Memedroid: Funny Memes & Gifs

4.6 (1.1K)
110.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Memedroid: Funny Memes & Gifs

4.64 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Alteridin
Worth the purchase, no to freebie
The ads in the free version are the most horrendous version of ads. I dealt with it for years. Back when they were simple click this x run-of-the-mill ads it was ok. They got out of hand. But they have gotten me through so many years. The culture of memes is here. Even when the culture declines ever so often with terrible unoriginal memes Memedroid reflects its ties. And that is part of the fun. Without bad memes we do not get to truly cherish what treasure is there in the minds of our world.
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8 months ago, xxtrippieog
Memedroid is amazing
This has to be one of the most amazing place to find all kinds of memes. I don’t care what people have to say about i funny or Reddit or other platforms. I don’t make memes but the ones that are on here make me crack up 😂. The funniest stuff, down to earth videos are on this app. I love it so much. I recommend everyone use this meme app because it brings so much joy in my meaningless life.
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6 months ago, The Clampdown
Just switched to vertical
I prefer the side swipe version. They should make it an option. The vertical scroll is too convoluted and you can no longer zoom in on the memes that have small font, which is a lot of them. Another issue with vertical scrolling is the ads are too sensitive. When scrolling, it always opens the ads for no reason. I don’t click on them, I am just dragging up the scroll, and it opens safari all the time. It is very annoying and frustrating, and time wasting. I doubt you’ll fix it though because your ads think they are getting all these clicks, but instead they get broken metrics.
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4 years ago, Konninja22
So toxic, and really low-effort content.
The app is almost 10 years old now, and anyone that offered any good memes or interesting comments is gone. Trust me, I was there in 2011 when it launched. What’s left is a group of nameless children who can’t get their really bad memes upload elsewhere. So expect 1 out of 100 memes to be of quality, and expect the comment sections to be a huge waste of time. Comment threads that devolve into race wars, political smack-talk, and replies an 8-year-old might find funny. If you have any sense of self-worth, d not install this app. You either join the race-baiting and inherent annoyance or you find a better app with better content. This one is pretty bad, and people are really toxic.
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3 years ago, Amatuer Memedroider
Addicting. But not for snowflakes.
Great app. I have gotten in trouble multiple times at school for being here. It’s addicting. Community is slightly toxic. Don’t visit this land if you can’t handle humor darker than the bedroom door at night. But if you think you’re brave enough, please stop by and give it a shot
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11 months ago, hosaiphone
My memes never get published..
Uploaded quality humor multiple times yet never approved for publishing.. The platform claims there are several mods but the voting (tick or cross) shows only one ultra mod who does deciding .. if there were multiple, I would see multiple votes.. Probably he doesn’t like my bold taste in humor, which is a shame because im never using that app again, I’d rather go on a website that is fair judging.. As if that isn’t enough of a reason.. The type of humor on the platform entirety is very immature and stupid in nature the type only 13 year olds would think is funny.. And that is a generous age estimation..
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8 months ago, greyfacedman
Place has turned to garbage since I downloaded 4 years ago. At this point every meme is either political or a repost from the day before. Not to mention how wildly racist everyone is, it just got worse than I can even imagine. Last night, I kid you not, I argued with over a dozen people who were all saying they feel white women need to be r*ped in order to stop immigration. Yes it was an entire comment thread filled with people actively supporting and wishing for women to get r*ped. I mean it’s just so disgusting what memedroid let’s users say here. Stay away if you value your sanity. These users are scum
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5 years ago, CoolEmoji2
Definitely Buy this you will feel good about yourself
I started at the website on my laptop and I enjoyed it then I got a new phone because I lost my old one and bought the app and it was just like the website with funny memes so buy It for fresh dose of memes daily
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5 years ago, Galaxy diamond
So toxic...
I LOVE this app but.... the people who use this app are toxic and really bad people. There was literally a meme that said something about an autistic kid being hit by a train, and the quote following was “the best thing that could happen to a potato” I’m upset and really really fed up with this app. And the people who try and stick up for the innocent people who are being picked on get criticized and downvoted into oblivion. I’ve tried to ignore it, but it’s just way too much. If the community using memedroid changed, maybe I’d reconsider deleting the app. But I highly doubt it.
