Mega Millions Lottery

4.7 (1.7K)
52.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Lottery Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mega Millions Lottery

4.75 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Ljuba Me
A mother in need
Even though GOD told me in a dream that I will never win the Lottery. I keep playing just incase I might win. Because I really want to own a nice stable Secure house with a garage that includes a brand new pickup truck. And a strong shed in the back with a good lawnmower, tools for gardening, woodwork machinery and wood tools. But if that ever happens for me. Then I will be able to invest my time into helping improve my community. And maybe even this Country because I have a really good plan that can balance everything. And it’s a much better guarantee happiness for all Americans. Because what we’re dealing with is not working.
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2 years ago, Lynnda1954
Nice to see numbers fast results
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4 weeks ago, !!DK
Missing a scanner function
The fact that I can't scan my tickets/barcode in to see if I've won is a critically missing piece, especially if people buy more than 1 play at a time.
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11 months ago, Beano 20
It’s the best app for the lottery!!!!! I’m glad I found it.
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9 months ago, zeta bro
It’s uncanny, but when I go for quick pics, I get almost no numbers, but correspond to the winning numbers. What is the likelihood that a quick pic will win versus someone who picks their own numbers?
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6 years ago, Flashncash
Number checker
Are you going to fix this? It hasn't worked right for a few draws now...
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7 months ago, Aneta/Marta
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2 years ago, All Brown
Payouts !!!!
The prize should be progressive. As jackpot goes higher so should prize payments for every winning level.
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11 months ago, whythef$@&doineedanickname
Doesnt work. Use something else
Didnt work. Waste of time.
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12 years ago, MrNipplelicker
Works great!
I can't believe someone would give this one star because of their ignorance of how the game is played. In case you still haven't figured it out, the orange ball is the Megaplier - an additional option you can purchase with your ticket.
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12 years ago, David.Diavolo
Add this feature please
At the moment it is an ok app. I think people would benefit more that when they enter their numbers, for the archive to generate if their numbers ever appeared and at what date, rather than scrolling through each individual drawing through the archive. Who cares about the time my numbers weren't picked? Too time consuming to search the archives. Also from the same feature, have a filter option of "just mega ball" or "1,2,3,or4" numbers of your picks - so you can see how has your numbers played out in the past. I don't think its asking too much, add it and you got 5 stars.
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13 years ago, randycsz
Does just what it says it'll do
How will it tell if you won? You look at the numbers, you look at your ticket. If they match, you won, morons! Listing the current jackpot would be a nice feature.
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12 years ago, AVmilano
This is one of Coolest App!
This is One of the Coolest App I have come Cross for lottery ! This app will eventually help me find my winner numbers sooner !
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11 years ago, WebJester
Great concept but...
This app has all the functionality you would want from a lotto app but the updated numbers have been coming up blank, rendering it useless. Also: a lot of people who use this app have lottery subscriptions and there is nowhere to add them. It would be great if multiple subscriptions could be tracked... No lottery app does this as far as I can tell. If they fix the blank updates and add a subscription option, this could be a 5 star app!
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12 years ago, jenni1354
What happened to the checker??
I loved this app until all of a sudden, when using the checker, the balls stopped appearing that used to show what #s you matched ;-( hope it gets fixed soon!!
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12 years ago, zxpwr
Needs improvements
On the results page, the latest draw showing is from July 5th 2011, it's already mid December! Also it would be great to have the results be arrange from newest to oldest, jackpot prize for each draw.
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11 years ago, IdaRuss
I need to see dollars and not pounds
This app is good for a quick look at the lottery, but it is now showing the payout in British pounds and not US dollars. I have no plans to move to Europe, so can you please fix this issue.
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13 years ago, Etyenne
Good app
Does what it says.
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12 years ago, Fozzwad
Checker should use camera
I wish the 'checker' function would let me scan my ticket to see if I'm a winner.
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13 years ago, Larrypsu
Not much use.
Should let you know you won and what you won. Not much use really.
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12 years ago, Ipurerican
Great App! Wish it gave me the winning numbers though lol
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12 years ago, 495 Sherman St Akron OH 44311
Crashes immediately. Won't open.
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13 years ago, Bwired9
Does not show current lottery amounts and I only play when the jack pot is 100 mil or more.
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12 years ago, Major Ursa
No jackpot results
Does not provide jackpot or winners information.
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13 years ago, Potenza DaDio
Best Mega Millions Lottery App!
Yup, thats right! Best Mega Millions App in the App Store.
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12 years ago, Scríbhneoir
App doesn't state amount of jackpot.
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13 years ago, new2iphones
Orange ball?
What the heck does the number in the orange ball mean? No explanation anywhere in the app
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6 years ago, Gas Hound
“Checker” is inaccurate
Number range should be 1 - 70 and MB should be 1 - 25
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13 years ago, CDiver2
Nice app but wish I could put numbers in with draw date & have app track the numbers I used and tell me if I won.
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13 years ago, Sharpxshootaxx
It's a good app!!!!!!!!
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