Mensa Brain Training

4.5 (458)
50.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Barnstorm Games
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mensa Brain Training

4.53 out of 5
458 Ratings
1 year ago, Danial Boone
Brain damage
I have short term memory issues and I have been getting better at remembering patterns every day. I still have good and bad days but I am improving. Everyone should push to get better even if you’re not having any problems.👍🏻👍🏻
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4 years ago, ItsMarioTime11
Fun, but some complaints
I enjoy playing this. However, there are a few issues. The subscription isn’t a plus, but I’ll focus on the game itself. The Tanagram Puzzle is a major issue. There are many times where you have no idea which shapes to choose, because there are absolutely spots where shapes will fit, but they are apparently “wrong”. They need to make this game more clear; maybe change it so you have to drag the shapes in place until you complete a puzzle? Also, with Shape Sums, there are often two correct combinations when the numbers begin to get higher. However, only one is counted as right. They need to ensure that they only provide one correct option, or, if they do decide to put two correct options, make sure they both count. Otherwise, I’ve enjoyed playing this. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, skap34
Milks Subscribers
I bought the app in May 29, 2021 for a two-year subscription. After a week of using it, the app required me to go through the tutorial everytime I log-in and after completing the tutorial and assessment, it would require me to sign-up for a subscription. Apple remind me everytime that I already paid for it, thankfully. Nonetheless, I am stuck with a trial version even when I already paid for a subscription. I contacted their support services and did not hear anything afterward. I wish I can have my subscription restored or get my money back.
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6 years ago, Pretty Tony Has Returned
I really like this app!
I use this app after my morning workout. It’s my one two combo for getting my mind and body going for the day. 👍 The games are challenging and entertaining especially when trying to surpass your previous score. Special shout out to the support team. You guys are fantastic!
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1 year ago, Bhakta9
Great App for Brain Agility and Processing
I’ve used several apps because my work is so redundant it dulls the mind. The other apps are paid services. Yet they do not challenge my mind as effectively as this one. The workouts are by far more nuanced and dynamic. Two thumbs up for Mensa!
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4 years ago, JMJLJL
Fun, but should I pay?
I’ve really liked playing the games and I feel that it has made me more alert. I am in the free trial period now and it seems like the patterns are repetitive in each game. Do you get more options if you pay for the app? I feel like I would get bored in a month or two of daily training even if I never got a perfect score. I can’t find the information anywhere.
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6 years ago, RuthMiriam
Best bang for your buck
This is a great app. I find when I do it daily I’m definitely sharper. I also do better on tests. It’s a lot better of a deal than what you’ll find on some of the other brain training apps. If you keep it up it is definitely worth your subscription.
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5 years ago, CartersMomma1
On the training option you can take a practice test and at completeion there is an option to review answers, from there you can choose the q and a and at the top right hand side of screen press why and it explains it and why your answer was wrong.
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2 weeks ago, MMMMMM2024
What’s the MBI based on?
I like it but the patterns are repetitive. I would need to see new fresh things every week or two to do this daily with my ADHD brain. I also do not understand what the score is based against so I don’t know how good I am actually doing. For example is 500 MBI equivalent to 130 IQ? I have no reference so I can’t feel the reward from doing it.
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1 year ago, SharonFeroze
Good use of time
The puzzles are actually challenging and help improve focus and memory. No ads makes it so much better to use. Better than spending time on mind numbing games.
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12 months ago, Ari Isbell
Focus levels
I’m young, and was born during the technology era so I have a low attention span and it made it difficult for me to focus on a book. Now I’m much more focused and I am breezing through books!
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4 years ago, mrj8820
First day but already addicted
What made me interested in the app in the first place was knowing it’s scientifically designed to improve cognition. In other words, it’s not just fun and games... although it IS fun, and I’ve already played multiple times this morning, this afternoon, and this evening... and it’s just Day01.
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3 years ago, AriBoat
Challenging but fun
I like how it is challenging and requires the perfect amount of time to work on it every day. This is really nice if you were just looking for 5 to 10 minutes every day of getting that brain exercise in.
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4 years ago, og mcgizzle
Solid app/lame paid option
Very measurable difference in my cognitive abilities. It is reverberating throughout my everyday life at this point. I can literally feel the heightened level of critical thinking within my decision making process. I wish the paid features were free.
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2 years ago, HunterSmith125
This app us really fun and helpful
I got the app and tried it out and loved it. Then i got the subscription ( super cheap) used all the features and my mbi score rose by 30 between the first day and now im addicted 😭love this app
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5 years ago, Kimmieerree
Varied brain games
This app teaches and train my brain in many ways, shapes, colors, numbers and other weird ways. As opposed to crossword and sudoku, this twists my brain from all angles and keeps me engaged through many ways of thinking.
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7 years ago, Bird Nerd 2003
The Best Brian App EVER
I can't believe how much fun this app is, it focuses on important things like patterns and memory, it is such an amazing educational app, it is nothing like the scams and phony brain games out there! It is defiantly amazing, I highly recommend purchasing a subscription, I did and I love it!
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4 years ago, Jcdv2
Intelligent mental exercises
Are you interested in spending your free time improving your thinking skills? If yes, then Mensa is the right tool for you. Don’t spend your leisure time in mindless Solitaire when you can improve your mental skills with fun exercises.