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6 years ago, bick rendix
Dear Novagecko,
I’ve been using this since I can remember, and something I noticed when I came back after a two year break was that the moderation system is broken. Horrible memes will pass and get bad ratings. I and lots of other users would love a new update for example higher points needed to moderate or the person who moderated needs to have above a 75% on uploaded memes etc. Please please please take this into consideration, it will make the app so much better
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3 years ago, cOmiXwIZaRd
Best meme app I’ve used by far. Love the community, though some of them aren’t the greatest people morally, and the memes. Moderation system is nice how they let users do it if they have enough points. Been using the website for probably three years, and only got the app a year ago. Worth it!
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7 years ago, Jackson Sehm
Great app
I've been a loyal follower for years and I love the system of rank and being able to see past comments and their subsequent ratings. The only qualm I have is that some achievements are near impossible, like 95% comment rating and 95% upload rating. Maybe that's the point
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3 years ago, ImLub43
Good meme app
Been using the app since 2013 and I love it and the community of degenerates it has built over the years. Recent update has broken the comment section so comments are cut-off halfway through and replaced the rest of the comment with “...” Please fix soon.
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3 years ago, StEcejwjahabaj
Love it!
I have a bad day, I come home, boot up Memedroid, and all my troubles go away. I’ve used Memedroid for years now and it just keeps getting better. My only problem is how many political memes there are, but I digress. Overall amazing app!
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3 years ago, Teutonic_Grandmaster
Way better than Reddit
Reddit is just so left they shove it down your throat this place is just a lot more chill have had a great experience on the app I wish more people would join.
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A good alternative to ifunny!
I’ve used I funny or many, many years. Lately they’ve been featuring a lot of smut, propaganda, and porn and got tired of it. Saw this app and thought I’d try it. Not disappointed!
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4 years ago, piugfdef
I have been using Memedroid since the iOS 6 days and every update is getting better and better the community is great good memes at times and like how if you have enough points you. Become a moderator which is great
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4 years ago, Sasquatch4484
Great App
I have had the Memedroid App for a few days now. Even though it is a little hard to navigate and a little counter-intuitive for an old codger like me, I think that the app is great and the content is awesomely hilarious!
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2 years ago, ignored sports fan
Not the same
I loved this app, it was fantastic. Unfortunately it’s been undone. The memes are slow to update, and it’s like viewing through a soda straw. The deal breaker: this app has gotten so far off course it’s become all politics. It’s becoming an anarchist, alt-right hate group. I can’t support it. The fun is gone and all we get in return is Adolf Hitler fan fiction and contrived outrage about events that never happened. Occasionally we do get a cute otter.
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2 years ago, t20pIayer
Can’t see comments
Idk y but the back round has been changed and now I can’t see anyone’s comments on any post I try uninstalling and reinstalling it but I still have the problem and help
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3 years ago, jcruifh
Better than Ifunny
I used to be on the opposite team. But then the trumpanzies showed up. They are here too but die in gallery usually. Big happy.
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2 months ago, Anadriall
Auto Play Videos/GIFs
Turning off the auto play GIFs doesn’t work. They’ll still start playing as you’re scrolling past them. Aside from that, solid app. Ads are incredibly annoying but, that’s to be expected these days on any mobile app.
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4 years ago, Agent S1973
Nazi sympathizers and racist
Initially, I loved this ap. But after a while, I noticed increasing amounts of anti-Jew talk and saw several memes praising Hitler. (I’m not Jewish, but I don’t think you have to be to be offended by nazis). I would post pictures here of some of the comments or pics I’ve seen if I could. One pic was a man saying he was proud of hating Jews, the title of the picture was “me too”. This picture was not hidden in a collective, but was featured.
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6 years ago, Parsino
Pretty cool.
I really like this app because it has a wide variety of memes that get added everyday. Thus, you never run out of memes. The only thing that bothers me are the occasional crashes and glitches.
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7 years ago, Francisco mate
Really good
I've been using the free app for many years and just bought the pro version and I like it. There are no adds and the offline store is really useful
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5 years ago, KirbyQuests
This app made me laugh so hard! It makes my day, and it only takes a couple minutes. Which means it is easy to use in your free time!
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5 years ago, Jfmvm m
Why is it freezing?
I’ve been using for a little bit now and I had no problems but for the past week I’ve been having issues with the app freezing on me.
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2 years ago, blargenmagilqnohip
Bug fix please
PLEASE FIX the bug that makes the app crash every time I check my comments and statistics
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3 years ago, OvErRiPe_ToMaTo
I love the app to look at memes instead of searching for them all the time. Would recommend for all memers
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4 years ago, MelinaBuddy666
Too much hate
most the “meme” are just statements, i’m not offended easily and i’m into dark humor but these aren’t really even jokes a lot of the memes are just blatant hate statements of racist, homophobic, or hating on autism. the comment sections are where the real hate shows. from what i’ve seen on a daily basis, i wouldn’t be surprised if most of the users have swastikas tattooed on them.
