Michigan Lottery Mobile

4.6 (83.4K)
73.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michigan Lottery
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Michigan Lottery Mobile

4.64 out of 5
83.4K Ratings
3 years ago, hopsue
Michigan Lottery site
I don’t like the way it’s set up now because I can’t tell where anybody when someone hits a big jackpot usually we could go on and at least see what store it was sold out of or gas station or what ever we can’t do that anymore and that to me seems unfair because if it’s in my neighborhood I’d like to go to that I’d like to give that store my money maybe they’ll win again or they’ll sell me a winner again you never know and there’s so many other things that are going on with this website I I just can’t get into all of them right now but that’s one thing that I think you should change change it back to the way it was or unless you’re going to allow us to play online the doublePlay but you don’t allow that right now so what’s the sense of me playing my stuff online I want I’ve been playing that double play if I get a chance to win on the second line why should I go for it thank you Susan Hopkins
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3 years ago, a good customers voice
New lottery app changes
The new updated app is terrible. You took away access to so much information and resources. You also took away numbers tools which weren’t that useful since you changed them a few months ago. You took away “ Your numbers up” tool a few months ago as well. It was very helpful. You could type in a specific four digit number and see every time it was ever drawn going back to 1986. Both mid day and evening. Then you changed it to choosing a span of dates that wouldn’t allow you to choose a specific number. That wasn’t helpful at all and it didn’t work right half the time. It was quite ridiculous actually. Super annoying. Time consuming. Every time you update your app it gets worse. It wasn’t broken no need to fix it. The way it was before you changed it a little over a year ago was just fine!!! And I don’t care if you can find more information on a different mi. lottery app or site. The version i had been using for years was perfect. Bring back your numbers up tool!!! You angered a lot of people by taking it away. If the lottery is truly luck, random, and honest then bring it back. Exactly the way it was! With the ability to look up a specific number and see every time it was drawn. Listen to your customers. Because that’s what WE are! Paying customers!!! Weird things have been going on with the lottery since the pandemic. Suspicious things. And we’re all talking about it! I might be one person but I’m not just speaking for myself. Trust me!!!
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3 years ago, frixysmom
What happened?? Poor quality update.
Not sure what or why the “update” occurred but the app no longer works. Very glitchy... app froze multiple times while playing. Not sure if I received my winnings. Froze during a bonus round in Color Pop... never completed the bonus. There was nothing wrong with the previous version... this “update” did not accomplish any improvements. Do the developers test these changes in real time? Do they ask players if updates are necessary?? Additionally, the percentage of winning even simple rounds was nonexistent in the last 48 hours.. reverted to the online website rather then throw money away on a poorly designed app. Michigan Lottery players deserve a better product. This app is a poor representative of the Michigan Lottery brand.
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2 months ago, /LGND
App is good, odds and win rate is borderline a scam
I start to doubt the provably fair chances and odds with the virtual games. They claim the outcome is is sometimes 1-in-4 odds. Or 1-in-5 odds, but in practice it’s closer to 1-in-10 or 1-in-12 odds. On top of the fact that casinos and lotteries think if you put in 1 dollar, and win a dollar that counts as winning… winning what? Your initial bet back? It feels like you throw your money down the drain for little or no win out. Me and my family have never won more than 20 dollars on a game. My app rating is low for the odds and provably fair chances that occur in these games. The app is functional and okay to use. The games are visually nice to play, but I would not recommend playing the virtual games as it just eats your money and gets frustrating. I am willing to amend my review if the games ever get fairer. They should also cycle out the old games and completely remove them in favor for newer games with more attractive bonuses, and functionality. And to make it an all around more fun and generous environment, to retain players. Thanks, I wish it were better, sorry if I came across as whiney, but that just my opinion.
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1 year ago, ggnbds
Money grubbing thieves!
