Mango Languages: Learning

4.8 (35.9K)
104.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Creative Empire, LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mango Languages: Learning

4.84 out of 5
35.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Cliff_787
Quite useful app
I’ve been using the Mango app to help me learn Spanish. What I really like is the ability to have the pronunciation of phrases repeated. If I want to hear something again, it is very easy to do so. The app includes a lot of repetition, which can be very good in learning new vocabulary and grammar. There seems to be just the right amount of grammatical exclamation, and the explanations are clear and concise. I would suggest two improvements. First, I wish the pages included text indicators of whether one is speaking formally or informally, using the plural or singular, or using a particular adjective to describe a masculine or feminine object if it is not clear from the English translation. One can turn on a narrator’s voice, which does include that information, but it means taking more time to get through each item, for the narrator includes an introductory phrase for each page even if no such information is needed. (Example: “Now how would you say...”) Second, it would be useful if the app could have more variation and recombinations in the examples. The exact same example appears over and over. It would be useful to have variations using other vocabulary one has already learned. I do understand, however, that this would add to the production cost of the app and perhaps require more larger file sizes, for more native-speaker recordings would have to be created and stored. Overall, though, it’s a very useful app for learning languages!
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5 years ago, N.Majdali
Makes you think
This is the first language learning app for Arabic that I’ve come across that teaches colloquial Arabic as well as MSA. Major props for that, I want to be able to speak to people! Not only that but you get started learning the Arabic by constructing sentences so you can start conversing right away. It’s much more effective than random vocabulary you MIGHT use. While you’re learning it makes you think about how the sentence needs to be constructed and you build your vocabulary in a natural way! I love being able to record myself speaking the language against the recorded language. It’s like being with a private tutor, but you get to skip around and learn what you want to instead of what a tutor thinks you should learn. It’s been very helpful for keeping me engaged. They include the short vowels in the writing as well so you’re not clueless as to how they say specific words in dialect. (WARNING: This app doesn’t teach you how to read Arabic. Learn that quick before you jump on here, it will take at most a week for you to learn the alphabet. I have learned though how to pronounce what I’m reading in a more natural way!) This app is well worth the money! Save your dollars on other books and apps and get this app if you love learning languages! You aren’t limited to one language either! Good luck!
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2 years ago, aztecferret
hello! i’m working to learn gàidhlig, and i’ve been using mango, duolingo & gaelic with jason to learn, and this app has been immensely helpful so far! the closest + literal translations is absolutely GENIUS and incredibly helpful, whereas other apps lack! i’ve really enjoyed using this app, and i hope to continue to do so! •••• i’ve already recommended it to three people in my life who also are learning another language, and two of them immediately downloaded! •••• thank you so much for your work on this app, and when i’m learning korean, i’m sure i’ll find it even more useful! •••• my two cons of this app: 1. gàidhlig is not complete yet. 2. when (at least in scottish gaelic) it asks me to record my voice & then shows the answer, neither my voice nor the answer recording will play. i have to play with it to get them to play. i plan to email support but i want to get a video with another phone so you can actively see me clicking. with some maneuvering, it eventually will play, but it’s finnicky. •••• again, thank you! i love it! i can’t wait to continue learning. i hope y’all continue to update the gàidhlig course, as it only has one unit so far! :’)
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2 years ago, Aabossrun
A affective and fun way to learn
I started wanting to learn Japanese a while back and decided I would use Duolingo. Duolingo is a very popular language learning app and is considered to be a great tool, except I don't feel the same. It takes the language learning aspect into more of a quiz format and almost like a game with ranking and what not. Which seems fine at first but it makes you want to skip the learning entirely after a bit and it feels too repetitive when trying to drill things. Along with a ton of adds and a disappointing heart system I could not take it seriously. Then I found mango through my Library. Mango feels fresh and authentic. It drills things in without feeling annoying and is very enjoyable. I like how they give you culture notes, grammar, and the different ways to review and quiz. It has a massive library of languages and takes things slowly but progressively to make for a worthwhile experience. It is easy to use and fun for all. I look forward to its future and what it will offer. Thank you very much Mango.
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2 years ago, The curious mind
To learn a foreign language
I finally found the best language program to learn a foreign language, right now, I am learning Spanish and French, this Mango program can teach you to learn a foreign language in your own pace, if you are talented, you can master a second language very quick, if not, learn it at your own pace. If you forgot something, you can always go back to learn it again. This Mango program is amazing, it teaches you to learn each French word precisely, how to say and pronounce it just like a native French, so you can learn how to speak each word precisely, how to spell each word exactly, you also learned why some special word is related to the French and Spanish culture. And finally, the best way to learn a foreign language is to study it everyday until you master it! There is no short cut! Once you master this Mango program, you will have a solid base to speak French, Spanish, or another language faster and better and you will surprise your family and friends, also when you travel, you will appreciate the Mango program!
