Meme Soundboard 2016-2024

4.8 (73.8K)
221.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Danylo Andriushchenko
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meme Soundboard 2016-2024

4.83 out of 5
73.8K Ratings
1 year ago, wohsaywhatnow2
Highly recommend buying the full version!
Idk why but there’s has been a lot of complaints about ads and not being able to FIND sounds, but the app actual allows you too upload any sound you want so the fact you can’t find a sound is out of the question. If you’re hating the ads then it sounds like a you problem. This app is wonderful and I highly recommend to anyone who’s trying to have a good time not just with the memes today but with the videos on there phone gallery! Also the app organizes the sounds from Games, TikTok, Vines. So if you’re not satisfied with sound you found on the category find it again somewhere else and Reupload it on your app and then it will be better! And longer. This app allows you to do so much but my favorite thing to do is to just have the ability to send them to friends and family randomly. Thanks Memes soundboard!
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1 year ago, Random Amogus
Mostly good, but…
This app is, no doubt, the best soundboard for memes on the App Store. But there are problems, even with great stuff, such as the ads. A bottom bar ad is fine, I can deal with that, but random videos popping up is obnoxious. I also used to not get these ads, but the most recent update seemed to have done something. I understand you need money, but random video ads popping up? The same five ads too? I get a video ad to add a sound, since I haven’t spent money on this, but still. I’d also like to point out the sound recommendation feature’s total uselessness. I swear I have submitted the ‘when the impostor is sus’ sound several times, yet nothing has been done about it. All in all, though, this soundboard is great for anyone looking to laugh or annoy someone with Among Us or something. Thanks, Random
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3 years ago, Gamercritic101223
Best Soundboard for memes on the AppStore.
Most soundboards out there for memes are usually 3 years behind in sounds and have not added a sound in years, but this app adds a new and recent sound almost everyday. This soundboard in particular has the largest variety from Ali A to Za Warudo. Sorting the sounds has come a long way from set categories to making your own subsets. Another thing to mention is the suggest a sound button which at least makes you feel like you can contribute to more sounds you want. The inclusion of the video previews of each sound makes searching so easy and just looks good. Name a meme you’ve heard from almost any media and this app most likely has it. I hope to see even more sounds in the future. Thank you and good luck to the devs for this easy to use and awesome soundboard!
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5 years ago, D_Weitz
Great Concept, Terrible Functionality/UI
Love this app in concept and will definitely keep using it, love how inclusive it is for all my favorite dank memes. I have some major gripes though related to the “favorites” folder and terrible UI features in terms of being able to reorganize anything. While yes the app lets you save your favorite soundbites all into your favorites folder there is no way to reorganize them. They’re all just placed in the folder by when you added them (most recent at the very bottom). Maybe I’d like to reorganize my soundbites so all the ones that i feel fit into one category are together. Even better, let me make sub-folders. At the least couldn’t I be given the ability to organize them by name or date added and be able to go A-Z/Z-A or earliest-latest/latest-earliest. That’s pretty basic. At the very least how are you not putting that in your app? As it stands my “yah boiiii” is between “my name is Jeff” and “crab rave” and if I’d like to reorganize my favorites so that the ones I use most often are on top and/or my favorites are organized by my own categories then I’d need to unlike and relike all of them in that specific order (and if I messed up or wanted to make a small change to the order after readding a few I’d need to start all over). Why can’t I just hold down on a soundbite and move it around a given folder? This is basic functionality.
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2 months ago, Jason Staley
W App, one issue
This is amazing. A Soundboard which already has pretty much any meme I can think of, and I can add them if they aren’t already there? That’s literally the best. The adds aren’t too bad either. I just wish they wouldn’t pop up in the middle of my sound. But unfortunately, there is an issue. Sometimes I can’t play the new sounds that are added. I click them and nothing happens. There’s no update for the app in the App Store. I might be a problem with my storage, but even when I have internet access, they still don’t play! Very sad. And it’s sounds I really want to play! Overall, thank you for providing me this blessing. Please fix this issue(I have an iPhone X with decent storage).
