Math Drills

3.9 (20)
38.1 MB
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Current version
Instant Interactive
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Math Drills

3.85 out of 5
20 Ratings
7 years ago, Wack_9000
Great app.
It’s great but the sensitivity bug where you type the numbers really fast and it doesn’t recognize it is bad. Please fix that bug.
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2 years ago, BinaryMoose
Mostly great!
I love using this app in my morning brain warm ups. I only have 2 issues. I wish the input number pad was bigger. The app doesn’t remember my sound preferences and I have to either mute the phone or change the sound setting each time.
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7 years ago, WiseToo
Best App Ever
All three of my children, with varying abilities and learning styles learned their multiplication facts using this app. TIP I set a student named "monster facts" that let them practice the group of facts that have no rhyme or reason.
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6 years ago, CamAbbLIl
Need adding up to 12
This app used to allow addition and subtraction within the 10’s,11’s & 12’s now it will not allow that??? Why?? We need those other facts too!! It allows them for multiplication and division.
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7 years ago, RAGED Mathematician
I love the app but I can’t stand the sensitivity. But I still recommend that they fix the bug. I am smart, but I need to get the sensitivity fixed ASAP!!!!
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11 years ago, Dcmfx
Great app for practicing math facts. You can customize it to practice only one family of facts (1+0 thru 1+9 for example), practice all the addition facts, or anything in between. The same is true for the other operations. You can also select to do just addition, just subtraction, or practice both together. You can do the same for multiplication and division and can even practice all four operations together. The app really shines in the tracking though. It keeps track of which facts you have a hard time with, not just in which ones you got wrong but also which ones took longer for you to remember and answer correctly. The only issue I've had so far involves multiple players. If you forget to select your name and take a test as another player, there is no way to throw out those results. This throws off the tracking and charts for that player. A way to eliminate "bad" tests would be helpful. A simple way to help prevent this issue in your household is to make certain each player is using a different color theme so they will easily spot that they are using the wrong player ID. Overall, a great app. Well worth the price and well be using it for several years.
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7 years ago, Mr.Tamilan
Math fact girl
Love the app except for the glitches
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7 years ago, Lauren loves apps!!
I hate the sensitivity glitch
I hate the sensitivity glitch it’s stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!, from Landon
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7 years ago, Dylan Talley'
Sensitivity bug
PLEASE FIX THE SENSITIVITY BUG ITS ANNOYING ME A LOT......its still a good app tho .-.
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7 years ago, Ydhehdjdehrgdudhr
I know my facts but it has glitch. From:Mason Helpppp
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14 years ago, outside_the_lines
Even a 40-year-old can learn the multiplication tables...
I bought this application to see if I could learn the multiplication tables. I mostly learned them in school, way back when, but there were always a few that I never mastered. I figured I couldn't ask my kids to learn something I never managed myself, so it was high time I gave it another shot. I'm happy to report that, with the help of this application, I did manage to memorize those pesky "missing" facts. No longer am I skip counting from the closest one I can remember. I really like the ability to configure exactly which facts you are studying, as it allowed me to exclude the ones I already knew well. I do wish that the target speed were configurable, as I can tell I will never achieve the speed that the "Smart Drills" function considers fast enough. Although I know the answers instantly, I can't type them in fast enough to meet whatever standard is being used!
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12 years ago, TX Homeschool Mom
Great app!
I use this everyday in homeschooling my son. I chose this app, because it is completely customizable. I can set it to specific problems not just +2's for example. If I want my son to work on 8+3, 9+5, and 4+2 for example, then I can select just those specific problems. It also shows how my son is at each of the problems, so I can eliminate the ones he has learned and leave the ones that needs more practice. The drill tells the child how fast the child went once the drill is completed. I use incentives to reach a certain mile per hour. With that, I have had my son begging me to let him do the drills over and over. The drill only shows one problem at a time, so my son does 60+ problems in one sitting without a complaint. It doesn't seem like that much work to him. If I hand him a worksheet with just 15 problems on it, he would shut down. Also, I emailed the maker of this app, and received a quick and friendly response. I recommend this app for homeschooling!
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10 years ago, Purpleboosh
Good, but could be better
You can isolate facts that you want to drill with kids. They like the app because it is boring to do it on paper. As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to track data on the knowledge of math facts. I can use this app to test kids or to use it as a Tier II intervention. Once I know the facts they are struggling with or if they need to speed up their thinking, I can just drill those particular facts. The only drawback is that addition and subtraction facts only go up to 9. I need them to go up to 12. If it had that capability, my entire school would be using this app. Plus, i wish I could choose which tests are included in the reports or data. Right now, the reports are all grouped into one. So if you are working on plus 3 facts, you can't just view that report. It includes every test they have ever taken. I hope the writers can make some small changes to make it better for teachers and parents.
