4.8 (54K)
66.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
EPIX Entertainment LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for MGM+

4.83 out of 5
54K Ratings
6 days ago, 5Stars +
Wish I could afford this beyond the trial
The MGM Movie App is a fantastic platform for movie enthusiasts. With its vast library of classic and contemporary MGM films, the app offers something for everyone. The user interface is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to browse and find movies. High-quality streaming ensures an excellent viewing experience, and the app's personalized recommendations help you discover new favorites. Whether you're in the mood for a timeless classic or a modern blockbuster, the MGM Movie App is a must-have for film lovers.
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2 years ago, Gaspatchosoup
Coming soon
Lol I just can’t with this crap. I go to report the issue on the developers site and can’t submit my issue. I’m stuck in a loop of verifying I’m not a robot. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SPEND IT ELSEWHERE. 4 days later and still cannot watch a movie that cam out per the app 4 days ago. What is the point of a streaming app if you can’t stream what you say comes out? 2 days later and still can’t watch a movie that came out on the service 2 days ago. Lol this service is such a joke it’s not even funny. Been waiting weeks for this movie to drop and it says Monday July 18th. Today is July 19th. Go to watch the movie and I’m told it comes out July 18th. Again we are a day past that. I almost don’t even want this service being free for a year. I got a year free from my internet provider and after using it for less than a month I would never pay for the service. They post movies in the coming to EPIX section (the longest I have seen) a month and a half before it’s available to watch. One movie I was like oh I’ll watch this said it’s would be coming in a month after clicking on it. 2 weeks before it’s out they moved it from the coming soon section and put it in the section it belongs action and adventure even though you still could not watch it. I have had most streaming services and never seen anything this bad. Just post the movies the week they come out not almost in 2 months also don’t post the movie in it’s section till it comes out as it causes a lot of confusion.
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5 years ago, Troublesum1980
Buyer beware
So I subscribed to this app just to watch a certain show I have been dying to see. On June 30th my free week trial expired and I was charged the $6 for a month service. Totally fine and expected. Well, 4 days later on July 4th I noticed ANOTHER $6 charge on my bank account. Upon investigation, it was a second charge for a separate epix service THAT I NEVER SIGNED UP KET ALONE AGREED TO PAY FOR. After several back and forth emails with epix customer service, i received an email bluntly stating there was nothing they could and to contact iTunes. So I did. iTunes informed me this was a completely separate service for “apple tv” and could not tell me when or how I was signed up for it. I canceled both services and iTunes informed me that I would receive a refund for the second $6 charge “sometime in the next 30 days” living pay check to pay check ad a lot of people do these days, this has caused my bank account to be overdrawn by a friggin dollar. Since I’m on good terms with my bank, they have waived the overdraft fees after I showed them the emails thank god. Because of that, I’m not pushing this any further and am just done with it. Just wanted to give people a heads up as nobody could tell me how or why this happened. But, I did get to watch my show and enjoyed it thoroughly so not a total loss here. Very frustrating though.
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10 months ago, Frustrated in Summerville
Movies locked though paid
I have to say that I’m very disappointed. I’m a movie critic with near 7,000 followers. I enjoyed the trial, then was charged … subscription ending August 20th. It seems I didn’t get what I paid for because I am blocked from casting or watching a lot of shows on there like I don’t have a subscription at all, even though I paid after the trial for that short amount of time. I can’t review or promote any shows on my page. I thought I could enjoy it and review certain shows on my page and bring it to my people but apparently I can’t. I choose shows and they have padlocks on them. Even though I paid till August 20. I may seem like a small hat, but my followers have more friends than I do and when I get 14 shares to their people, it’s a way bigger audience. I so wanted to review Chronicle on my page. I thought I have until the 20th to have free reign to do that sort of thing but I guess I don’t. I guess I will be just letting my subscription run out. Sad. I didn’t want to post this publicly, but had no choice. There was no other way to contact anybody. I’m just sad about it.
