Mathway: Math Problem Solver

4.9 (410.3K)
76.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chegg, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mathway: Math Problem Solver

4.9 out of 5
410.3K Ratings
3 years ago, its Allannah
Once I was doing my homework I couldn’t figure it out I asked my mom to help me and I showed her and she fell asleep so I kind of started panicking Went downstairs to the table I started struggling and thinking and thinking so I went to the App Store looked and looked and looked and looked left to right for helping your homeworkIs the best I really do recommend it it is the best it will save your life and when I mean save your life I mean really save your life nobody really understands when they say that they saved their lifeThey never understand how much that person means they don’t even know how serious the persons like saying I really do recommend this app messed up in the world five star review amazing helpful save your life get it get it now get it now it’s the best app ever students allowed teacher teachers not allowed can students really need this app so don’t get mad at them if they have this app it’s the best time with them so hope you get it
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1 year ago, Mohammad Tohidi
All it does is give the answer
Seriously saying, this app is literally just useless unless if you know the answer to math problems and want to check your answers. Otherwise, paying wouldn’t be a consideration for me. For those who are on a tight budget, and have a strong desire to reach their future career, I’d say paying wouldn’t be worth it, especially if you are just doing a living only as a student with no career and if you do not have enough financial support. I’ve lived a long way with this app studying all day and all night and yet there is high demand for paying just to get the work shown to get the idea why a question is answered in a certain way. This is why nowadays I read reviews from various books titled for math and read books that give a full explanation of how an answer is earned. As a life lesson it’s just good to say the fact that spending is not worth it for this app since there are various places and apps to ask questions related to learning math (at least in my area). This app should be like a substitute teacher or tutor for those who are having trouble, but the fact that there is such huge fee just ruins the reason why I should install this app. Teachers ask for showing work, and yet I’m stuck, having no idea what to do to get the right answers. This also goes to understanding how an answer is caught as well.
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2 years ago, Cwatty15
It works but the full version hasn’t for me
I have been using this a lot this semester so I decided to pay for the monthly subscription then I could cancel the membership at the end of the semester, but it doesn’t even work. The subscription shows in my subscriptions list in my settings but I still can’t view the steps, and when I attempt to see how the problem is solved it brings me to the menu to subscribe to the paid part of the app. Honestly though, other than that. This app works pretty great, solves problems the right way and you can select the method of how you want the problem solved. You can change what kind of math you are trying to solve, and the answers are pretty spot on. The predictive text is even really good on this, it’ll help solve word problems and you kind of don’t em have to type anything in sometimes. However, the keyboard is very buggy and you can’t type very fast. It’s also kind of hard to navigate as there are like 4 different keyboard menus to choose from, I always forget where to find things and it kind of takes a while to load the text sometimes. But it does solve the problems.
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4 years ago, Romelio07
Simply amazing!
This app was god sent when I was struggling to find a way to check my work, understand the material and how to “get there”. Other apps were limited in offering comprehensive solutions, would not offer one or worse, would come up with answers that would make you question what you were doing. Not this app! It gave me the option to choose from a vast list of options on how you’d like the problem solved (graph functions, asymptotes, critical, inflection points, local absolute min/max, x,y intercepts, slope, log, 1,2,3..derivatives, etc, etc, etc). I went from fearing the “Check answer” button to being confident my work was right because it was backed up by Mathway’s answers, which were spot on. I started seeing a lot more “Correct” responses and more 100% results. A “must have” in your toolbox (free or not). I truly believe that the few negative reviewers in here don’t understand the app’s potential or simply expect it to do 100% of their work, with 0% effort on their part...
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3 years ago, ice wheel
This online stuff been making some stressed out and my teachers didn’t explain nothing on how to solve algebra problems. So for a while I been googling answers but they weren’t giving me what I needed . My grades dropped and I was failing badly. I was at my lowest point and I completely lost hope. But one day as I was googling for an answer to ere was a ad that said that this math app will increase your grade in math and give u any answer u need. So knowing I didn’t have any other choice I downloaded it and immediately put the app to the test. What I found out astonished me. It actually gave me the correct answer and I couldn’t be happier. And ever since then , I been using Mathway and my grades increased. Mathway has helped so much and the most important thing it did to me besides make me pass was put a smile on my face. I was down bad but thanks to Mathway I am saved and stronger than before. Mathway is the way to go.