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5 months ago, cowy1234
Ok, so I love this because it’s funny to play around with with friends, it has no adds except for the little bars but they add no sound, and if you have kids and they want to play with it then you can turn on a setting where it gets rid of inappropriate stuff, and it also has a little video with every 100+ meme sounds except for the gray ones. So if you want to have a laugh with friends or just play around the i highly recommend this game, and it’s also free. It also has memes from 2023,2022,2021,2020 and more memes from those era’s separated into sections, you name a meme and I bet you can find it in the search section. 5 stars
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5 months ago, IM DA COOL GY
The game is awesome. It barely has any ads and I really love it because a new meme and more comes out every month or maybe a little bit more so it’s really good and the first meme. No not the first. I meant I spotted some memes that are on Roblox, and if you go to me animations on Roblox like type in the search, it also shows toothless dancing. Why are you running in the little bit more I think but I’m just gonna say that this game is the best and yeah so I started listening to Memes and there’s this song called random meme. If you keep pressing it, then all then any random meme would play this meme app is awesome. I would definitely recommend it.
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9 months ago, death baby luigi
Outclasses EVERY OTHER Meme Soundboard.
Its kinda insane that some meme soundboards seem free, and then it makes you pay like $15 a week to use it while also still giving you ads, but this meme soundboard? It’s incredible. Seriously. You can search any meme you can think of and it’s probably there. You can also make your own custom sounds (no one else will see them). The best part? It’s free. The even better part? There are almost completely no ads. You get like 1 ad every 20 minutes. It’s too good to be true. I found this app because my sister told me about it, and it is by far the best meme soundboard on the app store.
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4 months ago, Joey Berical
I Love This App!!
So I just wanna say I am a big fan of making my own videos on CapCut based on memes. And any time I want to make a new meme video, I come straight to this app and choose the meme I want. And if you're thinking, "But what if they run out of memes?" well this app adds memes CONSTANTLY and it's impossible for them to run out!! I also am a big fan of how you can make your own sounds and videos. This app Is a great way to become a part of the meme community and what I LOVE about this app is that I can share the memes with all my friends and family!! Thanks So Much Meme Soundboard!!
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4 years ago, IBEW-71
VIP Bug...
The app is wonderful, and it always has been; but why does the recent update completely botch the custom sound feature? See, before the update, I bought VIP. Now, I can't upload an audio/video because I don't have my free records, which doesn't make sense because I'm VIP. Curious, I tapped the watch ad button. Nothing happens. I tried uploading again and this time I try the 'repurchasing' VIP option. It worked, but it detected I've already bought it and says it'll 'restore' my purchase (which means I didn't lose money, which is good, because I already bought it. I pressed OK and nothing happens. Thusly, I (and probably several other people) am stuck in this broken VIP bug loop where I can't upload any custom sound because I have to buy VIP which I already have but the app doesn't detect that and nothing changes. I myself can't really do anything without reinstalling the app, which I haven't done yet; because it's silly. I already have tons of custom sounds and I'm not risking losing all of them if you ask me. To reiterate, I love this app, and still do. Just fix this tiny bug, and all's good.
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9 months ago, Jacob Henningsen
Epic. One suggestion…
This is the best meme soundboard of all time. I just wanted to right this to suggest a feature, there should be a drop-down menu for each category/group. So if I made a group that I only want to see when I open the drop-down, I can click an arrow that closes the group. It should also save which groups are closed/opened when you reopen or relaunch the app. Otherwise this is the best app for its purpose out there, great job and great upkeep. Could also use a refresh with some more new sounds.
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2 years ago, that one weird furry
Saved my life
One day, extremely bored on a hot summer Wednesday I was lying on the couch. I thought to myself “wow today is a boring day” until something terrible happened! A huge crowd of brain eating zombies we’re heading straight towards me! I was running and running but then I remember I downloaded memes on my phone! So I grabbed my phone out of my pocket, put it on max volume and played the universal sound… reverb fart. The zombies were screaming and crying out their last “brains”. They have died twice. Anyways, 5 stars solid app
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2 weeks ago, Hollowed_out
Best thing ever with something weird
I have anything I could ever ask for now but all that could make it better is a lot more memes that’s not that much to ask and I know a lot of the time you guys say just use custom but custom is very limited as you have to upload your own stuff I’m not saying I’m lazy I’m just saying it would be nice to have a little more than just an upload segment but all in all I just want the obamahameha and Biden blast memes but I am very limited to what I can do
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4 years ago, Homebuttongamer
One of the best meme apps
I love this app, and there really isn't much else to say. I do wish that you could maybe extend a sound, or combine a few to make one, because I would like to combine... let's say the doge bonk meme, and the " what" meme into one, so I don't have to scroll to use both of them in the same context. But other than that I have no complaints, new sounds are added to the " community" section quite often, and there's even a censored mode for if your using the app with family. Love this app, use it about everyday.
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5 years ago, meme lover 123!