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15 years ago, jfaughnan
Best of the current suite of math drill apps
I've tested most of the March 2009 suite of math drill applications. This is the best for grades 1-4, though I also recommend the much tougher (German) Mental Maths app. The ability to store settings and test results per student is great for multi-kid families and teachers. I like that student names are well displayed and I love the number lines. Two features would make this five star. I'd like to capture statistics for the review as well as the test. For my special needs learners the Review is mostly what we do. I'd focus on drills rather than tests overall. More importantly, I'd love to see adaptive drills. So when students are responding more slowly, or making errors, make the questions easier. When they are doing well, make them harder. Adaptive drills would be a significant feature addition but it seems feasible to me.
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12 years ago, SimpleStyle
Great app for homeschool
This has been a great app for our three home-schooled children. I can customize the problems for each student's level. The records make it easy to assess their progress without pouring over each child's work. It makes excellent independent practice. The only thing I would change is that the settings are easily accessible to students. My smarty-pants student figured out that she could customize her test in such a way (only 1+1) that she could beat all the records, without actually practicing her facts. We need a password on settings. ;-)
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12 years ago, Fubaars
Wonderful Math App
By far, this is the best math app that I've encountered. My daughter likes it because even the timed portions are low don't know your time until after the entire test is complete. The review drills are nice since they slowly give hints towards the answers. It also seems like the student's weakest problems are the ones the app will display most often. With the customizations that are allowed, I can choose to slowly add more difficult problems instead of all at once. The analysis section gives a very nice display of the problems which the student has troubles with. Overall, this app is a wonderful teaching app and is exactly what I needed!
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13 years ago, jjj623
Math drills - Excellent program
I downloaded several different programs to find the best for my 9 year old to practice, and this one was the best. The "lite" version does most of what you'll need, so give it a try first. If the extra features are something you want, the upgraded version is well worth it. My constructive feedback: There needs to be some password protection on many of the features in the "Students" and "Settings" menus. Giving kids the ability to change their own problems and/or delete themselves or other student's is not good. It would also be nice to have the ability to delete individual tests. Overall, great app.
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13 years ago, Crazy mom of almost 3
Love the way you can customize
As we were trying to figure out a new approach to flash cards, I came upon the free version which was fine for a while. I needed to get the no brainers out though so my third grader could focus on the more challenging problems. I found the pay version and was in heaven!!! Even posted about it on my fb page and told friends who have kids in the same situation. I met less resistance when I asked him to practice and I could simply say "two tests with a speed greater than ___" then I could go in and see where his struggles were. LOVE THE AP!!
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15 years ago, Marunde Family
My daughter's times test
My 9 year old daughter loves the Drills App. It all started when she was frustrated that she was unable complete the times 4 worksheet at school. We where able to isolate the area she needed help with. After passing the 4’s worksheet the next day she came home from school very excited. She grabbed the iTouch and adjusted the setting for her next worksheet by herself and began practicing. My wife and I are very impressed with how easy it is to adjust the setting for our other kids and track their progress as well. Well worth cost.
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14 years ago, Meg527
Great -- as far as it goes...
The app is very nice, but the addition area only goes to sums of 18 (9 is the highest number that can be used for the augends & addends). Subtraction problems are generated from the addition problems, so they are equally simple. That's a preschool/kindergarten level, IMO. Since this app also has multiplication and division (3rd grade and up), it's odd that the addition and subtraction levels are so low. This leaves a gap for K(ish)-2nd grade kids. I paid for the full version in hopes that the addition/subtraction level could be increased, but no luck. I hope a future update has something in the addition and subtraction areas for kids past kindergarten.
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15 years ago, symes dictionary
I wish I would have found this app first. Bought about three different math apps to help my children get faster with their multiplication tabels. This app has all the options I was looking for. Being able to have my daughters concentrate on one number in multiplication is great along with being able to customize the number of problems. Only one thing to make it perfect and it may have it and I just missed it. Setting a time limit on the tests. If it's there then the app is perfect.
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10 years ago, RyeRyeBGuy
I would love to give this app 5 stars, but I would like to see the ability to do timed drills to help out with large groups (I have a large class and it would be easier to pass it along if students could be timed for one minute). I suppose I could just have them do 10 to 15 problems and then pass it along. The interface is very nice and clear. If students could write their answers with their fingers, that might be nice, too. Overall a fantastic app for providing dreaded fact practice (my students love doing things on the iPad).
