Message from Santa!

4.8 (113.7K)
135.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Class Media B.V.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Message from Santa!

4.83 out of 5
113.7K Ratings
2 years ago, girllllll love you
Why you should play this game
Santa will send you text messages and it’s really fine he will also call you and you will get to talk to him but first you have to go through some questions and what sport do you like what food you like and your name last name whatever you know so yeah that’s part of what this game does but it’s also really fun because you wanna talk to Santa can I do I like about this you can always talk to him whenever you need I also like the game or you can call him like FaceTime because on this one you can call him but you don’t get a FaceTime and that’s only thing I don’t know how but I think you can do that on this game so if you guys wanna see more of those of these games then just get more night Time reviews because this is just amazing how you go to do this and just talk to Santa all night all day whatever you want it’s just he’s really nice you know like I just got off the attacks with him and he was really nice and that’s what I like about Santa because he is not mean and he’s not mean because he gives he doesn’t take a lot of things so we should give him things like we give him cookies that’s what he gets since he gives us the presents since he likes cookies we give them cookies and he gives us presents because we like presents and that’s how it always Will be and no one can change that because Santa is the best but not as best as your parents because you know your parents help you out and that’s why you should play this game bye
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3 years ago, momoffourkings
Good but I want some things in the game
When you say say my name you should make him say your name if he says a joke maybe it’s a knock knock joke he should say knock knock and then you should say who’s there maybe if you say would you rather maybe he responds to that would you rather that’s my opinion but this game overall for kids is super nice I definitely recommend it please go check it out it is so good if you haven’t bought it yet you should it’s a very good game and I’ve been playing it for a pretty long time. The game is very nice and good I don’t recommend it please please please add everything that I sent to the game but you don’t have to if you don’t want to but those are my opinions that you should add to the game you don’t have to but if you haven’t bought this game by now it will not be a waste of your money or time it will be worth it even if it takes takes one you can have a voicemail call or message or video you can choose whatever one you want and it’s a very good game and you can play it and it’s so much fun and it’s good for kids or anybody and there’s also ones you can pay for an iPad the very good episodes and I deathly recommend doing those by.
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5 years ago, Moxy momma
Autistic son loves Santa!
This App has been a lifesaver! My son is autistic and nonverbal. Hearing Santa say that he was a good boy, and telling him he’s been put on the nice list, or that it’s time to get ready for school or bed, has helped us to reward our son and encourage good behaviors. We “talk” to Santa at least 3 times a day. We paid once and I thought it was for an endless upgrade but then it got changed to yearly. We have to watch our pennies so we’ve chosen not to keep upgrading. Maybe one day we will but I wish, when we’d originally paid extra, we’d been told that it’d eventually be changed and given an expiration date. Not a big deal; aThe free version is enough to keep our son happy, for now, and I’m very grateful for that. It also got him used to the concept of Santa Claus and now, as soon as he’s in the mall, we’re there every weekend, to say hello. You might not realize this, app creators, but you changed our lives. Thank you.
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3 years ago, KelliLH
Could be better..
This isn’t my first year with this app. I have been using it with my kids for many years. More so now with my son who has Autism. He is 12 years old. I have stuck with it because kids with Autism like consistency. He has known that app now for 8 years now. He loves it and waits every year for it and the Elf on the shelf. It does encourage him to do better during the holidays which sometimes are hard for him with all the extra going on. Sensory issues get higher that time of year. Also excitement. I just would like to see more from this app. Different apps are available now that are all in one so to say. Calls, chats, videos, photos, tracker, count down and so much more! This app really need to jump on the band wagon here. Games and activities would not be so bad either! Yeah the price may go up a little which would be okay. Unless you become over priced with bad service and product. Just my opinion though. Thanks for all the years you have brought joy to my sons life! He probably really is your biggest fan..