LOVE MEMES❤️❤️ some complaints 😖
Ok I give this app a five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ BUT there is a couple of complaints when I go to community and I go to make a suggestion it says NO scenes FROM MOVIES and here we are we have the one memes “perfectly balanced “ from INFINITY WAR ( my second fav movie next to venom ) AND “ pizza time “ FROM SPIDER MAN SOOO you are basically lying to OUR faces besides that I ❤️❤️ the app I use it all the time a friend showed it to me in the first time and I got COMPLETELY hooked LOVE THIS APP ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😘😍😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😍 and can you maybe add “ look at this -graph “ with the dude looking at the camera thxxxx 😘
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2 years ago, morgan parker watson
The search button is gone put it back
Yeah if you read the title that means you have to put the search button back please… I need to scroll all the way up to favorites to open it… end it so freaking ANNOYING!!! 😡😡😡 OhAnd I also see that the security alert meme is an added yet if you want to know where that meme is… just play five nights at Freddy’s security breach if you have a PS4 or PC and if you did well let’s just say it’s kind of being delayed for some reason…😐😐😐OK?
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4 years ago, Please fix…
New Sounds
This is a great app! I’ve been using it a lot for certain stuff like making videos or just to mess around. I want to ask you if you could add these sound effects that people make what’s called “Arab Funny”. There is videos on tik tok about it but there is no sound effects that I could use to make a video like that. All I’m saying is to track down these sound effects that they put in these “Arab Funny” videos. That would be amazing. Thank you for all of the great work! -Charlie✨💕
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5 years ago, Monster fearer
The Best
This is the best meme soundboard you can have. You can create your own memes, it has a control panel where you can adjust the speed, pitch, distortion, and amount of times it will play. New memes are being added daily along with the community constantly voting on new memes to be put on. You can favorite memes, find the link that they came from and copy the link. And all this is free. Forget those crappy soundboards with late 2000s memes in them. This has all you will ever need. Highly recommended.
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3 years ago, nothydratedmagnesium
Almost perfect, just needs one thing
The best thing about this app is that the devs actually CARE about user experience! They take the time to RESPOND to people who are having issues and add features to the app based on what the reviewers want. That said, I have one major annoyance: Trying to organize sounds into groups takes FOREVER because you have to move them one by one. I wish you could just tap multiple and move those selected into a group together/all at once instead.
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11 months ago, fletcherfox2
The best app in the world
Thank you for writing this app I’m so glad there has been zero ad so far you should download it but there is one thing that I am confused about when you go to settings you go to no ads and I’m confused why you have to pay because there’s already no ads tell me what you think about it to really good app download it brand new to this I already love it everybody can figure it out thank you
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11 months ago, swiftthewolf
easily the best meme soundboard app out there. of course, there are ads, but who cares. they gotta make money somehow. regular updates along with awesome quality make it a personal favorite. hope the devs are having a nice day! - - user (also, i have seen some reviews and they actually respond with real and actually helpful responses, not those crap copy-paste ones.) Also, they added a sound i requested! Thanks so much devs!
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2 years ago, This Apple is cool
I literally have no notifications from this app that’s because I lose it so much
Name one name they don’t have you can’t the best app ever would play it every day of the week even though it’s not a game you can make your own memes give yourself suggestions cool funny one of my personal favorites is where you can play that rock sound and stop and get help song I am not a song video I just made my own meme
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3 years ago, exquisite reviews
This app is simply great.
I can find lots of my favorite memes and discover new ones easily. This app is well-made in the sense that whenever you play a sound, you also see the actual video from the meme. The app also gives the option to share/download memes which is a great feature. And lastly, there is a censored option, allowing you to not view the memes with curse words. This is the best meme app I have seen so far, and I definitely recommend it.
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6 months ago, THE13736
Please take my suggestion into mind.
So when I got this app, I was amazed by the quality and the quantity of memes this app had, I recently watched the FNAF Movie, and I was wondering if you could add the animatronic walking sound or maybe some FNAF AR voice lines, such as “It looks like you weren’t expecting me to show up” Or maybe “When you wake up, just remember, Friends are ForEVER, And now I was wondering if you could add MOAF (mango on a fork)
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4 years ago, Parental17848
Great app with disappointing features
Probably the best and most useful soundboard app I’ve ever used. It contains every meme I can think of but there are some disappointments such as the several marvel memes that aren’t included as well as spongebob memes and several times there were variations of memes but it wasn’t the original meme. That wasn’t that bad though the thing that really got me was that if you try to create a new section like the default “my favorites” section it doesn’t allow you to put a sound in the folder which kind of defeated a lot of the purpose of the app.
