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User Reviews for MeTV App

2.53 out of 5
619 Ratings
4 years ago, B in SC
Live stream
Is live stream available in the Chas. SC area? There is now where I have found that will tell me the answer. I seem to get the commercial fine, but the show doesn’t begin. I’ve tried a couple different time. Sad, because that is the only feature I am currently interested in using. Love the channel, the rare times I am home near a television, but have a midday break and no tv, would like to catch up on the Walton’s. Love that show... can’t tune in. Disappointed.
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1 month ago, Con Trappe Shun
I like all the old TV Westerns from to 50s thru the early 70s
Why can’t I live stream your channel on my iPhone 14 Pro Max? Most of Houston doesn’t have cable or internet since the storm on Thursday. I was hoping to catch Bonanza on my iPhone. Any suggestions? Also the Rifleman is so time compressed that I have a hard time making out the dialog and the CC can’t keep up. Maybe you could run fewer promos so your viewers can hear or read the dialog. Sometimes there is a lot of pixelation and signal loss on your Houston (Katy affiliate. Even with the problems I see, the classic Westerns in your lineup far surpasses a few technical glitches. Lauren (a daily viewer.)
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3 years ago, PUGGZZ
I like the Flintstones a lot...but do you really need four episodes at a time?...really? And then to take other shows like Momma’s Family and the Sunday morning educational shows off to accommodate something that should be on at 3:30 in the afternoon?...again ...Really? What kind of morons do you have putting this stuff out? All your doing is ruining what could have been the best channel on tv and it’s like nobody there is smart enough to figure it out! Oh well...back to channel surfing. Wonder Woman was hard enough to get used to but eventually it got to be Saturday evening ritual. Well you took off Wild Wild West and replaced it with the Three Morons and now you’ve replaced Wonder Woman with even more Three Morons...what...? Are you just begging people to quit watching your channel? Ok don’t have to tell me twice. Good riddance!!!
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2 years ago, JodsterFL
Just as bad as all the reviews say it is
Thinking of cutting my cable and started looking for alternative ways of accessing my favorite channels. Found this app and read the reviews. Decided to load it anyway, hoping against hope that it had improved since the reviews were written. If you’re looking to stream programs live, forget it. Even though I live in the Orlando service area, and still have cable, can’t stream anything. I thought perhaps the app might provide access to a library of shows to access on demand. Nope. The only thing I was able to play were lots and lots of commercials. Interface is not user-friendly… non-intuitive, difficult to navigate. I deleted this app within 15 minutes. Don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, Heaving Seraph293
Couple of issues
I really like the Metv app, but I have a couple of issues with it. First, in short, I wouldn’t be able to share an idea for a quiz if I had one, because every time I’m on the app and I tap where it says “share with us” ideas for a fan made quiz, nothing happens. Secondly, whenever I go to the search engine on the app and find a fun looking quiz, then tap to do it, again nothing happens. Please fix these issues right away! Other than said issues, I have no problem with this app whatsoever. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Damnitman44
You advise this app as a tv app when really all it is is a TV guide app. What crap what gall what a load of bull. Oh, come to our app with our shows oh we’re great we’re fantastic we’re the best app. Bull malarkey. You just a TV guide and that’s all you are. I signed up chose my channel and the app isn’t linked to the channel at all. If you gonna offer something offer something but you don’t. TV guide for one channel what a rediculous load of crap. I thought I’d be able to use the app to watch tv shows since it’s a local station anyway and it’s free so the app should be able to take you to the station and let you watch tv. But it don’t. Just a stupid TV guide. Come on get real and start advertising your app for what it is. A damned TV guide that you can’t even watch tv from.
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6 months ago, MANIA.tat-2
Great channel
I love this channel! It would be nice to reduce some of the shows to 1hr max, to allow for others to be on more often. Maybe even one episode at a time and let the shows move around a bit more instead of being one solid chunk for two hours. Overall, toon in with me and svenghoulie are so much fun, and sat am cartoons are great just would like to see a bit less long chunks of the same shows everyday.
