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Memes Apps LLC
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4 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for

4.7 out of 5
107.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Kamil Z...
ohhh mama meme😃👍
😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 Followers on my meme account. This app really helps me make the funniest memes and my followers LOVE them.. 👌 Thank you Meme+ for making this app :D The new update is AWESOME the design is about the same but nicer and simpler. Love it. I love the fact that you could literally make photo, video and GIF memes. The stock photos are definitely always up-to-date and I noticed that there are new ones every single day. There are literally millions of GIFs to select from. This is my to go to meme maker and generator app on a daily basis It’s really cool also how you can make any type of frame that you want, I can even change the border size which for my Instagram page this is really important. I do hope to see more frames though and hopefully I can get my Memes featured on the homepage😉 Overall on a scale 1 to 10 this app is 100👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖 I love it keep up the amazing work, this is definitely the number one meme maker and memes creator app EVER This app is so AWESOME.. unlimited possibilities👏👏👏👏👏👏 Keep up the good work
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4 years ago, Bigrik51
Good, but definitely needs a safety filter
I recently downloaded this app, and it’s great for someone my age or older. I love how easy it is to make memes. You can make them public so everyone can see them and get lots of likes and followers. It’s fun and easy, really an awesome app. But I think there NEEDS to be some kind of filter, or a setting that makes inappropriate/dirty memes not pop up on the for you page. The first meme I saw when I downloaded this app was absolutely disgusting, I don’t know how it got so many likes because it was racist and homophobic. There are “popular” memes that make fun of people with disabilities, people of different ethnicities. This is not okay. Posts like that need to be filtered out. There is so much negativity and hate in a lot of these memes, along with a lot of insensitive, inappropriate images. People have the right to post whatever they want, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to post this kind of content, but I’m 15 years old, and I know how to scroll past anything that makes me uncomfortable, and I’m definitely not searching for the memes that just pop up. But I know for a fact that there are always younger viewers on this app. This content is not appropriate for them, and quite frankly, me too. There needs to be a way to enjoy this app without being exposed to all of it. Thank you.
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2 years ago, HarmlessBeast22
I don’t recommend this one.
At its core, this app is 10% meme maker, and 90% social media platform. It’s kinda like Instagram mixed with a hint of Reddit, but just posting memes (and it’s worse). If that doesn’t bother you, then the actual “memes” that people post certainly will. The community on this app is so offensive and toxic it makes Instagram look G-rated. When using this app, you will find racist users, homophobic users, creepy users that will send you strange messages, hate accounts, Neo-nazi propaganda, among many other not very nice things. I’m not kidding when I say that these kinds of users take up about 95% of the app. It’s really bad. The only reason I’m giving it two stars is that if you dig deep enough, there’s a very small community of users that actually use the app as it was meant to be used and actually post funny memes. This small community made memes that made me laugh until I cried. But because of the app going in the direction it is, many of these users have abandoned the app entirely and moved to other platforms. There’s barely any of them left on the app now. There’s no reason to use it anymore. Save yourself the trouble, and try Reddit. It’s way better than this dumpster fire, that’s for sure.
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5 years ago, Zaiah1203
Good but could be better
The app is amazing and I love the availability of being able to post memes I had made. But the issue is that the main app itself has multiple accounts and that’s the only accounts I ever see getting tons of likes. and the only memes I see are from them for that matter. I feel these are getting lots of likes not because they are funny but because people feel like that have to like it because it’s by the app. I have never personally laughed at their posts and I feel the humor is kind of bland. I think it’s also just generally awkward that we have the apps creators or development team or whatever posting and taking up all the space for public memes. I feel we should just have people that got the app instead of the creators for a better experience. The app is amazing overall, but like I said I barely see other people’s posts and is all taken up by the dankmemes channel and others by the creators.
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4 years ago, Just*Saying
Great App for High Quality Memes
This is one of my go-to apps when I want to create a classy-looking meme. It’s very easy to use with tons of options for design, color, and font to generate your creation in a matter of minutes. The memes that I’ve created using this app always receive plenty of “likes”, even from a die-hard Trump supporter (my memes are not flattering to the Donald). Once you’ve created your meme, you can upload it directly to your favorite social media platform or save it to your camera roll. You won’t be disappointed. ***AMENDED - Since the last update, the app keeps wanting me to review it, which I’ve already done. I cannot continue my project until after I’m diverted to the review page. Annoying! I’m taking away a star because of this.