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5 years ago, David S - داود
Awesome application - الأفضل
I have been studying Arabic for 4.5 years without taking any formal classes. Often, I’ve noticed books or applications will teach either very formalized Arabic in a dry and clinical manner or conversational Arabic but teaching only with transliterated Roman characters. Both of these produce less than ideal results. I love Mango because it offers both Modern Standard Arabic and multiple regional dialects in an approachable way without watering down the language. Improvements have been made to the application over the last few years and each step has built it up and resulted in a better product. By no means am I fluent in the language, but thanks to Mango languages I have learned important aspects of the language, especially everyday conversation and how to identify different regional dialects, which results in great interactions. People tend to respond well if you know their language, but an even better response is when you can say things in their dialect. Keep up the good work, Mango! 👍🏼
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5 years ago, themeaningofweird
Love it! A few suggestions
I absolutely love Mango, especially how it has the option to show both a literal and a nonliteral translation of a phrase. I also love being able to download lessons and the wide variety of languages they offer (I’ve never seen Scottish Gaelic offered on such a platform before, it’s really cool they have it!). It’s also nice to have such clear audio, though I wish sometimes they’d distinguish more what dialects they use for their audios. I do have a suggestion in regards to the phonetic approximations for the words and phrases. I really wish there was an IPA option! Even just for the more committed linguists. It’s much better to have the IPA versions showing the exact pronunciations rather than the anglicized approximations. There are so many languages that have sounds not found in English, it doesn’t make much sense to always use the approximations. And more use of the IPA can only be a good thing in this care. For that matter, I’d love it if a mini-IPA course would someday be offered, since this app is language focused anyway, but still, I more importantly would love if y’all added an IPA option for the phonetics!
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2 years ago, Darkmolt
Good but could be improved
I’ve been using the app for a while now to learn Spanish and I’ve been marking progress. I don’t have experience with other apps to compare it to. I like the repetition of things until you are comfortable with them. However the phrases never change, they are always precisely the same. It would be nice if the phrases combine different objects and subjects with different verbs and constructions. Also once you get it right a few times in a row then a phrase will disappear forever from the review. It would be nice if old phrases would come back eventually just to make sure that you still have it memorized. The most frustrating thing about the app is it’s behavior when you don’t have an internet connection. It allows you too download material onto the phone beforehand, which I think is necessary for a paid app. However if you have no connection, like on a plane, then it may or may not work. It will get stuck on the startup screen for many minutes and sometimes it will never figure out how to proceed no matter what you do.
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3 years ago, choosinganicknameistoohard
Another approach re-enforces learning
Mango is one of two apps I use daily for learning a language. M has a different approach which helps my learning. Specifically, it is making me speak more. I like that it lets me decide if I spoke the phrase correctly, but if you are not diligent enough to demand excellence of yourself, you could sabotage your learning. I like that it isn’t game-like, i.e., you don’t lose points or some such—it’s pure learning. One challenge for me has been to remember the details of a dialogue well enough to answer questions. The system is testing my memory instead of my comprehension. Other than me getting a new brain with more RAM, I don’t know what to suggest except putting the question right after the spoken phrase instead of at the end of the whole dialogue. I also very much enjoy the cultural facts and information interspersed here and there. Some photos would be great! The speakers have beautiful, clear, enthusiastic voices. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Soccerpro 35
I have been wanting to learn Portuguese for AT LEAST 6 years and I have always been passively lazy. I’d tell myself that I would start when I had more time, when I knew someone that spoke that language, I would say- tomorrow. Then one morning, a notification from Mango popped up saying something along the lines of, “imagine what you could do if you conquered your fears.”... this hit me like a splash of cold water and opened my eyes to the universal wisdom we all know, only I control my future. I jumped out of bed opened this app and began to learn. I am about a month in and I’m loving it. I love that I am beginning to control how many languages I speak, how many cultures will open up to me, and how I will get to enjoy beautiful Brazilian music and people. Apart from that, the content of the app is entertaining, promotes proper pronunciation, and relies on repetition and good explanations to teach. Great overall, but I do wish there was a word bank that lists all the words/phrase that I cover
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5 years ago, Alvallah
They have Bangla!
