MD Lottery-My Lottery Rewards

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Scientific Games International
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for MD Lottery-My Lottery Rewards

1.77 out of 5
704 Ratings
5 years ago, Naya2000
Wasn’t Broke So Why Did You Try To “Fix” It?
I don’t need to Spin a Wheel for points! Bring back the points for every entered ticket. I also didn’t need separate points for drawing entries since I rarely enter those. Would rather save my points for prizes I could actually get. Guaranteed. Not by some luck of the draw. OR Did you realize you were giving away too many prizes and decided to limit them? If you aren’t earning points from every ticket, it will take you longer to earn prizes?? Sneaky
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10 months ago, Danny71679
When you sign up for rewards in any other place Wether it be a supermarket or gaming store your points are added up and you get to decide how you use those points..If you want to use them for gas or food or money off of merchandise YOU GET TO DECIDE..The old app was exactly like this..You could use the points for prizes (merch) or you could take those points and enter a drawing for a trip or money or tickets..NOW you enter your ticket based on the money you spent when you get to a certain price point. Wether it’s $50 or $100 etc..Once you get to that point you have to spin a wheel and that determines how you even get points and then they tell you how your gonna use those points..So say you scan in $50 worth of tickets then you spin the wheel and wheel might only give you 10 points and then they tell you that you have to use them in a drawing.. At that point you don’t get to pick wether or not you you want to use those point for what you want to use them for..It’s very poorly thought out and it’s just a way for them to scam you some more..Because I have never heard of anyone winning those drawing and the winners aren’t even put on the page to see who won..I was very upset and I know a lot of other people are too..To me it’s just pure greed..The state is making money by the truck load don’t wanna give any back to appreciate the people who are playing these games…
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5 years ago, Miraj Lee Saxton
So far so good
I come from New York and bought some tickets on a drive through Maryland and saw on the tickets you can use this app. I was hesitant due to the bad review but tried just in case they updated it or in case of user error. It worked perfectly to scan the tickets. When you scam there it a “t” like line that comes on screen you just need to make sure that the little scanner box on the bottom is clear and right at the center of the “t” and bam you get a fast read and response. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. So it did what it was suppose to do for me anyway. I didn’t get anymore involved with it yet. But I wanted to leave a recent review for anyone wanting to scan to know that this works perfectly fine and to give it another try. And also that is it really cool you can scan from your phone in Maryland cause in NY you can’t do that you have to scan at a lotto store. 😀
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2 years ago, starlight0623
Poor App
Although it may be a convenient way to enter points, it still isn’t very user friendly. Score 0 points for app updates! The app will not work with iOS 11.3. It keeps closing down! Time to update or re-vamp this app completely! January 2022 - The app keeps failing on my iPhone 13 Pro! I have to delete it and reload it EVERY TIME I WANT TO USE THE APP! It seems to work fine on my iPad Pro. Is there something wrong with the application? Or something with my iPhone? I’m betting that there is something wrong with the app! Still isn’t user friendly! I absolutely hate that I get “coupons” for tickets. I have one something as has my husband, so it isn’t “rigged” as I read on a different review. I’m ready to win again!
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6 years ago, manymoonz1
Bad Update!
The new update has a lot of issues. You enter $100 worth of tickets to MAYBE get points for prizes -no where near close to the basic point for point value OR any multiplier that you once had... or you MAY get points for drawings (you no longer have a choice)... something that in no way equals the amount of money that you entered in as non winning tickets. Second, the winners page will not let you see all the winners on any of the drawings. Third, this is super confusing with the points, draw points... the previous version was so much better. Please go back! ... seriously, at this rate it’s going to take me two years to get a magazine subscription as a “prize” in the shop. What a waste of time for everyone involved. How are you not having more complaints about this?!?!?!
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5 months ago, Wgeasey
Unable to scan for rewards
Every time I try to scan for rewards, I put my information in, my password and I open the app and I get a blank screen. I have an iPhone and have done everything necessary to scan for rewards, to no avail. AIWAYS A BLANK SCREEN, very frustrating. I can scan to see if I have a winner, but not to get rewards. Very disappointed in the Lottery as it’s something we enjoy playing, however I feel we have been scammed when it come to getting rewards.