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5 years ago, Dak.pon
Great app but is it possible to make money and use ads on this platform and still needs work.
I think this is a AWESOME app and I think it should be updated more and used more it is the best way to crest your own meme on the go! So I think there should be a way to make money off this platform and thus make more people come to this app and make it were the platform will make more money and draw in more attention from other platforms for people like me who like memes I would love to see this app update more and make it more easy to creat memes and make it were you don’t have to pay to make better memes. So in the end add a way to make money and after that get rid of the water mark and make it like Instagram were you can message and call for business.
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4 years ago, hehehrbrhejeks
I just post and mess around with the features and enjoy. The biggest problem I have is the people who get mad at other people for uploading edgy content but they can just scroll past it. THIS APP IS NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO CANT TAKE A JOKE. It’s a fun app and the community is nice and funny I enjoy it a lot. People also have pretty edgy usernames but that’s what is fun too. I use this app every I think of a good meme. It will be cool to add a feature where you can make money but I highly doubt it. The format is a lot like Instagram but it has unique stuff too I use it whenever I’m bored. Over all it’s a good app go get you in a good mood or help others be in a good mood.
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2 years ago, again with the nicknames
This app needs to be fixed ASAP
I’ve been using this app since late 2019, When I started the app was genuinely a good place with pretty decent memes and a nice community but over the years I’ve seen the app slowly deteriorate. People began to leave and the app fell into disrepair. It’s now 2022 and I can hardly even use the app without running into countless errors and bugs. The chat has been broken since January and the app got really toxic. It’s genuinely saddening to see this happen to this app as it was once a great app to make your own memes and share them with other people on the app. It really feels like the developers just gave up and abandoned the app as they haven’t posted anything to,their official account in months and there just hasn’t been an major updates to the app. I still love this app dearly and I’m still holding on to the hope that it gets fixed somehow
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3 years ago, Monster_Deer
They need to fix
Well I have this app for 1 year. I loved making memes and stuff, but they had to mess it up by force you to get pro to make good memes. Also they made it so confusing to make 1 meme, I wish they just keep the old way, but no they have to mess it up. I wish you talk to the people that use this app, don’t make this that make people mad. Know my memes are not so good, just why did you do this, I used this app every day, now I will just delete it, this is the 4 time you did this. The first time Was a try, I get it but no one like it, the 2 time you try to mess up the app, no like it. 3 time I just tell my self maybe they will fix it, you did fix it for a week and then you mess it up again. This is the last time, I never give bad reviews, normally I just delete it, but you mess a app that I love the most, so I’m giving you 1 star if I could give you 0 I will. Please fix the app and do not mess it up again
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3 years ago, Br3ndan2007
Ok this app is actually pretty good
I was looking for an app to make memes in an This was the first one I found. I didn’t really have high hopes going into this one but I was fairly surprised. The way how the font changes color is nice, the amount of ideas for meme you can get from this app, and I can finally make memes too. This apps good and has a wide choice of ideas for memes. My only complaints I have with the app though is there’s a membership “thankfully it’s not required” and when you want to create a meme you need to go through like probably 5 steps to just even get to editing the meme but yeah that’s all that have complaints about this app. I think it’s actually a really good app to make memes in and maybe you will too… :)
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4 years ago, Jake Waddell
Great App, plus an recommendation on next update
This is a very extensive app... and i was not expecting the level of customization, or community on it. Honestly, i was expecting just to be able to crop some images and throw on some text. But this is next level product creation haha, so I enjoy it a lot already and opted for the Pro Version. ***RECOMMENDATION*** - Is the first thing I noticed with the Watermark system, is that it was AWESOME to be able to Save a Watermark, especially if you have many to use. However, i think an awesome update would be an option to “Save Location/Position” of the watermark when you are saving it. It would help with time, and effort for those of us that are trying to put a watermark in the exact same place/size every time
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6 years ago, Abwon