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11 months ago, Dane Rathskeller
App is too Unpredictable
I love watching METV, but this app is very poor at streaming shows. For starters, I’m on PST / PDT, but it’s playing shows one hour ahead of what’s currently showing on cable. Next, the app itself is largely inconsistent in its ability to play shows. One moment, it’ll be working fine without interruption, but the next, it’ll cut out and have trouble buffering to the point I miss large sections of a tv episode. This is not a connection issue either, as this happens on my phone and those of my friends who have also tried the app, regardless of wherever we might be. Finally, the app has an issue at times where it just rewinds itself 15 or 20 seconds and plays the same section of tv show over and over again, then will skip past whatever section of the show it misses, leaving you missing chunks of whatever you’re watching. Overall, I have no choice but to rate this app one star. It behaves too unpredictably to give it any more than that.
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3 years ago, curehead69
And The Point Is...
Worthless app. Can’t watch any live TV at all. So what’s the point? Listen folks, I’m not gonna waste anymore of my time nor yours by restating what has already been stated regarding the ineptitude of this app and the fact that it doesn’t play anything live when all we really want to do is watch quality TV programming like Svengoolie… Come on now people let’s get this nonsense to work now, shall we? And please don’t respond with the standard “...tell me where you are from and we’ll troubleshoot it for you...”. If you respond with that statement I’ll know that you were not reading my review and that you were just throwing in standard responses.
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9 months ago, Not Happy Fan 1
Bring back Star Trek!
I understand and love the abbreviated Halloween Season, but to have 4 1/2 hours of Svengoolie followed by that ridiculous Sventoonie, while stopping the airing of Star Trek is unacceptable! 2 1/2 hours of Svengoolie and not having Sventoonie, is barely acceptable. Nothing against Svengoolie, who has become an icon, but things were much better when he was on from 8 until 10. I also realize it’s only during the month of October (I hope), but pulling Star Trek is a slap in the face to us devoted fans. Put it back on, make Svengoolie only 2 hours long again and trash that ridiculous Sventoonie!
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1 year ago, 1-Man
(NO STARS!) Over air station is great, app is lousy!
The only reason to bother with this app is the Live stream of the broadcast and it is utterly DEFECTIVE JUNK at that! All the rest is on their stupid website. How you can screw this up in this day and age makes you unfit for market! EXPLAIN why and how it is the Live broadcast feed runs one hour ahead in app?! There's no time difference. It's based on the local affiliate plain and simple. The Live feed of broadcast is totally unreliable, so unstable it constantly freezes and skips, even inexplicably replays the previous few moments. Are you kidding?! Even the most inept company in America, Spectrum's app doesn't do that and is quite robust in comparison not to mention their's streams hundreds of channels and there is no problem flipping around, rarely freezing and never skipping. And this can't even handle its one channel! And so sloppy incompetent they have typos and broken English in this app!
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3 years ago, Mikeyfromtheburg
Why did they even bother
If there were razzie awards for bad apps this would be a strong contender. I’m not sure what this app is supposed to be or do. It doesn’t load enough information to tell me what its purpose is. Half or more of the information on a page does not load on my iPhone so there’s no way of knowing what it doesn’t have. And what does load only intermittently loads anything further than a heading. I’m not sure where they hired the programmers for this thing from but it appears to me to be an elementary school student’s homework failure. Too bad you can’t give it negative stars.
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4 years ago, watcher in the woods
Watcher in the woods
ME TV offers something others can not or just don’t...The ability to make people relax turning back the years to a more innocent time period... stories of family, good deeds and morality. I enjoy watching leave it to beaver with my’s good for the soul and easier on the brain...but at night the Andy Griffin Show will always be my favorite for that show is timeless. Keep up the good work And thank you
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4 years ago, cmu2018
Can no longer get anything to stream
One of my favorite shows and the reason I got this app was to watch Svengoolie. It worked perfect before. But now all I get is and advertisement (which of course comes in with no issue) the a picture of the movie then buffering. Then goes to a play button with a circle and line thru it. What happened?? I am using iPad and located in NW Indiana. Whatever changes you made it is terrible. Everything else streams fine so I know it’s not my internet service. And since I have streamed this show before. I know it was available. Give me back a reliable app.
