MD Lottery

2.3 (359)
13.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Kirk/VanSant Advertising, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MD Lottery

2.31 out of 5
359 Ratings
3 months ago, Nomish666
Annoying change to ticket scan
The app no longer tells you how much you’ve won on a ticket which is super annoying. Now you’ll know a ticket is a winner but then need to actually check the numbers to see what you’ve won.
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2 years ago, Ravnzfan1
App is Crap
Have to keep deleting and then re-downloading the app. It freezes, gives constant error messages and there’s been no updates to fix the issues for over 3 months. The lottery department here in Maryland needs to find a new developer and start completely fresh, a new start. They should start asking the public for feedback on what they think the app should be. The rewards system needs an overhaul also. It takes too long to reach their threshold to receive any rewards at all and most are cheap items. I’d suggest more along the line of gift cards for a first tear reward and maybe something more. Throw in some Maryland gear (i.e. Route One apparel) to add and show some Maryland pride.
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3 years ago, kaps Pikesville
Points disappointment
Approximately 6 months ago, the app stopped updating my points when I scan them. I contacted Maryland Lottery & was told to delete the app and reopen it. I did that, and it is still not working. I am an active player and enjoy the opportunity for second chance drawings. I guess I can no longer participate in that. Quite disappointing. Apparently from the other reviews, Maryland Lottery is aware and has done nothing to fix it. I knew Buddy Roogow & there is no way he would have allowed this to continue. Obviously his successors do not care like he did. So sad.
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4 years ago, God's2ndSon
You should remove this app.
If the makers of this app is not willing to fix the scan ticket feature or any of the other problems they should remove the app. People have been complaining about the scan ticket problems since the beginning of this year. How hard is it to add a scan area like the other lottery apps have? If you don’t care about your customers enough to fix this piece of you know what. Care about us enough to remove it out of Apple store.
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6 years ago, httpexplosion
Tough audience. Works great for me.
This app is awesome now. I can finally scan the tickets and they immediately show winning amount or no winner. Also the winning numbers section is very helpful. Well done, solid and robust app. Thank you. It makes me want to buy more tickets!!!!
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4 years ago, Welp Uh Oh
No Numbers showing Up
Can you fix the issue with the numbers NOT showing up when you check them? It’s been happening since the New Year. Thanks in advance.
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2 months ago, KB3JQQ
Seems those of use with old iDevices are now locked out
SSIA No updates for me, and soon they’ll probably tell me to upgrade and refuse to work. Typical. They make so much money off us poor people...
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3 months ago, NotGoodDoBetter
Don’t like the new version
The new updated app version when you scan your ticket if you have a winning ticket just says congratulations but does not show the amount you’ve won like the previous versions did. This is HORRIBLE and needs to be corrected immediately. If not then what’s the point of using the app??
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3 months ago, Danepaws
Update Lost Functionality
With the most recent update to the app, the app no longer tells you how much a winning ticket has won. Just whether it is a winner or a loser. This is a major loss in functionality.
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4 years ago, Tz1115
Date no longer appears with winning numbers. Did something change?
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2 years ago, Tonya50
Play slip
I want to create play slip with more than one number. I want to be able to copy and paste my numbers on a play slip instead of entering one by one . It’s 2020 please update these option I want to scan at kiosk
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9 months ago, Renno80
Cannot use the scan feature. How is a person to know anymore if their scratch off is a winner when you can’t scan or check it at home, and it doesn’t say it on the ticket like it did in the old days. This technology is not an improvement.
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4 years ago, Whoa_Milo
Missing numbers from Winning Numbers section
Great app but it seems that the actual winning numbers are not populating in the format under the Winning Numbers area in the App.
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12 months ago, Billy Ray Joe Jimbob
Hey !! It is absolutely the most wonderful app in the entire known universe…NOT !!! It says “minor bugs” were fixed well how about the major ones?? I’ve had this app for a little while now and if I be have seen it work proper three times I’m probably highballing it . Please do not design any mini subs
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5 years ago, bshishririe
The app worked well for me my first time I had two ticket that were winners & they said it on the app scanner and at the store.
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5 years ago, CloudsMane
Needs some serious work!!
This app needs to be seriously updated. It’s convenient that there’s a lottery ticket scanner to see if you’ve won, but it takes forever for it to work!!
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3 months ago, MikeyBman
Terrible update
The app does appear to look improved, however when scanning a winning ticket or scratch-off it no longer tells you how much you’ve won. All it says is “congratulations you are a winner.” Pretty pointless if you ask me.
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6 years ago, Criminal58369
Not working!
I can not login to scan my cards to add my points... Needs updating to fit full screen iPhone X. Since the update y’all just done to the lottery system now I can’t use the app at all. Would give 0 stars because is now useless to me till it’s fixed... Why not update the app when you do the site???
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6 years ago, nardra89
Scratch offs
I buy scratch offs everyday and many night I sit in my bed scatching them off like now than trying to check my reward many night I can’t check my reward because it’s always say try again later this is this 3 night I couldn’t check my scratch off at all please fix
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3 months ago, RanPer99
Bad update
The new update is a very poor design. Fonts and results are hard to read. Also when checking a ticket it no longer tells you the amount won. The old app worked, please update.