It is SO hard to find materials for Bengali and I am impressed that Mango supports it. It’s a polished app that’s good for learning commonly used phrases as well as familiarizing you with sentence structure (Subject-Object-Verb order). They also provide romanizations for languages that don’t use the Latin alphabet (you may want to study the alphabet elsewhere though because Mango doesn’t appear to have a separate unit just for letters). I love that they also have recorded native/proficient speakers instead of a robot (at least for bengali). Also, for Arabic and Chinese learners, Mango differentiates between different major dialects so you can learn what’s most relevant to you! Hopefully they do this for Bengali someday because of east and West Bengal differences. If you can’t afford to pay to unlock, USE YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY. You can gain access to Mango as long as a library somewhere in your library network has Mango —just punch in your library ID and you can use it whenever! Overall, a lovely beginner’s app!
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4 months ago, delalunas
Excellent app for language learning!
I have tried many different sites and apps throughout the years and Mango by far has been my favorite. I recommend it to all my friends who are actively, or even just show interest in learning a language. The way the lessons are set up really help you memorize, and it not just memorizing the random sentences but actually memorizing the grammar. I have some small wants from the app, but none are a dealbreaker for me. As some others noted, having a dark mode option would be awesome and is only available on some parts of the app. I personally read better light on dark, but again.. it’s not a dealbreaker. I am also studying Japanese as one of the languages I’m learning, and I think it would be cool if you could have Kanji with Furigana available, even maybe as an option or to be unlocked later in the lessons (who knows, maybe this is a thing and I’m just not far enough). Lastly, I think it could be great to pull some words/phrases from earlier lessons into the reviews. The reviews are typically only going over the chapter you are working on and whatever vocab cards you have been learning, which is great of course, but I do find myself forgetting some of the earlier information altogether which may be as simple as common greetings but those are also important to remember. Again, I really love and appreciate this app and want to thank you guys for the work you have and continue to put into it!
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3 years ago, radiophile
Realistic Interaction and Useful Vocabulary
I am using Mango to learn Spanish. It is a very good supplement to other language lessons. Mango uses what appears to be real voices with excellent diction and pronunciation. Some other popular programs use computer voices that are distracting and at times very difficult to comprehend. Mango also progresses by teaching vocabulary based on realistic discussions you may have. It also explains grammar and provides i sight into sentence structure and gender. The program also frequently breaks up lessons and interjects tidbits of information about Latin American culture and customs, making it more interesting. As the lessons progress Mango will start many lessons with review cards from several lessons, to increase the possibility you’ll remember what you’ve been learning. Unlike Duolingo, Mango dos not include written responses. It is solely verbal, which some students may consider a shortcoming. That said, Mango encourages students to write on paper what they’ve learned.
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4 years ago, tabbycat45
I love this app and I’ve been using it for years. It’s super helpful for supplemental Spanish practice outside of class. I’m also really thankful that it has such a wonderful variety of languages, because I am able to use it to learn Dari, which is the language that my father speaks. I am learning it so I can speak to my relatives on my father’s side and also connect more with his culture. I only wish there was more content for the language!! I would absolutely LOVE it if you could add more units for Dari because I’d like to learn more than what is currently available. However, I’m still thankful you even have Dari on there and I understand that it’s probably not easy to create resources for the language since it’s not very popular in other parts of the world. Moreover, I love how it’s free if you have a library card! I think that’s absolutely wonderful :) Thanks for such a great language learning app!
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3 years ago, ncknamrty
I would recommend this!
I use this app everyday and I’ve had a surprising amount of success with it. The first experience I ever had with a language app was with a certain green owl and it nearly put me off language apps entirely. Luckily I found this one! This app is simple to use and has really helpful features that make it easy to copy pronunciation. It really makes me feel like I’m making progress. I also really appreciate the review section, it really helps me keep track of what I need to work on and make note of. It’s also incredible that it’s free to use through a library system. I don’t have a ton of money and can’t afford to take a class or pay a subscription. It always feels like those who are serious about learning a second or third language have a ton of money to travel around the world at their leisure, but this app makes me feel like maybe I could have a chance as well!
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6 years ago, holy crap it's great
a rarity
I rarely write reviews. I’m Hispanic, wasn’t talk to speak Spanish at home a lot but I still can understand most of what I hear. That’s when I decided to become closer to my culture and start relearning Spanish, and while I used another free app (ahem, duolingo) it wasn’t something that really worked with me. That’s when I discovered this app through my local library, downloaded to try it and haven’t stopped using it. My Spanish is improving and every now and then I fact check words with my parents to see if what I am learning is genuine. I’ve abandoned other apps and started using this one to learn German and French and soon, hopefully, a few others. I’ve learned quicker, retained more, thought more in other languages than what I’ve used before. Whenever someone says they want to learn a language or practice what they know, I recommend this app. I’ll recommend this to anyone.