Might be time for a new app
This app has tons of things going for it: plenty of creative fonts, plenty of meme formats, and it’s user friendly. However, to be paying monthly there’s just way too many irritating negatives. As many fonts as you have you can’t make them transparent IF they even work. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app just to get them to load half the time. The color wheel always crashes the app, and now with the new update I can only upload 30 seconds of video?? I primarily use this app to make trailers for my videos on Social Media. Imagine using Vine and only being able to use 2 seconds instead of 6? If this app were free it wouldn’t be an issue, but im paying for it and now I feel I can take my money elsewhere because it’s always one thing after another with this one. Hopefully they fix it
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4 years ago, meme boss
Fast and Easy 🤘
This is truly AWESOME 😎 super easy to use, the frames are really cool, tons of fonts and the social part is really dope. I love seeing what other people create. Fast and easy meme maker You can even share or save other people’s memes and they update constantly. I emailed the support team cuz I had a question and they got back to with a custom made video that they made for me explaining in detail on how to create a certain meme that I wanted to make, that blew me away cuz I know there’s millions of users and the fact that they took the time to record a video for was freaking amazing. The new frames are really cool and up to date. One feature request I have is for DM so I can speak to other users directly. The dark mode is awesome 👏 cuz I spend a lot of time on this app when I’m in bed 🛌 LOL 😂 so the dark mode is real cool when the lights are off it makes it comfortable on my eyes 👀 but what’s cool is that you can switch to Light Mode when you want. Honestly I’m really happy with the app and I use it about 4-7 times per day. Highly recommend MEMES 👍
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5 years ago, Ivey hot
Getting better
Using this for a long time, paid version. Keeps improving. One of the things I’ve been asking for over one year is to allow the text to come closer to the picture or video... there is so much space in there you can park a car. The waste of space creates issues when posting on Instagram and having to reduce the size of the meme because of the waste of space. If you look at the big serious meme pages, all their text is very tight to the content, they are definitely not using this app. Been using this paid app for maybe a year. It has potential, but they’ve taken it into a different direction. Don’t bother, it’s not really an editing tools anymore, this turned into a social network, it’s super annoying. InShot video still the best for meme makers!
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3 years ago, suuehside
(Replied to life’s story)
I never thought I would find such golden inspiration on the App Store. My life, like yours sir, was also rough. My mother was a doctor and my father a multi billion air CEO of the toilet paper company (Charmon Ultra Strong) my parents always made me go to school and said no once about getting me the PS5 until I was FORCED to threaten their lives. I get really depressed when Juan, our Irish butler, doesn’t make my hot chocolate fast enough. I wish things were simpler in life..I feel like my story might be worse than yours but I can still relate to your pain of having nothing in life :( keep strong buddy!
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2 years ago, Alberty The Blue Flame Gaming
About the app, it’s great. Found lots of funny memes and made some of my own. HOWEVER, The system really needs a filtered system because You can find a lot of offensive stuff. For example you could be 13 and find a nude photo. An example of this is with a channel there called bigballz. Bigballz is a channel that comments nude photos to a lot of other people. The solution to this is adding a report system and filtered system for these kinds of people. Hire people to look at the people that got reported and they decide if their bad or not. The filtered rule is good for when people like this kind of stuff or If they find it offensive. I think these changes can improve the app and make it fun for everyone.
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3 years ago, HackInTheBox
Spammy, not user friendly. Avoid!
I never write reviews, but this app is so terrible I want to warn others. Get mematic instead. This app out of the box needs your social media account data. Then, 98% of the user interface is about looking at memes other people made. Since I already have “Safari” I dont need another meme browser. Somehow I stumbled on the clunky “create a meme” interface... and while there were many ways to edit text and adjust borders, the lack of a button to simply edit a photo from your camera roll made it pointless. Only choices were non-searchable user-created templates that were mostly awful and uninspiring. Seriously. Get mematic. Phonto is great too, but mematic has a great searchable starter library. This app is spam and I’ll bet someone gets cancelled because they linked a social media account to try the app. Avoid!