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3 years ago, lianajwuhgnybtgt
It’s all pretty much a video game
Hi guys I’m just calling to review about how the game works so you guys get an idea of what it is it’s a really good game your kids and call-center they can message and video voice him I believe and it is such a cool game ask your parents permission though because it asks at the beginning for your real age and it wants your name just don’t put that in the personal information i.e. I do really love the game though I always leave messages the same thing he always responds like 10 seconds after I leave it to him hi guys I’m just calling to review about how the game works so you guys get an idea of what it is it’s a really good game your kids can call Santa they can message him video voice him I believe and it is such a cool game ask your parents permission though because it asks at the beginning for your real age and it wants your name just don’t put that in the personal information i.e. I do really love the game though I always leave messages the same thing he always responds like 10 seconds after I leave it to him
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4 years ago, gabby westfield
I got this app and called my daughter over she is five and is very certain that Santa is real I let her say hi Santa and he said hello 👋 she gasped 😮Santa are are you real?he said well only people who believe can here the truth she laughed and said I believe in you Santa he laughed back and said well you already have the answer right I am real who else puts all those presents under your tree?she was so happy and said Santa I wish I could hug you 😮😮she started balling and Santa said well your on the nice list and I hope you keep it that way see you later Susie she cried literally like this:😭I will keep it like that Santa bye bye 👋 She hunt up and smiled Santa is real she said I laughed she ran away and started playing with her toys ⚽️⚾️🎾I smiled patted my back and said good job Amanda
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4 years ago, Laurie8807
Three to start
Just downloaded this to try getting my six year old to stop throwing a tantrum over pajamas and go to bed. So far I’m loving the call options. I bought the premium in order for him to say her name because she had just met a mall Santa and told him her name a few days ago. It helped convince her. With premium he will also mention a random interest that you add from a list during setup. As far as the text feature goes so far it seems only the prompts provided on the suggested list at the top of the screen warrants a response that makes sense. For instance: “am I naughty” got “I didn’t know that” and “am I on the naughty list” got “I see” but “Am I on the naughty list?” Got a response that led into conversation. I won’t be doing the text with Santa feature as my oldest would catch on to how odd the responses are pretty quick. So far pretty satisfied. I’ll add to my review as I use the app in the coming days.
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4 years ago, @@@rating1029384756
Five star 100% I absolutely love it it’s not like any other Santa messages you find on google that says the same exact thing you can literally choose a theme you want Santa to talk about!!! Like been nice to mom,been mean to mom you’ve not going to bed when told. there is literally everything you can choose that your child has been doing lately and if you are really desperate for Santa’s help he can even say that they have been put on the naughty list but there is plenty of time to change that. Or that you have been put on the nice list so keep it up or you have been put back on the nice list so keep it up. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Recommend downloading
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7 years ago, D z z
For when your child believes in Santa ...
For $2 you can personalize it so that Santa knows your kid's favorite foods, age and name. You can tailor each call to give a different message, parents, you can mix it up very easily. My daughter was amazed the first time she got the call. I never used the text nor do I plan to. The calls are short but I set expectations: "Santa is busy! He can't talk long but he's glad to speak to you when he can. He has an old phone so there's no face time. You don't know when Santa will call next." So far it's been great and my daughter is so happy at the end of each call. I am glad to have an app like this that can help us keep the magic alive.
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3 years ago, decnrjcfin
I love the app!
I honestly completely love it but one problem is my four year old little brother believes this wayyy to much one time I decided to squeduale a call for Santa Claus saying that he was moved to the naughty list for being bad and when my little brother heard Santa say that he was being moved to the naughty list he let out the biggest cry ever like he was being sentenced to death it honestly broke my heart but besides that he always has the biggest smile whenever he hears that he’s on the nice list so this app is really believeable for little kids
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7 years ago, Ttttttaaaa2222
Pros and cons
I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls. They both believe in Santa Claus. But it’s kind of hard to back-up that Santa is real when there some mistakes. Overall, I think that this is a great game for my children’s imagination. Pros: 1. Santa can call you and text you without the parent(me) to have to interfere. 2. The voicemail is fun and has a lot of different choices for my children to pick from. 3. The voice is really realistic and makes my children believe even more. Cons: 1. Too many ads 2. A lot of times when one of my children text “Santa”, it sends back weird replies. In conclusion, I think that this is a great app and very realistic. I give this app 4 stars!