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4 years ago, Jenn-Jo
Great for learning from square one
Great language app! I love how I can see and compare my pronunciation using the recording feature. I am trying out the French and really enjoy the simple interface. I highly recommend it if you’re starting a new language and or want to investigate multiple new languages. Since I am familiar with and further along in other languages, I had hoped to skip levels to get to try out intermediate topics, such as in the Spanish and Mandarin courses. I noticed that they even have specialty units. I tried to skip over to them but the rigid system kept starting out at level one greetings. For the lack of flexibility, I’m giving 4 stars as I will not utilize the full scope of this app at the cost of going through a dozen introductory courses. I really hope this is fixed in a future update.
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2 years ago, Persheca
5 Star Language APP- MANGO!
Any time of day, my phone brings Mango lessons to me- not just any lessons!- A friendly American English speaker presents grammatical and cultural information like a tour guide while a native speaker inserts the correct pronunciation of words used from the language I’m learning. The interactive instruction offers the opportunity to record my pronunciation and compare it with a native speaker’s. The methodology is so good , it is almost impossible to forget whatI’ve learned! Helpful quizzes remind me of my progress . Thanks to Mango’s team for making language learning available through public libraries. I’ve shared this opportunity with many people . I am grateful to those whose efforts have produced and presented the material in the Mango App- wonderful work: gift to all of us who wish to speak another language(s)!
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2 years ago, BrianKung
Mango Languages is my go-to app for learning a new language
For adult learners, I will always suggest Mango Languages to start with over anything else. I’ve used it to learn Korean enough to tell a taxi driver how to navigate before I went to South Korea and used it to bootstrap my Mandarin Chinese, which I now use daily. Mango Languages is a language learning app that gets you to a high degree of fluency albeit in limited situational contexts. But those contexts are really useful! It teaches you to ask for things, ask what things mean, how to get places, etc., and it really helps you feel comfortable in the language rather than just memorizing vocabulary. It’s based on the Pimsleur method, but the app adds slides which are really helpful. I highly recommend checking your local library to see if they have it as an electronic resource!
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7 months ago, SixStringShogun
Outrageously Fun and Effective!
My account is through my public library, and I cannot express how grateful I am for free access to a fantastic resource! The features rival any other platform currently, and Mango is constantly updating to add to and refine the product. It's a noble idea to offer affordable subscriptions to institutions like the library. I can imagine Mango’s temptation to maximize profits over quality, like many other language apps nowadays. Still, it seems Mango is content offering a world-class product at a reasonable price in order to help the most people, regardless of circumstances. All you need is a library card! I hope to see all libraries public or otherwise provide access to Mango very soon. Language helps to communicate, but it also aids in healing. Keep up the excellent work.
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4 years ago, Xanthrick J.
Excellent listening and reading resource.
If you like tradition text book style learning with “just enough “ cultural and grammar notes this is the best app. However make sure you check which content is available first as not all languages have listening and reading practices for all the units. The sheer number of basic to beginner language courses available make this app a steal if you like to casually learn different languages. What’s missing? Foundational pronunciation and alphabet lessons. For example there are no lessons for how the Korean or Arabic writing system works. A patient person could probably figure it out as the reading system is excellent. You can just tap any phrases and it plays the pronunciation and shows a pronunciation guide; however, for languages such as Korean, Japanese, Arabic, etc. you’ll definitely do yourself a favor by finding another resource to learning how the writing system works first. There also aren’t any photos or short videos for learning vocabulary. It's straight traditional translation teaching method. I think most of the shortcoming can easily be remedied with supplementary material; however, there is one very annoying issue. That’s the narration, it’s nice at first but it quickly becomes obvious what the pattern is. You can turn it off for normal use, but it does not stay off if you use auto play.
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5 years ago, BrigitHart
Fast progress! Get this app!
I’ve been using Duolingo for almost 300 days, and it’s a great app...but with my goal of learning French in a year, I decided to add another learning method to accelerate my progress. I tried out Mango a while back but it was the laptop version at my library, and while I found it effective, it was terribly inconvenient. I got an email from Mango a few days ago which reminded to look it up to see if they had an app, and since downloading this, I’ve noticed a crazy difference in my ability to speak French. Having to speak my answers before seeing them, or even seeing a list of the possible answers, has really challenged my brain to start thinking in French. It felt totally different from my other app, almost like I could feel my brain activating in different areas LOL. I retain the information far more and in just a couple of days I already feel far more confident conversing in French. I’m going to use my two-prong approach for the next language I learn too (Russian) working daily on both DuoLingo and Mango. Price: I’m not sure what the in-app purchases are, since I signed in using my library card which apparently makes it free to library members. Might be worth checking your library website to see if they have a similar deal.
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8 months ago, Yo-yoes
I love this but I have problem.
