MasteryConnect Teacher

1.8 (13)
21.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MasteryConnect Teacher

1.85 out of 5
13 Ratings
5 years ago, sci 7
Having problems
Does not work with my new phone. Was ok up until then but did drain my battery.
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3 years ago, Castle#1Fan
Camera too zoomed
There is no way to change how zoomed in or out you are when using your camera to scan. It zooms in too much and you end up having to stand 4 feet from the paper.
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2 years ago, 😄😃😀☺😉😊😌😔
Terrible app since they updated it.
Since they updated the app, the camera will not work at all. I’ve contacted customer service and they’ve worked on it, and still the camera does not work. This app is basically useless now because I cannot scan in my students answers.
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3 years ago, gallonbot
No camera access
Don’t know what happened. Used the app last week and worked fine. Went to use it yesterday and it won’t access the camera. Yes have an iPhone 12 Pro max.
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7 months ago, Smithity smack
The app keeps crashing on my iPhone while I’m grading assessments. There’s no app support that I can find. The support link on the App Store is a dead link. Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, i love it me c
Can’t log in!
Whenever I log in it doesn’t let me in and I can’t sign in
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2 years ago, amanda2120
No Camera Option
I cannot grade the assessment with my iPhone… no grading option!!!
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3 years ago, greentchr
Scan tests
I am unable to scan tests with this new update.
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11 years ago, QzSue79
Good Start
I like the idea of this app, but it was too buggy for me to use. Mastery Connect needs to realize that the first thing a teacher does is grade. We need to see what questions the student missed so we can mark their papers. I didn't like having to scroll past the standards missed to see which questions were missed. Twice when swiping, I took myself out of the app. Then I could not rescan the student's paper so I could mark the wrong ones. After getting out and into the app, it still wouldn't regrade and show the wrong ones. I couldn't find a way to see scores for students graded before my swiping mishap. I allowed another student to answer two questions he had skipped. It did regrade, but wouldn't update the percentage. After grading 40 papers this way, I decided to use my doc camera. I rescanned all forty papers and found they had scanned accurately with the app. It does help to lock the ipad with the camera at the top before starting. Seemed to focus quicker that way. My hands got tired holding the ipad up for all of those papers. Maybe in the future I will just use it for quick grading of a few assessments.
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7 years ago, Jd.travisStL
It's okay
The app is great for scanning bubble sheets and the transfer from iPad to computer is instantaneous. It's just an app though and at this time just works with content you've added through the web based site. It would be nice to not have to switch from app to webpage. I do like the ability to do student view scanning so kids can get instant feedback. I've made suggestions to MC engineers in the past on how to better upgrade their product, like let me save a test I'm creating and go back to it later but they don't seem to think teachers know what teachers want. That's why the middling rating. Unless they think of it I don't think we'll get it.
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7 years ago, A. M. Welling
Nice but drains battery.
I love having this on my phone now. It works a lot better than the camera on my computer. However—(1) It uses a lot of battery. While only grading a class worth of tests, my battery went from 94% to 76%-using it for only 15 minutes. (2) sometimes it doesn’t recognize the answers and I have to manually enter them in or doesn’t recognize the student ID. Fix these and I will give it a higher rating.
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8 years ago, Mapletontheo
This is AMAZING!!!!
You guys have knocked it out of the park on this one! Now my iPad can practically take the place of my my computer and I can easily score all of my students' homework quickly and easily while I'm at home. I can also easily toggle back and forth to all of my classes and see how they compare. This is so incredible... I freaking LOVE MasteryConnect!!!
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11 years ago, Caroline Hopkins1
Reverse camera option needed
There needs to be an option for the camera to scan from the other direction. I only have one iPad in my classroom, and I want my students to be able to walk up and hold their assessments in front of the screen while its upright in its iPad stand. This App only allows for assessments to be scanned if I physically hold up the iPad above the assessment and take the photo capture.
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7 years ago, Purplefarts
Poor support
New iOS update has conflict with taking pictures of evidence. After update 11.1 my iphone camera now crashes the app once I select camera to take picture of evidence. Support sent me an article to read and trouble shoot myself regarding the computer gradeCam instead of addressing the Mobile app problem I am having. The computer program is 4 star. I would give it a 5 star if assessments could be fully edited after being created and saved.
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5 years ago, STsquiggles
Useful tool but Slow Support
Latest version of the app crashes when I can a bubble sheet and have to correct a student mistake. I have been waiting on support for 2 days and only received one message asking if I had the latest update...I said in my initial message that I deleted and re-downloaded the app. So yes, I did. Now I am waiting yet again for someone to help...I will be happy to update my review when someone from Mastery Connect can help rectify this issue...
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11 years ago, Termeseu
Works perfectly!
I've been waiting for an app like this to be released. Now, all my students can take their assessments at their desks with our schools iPads. It makes those assessment process quick and accurate. A+++++++
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5 years ago, Rnsnmx
Very glitchy
The program itself is excellent. The data mastery connect provides a teacher can completely change a classroom if used effectively. However, the app is VERY glitchy. I have had to delete the app multiple times in hopes that it would load properly on the next download. This has worked some of the time. This aspect of mastery connect makes it a very frustrating experience.