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1 year ago, Reprogrammer11
Good Content, Lousy Customer Care
I am extremely disappointed with the Mathway company and would advise anyone considering upgrading in order to receive step-by-step instructions to add a reminder to your calendar to cancel your monthly subscription at the end of the time you need it. Mathway will only send you one email receipt/invoice at the time of your initial payment. After that, they will never alert you to the fact that you are still paying for their monthly service during the summertime when you have no need for it. You could easily end up spending up to $120 for yearly access without realizing it. Perhaps I should go over my credit card bills with a fine-tooth comb every month, but I would prefer to work with companies who don’t want to take advantage of my busy lifestyle as a mom of 5 kids just trying to survive raising them. When I brought this matter to their attention, they refused to upgrade my account to an annual subscription even though my payments had already exceeded the cost of one. It’s too bad that they are not a company with better customer care because I found the math support to be very helpful.
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5 years ago, bskwoodworks
I’m am math major and use this app to check work when I’m unsure. I’m almost done and have had problems the entire way through. When I first started this app was awesome it could any simple math up to calculus with no problems. Things like basic integrals were no problem for this app but once you start to do more difficult or complex integral the app responds with I’m unsure how to solve this problem. Sometimes I want to solve a polar equation let’s say and it won’t give me the option. It will graph it but if I use the variable r first it shuts down. I have to turn it into a rectangular equation then type that in which to me defeats the purpose of the app. A ton of my upper division math classes are kinda hard so I sometimes need an app like this to check work when I’m lost and have depended on this app for so long but recently it has let me down and I will most likely delete it. So I ended up deleting this app because I was tired of it not being able to solve anything. It can’t solve pretty basic limits like lim x!/x^n it just tells me that it’s unsolvable even though I could do something like this in my head. If you are not serious about math then this is a great app if you then don’t bother.
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4 years ago, AnthonyThomas215
Best math solving app but still needs work
This app is great! It has helped me a ton in high school and in college classes if I needs help to check a problem or u detest and how to do a problem. For some problems it might tell you that something is unsolvable when it definitely is. I guess it just hasn’t had that problem put into the app so the software doesn’t understand it, my guess. One this I think would truly make this application stand out compared to the rest is putting word problems to solve for each category of math. For some work problems, it’s it’s a copy and paste word for word so getting answers and what to do with those wouldn’t be hard, however teachers always word problems in their own way so pulling out key words from a word problem to answer the question might not give you the exact problem you’re looking for, but I could give you a similar result to where you can get an idea on how to solve that word problem. Beside that, it’s the best app I’ve ever used!
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5 years ago, AlexBeeeean
Absolutely astonished
I’m a student in college who got stuck in a crapload of math classes to learn programming, and I’m stuck using a self-pace website. And it’s only gonna get harder when I get into Trig and Calc. This app? I can’t rate it enough. I have no words to describe how..HAPPY this app has made me, and how much it’s helping me. Not only does it *show* you the answer, but it shows how it came to that solution, too. Certain subjects sure; I know. It’s simple and I don’t need this app for some. But for things like dividing polynomials, that’s the stuff I never learned. This app helped me pass a good portion of my class!!! The fact you can see how the solution came to be is...phenomenal. It really helps *UNDERSTAND* the logic behind it; not just how, but what to do exactly, without a tutor standing behind you watching you. 50/5 stars. If I wasn’t broke, I would DEFINITELY pay for this app so much! It’s definitely worth every penny that’s ever been in my account!
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3 years ago, MayalovesMath
Great and I highly recommend!!
I’m taking Calc One and this app has help me so much, can’t say enough. It is a tedious experience to learn straight from the book, with so few examples that you have to become autodidact due to the circumstances. Some Instructors being so old school in their ways of teaching such an abstract concept. Honestly, as a student in this day an age, the education system has fall behind on the notion of how we learn in today’s world. I’m a visual learner and need to learn step by step, in a clear and orderly way how to solve any problem. Mathway has become not only my occasional tutor but my teacher by allowing me to learn and reason each of the steps as well as giving me infinite choices to better develop my skill. Thank you Mathway for sharing this knowledge with us the students, I love math but hate limitations in an era when they’re shouldn’t be one.