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6 years ago, Summer A Katz
This is so much fun!!
OMG.. this game is the bomb! I sware I went through 4 of these kinds games and each and everyone of them were stupid!! But This game is way better, it has calling Santa and everything, but there is only on prob 🙁, you people who made this game need to add you just calling Santa just to say hi instead of choosing what to tell him, and same with the voice mail!! Who ever made this game I wanna say you guys are incredible!! I love this game and I bet a lot of people do to. I can tell who ever made this took their time. Hope you guys understand about the problem!! Love a girl named Summer 💖
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4 years ago, kbot 2243
Would give it 5 but...
The app takes way to long to load it’s the same generic message each time and my 3 year old was catching on quick saying “why dose he say the same thing?” And I honestly feel like charging people to have Santa say a name is ridiculous seems how there are so many adds... if they could make more personal for free It would a 5 out of 5 and I would be okay with the adds but because of the adds the lag and the need to pay to make it personal I give it a 2
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2 years ago, idksndjeuhrhdgnqmajw
Santa my friend
Santa not gonna lie this was the best thing you’ve done for me since the end of World War Two. As you can see Mariah Carey is gone once and for all and I am so glad you were able to accomplish this for me you are the best person in my life right now better than my therapist that does the complete opposite of therapy, I would also like to provide the suggestion that you could ask Dwayne the Rock Johnson to help you deliver gifts because he’s really strong and could carry a lot of presents. Ok good bye Santa
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5 years ago, whaisyvehsusvev
Must read.
SO it’s a okay app. It’s things u have to pay for I suggest not to waist space on ur phone for this. Soon as I downloaded and deleted this app.. my phone has been messing up. What I mean by that is my connections slowed down , it’s takes long to send messages , gets messages & phone calls & videos. When u delete it ur phone will catch up A LITTLE but not much at all. My phone is so slow I referent downloading it. Other than that it’s an ok app. My niece believed she was talking to Santa but with the letters and other things u have to pay for to make it LEGIT meaning the names and hobbies etc. you’ll see what I mean if I download it. I don’t recommend it just bc of the “lagging” that’s why u have it 2 starts bc it messed up my phone.
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1 year ago, So ba
Messaging Santa
I love this game you can put me on the naughty list or the nice list if I tell him if I’m nice or naughty and you can also call him and when is your birthday you can also call them and win win you go on voicemail you can do whatever you want on voicemail you can put people on the naughty list you can tell them you can send them your wish list yeah I am the last one is late I forgot anyways, just give me so good that I can just call him message him voicemail or video call him messaging. Santa is the best game you should try it. I hope you guys like my review.
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3 years ago, joooooffffsdh
This is a great game!!!!!!!
This game is great!!! Go to the voicemail and it will sound like you are calling him, he will answer and say I am unavailable and he will give you a choice, example: press 1 to to find out what I am doing, and you can call him and talk to him!!!put in your name in and he will say it, and tell you if you are naughty or nice, you can text him too! He will answer your questions and tell you jokes, these are my favorite parts about the game!!!!! I hope you like it!!!
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2 years ago, justD9808
Love the app but…..
We have used this app for the last 5 years. I love that you can customize it to say your child’s name even names that are unique! I also like that they have reasons for the calls, however I do wish there were more customizable reasons then what is avail. I know they do updates and change the reasons and I appreciate that. It would be nice to be able to change the reasons to what works for everyone’s families not just the pre set ones. Options like calling to encourage my son to read his books….etc.
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4 years ago, ghfb CV n
Not good too many ads will not let me play😒
Hi, this game is OK I have not gotten a player yet and there’s so many ads and they’re annoying I decided not to have the game anymore so I do not recommend a game because it says if you click on the top page thing it says you’re not eligible to download the game and it makes me real mad because I’m only seven and they don’t let me place so this is annoying please fix this.
