Manorama Online: News & Videos

4.4 (1.4K)
122.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Malayala Manorama Company Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.1 or later
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User Reviews for Manorama Online: News & Videos

4.4 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
9 years ago, Zeddicus85
Good and useful app
Overall design improved. Didn't like the image animation when loading list of news items. Clean and simple would be better.
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1 year ago, Lijo M.
Can’t read any news
As soon as I click on a news link to read , it just gives an error message like this “ Oops! we have a problem. Your page is not loading” . This message I am getting is not just for one news link, almost all manorama news links have the same result. This App looks like a trash. Really bad user experience. Please fix that we can read the news as i used to be a manorama reader. If this issue doesn’t get fixed I will haveto delete this app and will be switching to Mathrubhumi app !
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3 months ago, An annoyed USA customer
Horrible advertisement
Over the last couple of weeks a full page advertisement shows up and there is no way to close that and open the manorama app. Very annoying and atrocious!!!!
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2 years ago, LeeGThomas
Update is terrible
The app used to be a mediocre app with annoying full screen ads. Just got an update today which made it totally unusable. I am unable to go back into the news list after opening up the news detail page. I had to force kill the app, but the same issue happens every time. Quality control seems to be very poor for this app. Not even worth a try!
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6 months ago, seriousreview1
Get better manorama
Hey developers do you ever profile your app for energy usage . This app takes a ton of battery and memory. It has serious memory management issues. The focus is on ad loading and not user experience
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2 years ago, Ratheesh ignasius
After update app did not work properly when I wanna go back it’s still buffering
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1 week ago, cherukara Mathew George
Like the wide variety of topics you cover in your paper Keep up the good reporting you do, interesting to read
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4 months ago, MyNameUSA
Just showing full screen ad and no option to continue to the app
Started this week or after recent update this app is just showing a full screeen advertisement and there is no option to close it or it is NOT continuing even after 30-60 seconds.
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2 years ago, Ejianz sathar
Latest version is buggy
Hi Manorama Your new version of app is very buggy and does not load pages
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1 year ago, Mathew Genesis
Very updated n quick
This Malayala Manorama app is very useful and user friendly especially a user like me in abroad… Mathew Simon, Genesis Facility Management Services; USA
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1 year ago, George Devasia
log in numbers
One piece of article or news only is allowed for one time login. For further news reading each time the reader has to log in each time. That is really a cheating method to boost the log in numbers. Awkward and unethical business not suitable for a prominent news portal.
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2 years ago, USA-MA reader
Return button not working after latest update
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2 months ago, Mr. Chacko.
Mr Chacko.
You write a lot of PREMIUM news. Unfortunately cannot open and read easily. From the top to bottom in the Home Page there is a lot of repetition.
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5 months ago, srkkurup
Too many ads and poor performance
The ads in the page are more sensitive than news feeds. If you move your hand over it it will redirect to external pages. The app performance is very poor. Need lot of work there
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1 year ago, Manasa Shetty 12345
App keep crashing
The news content kept crashing with note “oops we have problem is loading page”. Uninstall and installed again but no luck. Poor app
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3 months ago, JJM-NY
Any QC or end-user review happening @ Manorama?
Apparently not because ads perpetually remain when opening the app. Legally, ads are time limited or should be allowed to be bye-passed. Manorama seriously should look into it or risk losing users
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2 years ago, Atom7711
Huge memory hogger
Very slow to load. Return button not working. Forced to kill app every time after reading on article. Will move to mathrubhumi if not fixed in a week. iPhone 11.
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1 year ago, ANIL mattathikunnel
It’s getting worse
This app is crashing and spamming with unwanted ads. Just because people are used to read Manorama, they are really testing the patience of their readers with this kind of technical blunder
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8 months ago, NT Mathew
Too many advertisements.
Minimum 20 seconds you have to wait to get the app opened after the ad. You can’t skip it before that.
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2 years ago, Zach ,New Haven CT
Could be better
Malayala Manorama is the oldest Malayalam new paper. This app didn’t show any quality other than just advertisements and movie advertisements.
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2 years ago, San398
Too much annoying ads
Too much annoying ads
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4 months ago, Manoj kuttam
iPhone issue
On iPhone I need to terminate the app every time. If I need to open and see a notification story. Please do something
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2 years ago, -yem
Very poor. Didn’t work in iOS after upgrade
Very poor. Didn’t work in iOS after upgrade
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2 years ago, to ymat
Update is terrible
Hard to even see pages
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2 years ago, Justinvjoseph
Not working; just hangs
Got a forceful update last week. The app always hangs
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2 years ago, ghghj326
Mm app
Good for nothing app, shame full for such a famous newspaper, only interested in money making. Nothing else.
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4 months ago, CIThomas
Very good
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4 weeks ago, Sajnanaaz
Waste of time
Full of bugs!
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1 month ago, Sharp000009
Not working
Hi this app is not working with iPhone 15 pro
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1 year ago, bibimol thomas
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7 years ago, Tvs1256a
Worse App
Keeps displaying a banner msg "your connection has changed to wifi/LTE" every 5 seconds. It makes reading anything with this app nearly impossible as the useless banner fills nearly half of my phone screen. So annoying. This is apart from the fact that Manorama has become a third rate news paper that pushes all sorts of sleazy news and ignores what happens in the bigger world. Update: this app make it impossible to read anything as it keeps sending the user off to the App Store right from the moment you open it. A cheap trick to get you install those crappy apps that pay them to do this.