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12 months ago, Your Fellow Software Developer
Incomplete Mess
I have no idea how this app has a 4.8 star rating. It is the worst streaming app I have ever used. First off, the native app on my Samsung smart tv doesn’t even allow you to play content, only trailers (because that makes sense). It has this knock-off airplay feature that doesn’t work, all I saw was a black screen no matter what I tried to cast. You can use airplay and chrome cast though which is the only way you can actually watch this stuff on your TV. In addition, the skip intro button takes you a minute or so past the end of the intro, making it useless, and the next episode countdown starts well before the end of each episode. Gotta stay on your toes and be ready to cancel it if you don’t want it to randomly stop playing towards the end of each episode. From is a good show, but this app is painfully bad.
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5 years ago, indigovenice
This would have been a 5star review if only...
I eagerly signed up for EpixNow membership and during the trial period was able to download and watch some series and movies. I need the downloading option because I usually don’t have access to fast internet connection. Anyways I liked the library and had lots of stuff waiting on my watch list. I was definitely going to be a permanent subscriber. Then as soon as my trial period ended, I was never able to download another movie! Always got an error message to say this can’t be downloaded at this time please try again. But again never came 😟 I guess this may be due to a slow internet connection but I do think that if EpixNow was apply to deliver movie downloads during the trial period that they should be able to do so after a customer becomes a subscriber. Come on guys, if Netflix can do it you can too 🙏🏻 I paid my first months subscription without being able to download a single movie 😤 I will definitely change my rating and resubscribe to EpixNow if you guys can do something that caters for those of us who do not have access to fast internet speed
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8 months ago, cheriscs
Doesn’t work with Apple TV app
I just purchased a subscription of MGM+ on my iPad. When I downloaded the app through Apple TV and went to watch it there, it wouldn’t let me login. It kept telling me that Two-factor Authentication is required on my Apple device. That’s fine except it is already turned on on both of my devices and I am stuck now. What do I do? Based on all the really bad reviews this MGM+ app is getting, I highly suggest they hire and expert to completely start over. No other streaming app is giving me this issue. They don’t care that I’m logged into AppleTV and don’t care if I have Two-factor Authentication turned on or not. Fix your app, MGM!!! You’re going to lose a lot of customers if you don’t! I’m already tired of you and am going to cancel.
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5 years ago, ncdjs
Re Deep State episodes missing from season 2 on Directtv
I began watching the Epix channels this summer during the month long free trial on Directtv. I was able to watch all 8 episodes of the Deep Sttate series. I recently signed up for the Epix channels for $5.99 a month through Directtv so I could watch season 2. I am finding that episodes 3&5 of Deep State season 2 are missing from the on demand Directtv lineup. I have inquired several times both with Directtv and Epix and have gotten no where. Directtv says it is Epix who needs to add them and Epix says Directtv is responsible for adding them. So I am disappointed at this time. Epix if you are reading this can you fix this problem? Thanks
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2 years ago, SantaFe
Download option buggy, needs work
I was heading to an off-the-grid cabin this week and had just started War of the Worlds S3, so I downloaded the next three episodes to watch on my iPad Mini 6th gen. Total fail. The app refused to function without a wifi or cellular connection. When I finally got wifi again on a trip to town, the app opened but the first episode I'ddownloaded failed to load and start playing; then all the downloads' status switched from downloaded to expired. I'd also downloaded a movie and it played fine, but if I stopped watching and then went back to continue, there was no resume function and I had to scrub scan to find where I'd left off. Yikes!
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12 months ago, Cecil Be
Low amount of content. No 4K.
Hello MGM, has anyone at your company ever tried viewing a streaming service before developing one? 95% of the low number of movies you stream are available on other streaming services (paramount, max, etc) in 4K quality. As of June 25, 2023 you have exactly two movies that are 4K quality. None of your 4K series are in 4K on the app. The player should be integrated with Apple TV but is not. The player should give us some info on the video we are streaming (ie video quality) it does not. I was going to sign up for 1 year but decided it would not be worth it since there is barely any content that is not better viewed on other streaming services. The 2 original shows you have can be binged within the free trial period. There is barely any content from the MGM library, 4K or otherwise, on the app. This is a true disappointment as I am otherwise a big fan. There should be separate profiles for separate viewers on the account but I don’t mind cause no one else I would share this with wants to watch anything you stream. Maybe next year, if you’re still trying.