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7 years ago, Mittemiller
Great for calls, bad for text
My kids really believe it but they now want to call everyday so I wish there was an option to take out the ask age question for multiple calls. Also do not use the texting feature that is terrible. All the answers are I'll think about it or I'm not sure. I also wished you could add a reason of call for touched their magic elf. (Elf on a shelf) I had to just choose not listening to mommy for that.
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5 years ago, sans' sister sweet
The best
I mean my little brother fell for it so yeah I think I'll have a better life now I love having this so much 2012 to now is not 2 years old will you fix that bug plus we should be allow to put our animals names in because they count as part of our family my Chihuahua is my little brother my pitbull is my big sister they are called Killer and Bella if you have it if you're with family then you shouldn't have made a family app
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3 years ago, XxTocaCamiexX
💡💡💡💡PLEASE READ!!!!!
I love your game so much! I download it sometimes for my little cousin. She loves Santa, but an 💡 It’s a voice recording so if the adult or a child could pause the voice recording for the child to speak, that would be more better, because my little cousin is like “I am so happy Santa” and he said Yes, just like one of the other reviews. I love this game and when is Christmas Eve, I’ll be ready. Thanks for reading guys! (Sorry for the haters..)
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5 years ago, Grniz4ujax
My son is doing everything he can to avoid anymore “potential naughty list” calls from Santa. He has shown terrific improvement with his behavior as a result of this app. It seems like kids tend to start acting up around the holidays and this app totally helps to get them back on track with the free personalized calls. My son loves to also get calls from Santa commending him on his wonderful behavior. This is our 2nd or 3rd year using this Santa app.
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4 years ago, Januarygirl21
Phone call from Santa.
Even thought it is Christmas Day this app still came in handy for my 4 year old to listen to for his older brother to get a call and remind him to be good all year long. My 4 year old lite up when he seen the phone ring with Santas picture on the front. With the app allowing him to answer back was also a nice addition to making it as real as possible for him to believe that Santa is watching him all year long. I would recommend this to parents with young toddlers. Michelle
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3 years ago, j fee iahnfenfnejxcn
This App is Great!
I love everything about this app and most of all, I love how “Santa” gives you time in between his sentences for you to “talk to him”. Everything else is great because you can pick out things that you want him to say to you such as put you on the naughty or nice list, tell him your name and age so its “proof” that he’s real, and put some of your interests. I love to have fun with this app with my little siblings. They really enjoy getting to talk to Santa!
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7 years ago, Cupcake0275
Please take note
The picture of Santa is horrible it looks so very fake I would recommend a real man with a real white beard next it would be nice if you had different closings at the end and also different sayings in the beginning as well but all in all my kids love it the txt feature needs to be rework more interactive I know you can make different says in the txt to help fix the problem all in all it's great app
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7 years ago, Ka$h $ingh
Santa Claus App is Excellent!
This is one of the best app's if you have kids who love Christmas and Santa Claus. The best part is that you can use this app all year long. Sometimes kids need that extra little push from someone they admire and look up to. Someone like Santa Claus is perfect to let the kids know when they transitioning from Bad to Good or vice versa and why. Excellent to keep your kids on track with almost every situation available.
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6 months ago, astri shop
This is not a scam totally for Kids!
This game is very nice because you can tell Santa everything you want and you can put your name. Literally not a scam, this is the real Santa, you won't believe me but, I met Santa and he told me that through this application I can talk to him and I did and it worked! I give this game 5 reviews because it doesn't scam me. By the way, Merry Christmas and thanks for reading.
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2 years ago, im sending a bad bad review
😏disappointed 😓😭😱😡😤🤬
Santa 🎅 says the same thang over and over if u ask a question he says I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ and don’t get me going on the calls he says press 1 if u want to speak and he says he is too busy!!!! But other wise it is the only santa app that works the santa trackers say he’s in Brazil 🇧🇷 and it’s not even Thanksgiving thank u for inventing this so we can say our opinions!!! Have a good day.
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5 years ago, Stinky tinky
Meeting Santa
When I got this app I got on it and I start texting him and then I was starting to make my profile and then I said I should be on the good list because I’ve been nice to my mom and then I called Santa and I was like are you really say Santa!? And he said yes and I couldn’t believe I was actually meeting him and talking to him and I told him I was being good for a lot of reasons I think this is a great app thank you for making this app!
