Meme Creator/Viewer

4.7 (6.5K)
77.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dattelmann Sarl
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meme Creator/Viewer

4.68 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
5 years ago, elijah dude
Best meme app
If your looking for a great, functional app with an amazing community and original memes, download this app right now. This app is better that all other meme apps because it contains the most original creators. There are many people posting new, original memes everyday. Another great reason to download this app is it’s great functionality. It has an easy to use interface and almost no bugs. Also, ads are kept to a minimum and it only costs $1 to go ad free. All around this is a great app for anyone looking to pass some time or cure their depression. -randee3
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3 years ago, WillDaBeast496
Good, but it could be better
This is one of the better meme-maker apps I’ve seen—and I think it’s really cool that it has its an online app you can use to post memes on, share them, like/dislike them, comment on them—it’s pretty wild. The UI is decent—it doesn’t flow as well as I’d like, but it’s still easy enough to navigate. Although, through no fault of its own, I wish the community were bigger. You can earn levels by earning a bunch of likes on your memes. There’s a progression system where you can unlock more and more things as you level up, and with a small community with subjective comedy, that’s pretty hard to do. But I still think it’s an awesome feature to the app. The only thing that stop me from giving it 5 stars is the only in-app purchase, MemeCreatorPro. I absolutely HATE IT when meme-making apps do this. “Want to have the tools to make even better memes? Sorry kid, gotta pay up for that.” I appreciate how it’s cheaper than most other meme-maker IAPs (it’s only $1.99), but it’s there, and it’s aggravating. But overall, I highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, Wrestle😈
Better than ifunny
Hey this is almightyloaf and I’m just saying this was my third pick of a meme website or app and it’s the best. I was skeptical at first because it looked like one of those apps where you have to pay for everything (ahem...looking at you EA) but you don’t! It has its own kind of social media and the only thing you have to pay for is optional. (If you want to remove the memecreator watermark) You can like, dislike, comment, follow, and block people and I love it. Ignoring the tremendous amount of double tap and fake memes and you’ve got one hell of a meme app.
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3 years ago, chocothememegod
Good app, bad community
It’s a good app, the memes are pretty funny and a good system. But the community is pretty toxic, i was to be on this app as an anonymous about 2 years ago and I saw some really dumb and stupid things go down. Such popular accounts telling there followers to “ dislike bomb” smaller, less popular accounts. I didn’t know what was going on but I could tell it was personal, I mean, I could tell that people who ran the most popular accounts where probably young kids so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but still pretty dumb they went after small accounts for “dissing them” in a meme.
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5 months ago, fart the loot 104
Hi, HomurSampsin here.
I’ve used MemeCreator for more than 4 years, and it is a great app! The community is very small, but they are friendly, as long as you are friendly to them! I love MemeCreator! Update: MemeCreator has changed ownership, and now making a meme is locked behind a paywall. I’ve lost respect for this app. A user has begun a GoFundMe to buy the app back from the hands of Bon App & T. Hopefully, once this issue is resolved, this 5 star rating will truly be a 5 star rating.
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5 years ago, painbotgirl1234
I like it but.....
I really like this game and stuff it’s just that: 1) Laggy. It’s really laggy sometimes and it’s just that I don’t think we like lagging games! And I understand that you don’t want it to be one of the games where you can play it with or without wi-fi but, it’s just I have wi-fi and it still lags! Please make a no-lag thing or something. 2) only 2 texts. Why would you think we only want TWO FREAKING TEXT LINES! WHY, WHY, WHY?! I’m not trynna hate or anything it’s just that I think that we all want more then TWO. TEXT. LINES!!!!!! Thank you for this and if you get this fix these 2 problems for me please or I will give you a bad review and delete the app.
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3 years ago, Spider-memer
Oh the memories
I’ve had an account since 2017 and this app practically taught me everything I know about meme culture. I made amazing friends here like yourdog, darknessrissen, and lizard. The the memories I have from this app are so fun to look back on but sadly my account is gone and I don’t think I can retrieve it. I know the man who works on this account is a very busy person but I wish he would respond to direct messages in time.