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6 years ago, rabrit53
Hire a new app designer
Signing in is needlessly painful. The verification process just goes on and on and on. I usually have to go through 10 or more screens of motorcycles, bikes, traffic lights and so on to be accepted. This is stupid! Just put up some jiggling letters, if a user name and password are not enough security. Better yet, just tie in to an Authenticator App and welcome to the 21st Century! Lately, the app is failing to work at all. I repeatedly get an error that says the webpage can’t be loaded because the network connection was lost. Every other web app is working when I get this error message. Lastly, why is “checking ticket” way down the menu tree and “enter ticket” at the top. Don’t people normally check their ticket first, then enter it into the pool?
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5 years ago, HaroonWardakHW
The Worst Update Ever Done to an App
I usually never leave reviews on the App Store because it seems like a waste of time, but after using this app ever since they updated it, I think it is safe to say this is the most atrocious application that you can download on your device. With the way they have structured their new rewards system, you will have to spend at the very least $4,000 to earn a $20 PSN card. On top of that, this is if you get lucky and all of your wheel spins give you prize points, most of the time it is rigged to give you raffle points. This is the most sleazy excuse of an organization for even trying to promote this system that leads to a giant waste of time and money.
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4 months ago, Ashley1185
My Rewards
Can we please get an update on this app?!?! For the past month I have not been able to go to my rewards or my reward history to retrieve my coupons. The screen just continues to buffer and never takes me to the actual page where I can scan the coupons that I have won! This is frustrating because by the time this issue is fixed the coupons might be expired, completely unfair!
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5 years ago, Mich8a
Horrible changes!
Ever since they changed the way points are earned it is terrible! About 75% of my spins end up getting draw points and when I do get prize points it’s rarely higher than 65. I entered over a $1,000 worth of tickets and didn’t even get 500 prize points, but I got almost 3,000 draw points, which I doubt many people have any interest in. Maybe if my odds of winning a drawing was higher I wouldn’t mind but I doubt my name will ever be picked! If this is gonna be the case from now on they need to drastically lower how many points their prizes cost! This went from being an amazing app to just terrible!
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5 years ago, blu923
Save your money and just buy the stuff your self
I stop playing lottery because of this dumb rewards program. I’ll just save the money I spent on lottery and buy the stuff myself. Before they change everything it was fine. Most companies make changes for the better of the customer. I feel like if you can’t make it better don’t change it. I’ve would of been less upset if they completely cancel the rewards all together. Bring the old rewards back or just stop doing this. At this rate we have to spend $10k to get $5 in rewards. What a waste of everyone’s time
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5 years ago, '??&87s
App is awful
The old app was fine. This new update stinks. I can’t even use my points at all. Called customer service she told me to reinstall app did this several times and still nothing. CS doesn’t even know what to do. It all a rip off anyway. I’ve entered several drawings for years and I’ve never won anything. I even had 52 entries and still nothing. All of it is rigged. I've entered contest and drawings for 5 years and have won NOTHING!!!! And I know I spend at least $1000 a month between pick 3, 4, multi match and scratch offs. I’m done. I just hope more people realize it too before it’s too late.
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8 years ago, Er75cat
App works fine
I downloaded on IPad and this app works great so far. Saved me tons of time not having to type all the numbers in for rewards points. Also, if it doesn't take your number, you may have a winning ticket. It won't say how much, but then you can check tickets. I had no problem with the scanner on scratch offs or pick 4's etc. Love it!
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5 years ago, 2019cf
Worst app ever .. I would give it a zero stars if I could
Why don’t you fix this dysfunctional app? I’m not sure which is worse… The new app or the new lottery rewards program. You might as well have just cancelled the program because it’s hard to get points for anything anymore… Almost as hard as it is to get logged in to the program. You want people to play the lottery but yet you do nothing to fix the app that locks up just when you are finally able to get in. I think a kindergartner could design a better app. Seriously, this updated program is miserable!