Why is it they can take your money without any problem. U can use your personal bank, debit or credit card, prepaid card, someone else’s card entirely, and deposit money to play no questions asked. But if you win and want to withdraw your winnings. Now there’s problems. Prepaid cards not accepted, your name has to be connected to card even tho it doesn’t have to be to deposit money. It also says they need UP TO 2 days to approve and process your withdraw. But I have won 200$ TWICE and WEEKS went by with my withdraw still pending processing. When I reach out to someone, they give me the run around about how my uploaded documents are still waiting approval and theres nothing they can do on their end. When I ask to speak with someone higher up that can help me. The simply end the contact with me all together. I have yet to receive either one of my 200$ withdrawals due to the lengthly wait time with no explanation or help, so I just start playing with the money again until I lose it all to them. 400$ of winnings I NEVER got to successfully withdraw.
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1 month ago, Jennie Spohn
Housing for homeless vets
I have a desire to have a home for abused woman and homeless veterans. I would also like to buy land and build a sports complex for teens and young adults. I would love to work with local housing authorities and send low income families on a vacation and or create a make a wish for families in need. Cheboygan Michigan is my home town and I would invest in a planet fitness there and a large community pool with a hot tub and sauna, showers and locker rooms. My husband has created plans for affordable housing. I would implement these plans on land in my home town. Also I would love to see a dog park in my town and would love to fund an animal rescue. I would set up a trust and a foundation and fund many humanitarian projects.
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2 years ago, InfantryGrunt11
I spend too much for this app to kick me off non stop
Go check my account. Please let me know who plays more than me? I am waiting. Still waiting. Ok so I was playing yesterday no problem. I was winning. However today, I keep getting kicked off the app. I allow the app to know my location. However it’s asking for a local host needing access? I allowed that as well. However this local host alert and me getting booted off the app have something to do with this issue. Also please note it don’t matter how much you spend. Michigan is greedy and will never do anything special for all the big spenders out there. Rather it’s almost like they make it harder for repeat customers to win. They sure don’t take care of the big players like myself. App is a stupid joke. I’ll start gambling on football and delete this app. Don’t spending thousands of dollars on an app ajd organization that only allows those in and around detroit to win the big money, despite west michigan spending way more money on lotto.
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2 years ago, matthewschwartz
Unable to buy game tickets, support non-responsive
I loved the app when I first started using it, but for the last 3 months I’ve been unable to make any ticket purchases with the balance existing in my account — and this applies to both the mobile app and the website itself. Location services are turned on and accurate. No error appears when clicking the ‘Buy’ button, just a brief loading indicator and then the page resets. I’m unable to also withdrawal my deposited funds from my balance — only drawing-related winnings are withdrawlable, so my deposited funds are held hostage. To top it off, I’ve repeated reached out to support and have received no response from the Support team itself, even after I reached out to the main MI Lottery account email (which — to their credit — has responded and attempted to relay messages to the support/engineering team.) I’ve also send screenshots of developer tools logs from the website when the error occurs — and relayed that through the main MI Lottery email. The person(s) running the main account reply, but absolute silence from the support engineers that can actually fix the account. I can’t recommend this app or the website offering for the Michigan Lottery. You may be the next case of deposited funds into your account sitting in limbo, unable to use on any games/draws nor withdrawal it out, with no response from support. Disappointing and frustrating.
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1 year ago, hey22222222222233333333
Fraudulent thieves!
All lottery is literally nothing but Tax for the dum, the lottery is run by fraudulent thieves just hidden under the law, don’t give your hard earned money to the state they even claim that they give money to schools when on the flip side they are actually getting teenagers 18+ and young adults addicted to the games and scratch offs these evil money hungry fraudulent thieves! Don’t let them fool you! They always win in the end and let only a few people out of thousands and millions win while the rest lose their money and lives to gambling addiction that they caused all they are doing is tricking you 99% of the time you will end up giving them more money than what they gave out to you in the long run! Be smart and be aware I’ve lost thousands and thousands of dollars playing for years and I finally quit playing! I feel a lot better already and have so much more money than I did when I was playing the lottery!.
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2 weeks ago, Mr Unlucky aka Deposit Man
I enjoy depositing and lose daily
Every day I deposit $350 to $500 some days $1000 with the online play never hit on or broke even playing hopefully one day. Usually the deposit game and clean me out. I really due enjoy the app frustrating to get nothing playing daily is all. Playing as heavy as I play With no reward. I wander sometimes all of a sudden error occurs, when your deep in game forces you into lobby you have to resign in then go back to the game dollar amount playing changed and you start all over wonder why that happens so much especially during a deep game. ??? ???