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5 years ago, jake quiller
Good app
I’ve had a great experience and I recommend getting many allies and not insulting anyone as you may provoke a war. There are plenty of events where the community comes together for a cause like taking down annoying 9 year olds who want to start fortnite groups. There are also some good memers who make great content and are respectful to other users. All in all a good app. -Pyrothecrafter
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5 years ago, CassieRoseMinecraftStoryMode
It worked pretty well at first, I loved it. But after a couple weeks, I stopped using it. Today, about a week later, I took a HILARIOUS picture of my dog and wanted to put a caption on it. I chose the picture and the template and it didn’t do anything. It froze. I couldn’t scroll or anything. Then it crashed. I tried this about 7 times and then killed all my apps. I turned my phone on and off multiple times. I hard restarted my phone twice. I thought, “okay, my battery is a bit low, I’ll plug it in and see if that enhances the performance.” It didn’t. It won’t not freeze no matter what I do. I don’t suggest getting this app to make memes. Only to look at them.
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11 months ago, bruvsovietwjatever
Love it.
This app changed my life. From an early age, I was never able to speak. I couldn’t even walk. It was in the roughest of times that I joined this wonderful community of homos, homophobes, and literally everyone imaginable that I began to blossom into who I am today. If it weren’t for this app I would have a life and friends. Nah jk but it’s coo -pogstud
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3 years ago, delicadenza
The app is great and amazing but the passwords…
I don’t like how you can’t change ur password at all. Or at least I can’t figure out how. I’m getting a new device soon but I want to keep my profile. I know that I would have to log back in but i can’t if I forget my password. So basically, I think it would be better if there was a clearer way to change ur password (if there is even an option)
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3 years ago, GorillaMike713
Great app, needs improvement
Best meme creating app available on iPhone. One complain I have though is the X on the bottom of the image when making a meme. When you’re trying to put text there in that area but you can or it’s very difficult to get in the place you want it because under X deletes your text. They should do something better as far as that X placement goes.
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4 years ago, icantfindanicknamesoheresmine
Weird app...
So I downloaded this app bc I wanted to make my own meme’s right? I found this app when I searched up “Vine” bc I wanted to see if they still had/brought back Vine. Well as you might know they didn’t. I was strolling through apps and reading reviews, when I found this app! I downloaded it and was on it for a while when I decided to make an account. This is the weird part... it said I already had an account and I had it for 50 years!!!! No I’m not lying I am serious when I say I had if for 50 years. I quickly deleted bc I was suspicious... so before you start looking at the memes check the profile!!!
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5 years ago, Checkyboom
Best meme app by far
It’s a war zone for sure. Take note of the age rating. Although if you come on and your young, my best advice for you is “Do not say anything or do anything stupid”. If you do anything stupid or make a bad meme, you will be beat and they will beat you until after you are dead. Don’t let this scare you though. -NorthernShoob
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6 years ago, DemonFallout_Knight05
Annoying Bug. (Edited)
Hey MemeCreator, Requiem here. So apparently, I downloaded the app this morning and it wouldn’t load the user. So I waited till 5:00 this afternoon and it worked, but my password wouldn’t let me log in. It just kept saying “Login Failed”. I tried deleting it, I tried resetting my password, but nothing worked. I don’t know if you banned that password or something, but I can’t make another account and start all over again. The app is still good, but you gotta fix this, because the bug could affect other individuals. -RequiemPkc.
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4 years ago, nautiical-
good app. but 1 feature request..
ok so this is a pretty good app. one of the best that I've come across and trust me I've probably tried 100 different meme apps. but for this app to be 100% on point. can you please incorporate the ability to favorite meme Templates.! that would be great for people who use the same templates many time's or if they just came across 1 they like and wanna use at a later time. thanks.!
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2 years ago, CJB101994
Meme app that lets you make memes
Finally a meme app out of probably 10 others I tried that lets you make memes based on popular memes. Also you don’t have to pay for access to them which is hard to come by these days on the App Store.
