Math Word Problem Solver

4.4 (2.1K)
62.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Math Word Problem Solver

4.44 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
5 years ago, YoungBenzoo
I love the app
I love the app it convenient for me been using it for two weeks now the problem on my phone when i try to send a question it been saying “the data format couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format what’s the mean
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4 years ago, payne254
I had 20 questions before the app was I dated and now they are not giveing me my 20 questions or money back. They will just tell you “we will look into it” and do absolutely nothing about it. They get questions wrong and if they are wrong you get no refund or your questions back. You have to keep buying and buying questions & use more and more of them. Especially if your problem has more than one step but the few steps are the problem. You will have to 3 different pictures meaning you will use up to 3 questions that you have purchased just for one problem to be solved step by step. They take over an hour to answer simple questions and do not do their job good at all until you go complain to them. If people have to complain for you to give them their money’s worth then you don’t need to be doing business. They are very slow, unprofessional and irresponsible. This is my opinion from trying to this app for a month. I do not recommend this kind of help to anyone. It’s robbery
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2 years ago, jlau93
I’ve had SUCH a frustrating experience with this app. When it does work, the tutors are great and explain answers really well 8/10 times— however, if I don’t understand something and need further explanation, the app never lets me write them back about what I need help with. Every time it gives me the option to write a message to the tutor, it always glitches and kicks me out. I have never been able to receive further explanation on problems because of this. The glitching in this app is ridiculous. I’m also not able to get into the app at all right now because it keeps telling me that I need to “install an update” in order to use to app, and there is no update available, but it keeps sending me back to the App Store. I’ve spent money to get help and I am really disappointed in the quality and the fact that I can’t even get into it right now.
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2 years ago, college algebra
I used this app with some issues for about a week but for the most part this app helped me a lot. 2 days ago I paid for 25 questions and I used like 6 and it said that I used more questions than what I actually did, I actually paid twice for a package of 25 questions. Now I want to use what I have left on credits and the app won’t open and it keeps telling me that they have q new update and to download app. I have the app !! It won’t even give me the option to update, I even uninstalled the app and downloaded again like 10 times and I keep getting the same message. There is no way to contact costumer support that why I’m leaving this review.
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3 years ago, _discover_carla
Hacked Scam
Be careful app was glitching a for me after i signed in and while looking at their rates it made in-app purchases without my permission.! Not an error on ny end phone only glitches while I was on the app to make it worst didn’t even credit me the question it look my money for if it wouldn’t haven been an honest mistake you would think the app would have at least reflect your purchase but it didn't. So Please be careful if you download this app and you see it glitch get off of it asap before it takes your money.!!
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2 years ago, Carlesha92
This is a amazing App
This app has help me so much with my school work and not only did it give me an answer to my math question but it also explained how it found the answer to the problem. Which helps me a lot to understand my assignments better and not just giving a quick answer. Also I believe that this real people help you so it’s like having a live tutor when need. I give this app a 5 start and will definitely be using getting my help form here also I will be sharing this app with my family, friends and classmates.
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1 year ago, Rbbz4
Glitch problem.
I have spent about $60 on this app, and when I get questions with answers that were not correct for my specific question and I’ll get another answer or the tutor re-answers the question in the correct format and I’m not able to view it because the app glitches out every single time. I tried to find a website with a support number. I tried to send feedback on the app, but it wouldn’t allow me and I feel like I’ve spent way too much money to not be able to view the correct answers and I can’t figure out who to contact! Help!
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4 years ago, shontapugh
Recent Update Ruined the App
I had prior issues with problems being answered in a timely manner. However, the customer service that I received was outstanding and made up for any issues that I had. Today I was attempting to help my son solve a math problem and was directed by the app to update my version of the app. Upon doing so, I was take to the App Store where I downloaded the newer updates. I pressed open when the updates were completed and sent back to the App Store for a required update! Now I have been caught in a circular roller coaster of the app itself requiring an update and the App Store sending me back to the broken app! I have tried deleting and re-downloading but it is continuing to do the same thing. Please fix this issue immediately!
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2 years ago, Nintendo2020
Need to improve
It could be a great app if they look into their connection system and glitches. If I send 5 solution , the money is immediately deducted and i get for example only two. Sometimes , you can’t even see more than 3 solution on your page Also , can’t use the app right now. Even though I have updated it , it keeps on asking me to install new update while there is nothing available in the App Store
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4 years ago, kih215592000
App works, but has a crashing problem, and no developer support.
Great app, got answers to all of my questions in a matter of minutes but the app started to crash every time I would try to open it. I tried to see if the developers had a support system that I can contact to help me with the issue but I can’t find anything. This is my first review because I never really care enough to write them, but this situation is different being as though that this app is awesome; it’s been helping me ace all my tests and improve my failing math grade to a passing grade. Idk if I can delete a review but I’d be more than happy to delete this review if the developers hit me back to try and resolve the issue.
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2 years ago, MississippiArab
I’ve really struggled with word problems my whole life. And I thought I’d give this app a try. This is honestly the first time that I actually understand how to put these things together and the tutor makes so much sense. I would give this 100 stars if I were able to. BTW, I have been using this for a week now and I’m almost getting the hang of some word problems and I have already re-upped my purchase again of 50 questions.