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2 years ago, Armby1960
Only members can scan tickets
I am a Michigan native, but not a resident. I spend quite a bit of time in Michigan, and when I do, I buy lottery tickets from local retailers. Lots of them. However if I want to scan the tickets to see if I’ve won, I have to go to a retailer to scan them. I cannot use the app to scan the tickets because you have to sign up to use that function. Since I am not a resident, I cannot sign up. I do not understand that requirement. Other state lottery apps allow one to scan their state’s tickets without membership. Is Michigan trying to steer people to the app to cut out retailers? Also, Powerball numbers are displayed in non-numeric order. Other games where the order of the numbers does not matter, like Mega Millions, Fantasy 5, and Lotto 47, are in numeric order. Why not Powerball? This lack of attention to detail makes me suspicious of other parts of the app.
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1 year ago, Elderon1973
I’ve had a good experience
Perhaps I’m in the minority but I’ve had a good experience. I linked my account to my PayPal and was able to deposit AND withdrawal my winnings without issues. I’ve withdrawn my winnings 3 times now. First time took 4 days. The last 2 showed up in my PayPal within minutes. I didn’t have to provide extra ID or proof of documents. Perhaps because my PayPal is already linked to my bank account? As for the app it self it works well enough. My only real issues are with the sound quitting working if you leave the app - like to respond to a text message. However if you leave the specific game and go back in the sound comes back. My advice to others is take advantage of the 100% match promos that come every so often. Drop $100 and you have $200 to play with. All you have to win is $100 back and you break even. Keep your bets small like .10-$1.00 and take your time. Keep your bets low until it starts hitting wins. I’ve won $260 over my initial deposits so far but it took several hours of slow and steady. Hope this is helpful and good luck!
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2 years ago, pis not good
Not happy with it
It won’t even let me up date at all Has not paid the right amount or even pay on wins is very glitching and Stalley when you hit decent amount no one responds to emails or messages that I’ve sent on several different apps the fact that it takes second 10 minutes to put money on the app but they want four days to be able to pay you in any fashion is pretty ridiculous in itself too I have to agree that Southwest Michigan does play quite a bit more louder than Detroit area residents do but Detroit residents always win all the drawing several things are very suspicious about this app but yet when you try to get a hold of anyone for anything they’re simply just telling you there’s nothing they can do about anythingThey even go as far as to raise any emails that you’ve had back-and-forth with them which is very few and very little
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3 months ago, scottjesse
Rigged games make me sick
This Michigan lottery is terrible and the games are rigged. I can’t believe this is even legal. The game odds are way worse than advertised. They pick and choose who they want to win. Save your money because I wish I did. 9 times out of 10 you’ll lose your bet. I played a bet at 1$ and lost over 22 times in a row. You can learn the hard way or listen to me when I say you will never get your money back. I had that happen on many different games. I played continuous bets at all different amounts and spin after spin they just steal your money. I tried different games at different times different bet amounts but it doesn’t matter. They wont let me win. It’s sickening and I’m about done with all of it. Michigan lottery should get right with some people here soon because it’s all been rigged from the start.
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1 month ago, RoccoSkylark
When is it my time?
Dear Lottery I know money cannot buy me happiness or time lost, but will help with material things! If I win, I can help random people out that I see are struggling or just doing there normal routine. I like to help people, it makes me feel grrrrreat! Unfortunately, money rules! I promise to not get cocky or think I’m better than anyone as I’ve never felt this way anyways. . I’ve bought a homeless person McDonalds before and gave them money on the corner. I wish I could of done more like take them to get a steak. Anyways, I wish the best for all! Daniel C.
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3 years ago, TMW3247
Online Games Constantly Glitching
The new app has gotten me several times after I place a bet, the page will just redirect to another page and keep my bet without showing me the results of the game. Also in a bonus game. Several times I hit a bonus game and the page redirected and beat me out of the money that I would have won from the bonus game. This is not just for fun, but real money betting ! I won’t be playing Michigan Lottery’s online games with any more of my money until this app gets fixed!!
