MD Practice Driving Test

4 (537)
5.9 MB
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Current version
Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
15.5 or later
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User Reviews for MD Practice Driving Test

3.96 out of 5
537 Ratings
4 years ago, hopshooter
Don’t use just this as your study guide
So I only used this app and after I kept getting 100% I thought I was ready to that my permit test. I went and I was not ready. They ask you questions that are not on this app. I recommend also reading the book which is available online for free it’s only a couple pages and will have you prepared if u study it.
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4 years ago, jdkdjd1002
One small complaint.
From what my friends have told me this is a good app and I can say that I feel fully prepared for my learners permit test tomorrow thanks to this app. However, I have one minor complaint. There are questions that use pictures, for example “if you are car a should you turn or yield” or “what does this sign mean”. When I got those questions wrong, only the correct answer would be shown and not the picture needed to actually choose an answer. I would like to at least have the picture available so I can see what I did wrong. A small complaint, but it’s a problem I genuinely found frustrating at times, as I would forget what the picture that corresponded with the question was and only have the answer. Overall, a good app, but I think that fixing that issue would go a long way in helping future testers better prepare themselves.
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4 years ago, Fighter Erica
I passed my permit test
I totally agree with Len4k1. Also, I didn’t pass my permit test first time because I was also using a different app. I downloaded this app. The third day of using this app, I fell in love with this app because this app helped me to pass my permit the second time. A special shoutout goes to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration because I was able to practice a lot of similar practice test to get ready for second time taking my permit test. Without this app, I would have struggled with more studying for my second time taking my permit test. I highly recommend this app because it helps you know what is actually going to be on the permit test.
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3 years ago, Illest_baby
I can’t stress this enough for Maryland residents who wanna get their permit. THIS IS THE BEST APP U CAN HAVE . It literally has all the same questions and pictures as the OFFICIAL permit test. The actual permit test took me 5 mins, and I got my permit my first try. This app has the same wording , question category and images as the actual permit test u take at the MVA. If u are looking for a easy way to study, then download this app and am for a 97%_100% score over all , and u should get your permit the first try . GOOD LUCK MARYLANDERS. THIS APP IS UR BEST FRIEND IF YOU ARE TRYIN GET YOU PERMIT. like , I am really happy I came across this app, it fo sure helped a lot
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4 years ago, Len4k1
Passed the test
So I didn’t pass my test first time because I was using a different app and I got some questions that that app didn’t even have. So I download this one, it helped me so much, passed it the second day, love it. The only think I wished to have the option for all the question to answer like a marathon because some questions were keep repeating so just few new questions each time when I start a new quiz. Thank you this is the app you need if you want to pass the Test! You did a great job guys
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2 years ago, HunterEdson
Was good, now outdated
Took the test two years ago using just this app and prior knowledge from drivers ed, and it was perfect; questions were on the app were ripped straight from the test, even the order of the choices. Today, i had to retake the test to renew my learner’s permit, so i decided to use this app again (which i had studied for the past few days). Questions on the app were the same, but the ones on the test have completely changed since. One of the questions on here (the one about reducing the risk of a driver becoming aggressive) was on the test, but isn’t even correct anymore. Also, considering the last update for this app was 4 years ago, its safe to say they abandoned it.
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6 years ago, ~Vonnie~
I passed the learners permit with 100%
So today I went to the MVA and took the test and passed with 100% this app really helped me out a lot but you need to also read the book and learn all the signs and the colors and what they mean if you do that you should pass no problem. The question on the app are the same questions when you take the test but worded very different so if you study it should be easy.
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2 years ago, MoltenVortex77
Very helpful App!
I took my permit test a couple hours ago, and passed with no questions incorrect! While the app may be slightly out of date, it still gave me a good idea of what to expect on the test. I highly recommend also studying from the book for a little bit, as there may be a few questions that don’t appear on this app.
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2 years ago, LuckyBandz223
I just failed the test 2 weeks ago now I download this and the crazy thing was the answers I got wrong where like within the first 10 questions asked when I took the practice test pictures and answers for those questions don’t change just randomize in order so this is definitely a legit app for the test
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4 years ago, Emma |-/
Helpful but outdated
Beware new users! This app does help simulate what the actual test is like and it does prepare you for some of the knowledge you need, but only about 70% of this practice test is on the real one. Everything else you must learn from the book! Not only that, but they have not updated the app in what seems like forever. It constantly glitches and the links to the handbook on their website never open. If you are going to use this app make sure to have the real handbook too!