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5 years ago, ❤️ makup girl
Message to Santa
I love this app but I have a question is this real Santa or is it like a fake thing please let me know other then that question I live this app but please get back to me thank you and have a great day and also one quick question What is this app made by this app makes Entering this is a cool app and makes something to do and yeah and thank you for all the good sources that this app has but please get back to me about the
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4 years ago, Angelina3706
My son who is six is going to be rapidly approaching the age of non-belief but being able to set a time and have him call when you clearly aren’t touching your phone brings back that spark of belief. I actually used it because tonight my son brushed his teeth for the whole 3 minutes without a fight so it’s also positive reinforcement not just naughty list! Great app and completely worth getting 🥰
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3 years ago, 1234ti9
Fix this please 😒
My kid loves the game but You should not have to pay for a KIDS game I am upset that I have to pay for it when it’s not that good it’s ok but please change that I need you to because it’s a kid game and I don’t like that I have to subscribe and pay money for it so please fix that problem and I don’t like that it has frequent adds the time then it’s seems less realistic and she barely plays it cause it have to many adds please fix this add thing but otherwise it’s a pretty good game and she really ❤️ Santa 🎅 so thanks for reading have a merry Christmas From: Mrs. Crosby
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4 years ago, upset over data loss!!!!
It’s the greatest Santa app ever
I use this app to tell Santa if my children are naughty or nice but then my 7 year old son found out that there were videos, call’s and messages ( of course I already knew that there were videos, call’s, and messages) and then he downloaded the app he LOVED the app then my daughter downloaded the app she needed to have help so my son helped her then... she wanted to delete the app.
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6 years ago, @steelworker
Works but owner of app should be ashamed of themselves.
It works, but right when the call ends ads for games pop up. They are loud and unexpected, the kids are like “huh?” So for the first kid, I quickly come up with the fact that Santa is leaving a game for you to tomorrow which worked. But after the second kid, it was cartoon soft core porn - a woman in a string bikini hugging a man...yeah tough to talk my way around that one with my 7 year old son. I get it - it’s an app and it’s free and it’s Santa and who cares, but seriously you should be embarrassed for yourselves. Attach that crap to some other app you are pushing to adults not to kids who still believe in Santa Claus.
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7 years ago, ReaderBee
Great idea!
My kids were so excited to have a call from Santa! This is just great. I wish there was one choice to tell Santa that we wouldn't be home and where to find us! Update: why all of a sudden do we need to sign in? And the “privacy policy” is not available on the app. Also, even if you can have him talk to more than one kid it is not personalized. He just chooses something from either Kids interests etc. I still like the app but am not happy to have to sign in and the new features are nothing special
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3 years ago, SHOCKW4VExx
So deceiving!!! Must watch ads and small checkmark to close them is a nightmare!!
All the features I was told were free, were not included and I wasted my time customizing and personalizing my sons video from Santa. Only to find out that I had to upgrade to a premium version. Why would you ask me for that info and not tell me first it was only for premium subscribers!!! Total let down, and very typical of “free” apps these days and to be honest, it feels like it’s being purposely deceptive and I don’t trust an app that makes me feel that way. Instant delete and negative review to warn others.
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6 years ago, Banshee Beth
The BEST Santa app EVER!!
We’ve used this app for 3 years and counting! I love how it can be personalized for each individual child. It can be used for one child per call or many at the same time. My grandchildren LOVE the calls from Santa and it also helps to keep the little rascals in line!! Thanks for helping us create wonderful childhood memories that will last them a lifetime. It’s truly a magical little app. 💖🎅🏼❄️🎄🌟
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5 years ago, Lauranthalas
Fantastic app
I can’t say enough good things about this app. You are able to personalize calls to your kid(s) and specifics their likes/interests. You can get several types of calls from “good job” to “you’re on the naughty list”. The reasons for the call are varied and I have had no trouble finding one that fit the situation. This app is a great way to keep kids engaged with Santa all year!