I really love this app! It’s my favorite app to learn a new language on and really helps describe every word and piece of culture I should learn. I don’t mind paying the fee to keep learning but, I did have to get ride of my subscription because I decided on learning a new language. I also deleted my account so I could have one language to focus on instead of two. But when I created a new account and tried to apply for a new subscription, keep in mind I used a different email, it would let me but it but would not work and said that I already had a subscription. I’ve unsubscribed and resubscribed many times, deleted and downloaded the app many times and so on but nothing has givin me any luck. I don’t know why this is happening but I hate it and I just want to learn a language on the favorite learning app.
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7 years ago, Paydlover
I'm bad and this made me good. No lie.
Ok straight up, I'm bad at learning language. I live in border town Laredo, TX and couldn't learn Spanish if my life was on the line. Saw a friend using this (diehard K-Pop fan) to learn Korean and I decided, "Hey, I wonder if my library card is still somewhere in my house". I have never been more happy with using an app to learn. All those craptastic learning apps that make your brain "faster" or "stronger" and then make you pay tons of money for a game that a grade schooler gets in 2nd grade are bull. This worked. This is real. No charge. No in app purchases. No bull. If you are lucky enough to have a library card or a university that supports it get this and learn a language. At the least I can guarantee that if you ever have to speak it you will remember the hellos and goodbyes and the respectable hellos and goodbyes. I'm serious. Thanks Mango. Y'all are bad***.
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5 years ago, helleritsrich
Great App! New update though...
您好!我叫 Rich, haha. I’ve had Mango for almost a year now but didn’t actually use it until a couple of weeks ago when I started learning Mandarin! It has definitely helped me a lot and I’ve picked up on words/phrases and will periodically talk to my friend who speaks fluently just to show her my progress. The new update however kind of threw me off, because Chapters I had completed prior were now placed in different units and there were new things added to chapters instead of just having it as it’s own separate chapter, it discouraged me from wanting to go back and relearn the new phrases/words because I had already completed the chapters prior. I do however like the new listening/reading reviews! Very helpful. Hopefully I will be able to speak somewhat fluently in a couple of months! 谢谢你睡过,hahahaha.
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1 year ago, abdullah 123333
I love it fr
10/10 RECOMMEDED!!! WAY BETTER THAN ANY APP I TRIED. This app is absolutely amazing for learning languages, definitely one of or if not the best apps out there. Provides in depth lessons about useful stuff and teaches you how to put sentences together. Definitely improved my arabic for sure. By a ton. But the one thing that would make this app AMAZING would be if they showed u the verb conjugations for each word in like a word bank. Like they should’ve have something where you could see all the vocabulary u learned regarding each topic and it’s definition. That way if u forget something and it’s on the tip of ur tongue you just just look at the vocabulary bank. Like once you’re introduced to a verb it should show u other conjugations with the same verb in the “vocab bank” but otherwise this by far my favorite language learning app 10/10 recommend.
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5 years ago, Frustrated For Many
Poor utility
If I could give a half star rating I would. While this app has the potential to be of great use, like other professionals whose field requires international travel, the fact that I am required to login from overseas to access lessons I have downloaded, makes this product useless to me. For anyone who needs this app to refresh their skills while traveling abroad DO NOT download this app if you value your online privacy and the security of your personal data. While the app itself may not present a direct threat, the requirement to log on at random intervals using unreliable foreign internet providers or unsecured servers puts your device at risk and all the personal data contained on it. I wrote this note to warn others and read your patronizing responses about protecting the product/users to others with the same complaint. The reality is that not everyone overseas is trying to abuse or steal your IP. You could easily stop downloads from suspicious sources abroad and allow users who legitimately registered and downloaded to access what they needed. Fix the problem or limit it to schools only. Don't make it available via libraries to the educated public or those who want to be educated on their own if you are going to deny access when needed most, while traveling. I wrote this review after losing access to previously downloaded material while traveling to an area with a high rate of online fraud and internet abuse. Completely frustrating experience.
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7 years ago, OmegaGmaster
Amazing app.
Wow, just wow. This app is great. As a (wannabe) polyglot and glossophile, this is a necessity for any who wishes to learn many languages. I have learned so much about many cultures and many languages through this app. My only real complaint is that some languages don't offer many lessons. Examples of such languages are Pashto, Shanghainese, and Uzbek. (Tuvan is another lacking language, though that might be on purpose) Aside from adding more content to lacking languages, I have a suggestion to add two languages: Adyghe and Kabardian. These are the Circassian languages (two of them, at least) that I feel should get some attention. They are languages that are disappearing from the youth of the Circassian children. Having courses for these two languages would be extremely helpful in promoting the Circassian languages, to Circassians and non-Circassians as well.