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4 years ago, Walton Smith
It just doesn’t work!!!
When ever I open it after I log in it always kicks me out and I delete it then reinstall it. I have probably deleted it and reinstalled it like 8 times!! So can you guys please fix this because I love MeTV and I wanted to get the app to I can watch it without being in the living room to watch it, so it is very disappointing that it is not working so please fix it!!😢
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5 months ago, dam it boy
Why would you take happy days off and put a team on ? When we were little happy days had mord looking at it then too ? At least put on at another time but kerp it on. I agree 100 percent and take off hours of mash my land it’s all I want to see back to back every night
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4 weeks ago, Angie walters
Not the right shows
I grew up watching an old TV shows all of my life and I know I’m all, but when you put someone’s favorite show on top of another show, that is not cool especially for Hogan‘s heroes, you switched it out with Modern Family put it back please Hogan‘s heroeson the right schedule and the right time
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2 years ago, dontwant you to read this
I can’t get your channel anymore
I love you channel, I have four tv’s and two have different antenna’s. And the last four or five days I have not been able to get your channel, I really miss the shows, I have moved the antenna and rebooted the tv’s and cannot get MeTV. I hope you will soon be back. Thank you. Debbie
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3 years ago, dj in Austin
Love MeTV, app is awful
90% non-functional app. Can’t watch anything mirroring, can’t watch live, stuck on same add playing over and over, broken record style. Buffering is awful. Very buggy. I got rid of cable and thought I’d stream using the app. It may have not been created to do that, because it certainly doesn’t. Very bad interface. Please hire a highschool kid to rewrite this app. Can’t cost more than $35 to find someone who can rewrite it and make it great. Who reviewed the SW release and said ‘oh yeah, perfect, release it to the public.’ ??
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3 years ago, Margie O13
Don’t get anymore
I have watched MeTV every sense I went to antenna. Now I can’t pick it up 😢‼️ it’s my favorite station.. What happened ? My station is in Nashville Tn. I need MeTV to survive. Also, I’m on my iPad and can’t watch it on here at all. Is there a special place to go to watch on here ? Please help me and my Hubby. We are 67 and need the channel back ‼️
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2 years ago, Honore1035
Buggy app
I have this app installed on my iPhone and spending so much time opening and closing the app just trying to view a program. It’s very rare to be able to view a full show without it going on the blink in less than three seconds. Then have to rewatch another commercial, usually insurance, before having the show interrupted once again when the screen goes blank. I noticed that the app hasn’t been updated in a while. Maybe it’s time? Version 3.0.6 is long overdue!!
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4 years ago, @duffy#4
Regarding Return to Mayberry movie
For over a month you advertised for the movie. But it never showed up on the schedule to be able to record it. Al the schedule ever showed was ring of honor wrestling and to be determined. I was planning on recording but it never showed up as being on the schedule. I was able to watch most of the movie but that’s confusing when it’s set up that way
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3 years ago, Old tv show junkie
I really need help!
It says I set MASH as a favorite but I didn’t! Please help and also other show! I had this app a long time ago and I had some shows as favorites but I want to start over and it’s not letting me “unfavorite” the shows I had as favorites! Kind’ve frustrating!
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3 years ago, Sherri4347
This app is very misleading. It is more of a guide and not a live streaming app. It also says that my debit card will not be charged which was totally in accurate. I had to call the number that my debit card was charged from through this app to get my money back and hopefully cancel the upcoming subscription it had me set up for automatically. It also charged me a one dollar fee right upfront after telling me there would be no charge on my card! People beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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9 months ago, k toe
Change perry masion
Would like to see something else at9:00am instead of perry masion 13 years is enough and leave it to bever has had its day the rest of program is good. I just hate to change channel just for those shows
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1 year ago, akasten224
So riddle me this ok, why did you have to go and take full house off especially when it was only on on Sundays? Why instead of taking full house off, why couldn’t you just shorten one of the other shows from several episodes a day to just a couple of episodes a day and leave full house alone, because it just so happens that a lot of people liked to watch full house. If you had to get rid of any show then get rid of the Carol Burnett show.