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1 year ago, 824824624942
it’s awesome! just one thing
This is a great app! Made me laugh twice, and i like to screen record and make my friends laugh! but, i wanted to know if you could make it so the sounds would still play when you exited the apps. so i could do it in calls, voice chat games, etc. it would make it 2x better! thank you if the developers read this. and once again, amazing app!
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3 years ago, hahdkdksozndbcndkxj
Really good app with one small critique
Overall this is a fantastic sound board and I have a lot of fun with it but my one critique or question is can I upload a sound to the community section. I just made a sound a wanted to share it with my friends but didn’t see an upload button or anything so is that even possible and if it’s not I think it would be a cool feature to add
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5 years ago, tylerhu1
This may sound like a bot account, but I’m genuinely impressed by this app. At first I thought I was one of those cheaply made apps that play ads every 3 seconds, but I was wrong. They have nice variety of memes, doesn’t take any loading, and the only ad is one tiny one on the bottom of the screen! The only thing that could make this better is if they get more modern memes and a folder system to store and easily find your memes
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3 years ago, pogchamp69420000
My review of the “memes” app
This app has the most of the most popular and funniest memes you could ask for. It is really fun and entertaining to use. There is also a “favorite” section to pick out your best memes! And if your like me, you can use them to make funny TikTok sounds. And no I was not paid to write this. This is just my opinion and review of the best app for memes. Definitely recommend for you to download!! ITS FREE!!!!
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5 years ago, tha wae
I love this app so much and I use it all the time to surprise my friends when their sad! I also use this app for responses to my friends text for example: “DISGUSTING” for when their being weird. PLEASE keep up the good work ‘cause every time you make a new one I spam it till I can memorize it. also, I’d like to request some :flamingo, making my way downtown, and the gucci gang meme. Thanks for making my life a lot danker*!! *danker with memes, I’m not weird.
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4 years ago, RaivN anaRki
The best Meme soundboard out there!
I like to use soundboards when amongst friends when out in public or playing games, always gets a gaff (or ten) when you can drop a timely meme sample. This one doesn’t have a slow start up time and for 99 cents you can guarantee that you can slip in a free real estate to your friends ear after offering them a seat... or yknow whatever better stuff you can make up
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5 years ago, SkyFire2018
Great soundboard, but.....
I love this soundboard so much and I have the notifications on so I can see when there is new sounds, but whenever I look for the new memes they don’t pop up and this has been an issue since the whole post Christmas update. All the memes like : you played yourself, I like turtles, etc. not gonna lie, I’m a bit frustrated. Please fix this soon. (Update) thanks for getting this fixed
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3 months ago, Rjqwertyuiasdfghjklzxcvbnm
Jesus is this soundboard good
This is one of the only apps that seems to put effort into what they do. Half the memes I didn’t even know existed until I got the app, and the memes I did know about where great and didn’t have rubbish sound quality. I didn’t even have to use it to prank my friends, I just played it for my own enjoyment half the time.
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2 years ago, Gigi age 8
10/10 OMG
Before I downloaded this app I was depressed had failing kidneys brain failure and was in a coma and was taken off life support but after I downloaded this app I was brought back to life, my brain was no longer failing, I was no longer in a coma, my depression disappeared, and both my kidneys were working AND I was 10 years younger 10/10 recommended 🥵🥵🥵😍😍😍😍
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6 years ago, Kels 13
This is an excellent app, I love using it to mess around with friends while playing games. There are a few improvements that I see could be added. 1st off the more sounds the better! The current library is large but it can always improve. Also whenever any new sounds come out it would be nice if a pop up showed the new sounds added. Besides that the app runs great and is very fun, funny, and useful! Thanks for such an amazing app!
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4 years ago, Xoiao656
Could you please fix this
For the past 6-7 months I’ve been terrorizing my friends with this and with the ability to add my own sounds I’ve been getting better at but there is one problem the more sounds I create the slower the uploading process takes now I don’t know if this is my problem or if it’s yours if it’s yours I would appreciate it if you fix it
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8 months ago, Access3000
Great, but too many ads
I know the ads are to make money, but at least charge people to use the soundboard. This could reduce the amount of ads needed to make money. Other than that, this soundboard is well organized, and has any sound you can think of. You can even change and modify the way a sound sounds! Great game, not many flaws at all, amazing job!
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4 years ago, wjdorhrosheofhdoehdofjfoejefjd
This is king.