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10 months ago, Distractible Id
Could use some UI improvements
I got this specifically for “From” and I’m pleased with most other content options. My issues are with the app itself. It doesn’t save your place if you stop in the middle of watching something, and neither does it have the option to skip forward or backward by 10-30 seconds like most other streaming apps. I’ll probably cancel after the free trial, but I’d also keep it around if these options were available. All complaints aside though, “From” is 10/10 and when season three comes out, I’ll sign up again just for that.
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2 years ago, josemLorenzo
The app is great.
I love how the app gives you options to which device you would like to display the movie or show to first because I just think it gets the entire having to skip forward and backwords to a movie you watched on your phone out of the way, it is so much less work and a great addition. I also love the vast amount of choices there are so many great movies and so many great actors in the movies.
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3 months ago, zjfngufyeb
Don’t fail login 3 times or you’re locked out.
Locked out until they decide to unlock it or …..when? Nothing says how long you’re locked out for. I even reset my password and it still says I am locked out. And no I didn’t fail the login after resetting my password. No other app like this, that I am aware of, does this. If I reset my password it should unlock my account immediately, not when the website is good and ready to do so. I actually got an email back while typing this. Apparently you’re locked out for 24 hours if you fail your login attempt and there is nothing they can do about it “Due to customer privacy and security reasons” I am the customer!
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5 years ago, fckepx
Apps are way too confusing
So there are separate Epic apps along with separate subscriptions. This is confusing for customers to choose which is best for you and Epix doesn’t explain ANY of this before purchasing. Then when I tried to download the app for my iPad the process to sign in was way too complicated, and I’m a millennial, I know about computers and applications and no way should watching a movie or choosing a subscription should be this complicated. Make sure you’re downloading to correct app because Epix banks on the fact that you won’t understand and will end up paying for both subscriptions. Definitely not user friendly unless you’re already subscribed to Epix through your service provider.
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1 year ago, ph2-4
Issues with streaming over cell service.
Was working good at the beginning and able to over my cell data but recently now states network connection lost. So I am not able to use this unless on wi-fi. I am only able to use cell data via the website… so I guess that is a work around I suppose until the issue is fixed.
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2 months ago, JPski333
Quality VS Accessibility
MGM by selection is certainly a wonderful source to have. However, being able to access things and go through the app and being able to manage subscriptions can be a nightmare. If you have the patience and perhaps the tactical know how better than average then you should be more than satisfiedexperience but hardly what you would call prospecting for gold as most of the gold is there already
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3 years ago, romigonz07
Great select different from other streaming services
Love the options, and having app on my phone. Wish they had the ability to stream on my smart TV but that’s why there is the Roku. I tried also using it on my laptop, but that feature is not available yet but it looks like they are working on it! I got my free 30 day trial from Domino’s Pizza, so glad I get to try this out for free just by buying a pizza. I recommend the app so far, just wish it was accessible online and through smart televisions.
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1 year ago, johnq23
Your app is same as what used be epiX network
Fact epix tv network is epix network is no more MGM+ app now has tv network as many heard. What upset me there no ability log in with tv provider. I noticed trend. Just because you have network doesn’t mean be able log in with tv provider same goes for Disney plus and paramount plus which also have tv networks. Make you wonder why bother with membership and just watch what network offers. Unless you have money throw away on this and others.
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2 years ago, Erelon
Difficult to use
The interface is pretty clunky for finding stuff and managing my list. Why does the app have so much trouble remembering where I am in an episode or even which episode I’m on in a series? And why do I have to log back in every one or two days? It stopped me in the middle of a show yesterday to have me log back in. And how come I have to tell it I don’t to cast every time I watch something? Why can’t that be a default? The only thing keeping this from one stars is i got this free from my internet company and I am interested in some of the shows.
