Maya Cinemas

4.9 (1.6K)
77.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maya Cinemas
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Maya Cinemas

4.88 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Someone special: )
Great theater, app needs help
Maya is a great theater. It is always my first choice!! The app has problems! When I try to send feedback it gives a message, “Unable to send feedback. Please try again.” Yet the message on the app says, “Send us your feedback so we can improve your app experience.” They need to fix the app!! The app won’t allow me to log in most of the time.
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2 years ago, Frodopal
Great except for card scan
Now we have to scan the credit card for payment in-app, I can’t use it to book my tickets anymore. No matter how still I hold it, it refuses to capture the image even when the gold box is complete and the background drops away. Also please add a movie rating to the filter options so, for instance, I can show my kid her PG options only when deciding what to see. But otherwise I love it. We’ve been using it to make sure a show won’t be crowded before committing to going: a great risk assessment tool during COVID. Thanks!
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11 months ago, pizza craz
App and points
I really enjoy this cinema. I love the app and the points system. Come to early showings and use my points for free popcorn or discount food purchases. Only problem I see is on the seating system for the Dolby theater. The seating chart is in reverse . So seat on the map is actually reversed in the theater.
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2 years ago, Daniela Ybarra
Only 1 problem
I used to be logged into my account but it signed out and when I tried to sign in it said I didn’t have the correct password. So I tried to make a new one and when I tried to sign in with my new password it didn’t let me. So when I tried to make my mom an account, same thing. Before it signed me out it was great. And with my birthday having just passed I’m disappointed that u can’t get my birthday ticket, or get more points.
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9 months ago, tgh0wnz
What a useless app
So if something happens and you need to cancel the tickets you bought, you have to go in person to have them canceled, however if you made the purchase on their website instead of the app, you can just cancel easily thru the email they send you. Makes no sense to create the app then make things that worked well 100x times harder. I’d imagine that is intentional since most people if they cannot make the movie, probably cannot just go there in person before show starts to cancel either.
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4 months ago, Jerome Banks
Great App But…,
There should be an option to pay via gift card. It was on here before, but nowhere to be seen now. Beyond that its very easy to navigate and book times.
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7 months ago, nebesme
Maya Cinemas
I love Maya cinemas, it’s close to home, great prices for food and love the MPX sala. Highly recommend this place to enjoy with family and friends.
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1 year ago, IceboundSatyr
5 star reviews miss the point
The 5 star reviews all talk about how great the theatre is not the app so if you see a 5 star review it invalid the truth is the app is disgustingly bad. It’s clear that they still don’t bother to hire anyone competent to make this because the app will immediately launch you into a web browser to buy tickets and like every movie theater; the website is also egregious and lacks any competency in its UI and UX.
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6 months ago, Tanyaernie
Better seats
The seats are not that comfortable. They need to be able to lean back more. My neck starts to hurt after so long and I’m constantly having to adjust myself. Movie studios grill seats might be something to consider.
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1 year ago, VBach
Needs to default to closest theater
App always defaults to Bakersfield even though I’m nowhere near and made me though all the seats were taken when my local theater had plenty of seats. Recommend defaulting to nearest theater or a favorite theater.
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3 years ago, AO27
Won’t select an theater
Downloaded the app just to see food and drink options since the website didn’t provide it. Selected my cinema and then selected food and drink, at which point it said “no cinemas found.” Restarted the app, tried again, and again, etc. Garbage, just like the website.
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4 months ago, birdyforlufe
Really good
Really good you get free popcorn and movie tickets if you use the app
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11 months ago, 098765432lol
Doesn’t work
App glitches. You’re logged out and can’t be logged back in. Email says it gets sent but never does. Endless loop to verify email. Reset passwords just fine but won’t send an email to verify me which won’t let me in the app. Shame and waste of time.
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2 years ago, mayagoat
Best theater in town! Clean, comfortable, and friendly staff. Never attend another theater unless it’s not playing at Maya.
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3 months ago, Jeff Birk
Maya is a great local theatre with a great app
So happy to have them in our city
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11 months ago, scoobydo07
Escape to Movies
Best theater in Bakersfield Comfortable,Clean and Delicious Popcorn I look forward to the weekend at the movies!!!!
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1 year ago, Vinny da Pooch
Best movie theater in Bakersfield
Always a great experience best theater in Bakersfield!
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2 years ago, jimbuto
Can’t log in through app
I can’t login through their app. It used to work but not anymore. Fix
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10 months ago, Caffeine Caffeine
Maya Theater
Clean and friendly :)
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11 months ago, Archer Ejf
I like Tuesdays :D
I like Tuesdays :D
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2 years ago, disapointed 60
Doesn't work
Doesn't work! It refuses to recognize my log in info!
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3 years ago, ogfruity
Lazy and probably deletes comments
Delete my info you cowards Ps will look into what y’all need all that info for
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2 years ago, Bruh moment 223322
They should add a refund to the app
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11 months ago, Trigger Happy! 😵
Delano Maya 93215
I'm glad we have a Maya in Delano. The community needed one to beat the 35 minute commute to Bakersfield. The staff is awesome dealing with the customers in a professional manner. Soda machines needs to be fixed, 2 out of 4 are never working. When it's super busy the ice runs out. Should have an ice machine behind the counter. Thank you!
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