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4 years ago, js689
Needs a little more
The first time I took the permit test I studied just using this app, well I failed even though I have passed the practice multiple times. The second time I studied with the book and this app, I passed and this app helped with some questions. The one request I have is that it ask more of a variety questions and has a digital book in it so that’s another way to study. If you preparing for your test use other ways to study to do you are fully prepared.
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2 years ago, brandonwise2988
This app doesn’t give all the answers
I had takin this online test 20 times. And got 25/25. Then I went into the dmv and tried for my permit and failed. Don’t get me wrong, this definitely helped with some. But 43% of the other questions were NOT on this test. Read the book, I read the book and did this test multiple times and still failed. This app is not a catalyst for the real thing. Do a lot more research.
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2 years ago, 💕Melanie 🍼💦 Martinez💕
so outdated….I failed!
so i’ve been practicing with this app for like weeks and i’ve gotten 24/25 or a full on 25/25. Was really proud of myself. I should’ve realized that I shouldn’t have just relayed on this app😭😭😭 I failed my first permit test with a 21/25 🫤. there’s none of the questions here that are actually on the test. I suggest you go onto the website and look at the virtual handbook and study from there…Im retaking the test in a week haha. I don’t blame the app since they probably abandoned it years ago.
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3 years ago, kevenmartin
This app is very much useful for your permit test... believe me. All you need to do is read that manual (not all of it) and do these practice test over and over again till you constantly get 100%. Don’t understudy and think the test easy either, study hard and you’ll pass it !
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6 months ago, Liam liked it
Passed this first try
Took the test yesterday after an upper class man told me about it and I took a few of the timed practice tests the rest of the day, my appointment was at 6 and I passed it first try with a 23 out of 25. Only thing I didn’t like about the app was that a lot of the same questions were repeated, but overall it was a great resource.
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4 years ago, ashhdksc
The app says I picked different answers than I actually did
The app is very helpful for studying for the permit test, but a lot of times I would pick the correct answer and then it would say I picked something else. It is very annoying since I know I actually got an 100% but it would say I got 3 wrong which would make me get a 88% and it is really annoying because even though I got 100% a lot of times it would never say that because it would say I picked a different answer when I know I didn’t.
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5 years ago, LICK ME DADDY
passed first try like a G
look ima keep it a stack quick and short, this app was a life saver. i never opened the book once until i marked my drive hours, i used this practice test one day like almost 100 times otw there and in line and waiting until i scored 100 every time. i passed first time like a G thank you practice test
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3 years ago, 1n2i3y4A
Very helpful just need an update
I took my exam today and I passed! This app was very helpful , I also went online and practiced off the dmv website as well. The only thing I suggest is an updated version because I believe it would become more helpful to others. YALL CAN REALLY PASS JUST FOCUS ON THE ACTUAL TEST AND STUDY ‼️
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4 years ago, CathyBruh
It’s not that hard anymore if you keep using this app and retaking it over and over. This basically like the book. Some questions on here are similar to the one on the test and some are just the same, so don’t overthink it and choose what makes sense to you. This app is really good WOULD RECOMMEND!!!
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It’s okay but not good
I remember using this four years ago and there were no changes. There were some questions that popped up that weren’t asked on the app. I’m aware that they randomize the questions. But even then it seems outdated. It’s good for practice/ reference. But it’s better to go online on the website and do the practice test there.
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3 years ago, Davidddddddddddfsggsgsg
I passed!
I took my test earlier today and I passed. I would say for me about half of the questions were almost exactly like the app. I definitely would advise also reading the book
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6 years ago, Kittywawa9
Passed on my first try!
I didn’t really study for my permit except for this app. Which isn’t recommended. A lot of the questions were ones that I had seen on this app, and that really helped because I had seen them before.
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1 year ago, SparkleAlways 449949
“Everyone who uses that app fails”
After *failing* the permit test at the MVA I was told that everyone who uses this app to study fails and that you should instead use a provided booklet to study. This app should not be listed as the MDOT official practice test(s) because that’s untrue and it doesn’t adequately prepare people. I mean the people that actually work at the MVA said not to use it so i advise you go to their website and find their booklet to study from.
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3 years ago, dd3753
So helpful!
This app is so helpful! I was able to pass the exam with only one question wrong. The questions on this app are very similar to the ones on the exam. Use this to study!!