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2 years ago, its so coll
I’m going to be honest with you… this app should not be recommended for 12 year olds it should be for like 19➕ people you see I was cring though memes the day I first got it I chose to ignore that one bad one that popped up and when I went down some more there was a really funny one and then I got a diet meme I can’t REMBER what it was BUT IF YOUR YEAR OLD 12 OR YOUNGER DO. NOT . GET. THIS .APP if you could add like a safety feature where till sensor bad words ➕bad pictures or you can make them put There age in if there’s a 5 year old they get put into a group of 5 year olds ( If they get older just go to settings ) if there 8 year olds the get put into well an 8 year old group and so on if someone try’s to get bad things into it it should be blocked like. Sensor hope you can add it bye bow PEACE ✌🏼
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4 years ago, Ty White fanfiction
To any Memer interested.
My only complaint about this app is that it does not have a Play Store counterpart and can only be found on the App Store. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants a good dose of Memes on a daily basis or would like to try to make there own Memes on this remarkable social sharing app. I do hope that this app can improve over time as more users are coming to view or create. My account first started really small but grew over time as I used the app more often. Please consider downloading Memes if you like memes.
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3 years ago, ellathecat2009
BAD app!
This app is so bad! This app has cursing and inappropriate images! A 12 year old shouldn’t even download this app! 1. NOT recommended for 12+ because of inappropriate memes what if your OWN kid saw those! This app is recommended for ages 18+ there are a bunch of little kids out there who might download this app and create a account and cry and scream and call their “mommies and daddies” about inappropriate stuff! 2 I left because there were people cyber bullying me! And there’s a bad community of adults who curse and do bad things like ruin people’s childhood! A kid under 12 and a teen 12-17 should not see those pictures! 3. You have to pay for pro to make good memes! It’s stupid! And it’s expensive to have to pay! 4. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS STUPID STUPID VERY STUPID APP!!!!!! WORST APP EVER! Also to the age thing should be required not optional
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5 years ago, Sovles
Okay. Let’s get to the facts...
I’ve had this app for quite a while. It’s awesome how barely any ads pop up, whilst in other apps I have to constantly tap the X button. In this app, you can express yourself and make funny memes for people to see! By far, the ones I’ve seen are ridiculously hilarious. Although there is a few things, and I’ve also noticed this on other apps. I don’t like when you have to become a “Pro” to be able to do things like special text features and to remove the watermark. And also, I don’t like that some memes are from shows or movies. That is just ruining the show/movie. But other than that, I am happy that they are aware of getting copyrighted and I can’t complain more!
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3 years ago, pastorcameron
Latest update is a HUGE step backward
I just renewed my annual subscription and now the app is unusable. No longer can you make text changes on an individual word or letter. All changes affect all your text. You can no longer change the size of certain words without changing everything you’ve written. Everything has to be in the same font. WAY LESS control available to the creator. How is this an “improvement”. Doesn’t look like you can save Favorite fonts any longer. Not sure why you could never favorite a particular meme style. It doesn’t even place the recent meme style at the top of a list. I’m gonna have to request a refund. From the undisputed top app in its field, to unusable mess in one update. I guess I should acknowledge that accomplishment.
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4 years ago, Eduardo_1114
Bot followers?
I thought this app was legit when it comes to having genuine users but it appears that one can be easily mislead to believe that they are getting a large following early on when in fact they are being followed by users with questionable profiles. I’ve immediately received dozens of followers after posting a subpar meme that got less likes than the new followers I acquired, and this was all on my first day of using the app. I can’t really say whether my “followers” are genuine or if they are bots, but these users don’t seem to post anything to the app and follow thousands of users in return. While the rest of the app may work properly, I would rather just post my memes on Reddit and interact with actual users I know are genuine.