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5 years ago, Rovio1
Not the best, but better than many others
This is one of the best calculator apps I have found on the App Store, but it has some issues that I wanted to mention. Some of the user interface tools are kind of weird (especially fraction related tools) and parenthesis and other formatting methods. I had previously used Desmos, an online graphing calculator, that I find did a much better job with ease of inputting questions. My largest concern is the “I am unable to solve this problem error.” For extremely basic problems the calculator is fine. Once I try to do something even remotely complicated it tells me it is unable to do the problem. Questions that aren’t even difficult seem to much for this calculator to handle. I often have to resort to typing my question into wolfram alpha, which does have the computing power to answer my questions (it just takes much longer to type in). I wish Mathway was able to solve my math problems, but it seems like more than half of the time the problem is too complicated.
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1 year ago, Mathwaylover62
My current reality check with this app
This app does not handle my calculus problems well. I use to use this app daily for everything, it felt like a great way to play around and understand math. After the update, the UI made it hard to treat the app as a way to play with numbers. Now the UI seems to be only for doing ONE hw problem at a time. Now I’m in calculus and the app hasn’t gotten any of my hw correct in the way it has to be simplified and it won’t even graph some of my limit problems. I have been using the app now just minutes a week. Also chat GPT can answer and deal with math problems that are not complicated. So I would like to RELY on this app for more complex problems but it is not doing well on that. I will subscribe again for a third year if Mathway can either fix this UI for me to play around just like the old UI did or have it start solving harder problems. There are other resources available these days but I know this app can pull through and stand out like it did before the update, so I’m waiting 🤞
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4 months ago, Levi & Skittles
The best math app I’ve found!
I rarely write reviews for apps, but this is definitely one I want to get out there. I don’t have access to a logarithmic calculator at home, and every other calculator I’ve found on the web is way too complicated. This was the fastest and most straightforward calculator app/website I have used! It’s super simple and easy for me to simplify my work without wasting time on searching for hours for a calculator. I definitely recommend this extremely useful resource for any students or teachers for that matter! A lot of these apps have hidden fees or payments to use certain aspects of the service, but this one is by far the most unfiltered, helpful tool I have seen in a while. Thank you for providing so many individuals with the appropriate tools to succeed! Will definitely share this with my math classes :)
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5 years ago, AugDawg38
Give me help not answers
This app is cool. It’s a graphing calculator on my phone and that really comes in handy when I don’t have my actual calculator on me. But one thing that makes me dislike this app is the fact that you can put in any equation and it will solve it, but you can’t see how to solve it without having to pay for premium. It just gives you the answer and you have to figure out how to find that answer on your own. I’m in calculus and sometimes have trouble figuring out problems and I use this app to help me sometimes. But most of the time I just become more confused than before I knew the answer to the problem because I look at the answer and just wonder how in the world did it get that. It just gets really annoying when I’m doing homework and I don’t understand a problem but I can’t get any help with it. It would be really great if step by step could be a non premium thing or if it could be both whereas some of the extremely hard and more in depth problems are in premium and all other step by step was in non premium.
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1 year ago, iamdissapointeeeed
It’s so tedious to use now
I payed for the app but I stopped because it’s new interface is so bad. You have to crop te picture before you take and so it’s tedious holding the camera and positioning right on the problem. It’s annoying when it’s on a paper with a bunch of other problems on there. You used to be able to take a picture and then crop it I don’t know why they saw a need to change it. Also you can’t build on problems or use your answers for other problems I don’t know if I explained it clearly. But you used to be able to solve a problem then tap on the answer and then it would copy and paste that answer so that you can do something to that answer. Now you have to type everything in one go making sure all parentheses is correct. Also on some problems if you mistyped and realize it too late, if you go to history you can’t edit it from there you have to retype the entire problem. It’s tedious, it was great before I have no idea why there was a need to fix something that’s not broken. It’s only good for checking answers.
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3 years ago, Caroline2276
I downloaded this app when I first started college and for this semester,I am taking business calculus and let me tell you, it is not easy at all. So I use this app to help me solve some problems. If you’re not able to find the problem you’re looking for you can always searchfor it and you will find it. It has settings to change between “calculators”, so say you’re taking algebra, you will use the algebra tab, right now I’m learning about derivatives and I have the app on the calculus tab. You do ,however, have to pay 10$/month, but that’s if you want the steps on how it’s solved. I usually just use it for the answers and find my answers on how to solve it on my textbook. Regardless, this app is a must for any college students or even for high schoolers. Oh and one last thing, it’s free so why not take advantage of that !!