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4 years ago, lajlajlajlaj
Please make this happen
It’s a good app but for the Channel I would like to see less western and like bring something like family matters or full house and shows like I love Lucy should be later in the day not at 6 in the morning and add cartoons like I saw that I think looney tunes is being added but add stuff like popeye and not only on weekends and like in the evening would be nice
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3 years ago, Healthy cooking
I was excited to find out you would be airing Captain Kirk. Please change the time. Emit news always come on at 10 pm. You advertise Hogans Hero for 10pm. It comes on at 10:30. I’ve missed several of your shows, due to the news coming on. Is there any way you can rearrange your 10 pm time schedule? Thanks, Charlene Mackall
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4 years ago, David13478
I could not watch live and all I saw was ads. The ads would play and then it would go blank, and ads start all over again which is very annoying. Can you please fix this. I am a fan of old school shows and like the METV channel that is why I got the app. However I can’t even watch the shows.
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4 years ago, dengen58
Please add a streaming option
I love Metv programming and lost it when i dropped cable, but it’s not worth $200/ month for one channel. Hook up with Philo or You tube tv. My favorites are Andy Griffith and the Waltons, but i would be watching it all day and night if i could. Im 62 and others in my age group likely agree.
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3 years ago, jojo in mo
Monk is a Fail
I am an avid MeTV fan. Just about the only worthwhile channel on today’s dismal television. It’s wholesome and fun. I adore the westerns. I understand how it’s not MeTV’s fault Columbia is over, but Monk is neither classic nor close to Columbia-quality. Frankly, it’s boring and obnoxious. Please find another show to replace Columbo. Please.
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2 years ago, Didntwanna.
Friggin useless
I live w/in 30 miles of knlc24 Saint Louis, our METV carrier. Sketchy signal even with all the cheats I could find for reception. Downloaded the app. 5 g four bar, full WiFi strength, no luck. They broadcast seemingly when they want to and preempt most of my target interest shows. If you love to miss your shows, this is the app for you. Locks up, drops out, repeats itself. The only thing that faithfully plays are the commercials when you initialize livestream. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Rll2012
Latest update
Your latest update has a big problem. When I try to select anything to look at in the “shop” section, the app dies. Kind of a big problem, if I was going to buy something from it. So you might want to fix it.
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2 years ago, a user of cvs app for iphone
works poorly often
the app fails often, except for one exceptional, incredible ability, to show advertising. The advertising always plays, but the shows fail to stream, then you start app again, watch the ad, and show fails. Some days it works as expected. Many days, it just fails, except for th3 ads. If you can stream the ads perfectly, repeatedly, why does the show fail? the ads never fail.
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12 months ago, Strachan
Practically Unusable
First, had a heckuva time creating an account. When I finally managed to do so and was logged in, I tried clicking to add some shows to Favorites. I was told to Log In to be able to Favorite shows. Clicked the Log In button, was taken to an account details screen where I have the option to log OUT. Crazy. Gotta delete this thing until it works. I can watch on the DirecTV app anyway. Disappointing.
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1 year ago, sldeyo
Used to be able to
Livestream the channel and have all the programs 1 hour ahead of the over the air shows. Now, do to blackouts in the area I can’t live stream anything. Believe all the bad reviews. This app is only good for commercials, what’s coming next and viewer polls. Someone needs to work on a better line up of shows and this app. It has promise but someone has dropped the ball.
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3 years ago, MeTV B
Episode information.
I enjoy looking at the episode information that’s offered on the app, I would just like to see a little more information such as the dates that the episodes first aired.
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5 months ago, FredDaBomb
Hogan’ Hero’s
I love Hogan’s Hero’s… I watch them again and again every day there’s just something about that show! yes they go through all the seasons and then go through them again and I never miss a one! please keep it going boys and girls!!