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1 year ago, lalberto22
Not worth paying for
In all honesty, this app is terrible. The app itself is very glitchy, it constantly restarts episodes that you’ve already watched, it doesn’t save settings such as closed captioning from episode to episode, it “drops” network connection even on WiFi and when all other apps work, and it logs me out all the time. This is just to name a few things off the top of my head. The show/movie selection is 95% things I’ve never heard of, 4% movies from 3 decades ago, and 1% From, which is the only reason I even still have this app.
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1 year ago, gojirathemonster
It won’t let me watch “From”
So, I bought the subscription and it was very good. I was really enjoying War of the Worlds and From. But suddenly, when I was about to finish episode 5, it suddenly won’t let me continue watching. I can watch everything else, but for some reason, it says every episode of From after episode 2 is unavailable. Please fix this
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4 years ago, amber43560
Highly Recommend
You really can’t beat $6 per month for any streaming service nowadays. I may be the minority here, but even as a tech dork, I still love live feeds. 🤷‍♀️ Epix Now on Roku has a great interface including both on demand content as well as live channels. I also use it here on my iPhone. I was disappointed that the Epix Now app was unavailable on my fire tablet but the regular Epix app was available. Odd. Overall, I highly recommend.
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3 weeks ago, maemaeeeeee
Truly disappointed
I love watching “from”. Which is only available in MGM. I use their streaming services and pay for it. Not sure why I’m doing this being that I can’t use the app on my fire tv without it buffering… I restarted my fire stick as well as cleared the cache on from the MGM app. No luck. So I decided to watch on my phone, being that I can download it before watching… the download is done successfully, however the episode still buffers. This is frustrating. And it’s not like it’s my fire stick. Since this is happening with ever device used. I also tried it on my iPad… same issue…
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2 months ago, Nick.cord
Not the most friendly app when it comes to maneuverability.
What I dislike most about MGM plus app is that it is not even available on the LG store! They sell so many TVs they must be shortly behind Apple and Google. Otherwise the app is in need of some improvements regarding filtering, availability. Improvements to continue watching selections removing them should just be a hold down on icon. You guys should just better follow the ones that have stood the test of time to this new age like HBO. Their app is good.
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5 years ago, SojahQueen
Didn’t sign-up EPIX-NOW
I already have EPIX NOW CHANNEL/APP I was billed $5.99 Nov. 12th my reg. billing and $6.39 for a 2nd EPIX I never applied for on Nov. 23. I happen to receive a receipt in my email, and been trying to get information everyday since. I don’t need 2 EPIX CHANNEL and I only have one APP. After reading these reviews I am canceling the latest one, since I don’t understand how I got it in the first place.
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4 months ago, Lazarus8
So Happy To Learn of The Mobile App
I was elated to learn I could subscribe via the mobile app after having canceled my Prime subscription. It is not available on my LG smart TV so the mobile app appears to be my only alternative. My only gripe is that it does not permit me to cast to my television which I thought I’d be able to use as a workaround. Until I figure out how to connect to my tv via the MGM+ app, I am limited to watching on my phone or my tablet.
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1 year ago, tsteng272
Good programming, APP needs some work.
Glad I took the free trial. Found multiple series that I’m enjoying. Can only give the APP 3 stars. Mainly dislike the que and history in the settings menu. Doesn’t make it very easy to get to the next episode you’re ready to watch. Cut the cord long ago and only stream now. Possibly top 10 in shows but barely makes the list in favorite APPs. Hope they’re serious about this with the name change and make some improvements.
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9 months ago, MzThycke
Crashes Regularly
I had a trial via Prime but it’s to cumbersome to navigate around prime video to get to exactly what you want to watch on other streaming services. So I decided to subscribe directly. Unbeknownst to me this would become a living nightmare. Every time I start to watch something after roughly 10 minutes, the app crashes only allowing for audio video freezing when reset all I get is the little Spinny wheel. I am never able to watch an entire episode all the way through on Apple TV.
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1 month ago, Seanuhthen
The app is fine. I love that I can watch something on my fire tv, then continue watching on my iPhone. It would be nice if you could develop Profiles. My partner and I usually have different taste when it comes to tv. It would be nice to have my own profile that suggests things based off my viewing history. If suggestions is too much, at least my own profile.