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3 months ago, godfkindamnit
The BEST Math Solver
I’m a Physics student. I’ve tried many features of many apps, but this is one by far the most reliable, and the solutions it gives are usually explained in much greater depth than other apps in my experience. I use the solution steps to learn what I’m doing right or wrong, and it gives me some ideas to do things I haven’t thought of before. Also, I love how reliable the picture taker is. I’m often shocked that it recognizes some of the problems that it does. Best of these kinds of apps hands down, and I’m happy to pay the subscription for it. Only feedback I’d give is I wish in the “history” section of recently typed math, clicking on it would automatically input it all so I don’t have to re-type it out. Also dark mode (or at least not as bright) would be lovely.
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3 years ago, massa jabateh
Ok so I’m very disappointed in this app because Just yesterday I wrote a great review about it and how it would help blah blah etc... but today I was assigned work to do that was for a grade and I tried checking my answers, it would NOT let me see the answers and it’d keep saying we don’t have solution. Which is VERY annoying also the answer that it’d give me end up being completely WRONG I got a 50 percent on this assignment because I was so confident that this app was 100 percent right with it’s answers but now I feel like I can’t trust it 100 percent. I’m still going to keep it download because I haven’t lost all hope in it but if you’re getting this app make sure you get some other math apps for backup like cy-math MathPapa and Socratic which is good for everything.
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1 year ago, Jess98775
It solves most problems but when it gets down to subjects like calculus half the time it has no idea what’s going on. Doesn’t preform that well with algebra either and can’t solve word problems or 2 part equations that for example have a function, and then have specific points to help solve for the function. I have the subscription that (supposedly) gives the full on explanations but sometimes the explanations are absolutely terrible. Here’s what I’ve seen 1. They have rules and logic far beyond the actual material (Example: I had a calc 1 algebra problem and the explanation used rules from calc 3 that I won’t ever learn and are not applicable to this course) 2. The explanation is missing factors It’ll have good breakdowns of each step for certain things but then the rest of the equation in the most integral parts there’s no explanation you just need to accept it is the way it is. 3. There is no explanation at all Sometimes there’s just straight up no explanation on it at all. The app tells you oh it’s this and that’s it. Keep in mind I paid money for this service! If you want to have a detailed step by step app this isn’t it I’d go somewhere else because it’s just evident they took the easy way out when it comes to making the app actually explain things. Subscription isn’t worth it I’m just getting an actual tutor instead of deciphering calc 3 for an algebra problem.
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4 years ago, vwolanin
The New Update is Terrible
I never write reviews but, I really love this app when I first got it. Which was probably in September 2019. I loved the helped that I got with my work and let me understand better. BUT the new update they just did a week ago, is absolutely terrible. I’m receiving adds, which is frustrating because I’m trying to get my work done and it’s taking longer than it should be, I understand an ad every single time you open the app or on the side. But I’m getting ads every three questions. I’m just trying to check my work, to see if I got the answers right. Another thing that is bothering me is that the camera won’t focus I would type in the questions but I’m doing algebra right now and it’s a mix of numbers and letters and it just would take me even longer. I understand again that the camera isn't focusing once in a while but this is every single time I try to use it. I just deleted the app and I’m going to use a different app for now because I’m getting frustrated with this.
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4 years ago, Tyrion Potato
Not sponsored
Seriously. I wish they’d pay me to write this because I’m a broke college student (worse because of the quarantine happening now) but ANYWAY. This app saved me. I’ve been using it since last semester when I took remedial Algebra, and it’s saving me again this semester with advanced algebra and trigonometry. I don’t know what it is about being bad at math that makes you feel horrible about yourself, but struggling in my classes really took a toll on me until someone told me about mathway. It’s worth the subscription cost because I’m not failing anymore. The step by step guide is fantastic, and I love being able to choose how I want a particular equation solved. To the wonderful people that made this app (and keep it running) : thank you from the bottom of my heart. TLDR; this app is worth every penny, it’s a lifesaver.
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1 year ago, Typical_Angry_Italian_Girl
Awful update please change it back!!