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7 years ago, XxLephtyxX
Great app but has issues showing the whole pictures
The top of some pictures are cut off. Hopefully it will be fixed, otherwise this is a great app.
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4 years ago, Selebobo
Guys this app works!! I just took my permit test and I passed! On my first try!!!! Thank you God! I 100% recommend this app, it truly is the best and the questions are almost identical to the one on the real test. Common sense + this app= A PASS!
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3 years ago, SabaHK
I failed my test
This is not an updated app. I was practicing on this app and thought I was fully prepared because I was getting 100% result every time. I had my test today and test questions were sooo hard, not at all like this app shows. I read the driver's manual thoroughly, but this app gave me false hope that test is going to be super easy, but actually it's so sooo hard. Deleted this app right away!
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4 years ago, MocaPooh
So helpful
Everything that they asked me on the test was basically on this app, I passed and only got one wrong. A few questions might be reworded but for the most part it’s literally the same.
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4 years ago, lltochll
Great App
This app is awesome, I passed my permit test on the first try, using this app. Master the questions and answers, then also use your booklet to help with some other topics like the color of signs and the amount of distance between a school bus.
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4 years ago, fatyymaa
I passed my permit test!!!!
All the other apps and websites are complete BS!! This is the only app I used + the handbook that was on the actual permit test just worded differently. I passed on my first try because of this app and I only looked at the handbook twice.
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4 years ago, I PASSED!!!!
i passed my test without studying the book and literally this app helped so much. i only got 2 wrong the whole test when if u get 4 u fail! the app really helped me prepare and i was ready for all questions!
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3 years ago, itsyabel
Still use other resources
This test is very accurate to what the actual test is, but I still failed with just using this resource since it hasn’t been updated in such a long time. Don’t do what I did and just use this, use the book and other stuff :,).
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4 years ago, kmichala
so this app definitely helped me out all i can say to everyone is get this app continue to take the test practice well it has everything you need to know on it !!!
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3 years ago, SnazzyVizon
My thoughts
This app was amazing I passed my test first try with no wrong answer recommended to all my friends and I recommend it to anyone who sees this
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5 years ago, Maraya Taylor
I pass my test today!!! Yeeaaahhh
I download this app 3 days ago and took 10 practice test. Went in today for my test and past. A lot of questions on here are the ones at mva. Great app!
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4 years ago, king..n
I passed thanks to this app and another app
Majority of my questions came from the questions asked from this app. That’s just for me, I don’t know about anybody else.
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3 years ago, Defenestration 101
Helped me get my learners’ permit
I quizzed with this app until I got 100%, then I went and took my test and passed! Thank you so much 😊
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3 years ago, Justme14!
Permit test
I’m taking my permit test later today and I promise this app have me filling FULLY PREPARED I started off scoring an 50% AND NOW I KEEP GETTING A 88% and up .... you have to have an 85% to pass wish my luck
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6 years ago, VilBoy🌴
I studied this app less than 24 hours before my permit test and I passed on the first try. I recommend this app to new drivers
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4 years ago, alexanderryan4
Questions are not even similar to those on actual test
Used this to try and study for my learners permit test and I took it almost 5 times. I went to take my actual test and didn’t recognize a single question but was still able to pass.
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4 years ago, Repper22
Jasmine Repper
This app definitely deserves a 5 Star from me every time I use it I seem too always pass my test definitely a Great app
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2 years ago, xaxnxax0x2x1x5x
The best app ever
This is the best app! The questions are exactly like the real permit test. I passed my learners permit on the first try. I really recommend it!
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4 years ago, 410Mark
Passed because of this app
This app is the reason why I passed, the same answers that are on the test are on the app keep on studying. 👍🏾
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4 years ago, jiminjungkook89
i read the book 4 times and used this app and it helped a lot!
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6 years ago, brittlyft
Need me questions have the same questions nothing different.
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4 years ago, ddgesa
I aced the test
Using this app and another website I was able to pass the MVA permit test
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5 years ago, SharneiceK
Passed by studying this app and reading the whole entire mva booklet passed with flying colors today I’m officially a rookie..
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3 years ago, sillybilly765
Ez pass
got me ez pass on my first try most of these are on the test
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4 years ago, tianeelashayyy
i passed
this app is amazing. i recommend this for sure. i never read the book or anything!! i just kept taking this test and when it came to the day to actually take it i passed with flying colors!!!
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3 years ago, unknownanaynomus
Best app ever!!
I only practice and studied with this and got 100%!!!!! I passed my test in a matter 4 mins.
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