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5 years ago, bellagirl6560
Bad people
Hi if you are seeing this there are bad people on the app they say bad words and report you for reporting them when you did not do something it happened to and I got a phone call from the random number bc I LIED WITCH I DID NOT sorry but if you won’t to get reported and get a radon phone call download this app
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5 months ago, isaac_garza
It took my lifetime away
I purchased the lifetime I’d like to say over 2 years ago and all of a sudden I was logged out of my account and now it’s trying to get me to make a new one and buy the membership again!!!! What’s the point in “Lifetime” when it seems to reset your entire account at random. I tried to restore it with the new account (Same information as my old account) and no avail. Very disappointing. I never deleted the app, nor deleted my account
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5 years ago, doa black ops man
Very cool
This app allow you to do a lot of things most meme apps won’t you can use any photo from your phone/iPad and use it for a meme you can slo browse other people’s memes and rate them which is cool I am not promoting this app I’m just trying to explain how awesome it is
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4 months ago, Cpete3
Multiple devices-pro won’t work
I’ve had this app for 5+ years. They anted to make more money on subscription and made the existing lifetime pro membership not function. I purchased the higher price version and it still won’t work. I messaged the in app suppprt, no response. Their socials aren’t active either. There is literally no suppprt for this app and it’s become a scam. If you are the dev comment on any recent post to show you exist. Do not download this app.
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3 years ago, TGBG2010
I have a big question~
[WARNING FOR PARENTS: IF YOU THINK THAT ITS OK FOR YOU CHILD UNDER 13 YOU ARE SOOOO WRONG!!!] Okay- so I’ve had this app for a while because I wanted a fine app that you can do memes on- it was way good for a month/year until I made some memes and some people was commenting on them: nasty words and words people under 13 is not appropriate for the comments. MY MEMES WERE NOT NASTY!!!! They was family- friendly and one day I’ve went in there to look at some memes people been posting- and you cannot believe it!!!!............ SOME FREAKING BAD WORDS AND ONE I SAW WAS TMNT WITH THIER PENIS WOTH LIKE MILK COMING OUT OF IT!!! -I was so upset I told my mom because I’m 16 and I’m a boy. And I have deleted the app. ~You won’t see me downloading another meme creator app ever again!!! [WARNINGS FOR PARENTS]
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5 years ago, bullp1
Download meme creator
Meme creator is absolutely the best app I have installed on my phone and I do recommend you get it because you can create original memes and even submit templates for new memes. For the longest time I didn’t know how to make memes but now I do thanks to meme creator.
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5 years ago, TheMachoManRS
Why Meme Creator Is The Best App Ever Created
Meme Creator is the greatest app to ever be created it has made me so happy to use. I laugh at hilarious memes made by awesome people. Plus I get my memes voted on. I have made so many friends and recently got 500 likes and I’m so happy. So thank you Meme Creator for changing my life
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4 years ago, kawiikidwholovesicecream
So I hate it
I am trying to log in and it won’t let me it’s terrible and i keep putting in the password making sure it’s the same and it won’t work
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6 years ago, Gogence
The last update broke the app
Now the text fields can’t be blank, you have to fill both of them, otherwise it says top/bottom text. Also the pictures are washed out even when you send them, kinda like they’re not loaded properly. Worked perfectly before that... Please fix this.
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5 years ago, Ender review
I got MemeCreator only 5 months ago and it is amazing. You can make memes, view really funny memes, and meet so many amazing people. If you are reading this, Yo. The only flaw is it is almost identical to reddit. Meme creator deserves to be more popular. This app is very underrated -RylanDoesMemes
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7 years ago, Iggy is my pug
I thought you just made memes and took them to Facebook or something but it has its own social media in the app with likes and follower and you can have more options then most meme creators.
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5 years ago, Wouf Dog
Great app others are crapp
I downloaded a few meme apps one was a game and you could not save and send. The other one is such junk you cannot customize the meme the way you can in this one. Thumbs up, Great app
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5 months ago, The Foo Studios
It’s Instagram
It’s Instagram but it’s memes and it’s a social media for people who like memes I am having a great time looking at all the memes and I wish that you can change your banner for free
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6 years ago, Thepandacorn
This is one of the best apps I've ever owned
This is a great game because you can have friends on there and create funny Memes also, it was very exciting for me when I first got the game because of the other reviews that I read.
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6 years ago, Just OCD me
This game is good but...
I'm about 10 and people are really and I mean really inappropriate they say bad words and also there are inappropriate pictures so can you make it a little more kid friendly please?
