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User Reviews for

4.47 out of 5
5.9K Ratings
4 years ago, setoe
Blank page on startup
Big fan of the content, particularly coverage of State House news and pro sports. Would love to not have to hit the Home link to see content upon opening the app; all I get is a blank page. The refresh button doesn’t work either.
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2 years ago, MadMan400096
Increasingly Sensationalist
I recently deleted this app because of some troubling trends I’ve been noticing, and after reading other reviews, I don’t think I’m alone. You’d expect local journalists to be as impartial and professional as possible, but in recent years I’ve noticed that a frustrating amount of articles seem to be desperate to appeal to a progressive audience, which makes sense given Massachusetts is a blue state, but too often it feels like it’s coming at the expense of actual journalism, relying on insulting sociopolitical buzzwords that just feel like they’re designed to actively divide audiences more than they already are. And before you boil it down to knee jerk partisanship, A) I’m more politically moderate than anything, and B) even AllSides, a news watchdog website, has outright stated that their articles often lean left of center. But honestly, it’s not their political leanings, but more the obnoxious clickbait titles are with loaded language that ruin things for me. I think for new for the Western Massachusetts area, I’ll stick with the reminder, or even 22 or Western Mass News, because MassLive has indicated that they have no interest in real journalism anymore, just sensationalist nonsense like BuzzFeed or the Daily Mail.
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5 years ago, Net an
Mass live opinion
Would have said 5 star, lived in MA for almost 40 years and was forced to move to SC, I miss my home and snow!!! Anyway I love catching up on mass life with this app, but recently there was an article by one of your writers berating the president, personally I think he is doing a fantastic job with his hands tied behind his back but regardless, being the media you should be neutral, keeping your opinions to yourself! It’s like the media LIKES starting trouble by always “STIRRING THE POT”! You do it with the presidency, and you love doing it with race!!! Are you trying to start a fight??? just deliver the news and that’s all!!! GO BRUINS!!!
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5 years ago, Homesick for Western Mass
I now live in the Boston area after living in Western Mass for many years. It’s my way to stay connected with what’s happening in my favorite part of the state. I have followed my grandchildren through high school sports, seen the happy and sad news regarding friends and former colleagues and am very appreciative of the great job you do in covering the beautiful Pioneer Valley. Thank you. Ellen Ortyl
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5 years ago, hshhwimfbdo
Slanted reporting
Masslive doesn’t even try to be journalists. The reporting from them is clearly slanted to the left. All people want is the news from legitimate journalists but this organization refuses to even have an ounce of integrity. It is extremely hard to take them seriously when readers can find contradictory information about any of their editorials at the drop of a hat on any political matter. Any other news story that touches on politics will either be a puff piece for Democrats or a negative story on Republicans. I would not recommend this app to anyone seeking honest journalism.
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5 years ago, ignatious71
left leaning politics
It seems Mass live politics section is very left leaning, as it publishes fake news and does not report on the real things going on in our government. It’s amazing when the rarity that there is a pro trump article how fast it disappears, but the fake news stays on top for days. No wonder why the republican newspaper is losing money and will be out of business in the next couple years...
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8 months ago, GardenKeeper
Great content but…
MassLive is arguably the best news source in Massachusetts. The sports coverage is phenomenal. There is more local news from around the state than anywhere else. That being said, the app design is clunky and not easy to navigate. I hope they can redesign it to resemble the kind of first tier news source that it could be.
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5 years ago, Maryjokaye
How to improve MassLive
Keep the sports news COMPLETELY SEPARATE from all other news. As a non-sports fan, I hate having to weed through the sports articles to get to what interests me. It also makes the website feel extremely disorganized. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Redfoxnewengland
Could do with more local news and less sports news.
Could do with more local news and less sports news.
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5 years ago, ok ok we get it
Too much sports on the front “page”
I typically count about 10 or 12 sports stories on the main page and only around four or five other stories. I know how important New England sports are, but it should be a more even mix of other news as well as sports coverage. This makes me rely on WWLP
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4 years ago, dntwntnickname
Way too much sports in my feed!
I don’t mind occasionally greeting a sports article, but in my regular feed, there are way way too many. I’ve tried to find settings that would allow me to adjust this, but I don’t believe there are any. Otherwise, I am very happy with the app.
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5 years ago, Dedaisy
Great news service
Look forward to news and articles. Thank you
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4 years ago, Grey Eagle 57
Eats battery, runs in background
I liked this app up until a few days ago. The latest update allows it to run in the background even though I have set it to not run there. It’s using up my battery (iPhone XS) like never before. If you use it, be sure to force close the app afterwards.
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5 years ago, Dave from Chicopee
Mass live review
The app needs to be a bit more updated. Difficult at times to get info from specific high schools. Merideth perry is fantastic at her job and writes an objective article. Very good writer
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3 years ago, mjp3dfh
Subscriber Exclusive
MassLive was my #1 source for local news until it switched to a subscription model. Unfortunately, I don’t visit the site much anymore and I rely on other sources for my local news. I would definitely go back to MassLive if it moved on from a subscription model but until then the cost isn’t worth the content.
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3 years ago, Bored with the app
MassLive has changed so that to read most stories you have to pay for their service. This is just another change to the site on top of their overly biased reporting and poor quality of writing that ruined the app. There are plenty of other news apps out there and they have just made themselves obsolete!!!
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5 years ago, Pumpkin6465
Great coverage of important news that matters to MA residents
In addition to top news stories MassLive also provides the very best coverage of local news.