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5 years ago, Kandl525
Disappointed 😞
I’ve been doing the rewards points for a few years now. I think it’s a great program, However your newest updates on the app are kinda disappointing. I do enjoy the new design, but I feel like what was a simple task now has all these unnecessary steps. I wish you all would’ve just raised the point requirements for items instead of just giving out draw points instead of regular points.
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2 years ago, ChuckDSA
Stops Working! Tech Support Doesn’t Care!
The app stops working after the first use. I contacted the developer and they asked me to clear my Safari cache….not using Safari to access the app, but I did what they said and nothing. You have to uninstall and reinstall the app for it to work, every time. The actual rewards program is a sham as well. You have to buy all kinds of lottery tickets to even put in for the “second chance”. Not even worth the time to deal with this app.
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3 years ago, Pragati Sidh
Worst lottery reward program and app
Lottery reward program is intended to encourage players to play and use their non winning tickets turn into something rewarding prize. This program use to be good but now it gives you more draw points and they are absolutely useless. I have never won anything in few years. Once you reach your limit of draw points and your wheel shows more draw points, those points are wasted. It won’t give you prize points for that. Not playing anymore. Getting worse everyday.
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1 year ago, developer needs 2b fired
Worse app ever!
We accidentally added multiples of the same item to our cart and we are unable to edit the quantity at all! So we can’t even order anything because we don’t have enough points to cover 15 items, even though we only need 1. I tried doing it through the website instead and it still doesn’t work. I just need to be able to change the quantity of an item or remove it from my cart altogether.
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2 years ago, Cool Disco Dan
Glitchy, but Accurate
I’ve experienced a lot of the problems other uses mentioned, but I’ve never “lost” points or had the app fail to record points correctly. And the prize ordering system has never let me down. Plus, I won one of the monthly drawings so that part is legit.
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2 years ago, godiva24
App will not load anymore
How come the app will not load anymore?? Last month and this month the app will not load. I notice I have to try log on in the middle of the night or early in the morning. How do you expect us to load tickets if the app will not load. I’ve never had an issue until these last 2 months. So I have voucher on there I can’t use bc I can’t retrieve them. Fix the problem so I can go back to scanning my tickets
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5 years ago, #stargirl Fan
Poorly designed
Old version was completely functional before the new system of Draw points and price points. Formatting for application makes putting tickets in a drag, and by extension, gives me dread just thinking about scanning the tickets. The slow process is daunting and in all honesty, I feel as though there was little need for change in the first place. Please change the process of putting in tickets (as it was before) or this dating will remain the same.
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2 years ago, Senior City
Currently Unreliable
And that’s tooo bad. I’ve usd this App for at least 3 years and enjoyed the ease of how it worked. It was seamless and more importantly, accurate. Never had a problem scanning to check or enter tickets. Only a few times and I mean rarely did it not respond. All the features worked. PostCOVID it just won’t open. If I delete and reinstall all my data, points etc… will be deleted. Geez, how disappointing. If there’s a fix, please do.
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7 years ago, Kathwhitm
Poorly written app
This app is so disappointing. It asks you to log in each and every time I use it. There's no way to make it remember you OR integration with Touch ID. The captcha program is horrendous and is usually wrong. The navigation is terrible and it's not easy to move around between screen or functions within the app. This lacks so much!!
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2 months ago, Nioplendy
Redeem Rewards
When you try to redeem your rewards it keeps asking you to login. I deleted the apps and logged back in, tryed on the internet and it’s keep saying unexpected error. You should not have to login again just to ship your order when you’re already logged on.