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1 year ago, adrianbarber
App is not working
It worked great for a while, now I’m unable to use the app. I keep getting a notification that says to update the app. I click Ok and the app closes and goes to another screen which tells me to Open the app. It’s frustrating because this app was one of the only apps that’d help me with word problems. I hope this problem gets fixed.
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3 years ago, USCMike
Most useful math tutor app
The app is the most useful math tutor app. It does not just give you answer to problems. The problems are worked out in a step by step manor so that it actually teaches the concept. The fact that the tutors responds so quickly makes it that much better! If any step is unclear in the problem solving process- you can ask and get follow up clarification. Worth every penny!
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3 years ago, gamergurllllpewdipie
Not as advertised this time?
I have used this app for a long time and it has been very helpful and I have spent a lot of money buying questions here and there. This time I got a message saying my question is not highschool level and they only work on highschool level math. It is advertised it for college level math on the websight and app store description. The worst part is this question that I paid for is completely wasted. I am very upset over this especially because in the past year I have paid over $50 for this app to answer my college level questions and it has worked
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3 years ago, Bubbles123412341
so i needed a math scanner to help with this one problem I didn’t understand and i found this . i downloaded it registered and all that , and it said “click on the camera and snap a photo to see what we can help with” , and it took me right to a page where you had to buy questions. the first one said 0.99 for one question and the other said 100 and something for 50 questions. i wasn’t thinking to look at the last deal but I’m sure that was a scam . i was very quick to delete it. I am very disappointed with who ever made this app and I am sure they can do better .
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4 years ago, bh cylical
Best problem solver app that is out there!!!
This is a great app. It gets actual professors and teachers to answer the problem. And they write out the answer and how to solve it. This app has helped me out a lot inside and outside of class. I would really recommend getting the app it is very worth it. Overall this would get a five star review hands down. I love this app so much
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2 months ago, LRNWS
Took my money and now I can’t get on the app.
I was very happy with the first few questions that my granddaughter submitted. She tried again and now it won’t load. I did everything I can possibly think of and finally deleted the app to try and reload so it would let me on. I had 23 questions in my account. I had to buy a question again for .99 and it still won’t let me on. Very disappointed. If I can’t get in I have wasted a lot of money. Be glad to change my rating if someone can get me online.
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4 years ago, Magdaline Kovalchuk
So Helpful! But pricy!!!!
This is such an amazing app. My answer to my question came in less than 5 minutes!!! I was fortunate enough to have that first time purchase of only 99 cents to get an answer. If it wasn’t for this option, I would have to pay 10$ just for one question!!!! 10$ is so expensive!!! Just to ask 3 questions I would end up paying 30$!! That’s crazy!!! Please change the pricing options!!
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2 years ago, Jane2001--
Paid problem solving app
Word math problem always bother me, so I download this app. Disappointed that it doesn’t offer free solve times or a trial, so I’m not sure if its worth to subscribe😢... I prefer to use CameraMath app to solve word problems now. Although sometimes the tutors response is not timely, it doesn’t limit the number of questions!! Recommend for anyone struggling with math like me
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2 years ago, sophiebellacc
Very Helpful and Accurate
This app is super helpful. The answers are always accurate and can be solved for you step by step. If there is a problem or question, they are willing and ready to help solve it! I highly recommend this App!
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3 years ago, Army/college student
The question price
Kinda bummed you gotta pay for every question you get answered yet it makes since due to the facts it is people doing the work on there. If possible maybe drop the price if possible due the the facts college kids are broke.
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4 years ago, ahhnaj
Yes get it!
This app is beyond amazing and has helped my mental health so much!! I struggle with math and would stay up late but with this app I got the help I needed in a short manner of time. 10/10 would recommend I got the unlimited question and that is the best thing to get! They answer with step by step pictures !!
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3 years ago, AdamHan1
Excellent service
Really quick answers with knowledge professors. They don’t only answer the question they also make sure you understand the answer and how they got it by giving you the steps.
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3 years ago, Ashleyblue12
Great app for step by step breakdown of the question.
This app helped me understand my Stats questions and they have broke my problem down with step by step direction. I definitely will use this app for all my math needs!
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4 years ago, Mya_lightskin
Don’t waste your money
Horrible app. Constant wrong answers, kicks you out the app constantly. Tells you that they answer the questions immediately which is a lie sometimes it takes weeks for a question to be answered
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2 years ago, i need hep
I’m so frustrated
I also used this app and it is not giving me what I really need and I get really frustrated because I am trying to get my work done and I decided to use this app just for it to not work
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2 years ago, Loughlin 21
Awesome App
My experience went very well. My questions i had was answered in a timely manner and I was able to understand them very well. The answers were broken down very easily for me to understand.