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4 months ago, Sketchytank77
Change it back to how the old setup was!
I’m giving it one star because this became useless after the changed the load out instead of checking out the memes one by one now you have to swipe up and the worst part is that their is more ads then ever! Would not recommend
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1 year ago, Monkey_D._Luffy
Where is memedroid pro?
What happened to memedroid pro? I still have memedroid pro for a long time and it got deleted from the App Store. I use this pro app for many years and it doesn’t have any new updates recently. No messenger on iOS and bugs are still there.
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5 years ago, Samuel Borde
Dear Developers
I have no problems with this app every time I open it it’s just so fun to scroll through for hours some of the memes are hilarious!!!
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3 months ago, Memedroidsucks
Used this app for nearly 15 years
Memedroid will never get more stars from me until they evict their moderator team. Go back to the oldest posts and you’ll see line after line of ‘This comment has been deleted.’ These soulless freaks have ruined what was a window of time into the history of memes and the internet.
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5 years ago, More commands
I love this app it is free and the memes are posted by people who love memes too. If you don’t like it, you can just delete it and go somewhere else, but I ain’t leaving
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7 years ago, QBear95
Keeps getting worse
The amount of effort this app puts into trying to make you click an ad is obscene. The buttons don't work half the time forcing you to click multiple times while the bar jumps up and down in order to force you to click the ad. About ready to uninstall.
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2 years ago, Art from the Phone Department
Used to love it. Not any more.
But then again, I used to love the app store, back when it allowed me to write full reviews before erasing the entire edit, mid-composition. Now, I'm mad at both Apple and MemeDroid. Congratulations.
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3 years ago, Frustr@t3d2233
Toxic members
I used to love this app. I’d scroll through it daily. Now every other meme is so political, Democrat-bashing, and making fun of others. It’s just not funny anymore. It scares me to think how many ignorant people there are out there if that’s the content they find funny.
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3 years ago, 😘 hotmoms 😘
This stuff be kind of fire besides all the toxic people on this app but it is a very good app just don’t make an account or you can I don’t really care but hey what’s up I’m single and I’m in your area
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11 months ago, Banana2277966
I never thought until a week ago I needed memes to survive so then I found Memedroid and now I’m happy!
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5 years ago, Old man Lym
Brightens up your day
Had a bad time at work opens up the app and laughter like hell who needs a fur friend anyway when you got Memedroid
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4 years ago, john12281929
This app has very funny memes and you can vote and comment on them and interact with other people like Instagram but with memes
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5 years ago, stage 69 ligma survivor
Pretty good except for ads
The memes here are hilarious good to look at when I’m bored, the only thing thats annoying is the ads. Could you add less adds please!?
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6 years ago, JonM3108
Troll central
I’ve had used Memedroid for years. The ratio of good content to bad content has moved heavily to bad. It has become troll central with the main objective being to offend and get a rise out of you. People post memes that are just mean and not funny. Loaded with fringe political, racist, chauvinist, homophobic, pro violence posts that really aren’t memes at all. Removed it from all my devices. I’m out.
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4 years ago, Memedroiduser
Great app
It truly is great but when you try to post a meme the moderators won’t let you but the is the people’s fault not the apps
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4 years ago, blindninja98
The App Won’t Open
So I downloaded this app earlier today it opened sure I used it for ten or so minutes came back hours later the app doesn’t open so I close it and retry doesn’t work so I reboot my phone doesn’t work. I delete the app and download it again and it won’t even open. Inshore this app is a waste of space.
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6 years ago, No Default Nickname
Awful and intrusive ads
A random porn ad took over my screen for several seconds while using this app, the only app that could do it since I just bought this phone. I then went to their “Contact Us” using my phone and ended up getting sent to a “You are the 1,000,000 visitor” ad.
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7 years ago, i liketo fap
There is still a repeat problem
Like it happens all the time do you think you can fix it
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8 months ago, Mannheimr4030
New version gets rid of basic functionality
New version is now a scrolling feed like the normie app instagram. Gifs auto play regardless, even if you set them to not auto play. I never thought I would say this, but ifunny might be the meme app to go to now.
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8 months ago, Dgstorm
There is so much hate towards people of other races on here. It’s obviously not being monitored well or not at all. I have seen so much hate speech being posted. I have deleted the app and will not being going back to it. I came to this for funny memes and all I got was blatant racism.
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