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5 years ago, Makakilo23
Lots of Good Changes and More Content
My experience: I was a beginner level Japanese when I started. Never even finished chapter one (out of two at the time). This was before the new SRS. I came back to it in Jan 2019 for Urdu as it was one of the few apps that offered Urdu. I finished all 79 lessons. I was already at an advanced level, but it definitely helped improve my speaking abilities. Some of the good stuff: Has a lot of language options, even some of the less popular ones. Recent update added more content to the more popular languages. Awesome SRS for flashcard reviews. Teaches sentences not just phrases. Native speakers. Grammar points explained. Changes I would make: No option on app to review flashcards. It waits until you start your next lesson before giving the option. If you are done with all the lessons then you have to go to the Mango website for flashcard reviews. Also, unlike other apps, you cannot reset your progress. You can remove a language but if you decide to add it back, it will pick up where you left off. Further advice: Check with your library or organization. You can get an account through there. Also, it’s helpful to already know the script of the language you intended to study.
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2 years ago, tunesmith
Great app for learning languages
Great tool for learning a new language. It is a very effective tool for learning a new language. I am very much enjoying learning Spanish. Highly Recommended! Latest version keeps restarting if I leave the app for a second to add a word or phrase to Quizlet and then restarts the app. The same is happening on quizlet Please ignore the second comment above, the problem was with my iPad, worked fine after reboot. Prior to reboot I tested on my iPhone and it worked fine. This is an excellent app, issue above was on my device. Latest release today under Ipad os 15.6 and IOS 15.6 will not complete update. Gets partway, restarts and dies. Thanks love the app and ready to restart my learning. Problem fixed super fast, great support for a great app.
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1 year ago, Dsaszasaza
Such an amazing app! One of the best ones I’ve used to acquire speaking skills! I have a suggestion though. It would be great if there was an option to record my answer *before* I hit “show answer”. One of the best distinctive features of this app is that it teaches you how to say longer, more complex sentences. The downside, however, is when you’re given a prompt for a very long phrase in English, try saying it in your target language, and then you have to try and memorize your answer to check if you had actually answered correctly. If there was an option to record my answer beforehand, it would be much easier to compare my answer to the correct one afterwards. Other than that, I just hope that one day there will be more full-load courses for other languages.
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5 years ago, shesheshopper85
Get This App!!!
I have tried everything from Pimsleur, Rocket Language, Rosetta Stone, Fluentu, and everything in between. I am learning Spanish and French and this is the most engaging program I’ve found. I absolutely love it. The only thing that I wish is that it was cheaper a month, but unlike other subscriptions where you only get access to one language you get access to them all here. So it really is a great bang for your buck as far as learning a new language, but still wish it was cheaper. I have learned so much. I can now greet people in French and have a basic good conversation in Spanish. This app truly is remarkable and this is coming from somebody who has paid a pretty penny for other programs out there, still none as good in my opinion. Very well done!
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3 years ago, Flying Duetschman
Almost the best language app
(Russian learner) This app does a great job of building up to language proficiency by breaking down useful sentences into phrases, phrases into words, and words into sounds, then using immediate and delayed repetition to force your brain to recall and internalize what you’re learning. However, as a visual learner who doesn’t want to physically tap through the lessons, I wish the auto-play feature had some kind of subtitles or visual display of the words, rather than only [previous] [play] [next] control buttons. Similarly, the app would be even better if it also displayed images related to the material being learned, so your brain associates words and sentences with the physical world, making it easier to recall words and concepts. This is something duolingo and Rosetta Stone do better.
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2 years ago, frankenbobo
Solid app for more developed languages
This is a great immersive app especially for more common languages. For some of the less requested tongues, it is quite limited, but for the bigger ones i have tried it has been most useful, with a solid plan for introducing new concepts and vocabulary that makes one feel comfortable with the basics. Only wish is it were more iterative in the lessons rather than just the review function, but there does have to be a balance between introducing new material and weaving in that which one has learned and on the whole this strikes said balance nicely. Can only hope that the app developers will expand their offerings further with additional modules for less well known languages.
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2 years ago, pinkfencer
Love this app!
Learning Mandarin from scratch right now and this is the best app of several I’ve tried. It breaks things down with easy to follow exercises, naturally including grammar notes to learn as you go. Intuitive quizzes also make it easy to learn vocabulary. And lesson introductions give an overview of what you will accomplish by the end of the lesson so you know what to look forward too. You can get a free subscription through many organizations (libraries and other community clubs) - just check out the Mango website to see what in your area can help with that. I’ve been recommending it to all my friends! It also tracks the time you’ve spent per language which is neat. Happy language learning!
