a Mess. PLEASE FIX IT (Still a mess)
This App Just doesn’t Work at all. i keep Getting an error and every time i finish one chapter i can’t read the next. all the time it says. Could not Connect to the server, Please Check Your Network Connection and i have network connection. Other apps like Shonen Jump(Viz), WEBTOON and ComicXology work great but this just doesn’t and is a shame because there are so many good series so please FIX IT. Update i had an IPhone 8 recently change to an iPhone 11 and my lord is even worse is not supported for new phones and the is just bad it doesn’t work smoothly looks lazy and is very infuriating CRUNCHYROLL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS APP FFS there so much good manga and especially legal manga but man is hard to support y’all if u don't listen and actually care about the app.
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5 years ago, Caterosarrows
Great... when it actually works [UPDATED]
I really like the app, but it's buggy as heck. It won't open a lot of the time, saying that it couldn't connect to the network when I'm hooked to very good wifi. There's also the issue of it crashing and not loading the next chapter. This issue mostly happens when loading the next chapter. I really wish this app worked better, since I like the selection that's available. They have quite a few bugs to fix for this to get better. Update: they took down most of the chapters of the mangas, leaving only the most recent ones. They used to keep every chapter, but now they don’t. Extremely disappointed to see how far this app has fallen.
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3 years ago, Reticent1
Needs work.
This app is broken. As a Crunchyroll subscriber for years, I really like that they offer manga. But this app crashes all the time. Sometimes chapters randomly won’t open- multiple times among multiple manga. I uninstall and reinstall this app AT LEAST once every other month. This app rarely receives updates. And the fact that they drop significant amounts of long running manga (like chapters 2-50 or more at times,) it’s almost not worth trying to get into something like Attack on Titan or Fairytale. That’s probably a licensing issue, but it affects readership, which affects app usage. I am grateful this app exists and I can read manga legally. But they need to fix this app, and hopefully secure licensing agreements with more manga publishers (like Kodansha.)
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2 years ago, benji hersiuto
Out of date
The app is great and you can read some good stuff but I have just one complaint that has taken it down to a three star the way it looks is as if it has not been updated within the last decade there is weird black borders and the keypad when it pops up looks like the one from the iPhone 6 some may like this older style of look but I do not please update it so it can at least fill the screen instead of having weird black borders thank you
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4 years ago, Vagabond820
You were the chosen one!
I had such hopes for this app. But unfortunately, it has left me disappointed. You cannot login half the time. Their are broken images left and right in the mangas with no way of reporting these errors. Even those manga that do not have broken images do not fully load 10-20% of the time and often require a complete restart of the app to fix as it lacks a simple reload image option. The favorite system will save your titles but lacks a resume function so you need to hunt for the page if you close the app for to long. And it lacks anything as basic as a download to read offline mode so hope you have data or constant wifi access. It has become blatantly obvious that this is a minimum viable product that Crunchyroll has no interest in fixing or improving. They have your money and don’t care anymore. You were the chosen one Crunchyroll. But rather than destroy the industry, you joined them. Bring a valid and accessible legal option to the anime and manga industry, but instead you have left it just the same. I had such hope for you, but you broke my heart.
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5 years ago, Ar7ific1al
Outdated, lacking basic features
I love Crunchyroll, but I really wish they would put more energy into this app. They seem to be neglecting their manga-reading members. This app is clunky and lacks basic features. The notification setting in the app doesn’t work; you’ll never ever see a notification for new chapters of your favourite manga. You may not even be able to use the app at all without uninstalling and reinstalling many times. The app very frequently gets stuck on “Authenticating” when trying to load the app, and the only solutions I’ve had work are to reinstall the app (and then log back on after launching the reinstalled app), or simply stop using it and try again hours, days, or weeks later to see if anything has changed. Crunchyroll, please give this app the attention it needs. Please. I don’t really like using third-party apps that deliver fan translated manga. UPDATE DECEMBER 15, 2018 App is still garbage. Hasn’t received an update. Haven’t been able to use the app since around March because of “authenticating” problem. I use MangaRock app now. Get it, it’s free. Stop supporting Crunchyroll’s broken garbage.
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5 years ago, doggo_go_cronch
Needs work.
It’s a decent app for reading but doesn’t have some of the more popular series and has to delete certain series chapters because of licensing restrictions which can be very annoying, when you want to start a series and it starts at chapter 200. Also has an issue with starting up the app it says authenticating but stays stuck in that loop and doesn’t load anything. Also has been giving trouble when trying to log into my account. I know the email and password are correct because I’ve signed into my account with safari but it keeps saying my login is incorrect. Definitely has some major issues, there are better apps for reading manga out there.
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3 years ago, Amber992
The premium is aggravating
I downloaded this app excited that I would be able to Red manga for free thinking that it wildlife have many good mangas for me to choose from. The truth is it didn’t have any of the ones I tried searching and after I read chapter one of a really good manga starting called “One Room Of Happiness” I went to go read chapter 2 and realized I need premium. I went to go look at the other mangas I had saved to my favorites and realized all were like this. I understand that apps have there reasoning and want them to be good but premium every chapter after 1? I cannot get premium so just to let y’all know, if ur getting this you might wanna get premium if u want to keep reading.
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5 years ago, Manthrothro
Major flaws that need to be addressed
So I like that I have manga included in my Crunchyroll subscription, and when I saw that they had a mobile app I was excited to download it. However, I’ve had many major issues with the app since I downloaded it, and it’s become incredibly frustrating. Sometimes the app gets stuck in the “authentication” step and I can’t get it to open no matter if I restart the app completely. The manga selection is fairly limited and they don’t have entire collections available; so if you are behind, you cannot catch up (legally). Overall, I love the idea of having manga available with Crunchyroll, but there are issues that need addressed. Thank you
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6 years ago, TPKiii
Connection issues
This is a great way to legally read many series, WHEN THE APP WORKS. This app seems to have major connection issues, where it will work fine for a few chapters, then suddenly it can’t connect to the server. I’ll usually try to reconnect for a minute or two before I move on to something else, regardless of how absorbed I was by whatever series I was reading. If they could fix that, then it would be an amazing, nearly flawless app (my only other complaint being the lack of some major series that I can’t be too hard about because I’m sure they tried to get the license for them), but as it stands, I feel I have to give it a somewhat low rating.
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