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10 months ago, Heu did Jc
I don’t even play the lotto. They were gifts.
So to start I should confirm that I do not play the lottery. The other day I was gifted a ticket, played and won 10$. I figured why not buy a few more it was free money anyway. So I have 8 now. I scratch em blah blah blah no winners but suddenly a coworker comes to me and scans my ticket with his phone and says I’m not a winner. I then remembered I could do the same. I downloaded the app and realized I forgot my password. No biggie happens all the time. The problem is it refuses to let me log in with the new password 😂 keeps saying “connection issues” when is obviously not thats because I’m the only device on business class internet. My point is…. this app, the lottery and writing this review is a waste of time could have been better spent at work. Don’t bother.
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5 months ago, Your last player
Not worth it
It all works you can play online games make money it’ll let you deposit it but when you go to withdraw all you get is told your not allowed to contacting customer service doesn’t do anything you have to have a minimum of $10 to withdraw and for first time withdraws normally have to upload identification to prove it’s your account witch was don’t 3 times but after submitting document 3 times and contacting customer service till can only give them money in any way I want but can’t have my $40 in winning lol. Or complain just letting everyone know what there getting into…ps have a friend who tried to help me explain the got skimped out of $500 bc a a “glitch” in there system but there was nothing they could do about it😕🙄😁have a great day everybody
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2 years ago, KBauer1
You know what I play I expect to win or lose the sad part is when you put 20 bucks in and you only get $.10 or $.20 and you use the 20 bucks for nothing flat I think what I’m going to start doing it’s just playing a five or $10 ticket every now and then because it doesn’t pay to just literally throw my money away and not win not a darn thing and the amount of time that I play I’m at 20 bucks or whatever is gone and nothing flat so you know what find some other sucker— i’m believing this is rigged I can’t even drive up to a casino get a free meal and play for a little while and actually probably come home with winnings
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7 months ago, sarahcrocke
Why so many complaints??
It’s the lottery, people. If you have a problem, find their customer service line/email. You’ll likely get everything sorted out. I play out of boredom and I likely have an addictive personality because I seem to be bored quite often. I don’t expect much; sometimes I can turn $10 into $200. I’ve maybe cashed out a few hundred dollars. It’s the lottery…how many scratch offs worth 1-2x the ticket price does won typically find? That said, I won $10,000 a few days ago (online instant game). It’s not a scam and it serves its purpose pretty well. Prior to that win, I’d still say the same thing. No tech issues other than occasionally getting bumped off, but little snags are par for the course, and why apps have updates. Now if only the wait for some 0’s in my bank account could be over already!
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2 years ago, Lavish_01
Need huge improvements
This app is somewhat better than previous versions however, along way to go from being average. When scanning tickets, error messages appears. Must scan ticket twice. Sometimes the Saved password or Face Recognition doesn’t work. Maybe a fix or update is needed. Why must a person login to scan tickets? I don’t see a reason for this step. Features to help improve app: search number feature. Auto number result notification for select games of the users choosing. Again, scan tickets without having to sign in would be fantastic!!!
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12 months ago, Dadslice
Since last update it can't verify my location
So after the last Apple update the app can't verify I'm in Michigan. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. Same thing. Got out my iPad and prior to doing the update app worked fine. Once update was completed app wouldn't work. Tried contacting Michigan lottery support but never got a return call as promised. Put in a complaint ticket on April 29th. Got a canned response telling me how to set up my phone for location access, but nothing else. All my other casino apps work fine. Your losing money people!
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4 months ago, EdBRender
Spinning Wheel !