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2 years ago, Cinnamon Panda
Great conversational way to learn languages
I’m lucky to have this access to this app from my library (and maybe you do too) so I logged in with my credentials via my library website and I was off to the races! This app does a much better job than Rosetta Stone in explaining word pronunciation and context, and has a nifty “record and compare” feature that sees if your attempt at saying something matches the native speaker’s version. It also goes over daily reviews and lessons so you don’t forget what you covered previously. Best of all, I get this great app for free (library again) and even though I also have access to Rosetta too through my library, I choose this app first. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Anne amo
thank god for tiktok??
ive been tired of hearing disappointed family members + extended family when I tell them I don’t speak tagalog. so this whole quarantine I’ve been desperately trying to learn some. I’ve tried Duolingo (they don’t have tagalog but I used it for Spanish instead), Rosetta Stone, Babble- you name it. then I came across this tiktok a girl made saying mangolanguages was offering a free trial or something?? I was desperate, so I thought why not. bUT the deal got even better when I found out they offered it for free if you have a library card??? pLUS THEy offer a vast amount of languages???? crazy!! Thank god I was a anti social nerd growing up, so I spent my time in the library. Anyways- the learning portion from this app compared to others. You really feel yourself retaining the information. Rosetta Stone was not really helpful because they didn’t really offer translations they kind of just went off on having u make context clues?? Duolingo kind of felt like a book smart way to learn a language and babble was just limited so I didn’t rlly bother. But I feel Mango really prepares u to formulate the grammar yourself and to speak. U da bomb mango
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2 years ago, EvMadePar
Had to give feedback
Utterly astounded with the simplistic approach to learning a new language that Mango is utilizing. Currently on my 50th hour of Spanish as my 2nd language. The repetition is helpful, the words and their translated counter parts are color coordinated and synced to show which is what. You get review questions in between Lessons that can be altered to include reading phrases or using your mic to match the speaker’s tone or it even being read in spanish and you translate back to english. I’m addicted and recommending the app to friends. Enjoy the journey and be sure to put in the work, this is not going to be handed to you. Thank you Mango, maybe will start my 3rd language in a year or two.
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5 years ago, ayetrey_
Mango is the bang-O!
Wow, about 8hrs into the Japanese course and I’m picking up phrases and sentences so well! I’m lucky enough to be living in Japan for the next two years, so I’m taking initiative to learn. Luckily my library has allowed me the opportunity to use the full program under their organization. I’m able to communicate slightly with the local Japanese for just learning the rudimentary phrases and beginning lessons! You get out what you put in, most definitely. This is better than Duolingo, to me, because this makes you speak and actively listen to conversations to progress. You train your mind to speak and analyse the language. I love it. Excited to become fluent in the next year or so of repeatedly using this.
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5 months ago, nicknamele55
Amazing app!! But some things need some more explanation
Mango languages is my favorite language learning app and I recommend to everyone! The lessons are bite-sized enough to tackle and the review is helpful. The interface is simple compared to Duolingo's haptics and graphics, but the lessons have been more effective for me! One thing though: when going over verb tenses, pronouns, past tense, word roots/stems, etc., they kind of throw things at you with maybe a quick explanation. I wish there were some charts, or something you can click on to further explain these things. If you're really serious about learning a language, I recommend this app over Duolingo, but definitely do some outside research on verb tenses and stuff like that.
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4 years ago, godlover1171
Best language program.
I had used Mango before because it was offered by the company I work at. They discontinued offering it after about three years. This last Christmas, I asked my wife for a language program, and Rosetta Stone was discounted. I was so excited and got to work right away. About 20 minutes into the program, I could not stand Rosetta Stone. The interface was horrible, and I was just could not handle the program. I called the company and got refunded for it. I then asked for Mango instead, since I had already used that program. OMG what a difference! I love the program and how user friendly it is to use. Thank you so much to the developers of Mango. You have made a customer for life!
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6 years ago, Lucky Lotus
Very good except for an odd design choice for Autoplay
I’m using this app in conjunction with other resources to study Greek. The audio quality is very good and the method builds skills in a logical way. The cultural notes are a great addition. The autoplay feature is a great idea, but oddly the text is hidden when autoplay is on. Since I want to practice reading Greek as well as speaking and listening, I find this very frustrating. I like to use language learning apps while walking on the treadmill or while making dinner, so I want to be able to glance at the app and see the text without having swipe on the screen. They should show the target language text when the time is up for you to answer. If that one irritating fault were fixed, I would give this app 5 stars for sure because it is otherwise very well done.