Well i mean this is good but sometimes i see the scenes from the meme but it wont show up!! It makes me frustrated so bad but still give five stars anyways back to my complaints i just want to see the funny meme again and also your app is on TikTok!! Are ya happy? Of course you are but i hate it when i don’t get the scenes i just can’t complain anymore it’s the only thing i hate.
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5 years ago, Sk3lecreeper
Great app, better than most SBs
This is a really great app, devs you have done a great job including most memes 2016-present, and there are only a few memes that have been significant and left out sadly😟. I would really enjoy it if you could add Gabe the Dog in the memes area, since it is one of the great memes. The main thing I enjoy is that there are barely any ads, so you don’t get disturbed constantly. Great app for meme lovers!
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1 year ago, amogus 20
Good but
This app is amazing I love the memes and how they are sorted, but the thing the I don’t like is the bottom ad bar the ads are fine except one. The Momo one pretty much scares me and i don’t like it. When I press the x button it disappears but then the ads come back again and they are the same so I am gonna have to see the Momo face if I use the game so can u pls do something about the bottom ad bar because some other game don’t have all the memes I like.
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11 months ago, ?!!??? :o
Very good to troll
This app is awesome for having fun with your friends and family. It is easy to find sounds by using the search bar and you can favorite the sounds you like a lot. There are not many ads and has consistent updates. This is most likely the best meme soundboard out there. This is truly where the memes unite.
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5 years ago, 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎰🎰🎰🎰
I love it
So I really love this app and I use it alot. I am a JoJo’s Bizarre adventure fan and I see the app has had some major recognition of JoJo, such as “muda muda muda” and “ora ora ora”, etc. Anyways, I am writing this review as I have multiple suggestions for memes 1. “Yare Yare Daze” 2. It would be pretty awesome if DIO counting during stopped time was added, like when DIO says “1 second has passed” 3. Since Za Warudo was already added, it would make much sense for “Star Platinum: Za Warudo” to be added That’s all I have, I might think of more, and I appreciate the hard work put into this app. Sincerely, Edit: I didn't realize there was a seperate place for suggestions, but I already wrote so there’s nothing I can really do about it now. JoBro #234
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2 years ago, misterrtoaster
Good App but something’s wrong
This app is amazing because we get to see the evolution of memes and find our favorite ones but something’s wrong with it. The thing that is wrong is that they some how haven’t updated the app for 2022 like we are 5 weeks in to 2022 and they haven’t updated it. Like seriously update the app fir 2022 please. Thank you for reading this and I hope you agree with me.
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3 years ago, here comes that reviewer
Great app, just a few issues
It’s a great source for memes for entertainment and humor. If you wanted to play multiple memes to make someone laugh or send something funny, this would be the right app. However, after while this app shows the community section as empty, which takes out about half of the memes available. I’m certain they will fix all their issues and bring it back to the soundboard we all love
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2 years ago, srzscaq
It has adds
When I installed the app in 2022 it has some words that were censored and everytime you click a sound an ad pops up and this once happened to me and to solve this problem you have to buy vip memes and it costs 0.99 or $1.99 hope you gies have a great day! And also I gave it a 5
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3 years ago, punisher4334423689
Well a problem and bug
Ok so I LOVE this app so nice and funny I like the beanos and Howard alien and etc. so there’s a bug after a moment, it just do not shows any thing and after a min it kicks you out I reinstalled it and it worked good and then a moment it didn’t show anything again please fix this bug thanks
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2 years ago, Blockplays
Best meme soundboard
Many outdated boards frequently jump at your face at the App Store when you want a current updating board. Voila! This one pops out, this is a very active soundboard with a community that can post new memes, even with that the creator occasionally updates this with the hottest memes right now. Great thanks to your contribution to the meme community!
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3 years ago, Callie526
Great app, just a few minor problems
This may be a strange question but I cannot figure it how to put it in dark mode? I also want to post sounds on discord but I can only post sounds with video. if these problems can be fixed / answered I would quickly change the 4 stars to 5
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4 years ago, Ben6805
Great App! Just one suggestion
App is great and works as intended. The ads are not intrusive and stay out of the way. I have one suggestion though. If you could import audio from the Files app on the phone, that would be great. You can’t send audio to and from the Files and Photos app, so it makes it hard to import. But besides that, the app is amazing!
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10 months ago, piggy piggy poo poo
So I have been trying to find a meme soundboard forever but every time I find a cool soundboard there is just adds galore but when I found this soundboard there were a few adds but nothing like before and new memes get added almost every day so I now pretty much use this everyday.
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