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3 years ago, JoyOmJoyOm
Horrible app
Geez, you would think that they could figure this one out. I can’t watch in landscape mode on my phone. I have to watch it vertically and the view screen is small. All other streaming apps, Netflix, prime, STARZ, showtime, ALL are able to watch in landscape mode. Sad. Even more… I subscribe on my Apple TV app with my Apple ID and password, and then try to watch it on my iPad signed in under the same Apple ID, and it says I need to subscribe. You would think that the company could scrounge enough change from their pockets to pay SOMEONE to get their app working properly.
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1 year ago, Danny Vo
Good shows, flawed app
I really enjoy the shows from MGM+ but the app itself isn’t great. For a modern app, something as simple as turning on captions isn’t even possible despite the option being there. No way to fast forward or remind by XX secs, you just have to manually scrub. There are just so many little hiccups that don’t exist in modern streaming apps. I really want MGM+ to work but this app just has to be so much better to be more enjoyable to stream.
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2 years ago, Branson 23 23 23
Very frustrating
I saw a movie I wanted to watch on EPIX, so I went to it and they made me get “EPIX now” because I didn’t have it for free from a provider. So I bought the subscription but then it told me I needed to download “EPIX now cast” for the tv to be able to view it. On the smart tv it only would show “EPIX cast” so I couldn’t even connect to a tv to watch the movie I wanted to view. I think it’s ridiculous to have to have 3 apps just to watch it when I couldn’t even watch the movie. I canceled the subscription without even being able to use it. Very disappointed
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5 months ago, grahamdrew
Signed up for trial, but plagued by errors
I’ve tried getting the service to work on iOS and my AppleTV, but no matter what it just keeps throwing an error saying the service is only available in the US. I am in the US, and but despite logging out and back in, restarting, reinstalling, and everything else I can think of I get the same error when I try to play any subscription content despite signing up for the 7 day trial. If I could get it to work I’d pay for a subscription, but as it is this is a complete waste of time.
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4 years ago, Saleem's Honesty
Binging Bond Before New Movie Thanks to EPIX NOW
Finally got to watch some classic James Bond movies thanks to EPIX Now. Dr. No being the primary target of my curiosity with the new 007 movie coming out. EPIX seem to have the exact Bond films that I wanted to see from the Sean Connery era which I couldn’t find on any other streaming service. if only they had some of the classic horror movies that I was looking for.
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5 months ago, Ofchaos
Gets stuck in portrait mode
An obtrusive and annoying nag to enable notifications keeps popping up. When I dismiss it, the video becomes locked in portrait mode. I have to restart the app to get landscape again. This happens a half dozen times during a two hour movie. I keep expecting a fix to arrive in an app update, but it never does. Two stars because the content selection is good on the service. Really tough to enjoy, though.
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1 year ago, refund my coins please?
Great shows, stupid app!
DO NOT GET THIS APP THROUGH YOUR PHONE! I paid for the year on the MGM+ app through my phone(Apple). I can’t watch anything on my tv because there is no log in, only subscription options. I’ve gone back and forth with MGM+ customer service for a month now and all they say tell me to do is log on, I’ve now had to send the screen shots of the fact there is no log on. I’m not paying twice for the same thing. I asked for a refund so I could sign up through Apple TV and I’ve heard nothing.
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1 year ago, Rkeithl
Problem never resolved, no yearly refund issued
I paid for a yearly subscription to your service and discovered I cannot get sound on any movies choose. I called tech support and tried several suggestions and nothing worked. I asked to cancel my subscription and issue me a refund and all I got was a message that I would be canceled after Feb 2024. Please issue me a refund for this year! I cannot watch any movies since I do not read lips. This is my third request! I will keep bugging you. I do not give up.
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4 weeks ago, Louise411
My favorite part about this Subscription.
I really enjoyed the show and movies that are on network. It has oldest and goodies movies. It also had the latest episodes, series and movies. Try it out for yourself you won’t be disappointed
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5 years ago, YaBoyHit
Won’t play when mirrored to my tv
I love this app on my phone but when I try to mirror to my tv I always have problems with this app, I can mirror any other app easily but for some reason this one takes hours to worn if it even works at all, I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled several times & I've also reset my internet connection numerous times & it has only solved the problem once but it keeps happening over & over!