So frustrating. Everything about the update made it way more difficult to use. Nothing was wrong with it before. Hate that you can’t crop the photos the way you want. Hate that you can’t see all of your work in the same spot. When you click on the past problems you solved, it makes them duplicate in your history, which is so unnecessary. Also hate that when you look at your history, you can’t see the answers to the problems, and so every time you click it just makes it more of a mess. Can’t believe people worked hard on this update and thought it was better than the original??? I mean who tested this out and thought “oh yeah, this is so much better guys”. Also, it seems like it comes up with error messages way more often. Kind of upset because I paid for a full year of this service and now it’s a piece of crap. Fix it. Had I known it was going to update and look like this I would have never let it update.
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4 years ago, I loce wordscapes
This math app is amazing
So I’ve been looking for a good math app for a long time and many people suggested some apps. But they still didn’t help me, but then I came across this app and it was mind blowing. It has basic math, pre algebra, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra, chemistry, and graphing. And when you type in your question they even explain how they got their answer. I’m in middle school and this helped my a lot. They have everything in math from middle school to high school. Now I’m not the type of person who right reviews in fact I find writing reviews pointless. But this had to be said this app is that good. I had this app for almost four years and love this app and would’ve change anything about it.
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3 years ago, LovelyAnimalz
Incredible :)
This app is easy to navigate, and gives you the answer to any problem! You can take a picture of your problem, or type it out! There are multiple ways you can have your problem solved! For example you can tell it to simplify it, evaluate it, find the range, and so so much more! (no i mean it. there are literally hundreds of ways to solve your problem I’ve scrolled through the list.) Oh! And it gives you an option to look at the steps, to see how it solved your problem incase you need to learn it! This app is incredible and helped me so much. In fact, i think you should be paying for this! That’s how amazing this really is! Big thank you to Mathway! You’ve solved all of my problems. :)
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5 years ago, Catrina f
Love it but no support
Sent to 2 help requests and 2 days later I received an answer to them that I just needed to delete the app and re download. I told them I had already done that and sent another request. That was 3 days ago, still no help. I’m trying to put this app on both my iPads and it won’t let me put it on the second one. I quit mathpapa app because this one is better but if I can’t get any support when needed I will not keep it. I use Facebook to sign in to the 2 Nd app and yes my Facebook and iTunes email are the same I only have one email address for everything. I have tried deleting the app and re downloading it, even made sure the show work button was on before redoing the subscription. Will work but when I need to see the steps on a problem it just shows a blank page. I have 2 more years of math I need this app for and want to keep it, but if I cannot get this resolved I will have to try to find another one.
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1 year ago, lyssieluluu
Thorough solutions, too many technical issues
This has been my go to calculator app all throughout college because I found it generally gives the most thorough well explained solutions. There’s always been some issues, where the app would just crash/freeze sometimes, but it was never too big of a deal. I went a little while with out using it and now it has somehow managed to become worse. It freezes/crashes CONSTANTLY, and I am receiving ads even though I pay for a subscription?! I find that odd as I don’t believe that’s common across similar platforms. And since I have to restart the app so often, I keep getting more ads. It’s ridiculous. An app shouldn’t freeze every time my screen locks. Not sure how the app is worse, but I might look into alternative calculators if these issues don’t resolve soon.
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3 years ago, Meunice
Not so great anymore
Not that long ago, this app was excellent and incredibly reliable. But the creators seem to have shifted their focus and became more about money. When you used to scan a problem, it would give you the steps. Now, it doesn't do that. It gives you a short, harder-to-understand mediocre version of the math problem. I genuinely hope the creators would go back to their old ways and change the app to what it was. They have no idea how many people, especially students they were helping out and making a difference in their lives because not everyone is good at math, and some (like me) need extra help. I could understand charging extra for in detail and profound explanation, but not simply for explaining a problem a little better. So hopefully, they consider making a change. So two stars for now until things change.
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5 years ago, Aashi Baboo
Not very good! Need to fix it up a bit!
My experience with it was very bad as I didn’t pay money for it. I tried to take a picture of my question so they could explain it to me. First of all, I took a picture of the question but it kept saying it doesn’t understand it. Even when I kept trying and it worked a couple of times, it never sent and put some random fraction which I knew for sure was the wrong answer. For premium it might have been better, but for not paying any money, it was a flop. Sometimes it kept freezing up and that was hard to work with. I had the answers to my question, but only the answer but I kept getting the wrong answer and I thought I was doing it right, but I downloaded this so I could see the explanation, but that was for premium only, and I didn’t want to spend my money on it and I’m glad I didn’t. Please make it better for people who didn’t get the premium version!