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1 year ago, Shi Chara
There’s something wrong with the app
Hi, I came to say and review and ask can u fix this app? Because when downloaded it, it made me have the app and I can do anything and look at memes. Unfortunately, there was something wrong and it wouldn’t be me get in the app, I tried to get in several of times, but it still gave me an error and I just couldn’t get in. So if you can, please can u fix the app and maybe get some updates a a bit? Thanks! By the way, awesome app! 🥲😅😄
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4 years ago, bigears5665
Only one problem about this app
I highly recommend this app, The only problem is is that it always ask me for a premium there is not even a X button to get out I always had to close the tab. But everything else about this app is pretty good. The Memes so super funny. Only thing I want them to do is to make it X button when it asked me for the premium, actually I don’t even want them to ask me for the premium it can just stay somewhere, so if someone wants the premium they can just click on the button and log in, instead of asking us if we want the premium all the time
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2 years ago, GhostV640
I love it but…
So I’ve been using this app for 12 days and I really love it! But when I was trying to look for my old account GhostV_640 it didn’t show up so I tried looking up random names I’ve seen before on the app but it didn’t work, I think you should fix this because I wanted to see if my other account had more likes then I did but I never got to see😕 anyways overall LOVE this app totally recommend it to a lot of people! P.S. (can you post more memes please) Edit: now whenever I try to chat to my buddies it says no conversations started :(
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4 years ago, Jesus<3you
Very good app! Weird community.
I love this app! It works well, the memes are funny, and there’s a good meme generator as well! Weird thing is, there is SO much drama on this app. Kids being toxic, kids saying they gunna kill themselves, kids pretending to be hackers, there’s just so much weird stuff on this app. Very very fun to look at it all, but just be warned if you’re going to get this. Also the Memes app itself advertises Memes+ SO MUCH!!! It’s insane!!! Memes, if you’re reading this and need the money, just put Reddit-style advertisement posts between the memes. Please stop making me look at Memes+, I’m not going to buy it. Show me Buffalo Wild Wings ads or something, please!
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10 months ago, sofarsogoodithink
Just a few concerns
The app is easy to use the premium option is frustrating to click out of every time i open the app however it is a good deal all things considered. More importantly there is a number on your profile the features the word “Likes” the number is arbitrary considering you cannot click this area and explore what these “likes” are. I have begun to believe this app likes posts on Your behalf and you will also receive these “ghost likes and ghost followers”. I emailed support and received no response as of yet. I enjoy using the app and i hope they fix this issue
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5 years ago, jp_redbeard
Wish I didn’t have to pay to remove the watermark
The app is great, it really is. It has a good selection of GIFs to choose from, plenty of frames and fonts to work with, as well as other nice features like being able to “deep fry” images or slow down/speed up your video(s). It’s only drawback is that you have to pay to remove the watermark or add your own. I would rather watch a 15-30 second ad that you can eventually skip than pay for a subscription just to remove/add a watermark. Despite the trivial inconvenience, it’s a great app and I will continue using it.
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6 years ago, Redwidowz
Took 6 bucks from my account
I never told the app I wanted any “premium services” and it took the liberty to just charge my account twice just because I installed this garbage app. After the first charge I sent support a message asking to cancel this service and refund my money and neither were done. I uninstalled the app and 20 days later I was charged again. Apparently you can have a subscription to an app that’s not even installed on your phone. So if I had uninstalled it and never checked my account for these charges these thieves would make 3 bucks a month off of my account for the rest of my life. What an absolutely ridiculous way to make money. If you are reading this and you installed this app go check your account for charges.
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4 years ago, the mighty jeff
Pls get the app
When I started making memes on this app I didn’t understand how to work the app, but in about an hour of messing around it became easy. The amount of memes you can make is amazing. Anyone who gets this app after reading this review I will like all of your posts. No I’m not a person who was paid to right this review. Pls just get the app it’s amazing without a doubt. The most likes I get on posts is 24 but I’ve only just started and people on this app are really supportive. You won’t regret getting it
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4 years ago, I AM NOT PUTTING A NAME
Almost Perfect
Overall, Memes is almost perfect. The functions are simple and easy to use. Memes makes it easier to make artistic memes as well. However, the private messaging server(s) seems broken. I tried to send a private message to another account, but the server started buffering for at least five minutes. The buffering did not stop. I left the app and went back into it, only to see that the message did not send. I tried this three different times and I ended up with the same results. I would request that Memes fixes this issue. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Xking MusclesX0
Very good but the video part has a problem.