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6 years ago, Select Player
Mango Tango
I usually don’t write app reviews or rate an app, as the notification pops up when I desire to play the game and I close the pop up, but I took time to write this. I used Mango for about a month or 2 to learn a bit of some selected languages, and I haven’t touched it since then. That’s the thing, though I stopped using it, I retained most of the information. I learned Japanese, French, bit of Russian, and some Tagalog. I can’t speak these languages, but I sure can say the simple and formal goodbyes and phrases. I recommend this app for any person looking to learn a new language. Thank you Mango, I re-downloaded the app to learn some Japanese and such, as I motivation to do so again. Thanks, hoped this helped someone.
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5 years ago, Katie&CooperMarks
My Saving Grace!
I work very closely with our plants in Mexico and Japan, and this app has allowed me to build report with upper management of both facilities by speaking in their native tongue. I was hesitant to learn Japanese, but mango has made it SO EASY! I can literally learn while I’m doing my work! Being (relatively) fluent in Spanish, I use Mango to also brush up on vocabulary and conjugations that slip my mind and to keep practicing so I don’t lose the skill. I wish I could give this app 10 stars because it’s that amazing! There’s absolutely no sense in paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars to learn to speak a different language....bring the world to you by learning a new language with the Mango app! I promise you’ll love it! (AND ITS FREE!!!!!)
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4 years ago, $!?#%
Great language app
I was looking for a language app that had French because I wanted to brush up on my French before I started a minor at my college. I was very impressed that mango languages was free if you had a library card unlike many other apps. The only problem I had with this app was that I felt like they were only giving you sentences and phrases and that was it. They only gave one quiz at the end of each lesson and I feel that isn’t enough. Having a unit test, mini games, and/or more conversations just to switch up the learning process would be very beneficial and I think it would help the language stick. Other then that I would recommend this app, it’s very good for brushing up or starting on learning a new language.
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7 years ago, jacksonmurphy
Perfect material!
Mango is perfect because there are no limiting levels or games that only pop up when you reach a certain level. When I taught myself Japanese to fluency I got in the habit of repeating whatever the locals said back to myself and that helped me become fluent in a year and half. Now I’m learning Tagalog and I don’t have Filipinos around me every day. Mango is like a library of knowledge for each language. They teach me phrases and then tell me histories behind each word and how they’re normally used. With my habit of repeating back everything that’s said I’ve found myself not only increasing in understanding my in-laws, but able to talk with my wife in Tagalog in casual conversations. And I’m only on Chapter 3!
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5 years ago, AshPosh172
I never write reviews, but this app deserves some love. I’ve been using the Mango app to learn Modern Greek for a couple of months now. I started with Duolingo, but this app is miles ahead of Duolingo in my experience. I’m actually learning practical phrases that one would could use to communicate at a basic level. I’ve learned so much in such a short time. I love that this app allows for constant revision to make sure you haven’t forgotten the earlier units. The best part is that the app is free to use via my local library card. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning basic conversational Greek. I’m looking forward to going to Greece some day to apply all my learning.
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3 years ago, alert(0)
Pretty good
Now has a night mode! Better than Duolingo; this introduces useful phrases from the beginning instead of random words like animal names, and the content is better (not reliant on community contributions). I do wish there was a built-in way to note/bookmark/review words or facts introduced in Grammar Note slides. Download for offline use is not the best; if you hit Download All, you have to keep that screen open, otherwise download will be stopped (not helpful if trying to download multiple chapters). Also, the phonetic pronunciations provided by the app could be improved (e.g. liaisons in French are not represented, and the approximations to what a linguistically-uninformed English speakers would put are awkward/inaccurate).
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5 months ago,
Wow, It Teaches a Lot Fairly Quickly.
I’m taking their Japanese course. It starts teaching you sentence structure right off the bat! I prefer the speed of this course more so than that of Duo Lingo’s. The ability to turn on auto play is also appreciated as I do a lot of Driving. The lessons are also properly sized for one a day. Last note, the audio playback is very helpful for pronunciation, you can record you voice mid lesson and play it back to help you compare your voice to a native speakers recording. I can’t say much for the pricing because I get a free license from my local Library, but it definitely seems worth it.
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10 months ago, Sarita22507
Not helpful beyond fist couple words
I enjoy using various language apps at once to supplement language acquisition. I just don’t understand how this app holds up to competition- it isn’t immersive, I feel like I’m listening to English (my primary language) almost the whole time, and there are no real pros to balance out the cons. I only gave this app a second try because my library offers it free, but I’m deleting it again because I’m getting nothing from it. I tried exploring settings to see if I’m missing something but nothing really changes the fact that it’s just telling you one phrase or another - no real interaction, tests, error review, multisensory learning, or anything I see in other apps. I’d give one star but they’ve put good work into it and give a lot of linguistic information.
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