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1 year ago, Ed Duree
This content is not available/ customer service not available
Customer service is nonexistent. If anything goes wrong, there is no one to call. You have to submit a written message and wait. I’ve been waiting almost 24 hours and nothing yet. When I try to play an episode, a message comes up saying “This content is not available. Network error. The network connection has been lost.” I have 4 bars of 5G. But there is no customer service to fix it.
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3 years ago, letgo 101
Mid Entry level streaming movie app.
This swarm of online streaming has the rush to the top of online supremacy ever been more satisfying to ascertain that title is the best market to be financially, competitive, invested and has potential to be a significant power house and strategically you couldn’t be in a better place amongst the most successful streaming apps.
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5 years ago, Winning mamma
I can’t cancel HELP
I did the free trial and right now I am out of work so I’m not able to pay, when trying to cancel it wouldn’t allow me it kept trying to charge $6 to my card when there is 0 on my card. How do I end this subscription?!? I went into Apple TV because I thought maybe that was it but it’s not allowing me as well. Someone please help I can’t afford this. The instructions weren’t clear about Apple TV I do not have a job and my card continues to be charged I don’t even have the app downloaded anymore
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5 years ago, Tina elaina
Why I am in love with EPIX
When in the trial period. I saw a lot of movies listed. But now I guess after the trial. I see hella lot more movies. I see older movies and movies of 2019. EPIX has a great selection of movies. Movies I can’t find anymore. EPIX has them. So many many movies I wanted to see again. Now I’m glad I have EPIX now. Thank you EPIX. CT
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10 months ago, NYC0720
Cannot edit continue watching
The content is good. But the app itself has a frustrating design flaw: continue watching. I finished a series and the last episode remained in continue watching. I contacted MGM+ and was told that there was no way to edit or remove series from continue watching. This includes series that I started but don’t intend to finish. In contrast, movies automatically leave c/w when finished.
Show more
2 months ago, Bezgreshen
Broken app for Samsung TV
So I just subscribed because I wanted to watch a second season. I cannot watch on my phone unless I turn my VPN off, even though USA location was on, which tells me they want my data more than my money. Disconnecting VPN and both my iPhone and my wife’s iPad cause the same issue with the Samsung, black screen with yellow loading circle that never loads. I made a mistake doing the 3 month subscription, but rest assured I just canceled it.
Show more
5 years ago, Chuck VB
Happy discovery
I stumbled across epix because a couple coworkers liked some of the original shows. When I discovered Get Shorty was staring none other than the IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd, I was hooked. How did I not know about this? ... Now after seeing the Perpetual Grace trailer a million times, I can’t wait for the premier tonight.
Show more
10 months ago, Laurakh83
Put show info while playing an episode
PLEASE add show series and episode info while playing an episode so you can figure out where you are in a series. So frustrating. Don’t know while I’m watching if I’m even still in the same season or what episode title it is.
Show more
2 months ago, SouthernChia
Great movies
The options are endless mini great movies from the past and recent movies that I would like to see enhance saw and have enjoyed them. I really like MGM plus including the series that created on that channel it’s the best.
Show more
4 months ago, TheCoolDubbb
Horrible App
It is clear that the app developers have only briefly tested their app. The first movie I downloaded crashes incessantly. The FAQ help section is cropped incorrectly. The navigation buttons are either slow or incorrectly sized. I tried clicking the download button and it repeatedly brings me back to the search menu. Said download button shows incorrect status. An absolute mess of an app. I cannot even speak for the streaming service.
Show more
1 year ago, RedEyeProductions
Needs much work
Does not remember last show you watched or where you left off from. Doesn’t have a area that shows what you are currently watching, thus needing to constantly search. Doesn’t show that I’ve watch episodes when I have and always restarts my episode to the beginning when I’ve paused and continued it. Very poor operating which gets very annoying. This app features issues on all platforms.
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