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2 years ago, MistaFroot
This app is a clutter of randomness
Ok, so- basically from the start when I tried logging in I could but the interface is trash. I couldn’t even see what I was typing. Please fix the sign up page, also going in the app it’s very hard to find shows to watch. In conclusion, you’s need to fix the whole layout in general because it’s very very messy.
Show more
2 years ago, CousinDeke
Metv in the Rhode Island area
I dislike very much that MeTV has not been moved to another channel on the Cox channel lineup. I’m very disappointed with the company for what you have done, I’m a huge MASH fan and Ed Sullivan fan as well, now I have to watch MASH on Friendly Tv and this app doesn’t carry Ed Sullivan. I suggest you do thing fast because I’m sick of missing my shows, evidently the customer doesn’t come first in your eyes. Right now, I rate you with a fat 0 ZERO!
Show more
4 years ago, Stephe M
Very cool
I just downloaded it and I already love it. Very fun and convenient. Highly recommend to anyone who likes old shows. It notifies you when a show is coming on, as well as gives you a personal and fun experience.
Show more
3 years ago, newsgirl44
Two stars because although I enjoy the variety of classic shows METV offers, the app will not allow me to watch/ livestream anything and claims to not be able to get my current location. When, and IF, the developers fix this issue, I will come back and update my review, including the number of stars the app gets.
Show more
3 years ago, JBDolen
Live stream is buggy at best
Live stream is very inconsistent. It skips, repeats and freezes all the time. Makes it hard to watch anything. And sometimes it tells me a certain show is not available in my area when I know it is since I watch it all the time. Well, I try to watch it while it jumps around and freezes on me.
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1 year ago, Bill the Seahawk Fan
Yeah, MeTV!
All I really need from this app is an accurate schedule—which I suddenly have! The app does obviously include other features, and I do enjoy them, but the key thing will always be the program guide. Thanks for listening to your viewers, MeTV!
Show more
2 months ago, CindisukiBee
Terrible App
This app use to let you watch shows live stream and now they want you to find the tv antenna channels! Why not have both options?! What if I’m out somewhere?! I already pay for cable service which should connect automatically like other cable channels?! Too many tech issues as well! A waste of time and too far behind on being tech savvy!
Show more
2 years ago, Whistler47
Fingerhut Commercial?
This commercial with the woman in the lawn pushing a lawnmower and swinging her braids is very disturbing to watch. Not sure why this commercial was made, still waiting for Fingerhut to respond. Do they think black people will buy more products by seeing this commercial. I turn the channel ever time it comes on. I say take it off the air and get your money back and do a decent commercial for Fingerhut.
Show more
3 years ago, ScottMoreno
Who Done It?
I noticed where I’m at in Burbank, every hour on the hour MeTV would freeze up, stop or whatever it’s doing it freezes, and since all the shows start 12mins late I would always miss the ending of the show!! And I would never know who did it! Nice trick MeTV! Haha. Maybe that adds to the magic of the network?
Show more
4 years ago, Victor 68
Blind user
First of all, this app is in accessible to blind users of iOS who use the screen reader called voiceover. I have created an account, but I cannot login because your app will not allow me to do so. Please make your app accessible according to the standards of the iOS App Store and the Americans with disabilities act. Secondly, it appears that streaming on your app is not available in Reno Nevada. Please make it available here as soon as possible. Thank you.
Show more
1 year ago, hfjoggj(
A Big Mess
The app knows my location and time zone, yet it lists the upcoming program, which won’t begin for a half hour or more, as what is currently on the air. It has been this way for more than one year. Is anyone aware of this? Does anyone even care? This app is little more than a sorry joke. It’s amazing, how careless MeTV apparently is. They just don’t care. Shameful yet shameless.
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4 years ago, KatydidB
Can’t watch live.
I was excited to get this and as soon as I installed it, I tried to watch the program that was on. Spent an hour trying. Couldn’t get anything but a 26 second Flintstone commercial. Then, by accident, I found a statement that this channel cannot be streamed live in all cities. That should be made clear right up front!!
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