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4 years ago, 23bjay24
Who it change my life
Know that there is a app that helps you make your on memes it is good because a lot of people get the same meme and the same meme so this app helped a lot thanks again
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5 years ago, hugo person 69
Amazing. I say this because of the sheer amount of users making memes and starting trends. The occasional beef starts with a user who likes fortnite or something else all of MemeCreator hates. This makes the app so much more fun. New updates are always coming and making the app better and there are many incentives for high levels to stay. All in all a great app and 10/10 would recommend to a friend. (If I had any) -obey_kermit
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5 years ago, gulooaonb
It is truly epic
It’s not like these other apps that u take forever to be popular on it in one day lots of people knew me and one of my memes were on popular who ever likes memes this is the right apo really recommend it
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3 years ago, Everynameistaken:/
Please read
Someone banned my account and I can’t get it back please do something :( i love this app so much please i would really appreciate it
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4 years ago, Kaitie Kat 😽
It’s easy!
it’s super easy to do, and there are a ton of options! you can use your own photos too, and it makes it all the more fun! i never get bored with this app.
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4 years ago, jfhdhgj
So, I really like the feature to submit templates, and (most of) the community is so nice! My user is CountryHumansFan, by the way. Some things I would add are: Ability to remove people from groups, and a way to report templates.
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6 years ago, Jurassic Meme 4
Very fun to use
This is just the app I was looking for! You can use the pics provided on use your own and you can follow other people like a social media sites!
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6 months ago, The guy with an idea
New version of the app is fundamentally flawed (part 2)
Responding to the older review of my critique that got a response from the devs: « The app’s development involves substantial expenses » ? Mate, there is no way the app costs more than 4 Dabloons and a Mountain Dew 12 pack a month to run. No one is willing to pay for a $25 Apple Card to make a meme when they can make memes for free on hundreds of other apps.
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4 years ago, 🍔💩🕘
This app is great! I absolutely love it. I have nothing bad to say about this but I have a few ideas to make it better 1) on another person’s profile, there should be an option to see the memes you liked 2) an ability to favorite a templet 3) awards (you don’t have to do this, just my idea) 4) more homescreen icons 5) lower the scores to get to level 10
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4 years ago, Bob_trucker
Good quality memes
Meme creator gives you the chance of making memes on the go and like other memes from other creators. Fun, dramatic, and nonstop entertaining for those who has a good sense of humor.
Show more
6 years ago, GameHEADtime
Just what I was looking for
Add features to search so we could have smaller thumbnail options through a button thanks
Show more
4 years ago, Unspeakablefan1050
My opinion
I’ve been on this app for a long time and I love it just the game itself is outstanding I think they should keep this game going and I hope they do! 😁😁😁
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6 years ago, Dash Daniels
Nice, but updating is required.
Okay, so I both hate and love this app. Flipping a coin... ok. This app is terrible. There is legit porn on the app and regulation of it takes a few days for the developers to remove it. The creators put outdated memes on templates. The text on the top option cuts off a ton of the image if you use your own photos, making it terrible for use. However, This app is great. It has its own little subculture and is easy to use. It’s my first choice for meme making on mobile. In summary, this app is great, but needs improvement.
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6 years ago, Sickness Boi
There are too many ads, and they are really long. I also can’t always get to my profile right away, and I can’t see my notifications unless I get one. Otherwise, great app!
Show more
5 years ago, Aaronndeb
Could be better
There are people who make the app less fun like zebrik that person keeps posting non memes if you could remove him I would change the rating
Show more
6 years ago, Troy2134432
Worked good before recent update
On an iPhone filling in the top only format I can’t create because the keypad won’t go away. And also, text for on meme display won’t file words on the same row when shrunk. Previous version was fine.
Show more
6 years ago, Maddie_0212
Hi I really like the app but, I think you should make an another meme app just because this app does cuss and with original app you should add stickers just cause... but that’s all really good app I like how you can talk to other people that make memes
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6 years ago, Dawnjames
Doesn’t Work
I have an iPhone 10. It was working and today 7/1 it keeps saying oh can’t load. I have deleted waited 4 hours downloaded same thing. I have tried closing it down completely and it still doesn’t work. I was just about to get rid of ads but not if it doesn’t work. Please fix!! Please fix this app!!!! Or give me my money back!!!
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