I don’t like the change you all made when it comes to spinning that wheel to be able to get coupons, you’ve made much harder for the wheel to land on anything worth landing on.. it’s bad enough that Individuals from the inner city never win, personally I believe that it could possibly be ridged, because I never hear about individuals in the city of Detroit winning Lottery much seeing that the state probably make the majority of the dollars spent fir Lottery here in the City of Detroit, then take a look at the schools, what Counties are the most profitable in Michigan, I can reassure you that it’s not in the inner cities of Michigan…
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3 years ago, JonathanTK2015
What were you thinking???’🙅🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Ok firstly before I write a bad review, I must point out how flawlessly the app worked prior to this most recent update😩🙄!… Well in shorter terms the app or online play is 👎🏼👎🏼… it’s given a big ole two Thumbs down could NOT get any worse. Why is it I can’t play online games anymore ? 😵‍💫😱🥺… yes if I want to play an online game’s it simply just doesn’t work like it use to and I’m mad about that and I’ve grown tired of writing this review too so yeah if it’s fixed
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1 year ago, The Notorious t.i.g
Even faster now
Things are loading even faster now, so whatever improvements they did seem to be working well. The ONLY feature I’d love to see is to have a Favorites for online games. There’s the option to have favorite draw purchases, which is nice. But scrolling through the myriad of online games because there’s no way to even search for them means lost revenue on their part due to it being too much hassle to play.
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1 year ago, pisdofffff
The worst
This is the absolute worst app I have ever used! By far. It often has epileptic fits when you can get to the ticket scanner And what kind of lame a$& program shuts down for three hours EVERY day??!! I can sign in a few times with Face ID then it won’t let me. I have to try several times to authenticate my ID and tonight, and it happens often, it says my information is not valid. I have to create new passwords. Tonight I tried 3 times and no luck. I would say it’s amateurish but that would belittle amateurs. Please get a professional app designer. PLEASE! I guess, I’m the meantime, I will use casino apps…
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1 year ago, Haleyf_owler
Requires min to withdraw and boring
It wasn’t made clear that $10 was the minimum to withdraw. I bought a $15 ticket and won $7.50 and wanted to quit at that point but you can’t withdraw under $10. Had to find a game that would allow less than $7 tickets and it looks like I’ll be in a neverending cycle until i either lose all my money or win over $10. Also seems like an annoying process to get your own money back once you do hit that… I’ll stick with buying physical tickets in stores from now on. I didn’t get any notification when my drawing was done, can’t seem to figure out where to see the ticket i previously purchased, just not very user friendly.
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3 months ago, Good program 👍👍
Spin to win - with mom, sister, & husband cheering
Even though I buy a fair amount of scratch off tickets and have not been lucky enough to win the $500 or the big numbers, I still enjoy scratching them off. But the Spin to Win is a nice payback because when you’re lucky enough to get 15 points or even $5 now and then over three months it can add up and it’s nice to get some money free back. Everybody enjoys free things and that includes me!
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12 months ago, Logan McNiel
I had finally gone on a win streak on the slots for once and withdrew about 3 times throughout the day. I put in another deposit and won big and was up about 10x my money and when I tried to withdraw, it said I couldn’t because I had withdrew too many times that day. I then kept the money in and waited to withdraw the next day but it still wouldn’t let me. I then played a little bit of my money down but it still wouldn’t let me withdraw after 3 days. I eventually just played all the money I had down to nothing because I was sick of waiting and just done with thinking I got scammed, which I did. But now the app is deleted and no longer going to be downloaded.
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6 months ago, Starlight444888
Love the Michigan Lottery App
I have been using this App since its inception. It is awesome to have Lottery results at the snap of a finger and to be able to play Jackpots on the spot, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Lottery 47 and More. Winnings can be deposited right into your bank account. The App is kept up to date and you also can play additional daily Michigan games, raffles and second chance drawings. Totally Enjoy & Love it! You Go Michigan Lottery!
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1 year ago, Plaid11
Don’t play on here
Whatever you do, don’t play any instant games on here. They are definitely rigged. I’m not expecting to win money, that’s why it’s called gambling. But you can easily play a couple hundred times in a row and not get a bonus or extra reveals. So you would think because it’s so hard to get, there’s money to be made when you do hit one of them. Nope, maybe 10 or 20x what you bet. So you have a better chance of winning the $1+ billion jackpot on power ball. But don’t use this either because it’s probably rigged just like the other games. The convenience isn’t worth it. Don’t rely on the scanner either. It spazzes out when I try to scan a ticket. Stay away
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3 years ago, Izreal DaDon
Love the idea
Everything you need at the palm of your hand when it comes to lottery numbers. Far as the games you never win big. Just wish they had a better way to track which promotions you have entries for. I won 5 20$ scratch off tickets and still have no idea from what contest the prize was for. If it was 100$ free play prize then I feel cheated cause none of them were winners. I would have enjoyed picking my own 100$ in free play tickets .Also if they had a way to scan the second chance codes on Bingo Wild time and Cashword I would be in heaven.