The part where you are trying to like add a video on the meme, For some apparent reason, It keeps saying “The video must be greater than 3 minutes”. I uploaded it on a different platform and it turned out fine. I’m wondering what’s going on with the video selection. I really do not understand why In gods name the thing has to be 3 mins. There are people that are able to post videos that are less than 3 mins and they can easily post. But for me it does this. I don’t know why.
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4 years ago, tiktok37874
I love it
I love this app because I can make so many funny memes and not only that I can scroll through my for you page (fyp) and see so many funny or dark humored memes. Overs all I also love it because you can also get popular by somebody scrolling on there most recent. To sum it up I really like this game and it would be amazing if people got it and you may call it lame right now because I did to but after getting it as a joke I now call it a fun and easy way to make memes and enjoy
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4 years ago, ADD KERMIT PLZZZZ
Great app but there’s one slight problem
This app is great I can make quality memes and it’s not hard to do. But there are two problems I have with this, 1: which isn’t a big issue is that the watermark is in the way and is just distracting from the meme, 2: I’m not even able to save the meme to my camera roll without having to pay for a membership, I feel like that’s a feature we should be able to do for free. That’s really it I like that way the memes come out and it’s pretty nice to have this app but I feel like the things I noted should be removed.
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4 years ago, Omir Aisin
Good but...
I enjoyed this app. Really did until well I could not. You see with this recent update I wanted to make a new meme but when I tried to open the app it would immediately kick me out. I even tried turning off my phone all the way then turning it back on. It didn’t work. I really hope the creators see this because I really enjoy this app and it’s a shame that I cannot use it anymore because of a stupid update. I really hope this is fixed soon because if not I will have to delete it because it will waste space in my phone.
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4 years ago, Emmanuel Ragudo
I love the messed up content
Yah don’t need to change anything, but you can put a pop up warning users that they are innapropiate, but its fine if you don’t need to, My user name is kirby1up and I’m asking if you can make the water mark and the “save images” things kinda for free, because I find it kinda stupid that you have to pay literally PAY to save your own memes that you made with pure intellect and art style. So please fix that but above all I love this media, I just wish there is a faster way to gain followers.
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5 years ago, MCBacardi
Essential App for Social Content Creators
As a original content creator, I have to continuously be on the lookout for content that can be adapted into social material. That said, this app is essential for anyone looking to be able to access one of the biggest databases available, IMO, of memes and gifs. In addition, the app has built in photo editing features and preloaded templates for free that allow you to create you’re own memes. All in all, this is a one-stop shop app that will be a valuable for on the go creativity.
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4 years ago, follow me at Gabi_queen
The app definitely need some improvement but it’s really good but it kind of reminds me a PicsArt like the whole setting and everything in your account in the page and even the + it’s a really big deal to copy someone else’s idea forth their app but other than that I think it’s a really good ab you should definitely download it and it would make your friends laugh a lot with friends and family and even right now during Covid and for all the stuff I think it be really amazing if they just have a meme of me that you need
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3 years ago, NyaSeaJam
This app will change your life.
This app will change your life forever. If you have the very popular app TikTok then you have saw so many videos of memes. Well this app will make it easier to access those memes. This app makes it possible so that you don’t have to use someone else’s meme on Ig but you can make you own. Overall this app is wonderful and awesome by it self. So if I was you looking for something to do then get this game. Love, NyaSeaJam
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5 years ago, lil Roo😸
Awesome app 👏🏻🤠
So this app is so useful and great like I don’t have to steal memes to make my friends laugh anymore like I can make great memes for no price at all and even if I don’t have pro mode I can still be able to make great memes and have a good time even the account for the app isn’t like “ make the best meme, we will show winners” the really make good memes and I respect that bc this app is great and I can add my friends on this and look at there memes and have a lot of fun! I do recommend to a friend or family members!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😁😁😁
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3 years ago, Tanners!
It’s a fun app...
But now whenever I try to make a meme it only gives me a lite option or pro. And I can’t do pro. So my options are limited when I’m making memes and I can’t change background colors, fonts, or format. Being forced to have to update is irritating and feels like I have no choice but because I can’t go pro I’m stuck with this limited version. I’m unhappy with the limited options and I wish it would go back to what it was before.
