Megaplex Mobile

4.9 (6.3K)
60.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Megaplex Theatres
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Megaplex Mobile

4.87 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
4 weeks ago, faymous9
Updated review!
I just want to say shoutout to the devs. I made a review a long time ago about some features I felt they were missing and how the UI wasn’t very friendly. Since then they’ve rolled out multiple updates that have literally fixed everything I mentioned. I don’t know if they are actively checking reviews for improvements, but the devs on this team are killer and I’m super happy with the changes they’ve made from a customer standpoint. Thanks guys!!
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1 year ago, Nmihalo
Love the theater, app is glitchy
Theater is always great. Purchasing tickets and concessions on the app was frustrating. When I tried to purchase tickets with concessions the app closed and froze the reserved seats so that I could not complete the purchase. After 2 times of this, I opted to purchase the tickets only. That worked. Then I tried to add food and the app closed. I opened the app again to add food and the free medium popcorn that was available the first 3 times was no longer free and required 7,000 points or regular price for the purchase. I hope Larry H Miller group is able to improve the usability of the app.
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1 year ago, Mo1199
Easy to Navigate
The app helps navigate multiple theater’s options. There is not a theater near our home, the app is so helpful when planning our trips. We can find the closest theater & times more quickly in the application compared to a web browser. It also makes reviewing rewards so much easier.
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2 months ago, Cmarsh456em
Megaplex theaters are second to none in Utah
Anyone that loves a comfortable, clean, high quality theatre, this is the place to go. Best sounding , best quality screens around. Can be pricey for some but honestly any true big screen fan must see their new favorite epic film here. The soda machines are good. And the luxury seats are nice. Again. Best in state by far.
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2 years ago, dstrahan
Where did Apple Wallet go?
Solid app - could be a bit more intuitive in places. But a mostly simple way to purchase tickets, see showtimes, etc. My one current frustration is that I used to be able to add purchased tickets to Apple Wallet. I got a new phone (and am on the current version of the app) but that feature isn’t available any more. Why not?
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3 years ago, Skylers sissy
Needs work!
I can sign in online to “my rewards,” which is the same as the app, but it will not allow me to sign in there. I have tried to reset the password myself under my account online, but I cannot. It gives me an error on my phone number, which you cannot change, it has to be done by Megaplex... but if this is the one thing causing the error, that is frustrating. I am sure if these issues were fixed it would be good. I did reset my password using the link to do so, still cannot get in.
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3 years ago, UtahRugbyGuy
Love ease of buying right from theatre. Reward points collect pretty quick too!
It seems like rewards points add up pretty quick for free popcorns, drinks, ticket upgrades, etc. Love it. Hated using fandango and getting service fees. Love buying directly. So nice. Adding tickets to Apple Wallet is very nice too.
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4 years ago, awc711
Mesquite Megaplex Theater Complex
Appreciate the service provided, especially during this difficult time. For future reference, please consider renovating the auditoriums, as in upgrading the seats. Very uncomfortable to sit through a movie, especially if physically challenged, to varying degrees, age issues included. Thanks!
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3 years ago, salenel1962
Does not allow logins
The app is allowing people to login with their Megaplex accounts so we can earn points and get out of the booking fee. Online isn’t allowing you to login either. Really dumb!!!
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2 years ago, TheDirtyBones
Some features stopped working
I can only add concessions to my purchase that are in my “favorites” list, basically things I had successfully purchased in the past. Anything in the regular concessions menu is grayed out, and when a selection is made and all options for the selection accounted for (if any) the add to order button doesn’t work. Sort of defeats the purpose of ordering ahead…
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1 year ago, 00 bourne
Not iPad Friendly
I really would like this app to be more iPad friendly. It does not display correctly when you use a keyboard with the app. That makes it hard to enter information. I would also like to see a map of the theatre showing where the movie is as I can’t determine the various movie choices from IMACX, to Lunxury Dbox, etc…
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2 months ago, PCPrice
Streaming and take out is cheaper
Wow! Fees now when you get your tickets through the app. $1.50 per ticket. You want us to come to the theater to avoid the fee by literally getting the ticket electronically when we get there. So we do the same thing as we would do on our phone. Then I see that some of the concessions have almost doubled in price. Well I guess cheap Tuesdays will be out now and we will just rent and stream our movies from now on.
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2 years ago, sdpitcher
Stupid Notifications
This app works fine. But I constantly have four notifications that I have to look at and when I go into the app, there is no sign of where to look at the notifications. It’s the most annoying thing ever.
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3 years ago, BigRedDawg42
Easy to use and very convenient. Only complaint would be I’d like to have better idea of what type of seat I’m getting(luxury etc.)
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2 months ago, skinny__99
Points redeemed
Great app that is easy to use. It would be nice to be able to see what we have purchased/redeemed our points on.
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2 months ago, ErinHun
$3 service fee
This fee is completely unnecessary. I feel it is one more way for the theater to take our money. Everything is already so over priced. Why charge a $3 service fee when going digital saves the theater money. It frankly makes me question using this service.
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3 weeks ago, zwily
App is fine - Apple Wallet integration seems to have disappeared.
We buy a lot of tickets through this app. It’s pretty decent - but I’m knocking a star off because it looks like they pulled the “Add to Wallet” feature when you buy tickets. I used that like crazy, so that’s a bummer.
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4 years ago, Katee Scarlett
Great app and theatre
The updated app is great. It works well and I really like the interface. Easy to see movie times and what’s playing!
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4 months ago, TioMac
Can’t Log On
I can’t log into the app at all. I just changed my password again to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and immediately tried to log on and it still didn’t work. I would immediately change my rating to 5 stars if I can just get into the app! Because the app is actually quite nice once you get in!