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7 years ago, Chowse
Good training
I have enjoyed using this app to hopefully forestall my memory loss. My only reason for not giving the fifth star is that the instructions are occasionally less than clear. My thanks to those who have created this tool!
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7 years ago, Justa Nuther
Great Tool
This is an excellent way to evaluate yourself, especially when you are chronically sleep deprived like me. I am learning the things I need to do to optimize my brain's performance for daily living in a competitive world.
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7 years ago, Jonni1247
Better than normal app games!
This game becomes addictive like popular games (i.e. Candy Crush) and others. The exercises stimulate the mind while still remaining relaxing. This is a must try app!
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5 years ago, Lammar19
Fun Brain Games!
I look forward to my daily brain training with this app. I downloaded it when I was traveling and it was a great distraction from our travel delays.
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4 years ago, Elena Fuller
The Subscription
Overall I think this is a pretty fun app, however, I’m disappointed that you can’t do anything on it anymore without a subscription. You can only play 2 of the games now without a subscription, and there really isn’t enough on the app (yet at least) to buy the subscription.
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5 years ago, Marinemarine
Silouhettes is full of flaws
The tangram puzzle is probably the only brain game I’ve ever done that probably makes you less intelligent. It makes zero sense why they give you multiple right angle triangles to choose from as possible and answers and have you guess which one is the right answer. Terrible flaw
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2 months ago, RowJimmy3
got locked out can't get back in
All I need is them to send me a text or email with a way to get back in. Every time I try to do it it says there's something wrong. I paid for this app and haven't been able to use it for months. When it worked, it was great, now it's a piece of junk unless I hear from them. Hello?
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6 years ago, ceckstr
Keeping sharp
A couple months after retiring, I noticed a slight decline in my brain functions. Brain Training restored and improved my brain’s functionality. Just like any muscle: Use it or lose it! Enjoy!
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4 years ago, bernie838
Subscription based - not indicated up front
AFTER you give your email to create an account, the only way to use this is to sign up for emails and utilize the free trial subscription. Find something else that has a free version and a premium version. This is only good if you want to give up your personal info for a week trial and then possibly subscribing.
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1 month ago, Private Putz
Great brain training app
I’ve played them all and this one Up there with the best of them. Plus it’s from MENSA so…of course it is!👍👍👍
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1 year ago, Friendly Quaker
Quick way to sharpen your brain
I enjoy the app. I can see my progress and I like that feature. It’s quick to test and train.
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12 months ago, Hermione and Kreacher
Great to keep the brain active!
I set it up for my elderly mom to keep her brain active. She uses it everyday!
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4 years ago, lazwells
Greatest Variety of Training
I really feel like how these games forces me to focus and concentrate. I am working on my memory and this helps.
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4 years ago, laskeyel
Enjoy it + notice cognitive improvement
I honestly notice a cognitive improvement when using app vs not.
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5 years ago, 1928765
Great brain food. My job requires attention to minute details and these workouts really fine tune the machine.
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6 years ago, HB214
HB214 - Still The Best!
Please keep it updated, i enjoy how each game encourages the brain to process each challenge!
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5 years ago, pankajkm
Good one - need more variety
The games are all good. But we are fast learners, so after a while it feels all known. So please add more varieties. Thanks
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3 years ago, AriaMiserendino
Some games are challenging, it’d be nice if there were a free version
You get a free trial but have to pay for it after a week. Also, the word color game is repetitive and not very challenging.
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6 years ago, Valquery
Fun but a little frustrating
Overall fun to play. Some of the shape questions have multiple answers but it will only accept one. That gets very frustrating. Other games are fun.
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6 years ago, Science_guy515
It works
After just the first day of training my score jumped instantly
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5 years ago, 1039385758291$&
This is an amazing app! I don’t have any problems with it whatsoever. Not only is it fun, it’s helpful, too! It’s a great use of my time.
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5 years ago, Phototaptap
Better than snood
I don’t feel like my brain is rotting when I play this game.
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3 years ago, 321sfrank
This is great to push your self and exercise your mind.
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5 years ago, Mobile Tiger Software
Beware! Will charge your account a subscription. Warning!
Apple needs to remove these thinly veiled apps created just to get you into a auto renewing subscription. I wanted to use the app but you have to agree to receiving email spam and paying a subscription. You have been warned.
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4 years ago, the queen reigns
I love Mensa...the best brain training...I’m feeling smarter all the time...kudos to the developers for a fantastic app..I feel the synapses firing every time I play this game!!
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5 years ago, chancery mom
Mensa games
These are a lot of fun and you can do them anywhere.
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3 years ago, anthonyG219
Love it!
Great way to stay sharp. Pretty inexpensive and definitely worth it!
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4 years ago, sadkittyfan
Poor graphic design
Idk of this works to train your brain or not but if I can’t compare my scores to the average I’ll never know how I’m really doing. Also it looks painfully ugly
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6 years ago, Donk81
My IQ has gone up more than 43,000 points since starting this.
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5 years ago, bafbos
Great games make you really think and react quickly
Love it
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4 years ago, susiep8
I like it!
I really enjoy this app. While I haven’t yet purchased.
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7 years ago, AnimeloverDxD
Incredible results
I was using this app to prepare for an iq test (btw im 12) and i scored 150! Great way to train your brain and raise intelligence
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