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2 years ago, Ms Mystic
Black screen
This app used to work. The only frustration was you have to put in your password every time. It was an annoyance. Now the app is even worse, you get a black screen every time you get in. You then have uninstall the app and reinstall then it works 1 time and it happens again. Veeeeerrry frustrating. I’ve been waiting at least 6 months for this to be resolved but unfortunately it hasn’t
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2 years ago, kamison
Perfectly fine when it’s working
The Maryland Lottery Rewards app actually works well and it fairly easy to use. My only gripe is that it is very glitchy. At least every day I have to remove the app and then reload…then it’s fine for a while until it glitches again.
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2 years ago, Miko69!
From Bad to W-O-R-S-E !
I had trepidation about downloading this App after hearing of it freezing, it’s insane point ( devalue) and issues. Believing it was my 4 year old phone . I relented and purchased a new phone. Well folks this is considerably worse! The App works in the morning but not in the evening. It works and next day it freezes. When you consider all the 100s of Millions $$$$$$$$$$$- Marylanders spend daily . A working decent and “ Rewarding App is not in our future.
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6 years ago, Matchhhhhhh
The worst thing lottery could have done to loyal customers who have given their money to you on a daily basis. You have now prevented loyal customers from earning anything. You force us to earn draw points. We now cannot use our points as we chose. Besides that we don’t see points that we earn from our tickets. Everything is draw points. I have entered many contest using my points and never win anything. THIS IS THE WORST YOU COULD HAVE DONE TO LOYAL CUSTOMERS.
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2 years ago, SLD Pasadena
Won’t load app!
I’ve been trying for a few days to enter my tickets but the app won’t open .. I even tried to open it back up in the App Store on my iPhone and it still won’t load ! Also tried the website, signed in and STILL CANT enter my tickets! With the amount of money the Maryland Lottery makes you would think they would invest in better software.. unbelievable.
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2 years ago, LadyMyLexus
Have been pleased with this app for a while. Please give more prize points than draw points. You can do more with prize points. Don’t convert my points to draw points.
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2 years ago, Splain2u
Terrible App and Very Little Support
I have used this app weekly for the past 2-3 years. The past 2 months I’ve had major issues with the app. I try to check or enter my tickets, and all I get is a black screen with the banner across the top. I’ve emailed to be told to delete the app and reinstall. Have done that 4 times now and it’s still happening. Save your time, don’t use this app!
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12 months ago, scotty dundalk
Such a Headache
Constantly having problems with trying to enter and check tickets. I click the enter ticket option and then the entire screen goes blank also does it when you try and check tickets. You would think that beings that is the most popular options on the app that it would actually work.
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3 years ago, kaps Pikesville
App stopped working
It used to be fun, for years. I entered 2nd chance drawings. Scanned all my tickets. Now it no longer registers my points, so I cannot enter anymore. I even tried downloading the app again to no avail. I see from your reviews I am not the only one with this problem. It has gone on way too long without being fixed. You need new app programmers or the existing ones need to go back to school. So disappointed.
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6 years ago, bmore6591
But why the hassles of logging in?
Why can’t this app be integrated with thumbprint sign in or at least have a check box that you can check to have it remember me?? It irritates me that I have to spend several minutes trying to type my password and then have to go through those horrendous captcha screens that never recognize their own photos. Then the app consistently crashes when opening. This app is a cold piece👎🏽
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6 years ago, Nstama
Horrible login screen. Broken app
To use any useful feature of this app you must login and it asks you to login every time I open it, with no option to “stay signed in”. However checkmarking the “I am not a robot” box to sign in, forces you to verify multiple different pictures of traffic lights, storefronts, sidewalks matter how many time I click the correct images I must reverify! The app is useless this way.
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1 year ago, A$$chilli
Bad update
Something is seriously wrong with the site. Every time I go to check tickets now or enter my rewards tickets it goes to an all white page and won’t register. I have tried resetting my phone and closing and opening the app etc. It’s is really having issues. Hopefully someone from site sees this message. I have iPhone 12 version 2.3
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2 years ago, star maker frustration
Worthless App
I began using about a year ago with no access issues. About 4 months ago the app began to get hung up and freeze after the landing page loaded which froze all the links to include the enter and check ticket options. At some point I am hoping to try it again and it will work as advertised. Losing tickets and a losing app are a bad combo!