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1 year ago, Wondamo
Michigan lottery Revue
I love the convenience of being able to play lotteries without having to go to the store, being able to look at the results, but what’s irritating to me, is the pop up, games you want me to try and play, I have to delete it before I can move on, you also warn me about gambling addiction, but it seems like you have a new game coming out every other day, I enjoy playing and I’m very responsible, so stop coming up with new games to play. I think you have enough.
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1 year ago, PradasB
Ticket scanning
Ticket scanner on phone doesn’t work consistently. When scanner does work it doesn’t enter tickets appropriately into second chance drawings. It also does not capture and historically record all the losing entries that I am scanning. So even though we are taxed on $600 and up winners you can’t scan and save losing entries to offset taxes. The SOM uses two sets of third party affiliates to run the SOm lottery functions, so clearly this money making machine is culpable and subject to fraud. Save your money online gambling and recreational marijuana shops all just controlled moneymakers for the SOM with no integrity to the losers that use the states’ biggest money makers, on the backs of the most vulnerable
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2 months ago, Shoes1182
Michigan lottery very unfair.
I don’t like the idea that Michigan lottery changed where you can’t go on the site and put in a number and see when the last time that number came out, without going back and searching the whole year history. Mi lottery is so unfair how poor areas that spend the most wins the least. They are nothing like Illinois lottery. And you can’t say that mi lottery don’t know where the big winners are sent because that’s a lie. They know where every ticket is sent because every pack of tickets have a Lott number and they know what Lott number they sent to what store. Disgraceful.
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1 year ago, BrandyMots
What happened?
Never had a problem with the app before the past week or two. I don’t know if there was an update or what but the app doesn’t recognize my location anymore unless I’m at home on my Wi-Fi network. In order to play games outside of my house I now have to use the website instead of the app. Even on my Wi-Fi there is an annoyingly long loading time when trying to deposit or start a game and that was never an issue previously.
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2 years ago, dayann
I have a couple app issues: 1) the daily spin to win gives a message that something is wrong so I have to go out and go back in to get the daily spin to work - which isn’t really worth the effort because 8 times out of 10, it’s just 10 entries. Does anyone actually win the “drawing “? 2) when I go to play instant games online, it’s often grayed out so I can’t play any games. I have to use a web browser on my phone. I wish they’d bring back the rewards for playing games instead of entries to drawing that nobody wins.
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7 months ago, Mischka 1977
Rigged Games / Privacy Issues
The Daily Spin is a joke. The wheel lands on the Free Entries field right between free prizes with such a precision and repeatability that it can’t be statistics anymore. And if that’s rigged I don’t trust any of the other games either. I read the Privacy Notices and it states that information are collected to improve the service but sharing information from this app with Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and others has absolutely nothing to do with improving the service of this app. Highly questionable. But it also explains why they make the ticket scanner only available to registered users to collect even more information.
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2 years ago, Vapor8
Enjoy second chance games?
Firstly, spin to win needs work. It consistently starts on the 20 dollar mark(hum?) then augments itself to a lesser prize. The ten dollar Cashword 2nd chance has been predictingly altered to lesser payouts and allows the chances of winning very slim. Glitches in the program appears and at the end of the round, it makes you wonder if playing 2nd chance games are worth the investment. Overall, fun is taken out of playing 2nd chance games because the streaming has glitches and the house always win in such cases. Vapor
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10 months ago, laidback bear
The Michigan Lottery App
I can’t think of a single way to improve this app. You have everything you need right here from managing your winnings to finding all the newest games and even to be able to check the winners and the remaining prizes of the games you play. I love it and how up to date it is. I don’t see me ever leaving this app because it helps me every day. It’s truly perfect. Thanks
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12 months ago, matteo716
Unable to verify location
I don’t know when or why it started, ATT network then Verizon network, the app will not use location services even though it’s set to allow it too. It barely uses the location services when on wifi. Here’s the kicker, if I use a browser I get verified instantly, it’s only the app itself that’s having the issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and even upgraded my phone and nothing has worked for the app. I tried live chat through the app but they only suggested I clear my browser cache even though i had no issues with the browsers, just the app itself.