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3 years ago, Anonymous 3887
Flawed iPad support
Works fine on my iPhone but not on my iPad. I always use my iPad with the Smart Keyboard so apps are useless if they don’t rotate to landscape mode. This app does not. I have to uninstall it. I’ll still use it on my iPhone but you need to implement autorotate for the iPad.
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12 months ago, HuskyLad
Makes getting movie tickets so simple. Also the refund feature is a godsend
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3 years ago, ahdgkk
Night and Day Difference
Looks like Megaplex used the timeout of the pandemic to overhaul their Mobile app. Huge improvement.
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9 months ago, Bad-gram
Love the Movies
I believe it’s time for a remodel of our theaters in Saint George to be updated like the theaters in SLC. More choice’s in the concession area’s, more variety in movies. Bigger theaters.
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2 years ago, Holly00005
Can’t use saved gift cards for purchases
I have gift cards saved to my account but can’t seem to use them for purchases unless I re-scan them? Why save them to my account then? They’re not in my payment options and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to edit my payment options?
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3 years ago, packoflyons
used to work now it's broken
The app used to work great, but lately it logs me out and says my login info is wrong even when my info works on a browser to login through the main website. I think the new update introduced new bugs.
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3 years ago, 222FY
Can’t login
I simple can’t login. I’ve been trying to problem solve for 20 mins. I have reset my password and deleted and reinstalled the app. I’m super disappointed. I love to movie going experience and love the idea of knowing, I have seats when I walk in but I have not be able to enjoy such an experience using this app.
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3 years ago, Baker464b
App will not rotate
When using an iPad, the app will not rotate with the moving of the iPad from portrait to landscape. If you are using an external keyboard with the iPad you are having to rotate your head to look at anything on the app
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3 weeks ago, aka kate
Can’t login with phone number
It tells you to enter your phone number without - or (), but when you go to log in, the field automatically populates the phone number with them and then tells you that you have the wrong phone #.
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4 months ago, wrenchmonkey501
Remember log in please
Please improve your remember login feature. It never remembers my login.
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2 years ago, cp8705
App won’t show all showtimes
App has been broken for I don’t know how long now. I keep it updated, but still only shows one movie and its showtimes at any given theater. It’s become essentially useless for me. I have to check Fandango if I want to Megaplex showtimes, but mostly now I just go to a different chain.
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12 months ago, ArmChair440
Always logged out, slow to reset password
Every time I use this app it's logged me out. And then when I try to reset my password for those moments I don't remember my password it takes forever for the system to finally let me login using the new password.
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1 year ago, markpuppy
Don’t order concessions on app
The concessions never work ordering they don’t know what they are doing on it.
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3 years ago, Modderpoop
Great app!!!!
It’s so nice to be able to choose your seats, buy snacks all in my phone. Great app
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4 years ago, FlaxenBird
App keeps showing error
I was looking forward to a big tub of popcorn through this whole covid craze. Looks like my theater has curbside pick-up but the app keeps showing an error when I go to view cart. There's no option to order online or over the phone. Super disappointed. Should I just show up to the theater?
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1 month ago, BPGX24987654
Outrageous Fees
The app is good but the service fee is ridiculously expensive, especially since we bought our tickets online and they don’t actually provide a paid service.
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1 week ago, D_hug
Cost goes up, features go down
They recently added a “service fee” to each ticket purchased through the app. And now, they’ve removed the ability to add tickets to apple wallet. How else can we make this worse?
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3 years ago, Biggunslvr
Why not concessions?
App works good until I try to purchase concessions, I always get “sorry this is unavailable at this time” or something like that.
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2 years ago, Anthony Romrell
Love you Megaplex
The app is really great!! And they offer refunds if you change plans.
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2 months ago, Mdog31
Update your app!
It’s been 8 months since your last update. Every time I click add concession items and checkout. The app crashes. It will not go past that point. It’s unusable.
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5 months ago, Kat184748
Glitches out
When you pick seats if your session times out it will still say those seats have been taken and won’t let you repick them
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1 year ago, Nicholas Ortega2856
Won’t let me sign in
The app won’t let me sign in after I reset my password 2 time and put my mobile number in I don’t if it’s something with the app but that’s the only issue other than that it is a great app and very easy to use
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2 years ago, Claudthebod
Really easy to use❣️❣️
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5 months ago, Whit3x3
Booking Fee on YOUR Website
I have a serious problem with any company that charges a booking fee to pay for tickets on their own website.
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1 year ago, A+legacy
Log in doesn’t work. Glitchy
The app won’t let me log in but I can log in just fine online. It says something is wrong and I’m using the exact same information. The app is up to date. Too glitchy.
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2 years ago, SLC Scott
Love The App
So convenient and easy use. It’s how I get all my tickets
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1 year ago, poejeterson
Signs you out for no reason piece of crap
Crappy app that logs you out and doesn't let you login. Even after resetting my password and logging on to their ridiculously 2002 designed website. Go back to selling cars.
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12 months ago, kswankay
Server problems
Every time I log in and it tells me check server. I’ve tried updating the app. Deleting and re downloading, and using off my WiFi and on my wifi. Extremely frustrated.
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2 years ago, NurgulG
Login issues
I have some issues login and it is extremely difficult to find how to solve it
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1 month ago, Ebearn2p
Booking fee?
App is easy to use but they charge you a booking fee to use their own native app. There is no booking fee to pay at the theater which seems so backwards it’s hard to even try to explain.
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3 years ago, Brides/456
I want to support this company but I can never log into my account, whether it’s the app, phone browser or laptop, literally every single time I can to reset my password and it never works.
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