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4 years ago, Whitney H. 124
I use this app when Photomath isn’t giving me the answers I need or in the form that I need them. This app asks you what exactly you’re solving for and what form you need it in so that you can get the answers you need. The layout looks nice and seems easy enough to use, though I haven’t used all the features/symbols. I use this for everything from basic algebra to pre-calculus and trigonometry problems and it works great. You can also use your camera to take a picture of the problem and this features works perfectly almost every time. If it doesn’t, you have the option to edit the problem yourself. Would recommend this app for sure.
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4 years ago, natsirt95
Great app, I recommend the subscription.
This app is worth the monthly cost if you can afford it. It makes the app even better and more useful. Trust me, you won’t regret it as it will help you through the problems and explain how you can get the answers. The app allows you to take images of the problems or you can type them out yourself. As a paying customer, I highly recommend for the devs of Mathway to add a feature to where one can upload a photo from their files/camera roll and crop to one problem on an image. The photo mode is great, but there’s no way to save images or upload images that may have been downloaded from the internet.
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10 months ago, Ldkgnt
Started working Great
Update: the app is fixed and working great!!! Thanks Update on this app!!! I purchased this app so that I can take advantage of viewing steps. Well it started working for a few months and now it will longer give me the option AGAIN!!! This is so annoying!! Now it just gives me an option so that I can purchase live tutor for $110. Why would I want to purchase live tutor when I can’t even view the steps of a problem and that’s what I paid money for!!!!😡 THIS APP IS NOT ALWAYS RELIABLE AND IT IS ANNOYING!!!! When a person spends their money 💰 they should get what the paid for at least!!!
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1 year ago, lonelyruckus
This recent update just went and undid every redeemable quality about why I use this app and pay for a subscription, it was so simple and fast before but now it doesn’t even work. Every time I try to do a question regardless of what wifi I’m on even at my university(which obviously has great wifi as it’s a place where it’s necessary) it doesn’t it just throws out an "oh no! something went wrong. Check your connection again". The new camera settings aren’t even on par with photo math anymore, who in their right mind though it’d be a good idea to make it impossible to actually zoom and pick out the questions you need to solve on a university paper where they’re all packed close together. It’s absolutely infuriating trying to make this app work now, I’d rather have the old version back because it was way better than this.
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1 year ago, MONEY_H1LL
5.1.1. Seemed like a downgrade?
The system used before update 5.1.1 was wayyyyyy better in the since that you could take better pictures due to the zoom system. previously, you could ensure that the picture would only capture the equation whereas now the only way to do that is get so close to the problem it the camera is forced to unfocus (with the newer iPhone camera system as well). I like the new history feature but it removed the feature that allows you to see the graph and answer of two or more different problems at once therefore removing multitasking. Overall, the app is still incredible but 5.1.1 brought some unneeded changes.
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3 years ago, rneblett
Great except for one thing
This app is simply fantastic. Any math problem you throw at it, it can solve. With higher math problems, you might have to give it a little direction as to how to solve a problem or solve for what you’re looking for, but it will always give you the right answer if you know what to ask. My only issue is that copying and pasting is non-existent and you can’t copy an answer directly into the typing area. Sometimes you need the answer of one problem to solve for the next, and you can’t do that without typing out the entire answer from your previous problem to solve that next one. This feature would greatly be appreciated in a future version of the app.
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4 years ago, ~Otter
It needs some work..
My first experience with Mathway was great! I could check my work, get help on problems, and more! Until I downloaded the app. I realized, it’s not everything it looks to be. I like the idea of being able to take a photo of the work, but why not allow me to insert a photo? Most school work is online now, and if I could just take a screenshot and insert my photo, it would be so much easier! Another thing, is the ability to copy and paste. If ONLY I could. Simply copy my math problem, paste it into mathway, and hit enter! But no. I have to sit there and type out even and entire paragraph of a word problem sometimes. And it’s a pain. Yes! It gets the job done! But there’s a LOT of improvements that could be made. Please take this into consideration.