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1 year ago, Sara A. R.
I use the app to buy Powerball and Mega Millions tickets occasionally; however, I also use it daily to play their Spin to Win game. Half the time, the game doesn’t load, which is fine - I just force quit the app and reopen. The real irritation comes from the fact that they have the stupid sound effects of the wheel set to override any audio your phone might be playing at the time. PLEASE for the love of all that is good, turn that audio override off. Every other app with audio allows the sound to overlap.
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2 years ago, spam515
I just won $1,000 on a game and I am never that lucky. Getting back from vacation it will come in handy. I do not put a lot of money in the app but I like to play if I don’t have time to go to the store to play. It’s fun just to see what I can win. The demos are fun too because you can find the ones you like to play. I won on one the Queen is on. That’s one of my favorites! I forget the name of it!!😂
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2 years ago, AndyC319
I wish you could play the 4 digit in here.
When you were so used to trying to make it to the lottery store , we finally can do it from our phone. I wish the 3&4 digit were able to play from your mobile device. And I am a resident of Michigan, work in Ohio but can’t play with my personal same phone I do in Michigan but can’t play when at work. That needs tweeked .
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3 years ago, ElMejorGR
Good and bad
I never write reviews but here I go. Good game to gamble on. Made $100 off of a 10 cent bet on the football scratch off and $95 on the rotating wheel game on a $2 spin. The problem is that theh take forever to payout. I added all my info same day when I created my account (Middle of January) and I didn’t play until around Feb 10. I have been waiting for about 2 weeks for them to “verify” my account and still nothing, I even spoke to Customer service(theh said the same). It’s funny how theh take the money fast without verification but take forever to payout. Will Not be playing until I get paid. Will edit when i get paid, lets hope its not too long.
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3 years ago, cralkneleh
We’re did you put it.
I like the fact that you can scan your tickets and it tells you if you won or not and how much. And that you can buy lotto tickets right from here. But I just have 1 question. Why did you guys take away the spot to be able to enter in all your tickets for 2nd chance entry’s. Or if you moved it, we’re did you move it too.
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2 years ago, klaudeczka
Terrible glitches
I used to love this app and the fun little online games but ever since the stupid update I can only see the games if I try to play them on “demo” version. If I switch to “money play”, the game displays without any graphics, video or audio. I can still play it by selecting “ticket cost” and hitting “play” and it will tell me whether I won’t or lost, however what’s the fun of that if it’s not an actual game, just a bunch of black writing on a plain white page. And it is not my phone or internet speed because like I did - I am able to play the games with all the graphics if I do it in “demo” version.
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2 years ago, gjjr SH yuh
Bait and switch
The app continues to decline instead of improving. When a “bonus” is offered, there are no glitches taking your money but ALWAYS glitches on accessing the bonus. Today is no different “buy $20 get bonus games Caribbean Word” except the the app can’t recognize it is already in horizontal mode. Every other app can adjust from vertical to horizontal. Closing and opening no fix, restating phone no fix, app up to date no fix. Try different instant games with no “bonus” horizontal games work. Only when trying to collect bonus games then all of a sudden horizontal doesn’t work.
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7 months ago, Purplecaddy
Daily Lottery
I’ve been a daily lottery player for my entire adulthood, (over 40 years.) I like the online option but wish the daily 3 and 4 digits were available for purchase. I am disappointed that I can play 1850 daily for over 5 years and not once has it come out straight! I’d just like to finally break even on it.
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1 year ago, deanbscott
Lovely you win stuff that can never use
That’s lovely I deposit money and there’s no way of me ever using it. They always take money out of my bank account when getting lottery tickets, so yes I think it’s kind of a silly thing. There’s nothing that I can actually use the money that I win on also there’s mini lottery places that won’t take printed tickets.
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