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3 years ago, BigG79
Developer’s, Please Read
First off, this app is the main app I use to create memes for my meme page. I’ve been using this app for years. It used to be sooooooooo easy to use and really great! Now it’s worst than it’s ever been, specifically when it comes to simply creating meme content. Especially when it comes to editing/cropping a picture in the app. That used to be super easy, now it’s like a constant glitch. It’s bizarre and this app never had this issue before. Please address that. This app is amazing, but the more recent updates that have come out have made this app significantly less intuitive and more complicated than it needs to be. Please consider looking into some of these issues and revisit the things that were really easy with the meme making process as a whole. The new options are great! The newer features can be useful, but overall, the simplicity of this app has diminished significantly. Thanks for reading! -G
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3 years ago, A-dubloverforeverr
Best App to Make Memes With!
Compared to other apps on the market, the Memes app is the best one available. The app is highly user-friendly and allows you to make high-quality memes without any difficulty. It features popular memes and templates, which keep you entertained and involved in the meme community. I highly recommend buying the full version, as there are endless possibilities for the material. You won’t be disappointed!!
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2 years ago, kermitTHEreal
Fix the app.
Memes, you’ve absolutely abandoned this app. I’m one of the OGs, mamapusse. I miss when the app actually functioned, and I miss when the system was fair to its users. Now there are tons of trolls, and there is basically nothing us users can do about it unless.. oh, idk… you guys maybe come back and stop working on other apps??? Like this is your most successful thing, and it has made so many memories and friendships for others, yet this is what happens. And my friends left because y’all made the app an actual piece of crap. I hate to be this harsh, but you seriously gotta do something. -Sincerely, mamapusse.
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4 years ago, memenoobkk
Why cuz yes
I really like the app 10/10 your able to make a lot of memes. The per I like about it is that all the fonts are free and you are able to post whatever you want while the wholesome community likes it back. Plus I like the fact that you can change a lot of things in your profile to the way you want and the way you think is fine. In general I think this app is a must try for memers who want to make memes and have lots of fun as well.
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5 years ago, eeeeeeergd
Love it
Hey guys, I have a small account with 51 followers, and it’s called guywholikesthemets. As you can probably tell I’m a huge Mets fanatic. But enough about me 😀. This app is exactly what it sounds like! It’s so great because it’s not one of those things where if you have a small channel your at the bottom of the list, no no, as soon as you post something, let me say it’s at the TOP of that list! Newest means highest! And if your looking through reviews looking to see if you should get this, DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW YOULL LOVE IT!!!!
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3 years ago, Angelinagirlgirly3737
So funny and so COOL
I LOVE THIS APP 1:it’s so funny and have all my fav memes on it 😂 2:it’s really fun talking to my friends onto there and showing them funny memes 3:I have been looking for this kind of game forever so tysm 4:it is a really interesting experience for me especially in my age because I’m 20 and I still love meme ever since I was a kid I was looking for a meme game for so long and finally I found one so tysm again😇 5: The one problem is all the items they’re practically almost all pro and I do not like that because I wanted everything to be free but the game is still extremely fun and extremely funny so I love it 🥰 And 6: The game has a lot and I mean a lot of coughing still pretty not fair that there are a lot of you know items that are pro but I really like it and I love it
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3 years ago, Juju 😎😇🙏🏼
Can’t sign in
I’ve had this app for over a year now and I think memes is fixing the chats right now but I can’t sign into my account it keeps saying “A server with the specific hostname could not be found” I’ve tried my other alt accounts and it still isn’t working. Don’t get me wrong I love the app it has a great community on there too just needs a bit of fixing cuz lots of my friends aren’t even able to dm. I hope it gets fixed soon, thank you.
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5 years ago, sc:yaboykeith12
Good app
If you’re looking for good quality memes, or you just want to makes some, this is the app for you. Also it isn’t the type of app where you can barely do anything unless you pay for a membership. You aren’t really limited with what you can do without a membership, which is good. With most apps either you get a ton of ads if you don’t pay for the membership, or you can barely enjoy the app. This app isn’t like that so I give it 5 stars
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