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4 years ago, the eh man22
It works but in some cases there are better options
Now I got this app a while back and have been using it for a while. But my math teacher wants work done so in that case where I needed an app for easy math but had to do work this one didn’t do that. It shows you the answer and you can change how the problem is answered but to show the work you need to fork over 10 bucks a month which is a scam. One of the best functions is the camera scanning and it’s how I used the app most of the time but I got fed up with it and looked for a better app and found one that lets you take the photo choose the way to solve it and it shows the work for free (for those wondering it’s an app called Photomath). So instead of getting this get photomath it’s easier and more efficient
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2 years ago, literallyeverynameistakenwtf
No way to report issues!!
Got this app a couple weeks ago to help with my college algebra and I loved it!! It was so helpful! But now anytime I try to put in a problem it takes forever to load and then gives me the message “I am unable to solve this problem”. I even tried doing simple equations where I knew what the answer should be and it still could not solve it. I’m assuming the system is down since nothing is computing but it would be nice to have some way to report that back to the company. Super frustrating that I can’t report issues or have any kind of online customer service. Truly the app is a great tool when it’s working but this is just very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Kkelizabethy
Three stars for a great app
Beware of the ads and if you’re being timed for exams, or are in a group project. Took away two stars because tbh the commercial ads are really really inconvenient. especially when we are in the middle of a test that is timed. I can have a two hour exam for chemistry and lose about 15 minutes of my exam time just because of the ads on this app. I refuse to pay into it because not every class requires me to use a calculator. Also be sure to turn down the volume if you are being recorded or using webcam ads are super loud as well. Each ad runs about 60-90 seconds. So imagine for every second problem you solve you’re wasting away 60 second of your exam.
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3 years ago, used in trig and algebra
Free/middle tier are great
I’ve used this app through multiple classes, highly recommend the middle tier where it gives you both the answer and the work. I decided to give the top tier a try where you will be connected with a live expert who can solve things that there is no way to put into the computer and help more in depth. Tried this function 8-10 times and no tutors were ever available, could not ever connect with a person. Hire more people, I’m sure lots of math whizzes working from home would love to work for you!! Four stars for that reason, however they were very quick with my refund to downgrade my subscription as well 👍🏻
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2 years ago, MrsLPinn
I love this app
This is one of the best apps ever. I had to take a algebra course in college and all I had to work with was a TI-30x witch is ok but it’s a regular calculator that helps to solve some problems. I was struggling so bad with the course and then I just search my play store to see if there was something better on there that I could download and tried the app. And this calculator helped me to pass my class and I could answer every problem in my course. This calculator helped to turn things around for the better. I hope this review can help someone who might be in the same situation as me.
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2 years ago, Calico Brad
“Steps” subscription is potentially a scam
I decided to try out the free trial that enables you to view steps. It did not work and I was told that the solution was to use the “restore subscription” button. When I used that button, it hung on that screen indefinitely without doing anything. Later I forgot to cancel this trial and it charged me ten dollars. I figured I could still use it, and lo and behold: the app still says I had no subscription, and the “restore subscription” button still does not function, meaning ten dollars down the drain. This app works fine otherwise and I appreciate how it helps me check my work. However, until either Apple accepts my refund request OR the developers of Mathway fix this subscription error, I will have to rate it one star in hopes that others will not make the same mistake.
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3 years ago, Delaney Vanhoof
My Grade Saver
Y’all don’t even know how much this helps. Like, sometimes I use it to get things done quicker...and sometimes so I don’t need to do math...but it works great! I think the only thing I don’t like is that you can’t see how it got the answer to your problem unless you pay. Sometimes it also gave me the wrong answer as well, but most of the time it’s perfect. It was probably a mistake on my part anyway. And it even says “I’m sorry you’re sad :( you can do this!” When you put in that you’re sad. This app is by far better than photo math and all those other math apps, so I would definitely suggest it!
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4 years ago, Tinsy Na
Mathway is the best way to help you Child and Grandchild if the are having a difficult time in math, it helped my granddaughter very very much she was bad at math but when she tried mathway she improved and I am going to let her tell you what she experienced. Hi, I’m Danasia Mitchell and when I tried mathway it changed my life I never though that there was a solution out there to help kids like me.I tried Photomath and it really isn’t that much help but when I tried mathway it just blew me and my teachers away.I have passed every single test I’ve took now I’ve been making 80+ and above and we love it just keep up the good work!👍❤️
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5 years ago, Mike "Spidy" Brown
Excellent for understanding breakdowns of problems.