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4 years ago, Bvpsc
I can’t stand this app/program!
I have wasted so much of my LIFE on this software, but I’m forced to use it. It is the most time-wasting setup I’ve ever seen in my life. The “Trackers” prevent you from locating any assessments within a reasonable time frame...It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. I’ll add more gripes on another review because there is more that I have to say about it because I have other teacher work to do tonight...I’m a 25 year veteran BTW.
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11 years ago, Sledge13
I am in love with this app. I was using mastery connect online. This app has made it even better with the ability to move around the room and instantly grade assessments.
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5 years ago, MAsauced
Crashing and doesn’t open
Wish this worked, especially since our district wants us to use this product. In the middle of scanning assessments the grade cam stopped working and now I can’t access the site at all on my iPad. When choosing that app on home screen, it will not open after the gradecam last crashed.
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5 years ago, AmiSwallow
It crashes the whole iPad!
I love this app and would love for it to work, but it keeps crashing my iPad and shuts down quite frequently when using the camera for scoring.
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4 years ago, Svelttington McSkinnypants
Amazing concept excruciating execution
I so desperately wanted this app to work on my iPad 7. The answer to my prayers, or so I hoped. This app is a hot glitchy mess. Took me fifteen minutes to get past the log-in screen because it wouldn’t work properly. When I did, the first button I pushed caused the app to crash. Tried it over and over again with same results. Please make this a real app that does what it promises to do. Send me an email if you make it work and I’ll try it again. Will gladly revise my review if it works.
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5 years ago, Drewshifu
Camera scanner is messed up
The camera scanner zooms way too far in. Have to hold the phone about 5ft away, but then the resolution is too low. How are other people getting this to work??? The app is useless to me without camera scanner working properly.
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4 years ago, Krissy Garrett
Collaboration teacher
I was able to scan tests up until January 2020. I am a collaboration teacher, and I have classes assigned to me as collaboration. Please allow it to let collaboration teachers to scan tests again. I can scan from my computer but not the App anymore.
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9 years ago, RWhiz
Big Problem!
I've been using the iPad app to scan my test scores and thought this was great until I discovered that it incorrectly scanned 1/3 of my test. If I can't trust the scanned grades this will not help me if I have to hand score each one anyway to find MasteryConnects mistakes.
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6 years ago, Diva Quiet Storm
Since my update I can no longer use my phone to grade.
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6 years ago, apchem2018
Since I updated to the latest version of iOS I can no longer use the app to grade. I would greatly appreciate the developers updating the app to fix this bug.
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7 years ago, Abbieteach
App crashes each time I try to log in. I was looking forward to using this app. However, I had to delete it.
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6 years ago, brooklynstoop
App is awful
What was meant to conveniently and instantly grade students can only be done from my computer. This app freezes and does not upload my assessments.
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5 years ago, scanderson
Constantly Crashes
Each time I am provided the “opportunity” to amend a selection, the entire app crashes.
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9 years ago, Seattle Day
Nice added features as of 2.0, lacks easy visibility
While I appreciate that 2.0 gave us more features on the iOS app, similar to what I can do from a computer on the MasteryConnect website, the app interface is now harder to see. If I am walking around my classroom scanning student bubble sheets with my iPad, there are now at least two logistical issues: 1.) It appears I now only have landscape view to “fit” all three columns of information now present. When I hold my iPad Air 2 in an orientation such that students can see their scores as I’m scanning, the rear camera is often obstructed by my hand, 2.) ALL of the information in the (forced) landscape view is not necessary when scanning students scores with the intent to give students immediate feedback; the list of students’ names on the left only serves to reduce the size of the score feedback to the student (and I can’t see the info in the center column well if I’m holding my iPad low enough for my students to see) — the most important score and item analysis information is in very small font in the center column. SUGGESTION TO MasteryConnect: Do what several other app makers do for the iPad… allow a portrait view that looked similar to your pre-2.0 versions to lock in place when scanning student bubble sheets at their desks, and allow a user-interface change if the app is rotated to landscape view to show all the extra information now available. This would allow me to hold the iPad in a more ergonomic and functional way when traveling the room, and allow students/teacher to more easily see score feedback without hunting for the information or eyestrain with the small font. Thank you for a great service overall. Also, our iPhones are bigger now, perhaps an app for them that gives simple and immediate grading feedback in large font on a smaller screen? I can dream.
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6 years ago, MicheTeach
Doesn’t work after update
After updating this app it no longer works.
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10 years ago, Postpenultimate
Does not work
I have yet to be able to use this app. Crashes every time you enter a test id.
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3 years ago, kayc38
horrible app
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10 years ago, marie8335
Works welll
Like this app. Works well in the classroom.
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8 years ago, Stanley1414
Great update!
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