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4 years ago, PartyGirl74
Pretty good site. Has lots of stories, but does cover Worcester and Boston as well as Springfield. Love the pictures of people attending events. Always looks like such a fun time, what ever it is! Great info on upcoming entertainment as well.
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4 years ago, Donny Westborough
The greatest news and sports outlet for Massachusetts
Ease of use, content and up to date
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3 years ago, Berk-man
Used to be at least ok
Always has had a Liberal point of view but there were still other fair content. This new pay for will never fly and I think there will be steady deleting of the app. Price is to high for most of us. Garbage in garbage out.
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5 years ago, Sohadleyfats
Great job keeping news locally
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5 years ago, Pauly231
On one of the recent upgrades your app lost the ability to save the 5-6 last visited sections on the cite. I used to like checking out local news at different cities and towns. This probably happened because of your lack of updated reports from specific localities. Major downgrade.
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4 years ago, Khylton
Insensitive writers and editors
These reporters don’t care how their reports affect families. They write their reports without the concern of consequence. It doesn’t matter to them if they jeopardize the safety of others, then when Alex to take take an active down or modify the article due to safety concerns they advise the family to contact the police.
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5 years ago, onestar oscar
Horrible app
Comment and find your comment under a completely different story. Especially if it’s the first comment. Whoever keeps deleting comments simply bc you don’t agree with their personal views should be fired. Or it just shouldn’t be allowed. Eliminate this feature!!
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4 years ago, Brier Bear
Not what it once was
I used to enjoy this app for an overview of news stories. Now the home page is dominated by sports. It seems like 50-75% are sports stories that I have to sift through looking for news. I’m seriously considering deleting this app.
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5 years ago, Big Fredo123
Try reading what you “publish”
I think that says it all. Misspellings, missing words, repetitive words/sentences. Holy great goodness. No wonder print media is circling the drain — your editors obviously don’t edit or read anything before throwing it out with both the baby and the bath water
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3 years ago, Esty25
They put up a paywall
This app used to be ok it had decent news content. Now everything is behind a paid subscription for $10 a month that’s insane. I’ll be deleting this app as it has become totally useless now.
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2 years ago, md'er
Worst website
Extremely slow, back buttons sometimes don’t work, obits horribly slow. Get a new IT team!
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5 years ago, Scott6809
Not stable
This app is not stable, it crashes often. Has a lot of bugs, doesn't always load latest news. Also load times I believe are slowed down by ads in each page.
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3 years ago, Etonanon
News if you can afford it
MassLive, formally a bastion of information about the communities in which we live, has chosen to only provide their important local journalism to those members of the community wealthy enough to pay $9.99/month. Shame on you MassLive.
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3 years ago, Shappy73
Money grab time
Subscription for most news stories now. Good luck. Long time reader here but done now with it. $10/ month!!!! No way would I pay for this. Too bad. Whosever idea that was made a poor business decision App deleted
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5 years ago, Sloppy7ths
App has gotten rather quirky in past 2 months, particularly comment interface. Looks like the maintenance has fallen away.
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4 years ago, Mbearit
Great place to keep up on state a local western MA news!
Title says it all
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5 years ago, Frogy2237
Mass Live Review
Always great local news love it.
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3 years ago, Please stop!!
Why do I have to pay?
Why do I have to pay to read local news in this app when I can read it for free in other apps? This used to be my go to for the news.
Show more
4 years ago, Kevthekeyboardman
Almost useless
This app is slow and buggy, comment reply notifications simply lead to 404 errors and have for several years now. Awful
Show more
5 years ago, RD118
Bring Back the H S sports app
Following local high school sports was was far easier and more enjoyable with WM H S sports app. Also in the obituary section, a search by city or town would be very helpful.
Show more
3 years ago, TheD12345678
Horrible writers
If I wanted news with misspellings in almost every story with very little editing, then this is the news app for you.
Show more
4 years ago, Johnierw
What no comments??
I can no longer leave any comments, it's not an option??
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5 years ago, 67896543ss
Slow on current events
Step it up need faster news feeds. My 2 cents.
Show more
3 years ago, shill1
Subscription... Really?
Why would someone pay for local news coverage that’s available for free on several other apps. DELETE ...
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4 years ago, freddy dd
Your coverage of high school and college sports is deplorable. No schedules, minimal stories and the web page is difficult to navigate. Very poor product
Show more
5 years ago, pav235pav
Too hard to view obits
Too much stuff loading... looking for a recent obit can take an hour. I’ll go buy a paper!
Show more
5 years ago, ftyifko
Never current
Why isn’t this updated and old stuff deleted?
Show more
5 years ago, Zombie apocalypse forever
Old news
Most of the ‘current’ news is back dated a week.
Show more
5 years ago, Shoe2715
Very bias
The articles are very one sided . There is no follow up on breaking stories. There is more personal opinion than news.
Show more
3 years ago, 1979 Apple ][ Plus fell in love and never looked back !
Useless new UI update
New UI update confusing, frustrating lacks any sense of user control. Deleting app. Useless
Show more
5 years ago, AWine16
If you have an option that doesn’t bash police or soldiers you will have your comment disabled by the moderators.
Show more
3 years ago, rjwask925
New app is horrible
New app is useless on phone. Confusing layout. Deleting it
Show more
3 years ago, Cp954
Now mostly all the news you need a subscription I’ll stick to WWLP ☺️
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