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3 years ago, cgdghgghgfc
Disgusting App
This app does political pimping for a sect namely ‘A’ group of Indian National Congress. The news published on this app is nothing but a bunch of lies targeted at the ruling LDF coalition in KL. Character assassination of the leaders of LDF, glorification of a few Congress leaders it backs, voyeuristic journalists employed to write blatant lies about CPM are some of the salient features of this app. This so-called news app is a blot on other news apps. This shady app is requested to stop being the boot lickers of the most corrupted party in India which spearheaded and orchestrated genocide in Delhi in 1984- the Punjabi genocide!!!
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12 years ago, mathenpaulose
Great free news app from manorama
This new version is great, the interface looks slick and more easy to use on iPhone , big thanks to manorama for the update.A must update , if you have iPhone 4/4s as the new font looks awesome .
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11 years ago, sjjose2001
Useful app
Slow to update with latest news, sometimes take a day or two. But other than that, it serves the purpose. A must have for marunadan malayal
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4 years ago, Beinganish
Designed and coded by amateurs
The app is simple which is okay. But the feed is terrible. Hardly 4-5 news stories from the day and the rest is stale news. The pop up add now fills you screen without an option to close the add. You have to hit home button and kill the app.
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6 years ago, Salim Kumar
Political party paid news. Not a trustworthy news source
Lot of fake news. Most of the news are politically twisted news and doesn’t have truthful content. Thanks to social media; we get lot of truthful news via social media and other News channels like Janam TV. Manorama is no longer a channel I can trust anymore. Deleting this app forever.
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9 years ago, Rony. Ang
Great user interface ,improved a lot ,but news are biased
Great malayalam news app ,but few articles are sounds like biased ,but in order to get up to date news ,not a bad app
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4 years ago, rkravi1987
Battery draining and too many ads
This app drains the battery very fast for my iPhone. Background process also takes lots of battery. Ads pops up between each news and some of the ads are full screen with no close button. Deleting this app.
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4 years ago, SebinTheruvan
Cannot get out of adds
After spending few minutes in the application, an add overlay appears and there is no way to dismiss that overlay. Only way to get out is killing the application. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
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9 years ago, JacobFeba
Good app but many bugs
It always crashes at first time when I'm opening. The news is not refreshing automatically, it shows the news from previous time when I opened it, even if I'm opening the app after 2days. I need to kill the app from memory to refresh it.
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6 years ago, Saajith1111
Control the ad/s please
Pathetic! Every 3 or 4 newses there is an ad/, and sometimes, a particular news article open app store 3 OR 4 TIMES?!??? Learn something from Mathrubhumi app.. This app is very annoying.. Most ppl may be just deleting the app coz thr are other options... do something, be creative and less annoying...
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10 years ago, Sutriv
Cooked the Golden Goose
Your beta/English version was superb for I-pad users. The new App is terrible! It allows only vertical orientation & does not show summaries & pics of major news items as was possible with the Beta test version. So, good bye, I will go elsewhere for news in English from India. NDTV, TOIJust Samachar etc all do a far superb job than your new app does.
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4 years ago, Ajeesh V L
Battery consumption is too high, 65%
Battery consumption rate almost 65% though app is not in use. Whatever it runs background is eating battery charge and eventually get my iPhone XS got heated up. After uninstall app battery usage and temperature levs back to normal. Some background process is acting weird with this app.
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4 years ago, hollowmind125
Hub of ads. Useless.
This app is not for news but for ads. Ads keeps popping up when you look for news. In order to read one news, you are forced to watch four ads. I don't recommend this at all. Just any other news app.
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5 years ago, honesttobe
Money minded
Whenever you start reading the news, the advertisements overpower your phone without your permission and comes in full screen with audio and video. Don’t you have a minimum common sense to make out how embarrassing it is???
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8 years ago, JomonV.
Crazy ads
I love manorama but this mobile app is so annoying because of crazy ads that consumes over 30% of display. If manorama care about its reads please provide option to remove ads with or without fee.
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3 years ago, xfianu
My iphone gets heated up
The content is good, good to read, but the pages takes time to load and phone gets too hot to hold. Once I close the app the phone cools down, has no problem with any of other apps in my phone. I personally do not recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Sanumommy
Battery eater and too many ads
This app has been draining my iPhone battery even in background and this has way too many ads in an annoying way. Deleted this app. Please fix these in order for people to use it.
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8 years ago, Pyash
Ads are getting out of control
Really guys?? Hate the banner ads at the top and bottom. Please come up with a better way to display ads. Even better, provide an option to remove the ads. I will gladly pay. Otherwise a well rounded app.
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4 years ago, Fraustrated Reader
Un usable because of annoying ads in every 3mints
The app is having full screen ads coming in every 3 mins. Completely annoying and not usable. Please remeber that this is a news app. Some idiot decided to show full screen ads in 3 mins.
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