Greatest 10$ a month I’ve ever spent. I needed a tutor to help me study for the ASVAB which one section involves Algebra & Geometry to get into the military which are my weak points in Math. I specifically needed someone who could break down Algebra steps for me in simpler terms than just giving me just answers. Being a dyslexic who’s a slow learner, I need step by step solutions to HOW the problem is solved so I can understand how to solve the equation such as (Solve for X & Y) type of problems or questions involving PEMDAS. It’s like having my own tutor but working around my time and my pace. Well done!!!
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5 years ago, Evamk56
The Best!
I love this app. I wish I had known about it sooner, it is beyond helpful. Currently taking calculus and I have been struggling to understand certain concepts. All I do is type the equation in and it will prompt me on how I want it solved, so far it has always had the option I needed (have had the app for two semesters, pre-cal and calc.)Then it solves it step by step and you can expand every little detailed step until to you get to the final answer so you can see how to solve it on your own! I love it! I purchased the annual subscription and honestly it’s well worth the money, you’d pay more for a tutor.
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3 years ago, S.M. Le Caviar
Works perfect but am I really learning?
This app can do anything. If I'm ever struggling to figure something out I go straight to Mathway. However, I've realized something: I come to this app to help me learn things, yet I become dependent on it. Don't you think it's sketchy how Chegg claims to want to help students learn and study, yet if you actually WANT to LEARN how to do it yourself you have to pay? Not cool Chegg, not cool. I'M POOR. I DO NOT HAVE MONEY TO SPEND ON PEOPLE OR APPS. I just want to pass my classes while actually learning HOW to pass at the same time. There's so many other apps out there, and yes, this app works best, but you don't get anything from it except answers. They're LITERALLY cash-grabbers. I want to do something with my life instead of relying on a (perfect) calculator app. If you want REAL answers that show you how to do things, use MathPapa. If you want to fail on tests but do good on homework, use Mathway. 5 stars for how it works, but I would rate it 0 for how well I learn from it.
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6 years ago, cb3.14159
Clunky design difficult to use
For many simple math problems, the calculator app that comes included with the iPhone works much better (although it doesn’t graph, or handle complex numbers). For graphing and complex math, there are web sites that work better and are free. It also lacks a programmer’s calculator option (for base conversion between decimal, binary, and hexadecimal). As far as paying for explanations of solutions, it would make sense (if this service is really so great), to allow at least a short free trial period. I don’t recommend buying it sight unseen. I certainly won’t. Especially with the poor quality of what I CAN see without payment. The number of 5-star reviews strikes me as a bit fishy. Given that there are people who write positive reviews for a living, I suspect a lot of these (mostly one-sentence) reviews are paid.
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1 year ago, clushiflushi
Nice but shouldnt be money
Im a student who struggles a lot when kt comes to math because i am a pretty slow learner. I promise you i absolutely do appreciate these apps and they do give me the correct answers. I wish I could see the steps, a lot of students don’t have the money to buy this (young or parents don’t let us) It’s so unfair to see helpful work but has to pay to see it. It would be so much better if you could watch ads. I can’t get free trials because then I have to ask my parents and they will assume I’m cheating. A lot of other topic related apps do this too and I wish this wasn’t the case.
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2 years ago, Tedward7282
What’s going on Mathway?
I have been using Mathway for five years! I’ll pay whatever price for a gem like this..But lately the past few months have been terrible. The screen gets stuck on the loading icon and I consistently have to clear the app from my phone refresh it and then open the app again for it to work. This happens on every single problem no matter what I enter.. it’s actually really sad because I pay so much money for something that doesn’t even work nowadays.. so what’s going on Mathway are you guys going to update your app so it’s compatible? I have the newest iPhone with the newest update so there’s no issue on my end.
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4 years ago, ewwwmath
This app saved my life
I’m always having trouble in math class...and I absolutely HATE math. During online schooling, my teacher asks us questions to equations that he writes in the board, and to avoid embarrassing myself, I quickly take a picture of the equation and it gives me the answers. My teacher began to be suspicious, and asked for the steps in how I solved it, but I had no idea. I had to pay for the ultimate experience, but it was so worth it. It loads faster, it gives me steps, and more things to do with the equations. I love this app and I’m so thankful I found it.
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