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7 years ago, Go643277
Best app for math drills!
My daughter uses this app daily. We love it! It's user friendly and allows you to adjust what kinds of math drills you want, whether it's addition, subtraction, multiplication or division- or a combination. You can adjust which numbers you want to focus on. You can also adjust the number of math facts per practice, review, or test. I love that it also keeps a record of your test scores. Plus, you can have more than one user, each with their own setting. As a teacher and parent, I love this app!
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13 years ago, sheep722
Awesome app!
This is such a great app for doing math drills. I can use it to have students review or practice specific drills. I test my students on math drills twice a week, starting with +0, then +1, etc. until they master their facts through 18. With this app, my students beg to do their drills every day, and I am able to allow them to do so without killing too many trees. It's great because I can set up each student with the specific set of facts that he or she is working on.
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15 years ago, bird lover3
Best math drill app I've found
This app is the best app I've found for helping my child learn her math facts. You get to choose specfic facts to drill and then track how they are doing with each fact individually so you can focus on the ones your child that cause your child the most difficulty. The main problem I have with this program is that there is not immediate, obvious feedback when the child gets the problem wrong. The little line moving across the top is not obvious enough.
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13 years ago, Aaron Lanou
Great for teachers
This is a simple and intuitive, yet powerful app. The customizing options for the different operations, for the type of support during practice and even the layout make this a great app for kids to learn or practice their math facts. The statistical feedback it provides is incredibly useful for teachers, and motivating for students. I highly recommend this app for teachers, tutors, and parents to help their kids learn their basic math facts.
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11 years ago, teachwithipads
Good Individualized app.
It tracks both speed and accuracy in a very complex way. The speed shows up on the certificates and the accuracy is in the reports. I have a hard time seeing how the two work together on each test but it's there. I'm using this every day with my students and trying to make them faster with their math facts. For my students who need extra help the review is great because it helps teach them their facts but there isn't any reports when your in this mode.
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12 years ago, jorn!
Superb. Well worth it.
We went from the light version to this very quickly after seeing what this app could do. I can imagine this app having value for many years to come. While I love the multi-student support, it would be nice to see an option for the teacher portions to be locked-out from students. (I don't think Sally needs to be able to see/edit Billy's data, for example.)
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12 years ago, sckyt
By far the best Math App
After trying a couple of math apps, I find this one to be the best. It allows you to customize the drills to you child need, and the stats will let you know your child's strength and weakness. I've been using it with my first grader (+ -) and with my third grader (x). Although its not their favorite app, they are starting to enjoy it when they start seeing the results at school.
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14 years ago, misslinglina
Please fix
I tried the lite version for my third grader and I noticed the sums only go to 18. I assumed that was only in the free version. Nope. Please change this. I don't see the point of that limitation. It's also very illogical as the app includes multiplication and division. I really want to rate this well but this is a surprising "feature" that needs to be fixed. If your child is just getting started with addition and subtraction facts then you won't be too thrown off by this. The app looks really polished otherwise.
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14 years ago, MommyOh
Amazing customization
I don't usually take the time to write a review, but I have to say this app is excellent!! The customization is amazing. There are so many different options!! This is a great app for kids to work on math facts. Also, I know it's not customized for iPad, but 'crisp graphics' aren't as important when the kids are working on their addition tables, so this has worked great on the iPad too!
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13 years ago, MNteacher
This is the best math app for a school setting because the app is so versatile. I am able to individualize the settings for several students and keep track of student progress. There are many options for prompts, problem display, types of equations and more. I can't say enough about how great this app is. My 4th and 5th grade special education students love to use it!
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15 years ago, Krescendo
The best available and now can't live without
I'm a geek dad and I have this for my sons to use while we wait at appointments and such. The ability to have different themes and different hints is pure genius. One of my sons is a very 'visual' thinker and the use of the blocks in reviews helps him, where the number lines helps by other son. The best flash card program I've seen on the iPhone yet.
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12 years ago, Tiger hi mom
This app is the perfect app for children to learn and practice their math facts. The only suggestion I hope the developer's will make is to expand the math facts beyond 9 + 9 to grow with the student's ability. I also really like that the student has to enter the answes via a 10 key pad vs. multiple choice answers. I'm giving 4 stars only because the app is more limited in scope.