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6 years ago, Cynamin228
This app is annoying
When it works it’s great. But...every time I use it, I have to login, do two or three captcha screen to prove I’m not a robot, I get errors flashing from the moment I open it that it can’t reach the server and after every scan. With all the money spent on advertising the lottery ask them for a few bucks to pay someone to fix this app. Stop pushing people to use this until it’s fixed.
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6 years ago, You Really Want To Know?
Listen To the Others
Lately, the app won’t even load. Says it lost connection, while all my other apps work. For the last couple weeks when I could actually access the app, it took me through too many verification screens—one should be sufficient. After I completed the “bus” screen it would make me do “traffic light,” “cars,” “store front,” etc. Come on! It’s like someone is messing with us.
Show more
2 years ago, Lovingmypugs
Deleted app
I have an iPhone 12 Pro and all of a sudden this app would power my phone off or remain in a black blank screen. This app has become horrible Its enough you are constantly taking our money atleast have an app that works so that people can scan there tickets in. I tried reinstalling but now it’s asking for my credit card info 🤔HORRIBLE HORRIBLE APP!
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6 years ago, WoodsCrawler
New app is terrible
What happened to just points for prizes in the store? I don’t want draw points...I want prize points! Before If I wanted to enter a drawing I could use my prize points. Now I have draw points that I have to use or lose. It’s ridiculous! I entered $100 worth of tickets to gain 75 draw points?! In the old app those tickets would have given me at least 100 points for the store if not double. Very Disappointing!!!!
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2 years ago, Dog house 23
Never loads
Seems like the majority of the time that I try to open this app to either check tickets or inner tickets. The app never opens all the way. This is kind of ridiculous for an organization is big is this that you can’t even use the app 50% of the time.
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4 years ago, The Real Zen Boy
This is a scam app
It doesn’t work. It won’t scan your tickets, won’t let you enter codes, and keeps logging you out for no reason. It’s obvious that it is set up to intentionally keep people from actually getting anything out of the program. It’s classic bait and switch. They do this so they can say they have a rewards program without actually paying anything out. Pure rip off.
Show more
3 years ago, Piper1966
Not sure what happen
This was doing great. Then I came on to use one day. And all I got was a black screen. Pretty sure I lost everything I had worked so hard to build up! What ever caused this to happen needs to be looked at. I should have been Leary of the 2 stars it had right off the bat. They are there for a reason!
Show more
6 years ago, lilbbxo
Awesome app
It’s a really good app and I’ve gotten tons of stuff off here and it’s legit. But now for some reason the app isn’t letting me log in once I do it boots me out and makes me re log in then does it again.
Show more
6 years ago, Himohhi
Absolutely Terrible
PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!! Every time you want to enter or scan a ticket it makes you log in, as well as verify you aren’t a robot by forcing you to check the images. Half the time it keeps running you though the robot screens and will just keep giving you different images never allowing you to sign in. I’ve never been more frustrated with an app in my life!
Show more
6 years ago, Cb825
This used to work great and then suddenly stopped remembering my login...then it stopped functioning entirely and would not open or stay open. Needs a better bug fix. I deleted and re installed and did the turn off/on thing multiple times—nada. What a sad state given how much $$ the state takes from players they should at least have an app that works more reliably.
Show more
2 years ago, Super mario and super luigi
Terrible App
App no longer works and was iffy before it stopped working altogether. I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times with no success. I have issues on multiple devices so it is not my phone. So I am back to using the website which is slow and clunky. Maryland needs to hire better developers!
Show more
6 years ago, Tanksly
How long does it take?
The app has been crashing at startup for weeks. The problem has been pointed out by many reviewers. When will this issue be fixed?
Show more
2 years ago, Mark__B
Solid black screen
9 out of ten times I open the app on my iPhone 13 Pro the screen is solid black with the red bar at the top and the menu will slide over but I cannot select anything. It was updated two weeks ago. This happened all last year and was still not fixed
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