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4 years ago, potato1346
This is so helpful to my little sister! She always has believed in Santa, and I will never give that away from her! This app has made her face glow up when he “calls” and she loves the app. She always wants me to schedule a call. But there is only two things I don’t like: 1- On the messages you can’t see what you are typing so they is a downfall..... 2- When you call Santa he never says your name....... I would totally recommend this app though!!!
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4 years ago, Piggyfan2020
Good but strange
So i started playing this when i was 4 and i started seeing that santa when i asked him "Do you believe in Jesus" Santa replied "Im not sure" And santa is supposed to be doing this for Jesus. I also asked him " whats 1x2" He said nothing like thats stupid he also doesn't remember your wish list or name. I told him "my name is Crap" Santa said "what a pretty name" I was like bruhhhh either then that and some more bugs the game is good.
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6 years ago, babywendy
2 bucks
Totally worth the money. If my son is acting up, I hurry and pull this app out and pretend like Santa is calling. He totally falls for it! He is 5 years old. I also use it if he did something good as well! Just wish when we’d call Santa he’d hurry up and get to the point lol. He talks sooooo slooowwwwww. This is a wonderful app. I love that you can customize it and it says his name! Definitely worth 2 dollars.
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1 year ago, PhxGurlz123
I have a suggestion
I have a suggestion. So great app but when you try to put your name in before you call Santa, it doesn’t really work. Me and my whole family have unique names, each and every one of us. What I really do not like is that there are only specific names that work. And I can not wait 1-10 days for my name to be submitted. Please fix this and have every name available at all times. Thank you for your time.
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5 years ago, Forbiddenlady
Love this app
This is one of the best app out there. The only issue as my son got older he tried to have conversations with Santa when he called and thought Santa was not listening when he was speaking lol. I told him that Santa just couldn’t hear him with all the elf making noise in the background. He believed it lol. Now I just don’t have Santa call him. But he love to text Santa and leave him voicemails.
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3 years ago, Marcy01
WeLove it
We’ve been using this app for years. It’s been awesome. We started when my daughter was about 3. And now with 2 more kids it’s even more fun. The kids find something they really want tv/ christmas gift books. They go nuts and quickly need to tell Santa. It’s also a great reminder they need to be on their BEST behavior!
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4 years ago, blue crawfish
My 8 year old daughter loved her first call. Smile on her face was priceless! Until the call ended and the “do you love this app! Rate it!” message popped up. She immediately realized it was an app that called her and was kind of upset. If you’re going to ask for an app rating, maybe it could be done at a time OTHER than 2 seconds after the call ends while the child is still holding the phone. A tech-savvy child who can read will realize what just happened.
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2 years ago, Kalilund
An absolute Christmas MUST!
My kids 100% believe in this, and it also supports me in celebrating their good behavior and achievements by having Santa give them a call to give them kudos. My 6-year-old was starting to become skeptical of Santa’s existence, but this app is super believable and helps her hold onto the Santa magic a little longer.
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2 years ago, Aubrey😏😙😙😋😝😙😝😻
One thing...
Great game but if you go to the text and you put in emoji it only showed the word that you typed but not the emoji I know this might sound weird but I really like emojis so if you could make a to where a you can type emoji‘s I will go back to just review and change it to five stars and write the review all over again but only if you let it have emoji‘s in the text 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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4 years ago, Afhigsbkfdiv
I have had this app for 2 Christmases now, and love it. However, I got logged out of the app and am trying to log back in with Facebook (which is how I always logged in before), and I keep getting and error message saying that the app is still in development and I don’t have permission to access it. I paid for the subscription, and would like to be able to log back in and use the app with the personalized options! Can someone help?!
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6 years ago, 12345#ar
Well Santa Claus isn’t direct response in the text he says I don’t know that a lot, but it’s nice that he replys right away. Also for the naughty or nice video I’m not sure I heard why I was naughty or nice , so please fix that. Otherwise he sounded like Santa all the way and it’s better than going to the mall or something to see Santa. But I don’t really understand why there is premium. I mean you don’t get much for the price. Otherwise it’s nice.
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