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13 years ago, GratefulMomof2
Perfect for minute math practice! Customizable to drill on child's specific practice needs! We've tried apps with rockets, ninjas, balloons, rabbits, and dinos but this targets my child's needs perfectly! Doubles testing this week? Doubles plus 1 the next? You can customize the review and practice for multiple children. No more "2+2" and then having the game jump to double digits with regrouping! This makes flash cards fun.
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13 years ago, ericcapple
Definitely One of the Best
I have downloaded quite a few math apps for my kids. This app is far and away the most in depth. It has the ablity to customize the areas that you want your child to work on and the stats are very detailed. It does take a bit of effort on the parent/teacher part to set up the drills if you want them customized but the effort is well worth it. Five stars!
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11 years ago, prettyandsassy
Great tool for practicing times tables
My daughter is in the 3rd grade and this helps her practice for her times table tests. You can set it so that it works only on a certain times table like 7 and set the multiplier anywhere from 0 through 12, or you can choose any amount of times tables you want to work with. I'm sure it's similar with addition, subtraction, and division.
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14 years ago, H007
Best flash card app I've found
Please just update it to allow addition sums up to 24 (12+ other numbers), instead of limiting it to 18 (9+ other numbers). I haven't checked out subtraction, multiplication or division yet, but it would be great if those used numbers up to 12, assuming they're capped at 9 too. Thanks!
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11 years ago, Logs32
Great resource
This app is a great resource. Looking at it from a teacher in the process perspective I would use this is my classroom. One suggestion to the developer would be to have an area to the side where a student could use their finger to write out their thinking. I do like the tools that they are given though: the number line and chart.
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13 years ago, Pink Bunnny
Great App
My son's math has improved greatly with this app. He actually likes to do math so he can "play" with the iPad. I especially like the reports that are generated from this app. They tell you where your kids are doing well and where they are having difficulties. Overall, I am very pleased with this app.
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14 years ago, Sue Mom of two
Fantastic learning tool - a year later!
Love this app! It took the frustration out of practicing multiplication and division facts with my son. Five minutes a day and he's got it! Wonderful because he could practice in the car during travel time. Thank you for this wonderful learning tool!
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14 years ago, Maga V
Math Drills
Great for school kids needing to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It makes practice fun and something they look forward to doing. They actually ask to do this sort of practice...and it can be carried anywhere. Particularly in the summer, this is good at keeping these basic essential facts in their heads.
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12 years ago, Kickstand54
One of the best
Tremendous app. Everything a teacher could ask for in a fact app. Tracking speed adds to the engagement and allows students to set goals. The depth and quality of progress monitoring really make this fact app stand out as one of the very best in the app store.
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11 years ago, kwestter
Great for x & / too simple for + & -
A great app that lets you set the highest and lowest numbers for each operation, add or remove hints, and track multiple children each with their own settings. However, while this app goes to the 12 by 12 scales for the multiplication and division it tops out at 10 for addition and subtraction. So my 3rd grade son can practice hard on multiplying and dividing all the way to 144, but it's way too easy for addition since the hardest problem is 10+10 and he passed that a while ago. Adding 2 and even 3 digit numbers to practice on for adding and subtracting (and even multiplying/dividing) would make this a five star app and usable for higher grade levels.
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13 years ago, lesliew508
Hands down, best math drill app!
I downloaded many apps to find just the right one. I love the customizing options for students, plus you can refine the drills for their weak areas. After taking a couple tests, It tracks their accuracy for certain tables so you can refine that as well, love love love it!
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13 years ago, GAT58
This really helped my daughter with Math
My daughter was struggling with the basics of math, I bought this app and worked with her and she now is retaining more of the info that she needs. It's very intuitive and she loves so see how she is progressing. Fun and education, and no more screaming fits- Really helped. Great App!
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12 years ago, Hypophysis
Individualized instruction with feedback
My son hates math, but he'll play this when he is nudged. The app let's you focus on problem areas and gives feedback both during and after the drills.
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14 years ago, SAHansen
Best Math App out There
I downloaded this app for a class set at school and the students love it. It's great that you can actually enter students names and track their progress and status. The funtionality outmatches any other basic math app that I've seen.
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15 years ago, Candisann
I Love it!
-options for multiple students -levels for each student - allows student to fix mistakes at end -cute 'pitstop' noise and alert to fix and 'vrooming' car when you're all right! makes my son love to do his math. thanks!
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12 years ago, LizJenerson
Great for reinforcement
When you want old fashioned drills via repetition, this is the app to get. It's not my 3rd grader's favorite "game", but after a week or less of drills, and assessing which give her problems (via the metrics provided in the app), she scores high on her tests.
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