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4 years ago, theMmhammedamjad
Can’t use the app
I can’t give this a rating because I can’t use the app. I have been using this app daily until today, today I tried signing into the app but it gets stuck on a loading screen and I even tried creating a new account but it still has the same problem. Please fix this and I will fix my review
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9 months ago, Unnecessary 1726
Tread lightly
Be careful using this app. It makes you pay for a question and then wants you to but tickets. After you purchase tickets it will continue to tell you that you have no tickets.. after your bank account has been charged for these tickets you do not have. I uninstalled and reinstalled to see if it would catch itself but it never did .. I just want my Money back
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2 years ago, sal17566
A waste of money and time
I had to pay $24 for 10 questions which was already overpriced to begin with but I was struggling with some math hw and decided to give it a try. Got scammed. I submitted a question and never received any help. I get that tutors are probably busy but at the very least someone messaging me about the wait time would’ve helped. Literally just use any math help app besides this and don’t make the dumb mistake I did.
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3 years ago, CGwendolin
It’s a good option but maybe not for people on a tight budget.
I think I would prefer to actually do the work rather than paying in order for questions to get answered. A lot of students need to save the money they make for better things in order to live a healthy lifestyle. These things include food, clothing, a roof over their heads, etc.
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4 years ago, peppas number one fan
Literally the best app ever
This is actually the best math app I’ve ever used! They responded very quick and gave me the correct answer. I just wish that you had more than one free question! But overall super easy to use!
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2 years ago, Reiley joe
Very helpful and quickly done!
I needed help with math homework due that night and I was given answers as well as some examples very quickly! I will definitely use again.
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4 years ago, GoFalconation
My issue was with Apple not this app. I made a purchase and I didn’t receive anything. Apparently the mistake was on Apple side and they refunded me my money. I gave the app another shot and it went through and they helped me fast. The only critique is that they are expensive.
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5 years ago, Aphrodite the most beautiful
I love the way they answer my questions. They can solve any math problem you are having trouble with. It took awhile for them to answer but it was worth it. I would totally recommend getting the app!!!!!
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2 years ago, Sarahx3Isaiah24
Takes too long
I’ve been waiting over 8 hours for help with the question I asked and still have not received any. The frequently asked questions say that you should receive an answer within 30 minutes, at the most one hour. This is absolutely not true. I’m super disappointed, this was such a waste of money. I do not recommend.
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5 months ago, Concerned_Mgr
Fast response
The application is extremely helpful when I got stuck on one problem.
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2 years ago, Huddy S
Great app!
Used this recently for some college help, definitely was easy and fast! Solved 2 questions in less than 10 minutes!
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3 years ago, Hannah banana5542
Good but not worth the money
I paid 99 cents to get my question solved and it was extremely helpful!! I would pay for a monthly subscription but almost $200 for 50 questions seems absurd.
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3 years ago, Triump Mimi
Help for my granddaughter!
I just downloaded the app and at first glance I believe this is going to be a great go to tool for my granddaughter! It’s nice that it’s right at our fingertips!! Thanks for the ease of application! Great job guys!
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2 years ago, veeitniear
Terrible app. It always crashes or has glitches. Won’t allow for me to update. Paid to get questions answered and now app won’t even work. I asked customer services for help with this problem and there was no solution. Once one of their tutors told me to solve problem myself … even though I literally paid to have their help.
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3 years ago, wah ni
This apppo is freaking amazing man
I was struggling on this test and download this app I’m glad i did Bc it helped me and make me learn and understand I really like this is app is amazing I would give it a 10 out of 10 if I could*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
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2 years ago, Arya_12
I have to make a report that this is glitching because I am trying to get in. I already logged in. It’s just saying I have to do the update for it to proceed but when I go back on the app it won’t give me an update button so then I tried to reset my phone to just see if it was my phone but it’s your app it won’t work for me:(
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2 years ago, Jess1ca55
This App is a lifesaver!
This app has helped me tremendously with my college math work. The tutors are quick to answer and explain everything in detail.
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3 years ago, oorrlando
Hands down the best app in the market to get instant help with any type of equation
It is worth it every penny spent saved me from headaches and long hours of no real help due to online classes with no teacher They answer question with detail step by step They are the best hands down If you want to pass any college level math Get this app very professional tutors 5 stars all day every day !
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4 years ago, DaveHrt
Perfect and one of a kind
They really got professionals to treat questions and shows clear and easy steps in solving problems. And the response time is top notch. This is amazing ! Will surely recommend colleagues...
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4 years ago, ZayAye23
Love it
I love the app so much it helps me out with my year around math studies. The only problem is that it keeps telling me also that the data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format? Please help!!! TIA
Show more
4 years ago, alwnnnnna
I love this app it is great helped me out a lot I would just like that if you didn’t have to pay for the app to take pictures but besides that Is is amazing I love it 🤗😁
Show more
3 years ago, iadoreyou1
Greatest app to use
This app is so amazing! Very useful and will help you with whatever problem you have. Thank you!
Show more
4 years ago, miw1224
Not working
I got this app to help my son. I have paid to use it but the system keeps telling me to update which I did and still won’t work. It just has me going in circles. I even tried to delete and reinstall and still asking me to update. The one time he did use it, it was helpful. But I wasted the money for the package I got because we can’t use it.
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