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4 years ago, Iamsugarjones
Can’t see daily numbers
About two weeks ago. The daily numbers stopped showing on the app. Page comes up but no numbers! Help!
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3 months ago, please5678
Update is not good
Home Screen does not have powerball Scan does not show how much you won Update looks nice at first glance but lacks in functionality and is actually a whole lot worse than previous versions
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3 months ago, Latin trumper
You have gone backwards with this updated app. There was nothing wrong with the other app whomever came up with this new version should be fire immediately this think never works absolutely trash
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4 years ago, NBG Kid
Haven’t been able to see winning numbers since the new year started. The box for scanning tickets doesn’t show up anymore.
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3 months ago, Kokeb
Update Ruined App
The latest update just removed the ability to see how much your winning ticket pays out. That was one of the apps best features. Please fire whatever engineers pushed an update that removed this feature.
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3 years ago, Jayh410
Not quite done yet.
Doesn’t look like their new release realises there’s a powerball draw on Monday now. Doing a scan I get “draw has not occurred” for the Monday, Aug 23, 2021 Draw. This is on both the iphone and ipad app.
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2 months ago, Gettinsomecred
Dont use the app
I’ve thrown away a lot of tickets because it said I lost then played keno and I only won 10 bucks but it kept saying not a winner now I’m wondering how many winners I may of threw out the last year
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5 years ago, justaguyonawalk
Awful Color
Enjoy the app, color is awful. Probably will use it less. The old color scheme was much more professional looking and so much easier on the eyes.
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5 years ago, Shuttermayfire
Scanner’s broken
Downloaded to check scratch off tickets. Says “iCash not allowed” every time i try. Tried three different tickets. Hire a dev that knows what they’re doing please, function has been broken since January as far as I can see in the reviews.
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3 years ago, bkk3836
Site down for maintenance
The site has been down for over a month now it’s usually maybe a day or two what is going on can’t access any of my stuff
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4 years ago, something_68
How about having winnings deposited to our account or an account created specifically for winnings?
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4 years ago, jm9988
QR Scanner is useless
App’s QR ‘check your tickets’ option is useless as it doesn’t work. You constantly have to zoom in or out until you eventually get a timeout error. You’re better off just doing a manual check.
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5 years ago, gobrowns41
Doesn’t work
Downloaded to iPhone X open tried to scan scratch off camera opens...nothing but what I see in camera, doesn’t scan, tried closing down app, same, restart phone, same. Just another useless app
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3 years ago, Silvergirl33
Scan feature is horrible
As the same as other reviews the scan feature is very frustrating... Needs to be fixed !
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3 months ago, 7789003436782
Doesn’t function at all. Every time I go to scan my tickets I always get an error. Not to mention the app looks and feels like it was developed by a child in the 70s.
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5 years ago, Al Jeffo
Something 4 iPads
Needs auto rotation for iPads ... almost broke my neck twisting to see the numbers. So something need to be fix here to get 5 stars.
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1 year ago, piercecosmo
The Virginia lottery app is SO much better.
Maryland should hire those developers and add the ability to purchase tickets online using geofencing like VA has. This app feels like something from 12 years ago.
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5 years ago, Female Raven's fan
Upgrade non-functioning
The app no longer provides scratch off details (remaining prizes, etc). It just kicks you out.
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4 years ago, SStak
Stopped working
Since the new year 2020 - this app no longer shows any winning number. Like most things in Maryland it will be broken and forgotten until the complaints become overwhelming.
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3 months ago, Zheng ejsbd
Where’s power ball
The drawing numbers part is missing on the new app.
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2 months ago, Pifornow
New update
Does not work properly. Opens to pink background with spinning wheel. Does not scan tickets. Takes a picture and then nothing. Zero stars.
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3 years ago, Pool Master Tony
Ticket check Scanner
The ability to scan tickets to see if they are winners has stopped working correctly on this app ? Any help or suggestions? Why is this app failing now it has been great ??
Show more
6 years ago, keVyboom
Worked fine til now
Everything worked fine for me til I guess the update. Now when I try to check my numbers an error window pops up saying “term_error_passthru”. Please fix
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3 months ago, Love
Worse update
What was the point of the update? Now the app doesn’t work. This is my first update ever. Why try to fix what isn’t broken? 🙄
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3 months ago, maryland lottery loser
App is broken it doesn’t tell you how much you won
Doesnt work properly can’t see any of the winning numbers
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12 months ago, Lez100
Only downloaded the app to scan tickets and it doesn’t work… get it together!
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4 years ago, 8675309isthistaken2?
Try fixing it
Title says it all. Constantly getting messages that this, that and the other is bad. Why don’t you take some of the millions in dollars of profit to fix the app? It’s ridiculous.
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3 months ago, Fox2025&
New version stinks
What was wrong with the old version that worked great? This “updated” app now has so many glitches that it’s not worth using. IT’S TERRIBLE!!
Show more
3 years ago, Daveosbeatz
Doesn’t work.. is anyone gonna care to fix it or y’all just gonna leave the app up knowing it doesn’t work?
Show more
2 years ago, ecbmd
Doesn’t work
This app, like all official Maryland apps and websites, is horrible. It works maybe 10% of the time, and that’s a generous estimate. The state clearly doesn’t have a UX team.
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